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Chapter 653

Liu Xue suddenly felt that Dustin Zhou was even more mysterious.

Dustin Zhou easily obtained the qualifications of graduate students under the name of Professor Shao Zekai, which so many people couldn’t ask for.

Moreover, those who become the graduate students of Professor Shao Zekai, who are not crazy studying, want to leave a good impression on Professor Shao Zekai, so as to lay a solid foundation for their future.

But now, let alone studying, Dustin Zhou has never even gone to class.

Liu Xue was speechless, she

I don’t know what to say anymore.

She couldn’t think of anything to praise Dustin Zhou, and she didn’t know how to praise Dustin Zhou.

Could it be that he doesn’t go to class?

Liu Xue couldn’t tell.

All the way, Dustin Zhou and Liu Xue talked about it, and it was basically some interesting things that happened in Tunghai University in recent years.

In fact, since Dustin Zhou graduated from Donghai University, he has basically not paid much attention to what happened in the school.

After all, his presence in school was very low.

Low status, average academic performance, and average club activities… At Tunghai University, Dustin Zhou’s sense of presence was very low, and even in his class, he was not so famous.

Those who are famous will always be those who are rich, well-learned, and active.

It happened that Dustin Zhou was not one of them.

If Dustin Zhou really had a sense of existence, then it was probably the matter of his marriage to Mira Xie, but he was a son-in-law, and many of his classmates at the time knew about it.

Soon, the two came to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Dustin Zhou got out of the car and checked the time, only four o’clock in the afternoon.

At this time, Asher Chen should be in the office on the top floor of the club.

The Mountain Mist Club has three floors.

In the lobby on the first floor, all members who have established the clubhouse can enter.

Both the second and third floors require certain qualifications to enter.

Dustin Zhou greeted Liu Xue, and he was about to go first to find Asher Chen.

However, before Liu Xue could park the car, two people, a man and a woman, came over.

There was a smile on their faces.

The man’s smile is sunny, generous and confident.

The woman’s smile made people feel comfortable, but Dustin Zhou frowned slightly.

He could feel that there was something wrong with the man’s gaze looking at Liu Xue. At least, it was different from his gaze looking at Liu Xue. There was purpose in this gaze.

As for the woman, although she seemed to have a bright smile on her face, Dustin Zhou could see it.

When this woman looked at Liu Xue, jealousy and resentment flashed across her eyes.

This makes Dustin Zhou a little strange.

These two people seem to know Liu Xue, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to just come over like this.

Sure enough, the next second, the two began to greet Liu Xue.

“Beauty Liu, I haven’t seen you in half a year, you have become beautiful again, haha.” The man smiled and walked to Liu Xue, looked up and down Liu Xue, even wanted to stretch out his arms to hug Liu Xue, but he was caught Liu Xue hid, and the man rushed into the air.

For a moment, others did not notice, but Dustin Zhou did.

At the moment Liu Xue avoided the man’s hug, the man’s expression turned gloomy, a trace of uncomfortable expression appeared on his face, and a touch of his eyes revealed.


“Liu Xue, you came early enough. I didn’t expect that after only half a year of graduation, Liu Xue, you will have such a good development. It is really enviable.” The woman also stepped forward and came with Liu Xue. A slight hug.

However, Dustin Zhou noticed that when the woman hugged Liu Xue, when the woman was resting on Liu Xue’s shoulder, she showed a slight disdain.

“Liu Xue, who is this handsome guy, don’t you tell us about it? Is it your boyfriend? I don’t know which family’s son brother is?” At this moment, the woman’s eyes suddenly changed and she looked at Dustin Zhou. Full of scrutiny and scrutiny.

The words of women also attracted the attention of men.

Just now, the man’s eyes and attention were all on Liu Xue, so he hadn’t noticed Dustin Zhou’s existence.

Now after the woman said this, the man looked at Dustin Zhou, his eyes full of lingering, as if he wanted to see Dustin Zhou thoroughly, to see exactly what Dustin Zhou had in mind.

“Huahua, he is not my boyfriend, but a customer I know. Don’t get me wrong. He is coming here. I just met on the road, so I will bring him with him by the way.” Liu Xue quickly explained, she

But I don’t want to make Dustin Zhousheng disgusted because of the words of his classmate.

“Haha, there is no need to explain, I know everything.” However, Liu Xue’s explanation does not exist for a woman, and she would not think that things were really what Liu Xue said.

What’s the joke? People who can enter the Mountain Mist Club will not have a car and they will need others to bring him over.

What’s more, this man dressed very casually, without a famous brand all over his body, how could he be Liu Xue’s customer.

The woman knew that after Liu Xue graduated, she entered Lvjingwan City to work. At that time, she envied a group of classmates.

After all, LVGEM is a high-end project in the East China Sea. Those who can smash LVGEM to buy villas are not the wealthy.

If you can catch a beetle-in-law, you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of your life.

At that time, Liu Xue entered Lvjingwan City to work, and many people believed that with Liu Xue’s beauty, it was not easy to catch a lucky man.

But the man in front of him didn’t look like someone who could afford a house in Green Bay City.

However, Liu Xue only worked for half a year and bought a car.

Although it is only a Beetle, the woman can tell at a glance that this Beetle has a relatively high-end configuration, and the floor price is at least 200,000.

But Liu Xue had only worked for half a year, and no matter how many houses he sold, he couldn’t make two hundred thousand so quickly.

Therefore, the woman felt that she had guessed how this Beetle came from.

Suddenly, the woman’s gaze at Liu Xue turned into disdain and contempt.

All this made Dustin Zhou bewildered.

He didn’t even know who the man and woman were, he heard the woman talk about himself.

“Liu Xue, I’ll go in first.” However, this is Liu Xue’s own business after all. Dustin Zhou was not going to be nosy, so he greeted Liu Xue and walked into the clubhouse.

“Hey hey, wait a minute, this handsome guy.” However, just as Dustin Zhou turned around, the woman hurriedly shouted, trotting to Dustin Zhou’s side, and pulling Dustin Zhou to Liu Xue’s side.

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou, Liu Xue, and the pair of men and women stood face to face.

“What’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou didn’t know what the woman wanted to do when she pulled herself over. Moreover, even if she knew, Dustin Zhou didn’t have so much patience to pester this woman.

“It’s nothing, just watching you come with us, the beautiful Liu Xue, shouldn’t it be introduced to us?”

Chapter 654

Dustin Zhou was slightly taken aback.

He didn’t expect that this woman would be so persistent, it seemed that if she didn’t dig out her identity, she would not give up.


Judging from her appearance, she was completely confident.

It seems that Dustin Zhou would not threaten her at all.

However, Dustin Zhou did not immediately counterattack, but stood quietly and looked at Liu Xue.

After all, the goal of this pair of men and women is Liu Xue, and he is just a shield-like existence. Dustin Zhou still sees this very clearly and transparently.

“Xu Mei, what are you doing, this is really just one of my customers.” Dustin Zhou didn’t think anything, but Liu Xue suddenly felt tight.

She knew that Dustin Zhou’s identity was mysterious and powerful, and she was nothing in front of Dustin Zhou. After all, her boss was very cautious when facing Dustin Zhou.

And now, Xu Mei was so careless to Dustin Zhou, undoubtedly, if he was not careful, Dustin Zhou would be angry.

The consequences were unpredictable for Liu Xue.

“Mr. Zhou, my classmate is not malicious. Don’t blame it. If you have anything, you should deal with it first and leave me alone.” Liu Xue quickly walked to Dustin Zhou and whispered.

She wanted Dustin Zhou to leave now.

Otherwise, the longer Dustin Zhou stayed here, the more provocative the eyes of his two classmates would be against Dustin Zhou.

The most important thing is that Liu Xue could feel that her male classmate, the monitor of the university class, Huang Gang, seemed to be interesting to herself and also hostile to Dustin Zhousheng.

If Dustin Zhou is allowed to stay here, it will undoubtedly make Huang Gang feel dissatisfied and even move his hands on Dustin Zhou.

Liu Xue is here to attend a classmate gathering today. She doesn’t want to see any accidents happen.

Dustin Zhou took a serious look at Liu Xue, wanting to see something in her eyes.

However, Dustin Zhou did not see other meanings.

From the bottom of Liu Xue’s eyes, he only saw a touch of worry and apology.

This surprised Dustin Zhou.

It seemed that Liu Xue was really thinking about herself and didn’t want to get into trouble.

“Well, then I’ll go in first. If you have my phone, you can call me anytime.” Dustin Zhou nodded slightly, did not go to see Huang Gang and Xu Mei, but took a deep look at Liu Xue. Without turning his head, he walked directly into the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

And Xu Mei wanted to continue to stop, but was directly stopped by Liu Xue.

“Xu Mei, that’s enough. He is really just one of my customers. It was just a coincidence that we came together today.” Liu Xue frowned and said in a deep voice.

She didn’t want Xu Mei to cause any further influence and interference on Dustin Zhou.

“Hmph, Liu Xue, you are still too young. This person does not wear a famous brand. Such a person will be a customer of your company? Don’t deceive yourself anymore. In my opinion, he is probably just treating you. The plot is wrong.” Xu Mei smiled coldly, looking at Zhou

A trace of doubt flashed through Yang’s back.

“In my opinion, this person gave himself a really good excuse. He wants to find someone in the clubhouse? Huh, anyone who can enter the Mountain Mist clubhouse must be a member. Even the lowest-level member needs a member of 100,000 yuan. Fei, I want to see how this person was blasted out later.” A faint smile and pride appeared on Xu Mei’s face, and she looked at Dustin Zhou’s back with disdain.

Looking for someone at the Mountain Mist Clubhouse?

What a false excuse.

You must know that Mountain Mist Club, as the highest-level private club in the East China Sea, must be a member to be eligible to enter.

For the lowest level, the first floor, that is, the entry qualification of the lobby on the first floor, you need to become the lowest-level member, and the membership fee is 100,000 yuan.

Xu Mei had even thought about it. Only when Dustin Zhou was blasted out by the security of the Yinhui Club could he truly appreciate the identity gap between the two of them.

At that time, Xu Mei must show off in front of Dustin Zhou.

Also took the opportunity to make Liu Xue lose face.

The same was true for Huang Gang on the side, looking at the gate of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, his mouth raised slightly, waiting to see the scene where Dustin Zhou was blasted out by the security guard.

However, in the next second, both Huang Gang and Xu Mei had their eyes widened, staring at the door of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse with unbelievable expressions.

Dustin Zhou actually went in. Not only did he go in, but from the appearance of the two security guards, it seemed that he had known Dustin Zhou for a long time.

Huang Gang didn’t think Dustin Zhou could afford the membership card of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, and the security guards might just do it on the surface.

“Now you should believe what I said? Mr. Zhou is really my client. He came here to find someone to chat with him.” Shen Liuxue asked in a voice.

She knew that Huang Gang and Xu Mei saw Dustin Zhou in their first sense, thinking that Dustin Zhou was not a big man, at best, a toad who wanted to eat a white swan.

And precisely because Dustin Zhou came with them, Huang Gang and Xu Mei wanted to use ridicule Dustin Zhou to achieve the purpose of demeaning Liu Xue.

But now, Dustin Zhou has entered the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

This is by himself, not by others.

This alone shows that Dustin Zhou is definitely not what Huang Gang and Xu Mei thought in their hearts, but a very ordinary identity.

“Huh, it seems that this person paid a lot of money in order to pursue you. This one hundred thousand yuan membership fee is also spent not feeling distressed.” Xu Mei was a little unwilling, and said coldly.

He thought he would never be wrong.

That person named Dustin Zhou, the clothes on his body, absolutely do not have a big brand of clothes, it looks like a street stall.

In this way, I am afraid that it will not exceed five hundred yuan.

It is impossible for such a person to become a member of the bank club.


Now, Dustin Zhou has really entered the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, so the security guards just now seem to be guiding Dustin Zhou.

So Xu Mei automatically thought that this was not enough because Dustin Zhou took the initiative to apply for a membership card when he walked to the door of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Dustin Zhou wanted Liu Xue to look at him with admiration, and then the toad would eat swan meat.

Xu Mei smiled lightly, she felt that she was right.

“Well, since Liu Xue is here, let’s go in. After a while, everyone should be there.” Huang Gang frowned, did not go to agree with Xu Mei’s words, but said lightly.

In his eyes, whether Dustin Zhou was a member of the Mountain Mist Club before, or a member who was just established, it is nothing to him.

Even if he was really Liu Xue’s client, in Huang Gang’s eyes, it was not a threat.

… Dustin Zhou entered the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, and he didn’t care about the two classmates outside Liu Xue.

It was not the first time Dustin Zhou saw a situation like this.

Moreover, he saw a trace of enthusiasm for Liu Xue in the eyes of the man named Huang Gang.

This kind of people who are anxious to organize a class reunion just half a year after graduation, the purpose is often not very simple, they all have some special purpose.

Just like Huang Gang, as Liu Xue’s university monitor, he organized a class reunion so impatiently, I am afraid that he was just to create his own opportunity to pursue Liu Xue.

Chapter 655

However, these have nothing to do with Dustin Zhou.

He still has a lot of things to understand, and wants to come to Asher Chen to have a good talk. He doesn’t have so much time to take care of other people’s affairs.

Asher Chen, Chen Xin, and Sun Lian are all on the third floor of the clubhouse today.

When Dustin Zhou came, Asher Chen knew about it and had already waited in front of his office.

“Dustin Zhou.” Asher Chen smiled and said hello.

“Uncle Chen, President Sun, Xinxin.” Dustin Zhou said hello to the three of them at once, and went directly into Asher Chen’s office.

Although the third floor of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse is not accessible to ordinary people, there will still be people coming up after all.

And Dustin Zhou wants to talk to Asher Chen about his own affairs, so he naturally needs an environment that is not disturbed by others.

And while Dustin Zhou was in the office talking with Asher Chen and Sun Lian, in a private room on the corner of the Mountain Mist clubhouse, Liu Xue’s classmates were almost there.

Mountain Mist Club, as the highest-level private club in Donghai City, is not accessible to ordinary people.

You must be a member first.

Secondly, it is not that you have money to be able to apply for membership, but also have to be reviewed by the Mountain Mist Club. Only after the review can you truly become a member.

Coupled with the position of club owner Asher Chen in the East China Sea,

So to date, the total number of members in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse is no more than 1,000.

Today, Huang Gang organized a gathering of college classmates and chose a private room on the first floor of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Snow Pavilion.

This private room was booked by Huang Gang using a member of one of his friends, but it took a lot of his thoughts and energy.

However, when I think of it, if the purpose of today’s gathering is achieved, then Huang Gang feels that everything he has given is worthwhile.

At this moment, Liu Xue, Huang Gang, and Xu Mei had already returned in the Snow Pavilion, but there were already several people in the private room.

They are all people who stayed in Donghai to work after graduation.

“Wow, it turned out to be the beautiful Liu Xue. I haven’t seen her in half a year, and she’s even more beautiful than when she was in college!” “Yes, after half a year, our beautiful Liu Xue has become more charming and mature!” “Haha , Beauty Liu Xue is a busy person. In Lvjingwan City, is it possible to meet a lot of rich people.” “Haha, Beauty Liu Xue finally came here today. We must eat and start. Have fun.”… As soon as Liu Xue and the others entered the private room, they immediately attracted everyone in the private room. All their eyes converged. After falling on Liu Xue, they could no longer move away.

Indeed, to them, Liu Xue now and Liu Xue when they just graduated looked like two people.

If you say that Liu Xue, who was just graduating, is pure, beautiful, beautiful, and generous, making people yearn for, is a great choice for first love.

Now, Liu Xue is more mature, sexy, and glamorous. Every move is generous, calm, and confident and indifferent.

Just a glance at Liu Xue made everyone’s heartbeat speed up sharply, and he suddenly felt a little dry and blushing.

“Hehe, where.” Liu Xue quickly laughed, as if seeing so many classmates, the unpleasantness between Huang Gang and Xu Mei at the door before disappeared in an instant.

After all, everyone has just graduated from university for half a year, and they are far from being smoothed out by the big dye tank of society, and they have some principles and bottom lines that they have cultivated in college.

Therefore, after the initial unfamiliarity, after a few words of conversation, everyone became familiar again, and wanted to return to college.

“Huh. Have you seen Tong Yan?” At this moment, a female classmate who was whispering to Liu Xue suddenly raised her head, glanced at the private room, and asked.

Everyone was taken aback and looked around the private room. After not finding Tong Yan, they discovered something was wrong.

“Yes, what about Tong Yan?” “Squad leader, didn’t you say that Tong Yan would also come?

Haven’t seen her until now?

“That’s right, the two big flowers in our class, Liu Xue and Tong Yan, now Liu Xue is here, can’t Tong Yan come?

“I remember, after Tong Yan graduated, she seemed to work in Donghai, as a secretary in a founding company.”

“… Liu Xue was silent, listening quietly to other people’s words, feeling a little in her heart. Speaking of Tong Yan, in college, the two of them were two flowers in the class, each with its own charm. Liu Snow is relatively conservative, but pure and pure makes people full of protective desire. And Tong Yan, open, sexy, unforgettable, is the object of many people’s secret love and secret fantasy. However, because both of them are She is a woman, and she has the title of class flower. She is very popular among her classmates, forming a strong competitive relationship invisibly. Although Liu Xue didn’t care much at the time, Tong Yan’s competitive spirit was very strong. She almost wanted to beat Liu Xue in every aspect during her college years. However, the results were far from satisfactory. Liu Xue could almost imagine how Tong Yan would change after she graduated from college and entered society. Hello, my dear classmates, how are you?

“At this moment, a sexy and seductive voice suddenly sounded. The door of the private room was pushed open vigorously from the outside. Everyone looked over in an instant, and saw a beautiful woman standing at the door of the private room. Next to him, there is a man. The woman is holding the man’s arm, and she is almost snuggling into the man’s arms. This woman is Tong Yan. “Tong Yan!

You finally came!

“Wow, Tong Yan, you are still so sexy.”

“Tong Yan, is this your boyfriend?”

Why don’t you tell us about it?

“… Almost at the moment when she recognized Tong Yan, everyone in the private room immediately became emotional. Especially a few girls who came directly to Tong Yan and looked at the man next to Tong Yan curiously. , His face is full of narrow smiles. In fact, the man Tong Yan is holding is extraordinary, tall and handsome. The most important thing is that this man, the clothes on his body, are all big-name brands. It can be concluded that there are at least more than 100,000. Being able to wear such a luxurious outfit is enough to show that this man is definitely not an ordinary person. “Hehe, where is it, but it is the same as in college.

Tong Yan really enjoyed the feeling of being surrounded by people, and the pride on her face has not disappeared. However, soon, Tong Yan’s eyes saw Liu Xue in the private room, and her eyes lit up, pulling her boyfriend. Slowly walked to Liu Xue. “Liu Xue, what?

You haven’t found a man


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