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Chapter 707

However, Chen San also knows that being able to get these is already a very good ending, at the very least, it’s not that he didn’t get any of them.

And with Chen San’s sales shop fell into Xu You’s hands.

Of the nine stores that Mingyang has deployed in Putuo District, so far, eight of them have all fallen into Xu You’s hands, and only one is left.

When Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen got the news, it had been two days since Chen San’s store had been transferred to Xu You.

Famous company.

It is rare for Dustin Zhou to come to the company again.

Since the last time I went to the Mountain Mist Club to talk to Asher Chen about this matter, Dustin Zhou has been staying in Lvjingwan City, waiting for Asher Chen to deliver the news.

However, Dustin Zhou did not expect that the news from Asher Chen did not arrive, but it was the news that the eighth sales store in Putuo District had also been transferred.

This time, Dustin Zhou couldn’t sit still.

So far, the people behind the scenes have won eight sales stores, leaving only the last one.

If they have not taken some measures, then this last sales store will certainly not last much time.

More importantly, if they do not act and do not express their views, the famous company will even become a joke in everyone’s eyes.

Especially those companies and people who have grievances with the famous company will definitely disdain the famous company even more.

Even, it will affect the future of Mingyang company out of the East China Sea, in the country, and even the world.

“So what do you think?” Enderia Shen looked at Dustin Zhou with a solemn expression.

As the president of the famous company, Enderia Shen is now under the greatest pressure.

The nine sales stores in Putuo District can be said to be the most important layout of Mingyang. Once an error occurs, it will greatly restrict the future development of Mingyang.

Therefore, there are many people staring at all the time.

Even within the famous company, there are many people staring at Putuo District


In such a short period of time, eight of the nine sales stores in Putuo District have been taken down by the enemy, which has attracted the attention of some senior executives of the company.

In the past few days, Enderia Shen has received several high-level calls, all inquiring about sales stores in Putuo District.

Enderia Shen has been procrastinating, trying to dilute everyone’s gaze.

However, with the fall of the eighth store, Enderia Shen also knew that he couldn’t hide it for long.

Even, it won’t take long for the senior executives of the company to respond and they will all find Enderia Shen’s office.

But now, Enderia Shen can only rely on Dustin Zhou.

“We can no longer pretend that we don’t know anything. I think it’s time to let people in the company know about this, so as not to cause a lot of panic when the news comes through suddenly.” Dustin Zhou meditated. For two days, there was no idle time.

In addition to waiting for news from Asher Chen, Dustin Zhou also briefly went through all the suspects and the family.

However, Dustin Zhou discovered that in the East China Sea, there was hardly any power in the East China Sea. Under such circumstances, without knowing it, they won nine sales outlets.

This is no longer a simple matter of spending several hundred million dollars. With such a large capital flow, it is impossible for the market to have no response at all.

It’s impossible for the other party to get all cash.

Besides, unless the other party had prepared so much cash long ago, it would be impossible for them to remain silent even if they recently withdrew from the bank.

“Besides, we don’t know anything about the people behind the scenes. This is our biggest shortcoming now.” “Well, let’s inform the executives of the company now and let them come to the company and tell the things in Putuo District. They.” Dustin Zhou quickly made a decision.

At this time, you can’t hide it blindly.

It is true that they can hide it for a while, but they cannot hide it for a lifetime.

Once they waited until they could not hide it, or after those company executives found out the clues themselves, things were likely to go in a direction that they did not expect.

If it really reaches that point, then things are somewhat beyond their expectations.

This is not a good thing for Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, and Mingyang.

“Well, I see, I’ll notify someone to come now.” Enderia Shen nodded seriously, and then started calling, contacting the company executives one by one.

In order to ensure the seriousness of the matter and the seriousness of those company executives, Enderia Shen personally called.

Soon, Enderia Shen finished the call.

“I have notified all the company executives who are still in the East China Sea.

Company meeting.

“Enderia Shen said solemnly. At this time, she also put away her carefree personality in front of Dustin Zhou, and became more calm. “However, I think that many other companies are probably also paying attention to the Putuo District. They will not Will make trouble from it?

“Enderia Shen suddenly thought of a problem, and once this problem occurred in her mind, she couldn’t get rid of it at all. Enderia Shen was also very worried. “Yes, those companies that have grievances with us are likely to have been staring at the reputation. The company is waiting for us to make a mistake, or a crisis, and then they will definitely stabbed in the back. This kind of thing is not difficult for them.

Dustin Zhou also began to ponder. However, for a while, he had no better way. After all, if he was just a famous company, he could still use his identity to mediate a little bit, even if he was a member of the Cosmetics Association. Companies, what he can do. However, those companies that have grievances with famous companies are not in the cosmetics industry association, and Dustin Zhou cannot restrain them at all. “So we can only investigate this matter as quickly as possible. Only by clearing it out can those people be prevented from taking action.

Dustin Zhou said seriously. The waiting time is long, especially now that the situation outside is unknown. Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen don’t even know when those people will make another move and take down the last sales store, destroying Mingyang’s business in Putuo District. Layout. Time passed by one minute and one second, and an hour was finally almost here. The executives of the famous company also arrived one after another. “Mr. Shen, Mr. Zhou, everyone is here.

“Even Sara Ye was called by Dustin Zhou to do some assistance. After making sure that all the senior executives in Donghai were present, Sara Ye said in a deep voice. Seeing so many senior executives, at this time, Gathering at the company for a meeting, and then thinking of Dustin Zhou’s tone when he called herself just now, Sara Ye’s tone was very solemn at this time, no matter how stupid, Sara Ye realized that there might be a big problem in the company.

Chapter 708

This big The problem was so serious that Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen had no way to solve the problem. They had to notify the company’s executives and let everyone work together. Thinking of this, Sara Ye became solemn and said nothing. Suddenly, the entire conference room was quiet. The atmosphere was heavy. Every executive who came here looked at each other one by one, and didn’t know why Enderia Shen suddenly called them to the company. Moreover, so many people were called over all of a sudden. Now, in the conference room, this

The number of executives who came this time accounted for 70% of the company’s executives.

This has never happened in the past.

Especially, Enderia Shen personally called them to inform them before, and Enderia Shen’s tone was also very serious, everyone realized at that time that something might have happened.

But now, the atmosphere in the office is extremely depressed, and no one speaks first.

“President Shen, did something happen?” Xu Fan, Director of the Department of Commerce, said cautiously at this time.

Regarding Gu Ming, the deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce, even if Dustin Zhou had not promoted it inside the company, Xu Fan, who was Gu Ming’s immediate boss, knew the inside story.

Before Gu Ming went to Xu Fan’s house, he wanted to ask Xu Fan to intercede in front of Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen.

It was at that time that Xu Fan knew that Gu Ming had actually offended Dustin Zhou.

You know, Dustin Zhou is in the company

The status is no less than that of Enderia Shen.

To offend Dustin Zhou is to offend Enderia Shen.

After offending the company’s first and second-largest shareholder, Xu Fan did not dare to agree to Gu Ming’s request.

But today, when Enderia Shen’s call hit Xu Fan’s phone, Xu Fan was almost fidgeting.

He thought it was Enderia Shen who wanted to hold him, the director of the commerce department, responsible for Gu Ming’s affairs.

But Enderia Shen didn’t say much on the phone, just let him rush to the company within an hour.

Xu Fan came to the company as quickly as possible with a sense of anxiety.

And when Xu Fan saw that many other executives from the company were coming, his heart was already hanging in his throat.

With so many executives here, is it possible that Xu Fan was criticized for him?

Xu Fan was in a low mood. Now that no one was speaking, he was the first to ask if he was willing to go out.

Xu Fan has thought of excuses and reasons for himself for so long.

If Enderia Shen wanted to question him about Gu Ming, Xu Fan would say that it was Gu Ming’s use of his power to seek private interests, and Xu Fan did not know it.

And if Enderia Shen weren’t asking about Gu Ming, then Xu Fan would be so happy, and he wouldn’t take the initiative to look for trouble.

And as Xu Fan took the lead to ask, all the other executives looked at Enderia Shen.

For a while, the atmosphere in the office became more solemn.

It seems that the mountains and rain are about to come and the wind is all over the building, making people a little breathless.

“Well, I brought you all here, indeed because something happened, and you have to participate in the negotiation together.” Enderia Shen nodded and said in a deep voice.

As soon as these words were said, everyone’s expressions stunned.

Especially Xu Fan, the tiger’s body was shocked, there was already a slight sweat on his forehead, and his face suddenly became paler.

He looked at Enderia Shen, his lips twitched slightly, and wanted to take the initiative to push Gu Ming’s affairs to Gu Ming before Enderia Shen asked him.

However, Xu Fan never dared to speak.

Enderia Shen glanced at the people slowly, and saw all the changes in their expressions.

Nodding slightly, Enderia Shen was somewhat satisfied with everyone’s reaction.

However, Xu Fan, who was sitting on the side, reacted a bit too much, and Enderia Shen couldn’t help but look twice.

It was these two eyes that almost didn’t make Xu Fan collapse directly to the ground.

As the director of the Ministry of Commerce, the subordinates Gu Ming can get millions of benefits from Zhang Yong alone, let alone the director of the Ministry of Commerce, the top leader.

Over the years, Xu Fan has also made a lot of money secretly.

Therefore, if Enderia Shen knows what he has done, then he

His fate will definitely not be good.

And now, in front of so many executives, Enderia Shen actually looked at Xu Fan more.

What does it mean?

What signal is this releasing?

“No, if I don’t admit it, the company will definitely be able to find it. It’s better than I admit it myself. In this way, maybe the company will look at my hard work, open the Internet and not hold me accountable.” I made up my mind. , Xu Fan was shaking his legs, and he was about to stand up and confess his corruption.

However, before he really stood up, Enderia Shen continued to say what he said.

“Everyone may already know some news. The nine sales stores of our company in Putuo District have been taken away by an unknown force so far. Now our company has only one sales store in Putuo District. The store is barely maintained.” Enderia Shen said in a deep voice that the goods arrived.

“Moreover, when this only remaining sales store will be taken away by others again, even we don’t know.” As Enderia Shen’s voice fell, the whole office suddenly boiled over.

Mingyang’s nine sales stores in Putuo District have an extraordinary effect and significance for Mingyang.

The nine sales stores represent whether the famous company can go from Donghai to the whole country and even to the world.

But now, unknowingly, someone has secretly taken away eight sales stores, and now there is only one sales store left.

Moreover, the enemy is still watching in secret, if this only remaining sales shop is also taken away by the opponent.

So, all the layout of Mingyang Company in Putuo District has fallen short.

This has a huge impact on the future of Mingyang’s layout throughout the country and the global market.

“How is this possible? Why haven’t I heard of it before?” “Yeah, President Shen, is this news reliable?” “Everyone, I have actually got some news before, but I have never dared to confirm it. Now that it is said, it must be true, and the situation has reached a very critical point.” “Xu Fan, you are the director of the Ministry of Commerce, this matter should be yours, do you have any news?” …… Many executives talked, frowning together.

The news that Enderia Shen suddenly said was so shocking to them that they couldn’t react at all.

Even those who had received a little bit of news before, those who might be prepared in their hearts were shaken after hearing the exact news from Enderia Shen.

The business department is responsible for the sales store.

When an executive’s gaze fell on Xu Fan, the gazes of others also looked at Xu Fan one after another.

Chapter 709

As the director of the Ministry of Commerce, Xu Fan

There should be more news, even Xu Fan told her what Enderia Shen said.

But Xu Fan was really dumbfounded at the moment, seeing everyone’s eyes all falling on him, he was suddenly at a loss.

Just now he was thinking that if Enderia Shen asked him, he would just admit it and forget about it, so that he might be able to make a living and have a way out.

However, Xu Fan did not expect that when he was ready to stand up and admit it, what Enderia Shen said was not his own business.

At that moment, Xu Fan felt as if he had climbed from hell to heaven all at once, and felt a panic in his heart.

As for what Enderia Shen said just now that eight stores in Putuo District were taken away from him, Xu Fan didn’t take it to heart.

Compared with my own future, those things are nothing but nothing to mention.

However, before Xu Fan was happy for a while, someone once again brought attention to him.

Seeing the eyes of everyone looking at him, Xu Fan was stunned.

He suddenly remembered that what Enderia Shen said just now has the most direct relationship with his Ministry of Commerce.

And of the nine sales stores in Putuo District, eight of them have been taken away by others… The more Xu Fan recalled what Enderia Shen said, the more frightened he was.

He thought that Enderia Shen’s words were nothing at all, as long as they had nothing to do with him.

But now, it seems that it doesn’t matter where this is, it’s obviously personal.

What is the status of the nine stores in Putuo District?

That is the top priority in the overall situation of the Mingyang company, and there must be no mistakes.

That is about Mingyang’s plan to base itself in the East China Sea, expand the entire domestic market, and finally enter the world market.

But now, Xu Fan couldn’t believe his ears at all. What did he hear?

Enderia Shen, President of Tangtang Company, said that eight of those nine sales stores have been taken away.

As for this matter, he, the director of the Ministry of Commerce, had no idea. At this time, it was the first time he heard such news.

If it hadn’t been for Enderia Shen to convene so many executives to discuss matters, Xu Fan would not have known this event.

Xu Fan’s face was full of confusion. He wanted to say something, but when the words came to his lips, he didn’t know what to say.

What can he say?

He didn’t even know the whole situation.

When Enderia Shen explained the situation just now, Xu Fan was not listening at all.

Suddenly, Xu Fan felt that his voice was very dry, as if there was a fire burning inside.

With inquiring eyes, Xu Fan felt as if he was standing in the middle of the fire, being scorched by the fire, his back suddenly sweated, his face pale, and his body trembling slightly… “Xu Fan, what’s wrong with you?”

Seeing something wrong with Xu Fan, someone asked softly.

I just asked him about the situation, how could it make it seem like a serious illness, it would be dysfunctional.

“Yeah, Xu Fan, are you okay?” “Yes, I didn’t see you sick before. We just asked about the situation and talked about it quickly. Otherwise, if we let those people’s hands, then we are in Putuo District. The layout, but all failed.” “Yes, Xu Fan, don’t grind, just say it.” … Everyone kept urging.

At this time, even if Xu Fan is the director of the commerce department and one of the top executives of a well-known company, even if he seems to be seriously ill, he is going to die.

However, in the face of the overall interests of the famous company, those are nothing at all.

As long as Xu Fan reports what he understands to everyone, even if he is really ill and is about to die, the company also has a corresponding protection mechanism, which will not cause Xu Fan to worry too much.

“Xu Fan?” Enderia Shen also looked at Xu Fan.

As the boss of the Ministry of Commerce, he should be very clear about the situation of all the sales stores in Donghai City. After all, this is his job.

But now, when other executives asked, Xu Fan couldn’t speak, and he was in a strange state.

This can’t help but make Enderia Shen look slightly, a little surprised.

You know, Enderia Shen told Dustin Zhou before that some of the company’s executives may already know something. The company executive in this sentence is talking about Xu Fan.

But now it seems that Xu Fan doesn’t know.

“Mr. Shen, I don’t know, this matter, I…” Xu Fan hesitated and found that it was impossible to avoid him, only to truthfully explain.

In an instant, the entire office was silent.

Everyone stared at Xu Fan in surprise.

What a joke.

You Xu Fan, as the dignified director of the Department of Commerce, didn’t even know such news.

You know, this is Xu Fan’s job.

“Xu Fan, you don’t know? What are you kidding?” “That’s right, Xu Fan, this is your job. Now you tell us that you don’t know?” “Xu Fan, what did you do? You director of the Department of Commerce, I don’t think you should do it.

“… Everyone came back to their senses, and was furious, and one after another accused Xu Fan. The current situation, for everyone, can be said to be a huge challenge and a heavy pressure. If they handle it well, then This time Mingyang Company can not only overcome this crisis, but also one step closer. However, if they do not handle well and ask the other party to take down the only remaining sales point in Putuo District, it will be difficult for Mingyang Company Putuo District enters the market again. This is a huge obstacle to the future development of Mingyang Company. And now, Xu Fan has become a catharsis for everyone to vent their pressure. Xu Fan’s face is white and red, ashamed, but even more If there are too many, it is angry. He is the director of the commerce department, how can he know the situation of every sales store. It is not all the people below who are working, and he will come forward when something goes wrong. However, Xu Fan knows, At this time, I can’t refute, otherwise, someone will hold on to this question, and more questions will be involved. At that time, Xu Fan will really be unable to advance or retreat. “President Shen, since Xu Fandu I don’t know, I think he should just be removed from the position of director of the commerce department. He is no longer suitable for this position.

“Suddenly, an executive vice president of the company said in a cold voice. This executive vice president only joined the company six months ago. To be precise, Enderia Shen personally recruited. Chang Hao, graduated from Ivy League University in the United States and worked in the United States for ten years. In 1991, I returned to China and had experience in managing a first-class cosmetics company. Later, because of disagreement with the company’s chairman, he ran away in anger. This was picked up by Enderia Shen.

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