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Chapter 677

“Yes, I could see it with Xu Mei just now. I didn’t expect that Liu Xue’s target was actually Shao Li.” Huang Gang said with a light smile, looking around.

“As for who Li Shao is, I think many people present may not know.” “Li Shao, is the third-generation eldest son of the Donghai Li family, the eldest grandson of the old Patriarch of the Li family…” Next, to express the truth of what he said Sexuality, Huang Gang simply told everyone about Li Shao’s origins.

If it is said that there were still many people who were suspicious of what Xu Mei said before, then, now that Huang Gang said that, all the suspiciousness of everyone has disappeared at this moment.

After all, if what Huang Gang said is true, then this Shao Li is an unattainable existence for everyone in the private room.

Such a person is definitely worthy of Liu Xue’s climbing


In fact, it’s not just Liu Xue, I’m afraid that even Tong Yan, when encountering people like Li Shao, she would be anxious to cling to it.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect that, Liu Xue, you have such a big appetite, you still want to cling to Shao Li.” Tong Yan felt nervous when she heard Huang Gang’s words.

If Liu Xue really clings to Li Shao, then she will definitely be able to dump her for several blocks.

Fortunately, Liu Xue failed.

Thinking of this, Tong Yan not only did not breathe a sigh of relief, but was even more angry with Liu Xue.

This Liu Xue, even to catch a good man, is looking for someone better than Li Shao, is she really trying to suppress her Tong Yan?

“Yeah, Liu Xue, Shao Li is a famous young master in the East China Sea. He has seen more women. Even those big beauties, I’m afraid I’ve seen more than you think. I advise you. Let’s die of this heart.” Xu Mei smiled timely, and even reached out to pat Liu Xue on the shoulder as a comfort.

However, Liu Xue twisted her shoulder suddenly, preventing Xu Mei from patting her shoulder at all.

“You!” Xu Mei slapped in the air and almost fell forward, finally stabilizing her figure, immediately staring at Liu Xue, and sternly asked.

“Xu Mei, I have no grudges against you. I don’t know why you slander and slander me in this way. But there is one thing, that is, it’s really never possible to be said to be fake. What I haven’t done, even you No matter how much you slander it, it can’t become true.” Liu Xue’s attitude changed suddenly, and she demanded very resolutely.

But for a time, Xu Mei, and many others, were stopped by Liu Xue’s words, and for a while, her heart was a little shaken.

“Yeah, after all, this is only Xu Mei’s words. We don’t know whether it’s true or false.” “Yes, I think it may be that Xu Mei is unhappy with Liu Xue and wants to slander Liu Xue, right?” “Yeah, I remember, Xu Mei seems to have always liked Squad Leader Huang, and now that Huang Gang is so caring about Liu Xue, I guess I’m not upset, so I want to slander Liu Xue.” … Everyone immediately steals Whispering, the gaze that looked at Xu Mei changed a little.

Xu Mei was anxious, but she had nothing to do. It was impossible for her to produce direct evidence to prove that Liu Xue and Li Shao hooked up.

In a hurry, Xu Mei looked at Huang Gang.

“Huang Gang, tell me, did I slander Liu Xue?” Xu Mei raised her brows, and the eagerness on her face was very obvious.

If Huang Gang didn’t speak for her, then everyone would doubt Xu Mei’s motivation for saying those things.

For a time, many people looked at Huang Gang. After all, as a squad leader in college, although everyone has graduated now, Huang Gang still has some prestige.


People are more willing to believe in Huang Gang than Xu Mei.

Huang Gang looked a little hesitant, he looked at Liu Xue and then at Xu Mei, his expression constantly changing.

He didn’t expect that Xu Mei would involve this topic on himself, putting himself in the focus of everyone’s attention now.

Huang Gang knew that any words he had now could cause extremely strong consequences.

If he chooses to help Xu Mei speak, then Liu Xue will definitely be labeled as a green tea b*tch, and she will be infamous among her classmates from then on.

However, if he chooses to help Liu Xue speak, Xu Mei is very likely to tell the truth about what happened just now, and then tell him about Huang Gang’s humility in front of Li Shao.

After weighing the pros and cons in his mind, the hesitation on Huang Gang’s face finally disappeared, and he has already made a decision.

“No, what Xu Mei said, everything is true!” Huang Gang said seriously, and at the right time, a look of regret appeared on his face, as if it was because Liu Xue had done such a thing and felt sad and unbearable.

At this moment, everyone immediately exploded the pot, and they couldn’t suppress the shock in their hearts.

“Isn’t this?” “Have you heard that the big squad leader said that? It must be true.” “I didn’t expect Liu Xue to be such a person, because we were so obsessed with her when we were in college.” “Hey, is this the so-called thing of opening 300,000 yuan during the day and getting 300 yuan at night?” “Hiss…” …… Everyone looks different and different, but without exception, everyone sees. Xiang Liu Xue’s gaze was no longer the admiration he had before, but instead was full of contempt, as if it was a shame to become classmates with Liu Xue.

However, there were also several men whose gazes looking at Liu Xue became playful. They even looked up and down on Liu Xue relentlessly, especially in the key parts of Liu Xue, staying for a long time.

“Bang!” Liu Xue’s pretty face was cold, her beautiful eyes were full of anger.

He never imagined that Xu Mei would just be talking nonsense with his eyes open, and now even Huang Gang was talking nonsense with Xu Mei’s eyes open.

Now, everyone in the entire private room looked at him with wrong eyes.

And Liu Xue could even imagine that, without much time, all of her classmates would know what happened today.

“Hehe, angry? Liu Xue, since you have done it, you have to admit the courage, otherwise, why did you have to pretend to have a chance encounter with Shao Li before?” Xu Mei saw Huang Gang speak for herself, and she was immediately confident Up.

Now that Liu Xue is angry, Xu Mei’s heart feels more relaxed, as if the knot he has accumulated for many years has been solved at once.

“I didn’t expect you

It would be such a person.

“Liu Xue and Liu Mei quickly calmed down. She had already figured it out. What Xu Mei and Huang Gang said, she could not stop or change. And the opinions of others are not that important to herself. If they are classmates, they may not meet again in the future. They are just a passer-by in each other’s lives. In that case, being so angry with them is simply not worth the loss. “Okay, okay, everyone It’s classmates, don’t make the relationship so rigid.

“At this moment, Zhang Yong stood up and spoke.

Chapter 678

in this private room, if anyone is an outsider, then Zhang Yong is the only one. He. It is Tong Yan’s classmate and has nothing to do with other people. It is most suitable for him to stand up and act as the peacemaker. “I have a suggestion. No matter what Liu Xue has with that Li Shao, it has nothing to do with us. I think , It’s better to put this one out in advance, this meal, after eating, let’s leave first and go to the second game to play, how about?

“Zhang Yong said with a smile. What he said immediately attracted the attention of many people and won many people’s approval. After all, no matter what Huang Gang and Xu Mei said, is there anything between Liu Xue and Li Shao? The shameful relationship is not relevant to them. It is impossible for them to have any relationship with Liu Xue. Instead of focusing all attention on Liu Xue here, it is better to take advantage of it. This time, a rare opportunity and time for classmates reunion, have a good time. “Yes, let’s go to the second one.

“That is, how is one game enough, the squad leader, don’t worry about this matter, it has nothing to do with us, or hurry up and get ready to leave.

“That’s right, Liu Xue, let’s join us too, this is your own business after all, and we don’t care.

“… Everyone kept persuading. Huang Gang and Xu Mei didn’t feel anything. After all, there was no loss to them. But Liu Xue didn’t think so. Everyone persuaded them and said the matter in the face. They have nothing to do, but the meaning in and out of the words is very obvious, that is, they have acquiesced that Liu Xue hooked up with Li Shao is true. Only in this way, they will be so indifferent. After all, according to Huang Gang and In Xu Mei’s words, Liu Xue might already have a relationship with Li Shao. Although it may not be possible that something will happen now, it is hard to guarantee that the two will not get together in the future. At that time, it was impossible for them to follow Liu Xue. What contradictions and conflicts have arisen between Li Shao. Isn’t that just looking for death. “No, I have something

, Leave first, go by yourself.

“Liu Xue was completely uninterested in the second scene that everyone said. Not to mention, now everyone doesn’t believe her, and they look at her very wrongly. Just like Dustin Zhou said before waiting for her at home, there are important things to follow. She said that Liu Xue would not just let Dustin Zhou wait for herself. “Don’t, Liu Xue, Huang Gang specially prepared this one. We all didn’t spend a penny. Now everyone is going to the second one. You just left. Didn’t you show disrespect to Squad Leader Huang?

“Seeing that Liu Xue was about to leave, Xu Mei was immediately unhappy. Finally, she isolated Liu Xue and made her make a fool of herself in front of everyone. If Liu Xue doesn’t go at this time, then what would Xu Mei do? Isn’t it all in vain? “Yeah, Liu Xue, everyone finally got together, this rare opportunity, you must not disappoint.

Huang Gang’s face was also a bit ugly, but after all he was not angry, but in his tone of voice, he was already obviously a little unhappy. “Really, you paid for this meal?”

That being the case, I will pay as much as it is, and the bills of all the students. I bought them together, and it is considered that I am paying you.

“Liu Xue said lightly, her face extremely indifferent. “Haha, Liu Xue, don’t think that you are clinging to Shao Li. That’s it. You pay the bill?”

“Xu Mei said coldly, since Liu Xue is so ignorant of admiration, she will naturally not continue to treat Liu Xue and Yan Yue. “This is the Mountain Mist Club.

Any meal will not be less than 10,000 yuan. What’s more, this is a private room, which was obtained by the leader of the squadron, Mr. Zhang Lii. The value is immeasurable, at least 100,000 yuan.

As he said, Xu Mei pointed to an empty plate on the table. “Do you see it, that empty plate, which contains top-notch catfish caviar, so a small portion is worth 100,000 yuan.”

“Everyone, classmates, don’t say anything else, as long as you put out two hundred thousand, then you can leave directly.

When Xu Mei finished speaking, she folded her hands on her chest and looked at Liu Xue coldly. Although she had a slight doubt as to whether Liu Xue could produce the two hundred thousand, Xu Mei knew it. Regarding Liu Xue’s work after graduation. Xu Mei inquired clearly from other classmates before. Xu Mei also knew that Liu Xue is now a small leader in Lvjingwan City, but even so, the son cannot exceed twenty thousand a month. And now, Liu Xue has only worked for half a year, and it is impossible to have 200,000 yuan. Therefore, Xu Mei is sure that Liu Xue will not be able to get the two hundred thousand. Two hundred thousand! This is naturally not for the rich. What is it, but for everyone in the private room, even Zhang Yong, absolutely not

It’s a piece of easy money.

The people here, except Zhang Yong, who started his own company, may have a little richer net worth and can easily spend 200,000 yuan.

The other classmates, who have just graduated for half a year, have just started working.

He may be just a small employee, and it is absolutely impossible to spend two hundred thousand.

Xu Mei said this, undoubtedly wanting to force Liu Xue to rush to the second party with everyone.

“Xu Mei, is this a bit more?” “That’s right, if Liu Xue wants to go, let her go, and we can all play together.” “After all, Liu Xue has only worked for half a year, why? Maybe 200,000 yuan.” “Squad leader Huang, you have something to say.” … Suddenly, many people wanted to speak for Liu Xue.

After all, these two hundred thousand had already made them wonder in their hearts, and they also thought that Liu Xue could not spend so much money.

And Xu Mei said so, nothing more than to make Liu Xue even more embarrassed.

It was enough to make Liu Xue embarrassed once before, but now, Xu Mei still wants to be aggressive, then everyone feels a bit overwhelmed.

After all, if you do this, Xu Mei, everyone will not be classmates in the future. Will everyone see Liu Xue in the future?

“Hehe, since everyone said that, Liu Xue, I won’t persecute you like that anymore. I won’t ask you two hundred thousand, but one hundred thousand. As long as you take out one hundred thousand, then you can leave directly.” Xu Mei said lightly, as if she had the final say here.

“No need, isn’t it two hundred thousand? I will pay the bill.” However, Liu Xue didn’t care about Xu Mei’s so-called kindness.

Let’s not talk about what Xu Mei’s intention is, let’s talk about the 200,000 yuan. Liu Xue himself can’t get it out. Just now, she still got a black card from Li Mingfeng, but there were 50 million in it. of.

Although Liu Xue didn’t check whether Carli really had 50 million, he wanted to come, in front of Dustin Zhou, that Li Mingfeng didn’t dare to cheat.

After speaking, Liu Xue took out the black bank card from the bag.

Chapter 679

The black bank card shines in the light of the private room.

Everyone looked at it and suddenly felt that this black card was very extraordinary.

However, no one can tell what is so extraordinary about this card.

Even Huang Gang glanced at Liu Xue in surprise, muttering in his heart.

“Does she really have two hundred thousand?” Xu Mei was even more disbelief, seeing Liu Xue taking out the black card, her face was full of disdain.

“Huh, pretend.” In the entire private room, I am afraid that Zhang Yong is the only one whose eyes are wide at this time, and his face is also surprised.

Zhang Yong has seen the world, especially when he founded his own company.

The people in Young’s company have more contact, and even after getting to know some senior executives, they have heard of things.

Especially when Zhang Yong once had a drink with an executive of a well-known company, I heard him say.

Anyone who is powerful will have a World Bank black card in hand.

And this black card, in addition to the qualification review of the cardholder, the most basic one is that only 50 million in the black card.

Although Zhang Yong had not seen the so-called black card with his own eyes, no matter how he looked at it, the black card in Liu Xue’s hand was particularly like the World Bank black card that the famous company executive said.

And if this is really a black card, let alone other things, there are 50 million in this card alone, which is even before his company.

Thinking of this, Zhang Yong’s face suddenly became solemn, and all his originally laughing expressions were reduced, and his eyes on Liu Xue became more serious.

If the black card in this

Chapter is really the black card of the World Bank, then Liu Xue’s identity will definitely not be simple.

At the very least, Liu Xue might have really hooked up with the Li Shao of the Li family, and it was by no means a failure of the hookup that Xu Mei said.

In this case, all of them here are not enough for Li Shao to see.

Thinking that everyone was still mocking Liu Xue before, Zhang Yong suddenly felt a twitch in his heart.

“Whether there is 200,000 in this card, you can take it out and let the people in the club check it.” Faced with everyone’s suspicion, Liu Xue didn’t care.

What a joke, there are fifty million in it, a mere two hundred thousand, but you.

Seeing that Liu Xue was so confident, she didn’t panic at all, but rather confident. Huang Gang was a little uncertain and hesitated for a while.

“Hmph, I really thought that just taking out a black card would scare us, just check it, I want to see if you have 200,000 in your black card.” But Xu Mei just grabbed it. Liu Xue’s black card walked directly outside.

Liu Xue still looked indifferent, she was not worried that Xu Mei was holding the black card, and when she checked that there was money in it, the black card would run away privately.

If this is the case, then Li Mingfeng’s black card is almost meaningless. At that time, even if Liu Xue does not pursue it, Li Mingfeng himself will find Xu Mei and retrieve the black card.

Xu Mei took the black card and left the private room directly to the cashier on the first floor of the clubhouse.

Although the Mountain Mist Clubhouse is a very high-spec private clubhouse, the lobby on the first floor here also has the function of receiving general gatherings.

Therefore, there is also a cash register in the lobby on the first floor.

In addition to checking out some people in the lobby on the first floor, the cash register also has the responsibility of handling membership cards.

Xu Mei took the black card and came quickly

checkout counter.

“Thank you for checking how much money is in this card.” Xu Mei was very indifferent when he gave the black card to the cashier.

She decided from the heart that it was impossible for Liu Xue to directly give out 200,000, and it was Xu Mei’s temporary intention to ask her to give out 200,000, and it was even more impossible for Liu Xue to think of it in advance.

In addition, at this time, Liu Xue was also under the eyes of everyone, and did not call anyone to raise money.

So what Xu Mei said to Liu Xue was simply scornful.

And she took the black card to the cash register to check, but she wanted to make Liu Xue nowhere to stand in front of everyone.

When the two employees at the cash register saw Xu Mei’s actions, they were all taken aback.

They did not expect that there would be such a request from guests.

However, as the cashiers of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, they were all strictly screened and trained. They smiled at Xu Mei and started to check.

“Excuse me, this lady, this card…” The cashier said solemnly, but Xu Mei interrupted him before he finished speaking.

“Is there no money? I know. She has only worked for half a year. How could she directly put out 200,000 yuan. Since there is no money, please help me to issue a certificate to prove that there is no money in this card.” There was a faint smile on Xu Mei’s face, but a trace of pride flashed through her eyes.

Humph, Liu Xue, let’s see how you want to quibble now.

I also said that there are two hundred thousand in this card. I check it now, but there is no money. I’ll see how you explain it later.

Xu Mei’s eyebrows opened slightly, and she had even thought about how Liu Xue would be embarrassed later.

“No, this lady, we don’t know if there is any money in this black card, but we don’t have permission to check the information of this card.” The two cashiers looked at Xu Mei with solemn faces.

This black card, even they do not have the authority to probe, can only explain one problem.

That is the owner of this black card, an existence that they can’t look up to. At least, in this Mountain Mist club, it is also the top existence, someone who can talk to their boss Asher Chen.

Such people, where can they be offended.

“What?” Xu Mei was shocked and her face was puzzled. Looking at the two cashiers, she seemed to feel that there was a problem with her ears.

Xu Mei couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

They don’t have permission to check this black card?

Permission denied?

Xu Mei is not someone who doesn’t know anything. She naturally knows the meaning of these four words, and she can understand it.

However, this black card is just Liu Xue’s, how could the cashier here have no permission to check it?

“Did you make a mistake? This one

Ka is from a classmate of mine. She is just an ordinary person, who has just graduated for half a year.

“Xu Mei was a little unbelievable, and asked again. She hoped to hear from the two cashiers that they had made a mistake in their work just now, and it was definitely not another sentence that they had no authority. However, the more people worry about something, the more What will come. “Sorry, lady, we don’t know who your classmate is, but we really don’t have the authority to investigate this black card. I hope you can understand.

The voices of the two cashiers were very clear, and they entered Xu Mei’s ears without falling a word.

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