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Chapter 1058

Hearing Zhou Feng calling his name, Hu Ye immediately frowned.

How does Zhou Feng know his name this year?

And also know that the Xu family has just stabilized?

He said he was the first son of the Zhou family, but in this Donghai city, or in the surrounding cities, is there a Zhou family that is strong enough to threaten the Xu family casually?

You know, the Xu family is a hermit family!

The specifications of the hermit aristocratic family itself had to beat the secular aristocratic family, and the number of the hermit aristocratic family was extremely rare, even in the entire East, there were only five hermit aristocratic families.

In the other reclusive families, there was no Zhou family name.

So Lord Tiger is a little puzzled, who exactly is Zhou Feng this week?

Obviously knowing his identity, he dare to speak so much.

Doesn’t he know what the Xu family means at all?

No, this is also unlikely.

No matter how you look at it, from the perspective of Zhou Feng’s temperament and strength, he should belong to a huge force, and it is impossible to just hear the name of the Xu family but don’t know anything about it.

But, Zhou family, which Zhou family has this status?

It couldn’t be that Zhou family…just as soon as this thought came up, it was interrupted by Lord Tiger.

What a joke, that Zhou family, but one of the four big families in Beijing, almost symbolizes the peak power of the East!

How could the elder son of that kind of family appear in such a place, and he was Dustin Zhou’s brother?

So Lord Tiger asked, “Since I know something about our Xu family, why dare to speak up? Who are you?” This time it was Zhou Feng’s turn to be stunned, “Who? Didn’t I just say it? I am the eldest son of the Zhou family!” “You Xu family can be considered a hidden world anyway.

Family, wouldn’t you even have heard of the Zhou family?

Zhou Feng said with a headache, why is this Xu family so ignorant? If this is the case, the two parties will not be able to communicate well! But the Tiger’s side is even more shocked. Because from Zhou Feng’s tone, he vaguely I came to a conclusion. This Zhou Feng really came from that Zhou family’s elder son! This is too terrifying! The tiger’s attitude suddenly became cautious, and some cautiously asked, “Could it be that you are Zhou from the capital. Family?

After hearing what Tiger said, Zhou Feng’s eyes suddenly lit up. This Xu family has heard of the Zhou family’s name! He once again restored the influence of that haughty bohemian son brother, quite proud Said, “Besides, in the whole world, is there another name that the Zhou family can call?

“Master Tiger’s heart suddenly tightened, and he is really the son of the Zhou family! This is a big trouble! But Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun are still running. “Master Tiger, what’s the matter?”

do you know him?

Sun Qiankun asked. “I… don’t know.”

“Hu Ye shook his head, and said very hard, “However, this person should not be underestimated.”

“He comes from the Zhou family in the capital, you should have heard of it, the Zhou family, one of the four major families in the capital!”

” “what?

Well, isn’t that just a rumor?

“Sun Qiankun’s face changed suddenly, and he answered silently. The Sun family and the Su family have naturally heard of the Zhou family’s name. After all, it is one of the four major families in the capital. But they didn’t take this at all. Keep things in mind, because they think it’s just a rumor. What’s a joke, what’s the place in the capital? At the feet of the emperor! Create a family at the feet of the emperor? The power is still all over the east? Good! If you want to build a family, it’s not fragrant if you run far away. If you run to the feet of the emperor, isn’t it a death? There is a slight change, I am afraid that it will be wiped out. If you are true If a family can be established in the capital. And if it is passed down… Then how deep is the heritage of this family? Just thinking about it, I feel that the younger generations are chilled, which is terrifying! “Could it be that the four major families in the capital? The legend, is it true?

“Su Shiming also had an expression of disbelief. Lord Tiger nodded. As a child raised by Xu’s family from a hidden family, Lord Tiger’s level allows him to understand that the four major families in Beijing are real. And the Zhou family among the four big families can almost be called the head of the four big families. In other words, the Zhou family in Beijing is almost the representative of the first family in the east! If this Zhou Feng really comes from that family, then today

This is a big deal!

Hu Ye looked at Zhou Feng with a look of uncertainty.

And Zhou Feng, obviously, he enjoyed the horror of Tiger Lord, took out a jade token from his pocket and threw it over, “Why? Don’t you believe that I am really the son of Zhou family?” Tiger Lord Subconsciously glanced at the token in his hand, and suddenly felt like a bolt from the blue.

The high-quality Hetian jade is perfect and clean and flawless, and in the middle of the token, there is the word “world” with flying dragons and phoenixes.

Around the token, there is a line of small characters written in italics, “Zhou’s disciple identification token”.

This is true. As a disciple of the Xu family, when he was very young, Lord Tiger had come into contact with the identity verification methods of each of the four major families in Beijing, in order to avoid provokes people from these four families.

Unexpectedly, I actually ran into it today.

Moreover, he is the eldest son of the Zhou family!

Shizi is the second heir of this family!

And the first heir of the Zhou family, as everyone knows, has been missing for many years, so the Zhou Feng in front of him is almost equivalent to the future paternal owner of the Zhou family!

“Xu Tianhu, now, are you sure you still stop me?” Zhou Feng asked again.

Master Tiger’s body trembled, and he could see that he was struggling fiercely.

On one side, Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun’s faces also became extremely ugly.

Their little family background is not as good as the Xu family can withstand the toss!

Now that even Tiger Lord has become like this, is it possible for them to participate in this matter?

“I’ll just say it straight, I didn’t come to you today, you guys get out of here as soon as possible!” Zhou Feng said again, “While I am in a good mood, otherwise, don’t think that your three families are in Donghai City. It’s a snakelike existence. I can wave your hand to make you disappear. Believe it or not?” “Hey, boy, even if you are the son of the Zhou family, you can’t be so arrogant. Your family is in the capital. Are we coming to the East China Sea?” Su Shiming couldn’t help but said, “Even if you are a strong dragon, the strong dragon will not crush the snake!” “Is the Patriarch of the Su family?” Zhou Feng glanced at him faintly, “Don’t be caught That kind of boring proverb is confusing.” “A strong dragon can sling a snake at any time, unless it’s not a real dragon.”

Chapter 1059

Even after Tiger’s explanation, Su Shiming could not really feel the power of the Zhou family.

He just felt that although the Zhou family was very strong, this place was after all the territory of Donghai City!

Their Su family is now regarded as the first family on the surface. Together with the former first family Sun family and the real hidden family Xu family in Donghai City, the three families are united and counted as one of the warriors last week.

Emperor, are there still things they’re doing in Donghai City?

What if the Zhou family is stronger?

Could it be that on this site in Donghai City, facing the alliance formed by these forces, the Zhou family dare to provoke it easily?

In fact, there is nothing wrong with Su Shiming’s idea.

Together, these families and the famous company controlled by Dustin Zhou can be said to be the real hegemon of Donghai City, both in terms of economy and force.

Together, they can say that they control about 70% of the industry in Donghai City.

As long as these industries are in hand, no one can shake them. If they fall, the entire Donghai City will fall apart!

This kind of effect will be produced when a force is strong enough to a certain extent.

What’s more, it is now that some of their most powerful forces are uniting.

So no matter what Su Shiming thought, he couldn’t think of any means by the Zhou family to defeat them in Donghai City.

This is indeed the case.

Can the Zhou family eat the union of these families?

The answer is yes, but the alliance of these families is definitely a piece of bone for the Zhou family.

If it is not necessary, the Zhou family will definitely not want to touch this hard bone, or it will break a few teeth.

In the face of the alliance formed by these families, if another member of the Zhou family came here, he would definitely choose to retreat.

But they are facing Zhou Feng.

This arrogant Zhou family son.

Although he was the elder son, he didn’t care how much the Zhou family would lose.

He only knew that if these people dared to provoke him, then he would mobilize all the power of the Zhou family to annex Donghai City at all costs!

“Isn’t it just money?” Zhou Feng said with a sneer, “Together, the biggest reliance is to control 70% of Donghai City’s industries.” “The Zhou family only needs to destroy all of your industries. , And then inject the same funds to buy 70% of Donghai’s properties, and there will be no turbulence in the structure of the East China Sea.” “But you guys, you will lose everything.” Is the homework right?” Zhou Feng said, staring at Su Shiming indifferently.

Su Shiming’s face suddenly stiffened.

Since Zhou Feng said this, it meant that he would really do something to Donghai.

Now the trouble will be big.

The current East China Sea can be said to have just stabilized, and people like them have just completely stabilized their feet. If they really face the behemoth Zhou Family, then this is definitely not what these Patriarchs like to see.

Obviously, Su Shiming was also shocked.

Zhou Feng smiled slightly, “If you understand, just roll aside and remember, it’s not a problem.

Anyone, you can all block it.

“Zhou Feng’s words can be said to be extremely arrogant, but Su Shiming, Sun Qiankun, Hu Ye and others did not dare to refute. But they still stood still. “Huh?

What do you mean?

“Zhou Feng became a little impatient,” Are you really going to fight Zhou’s family?

“Zhou Shizi,” Hu Ye said, “we have seen your determination.”

“Furthermore, we also believe that the strength of the Zhou family is definitely not something we people can question.

“But so what?”

“Hu Ye said coldly, “People will die, and the family is the same.”

“Every family desires that they can pass on for thousands of years, but that is simply impossible.

“We chose to follow Mr. Dustin Zhou, and we will definitely follow to the end. If you really want to destroy Mr. Dustin Zhou, let’s step over our bodies first!

“This is a statement! These people have experienced so many things with Dustin Zhou, and their relationship has long surpassed life and death. In other words, their trust has surpassed life and death. What is an alliance? Advance and retreat, life and death together is called alliance, not when you are strong, I stand with you, when the opponent is stronger than you, I will run away. This is not called alliance, this is called family. The temptation just now, It’s not that they have the intention to retreat, but they are trying to defeat Zhou Feng on the momentum, so that Zhou Feng will directly retreat. But it is obvious that they lost, facing Zhou Feng, the son of the Zhou family, their family background It’s just a joke. But this does not mean that they will betray Dustin Zhou! “I can’t see it, I have a backbone!

“Zhou Feng coldly snorted, “If this is the case, then I will fulfill you!”

“He was not talking nonsense, and he directly raised his fist and struck him towards Master Tiger. Of course, Master Tiger was not polite, and raised his fist to greet him. Both parties were martial masters, and Zhou Feng wanted a punch to solve Master Tiger. What is possible, the two sides quickly fought together. But at this time, the Zhou family’s background was highlighted. Although both sides are martial masters, Zhou Feng’s moves are obviously superior to the tiger’s master. The clothes on his body are obviously magic weapons. Lord Tiger hit him several times, but was absorbed by the clothes on his body. Under such circumstances, the battle didn’t last for a few minutes before Lord Tiger fell into Down the wind. Zhou Feng sneered, “It’s a pity that the new owner of the Xu family.

“If I killed you directly here, would you say that your Xu family would seek me revenge for you?”

“Or, the dignified Xu Family Patriarch will die in this way?”

“In Zhou Feng’s words, there is slowly ridicule. The identity of Lord Tiger

How supreme is it?

Patriarch of the Xu family in Donghai City!

Without Dustin Zhou, it would not be an exaggeration to say that he was the first person in the East China Sea!

But in front of him Zhou Feng, he was so humble and worthless, even if he died, he died in vain. What a mockery.

Hu Ye’s face was gloomy, but he still retorted, “I want to kill me, I’m afraid it’s not that simple.” “Huh? How long do you think you can hold on? If I say kill you, I will kill you. Who would dare to stop it?” “What I said, that is the golden mouth!” “No, what you said is fart,” At this time, a cold voice sounded, and Dustin Zhou slowly walked out, “Moreover, you The fart stinks to me, it makes me very upset.”

Chapter 1060

Dustin Zhou looked at Zhou Feng coldly, “Perhaps you can do whatever you can say at Zhou’s house, and what you say will become reality.” “But with me, what you say is nothing.” “If you want to show off If you are the firstborn of the Zhou family, I advise you to return to the Zhou family to show off.” Dustin Zhou stepped forward and caught his fist.

Originally, this punch could really make Tiger Lord seriously injured, but Dustin Zhou caught it.

Zhou Feng glanced at Dustin Zhou with some irritation, “You abandoned son, you really dare to appear in front of me!” “Master Tiger, you can withdraw.” Dustin Zhou said softly.

After Hu Ye left, Dustin Zhou began to look at Zhou Feng.

“I never dared to show up in front of you. I didn’t make a move at the beginning. It was just because I was too lazy to care about you.” “But now it seems that you have some means, at least better than Tiger Lord. , I can only let you go out myself.” Dustin Zhou moved his neck and said.

“Push me away personally? How dare you say something like this to me?” “Dustin Zhou, don’t forget that you are just an abandoned son!” “I don’t believe you don’t want to return to Zhou’s family!” “If you have this attitude, I dare Promise, it’s definitely not that simple for you to return to Zhou’s family! So if you are still acquainted, you should stammer with me!” Zhou Feng said and laughed again, because he felt that he had grasped Dustin Zhou’s weakness.

He knew that Dustin Zhou was an emperor of warriors, but he had nothing to fear at all. The reason was simple, Dustin Zhou was an abandoned son, and it was absolutely impossible to dare to attack his elder son!

Moreover, if Dustin Zhou really wants to return to the Zhou family, he still has to look at his face!

Now Dustin Zhou, it should be too late to flatter himself!

Zhou Feng was immersed in his own fantasy.

No way, as the elder son of the Zhou family, he was flattered wherever he went, and it was difficult to get rid of this thinking.

But his fantasies were not over yet, and suddenly he felt a huge sense of crisis rushing toward his face!

He subconsciously wanted to dodge, and then opened his eyes.

Dustin Zhou’s fist, carrying a strong murderous intent, stopped in front of his face and brought a hurricane.

“f*ck.” Dustin Zhou’s cold voice sounded.

This time, Zhou Feng was completely frightened.

What a murderous look is that!

He has no doubt that as long as Dustin Zhou’s mood is a little worse, he will be wiped out.

It was Dustin Zhou who showed mercy.

He stared at the fist in front of him dumbfounded, and for a few seconds, he was completely frightened.

This may be the closest to death in his life.

That kind of domineering style of boxing gave him a whole new experience.

It turns out that this is Dustin Zhou’s strength!

“I said…” After a long time, he opened his dry mouth and wanted to say something.

“Get out!” But before he finished his words, Dustin Zhou’s voice rang again.

After saying this, Dustin Zhou put his fists away and walked back.

This time, Zhou Feng did not follow.

Because he has thoroughly understood the strength gap between himself and Dustin Zhou.

That’s not just one star!

As a genius, as a son of the Zhou family, the existence of the second generation of super rich, this kind of experience of being hanged is something he has never had before.

He looked at Dustin Zhou’s back and fell into reflection.

He felt that he had lost very thoroughly.

Speaking of resources, Dustin Zhou is just an abandoned son. He has understood that before the Zhou family contacted Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou

Half a bit!

As a genius, as a son of the Zhou family, the existence of the second generation of super rich, this kind of experience of being hanged is something he has never had before.

He looked at Dustin Zhou’s back and fell into reflection.

He felt that he had lost very thoroughly.

Speaking of resources, Dustin Zhou is just an abandoned son. He has understood that before the Zhou family contacted Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou

Half a bit!

As a genius, as a son of the Zhou family, the existence of the second generation of super rich, this kind of experience of being hanged is something he has never had before.

He looked at Dustin Zhou’s back and fell into reflection.

He felt that he had lost very thoroughly.

Speaking of resources, Dustin Zhou is just an abandoned son. He has understood that before the Zhou family contacted Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou

Just an ordinary person.

Very ordinary ordinary people, even from childhood to adulthood, are the kind of being bullied.

Even saying that his cultivation started a year ago.

Without any resources, even if there was some money later, in Zhou Feng’s eyes, the money was no different.

Without any moves, without any teacher’s guidance, Dustin Zhou has reached his current position in just one year!

Zhou Feng ignored Dustin Zhou’s current wealth position, because wealth was worthless in his eyes, he only fancyed Dustin Zhou’s martial arts strength.

From the perspective of a martial artist, Dustin Zhou has indeed only practiced for a year.

Genius, absolute genius!

This talent is even higher than him!

After Dustin Zhou left, Zhou Feng silently walked over and picked up his fan, turned and left, not knowing what he was thinking.

At this time, Dustin Zhou was at home and chatted with Lord Tiger about Zhou’s family.

“Mr. Zhou, your surname is Zhou, and the elder of the Zhou family also said that you are his younger brother. What is going on?” Hu Ye asked.

Dustin Zhou didn’t conceal it either, and said all of his life experience.

In the past, he concealed his identity, plainly because he was not strong enough.

At that time, he couldn’t figure out what kind of family the Zhou family was, and his identity would be able to inherit the Zhou family in the future.

An ordinary person who is not very powerful is likely to be the heir of the Zhou family in the future. If this identity is revealed, what consequences will be caused needless to say.

It may die, and it will attract some people from the Zhou family who want to inherit the family.

To put it bluntly, they are from Zhou Feng’s line.

Because if there is no Dustin Zhou, Zhou Feng is the most hopeful to inherit the existence of the Zhou family.

But if Dustin Zhou is alive and even returns to Zhou’s family, then Zhou Feng may only be the second child for the rest of his life.

But now it is different. The person most likely to hunt him has already appeared in front of him. Is there any need for Dustin Zhou to hide his identity?

Moreover, he was already strong enough, so strong that even the entire Zhou family had to face him upright. Under this circumstance, Dustin Zhou had no need to hide his identity.

And after he finished speaking, all these people in the room looked stunned.

I thought Dustin Zhou was the person with the least background, but now I know that Dustin Zhou is the one with the hardest background!

How hard is it?

Called the heir of the first family in the East!

This kind of identity can walk across the entire east sideways!

Looking back on their previous attitude towards Dustin Zhou, these people couldn’t help but feel a fiery feeling on their faces.

Hu Ye approached Dustin Zhou at first, but it’s over

All regard Dustin Zhou as a very good junior, and sometimes deliberately put on airs.

Su Shiming, on the other hand, regarded Dustin Zhou as a partner lower than himself, and even deliberately tried to make things difficult for Dustin Zhou several times to fight for benefits.

Not to mention Sun Qiankun. Not long ago, he was still hostile to Dustin Zhou. He even thought that Dustin Zhou was not worthy of being his opponent.

Now think about it, they are so naive and pitiful!

Dustin Zhou’s second generation of super rich and hidden, that’s the boss!

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