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Chapter 587

(1) Except for the Zhang family, the people who attended the opening ceremony were basically Dustin Zhou and the famous company.

People like Wang Dalu, Zhou Hao and others naturally followed by to take a look. After all, their respective branches will officially open on New Year’s Eve.

Although the new store did not make any publicity, because it is a new opening, it will naturally attract some customers to come in with a curious mind.

Then, when the customers saw that the store was selling cosmetics and the products of the famous company, they were all shocked.

“Oh my god, what did I see!” “These are the products of the famous company, don’t you say that you can’t sell them.” “Quickly, there is only one chance. Don’t say anything, guess what I saw.” …… At the beginning, there were only a few scattered guests, and together, there were only a few dozen guests in one morning.

Compared with the Liushi beauty makeup on the opposite side, this kind of passenger flow is extremely tragic.

Liushi Beauty Office on the second floor.

Wang Wei’s face was very gloomy. After Ding Junfeng just finished talking to him, he hasn’t said a word until now, but has been staring at the new store opposite.

Wang Wei naturally saw Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, Ye Fang, and many people who had come to Hunan from the East China Sea before, as well as Zhang Ying and his son from the Zhang family. They were also in Wang Wei’s eyes.

“Here is half a million.” Wang Wei suddenly took out a bank card with half a million in it.

This is a compensation for Ding Junfeng.

After all, Ding Junfeng paid for the 500,000 yuan handed over to Chen Tianhao and the others.

And Wang Wei also knew that the 500,000 should be paid out to the other party by himself.

Seeing that Wang Wei’s face was ugly, and they heard what Ding Junfeng said just now, the partners also fell silent.

“Haha, Mr. Wang, you don’t need to be so angry, even if those people didn’t destroy the opposite store, but you see, it’s been all morning, their store’s

The total number of guests is less than one hundred, not more than a quarter of our store.

“Yes, in this way, even if they opened, it wouldn’t be a big deal at all, and they couldn’t compare with our store.

“Hehe, they just re-created such a store, and it’s simply not worth the loss.”

“… Several partners kept talking, trying to make everyone feel better. And Wang Wei kept looking at the Liushi branch, and the gloomy expression on his face gradually calmed down. At noon, Wang Wei’s face I can’t see a gloomy expression anymore, but the corners of my mouth are raised slightly, seeming to be smiling secretly. Today is the first day of opening of the Liushi branch. It stands to reason that it should be full of guests, but one morning has passed. There are no more than one hundred people who have entered the store. As for those who bought things, it was 70% to 80%. This situation made Wang Wei very pleased and very proud. You don’t want to make makeup in my Liushi city. Don’t you want to compete with me when you open a new store on the opposite side. Huh! This is what you guys did? Unbearable! At this moment, Wang Wei only felt at ease in his heart, and the resentment and anger that had been held in his heart all this time began Vent it out. “Hmph, I really thought that by opening a new branch, we would be able to beat us. It’s really crazy!

“Wang Wei snorted coldly and looked back. He felt that the new branch was nothing, and there was no threat to him or Liushi Beauty. And his attention was shifted from the new store opposite. However, in the afternoon, the number of customers in the Liushi branch suddenly increased. Moreover, almost all of them came together in twos and threes. “Quickly, I just saw this news from the circle of friends, but I didn’t expect Mingyang’s branch to reopen. That’s great.

“This time you must buy a little more to prevent accidents in this branch when there is nothing to buy.”

“Yes, then just buy one year’s amount, it shouldn’t be too much.”

“… Then around two o’clock in the afternoon, the new branch ushered in a big climax. “Rocket Girl has posted a Weibo, it should be this store.

“The Rocket Army is out, and there is no grass. Everyone, you can buy as much as you can.”

At that time, everyone takes the invoice and collects points in the group!

“… For the whole afternoon, the customers in the new branch were really endless. Only one customer left after the checkout, and two guests came in immediately. Such a surprise caught Ye Fang a little by surprise. Although she was before I have thought that the new branch will have a good business, but I didn’t expect it to be so popular


Moreover, with the assist of the Rocket Girl’s Weibo, it ushered in a wave of climax, making the store almost full.

“Zhou, if we continue to develop at this level, today’s daily turnover should be very impressive.” Ye Fang said excitedly, and couldn’t wait to share such good news with Dustin Zhou.

Although, at the end of the opening ceremony in the morning, after everyone had a meal, Dustin Zhou and the others went back separately, and I am afraid they have returned to Changsha now.

However, Ye Fang felt that just the Rocket Girl’s Weibo could not do without Dustin Zhou’s help.

It can be said that the new branch can be so popular that it is also inseparable from Dustin Zhou’s help.

“Well, I see. Next, you can manage it well. This time, we will not send people to the store. You can use all your abilities. As for Wang Wei, they will have any disgraceful methods. I’ll do it.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, obviously not so surprised by the good news that Ye Fang reported.

After all, the famous company’s sign is here. Even if there is no publicity in the early stage, once it opens, there will be customers, and there will be two, and more and more customers will come.

The Weibo propaganda of Rocket Girl is just a catalyst to let more people know about it.

As for the publicity channels controlled by the Zhang family from tomorrow, there will also be publicity for the reopening of the Liushi branch, so that everyone in Liushi will know.

“Bang!” “Who can tell me what the situation is!” Wang Wei smashed an ashtray in the office on the second floor of Liushi Beauty Makeup, his face was ugly.

He didn’t expect that it was just an afternoon, and he was just going out for a meal and taking a break, and the situation would undergo such a subversive change.

In the morning, there were still very few customers in the Liushi branch, and there were fewer than 100 people in the morning.

But he just took advantage of the noon time to take a short break, and the Liushi branch was already so popular.

Not only is there an endless stream of customers, but the queues are already on the street outside the store.

Moreover, there is a steady stream of people rushing here.

Chapter 588

In contrast to their Liushi beauty makeup, in the morning, there are still many customers, four or five times as many as the Liushi branch.

But now, there are only a few customers in the store.

The positive and negative, such a change made Wang Wei so angry that he almost hit someone.

Angrily hovered over everyone’s faces. Except for a few partners whose faces were not good-looking, the clerks lowered their heads one by one and did not dare to look at Wang Wei at all.

This time, Wang Wei called all the employees to the office on the second floor.

In this case, he must get a

A reasonable explanation.

“Why don’t you speak, who can tell me why it will be like this at noon!” Seeing no one speaks, Wang Wei’s face became gloomy again.

“President Wang, I just saw it. It was Rocket Girl who promoted it on Weibo…” At this time, a small voice rang.

“What Weibo!” Wang Wei said coldly.

“That’s it.” An employee walked out, turned on his phone, found Rocket Girl’s Weibo, and showed it to Wang Wei.

On Weibo, it was indeed the Weibo posted by Rocket Girl just before noon, and that Weibo was indeed promoting the Liushi branch, and there were hundreds of thousands of people who responded to the comments below.

Seeing this, Wang Wei felt irritated for no reason.

He only remembered at this time that Dustin Zhou had a very good relationship with Rocket Girl.

The new branch opened, even if the Rocket Girl could not come to perform, but Dustin Zhou asked them to post a promotional Weibo on Weibo, it was still simple.

Moreover, the famous company’s sign is very resounding in Hunan Province.

When their store opened before, when Rocket Girls came for commercial performances, they used the signs of Mingyang branch stores.

Wang Wei felt helpless, sitting slumped in the chair, thinking about countermeasures.

If this continues, it will definitely not work.

If they don’t take any action, then once the Liushi branch is made bigger, then their Liushi beauty makeup will have no room for survival at all.

Very straight, will be directly oppressed by the opponent to close the door.

After all, such a thing happened not long ago.

Before, there was a cosmetics store just across the street. Wasn’t it because Liushi Beauty was doing better and better, only half a month later, the other party couldn’t support it and chose to close the door.

Wang Wei doesn’t want Liushi Beauty to follow in the footsteps of others.

“President Wang, what are we going to do? According to this situation, we will certainly not last long, and the people on Baolishi’s side may also have opinions.” Ding Junfeng, as the general role of a koo-headed military officer, is also in deep voice at this time. Said.

Since finding someone to destroy the other’s store failed yesterday, it can be said that they have lost their best opportunity.

Now that the other party has begun to exert force, if they want to stop the other party again, it is bound to pay an extremely high price.

“Otherwise, Mr. Wang, you can go to Kong Shao to think of a solution?” Ding Junfeng also had no choice. He knew that every time they asked Kong Hui for help, they would have to pay a high price.

And this price is the shares of Liushi Beauty.

By now, their respective shares are not many, and Ding Junfeng, as the second largest shareholder, owns less than 10% of the shares.

“Yes, Mr. Wang, now I can only find Kong Shao


“Otherwise, when they get bigger, our side simply can’t stand it.”

“Yes, after all, Polaris is still not as popular as the two products of the famous company.”

“… The other partners also persuaded again and again. Shen Hai did not speak. At this moment, his mind was very complicated. He did not expect that Ye Fang not only made a comeback, but also made the new branch more impressive. This is the new branch. On the first day of the opening, people like them were already facing the enemy, and they even had to go to Kong Hui for help, so that they might be able to cope. A trace of regret quietly filled the bottom of Shen Hai’s heart. This time, Shen Hai has a faint feeling. He thinks that some of his previous choices may be wrong. However, he has no choice. Since he chose to stand with Wang Wei and the others, there is undoubtedly no retreat at this time. He can only choose to stick to the end. “Don’t worry, if you look at it for a few more days, maybe today is just an accident.

“But Wang Wei still doesn’t want to find Kong Hui. He still wants to hold on for a while. “These days, we have to withdraw from the promotional activities again. You can increase the activity a little bit. This is much more cost-effective than giving Kong Shao shares. , I don’t believe that if there is such a big advantage, those people will not take it.

“In the next few days, Liushi Beauty did indeed launch a new phase of promotional activities, and the activities were far more powerful than before. It can be said that if you follow the introduction of Liushi Beauty’s promotional activities, Customers only need to buy three sets of Polyx products, and they can get two sets of Polyx products as gifts. In other words, as long as they spend three sets of money, they can buy five sets of products. This kind of promotion is not available in the past. Therefore, For a while, it attracted many customers to buy products. However, even so, the situation of Liushi Beauty Makeup is getting worse and worse. After the guests buy once, there will be five sets of products, one year, even I won’t buy it again for a long time. Compared with the products of the famous company in the opposite store, the customer’s desire for Polyx is still a bit small. Therefore, compared with the Liushi beauty side, it is gradually going downhill. The situation. The situation in the Liushi branch is the opposite. With the grand occasion of the opening day, coupled with the promotion of Rocket Girl’s Weibo, Zhang’s family also used the publicity channels in his hands to stay in the surrounding Liushi. Adjacent cities, all-round publicity. It can be said that in just a few days, the outside publicity has done all the publicity that was not done before the opening of the Liushi branch, and there are excess parts. For a time, The Liushi branch reopened. In Liushi, in several neighboring cities, there was an upsurge of attention and pursuit. “Zhou Zhou,

Mr. Shen, the branch is now formal.

“Ye Fang said with a smile, and Zi Ah was surrounded by Wang Dalu, Zhou Hao and others. They have been staying in the Liushi branch almost all the time these days, busy with Ye Fang. No matter what the details are. No matter what it is, they almost tried it. Ye Fang also has them all over the country, so they don’t have to. But according to Wang Dalu, Zhou Hao and others, they are learning from the experience. Among so many people, only Ye Fang has I have worked in two branches at the same time. Although the previous Liushi branch was a bit nasty, Ye Fang, as the sole manager of this newly opened Liushi branch, is naturally more experienced. And these days, they too. They have indeed learned a lot, and they will also play a huge role in the operation of their own branch after the opening.

Chapter 589

Wang Wei’s decision! “It should be done, so much, if it still doesn’t work. If so, then there is really no need for this Liushi branch to exist.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile. In the past few days, while paying attention to the situation of the Liushi branch, he was reviewing the preparation plans for the new branch submitted by some people. In the first batch of branches, Liu experienced so many twists and turns. The city branch opened successfully again. In the near future, Wang Dalu, Zhou Hao and their branches will also open. It can be said that the first batch of ten branches will be opened successfully in Hunan Province a year ago. Now Dustin Zhou is reviewing the application and plan for applying for the second batch of preparatory branch establishments. “As long as you proceed step by step, there will be no accidents, and now, it is almost time to give Wang Wei the final blow.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile. Ye Fang and others on the side looked at each other, and they all saw a hint of joy from the other’s eyes. Wang Wei’s betrayal had put a lot of pressure on everyone. Now that Dustin Zhou said this, it was obvious. Ready to settle the accounts. And according to Dustin Zhou’s previous record, whether it is in the East China Sea or in Hunan Province, it is not a defeat. So this time, everyone also thinks that Dustin Zhou will effortlessly defeat Wang Wei. On the other side, Liu Shimei. The makeup staff have really experienced peaks and troughs these days. Now, they are in the trough. If they are not careful, they may never climb to the peak. In the store, there are fewer customers these days. When the Liushi branch reopened, they were still laughing at the opposite side. There were only less than a hundred customers in one morning. However, only a few days passed, and Liushi Beauty had only almost one hundred customers for a whole day. This group of guests is still for the new promotion. Once the promotion is over, I’m afraid there won’t be even half of 50 people.


And this promotion cannot always exist.

You know, this promotion alone, they have lost nearly 100,000 yuan in the past few days.

For Liushi Beauty, although it is hard to say, it will definitely lose a lot of vitality.

The enthusiasm of the employees in the store has also fallen.

Without customers, they can’t sell products, they won’t have commissions, their wages won’t be high, and they won’t be motivated to work.

Such a vicious circle will not improve until the current problems encountered by Liushi Beauty Makeup are solved.

“Mr. Wang, you can’t go on like this anymore. If you don’t find Kong Shao, our branch will really not be able to support it.” “Yes, Mr. Wang, it’s time for you to make a decision. No matter what, we will support you. Yes.” “Mr. Wang, say something and express your opinion.” … Several partners kept persuading Wang Wei.

Even Shen Hai has been persuading.

After all, the present situation really makes them feel the crisis.

It seems that as long as you take a step slower, Liushi Beauty will not be able to hold it up and shut down.

“You know, this time, I will find Kong Shao, what do I need to pay?” Wang Wei said in a deep voice, his face also full of fatigue.

Before today, especially after getting the guarantees from Kong Hui and Jiang Feng in person before, at that time, Wang Wei believed that Kong Hui would not ignore him, as long as he opened his mouth, Kong Hui would lend a helping hand.

But now, Wang Wei has come to understand.

Before he thought he needed a prerequisite, and that was that they could suppress Dustin Zhou. At the very least, the two sides had to compete equally, so that Kong Hui might reach out for his benefit.

But now, in just a few days, Liushi Beauty Makeup is losing ground, and it is simply vulnerable.

Under such circumstances, it is impossible for Kong Hui to extend a helping hand to help an underachieving store.

This is what Wang Wei only thought of yesterday.

It was precisely because of this that Wang Wei did not sleep well all night, and now he is very tired.

“Mr. Wang, you have reached this point now, do you still care about the price? Even if you send the branch directly to Shao Kong, you can’t let Dustin Zhou and the others be so proud.” Ding Junfeng said fiercely.

Among the few partners present, he felt that he was the worst.

Not only the shares in his hands have been declining, the previous investment is about to shrink, but he also suffered a beating.

All this caused him to focus all his anger on Dustin Zhou and others.

As long as Dustin Zhou and the others can’t be open-minded, it is the greatest pleasure for Ding Junfeng.

“Yes, Mr. Ding is right, Mr. Wang, at this time, he still cares about what he does, even if he doesn’t ask for help from Shao Kong.

, I’m afraid we won’t be able to support it for long.

“Rather than let the store close, it’s better to give it to Kong Shao, one last fight!”

“… “Okay, I’m going to find Kong Shao now.”

“Wang Wei felt fierce and slammed the table, so he could get up, looked at everyone, and left directly to find Kong Shao. Only this time, Wang Wei took a lot of effort to see Kong Shao. Compared with the previous few times, this time Wang Wei could clearly feel that when Kong Hui saw him, he was obviously unhappy. And the consequence is that Wang Wei was left out by Kong Hui for two full hours. Two hours later Kong Hui turned his gaze to Wang Wei. “It’s really useless. I have given you so much help, and I have been mixed up to this point. What use is it for you?

Kong Hui said with disdain, just glanced at Wang Wei at random, then looked away, he did not look at Wang Wei at all. “Kong Shao, this time I hope you can help us one last time.”

“Wang Wei was so despised by Kong Shao, and he didn’t dare to get angry. Not to mention the difference in status and strength between the two sides. As Kong Hui just said, it is actually a fact. Wang Wei can’t find a reason to refute. But, this time, he is here to seek help from Kong Hui, so he must put his posture down. “Help you one last time?

What do you think I am, why should I help you? Is it useful to help you?

Kong Hui sneered. “Kong Shao, as long as you help us this last time, I will give you all the shares of the branch.”

“Wang Wei said, not idle, took out the share transfer letter from the bag and handed it to Kong Hui. This made Kong Hui a little surprised. He did not expect Wang Wei to get his own money. To help, he was willing to give all the shares of the hotel to himself. In this case, this branch has nothing to do with them. Then why is he begging for himself like this? “Did you figure it out?”

Kong Hui asked softly. He wasn’t very interested in the reason why Wang Wei did this. What he was really interested in was what kind of magic the stores of the famous company model had. After all, Liushi Beauty was also operating before. Very good, the business has been hot for a week. This is hard to see in other branches. Moreover, there are such hot scenes, all of which are well-known big brands and large companies in the country. A small This branch has such great ability and charm. This is what Kong Hui really cares about. There is another situation in

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