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Chapter 1181

Dustin Zhou still let go of the three Huang Mao brothers.

There is no special reason. Now Dustin Zhou’s level is too high and too high. He really doesn’t bother to care about people like Brother Huang Mao.

What is there to care about?

A group of people who are too weak to be weaker. Although their hearts are not good, keeping them is a scourge to society, but aren’t there many such people in this world?

The world is made up like this. Existence is reasonable. Dustin Zhou can’t get rid of all the bad guys.

Even if he can clean up all the bad guys, new bad guys will be born.

So when the three brothers Huang Mao didn’t cause any real harm to him, he let them go.

“Old gentleman, thank you.” Dustin Zhou said to Wu Xingsun again after driving away the three Huang Mao brothers, “Is there anything I can help you?” You don’t need to report a grudge, because Dustin Zhou didn’t take it seriously.

But the grace of dripping water should be repaid by the spring.

Wu Xingsun rescued Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen, and one night, with the pressure brought by the three brothers Huang Mao, he saved Enderia Shen’s life.

For Dustin Zhou, this is a great kindness.

So he is very interested in repaying Wuxing Sun.

But Wu Xingsun waved his hand and said, “It’s not necessary. I save you, and it’s not to let you repay you.” “However, I have a small question to ask you. If it is convenient for you, please tell me this. Old man, okay?” “Question? What problem do you say.” Dustin Zhou said very politely.

But he was also a little curious, what questions could the old man ask himself.

“Are you a human?” Wu Xingsun asked weakly.

Dustin Zhou’s heart was shocked.

What the hell?

Is this old man really just an ordinary doctor?

No, this old man is an ordinary doctor. That’s right, his breath is quite normal, without the slightest fluctuation of true Qi.

Dustin Zhou would not consider Wu Xingsun’s strength to be too strong, so he couldn’t see through it.

There can be no one in this world stronger than his strength.

But what is going on?

How could Wu Xingsun such an ordinary old man ask such a shocking question.

Could it be that he saw it at a glance, that he had the power of the entire metaphysical civilization?

From a certain conceptual point of view, Dustin Zhou is indeed not a normal human being.

Because he was once the incarnation of metaphysical civilization.

In fact, until now, the incarnation of metaphysical civilization is still sleeping in Dustin Zhou’s body, but it hasn’t awakened.

But these things, shouldn’t be an ordinary old man like Wu Xingsun, a barefoot doctor in the country should know!

“What do you mean by this?” Dustin Zhou asked tentatively.

“How to say… breath, let’s call it that for the time being, I think it should be breath, which is what you just let the three brothers Huangmao release.” Wu Xingsun said, “There is a high priest in our village, and he also has that breath. , But according to what he said, it was the power that the gods bestowed on him. Only gods possess this power.” “You are obviously not priests, are you the incarnation of gods?” Wu Xingsun asked cautiously.

This time Dustin Zhou understood it.

It turned out that there was also a practitioner in this small village.

Interestingly, this cultivator did not know where he came from. It should be in this isolated place. He hadn’t heard of the martial arts convening order outside, so he did not participate in the martial arts coalition.

Dustin Zhou suddenly thought of a question. Under such circumstances, if Heaven really triumphed and he failed, would the metaphysical civilization be considered extinct?

In this world, how many high priests who hold metaphysical civilization are still alive?

But Dustin Zhou quickly rejected this idea. If he really fails, the metaphysical civilization must be completely destroyed.

Regardless of whether the incarnation of the heavens will find the high priest to chase down so far, just talk about the high priest himself, he is called a priest, and claims that all power is bestowed by the gods. This shows that it is a pit and abduction!

It is impossible for a person like him to spread metaphysical civilization, he will only take it as his own, use his power to enjoy his life, and then bring it into the coffin when he dies.

Maybe if he has children, he will pass the cultivation technique to his children, but as long as he does not accept disciples and spread this civilization, sooner or later this civilization will be extinct.


Dustin Zhou shook his head, “I am not that thing, and I hate it.


Don’t talk nonsense, boy!

“After hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Wu Xingsun immediately covered his mouth, and looked around excitedly, as if afraid that others would hear what Dustin Zhou said, “You can’t talk nonsense!

“Disrespect to gods, that’s a big sin!”

“Because of being isolated from the world, this small village is basically not under the jurisdiction of the court, and no people come to this village as soon as possible. The public order in this village, all group social behaviors, are basically organized by themselves. And Their highest speaker is the high priest who can represent the gods. In the words of the high priest, he is the spokesperson of the gods. This village is governed by a mountain god. All people must sincerely respect the mountain god. Of course, it is enough to show respect to his high priest. And disrespect to the gods, that is to say disrespect to the high priest, is the most serious sin in this village! “What else?

Dustin Zhou frowned, “Old man, don’t you believe in that stuff too?”

Wu Xingsun scratched his head, “Actually, I have always been skeptical about this kind of thing, but I dare not say this!”

“If you say this, it will be a sin of immersion in the pig cage!”

“It’s really a serious punishment to immerse in a pig cage,” Dustin Zhou said with a sneer, “Believe me, that high priest is a liar, and there is no such thing as a god.”

“Hurt, boy, just talk about that in front of me, don’t say it when you go out.”

“Wu Xingsun sighed, “After I saw you today, I believed all of what you said, and it verified my previous thoughts.”

“But, I will forget all of these words, and let him rot in my stomach. In fact, there is some truth. Even if you read it and open it, no matter how much you understand, it is meaningless.

“You can’t help it!”

Wu Xingsun deserves to be an old man with a high profile. He knows the rules of survival in the secular world well. However, is this kind of thinking really right? Dustin Zhou has some doubts that this kind of thinking can indeed protect himself. Living peacefully, but what is the meaning of living like this? Before Dustin Zhou got too entangled, a gloomy voice suddenly sounded next to him. “Defile the gods!


Chapter 1182

Dustin Zhou turned around and found a group of people, Wuyang Wuyang. The leader was a mysterious man in a black cloak. What mysterious pattern is on the cloak? Needless to say, Dustin Zhou also guessed, what kind of mysterious high priest this kid’s eight accomplishments


And behind the high priest are the three brothers Huang Mao, and then the simple villagers.

The villagers are very simple, not only can be seen from the clothing, but their eyes are also very clean.

There was panic, curiosity, awe, and anxiety in Dustin Zhou’s eyes.

Obviously, they are curious about what kind of person Dustin Zhou is, but they feel uneasy and apprehensive when they hear what Dustin Zhou said.

In fact, if such a large group of people came to this neighborhood, it would be impossible to say that Dustin Zhou did not notice.

He had been aware of it a long time ago, and to a large extent, these words of his, that is to say, were for these people to listen to.

What a sh*t god, he is obviously a god-stick liar, Dustin Zhou naturally sees such a person not pleasing to his eyes.

It’s a matter of course.

“Why? Have you defiled the gods of your house?” Dustin Zhou turned his head and looked at the high priest with playful eyes.

It’s really interesting. Wearing a black cloak on a hot day, this buddy is afraid that he will not have heat stroke?

“What exactly does your god look like? Would you like to pull it out and show it to everyone?” Dustin Zhou continued.

Such things as gods are really shameless talk. Dustin Zhou, who has experienced everything, is the most qualified to say this.

What mankind should believe in most is mankind itself.

Especially for this high priest, Dustin Zhou knew that this guy himself did not believe in gods. The reason why he played a trick in this stockade was simply to satisfy his own requirements.

In order to consolidate one’s position, in order to make people willingly surrender, in order to pretend to be a good-looking appearance, I deliberately confuse people and say such things.

If he just relies on his own strength to force others to surrender, then after a long time, everyone will definitely be dissatisfied and find ways to retaliate against him.

But he made everyone surrender in the name of a god, and everyone would have nothing to say, and there would be no dissatisfaction.

Therefore, for the high priest, the name of the gods must be upheld.

“Boy, you have defiled the gods, you are already a deadly sin, don’t you know, you still dare to speak up until now, do you really think that the gods can’t show off?” “Then you let the gods of your family show off their prestige? ,” Dustin Zhou said speechlessly, “Yes, I think your god is rubbish, and I just said it so openly, if he is upset, you can let him stand up and slap me twice.” What are you doing?” The high priest stared at Dustin Zhou gloomily for a while.

He couldn’t figure out Dustin Zhou’s details.

To be honest, the reason why he came here is because the three brothers Huang Mao have sued him, saying that Dustin Zhou is also

It can exude the breath of ghosts and ghosts, causing the three brothers to kneel down inexplicably.

This high priest understood immediately, Dustin Zhou was afraid that he was a practitioner!

But he couldn’t figure out Dustin Zhou’s specific realm, so he didn’t dare to act rashly for a while.

At this time, the three yellow-haired brothers at the back spoke again, “Boy, you don’t need to be arrogant!” “Your little scum wants to make the gods powerful, but it’s okay, my high priest is enough to hang you. That’s it!” “The high priest is the spokesperson of the gods!” “Yes, yes, just wait for your death. You don’t need a little scum like you to do it yourself!” Dustin Zhou’s eyes were slightly cold, and his momentum spread slightly. , Looked at the high priest, “Oh? Is that so?” “You are the spokesperson of the gods? Can you hang me?” Feeling the terrifying pressure on Dustin Zhou’s body, the old face under the high priest’s cloak suddenly changed.

Although Dustin Zhou’s aura only spread slightly, but the high priest has already felt it, this coercion has been stronger than him by a thousand times!

This guy is strong!

The high priest instantly understood that Dustin Zhou was definitely not something he could deal with.

He is now a martial artist, and he thought that there are few rivals in the world. After all, in the entire East, there are only more than 10,000 martial arts masters, and there are only a few dozen martial arts emperors.

He has been hiding in such a deep mountain and old forest, how likely is it that he can still meet the Martial Master or the Martial Emperor?

But I didn’t expect that he would really touch him today!

Dustin Zhou is a lively emperor of warriors!

Zhan is definitely not an opponent, the high priest’s heart quickly calculated, but if he were to abandon the position of high priest so easily, he would be very unwilling.

So after thinking for a while, he took a step back quietly, disappeared into the crowd behind, and said in a low voice, “This guy disobeys the gods, take it for me!” “Go to death! I just After receiving the god’s will, it’s time for you to show it!” “The god has blessed you for decades, and it is time for you to repay the god. The guy in front of you is very strong. He is the incarnation of a demon, so you may be You can’t beat him, but don’t be afraid!” “The gods will protect you, you just need to rush forward!” As the high priest said, he retreated, and finally retreated behind the villagers.

This guy is really shameless enough, knowing that he can’t beat him, he even coaxed the villagers to come up and fight Dustin Zhou!

Because he was also betting, of course he knew that even these villagers would not be able to touch Dustin Zhou’s clothes, but he felt that Dustin Zhou was not an innocent person.


Killing hundreds of villagers without blinking, almost no one can do it, so if all these villagers desperately attack Dustin Zhou, it will definitely be a trouble for Dustin Zhou.

After hearing the words of the high priest, the villagers also hesitated a little.

But in the end, under the leadership of the three brothers Huang Mao, they rushed towards Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou’s mind moved slightly, and he wanted to suppress these villagers, but at this time, the Wu Xing grandson on one side nervously pulled Dustin Zhou’s clothes.

Dustin Zhou felt softer.

Suppress these villagers because he didn’t bother to pay attention to them. Suppression is the cleanest solution.

But he suddenly thought of Wu Xingsun, who was Dustin Zhou’s benefactor and also a member of the village.

Dustin Zhou knew that if he considered repaying Wu Xing’s grandson, the best action now was not to suppress these villagers, but to help them escape the control of the high priest.

It’s not that they killed the high priest directly, but tried to make them understand that the high priest was a liar, and executed the high priest.

Chapter 1183

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou just wanted to use the coercion, and immediately took it back.

He let the villagers rush over, and then raised his hands with Enderia Shen.

“Well, now we have given up, how do you want to punish us?” Dustin Zhou asked when he looked around.

The villagers did not answer, because in fact they are not very good at punishing people.

The villagers didn’t even hurt Dustin Zhou, they turned to look at the high priest.

At this time, the high priest came over with a sneer, “Jie Jie, I really didn’t expect that you would give up so easily.” “Because I am not like you, and don’t take the lives of ordinary people as life!” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

“You fart!” The high priest’s tone was a little excited, “All my practices are the will of the gods!” “Really?” Dustin Zhou raised his eyebrows, “Didn’t you say that I am the incarnation of a demon? I haven’t hurt any villagers yet.” “Hmph, you are just pretending, don’t think I don’t know!” said the high priest, “In order to prevent you from escaping, I will tie you up with ropes now, don’t struggle.” Dustin Zhou shrugged his shoulders indifferently. How could something like a rope lock him?

Don’t talk about him, even if it is a general master of warrior, the emperor of warrior, it can not be restrained by ordinary ropes.

But it must be admitted that this high priest has something.

He brought ropes and some wooden shackles.

The ropes only symbolically bound Dustin Zhou, the most important thing is the wooden shackles.

There were spikes on the shackles, which just pierced into certain acupoints in Dustin Zhou’s body.

These acupoints can block and suppress the true energy of the practitioner, forcibly suppressing Dustin Zhou into an ordinary person.

There was something. Dustin Zhou moved his body comfortably. In theory, this shackle could indeed suppress practitioners into ordinary people.

But you also have to look at the level of practitioners.

It is estimated that the ordinary warrior emperor is a bit hard to suppress, not to mention the level of the immortal master who understands the laws of heaven and earth.

It is estimated that this high priest has not come into contact with a practitioner of the immortal master level, so he feels that his wooden shackles can be invincible in the world.

But if this thing is placed on Dustin Zhou’s body, it has the same meaning as tickling it. It is like putting a plastic shell around the neck. Apart from being a bit awkward, it has no effect.

“Hmph, I see how you can resist now!” The high priest snorted triumphantly.

Dustin Zhou shrugged his shoulders, saying that he had nothing to say.

Sometimes showing weakness is actually just a way to make the other party show the ugly side.

“Then what do you do with me?” Dustin Zhou asked.

“You…” The high priest stared at Dustin Zhou for a while, as if he was thinking, thinking, and then said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, unless you become my lackey in the future, you will definitely die miserably! “But, for a person like you, I also know that you are better than me, so even if you want to be my running dog, I have to consider whether to accept you.” After speaking, the high priest was gloomy again. Laughed.

Dustin Zhou did not speak, the high priest quietly put a middle finger at him, then stepped back again, and stepped back into the crowd and said loudly, “It is clear that this man is not the incarnation of a demon, he is just tortured and possessed!” “And the real demons are on this woman,” the high priest pointed at Enderia Shen, “Bring this woman to my room, and let me consecrate her and drive away evil spirits!” Consecration?


I am afraid that no one does not know what these two sentences mean.

Dustin Zhou’s eyes became cold.

If this group of people dared to catch Enderia Shen’s attention, then he would probably not follow the procedure.

The suppression of the suppression, the lesson of the lesson.

Just kidding, go through the program, let the high priest expose his identity first, and let these villagers understand the truth of the matter. To put it bluntly, it was because Dustin Zhou was kind.

But if Enderia Shen would be hurt because of his kindness, then he would abandon his kindness.

“Hey, I said, don’t you understand what the high priest means?” Dustin Zhou said coldly, “Is it expelling evil spirits to bring my friend to his room?” “He did something like this, You have to help him?

“The high priest did not do it himself. He has retired and asked these villagers to arrest Enderia Shen. What Dustin Zhou said was exactly to these villagers. “Young man, if you want to say this, why not?” No wonder the high priest, this is our custom here.

“Wu Xingsun said. Everyone knows what the high priest is going to do to bring Enderia Shen into the room, but they are not disgusted. In fact, in this tribal village, there has always been a custom, and they have been for thousands of years. , And have always believed in gods. It’s just that the high priests of the previous generations didn’t do anything and couldn’t make the gods obvious. Even in that case, people believe in gods. One of the most important customs is to be After a woman in the village is possessed by an evil demon, she needs the high priest, someone who can communicate with the gods, to consecrate the woman to exorcise evil. This has been a custom that has been passed down for thousands of years. Especially the high priest of this generation The power is extraordinary, it can do many things that ordinary people can’t do, and even can really make gods appear, so most of the villagers are almost fanatical about the belief of this high priest. This high priest became the second in this village. For more than ten years, in the past twenty years, there have been countless women who have been exorcised by him, and they are all young and beautiful women in the village with good figures. It is strange to say that beautiful women are prone to evil… In short, the high priest claimed that all those women had been possessed by evil spirits, and that some things that ordinary people could not explain did happen to those women’s homes or bodies. But after being driven away by the high priest, those women really recovered. It’s normal. It’s just that some very beautiful women will be possessed again every few days, and then they will be exorcised again. In short, every exorcism is useful. Most of the villagers believe in this. Doubt. So let the high priest exorcise the evil spirits of Shen Bi, they all thought it was very necessary. So a few brawny young men really walked towards Shen Bi. At this time, Shen Bi finally showed a horrified look. Look at Dustin Zhou. She can’t explain her most precious things in such a place! Especially to that disgusting high priest, how can it be impossible! Dustin Zhou said hurriedly, “Stop!

“I don’t have to object to your customs, but what I want to say is that the high priest here is fake!”

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