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Chapter 617

At this time, he had some thoughts about what Shen Hai said.

Perhaps it is because you are in the game, and some things are not real?

Although Shen Hai is also a partner and has a lot of shares in his hands before, after all, Shen Hai is probably a marginal figure from beginning to end.

In the fight with Dustin Zhou, Shen Hai remained a silent person most of the time.

Now Shen Hai suddenly put forward his opinions, maybe there is really a difference.

Wang Wei couldn’t help but look forward to it.

Hearing Wang Wei’s words, the others wanted to talk, but they swallowed it again when they reached their lips.

Everyone looked at Shen Hai and wanted to hear what he called the reason.

“President Wang, in fact, we have always been in a misunderstanding.” Shen Hai was determined in his heart and couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

He was really worried that he could not persuade Wang Wei, and Wang Wei was suspicious.

However, he did not expect that Wang Wei would be so easy to obey others, and he made it clear that he was also unwilling to posture.

Such a state of mind is fundamentally unstable and can easily be used by others.

“Misunderstanding?” Wang Wei said softly.

The others murmured softly.


What’s wrong?

During this period of time, they fought against Dustin Zhou, what mistakes did they fall into?

Why didn’t everyone react?

Everyone’s eyes swept toward Shen Hai.

“That’s right, Mr. Wang, everyone, think about it. We identified Dustin Zhou and Mingyang as our opponents at the beginning, and we kept fighting with each other.” “But, our real opponent is Dustin Zhou, is it Mingyang? ?” Shen Hai’s voice echoed slowly in the office.

As everyone listened, their brows were also tightened instantly.

Wang Wei’s gaze at Shen Hai tightened even more.

The determination of Dustin Zhou and Mingyang as rivals was decided by Wang Wei from the beginning.

It can be said that if according to what Shen Hai is now saying, their opponent has never been Dustin Zhou, and the company is not dead, then it also means that Wang Wei’s approach was wrong in the beginning.

This is something that Wang Wei cannot structure.

Wang Wei’s eyes were gloomy, and the look in Shen Hai’s eyes was already very wrong.

“No, our opponent has never been Dustin Zhou, nor a well-known company, but ourselves.” “Everyone, this Liu Shifen

The store is our own store. We invested in the establishment and established it step by step. However, the help provided by Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company is not worth mentioning.

“Similarly, whether it is good or bad for Liushi Beauty, it is not important for Dustin Zhou and Mingyang.

“There are so many cities in Hunan Province, and every city will establish a branch. Dustin Zhou and others have not paid attention to the prosperity and decline of one or two branches.

“Shen Hai didn’t notice Wang Wei’s unpleasant eyes, and continued to talk freely. “What is the purpose of our coming to Hunan Province? Is it to fight Dustin Zhou?”

Isn’t it enough that we have suffered a big loss in the East China Sea?

“Our purpose is to come to Hunan Province to open up the market, to make money.”

“But now, let’s take a look, we not only didn’t make a penny, but wasted months of time. Even the money invested in Liushi beauty makeup can’t be collected now.

“Shen Hai said with a heart-wrenching expression, his face was extremely restless, he looked at the crowd, his expression was full of sincerity. And Shen Hai’s words, like throwing a huge rock on the surface of a calm lake, suddenly set off huge waves, splashes of waves, and continuous ripples. Everyone always thought that they wanted to fight Dustin Zhou to the end, and to see if they left Dustin Zhou, if they really had no way out. Over time, they believed that it was true. They stayed in Hunan Province just to fight Dustin Zhou. However, after Shen, When Hai said that, everyone immediately understood. Everyone is from Donghai. From Donghai, follow Dustin Zhou, what is the purpose? Seek wealth and open up the market! With or without Dustin Zhou’s help, these two points will not change. With Dustin Zhou’s help, they were able to build a branch of Mingyang Company, which was extremely convenient for seeking wealth and opening up the market. Without Dustin Zhou’s help, they could open up the market themselves, but it didn’t go as smoothly as in the East China Sea. How, it’s rare for everyone to hug each other, but it’s not a small possibility to succeed. It’s just that now that everyone has gone through such a tossing, that thought has long been gone. A touch of regret inevitably surfaced on each face. Wang Wei looked at all this, in his heart. Leng hum, he naturally saw that Shen Hai was uneasy and kind at all. He thought that Shen Hai would have any good opinions to help him persuade these people, let them stay in Hunan Province, and help him continue fighting with Dustin Zhou But now, Shen Hai is directly sweeping away the fog in front of everyone, letting everyone know what he came to Hunan Province for. “Yes, it is true. I came to Hunan Province together with Dustin Zhou this time, right? Because Mingyang is developing rapidly in the East China Sea, and Dustin Zhou also promised to take us to expand the market in Hunan Province, and also

Do you cooperate with Zhang family?

“At this moment, someone exclaimed, with a look of enlightenment on his face, dancing with his hands, but his complexion was sometimes unusually ruddy, sometimes pale with regret. “Enough, don’t say any more.

“At this moment, Wang Wei suddenly shouted. Seeing the different expressions of everyone, Wang Wei suddenly felt regretful. He had known that Shen Hai would say such a thing, he would not give Shen Hai a chance at all. “President Wang, I must To say that everyone gets together because of fate and the same purpose. It is just to make money, and you don’t want to fight Dustin Zhou to the end. What good is it for us?

“However, since Shen Hai has said so much, it is of course not Wang Wei who can stop drinking. Regardless of Wang Wei’s gloomy face, he looked at the crowd and said loudly. “Everyone, Kong Hui is no longer Dustin Zhou. The opponent is now, should we continue to fight with Dustin Zhou?

“Besides, it was Wang Wei who had to fight Dustin Zhou at the beginning, and we were all just forced.

“Now, everyone has two choices.

Shen Hai stretched out two fingers and smiled faintly. “What choice?”

“Yes, which two options?”

Can we still follow Mr. Zhou again?

“Suddenly, two partners did not hold back and asked hurriedly. “The first one is to leave Hunan Province immediately and return to the East China Sea, but after returning to the East China Sea, everyone really offended Dustin Zhou, and those who are still standing now. People on Dustin Zhou’s side, think about it, whether your company in the East China Sea is still running.

“The second one is to confess to Zhou Zong. I believe that with Zhou Zong’s generosity, he can understand us.”

Chapter 618

After Shen Hai finished speaking, two fingers stood up, and they had not been retracted. The whole office was quiet. Everyone looked at Shen Hai dumbfounded. But, soon , The silence was broken. The two people who were inquiring just now breathed quickly, their faces flushed, and there was a glimmer of hope and joy in their eyes. “Can we really stand on Zhou’s side again?”

“One person asked cautiously, his tone a little nervous, for fear that Shen Hai would suddenly say no. The other person looked at Shen Hai hopefully. It seemed that as long as Shen Hai said yes, the two of them would immediately return. To Dustin Zhou’s side. “Presumptuous, what are you doing?

Shen Hai, shut up!

“However, Wang Wei was really in a bad mood at the moment, and even very angry. He never expected that Shen Hai’s words would actually be moved by someone, and he took the initiative to ask. Wang Wei knew that now, It seems that only these two people asked, but other people may not have this thought.

At this moment, Ding Junfeng and another partner’s expressions are constantly changing, as if they are struggling with something in their hearts.

Seeing this, Wang Wei still couldn’t understand. As long as Ding Junfeng and this partnership weigh the pros and cons, they will definitely make a choice.

As for this choice, Wang Wei had actually guessed it now.

With his understanding of Ding Junfeng, he would definitely choose to stand on Dustin Zhou’s side again.

And all this is because of what Shen Hai said.

Shen Hai!

Wang Wei kept roaring and roaring in his heart. He couldn’t understand why this Shen Hai suddenly changed so much, and even said such things.

For so long before, Shen Hai has been very silent, is it all paving the way for today?


Wang Wei found something wrong.

This Shen Hai, when he went out to buy food for everyone, it took too long.

For such a long time, don’t say just buying such a thing, even if you eat there, I’m afraid you will have eaten it all.

During this time, something must have happened, Wang Wei did not know.

Even Shen Hai might have contacted someone in this short period of time.

“Shen Hai, did Ye Fang ask you to say this!” Wang Wei asked in a low voice.

At this time, Dustin Zhou should still be in Changsha, and Shen Hai might not believe what he said on the phone.

So now, the only person who can make Shen Hai make choices and decisions so quickly is Ye Fang.

And it happens that Ye Fang is now at the Liushi branch opposite, and it is easy to meet Shen Hai.

Wang Wei’s voice fell, and everyone else looked over.

Among these gazes, there are vigilance, hope, excitement, and expectation… and so on.

However, everyone is waiting for Shen Hai to speak.

If this is really what Ye Fang asked Shen Hai to say, then with Ye Fang’s status and ability, these words are all true.

Otherwise, Shen Hai alone does not have such great charm and qualifications to make everyone believe in him.

“Yes, these words are what Ye always asked me to say. At the same time, these words are what Ye always wants to say to everyone.” Shen Hai was shocked and sighed secretly, this Wang Wei has such a keen sense of smell, so I soon discovered that this was what Ye Fang meant.

However, even if Wang Wei discovered it now, it would be of no use.

Before Kong Hui hadn’t given up on Wang Wei, Wang Wei didn’t dare to do anything to Ye Fang. Now that Kong Hui has given up on Wang Wei directly, it is even more unlikely that he would do anything harmful to Ye Fang.

“Furthermore, President Ye also told me that as long as you stand back to President Zhou now, everything you did before can be forgotten.” Shen Hai continued.

Now everyone’s emotions have been completely mobilized by Shen Hai

Here, everyone has such an impulse in their hearts. Everyone is looking at other people, waiting for someone else to take the lead and respond.

After all, such a thing is simply too good, and there is no harm in it.

After all, their family business is in the East China Sea, and as long as they are in the East China Sea, their company will overlap with the famous company in many aspects.

No matter how bad, some people and some companies they have worked with before are probably related to the famous company and Dustin Zhou.

“Of course, I know you still have some fears. I’m afraid it was President Ye who deceived everyone. The purpose is to provoke everyone.” After a pause, Shen Hai looked disdainful. At this time, he was still indecisive. It seems that the blame has to be able to do it, without any decisiveness.

“But, I have to make it clear to everyone that the reason why the situation has become like this is all because Wang Wei had to part ways with Zhou Zong in the first place. Even if there is no Zhou Zong, there is no famous company. You can still manage the Liushi Beauty Makeup well.” “But now, everyone sees the situation.” “So, everyone can make another choice, but Wang Wei must be responsible for the current situation. Therefore, only There is no way for Du Wangwei to make another choice. Since he has chosen to stand on the opposite side of Zhou Zong and Mingyang Company, then he must bear the consequences.” Shen Hai’s voice was cold, at this moment, as if he was incarnate as a judge, in a word, It decided Wang Wei’s future in general.

“Okay, I have decided. Since Mr. Zhou is so generous, I must not disappoint Mr. Zhou’s kindness, Shen Hai, I will stand on Mr. Zhou’s side again.” Suddenly, one of them couldn’t help but directly expressed his opinion. Standing beside Shen Hai with a serious face, his face was solemn and solemn, as if what he had just said was an oath that he would never violate him forever.

And this person took the lead in expressing his stance, and he broke the balance at once, causing other people’s complexion to change, and a trace of anxiety flashed in their eyes.

“I have also decided. This time, I will stand on Mr. Zhou’s side, and I will definitely not change again!” “Also, I was deceived by Wang Weimeng before, so I made a foolish thing. Now I see clearly. For Wang Wei’s true face, he chose to correct evil and return to righteousness, and he must support Mr. Zhou.” All of a sudden, except for Wang Wei and Ding Junfeng, all three other people made a decision and chose to stand on Dustin Zhou’s side again.

In an instant, the atmosphere in the office became a little cheerful.

The three people who made the decision now have a relaxed look on their faces, as if they have finally made the most important decision in their lives, and everyone breathes a long sigh of relief.

During this period of time, they felt the deepest when they stood on the opposite side of Dustin Zhou and Mingyang.

Stress, anxiety

, Fear… Almost all kinds of negative emotions will always be entangled on them, and there has been no way to subside.

And they also really felt that Dustin Zhou was powerful and unable to compete.

Wang Wei found the elders and youngsters of the Kong family, and even people from the Jiang family. Together, they were not Dustin Zhou’s enemy at all.

Since knowing that Kong Hui chose to give up, everyone is actually dead, thinking about returning to the East China Sea in a desperate way. It doesn’t matter what kind of shame it is.

Chapter 619

(2) But now, Shen Hai said such words, causing them to start suddenly.

An opportunity to stand on Dustin Zhou’s side again was presented to them alive and well. As long as they gritted their teeth and made a decision, they would immediately be like a new person.

Even when they made a decision, there was no entanglement at all. They even panicked because they were ahead of the game, and expressed their stance in a hurry, for fear of missing this opportunity.

Now, in the office, only Wang Wei and Ding Junfeng have not expressed their opinions.

“President Ding, I don’t know how you decide?” Shen Hai looked at Ding Junfeng, the person with the second largest share of Liushi Beauty so far.

However, after they handed over all the shares to Wang Wei and asked Wang Wei to ask Kong Hui for help, everyone had no shares.

So now Ding Junfeng has nothing to do with Liushi Beauty.

Ding Junfeng’s face was heavy, looking at Shen Hai, a trace of complexity and jealousy flashed through his eyes.

This Shen Hai, He De He Neng, can play the role of such a messenger, bringing hope to everyone, and at the same time redeeming his merits before Dustin Zhou.

The role of such a messenger should be his own.

Damn it, I blame the woman Ye Fang for being biased.

“In this case, I also support Zhou Zonghe Mingyang Company again, and now that I have decided not to be fooled by Wang Weimeng again!” The voice was decisive, without hesitation.

After Ding Junfeng finished speaking, a smile appeared on his face. He walked two steps forward and came to Shen Hai. He stretched out his hand and patted Shen Hai’s shoulder twice, full of understanding and kindness.

At this time, only Wang Wei did not make a statement.

However, he did not have the power to express his views, and Shen Hai would not give him the power and opportunity to express his views.

“Wang Wei, now everyone has seen your true face, don’t you feel guilty at all?” Shen Hai reprimanded in a deep voice, with sword eyebrows raised horizontally, and Wang Wei’s eyes looked like two lasers, like We must see Wang Wei thoroughly.

“Wang Wei, you wolf-hearted person, if you didn’t have Mr. Zhou, how could you have today? If it wasn’t Mr. Zhou, this Liushi beauty makeup would have been

Can’t open business.

“But I didn’t expect that you were ambitious and wolf-hearted, betraying President Zhou, and threatening to force us to stand on the opposite side of President Zhou. Today, everything finally comes to light.

“Heaven’s reincarnation, retribution is unhappy, Wang Wei, everything you have today is for yourself!”

“And after Shen Hai’s scolding, Ding Junfeng also followed Wang Wei with a slap in the face, as if Wang Wei was guilty, and they were wronged and innocent. His face was full of anger, and the expression on Wang Wei even had a trace. Fierce. “Yes, Wang Wei, all this is your fault!

“It’s all this time, it’s still stubborn and hopeless.

With Ding Junfeng taking the lead, other people also reacted and yelled at Wang Wei one after another. It seems that at this time, whoever scolds Wang Wei more viciously can have greater credit. At this moment, Wang Wei sits quietly on himself. On his chair, he calmly looked at the people in front of him who were constantly yelling at him, all kinds of foul language were endless, and there was not even a trace of expression fluctuations on their faces. It seemed that their yelling and cursing had no interference or influence on Wang Wei. But in reality Wang Wei was already very angry in his heart. He couldn’t wait to stand up and rushed over to swear the worst, especially Ding Junfeng. He was so good to these people before, but now, They changed so quickly for the so-called ignorance of the past. And it was Shen Hai that made Wang Wei even more angry. Not betraying himself, and re-colluding with Ye Fang and Dustin Zhou, even said something like this. Guilt! What kind of thing is this, it is so casually clasped on his head. Wang Wei’s heart boiled with anger, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and he couldn’t help it. “You, you…” Wang Wei pointed to Shen Hai. Ding Junfeng and others finally no longer forbeared the anger on their faces. These people are simply brazen, without any shame. Such capriciousness, even if they betray themselves today and stand on Dustin Zhou’s side, they will not be trusted by Dustin Zhou in the future, sooner or later. You will also be liquidated by Dustin Zhou. “You betrayed Dustin Zhou before, and you betrayed me today, so erratic, do you really think Dustin Zhou will trust you again because of this?

Wishful thinking, you wait, Dustin Zhou will definitely liquidate you.

Wang Weiwei scolded. “Hmph, the liquidation is not liquidation, these, you don’t need to worry about Wang Wei, we just do.

But you, at this point, if you have anything, just say it straight. I will bring it to Ye Zong and Zhou Zong.

“Shen Hai sneered and said lightly. At this time, this Wang Wei still didn’t forget to separate, trying to make them doubt in their hearts, which caused another rift with Dustin Zhou.


But how could all this fool my Shen Hai’s eyes.

Shen Haiyang was content, and the feeling that everything was under control made him feel like a fairy, and the whole person felt very good.

In particular, Wang Wei can now say that he is letting himself decide.

In the past, Shen Hai couldn’t imagine this.

In Hunan Province, Wang Wei is backed by Kong Hui, and Shen Hai has no backing, so naturally he dare not offend Wang Wei.

In the East China Sea, Shen Hai’s own company is not as large as Wang Wei’s company. In many respects, it even has to establish a cooperative relationship with Wang Wei’s company.

But now, Shen Hai can almost foresee the ending of Wang Wei.

He failed completely in Hunan Province and returned to the East China Sea in despair.

However, this does not mean that he will be safe.

Shen Hai believed that after Dustin Zhou returned to the East China Sea, the first person to be liquidated was probably Wang Wei.

And if Wang Wei falls, then his company will instantly be headless.

At that time, it was Shen Hai’s opportunity.

“Hmph, you think that this will make me succumb. It’s just wishful thinking. Even if this Liushi Beauty Makeup closes and goes bankrupt, I won’t say a word of convincing with the surname Zhou.” Wang Wei sneered, still sitting on the chair. , Unmoved.

“Hmph, just be stiff, I want to see, why don’t you say something convincing.” Shen Hai disdainfully said.

Now you are so hard-spirited, when you return to the East China Sea to usher in Dustin Zhou’s liquidation, I hope you can still be hard-spirited.

In the current situation, except for Wang Wei, all the other four chose to stand on Dustin Zhou’s side again, which also made Shen Hai more satisfied.

For Wang Wei, this is considered to be a rebellion, and he is now a lonely man in Hunan Province.

This situation should be more in line with what Ye Fang said to himself just now, to teach Wang Wei a lesson.

Shen Hai was full of urban beauty in his heart.

With this, he can mend his relationship with Ye Fang, thus gaining more opportunities for himself.

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