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Chapter 383

(1) Dustin Zhou explained the situation to everyone in the room. At the same time, when Double Happiness came to the general manager’s office of the hotel, Zhou Shaohua saw a familiar figure.

“Why are you here?” Zhou Shaohua was still slightly surprised when he saw Sun Lian.

Although Zhou Shaohua had already been surprised once when he received a call from Sun Lian, but now seeing a real person, I still can’t believe it.

Zhou Shaohua thought in his mind that although he and Sun Lian are both in Changsha, they seem to have not seen each other for many years.

How many years has it been?

Zhou Shaohua shook his head slightly and sighed in his heart. He doesn’t remember it, probably, for more than ten years.

Now when I saw Sun Lian suddenly, Zhou Shaohua suddenly discovered that Sun Lian seemed to be the same as it was more than ten years ago, not getting old, but more charming.

It’s not a kind of destruction of time, a ruin left on people.

It is more like a precipitation of time, making people more graceful and noble, as if to see the essence of the world clearly.

However, under this grace, Zhou Shaohua seemed to feel a sense of urgency in Sun Lian.

“Mr. Zhou, haven’t seen you for so many years, can’t I just come to see you?” Sun Lian stroked the hair scattered between her forehead, calmed her mood, and sat directly on the chair opposite Zhou Shaohua.

She raised her beautiful eyes slightly, looking at the Zhou Shan opposite, her thoughts were also flying.

In fact, she and Zhou Shaohua have known each other for nearly 20 years, and the relationship between each other is still good.

If there is no such person… Sun Lian shook her head insignificantly, no longer thinking about it.

Since she took the initiative to come here today, just to figure out one thing.

“Hehe, then you still call me Mr. Zhou? Is the relationship between us so alienated?” Zhou Shaohua sighed while looking at Sun Lian.

However, he was still a little curious about Sun Lian suddenly coming here today.

In his impression, although the two sides have known each other for a long time, they have both worked in Changsha for the past ten years, but they have never met.

Even in the first few years, Zhou Shaohua took the initiative to find Sun Lian, but she refused.

“Brother Zhou, when I came today, there is indeed one thing that I want to ask you about.” Before Sun Lian knew it, her name for Zhou Shaohua had changed.

, And her face also brought a trace of anxiety, a trace of expectation, and even a trace of blush.

Zhou Shaohua looked at Sun Lian and was inexplicably surprised.

Are your eyes okay?

He actually saw a blush on Sun Lian’s face?

Is this shy?

But in the next second, this idea was denied by Zhou Shaohua.

Sun Lian’s character has always been carefree. In the past, when the two sides had intersections, she even looked more like a buddy in front of her than a woman.

So this blush is definitely not caused by seeing yourself.

So, what could it be?

Zhou Shaohua recalled it slightly in his mind, and soon the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

He thought he already knew the answer.

However, how did Sun Lian know that this person was with him?

“Brother Zhou, looking at you like this, I am afraid that I know the purpose of my coming today?” Sun Lian stared straight at Zhou Shaohua, beautiful eyes lingering, full of expectation.

At this time, where did she still have the demeanor of an urban superwoman, where did she have the calmness and strength in front of Chen Li, Ding Tao and others.

If anyone who knows Sun Lian sees it, they will be shocked.

This is a woman who is almost pregnant.

“Where did you know? I remember that you seemed to be stubborn with En?” Zhou Shaohua didn’t immediately respond, but asked instead.

Zhou Shaohua knew what happened between Sun Lian and that person.

Even then, he was one of the participants.

If it weren’t for the existence of that person, Zhou Shaohua would have been with Sun Lian long ago.

After all, before, they did have feelings.

“Brother Zhou, don’t care where I got the news, I just ask, is he here with you?” Sun Lian’s heart tightened when she heard Zhou Shaohua’s words.

If she still doesn’t know the hidden meaning of Zhou Shaohua’s words, it is impossible for the fashion capital to survive in Hunan Province.

“He is indeed with me, but I haven’t talked to him alone, and he came with this other person this time. As for whether he wants to see you, I can’t make a decision for him.” Zhou Shaohua was silent for a moment. Said slowly.

Having said that, he already knew exactly the purpose of Sun Lian’s coming today.

Moreover, he also knew that he could not stop Sun Lian.

“This is his room. You can go to him in person, or I can call him and ask him to come over.” Zhou Shaohua took out a business card from the drawer of the desk with Asher Chen’s information on it.

Sun Lian took the business card and suddenly hesitated.

The strong women who used to be resolute and resolute, rarely showed hesitation and panic.

Taking a deep breath, Sun Lian’s expression became firm, as if she had made a difficult decision.

“I go by my own


With a low drink, Sun Lian stood up and left without saying any greetings. Zhou Shaohua looked at Sun Lian’s disappearing back and shook her head repeatedly, sighing in her heart. … At the same time, Dustin Zhou asked everyone to go back and think carefully, and after discussing with each other. After thinking about it, he came to Asher Chen’s room. For some things, he still needs to confirm with Asher Chen. After all, he was in Chen’s house, but he met Sun Lian of Fashion Capital. Although Asher Chen told him not to contact fashion prematurely Capital, but if fashion capital can be allowed to recognize himself, it will be a leapfrog development for his strength improvement. Imagine that the power that can make the Yu family, the head of the five major families in Hunan Province, helpless, is impossible for Dustin Zhou and others. Ignore. “Master, is there anything?

Seeing Dustin Zhou, Asher Chen asked softly. Asher Chen had already understood what Dustin Zhou was doing in Changsha and Hunan during this period. It was precisely because he had learned about it that he was shocked in his heart. He did not expect Dustin Zhou to be there. The East China Sea can stir up the situation, and the same is true in Hunan Province. You know, in the East China Sea, besides him, there was the support of the Su family behind Dustin Zhou. Any other force, even the Sun family, wanted to deal with Dustin Zhou. You have to think carefully about whether you can afford the loss of failure. But in Hunan Province, except for the Zhang Family who can provide Dustin Zhou with a little help, there is no other help. Moreover, Asher Chen learned that the Zhang Family did not have much to Dustin Zhou and the others. Help, you can ignore it. “Mr. Chen, I went to Chen’s house today and met someone.

Dustin Zhou hesitated for a moment, but decided to speak out his thoughts. “Who?

“Sun Lian of Fashion Capital.”

Chapter 384

When Asher Chen heard the words, he was taken aback and looked at Dustin Zhou in surprise. Sun Lian of Fashion Capital? And Dustin Zhou obviously saw Asher Chen stunned, and he felt a bitter in his heart. Guess, I don’t know if there is any relationship between Asher Chen and Sun Lian of Fashion Capital. “Boom!

“Suddenly, a knock on the door sounded. The two people were shocked, obviously by the sudden knock on the door. The astonishment on Asher Chen’s face instantly disappeared, returning to the previous calm. And Dustin Zhou also knew that if he could speak. Asher Chen would not conceal himself. Since he didn’t say it, he didn’t need to pursue the matter. After all, it’s hard to tell what happened between the two adults. Dustin Zhou was close to the door and walked straight over. Open the door. However, when he opened the door, he was stunned for a moment, and then quickly reacted. “Mr. Sun?

Dustin Zhou asked softly. He didn’t expect that the person standing in front of him who had just knocked on the door would be

Sun Lian of Fashion Capital.

Dustin Zhou didn’t think that Sun Lian was here to find him.

You know, he is in Asher Chen’s room now.

If Sun Lian wanted to find herself, she would have to knock on her door first.

But before, he didn’t hear a knock on the door.

In an instant, the relationship between Asher Chen and Sun Lian changed thousands of times in Dustin Zhou’s mind.

Every time, the look on Dustin Zhou’s face was stunned, and in the end, there was even a hint of understanding.

“Zhou, by such a coincidence, are you here?” Sun Lian saw the door open, and a stone hung directly in her heart.

She has beautiful eyes again and again, with one hand hanging on her side, her palms clenched into fists.

Place the other hand on your chest and pat your chest lightly.

In this way, it was like a girl who saw the excitement and expectation of her sweetheart.

However, when the door was opened, Sun Lian was taken aback when seeing Dustin Zhou standing in front of her.

However, Sun Lian was an old and hot person after all, and the reaction was very quick, and she adjusted her posture at once. The original posture of a small woman disappeared at this moment, and she was replaced by a strong woman.

“Dustin Zhou, who is it?” Asher Chen’s voice suddenly sounded. He saw Dustin Zhou standing behind the door, seeming to be talking to the person who knocked on the door just now, so he asked casually.

Dustin Zhou and Sun Lian were silent at the same time.

Sun Lian’s complexion changed and quickly became ruddy, and Xiafei’s cheeks seemed to be inexplicably moving.

Dustin Zhou was a little helpless, so he turned slightly to let Sun Lian in.

“It’s Mr. Sun of Fashion Capital,” Dustin Zhou said softly.

He knew that there must be something between Sun Lian and Asher Chen, and he also knew that there must be something because Sun Lian came to Asher Chen so urgently.

So he was going to leave the room to give Asher Chen and Sun Lian time to have a good chat.

However, when he was about to step out of the room, Asher Chen spoke.

“Dustin Zhou, wait.” Dustin Zhou was taken aback and returned to the room.

However, at this time he realized that the atmosphere between Asher Chen and Sun Lian was a little strange.

There seems to be some silence.

Sun Lian looked at Asher Chen again and again, and Dustin Zhou just glanced at it and saw that Sun Lian almost wanted to rush into Asher Chen’s arms immediately.

If Dustin Zhou still doesn’t understand the relationship between the two at this time, I am afraid there is really a problem with his brain.

This is clearly what a woman will do when she sees a lover she has not seen for many years.

Could it be that Sun Lian and Asher Chen were lovers before?

Dustin Zhou thought of it slightly in his mind, but he did not see Asher Chen’s wife either.

And Chen Xin never mentioned her mother.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou looked at Sun Lian and began to observe.

This Sun Lian is not Chen Xin’s mother, right?

However, in the next second, Dustin Zhou eliminated this idea


No matter how you look at it, Dustin Zhou couldn’t see a trace of Chen Xin from Sun Lian.

It is said that children may not look very similar to their parents, but there will definitely be shadows in one place.

However, Sun Lian was similar to Chen Xin in nowhere.

“ASher, don’t you want to talk to me?” Sun Lian didn’t care that Dustin Zhou was here, and said softly, but she seemed to have a trace of guilt.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know, so he shook his head slightly, and decided to leave, let Asher Chen and Sun Lian have a good chat.

After all, only after opening up the words can we get along well.

“Mr. Chen, Ms. Sun, let’s talk, no one will bother you.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, and immediately ignored Asher Chen’s gaze, he left the room, closed the door, and stood silently outside the door.

Dustin Zhou was a little surprised at Sun Lian’s visit.

Although I learned from Asher Chen that fashion capital is also Zhou’s industry.

However, Dustin Zhou has not made any contact with Fashion Capital, nor has he met anyone with Fashion Capital.

Even Sun Lian accidentally saw it in the Chen family today, but didn’t say a word.

And just now Dustin Zhou saw the state between Asher Chen and Sun Lianz, some things, don’t need to think too much, very simply presented to him.

There is a story between Asher Chen and Sun Lian.

Moreover, Sun Lian was able to come to the door in such a short time. Obviously the entanglement between the two parties was not as simple as Dustin Zhou thought.

“Dustin Zhou.” Suddenly, a voice sounded from the side.

Dustin Zhou looked sideways and saw that at the end of the corridor, Zhou Shaohua stood there and shouted softly to himself.

Dustin Zhou was stunned, thinking of a possibility, looked straight, looked at the closed door, and then walked towards Zhou Shaohua.

Now that Sun Lian found this place, Zhou Shaohua could not have known it.

Therefore, if Dustin Zhou wants to know something specific, just ask Zhou Shaohua.

However, Dustin Zhou was not sure whether he needed to know.

After all, this was just a matter between Asher Chen and Sun Lian, and it seemed to have little to do with him.

Dustin Zhou followed Zhou Shaohua to his office, his expression hesitant, but he did not speak.

“Dustin Zhou, I know you have a lot of questions in your stomach now, but I think you already know that fashion capital is indeed the industry of the Zhou family, and Sun Lian is the head of the Hunan branch of fashion capital.” Zhou Shaohua is actually Without hesitation, he just sat down and said slowly.

However, there was some sorrow on his face, obviously he was a little lamented about the matter between Asher Chen and Sun Lian.

When Dustin Zhou saw this, he stopped thinking, quietly listening to Zhou Shaohua talking about the past between Asher Chen and Sun Lian.

Time one

Minutes and a second passed, and nearly an hour later, Zhou Shaohua finally finished talking about the dispute between Asher Chen and Sun Lian.

At this time, Dustin Zhou suddenly realized.

He did not expect that so many things happened between Asher Chen and Sun Lian.

Even when Asher Chen came to the East China Sea, he had a great relationship with Sun Lian.

Chapter 385

Zhou Shaohua said it very seriously, as if he was a participant.

Dustin Zhou also listened very carefully, imagining that he had seen it with his own eyes.

However, Dustin Zhou knew that it was something that had already happened after all, and he had no ability to change it anyway.

After listening to Zhou Shaohua talking about the past between Asher Chen and Sun Lian, Dustin Zhou also understood why there was such a state between the two.

Back then, Asher Chen, Zhou Shaohua and Sun Lian were friends.

Enter the same company.

Asher Chen is from the Chen family in Beijing, Zhou Shaohua is from the Zhou family in Beijing, and Sun Lian is an ordinary person.

However, compared to Asher Chen and Zhou Shaohua, Sun Lian’s ability is not one or two more powerful.

Probably because of the precocious relationship of women, there were many things that Asher Chen and Zhou Shaohua could not solve, Sun Lian could easily solve them alone.

Over time, both Asher Chen and Zhou Shaohua showed admiration for Sun Lian.

However, the status gap between the two parties lies there.

Both Asher Chen and Zhou Shaohua belonged to a big family in Beijing, while Sun Lian’s family background was very ordinary, and the relationship between them would have to suffer great twists and turns.

The story is so bloody, like the bloody love told in the TV series.

Later, because of this, Asher Chen fell out with the Chen family, Zhou Shaohua also fell down, left the capital, went to Hunan Province, and established a foothold in Changsha.

Asher Chen fell out with the Chen family and wanted to elope with Sun Lian.

However, people at that time had pure thoughts and had a deep taboo about elopement.

And Sun Lian was also very worried.

After all, she was just an ordinary woman from the family background, no matter whether she faced the Chen family or the Zhou family, she could not contend.

Because of Asher Chen, the Chen family put a lot of pressure on her.

So in the end, she gave up the relationship with Asher Chen.

And Asher Chen was also devastated and disappeared.

After that, Asher Chen regained a foothold in the East China Sea.

Sun Lian also entered the Zhou family’s fashion capital work because of her strong ability.

… As for the latter, Dustin Zhou probably knows what happened in recent years.

Dustin Zhou was also a little shocked after listening.

He guessed that there was an entanglement between Sun Lian and Asher Chen, but he didn’t expect what would happen.

Moreover, even Zhou Shaohua was involved.

For a while, Dustin Zhou raised his eyes and looked at Zhou Shaohua’s eyes.

There is something wrong with the light.

Zhou Shaohua is a collateral member of the Zhou family, and he is still Dustin Zhou’s uncle generation.

Dustin Zhou wondered in his heart, if Sun Lian and Zhou Shaohua were together back then, would he still be called aunt when he saw Sun Lian now?

“It’s almost like this. The two of them are also considered fateful. In front of the Chen family, there is nothing they can do.” Zhou Shaohua smiled bitterly, and at the same time thought of herself, who was never the same, facing the pressure of the Zhou family. There is no way to fight back.

Even if the Zhou family had this idea, it would be enough to destroy Sun Lian.

It is precisely because of this that Zhou Shaohua let go directly and decisively.

Since they couldn’t be together, Zhou Shaohua didn’t want Sun Lian to be hurt because of herself.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect Uncle Zhou to have so many stories before.” Dustin Zhou smirked, he was a little guilty about this sort of arrangement of elders.

After all, without mentioning Sun Lian, Asher Chen’s help to him was tremendous, and Dustin Zhou would not forget it.

And Zhou Shaohua also provided great support to Dustin Zhou, which is a good thing.

“When people are old, when they reach middle age, they don’t have any passion. Now thinking about it, the previous self is really a little casual.” Zhou Shaohua smiled, as if thinking of the past, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, obviously It’s a memory.

“Who said that when people reach middle age, they can’t have passion?” Dustin Zhou’s expression was stern, and he immediately retorted that he didn’t agree with Zhou Shaohua’s idea.

Let alone Zhou Shaohua himself, not counting the identity of Zhou’s family, he can already be regarded as a successful person in his career in Changsha.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou knew that Zhou Shaohua had not yet married.

Such a person is a good diamond king.

Dustin Zhou is convinced that as long as Zhou Shaohua is now letting out the news, looking for a girlfriend or getting married, in no time, the women recommended by the former will even crowd the entire hotel.

Then, within a few days, the entire Hunan province would be restless.

What’s more, if according to Zhou Shaohua’s words, wouldn’t Sun Lian and Asher Chen have the chance to be together again?

“Hehe, you are still young, and you still can’t realize it now, but now that Sun Lian finds Asher Chen, I am afraid that she won’t let it go easily.” Zhou Shaohua did not argue, let Dustin Zhou say.

And his eyes gradually became deeper, as if he was thinking of a lot of past events.

… At this time, Asher Chen and Sun Lian were in the room, and they looked at each other without saying a word.

, From Sun Lian into the room, until now, an hour has passed, and there is no word between the two.

Sun Lian looked at Asher Chen’s somewhat vicissitudes of face, feeling very guilty.

What happened back then, it is difficult to say a right or wrong.


If she could stay the pressure given by the Chen family back then, they must be living well now.

But… “Don’t you want to tell me something?” After a long time, Sun Lian took the lead to speak, her tone full of resentment.

She is well aware of Asher Chen’s character, which is the case in the past, a little restrained and a little dull.

It is precisely because of this that, between Asher Chen and Zhou Shaohua, she had a better impression of Asher Chen.

And now, more than a decade later, Asher Chen seems to still have this character, with no change at all.

If Dustin Zhou were to know what Sun Lian was thinking, I would be shocked.

Asher Chen is restrained and dull?

Who doesn’t know that in the East China Sea, President Asher Chen of the Mountain Mist Club can be said to have hands and eyes open to the sky, skillful, resolute and domineering.

A disagreement that year directly caused a second-rate family to disappear without a trace overnight.

Such a person would be a restrained and dull person?

Say it, no one will believe it!

Even, everyone would doubt whether the person who said such a thing was a fool, if he was allowed to experience Asher Chen’s domineering, I am afraid he would not speak like that.

“After so many years, what else is there to say.” Asher Chen paused and said slowly.

“ASher, I know that I was wrong when I left you back then, but I also have difficulties, you…” Sun Lian’s eyes were already hazy with tears and looked pitiful.

A woman who is nearly forty years old looks very unreasonable like this.

But this is the status quo.

Sun Lian had no confidence in front of Asher Chen at this time.

Had she not taken the initiative to leave that year, the relationship between the two parties would not have become like this.

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