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Chapter 773

Everyone sat down, and the atmosphere suddenly became lively.

“Bingyue, come and try this to see if your mother’s craftsmanship is good or not to your taste.” Zhou Mu had a lot of dishes for Shui Bingyue, and almost filled Shui Bingyue’s bowl, but Zhou Mu thought that she hadn’t seen each other, and she kept adding vegetables to Shui Bingyue’s bowl, as if she was about to infuse Shui Bingyue’s affection for decades.

And Shui Bingyue is also very helpless. Although Zhou’s mother’s dishes are very delicious and she has a great appetite for her, but she is a girl after all, with such a big appetite. Looking at the big bowl of food, Shui Bingyue has some Crying without tears, he quickly looked at Dustin Zhou and cast his eyes for help.

Dustin Zhou naturally saw Shui Bingyue’s eyes asking for help, but he ignored it.

After all, this is Zhou Mu’s love for you, just take it well.

After eating a meal for nearly an hour, Shui Bingyue felt that her stomach was about to burst.

“Mom, I really can’t eat it anymore.” Shui Bingyue whispered, pitifully.

“Okay. If you’re full, don’t eat it.” Mother Zhou naturally knew that Shui Bingyue had eaten a lot, even more than one person would normally eat.

She has an appetite, but just now she couldn’t control herself for a while, so she wanted to add vegetables to Shui Bingyue. Thinking about it now, she also felt a little bad.

After Dustin Zhou finished eating, he went straight back to his room.

Everyone downstairs was pulling Shui Bingyue to chat, but Dustin Zhou couldn’t speak.

Holding the jade in his hand, Dustin Zhou looked thoughtful.

Although Shui Bingyue said that the fast jade was a proof of entry and exit from the small world, and she could accompany herself into the small world, Dustin Zhou still had a trace of doubt in this unknown so-called small world.

If there is such a small world, why has he never heard of it before, and even, in the past so many years, no one has ever recorded any words.

Moreover, without anyone else knowing, the Xu family would know that someone specially sent someone to take this jade from me. How did they know?

Or is there someone in Xu’s family who owns this jade and knows the existence of a small world?

Dustin Zhou didn’t know, his heart was in a mess.

Although Xu You and the group were taken down by himself, this does not mean that they are all right.

On the contrary, in the next period of time, Dustin Zhou will need to be more careful.

Because the Xu family didn’t know when they would suddenly find that Xu You and the others were nowhere to be seen, or when the Xu family would send people out again, how many people they would send, and what strength they would send. All of these were unknown to Dustin Zhou.

Especially the current situation is that Dustin Zhou is standing in the bright spot, and the Xu family is standing in the dark, taking advantage.

“Unless I have the ability to protect myself, or I have enough martial masters.” But the idea is good, where is the martial master so easy to find.

So far, the only martial masters Dustin Zhou can borrow are Niu Chuan and Pao Ge.

Niu Chuan is nothing, after all, he is his own.

But Brother Pao is from Lord Tiger after all. If Brother Pao is troubled every time, then Dustin Zhou will owe a very large favor.

However, it is very difficult to repay such favors.

No words for a night.

The next day, before Dustin Zhou got up, Shui Bingyue entered the room.

“What are you doing in here?” Dustin Zhou was a little surprised. Shui Bingyue didn’t go back yesterday?

But when he thought of holding the jade, he fell asleep thinking about things. He didn’t know how his mother arranged Shui Bingyue last night, so he was relieved.

But it was early in the morning. Men have certain physical characteristics, and Shui Bingyue is still a beauty. It is really inappropriate to walk into a man’s room like this.

“Hmph, you still get up? Don’t you worry about those people from the Xu family coming over to make trouble for you again?” Shui Bingyue said with a light smile.

“Or, do you plan to hand over this jade?” When Shui Bingyue said this, Dustin Zhou thought

Suddenly there was a feeling that Shui Bingyue might be able to help him cope with this matter.

“Do you have any idea?” Dustin Zhou asked quickly, his face full of expectation.

“Hmph, I have a way, I naturally have it, but you get up first, I’ll talk to you later.” Shui Bingyue watched Dustin Zhou shrunk in the bed and said angrily.

After Shui Bingyue left the room, Dustin Zhou hurriedly washed again, went downstairs and came to Shui Bingyue.

“Quickly talk about it, what’s a good way?” “Huh, the point is your jade, now you don’t have enough strength and deterrence, so the people in the Xu family want to take away the jade from you.” Whether their Xu family has the same jade, I don’t know, but I guess they do, otherwise they would not know the function of this jade, and they would not send someone to snatch this jade.” Shui Bingyue took out herself Of jade, placed on the table.

“Now you don’t know how determined the Xu family is. Does the Xu family really know the role of this jade.” “There are two possibilities. The first is that the Xu family just said something from hearsay and knew this jade. It has a great effect, and as you said, the Xu family thinks this piece of jade is a proof of a secret realm, so it means that the Xu family may know the existence of the small world, but it is not so clear.” “The second kind, That is, the Xu family must know the existence of the small world, and even the Xu family itself has such a jade, which has been able to allow one person to enter and leave the small world freely. Now they want to get a second jade so that the Xu family can have a second person freedom. In and out of the small world.” “And in these two situations, the Xu family’s next reaction is completely different.” Shui Bingyue analyzed one by one, very serious.

“But I don’t know if the Xu family knows the existence of the small world. I can’t rely on guessing. If this thing is guessed wrong, it will be me.” Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly.

Although Shui Bingyue’s analysis is very reasonable, it is not so applicable.

At least, when placed on Dustin Zhou, it is not that effective.

Leaving aside other things, Dustin Zhou had already taken Xu You and the others, and interrogated them, and learned a few things about the family from Xu Fei.

It can be said that Dustin Zhou has already slapped the Xu family in the face.

As long as the Xu family has the dignity and face of being a hidden family, they will definitely come back with revenge in order to maintain their Xu family’s face and status.

Otherwise, if Dustin Zhou slapped him in the face today, then tomorrow, will there be a Li Yang and Chen Yang will come to slap Xu’s face in the face?

Then the Xu family should not mix in the hidden family.

“Hehe, what is that? The Xu family is like that, saying it is a hidden family, but after so many years of development, it has long been broken

It was defeated, but with the name of a hidden family, the strength was not as good as some first-class families.

“What’s more, more than 20 years ago, the Xu family had a shocking change. At that time, the Xu family’s strength dropped a lot.

Shui Bingyue smiled faintly, as if I knew the Xu family well.

Chapter 774

Shui Bingyue’s words surprised Dustin Zhou. The Xu family has appeared before. Due to the changes, the current strength is far worse than before, and even compared with some top first-class families, there is not much advantage? Dustin Zhou never knew about these things before. Even when he interrogated Xu You and Xu Fei before, he never I haven’t heard them say it before. Could it be that they concealed themselves? Dustin Zhou was not sure, but he believed that Shui Bingyue would not say this for no reason, let alone say such things to reassure himself. Shui Bing Yue will not lie to herself. This is Dustin Zhou’s first thought. “How?

You don’t know what you look like, right?

If you really treat the Xu family as a hidden family, then even if you are doing your best now to take out all the power you can use, it is impossible to fight the Xu family recklessly, because then, You have no chance of winning.

Shui Bingyue chuckled, and then her face became serious. “The so-called hidden family, I don’t know what you know, but if it is the same as those outside, then you might want to eat a big deficit.

Shui Bingyue is extremely serious, and there is no trace of immature on her face. “How to say?”

“At this time, Dustin Zhou also became serious. Others didn’t know much about the hidden family, even if the Tiger and Pao brothers knew about the hidden family. When Dustin Zhou asked them about something about the hidden family, They also have no way to introduce the details. However, just a few words about Shui Bingyue seem to show that she has a very deep understanding of the hidden family. At least, Shui Bingyue, who came from a behemoth like the Zhou family in the capital, knows some things about the hidden family. It’s not that difficult. “Hidden Family, what is Hidden Family?

When most people hear this name, they think that the Hidden Family is a big family that has been hidden from the world for hundreds of years, or even longer, with unparalleled strength.

“These cognitions are correct, but if there are only these cognitions about the hidden family, then it is very wrong.

“Yes, the hidden family, you can think of something just by listening to this name, and it is true that most of the hidden families have been hidden for hundreds of years, and there are even large families with thousands of years, hundreds or even thousands of years. , His roots and powers are everywhere, it can be said that as long as

Where you can see, they don’t exist.

“Shui Bingyue said here, the expression on her face became very serious, it seems that the hidden family is also a behemoth that is difficult to deal with in her eyes. “And this is not the most intimidating of the hidden family.

” “what is that?

Dustin Zhou frowned and asked. Although he had a preliminary imagination about the strength of the Hidden Family, he was still deeply surprised when Shui Bingyue said this. “The Hidden Family is the most lethal. What is feared in life is their powerful defense by force. From ancient times to the present, some big families and big gate lords have never been the only heirs to poetry and books. The use of force to protect the safety of the family is also what they tried to deploy.

“Although it is now a modern society, it is very different from the ancient times, but in essence, there are still many similarities. At least, those hidden families have completely inherited the ancient gate lords in terms of military defense. way of doing.

“Don’t say anything else, just say that the Xu family you are encountering now, if the Xu family did not change in the past, the number of martial masters in their family will definitely not be less than thirty!

And this is only on the surface, secretly, how many immortal Xu family has, how many worships, will not let others know.

Shui Bingyue said seriously, looking at Dustin Zhou with solemn eyes. There are no less than thirty martial masters. What kind of concept is this? Shui Bingyue has a faint feeling in her heart. However, this is for Dustin Zhou. In other words, it is tantamount to a thunderbolt. Besides, there was only one Niu Chuan by his side who was a martial master, so he could do that in Hunan Province. Fighting with the five great families is easy. And Dustin Zhou is absolutely extinct. I think it’s just because of my identity, and more importantly, I’m afraid it’s the shock of a martial master like Niu Chuan. Otherwise, he will abolish Jiangbei of the Jiang family, and the Jiang family will never give up. At least, the Jiang family has made several shots. If it weren’t for the presence of Niu Chuan, Dustin Zhou wouldn’t be able to guarantee that he could retreat all over. Think about it, one martial master can keep Dustin Zhou safe and sound in Hunan province. What about thirty martial masters? Can the five great masters be razed? The family? You know, when Dustin Zhou was in Hunan province, Dustin Zhou knew clearly that the old man next to Zhang Taiyan, the old man of the Zhang family. It was Niu Chuan who felt the other person’s body.

Breath, told Dustin Zhou.

Otherwise, Dustin Zhou had no idea that the old man who was about to die of wood would turn out to be a martial master.

For a first-class family like the Zhang family, let alone how many masters there are secretly, there is only one martial master on the surface.

And the Xu family had no less than 30 50% off head office before the incident happened.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t imagine what a huge force it was.

If there are still so many martial masters in the Xu family now, then Dustin Zhou would have no confidence to stand on the opposite side of the Xu family.

“What about the Xu family now?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

If the Xu family still has so many martial masters, then Dustin Zhou may need to change his mind.

However, if the Xu family now has no more than twenty martial masters, as Xu Fei said, then Dustin Zhou is not without any solution.

“Mom now, there are almost twelve or three. Of course, this is all on the surface, secretly, no one knows except for the head of the Xu family.” Shui Bingyue said with a light smile.

Just now Dustin Zhou’s face changed, Shui Bingyue naturally saw it, and she could also understand Dustin Zhou’s current mood.

In other words, when he heard that there were so many martial masters in his enemy family, I was afraid that he would panic.

Even when Shui Bingyue knew that there were so many martial masters in the Xu family for the first time, she was taken aback.

“Twelve or three, although there are not many, it is obviously also a very powerful force. If they are all deployed, with my current ability, I can’t resist it at all.” “However, I think the Xu family will not be easily deployed. Many martial masters, right?” Dustin Zhou looked at Shui Bingyue and asked softly.

“Of course, although the Xu family may still have a lot of martial arts masters secretly, it is naturally impossible for these dozens of martial arts masters to be dispatched all at once, unless it has a major bearing on the life and death of the family.

Chapter 775

“Under normal circumstances, at most three martial masters will be sent.

“According to the situation this time, the first martial master sent by the Xu family has already been planted, so next time they are likely to send three martial masters at once.

Shui Bingyue put his chin in one hand and said softly. “Are you three martial masters?”

“Dustin Zhou whispered softly. If there are really only three martial masters, then he is not unacceptable. Besides, there is a martial master in Niuchuan beside him, and he can also borrow Brother Cannon from Tiger Lord. In addition, there is also a martial master in the Mountain Mist Club. Besides, Asher Chen’s true strength is a martial master.

“However, you said that something happened to the Xu family before, what exactly is the change? Did any other hidden family act on the Xu family?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

He was very curious. He didn’t know what happened to a hidden family like the Xu family. You must know that there were thirty martial masters in the Xu family before.

Such a powerful strength was beyond Dustin Zhou’s imagination.

Unless it is another hidden family like the Xu family, the two tigers must be injured when they fight.

“It’s not the other people’s hands, but the internal fighting of the Xu family!” Shui Bingyue shook her head and said lightly.

“Internal fighting?” Dustin Zhou was a little surprised at this moment. He didn’t expect that infighting would happen in families like the Xu family.

And he also played a very important role in the Su family’s internal fighting, so Dustin Zhou naturally knew what was going on in the family’s internal fighting.

However, as soon as Dustin Zhou’s mind turned, he thought of what Shui Bingyue said just now that before the accident happened, there were thirty martial masters in the family.

But after the accident, there were only twelve or three martial masters on the family’s face.

And the master of the martial artist, it is impossible to die like this easily, is it because the two fighting parties are their own homes.

The Xu family is separated?

“Well, it is indeed an infighting. As for the specific reasons for the infighting, I am not very clear about it, but it is roughly the same as the general family. It was caused by a power struggle.” “That time the infighting caused a very serious impact on the Xu family. The Xu family has not recovered its vitality until now. The current Patriarch of the Xu family was the one who won the internal struggle at that time. The defeated side took away half of the martial master who supported him. Where is he now? No one knows.” Shui Bingyue said slowly, slowly unfolding a complicated picture of the family’s infighting for Dustin Zhou, which caused Dustin Zhou to be astonished for a while and did not react.

“So, this time it is aimed at you and wants to take away that piece of jade from you. It should be the current Xu family main line.” Jing!

Shui Bingyue finished speaking and looked at Dustin Zhou quietly, she wanted to see how Dustin Zhou would react.

Dustin Zhou was also silent.

He was digesting what Shui Bingyue said just now.

The Xu family fought internally, their strength was greatly reduced, and they were divided into two factions. One faction was the main line, which was aimed at themselves this time and wanted to take the jade from themselves. The other faction, the loser of the year, is now disappearing and disappears.

A dignified hidden family, just because of an internal fight, it fell apart.

“However, the Xu family’s strength has been greatly reduced due to this internal fight. It stands to reason that they should be more eager to get this jade, so it is possible that they will send more martial masters next time instead of just three. .”

Dustin Zhou suddenly thought of a question, which was very practical.

After the accident, the strength of the Xu family has plummeted, and it is likely to be a very big gap with other hidden families.

Under such circumstances, since the Xu family may know the existence of the small world and also know that the jade on Dustin Zhou’s body is the key to the small world, they should pay more attention to it.

If it is said that Xu You was sent to test for the first time, then next time, the Xu family is likely to increase the weight.

In Dustin Zhou’s view, the three martial masters Shui Bingyue said were all a little less.

Maybe the Xu family would send more than half of the martial masters, determined to take away the jade from Dustin Zhou in one fell swoop.

“So, what are you going to do?” Shui Bingyue asked back.

“If you are talking about the three martial masters, I am not completely helpless, but once there are more than three, or even five, six, or seven martial masters, then I really can do nothing at all. No, unless…” Dustin Zhou shook his head, a little bit depressed, but he didn’t continue speaking after only half of his words, but slowly raised his head and looked at Shui Bingyue.

It is true that he has nothing to do, but the person in front of him may not have it.

In any case, Shui Bingyue is also the eldest of the Zhou family in Beijing. If Shui Bingyue has a request, will the Zhou family send one or two martial masters to protect her?

This kind of thought just emerged in Dustin Zhou’s mind, and it immediately grew into a towering tree, out of control.

The more Dustin Zhou thinks this way, the more it feels feasible.

“What do you keep looking at me like this?” Dustin Zhou stared at Shui Bingyue, panicking in her heart.

Although they were half-brothers and sisters, Shui Bingyue had only met Dustin Zhou for a day after all. Shui Bingyue didn’t really know Dustin Zhou very well. I don’t know if Dustin Zhou has any bad ideas.

After all, so many women at home yesterday gave Shui Bingyue a very bad sense.

Dustin Zhou was young, and his family was surrounded by several women, and whether it was the president Gao Leng, the sister next door, or the big star loli, there were all types.

If Dustin Zhou is not psychopathic, why are there so many women in the family?

Moreover, Shui Bingyue knew that Dustin Zhou had been in her parents and had a genuine wife, and it seemed to be Mira Xie who was here yesterday.

But watching Mira Xie get along with other women, she seemed to be completely indifferent, and Shui Bingyue’s psychology was also a little upset for Dustin Zhou.

“Hehe, didn’t you say that you want to be my sister yesterday? Now that the younger brother is in trouble, don’t you mean that you are the sister?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

“What do you mean?” When Dustin Zhou said that, Shui Bing

The stone hanging in Yuexin relaxed slightly.

But this does not mean that Shui Bingyue has no vigilance in her heart.

Wan Dustin made any unreasonable request for Shui Bingyue to destroy the Xu family directly. She didn’t have that ability.

Moreover, I am afraid that not many people across the country have such skills.

“You come from the Zhou family, and you said if you ask the family, will the family send two martial masters to protect you? At that time, even if they are there, even if the Xu family sends several martial masters over to deal with me, they can handle one or two. “Dustin Zhou said what was in his heart.

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