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Chapter 902

“Don’t you say that the stock is not a free gift? Didn’t you say that if someone spends money to buy Mira’s stock, the money will still be returned to Mira?” “Now you know, the stock cost me 500 yuan. I bought it with money, and quickly transfer the five hundred yuan.” Dustin Zhou’s voice sounded in the receiver.

After hearing these words, the uncle finally heard the five hundred dollars he had just received!

Fortunately, he was still happy for a long time, thinking that someone had turned the wrong way.

Only now did he know that Dustin Zhou bought the stock for the five hundred yuan!

Spent 500 yuan to buy 10% of his shares!

It’s just being fooled!

Although this 10% of the shares belonged to Mira Xie, he shouldn’t have any emotions.

However, he had long felt that the entire Xie Group belonged to him!

How could he accept this situation!

Uncle Xie was very irritable, and when he wanted to swear, Dustin Zhou directly hung up the phone.

At this time, he almost angered the uncle of the Xie family.

He angrily told everyone in the Xie family about the incident. After hearing this, the others were also full of anger, and the sentiment was excited for a while.

But what can they do if they are angry?

No one cares about them at all.

Here, after Dustin Zhou transferred the money to Mira Xie, he let Mira Xie plan to start a new company.

As for himself, he began to arrange a way out for his departure.

No one knows when the Xu family will take action, he must go to the holy mountain as soon as possible!

Forcing himself to fall asleep early, Dustin Zhou quietly left the villa the next day before Mira Xie was up.

At the first stop, he found Lord Tiger, explained the general situation, and asked by the way, “Do you think that the Xu family will have the emperor of warriors?” Both Lord Tiger and Xu Wei stared at each other.

They used to be from the Xu family, and Dustin Zhou would ask them this way.

Hu Ye shook his head. He is actually not a big senior, at least he is a junior in front of Xu Wei.

So he has no say in this matter.

Xu Wei was silent for a while before speaking slowly.

“We have been away from the Xu family for too long, too long. It is not clear what will happen in the past few decades.” “But one thing is certain. Before we left the Xu family, the Xu family had more than fifty A martial master, but there is not a martial emperor!” “Of course, among the more than fifty martial masters, many people have infinitely approached the martial emperor. In these decades, there may be such a person. It may be a breakthrough.” Dustin Zhou’s heart suddenly became cold when he heard these words.

Although it’s possible to find a holy mountain

The way to defeat the Emperor of Warriors, but no one knows whether this sentence is true or false.

Even if it is true, he may not be able to find it. Even if he finds it, he may not be able to come back alive. There are too many variables in it, so he still holds a trace of luck.

What if the Xu family has no emperor of warriors?

But judging from Xu Wei’s words, it seems that the possibility of Xu Family owning the Emperor of Martial Arts is not very small, which made him fall into despair for a while.

“Don’t worry too much,” Xu Wei saw Dustin Zhou’s disappointment, and said with comfort, “How hard is the Emperor of Martial Arts to break through? The whole world will not be born a year.” “And infinitely approach the Emperor of Martial Arts. There are countless people, so it is unlikely that the Xu family will have the emperor of warriors.” “If there is, there will be only one at most, and it must have just broken through.” Xu Wei patted Dustin Zhou on the shoulder with sympathy.

Dustin Zhouxin said that you sympathize with me for what I do. Then the Xu family is also your enemy. If you want to worry, you can’t just worry about me!

However, he didn’t say this sentence, but sighed silently. The words were said to be worthwhile, and it proved that the possibility that the Xu family did have the emperor of warriors was very high.

Holy mountain, still going!

“Then, I will get up and go to the holy mountain immediately. Please take care of Xu Lao Duoduo about the family affairs.” Dustin Zhou said sincerely.

His departure completely exposed the base camp.

If the Xu family can’t find Dustin Zhou, they will definitely be the first to attack the famous company.

Although he hid his mother, no one knew how long he could hide.

Therefore, Xu Wei really had to help with it.

“You can rest assured of this,” Xu Wei’s face also became serious, “Before you return, we are in the Xu family, and we will never take a half step back!” Xu Wei said this very seriously.

How do they say they were once a member of a hidden family, and they naturally have their own pride.

Dustin Zhou was their partner, and now Dustin Zhou went to the holy mountain in person, facing such a big danger.

What a shame if they can’t even look after the house well!

The Xu family will never betray his partner!

This can be seen from the life of Lord Tiger.

In the end, the two parties agreed that Dustin Zhou took three martial masters with the best skills, plus a total of five people from Niu Chuan and his party to the holy mountain.

Xu Wei will use all the remaining martial masters to arm Donghai City.

If the Xu family was born suddenly during Dustin Zhou’s departure, they would fight the war of attrition with the opponent with their best efforts and try to delay Dustin Zhou’s return.

Even if there is only one soldier left in the fight, they will protect Zhou Mu


Seeing Xu Wei’s seriousness, Dustin Zhou was relieved. Then, he took the three martial masters and Niu Chuan, visited Asher Chen and Shui Bingyue, and after explaining some things to them, he went straight to the holy The way to the mountain!

“Are you sure this is the direction? How do I feel that our direction is a bit strange?” Just when they were walking in the suburbs not far from the Donghai city, a martial master of the Xu family suddenly said.

“It’s weird to have money? What’s the weird thing?” Dustin Zhou asked.

Because he felt that the problem with this martial artist was very strange. The name of this martial artist was Xu Wenlong, who was the most outstanding martial artist in Xu Wei’s family, and his strength had even approached the emperor of martial artist infinitely.

Dustin Zhou has always admired him very much, but now he still thinks his problem is a bit strange.

No one knows where the holy mountain is, so it doesn’t matter which direction you go in the past.

The only person who knows the location is Niu Chuan. Even if Niu Chuan really led them away, logically speaking, they would not notice anything strange.

Why does Xu Wenlong have such a problem?

Xu Wenlong’s face changed, as if he was hesitant to speak.

“What is strange? Or, Mr. Wenlong, you also know the location of the holy mountain?” Dustin Zhou asked again.

Xu Wenlong shook his head.

In the end he couldn’t help it, “Although I don’t know where the holy mountain is, this direction is the direction to the Xu family!”

Chapter 903

Xu’s direction?

Hearing this, Dustin Zhou suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Xu Wenlong’s seniority is very high, that is to say, he is one of the few people in the entire Xu family who knows where the Xu family exists.

Originally, he wouldn’t tell this secret even if it was bad in his heart. After all, there is no benefit to telling it. Moreover, even if they belonged to the failure of the Xu family, they were driven to live in Donghai City by the Xu family’s main line.

But no matter how you say it, it can only be said to be the internal fighting within their family, and their blood will always flow from the hidden family of Xu family.

They will never reveal the geographic location of the Xu family to outsiders.

It’s just that this time he couldn’t help but not reveal it.

Because Niu Chuan led them, he was just looking at the Xu family!

The other two martial masters of the Xu family also nodded again and again, and they also suggested not to go further.

If you continue walking, I don’t know if the Holy Mountain has been found, but it will soon enter the Xu family’s defense zone.

If someone in the Xu family’s line finds that they have broken in, giving them ten lives will not be enough for them to die.

The Hidden Family is not a simple small family, only a simple small manor.

They will arrange to inspect disciples ten miles away from the manor, and once they find an accident, they will immediately report it to the family.

In other words, although Dustin Zhou and the others are still a certain distance away from the Xu family, it will not be long before the Xu family’s inspection disciples will appear.

Everyone looked at Niu Chuan.

Because this road was taken by Niu Chuan, even Dustin Zhou couldn’t speak well.

Niu Chuan turned his head, his eyes firm.

“I don’t know where the Xu family you are talking about is, but if you want to go to the holy mountain, you really have to go this way.” Niu Chuan said calmly, his eyes clear, without the slightest concealment.

Everyone turned their attention to Dustin Zhou again.

Now that Niu Chuan has given the reason, Dustin Zhou should make the decision next.

Dustin Zhou groaned for a moment, then gritted his teeth and said, “No matter what, let’s go!” Holy Mountain, he must go!

And he believes that Niu Chuan must not deceive himself.

It was just a coincidence that the location of the holy mountain was very close to the Xu family of the hermit family.

This is certainly very dangerous. After all, the Xu family arranged to inspect disciples within ten miles of the manor.

Dustin Zhou and the others have been around here and it is difficult to guarantee that they will not be discovered.

But so what?

The road to the holy mountain was full of dangers.

If they are worried about danger, they shouldn’t be in such a place!

Go ahead to dangers!

Several other people also nodded, and everyone increased their vigilance.

Begin to move on.

It doesn’t look like a city at all, and it’s surrounded by ordinary small villages.

In this kind of village, Dustin Zhou and his party are still very conspicuous.

“Speed ​​up and cross this village.” Dustin Zhou lowered his voice and gave an order.

But the faster the pace, the stranger the behavior of their pedestrians.

Soon, a clear voice rang behind them, “Stop!” Dustin Zhou’s body stiffened and stopped in place.

He didn’t choose to escape because it was unnecessary. Within ten miles of this area, all the disciples arranged for inspection by the Xu family.

Once he ran away, the Xu family would immediately find someone invaded, and would definitely mobilize all the inspecting disciples to conduct a carpet search.

So he stopped, trying to fool around, at least not letting the Xu family know his identity.

Dustin Zhou turned around slowly with everyone, with an awkward smile on his face.

It’s just that his smile quickly froze.

The voice from behind was very crisp, but Dustin Zhou was too nervous and didn’t think much.

It doesn’t matter if it is a girl at most. In a family as big as the Xu family, it should be normal even if there are a few female disciples.

The female disciple is not strange… But if it is a seven- or eight-year-old female disciple, it would be too strange!

That’s right, after Dustin Zhou and the others turned around, they saw a seven or eight year old girl.

They were pretty, with big watery eyes, a pair of ponytails, and two large dimples on their grinning faces. At this time, they looked at Dustin Zhou with curiosity.

“What do you guys do?” the little girl cried out old-fashioned, pinching her waist with her hands, still quite imposing.

The scene before him made Dustin Zhou amused.

It turned out to be a kid!

The three of Niu Chuan and Xu’s family also relaxed.

“Little friend, are you lost?” Dustin Zhou walked towards the little girl with a smile, “What? Do you want to go with your uncle?” “You can’t follow your uncle. Uncle is not a good person. You should go home quickly.” Dustin Zhou wanted to scare this little girl, it’s best to scare her back home.

Unexpectedly, he just squatted down in front of the little girl, and the little girl jumped up and slapped him on the head.

“Don’t be slick to the old lady, I asked who you are, tell me quickly!” Dustin Zhou was stunned by the slap.

Niu Chuan and the three martial masters of the Xu family were also dumbfounded.

Not because the little girl dared to beat Dustin Zhou.

After all, this little girl looked like she was only seven or eight years old, and it was not surprising that she could do anything.

What they were shocked was the speed at which the little girl shot.

That’s just a seven or eight year old girl!

Hit Dustin Zhou

At that time, the speed was so fast that Dustin Zhou couldn’t react!

No, not only didn’t react, Dustin Zhou didn’t even see the little girl’s move!

This is too scary!

And from the slap just now, it can be completely judged that the strength of this little girl actually surpasses Dustin Zhou!

Who is Dustin Zhou?

Although he is not yet a martial master, but after training with Niu Chuan for so long, his strength has rapidly improved, and he is already very close to the strength of the martial master.

Even if it is a normal adult strong man, it is okay for him to hit a dozen or so by himself, but now, he was beaten by a little girl!

This is why Dustin Zhou’s people were shocked.

“Who are you?” Dustin Zhou’s expression turned gloomy and asked subconsciously.

He felt that the identity of this girl was definitely extraordinary.

But the little girl’s temper is obviously very irritable, how could she answer Dustin Zhou’s question obediently?

“Do you dare to ask my old mother?” “Are you really living enough?” “It’s fine if you didn’t answer your old mother’s question, but you still dare to ask who I am!” “My old mother has never seen you since I grew up. Such an arrogant person!” The little girl said so much cursingly, Dustin Zhou was almost crying.

Because every time this little loli said a word, she would bang his head!

Chapter 904

Little Lori knocked Dustin Zhou a few times, and Dustin Zhou suddenly felt dumbfounded.

I want to cry because it really hurts!

I want to laugh because he can’t accept it until now, he was beaten by a little girl!

And it’s not the kind of joking, it’s really because I couldn’t beat the opponent and was beaten severely by the opponent!

The little girl finally slapped Dustin Zhou’s head, “Now, I’ll give you one last chance, tell me who you are and what are you doing!” Little Lolita said solemnly.

This time, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help it.

Although the scene is very funny, this little loli has an aggressive look, but it makes people feel that she is not fierce, even very cute.

But Dustin Zhou, who was beaten, knew very well in his heart that this little loli was really scary!

In desperation, he turned his head to Niu Chuan.

It’s impossible to say who you are. No matter how you say it, I came out with the presence of four martial masters.

And these four martial masters are all peak masters who are infinitely approaching the emperor of martial arts. How can he confess his identity obediently because of a little loli?

Seeing Dustin Zhou’s gaze, Niu Chuan also walked over with an understanding.

And not just Niu Chuan, the three martial masters of the Xu family also came over.

All of a sudden, the auras of the four martial masters opened up, and at the same time they smashed towards Little Lori.

Four on one!

Even if this little loli is also a master of warrior, and even the existence of the emperor of warriors infinitely approaching, there is only the possibility of being hanged!

“Little girl, society is very sinister. You shouldn’t ask about some things, do you understand?” Xu Tianlong of the Xu family said with a foul face, and incidentally looked at Dustin Zhou with contempt.

That meaning is obvious, he is despising Dustin Zhou.

Contemptuously Dustin Zhou was beaten up by a little loli, and he wanted to ask them for help.

In this regard, Dustin Zhou could only smile wryly.

Who makes him really inferior to others!

But the next moment, Xu Tianlong’s face also changed.

Because little Lolita faced the oppression of the four martial masters, but she didn’t panic at all, her face didn’t change.

Instead, a pair of arrogant auras pinched their waists and yelled at everyone, “What are you doing and who are you scaring?” “Are the few bosses and big people bullying me with too many people?” The old faces of Niu Chuan and others blushed.

They didn’t expect Little Lolita to say such a thing.

After all, they defeated Dustin Zhou and everyone knew that this little loli was definitely not an ordinary person, at least, she had to be a strong one.

They regarded Little Lori as a strong man, so they felt that there was nothing wrong with having four people surrounded.

But at this moment when Xiao Lori said, they suddenly felt

I’m sorry.

No matter how strong the other party is, she is just a little girl!

But they are four big masters!

This makes them wonder what to do for a while.

However, Little Lori didn’t give them too much embarrassing time.

Her figure suddenly disappeared.

Even Niu Chuan didn’t notice it. Little Lolita seemed to disappear out of thin air, leaving no trace at all.

In the next second, her figure appeared above Xu Tianlong’s head.

“Old immortal thing, don’t want to face, dare you tell me that society is sinister?” “I don’t think you have been beaten by a kindergarten fist!” The little girl hit Xu Tianlong’s face with a punch, then turned around and kicked again. , Xu Tianlong was kicked out directly.

Before everyone could react, the little girl turned around and fell to the ground, turning her head and staring at another martial master.

The little girl bared her teeth and showed a bright smile, her body squatting on the ground gave a sharp kick, and her figure disappeared again.

“Do you use more to deceive the less? The old and immortal bastard!” This martial artist was also kicked off.

The little girl’s figure disappeared again and appeared in front of the third martial artist.

When this martial artist was also kicked into the air, Niu Chuan’s face was already extremely solemn.

He concentrated all his energy, his muscles were all tense, and he stared at the little girl’s every move.

However, the little girl still disappeared.

His eyesight still failed to catch up with the little girl’s movements.

The next second, the little girl appeared above Niu Chuan’s head, just a kick.

Perhaps Niu Chuan noticed something.

Or maybe Niu Chuan responded with top-level combat experience.

In short, his vision hasn’t kept up, his head hasn’t been raised yet, but his arm directly blocked the little girl’s foot.

“Huh? Interesting.” The little girl let out a surprised voice.

At this time, Niu Chuan raised his head.

“But, can you react to this kick?” The little girl gave a weird smile and disappeared again. This time, she appeared behind Niu Chuan.

A hand was placed on Niu Chuan’s head.

Niu Chuan was startled in a cold sweat instantly, slowly raised his hands, and said in a simple and honest voice, “I lost.” “If you lose, you will be beaten.” The little girl’s voice came, and then fiercely. He kicked Niu Chuan’s back and kicked Niu Chuan out.

Dustin Zhou on one side looked silly.

He was really stupid, his brain stopped working.

What a monster this is!


This is definitely a monster!

At such a young age, kill four top martial masters in seconds!

Even the strongest Niu Chuan just resisted the opponent’s move!


The little girl who finished work slapped her hands and pinched her waist, and then took the legs of several martial masters one by one, pulling them to Dustin Zhou’s side and threw them together.

The four martial arts masters sat together with blue noses and swollen faces, silently.

“Now I can say, who are you guys?” the little girl asked again.

The four martial masters glanced at each other, then looked at Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou wanted to curse.

What do you think I do?

Can I beat this little monster!

But there is no way. At this time, whether he is willing or unwilling, he can only bite the bullet and speak.

“That’s it. We are tourists. We are now lost.” Dustin Zhou said casually.

He didn’t expect little Lori to believe it.

Because this little loli is obviously not an ordinary person, and the five of them have also exposed their strength.

Will four martial masters bring a master close to the strength of the martial masters to travel to this poor country?

The reason why he said this is just to delay time, and by the way, try to see if he can probe into the details of Little Lolita.

He had thought about how little Lori looked disbelieving, how he should make up a comment.

But he never expected that little Lolita would believe it.

“You are here to travel, so why didn’t you say it earlier? You have to let me beat you up.” “Mom said, treat tourists in a friendly way and you can’t greet them with your fists.”

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