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Chapter 656

Tong Yan held her boyfriend and looked at Liu Xue who was sitting condescendingly. She looked arrogantly like a princess. Her voice was clear, with a hint of pride and pride. And as Tong Yan’s words fell, everyone in the private room gathered their eyes. Does Liu Xue have a boyfriend? This is not even a question that Tong Yan wants to ask, but something others want to know. And Liu Whether Xue Xue has a boyfriend or not, it seems that it is not only a matter of her, but a relationship with everyone. After all, as one of the class flowers in college, Liu Xue still has many admirers, although everyone knows I don’t hope very much, but if I know that Liu Xue has a boyfriend, I will feel uncomfortable. Even some people will give birth to why Liu Xue’s boyfriend is not such a stubborn idea. “Yes, Liu Xue.” , Do you have a boyfriend?

“How can a big beauty like Liu Xue have no boyfriend?”

“Yes, maybe, Liu Xue, we have already found a golden turtle son-in-law. You know, Green Bay City is a luxury villa area. Who is not rich?”

“… Following Tong Yan’s words, others joined in, as if they were very interested in whether Liu Xue had a boyfriend. In these words, there were pure curiosity and doubts, some unwillingness, sourness, and naturally. Jealous and unhappy. And Liu Xue has not spoken. She looks at Tong Yan quietly, without blinking her eyes. She knows why Tong Yan said that, which is obviously to show her boyfriend in front of her. When they were in college, the two of them were the same class flower, so competition was indispensable. Although Liu Xue didn’t care so much about class flower, but Tong Yan was different. In almost everything, Tong Yan would be like Liu Xue. One is higher and lower. It seems that this is the only way to prove that Tong Yan is the only class flower in this class, can she win the eyes and admiration of all the boys, and can defeat Liu Xue. Now, everyone has graduated for half a year. Tong Yan found a boyfriend who looked good, so she naturally wanted to compare with Liu Xue to see whose boyfriend was better. However, because Tong Yan saw that there was no man next to Liu Xue, she did Will pretend to be surprised to ask. In fact, Tong Yan did this for the purpose of taunting Liu Xue. When you were in college, wasn’t Liu Xue a class flower? Why didn’t you have a boyfriend after graduating for half a year? , Does no one look at you? This kind of dark thought is almost the psychological portrayal of Tong Yan at the moment. Liu Xue silently looked at Tong Yan and listened to other people’s comments on whether he had a boyfriend.

A figure suddenly appeared in her heart.

Unconsciously, Liu Xue looked at Tong Yan’s boyfriend subconsciously, and unconsciously compared Tong Yan’s boyfriend with the person in her heart.

Tong Yan’s boyfriend is really good, tall and well dressed, very particular.

Liu Xueguang glanced over it, and he could see that his clothes were very valuable, at least more than 100,000 yuan.

Not to mention, the value of this man’s watch is unknown.

However, Liu Xue’s eyebrows frowned in the next moment.

She found that Tong Yan’s boyfriend had very irregular eyes, and she was peeking at herself from time to time.

Even when he found that Liu Xue was also looking at him, he even stared at Liu Xue without any shame, and an inexplicable emotion flashed in his eyes.

Liu Xue knew what this emotion was.

In the past, when I first went to work at Lvjingwan City, some customers I met would show the same emotion when they saw themselves.

This emotion is greed and desire, but it makes Liu Xue feel very bad.

In contrast, Liu Xue felt that the man with the figure in her mind was tens of millions of times better.

Not to mention other things, the gaze that the man looked at him was pure and innocent, without any desire, only with clean and pure appreciation, already made Liu Xue’s heart very good.

“Do I have a boyfriend? It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you.” Although Liu Xue didn’t want to argue with Tong Yan, she didn’t want to be ridiculed or even despised by Tong Yan.

Moreover, Liu Xue does not have a boyfriend now. Although he has other ideas about a person, she herself knows that it is just her own wishful thinking.

Not to mention what the other person thinks of her, just because someone else is already married, Liu Xue’s expression suddenly fades.

And such a change of expression naturally couldn’t escape Tong Yan’s eyes, who had been staring at Liu Xue.

“Haha, Liu Xue, I don’t think you don’t have a boyfriend, but you want to climb other people, don’t others look down on you?” Tong Yan suddenly sneered.

Tong Yan naturally noticed the flash of darkness on Liu Xue’s face just now.

Tong Yan not only noticed, but such an expression once appeared on her own face.

That time, Tong Yan wanted to take the initiative to cling to a big family child, but after being played with by the other party for a while, she dumped it.

For Tong Yan, this is a deep memory.

Therefore, after seeing the dim look on Liu Xue’s face, she immediately understood.

Liu Xue must be the same as herself, wanting to cling to a big family child, or a rich elder brother, but was rejected by the other party, will have such a reaction.

Humph, good you Liu Xue

Fortunately, I thought how pure you are, but I didn’t expect you to be the same person as me.

Fortunately, when you were in school before, you were so innocent. You used to be pretending to be, but now you are finally exposed.

Tong Yan’s face was full of complacency and sarcasm, as if she finally discovered an amazing secret of Liu Xue.

“Tong Yan, what nonsense are you talking about!” Liu Xue suddenly became angry. She did not expect that Tong Yan would say such a thing.

This is clearly slander!

“Hehe, I just talk about it casually, but, Liu Xue, you don’t have a boyfriend yet. Don’t raise your request so much. Now that women are older, many good men have been found.” Tong Yan seemed to Nothing happened, so he turned around and took his boyfriend to introduce him generously in front of everyone.

“Let me introduce to you. This is my boyfriend, Zhang Yong. He is now the general manager of Donghai Fashion Women’s Cosmetics Company.” As Tong Yan said, she pressed closer to Zhang Yong’s arms, her face filled with happiness And a proud look.

After all, it is not easy for women like them to find the boss of a company.

As soon as Tong Yan’s voice fell, there was a sensation in the private room.

When Liu Xue appeared, it also caused a sensation.

However, that’s because Liu Xue used to be a class flower in the class, and appearing here will naturally arouse the attention and cheers of the students.

Chapter 657

And now everyone cheers for Tong Yan again.

After all, Tong Yan just said that her boyfriend is the general manager of a company.

What’s more, none of those present here are insightful. After working for half a year, they can see something.

Just the clothes on Zhang Yong, all of the big international brands, will definitely not be less than 100,000 yuan.

Such a man is already a very good man in the eyes of everyone.

“Oh my God, Tong Yan, your boyfriend is so amazing?” “Tong Yan, didn’t you say that you work as a secretary for a cosmetics company? Are you working as a secretary for your boyfriend?” “I think this is true. Yes, Tong Yan, you are so insightful, so blessed.” … Suddenly, many girls in the private room cast enviable eyes at Tong Yan.

And some male classmates, although they also followed suit, but in their eyes, they held a lot of hostility towards Zhang Yong.

In any case, Tong Yan was also one of the class flowers who were as famous as Liu Xue.

Now that Ban Hua was soaked away by others, many people suddenly turned dark.

Seeing everyone’s constant compliments to Tong Yan and to himself, Zhang Yong’s expression was arrogant, and the expression on his face became more and more obvious.

Actually, Zhang Yong originally wanted to attend Tong Yan’s classmate gathering today

To refuse.

After all, at noon, something happened to him, his face was greatly damaged, and his heart was upset.

However, Tong Yan made a phone call and kept up with the bluntness. There was another class flower in the class that year. It was necessary to gain prestige in front of that class flower, and Zhang Yong agreed to come.

He wanted to see what kind of beauty the class flower in Tong Yan’s mouth was.

Originally, he didn’t care, thinking it was not as good as Tong Yan.

However, when Zhang Yong saw Liu Xue, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Liu Xue gave him a very unusual feeling, completely different from Tong Yan’s and other women’s feelings.

If we say that Tong Yan is glamorous and sexy, it makes Zhang Yong give birth to endless hormones.

Then, Liu Xue is like a white lilac flower, blooming with a faint fragrance of flowers alone.

With just a glance, Zhang Yong fell in love with Liu Xue, and even the idea of ​​throwing Tong Yan away and accepting Liu Xue was born in his heart.

However, after seeing the dialogue between Tong Yan and Liu Xue, Zhang Yong buried this idea in his heart.

He suddenly changed his mind. Perhaps, he could use Tong Yan to bring Liu Xue into his arms, while he himself enjoyed the joy of Qitian.

The compliments from other students gave him greater confidence.

“Hehe, everyone praised it. It is my blessing to be able to catch up with Tong Yan. I didn’t expect that among Tong Yan’s classmates, there are so many beauties. They are not beauties and they are not in the same class.” Zhang Yong said with a smile. Pretending to be very friendly and greeted each other with everyone.

And his appearance immediately made those women feel good about him, looking at Zhang Yong’s eyes one by one, wishing to swallow Zhang Yong into his stomach.

But everyone did not notice at this moment. Outside the crowd, Huang Gang, who had been busy before, and Xu Mei, their faces were gloomy at this moment.

This class reunion was initiated by Huang Gang and Xu Mei was the first to agree.

From the beginning, until now, the two of them are in contact and are responsible for bringing people here.

However, the appearance of Liu Xue first took away everyone’s eyes and attention.

Then, Tong Yan appeared again, together with her boyfriend, together became the center of the entire private room.

And everyone seems to have not noticed these two promoters at all now.

This made Huang Gang and Xu Mei annoyed.

“Squad leader Huang, it seems that Liu Xue and Tong Yan didn’t put you in their eyes. They didn’t even look at you.” Xu Mei glanced at Huang Gang slightly, and naturally saw Huang Gang. The gloomy and angry face.

And she herself was very dissatisfied with Liu Xue and Tong Yan for being so popular, so she had a plan in her heart.

“Hehe, who said Liu Xue doesn’t have a boyfriend?” Xu Mei said with a smile, and walked forward slowly

In front of Tong Yan and Liu Xue, there was a slight smile on their faces.

“What? She has a boyfriend?”

It was Tong Yan, she looked at Xu Mei suspiciously.

“What, Liu Xue actually has a boyfriend?” “I haven’t heard her say it?” “Isn’t it a clerk, I’m sorry to bring it out to meet us?” “No, Liu Xue is ours then Dapanhua, no matter what, the boyfriend you are looking for shouldn’t be a small employee.” … But Xu Mei’s words surprised others, but they were extraordinary.

At the beginning, Liu Xue said that she had no boyfriend.

And another class flower, Tong Yan has been soaked away.

Now that everyone is bound, only Liu Xue is left.

But at this time, Xu Mei said that Liu Xue actually has a boyfriend.

This had to make everyone fall into contemplation.

Since Liu Xue has a boyfriend, why didn’t she say it before.

Could it be that her boyfriend can’t be on stage at all?

So Liu Xue didn’t dare to bring her boyfriend out?

Thinking of this, many people showed different colors, and looked at Liu Xue’s gaze, which was a bit contemptuous.

“Xu Mei, what are you talking about?” Liu Xueliu frowned, looked at Xu Mei, very puzzled, and even more angry.

Don’t say she has no boyfriend until now.

Even if it did, it had never been brought out, let alone Xu Mei had seen it.

How could Xu Mei speak nonsense?

“Hehe, Liu Xue, what am I talking about? Isn’t the person at the door just now your boyfriend?” Xu Mei said with a smile.

She had made up her mind to take that person as Liu Xue’s boyfriend.

Although the man is a member of the Mountain Mist Club, Xu Mei only thinks that it is the most basic member, but one hundred thousand yuan can get a membership card.

You know, one hundred thousand yuan is not too much money. Basically any person can spend it after working for a few years.

Besides, looking at the appearance of that man, the clothes he wears, there is not a world-famous brand, no matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like a person with status and status, let alone a rich person.

“What, does Liu Xue really have a boyfriend?” Tong Yan was still suspicious at first, but when she heard Xu Mei say this, even when everyone said it, she thought Xu Mei would not talk nonsense.

What’s more, when Xu Mei said the person, Liu Xue’s face changed slightly.

Tong Yan is almost certain that the person Xu Mei is talking about is not nonsense.

“Xu Mei, I told you that Mr. Zhou is not my boyfriend at all, we are just ordinary friends.” Liu Xue quickly explained.

It’s just that he didn’t notice at all.

When Xu Mei said Dustin Zhou was Liu Xue’s boyfriend, the roots of Liu Xue’s ears were almost red.

Chapter 658

“Haha, don’t say Xu Mei, Liu Xuedu

Having said that, that person is just an ordinary friend, not a boyfriend. What’s more, how could a big beauty like Liu Xue be worthy of a person who doesn’t even have a car.

“At this time, Huang Gang came over, and the squad leader’s aura swept out. In addition, he was very exquisitely dressed and confident in his speech. “Besides, I think that even if the man has a good impression of Liu Xue, it is not enough. It’s the toad who wants to eat swan meat, and he doesn’t deserve it.

“Now that everyone is here, let’s not waste time. Let’s prepare to eat. When we finish eating, we will go out to play the second game.”

Huang Gang waved his big hand, and everyone immediately put away the gossip. After all, Huang Gang used to have more momentum when he was in college, plus, this gathering was also organized by Huang Gang from the beginning. Everyone gave him face. Soon, Huang Gang asked the waiter to serve the food. As the highest standard club in Donghai City, the Mountain Mist Clubhouse naturally has some dishes. Moreover, the cuisine here is basically available in the world. . Especially some rare cuisines, there is no shortage here. And this time, Huang Gang ordered some expensive dishes. The time it takes to serve the dishes alone is nearly half an hour. And the dishes served, All of them are treasures one by one. “It’s really the monitor, this shot is generous.

“Yes, our squad leader said, this time, he treats everyone, so that everyone is not stressed, and it is delicious and delicious.

“This abalone and shark fin are the simplest. With so much caviar, the squad leader has made a fortune.”

“When the dishes were almost ready, everyone was surprised when they saw it. Some people were even amazed. You know, although some people have not eaten such rare dishes, they have heard of them more or less. Like shark fin, not abalone. In other words, nowadays, most people can afford it occasionally. However, this caviar is not affordable for ordinary people. Caviar, but there is a saying that the oil in food, the price is based on weight, and it is still Calculated according to the customer. Usually, a small spoon of caviar requires tens of thousands of yuan, not to mention, the caviar here is a plate. “This caviar, is it more than 100,000 yuan?

“Xu Mei’s eyes lighted up, and she didn’t even think that Huang Gang ordered caviar, and there was so much more. Suddenly, Huang Gang’s status in Xu Mei’s mind rose. “It’s okay.” , This caviar is not ordinary caviar, but the roe of albino catfish, here is half a catty, it was given by my friend, the value is about 100,000 yuan.

Huang Gang was very satisfied with Xu Mei’s words and smiled and nodded. He did not expect that Xu Mei would recognize this caviar.

The value of it just saves his boasting effort.

And this caviar was also brought by Huang Gang himself in order to save face in front of Liu Xue.

In fact, this was given by Huang Gang at a banquet of a big family child.

Just half a catty, Huang Gang took it out, in fact, it has been distressed for a long time.

However, when he thought of being able to use half a catty of caviar to make Liu Xue look at him with admiration, and even put him in his arms, all the distress in Huang Gang’s heart disappeared.

“Oh? Albino catfish?” At this time, Zhang Yong on the side was also slightly surprised.

Zhang Yong knows about albino catfish. When he had dinner with the executives of Mingyang Company, he heard from the other party that it was the whitening factor project at the beginning of the company and invited them to eat at the banquet held at Cuizhuju.

Zhang Yong took a serious look, and even flipped it slightly with a spoon, his expression suddenly becoming serious.

Because he found that the caviar was exactly the same as the description described by the executive of the famous company.

Therefore, Zhang Yong can be sure that this is definitely caviar worth 100,000 yuan.

Zhang Yong took a serious look at Huang Gang and secretly felt that he had seen the wrong person.

Unexpectedly, there are such people among Tong Yan’s classmates, which is really hidden.

Suddenly, Zhang Yong’s gaze towards Huang Gang became more serious, instead of the contempt and arrogance just now.

With Zhang Yong’s confirmation, everyone knew that this caviar was indeed valuable, and they respected Huang Gang even more.

For a time, the wine glasses were changed on the wine table, which was so lively.

Among them, Huang Gang and Zhang Yong are undoubtedly the center of praise.

And Tong Yan was naturally proud of You Rongyan.

Liu Xue looked at the crowd, her expression a little lonely.

Such a gathering of classmates was not what she wanted to see, it was completely different from what she had imagined.

“I’ll go to the bathroom.” He whispered to the two female classmates next to him, and Liu Xue got up directly, preparing to go to the bathroom.

In fact, she also drank a lot of alcohol just now, and now she feels a little drunk.

Liu Xue left the room, Huang Gang frowned. He didn’t know what Liu Xue was doing, so he motioned to Xu Mei.

Xu Mei nodded and went out with Liu Xue.

When Liu Xue got out of the private room, she suddenly felt refreshed, and even her breathing seemed much more relaxed.

According to the display card, Liu Xue walked towards the bathroom.

However, when she reached a corner and was about to continue walking inside, she suddenly bumped into a person, her body was unstable, and almost fell to the ground.

“Oh.” With an exclamation, Liu Xue wakes up, stabilizes her figure, and apologizes repeatedly to the person she bumped into.

“Sorry, yes

Sorry, I didn’t mean it.

“Hehe, not on purpose?”

Beauty, your excuse is too perfunctory. I think you did it on purpose. Otherwise, in such a big place here, why did you hit me?

Suddenly, a soft voice rang across from Liu Xue. Liu Xue frowned and looked at the man. It was a young man, tall and thin, wearing very little clothes, with two arms exposed. His arms were covered with beast tattoos. Just looking at it, Liu Xue felt a panic in her heart. “I really didn’t mean it.

Liu Xue apologized again. She subconsciously thought that this was not a good person, so she apologized carefully, but didn’t want any conflict. Besides, now she came out alone, and no one could help if something happened. Haha, what’s the use of an apology?

If an apology is useful, what is the use of the police?

Beauty, look at it.

“The young man chuckled, carrying his own clothes, and leaning in front of Liu Xue. The breath of alcohol hit Liu Xue’s face directly. “Haha, little girl, look, you just took us Li Shao’s clothes are soiled, an apology.

Sorry, it’s over?

“And a man beside the young man also agreed with a smile, and the laughter was very light.

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