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Chapter 386


The atmosphere in the room is wonderful.

Asher Chen’s attitude was very cold, and it seemed that he still had an indelible resentment towards Sun Lian.

And this kind of resentment, it seems that it shouldn’t appear on such a man who has done well in the East China Sea.

But the reality is like this.

But Sun Lian wanted to explain something, but no matter how much she said, Asher Chen was indifferent.

“ASher, I don’t want to ask for your forgiveness, I just want to explain it to you.” Sun Lian’s tone was low, obviously very disappointed.

Originally, she saw Dustin Zhou in Chen’s house, and then inquired some news about Dustin Zhou from Chen Li, and asked the assistant to sort out some information about Dustin Zhou, only then did she notice the existence of Asher Chen.

At that moment, Sun Lian and even Ju himself found the future of life.

Asher Chen, these three words are Sun Lian’s regrets in life for decades.

She thought that after more than ten years, she could have a good chat with Asher Chen and explain some things in the past clearly.

However, when Sun Lian really met Asher Chen, she found out what life is like a dream, the vicissitudes of life.

It seems that Asher Chen is no longer the introverted, dull little boy.

He will never speak again when he sees himself.

Over the past ten years, for a man, it can be said that a person’s life has changed drastically.

So that Sun Lian wanted to explain something, but didn’t know where to speak.

It seems that more than a decade has passed, and the two people who were relatively opposite in character have changed.

“Explanation?” Suddenly, Asher Chen stood up abruptly, his face flushed, his fists clenched to his side, his eyes staring at Sun Lian.

This was too sudden, Sun Lian did not expect that she was taken aback, and she fell directly onto the sofa on one side and looked at Asher Chen in a daze.

At this moment, the Asher Chen standing in front of her was not alone with the Asher Chen she had in mind.

Once Asher Chen, don’t say daring to shout like this in front of her, even if he speaks louder, I am afraid that he will have to apologize to Sun Lian.

But Asher Chen didn’t feel much. He only felt that a wave of anger in his heart was burning, as if to burn his whole person to ashes.

Sun Lian!

It’s Sun Lian!

The woman who made him dream, the woman who made him break with the Chen family.

Now standing in front of him alive.

For more than ten years, how many days and nights Asher Chen did not dream of, dreaming of such a scene.

Even if he had a family background and a daughter, Chen Xin, sometimes he would inadvertently think of Sun Lian.

However, when Sun Lian really stood in front of him, tearfully trying to explain to him, Asher Chen found that she didn’t have the intention to listen to some sh*t explanation.

Just now to explain


What did you do ten years ago?

“Thirteen years! Thirteen years ago, what did you do? I just remembered to explain now?” Asher Chen’s mouth was grinning, his face was a bit hideous, like an angry beast.

This beast is very dangerous, and if it is careless, it will be aggressive, and it is possible to do anything.

“Sun Lian, 13 years ago, we were already passers-by and strangers. Explain? I don’t need it, and it’s not rare. Where did you come from, or where do you go back? We have never seen each other in this life. It’s necessary!” Asher Chen resisted the irritability in his heart, and after a low cry, he ran away directly.

He didn’t want to see Sun Lian’s reaction, and he didn’t care about Sun Lian’s reaction, anyway, it had nothing to do with him.

Thirteen years, there are several thirteen years in life.

When Sun Lian left Asher Chen 13 years ago, Asher Chen knew that he and Sun Lian were already strangers in this life, and even if they met, there would be no entanglement.

Seeing Asher Chen’s back, Sun Lian, who was paralyzed on the sofa, was stunned.

She never expected that things would become like this.

This is simply not her original intention.

She came here to talk with Asher Chen, to explain some things, so that the relationship between the two parties is no longer so indifferent, and even Sun Lian wants to rehabilitate with Asher Chen.

After all, thirteen years ago, the relationship between the two was really deep.

Even if thirteen years have passed, Sun Lian still has the shadow of Asher Chen in her heart.

Therefore, for so many years, she has not been married, and even a boyfriend has never talked about it again.

However, when Asher Chen yelled at her, ignored her, and left directly, Sun Lian’s most vulnerable layer of defense completely collapsed.

She didn’t even understand who she had provoked, and she was tortured so deeply.

“ASher…” Muttered in her mouth, Sun Lian was slumped on the sofa with dull eyes.

Without knowing how long it has passed, or when, Dustin Zhou and Zhou Shaohua stood in front of the room, looking at the desperate Sun Lian in the room.

Zhou Shaohua’s face was complicated, and he was obviously guilty.

But at this time, he is not good to go up and persuade.

After all, the fate between him and Sun Lian 13 years ago had long since broken.

Now they are just people who have friendship, maybe not even friends.

After all, in the world, where are there friends who are in the same city and haven’t seen each other for 13 years?

Dustin Zhou looked surprised and even shocked.

Zhou Shaohua had already told him about the matter between Asher Chen and Sun Lian.

Dustin Zhou also has a more detailed understanding.

Although there have been some problems in the relationship between the two, after all 13 years have passed, Dustin Zhou thought the two

The time has been put down.

Today, Sun Lian came to see Asher Chen, just recounting the past.

But he did not expect that things would develop to this point.

There are not many messy traces in the room, except that the sofa on which Sun Lian was slumped moved a little, and the coffee table on the side was knocked over to the ground.

When the door opened, Asher Chen was no longer visible.

This is, Asher Chen left Sun Lian in the room, no matter what, he ran away?

Dustin Zhou was a little slanderous in his heart. Asher Chen, who looked very manly, would actually do such a thing, which was very inconsistent with his image.

However, I don’t know what happened to Asher Chen and Sun Lian in the room, and Dustin Zhou couldn’t make a judgment directly.

“Mr. Sun, you…” Reluctantly, Dustin Zhou stepped into the room, fixed the coffee table, looked at Sun Lian again, and said after confirming that she was not damaged.

He wanted to ask, if there is nothing major, it is better to send Sun Lian back.

After all, a woman is still the person in charge of Fashion Capital, so staying in a hotel in despair is not a good thing.

“Dustin Zhou, you are Dustin Zhou, ASher…” Sun Lian reacted a little, but her expression still seemed lifeless.

She looked at Dustin Zhou with some difficulty and said in a low voice, but when she said Asher Chen, she collapsed again, and she immersed herself in pain.

Chapter 387


At this moment, Dustin Zhou was a little messy directly.

What happened to these two people that would make Sun Lian like this?

Moreover, looking at it this way, Sun Lian was obviously hurt greatly.

damn it!

Dustin Zhou cursed inwardly, that Asher Chen caused the mess, and he asked him to clean it up.

It’s just that he doesn’t know what Asher Chen is thinking, so some decisions may not be easy to make.

“Mr. Sun, it is not the same thing that you are here. Would you like me to send you back, or just open another room here and rest for a night? Mr. Chen is not here now, and when he reappears, you will be there. Just have a good chat with him.” Dustin Zhou could only softly relieved.

At this time, he couldn’t make any guarantee.

I can’t pat my chest and say, don’t worry, I promise Asher Chen will come here honestly and make peace with you.

If this is the case, Dustin Zhou felt that Asher Chen might be at risk of turning his face against him.

After all, Asher Chen was independent of him when he helped the Zhou family.

In the final analysis, Dustin Zhou is not yet qualified enough to point fingers at people like Asher Chen.

“Brother Yang, what’s wrong with my father?” Dustin Zhou finished speaking, and Sun Lian didn’t respond, but at this moment, an anxious voice suddenly sounded.

Immediately, Dustin Zhou saw Chen Xin running in with a panic expression. He took a look in the room, but he didn’t see Asher Chen, his expression even more panic.

“Brother Yang, where is my father? I just let me say that my father ran out angrily. What happened?” Chen Xin just came back from the outside when the waiter downstairs said that Asher Chen ran out angrily , This made Chen Xin nervous immediately, thinking that something major had happened.

When she ran up and couldn’t see Asher Chen, she was completely flustered.

In this world, the person closest to her is Asher Chen.

If something happened to Asher Chen, Chen Xin would feel that his sky was falling.

Although Dustin Zhou was in the room and gave Chen Xin some comfort, it couldn’t stop her panic at all.

The appearance of Chen Xin made several people stunned for a moment.

Zhou Shaohua and Dustin Zhou did not expect Chen Xin to appear at this time, and they have not yet figured out how to explain to her.

Could it be that your father had a quarrel with his old lover 13 years ago and then ran out?

This is impossible.

“Chen Xin, don’t worry, your father is okay. There are some things. When your father comes back, let him tell you.” Dustin Zhou also didn’t know how to explain it, so he could only say so.

But because of this, Chen Xin panicked even more.

Even Dustin Zhou’s brother can’t say it well, is there really something wrong with my father?

Thinking of this, Chen Xin’s tears couldn’t help, like

Don’t want money, rushing.

“Are you ASher’s daughter?” And at this moment, Sun Lian, who had been out of her mind, moved.

She suddenly stood up, walked in front of Chen Xin, and looked at the girl who was almost crying, with a maternal glow on her face.

Sun Lian’s voice was good at first, although she had cried for a long time, but when she talked to Chen Xin, it was very soft, and it sounded very comfortable.

“Well, who are you?” Chen Xin was taken aback. She didn’t know Sun Lian or who Sun Lian was.

But at this time, neither Dustin Zhou nor Zhou Shaohua moved much, but Sun Lian was talking to herself. Obviously she knew what had happened to Asher Chen.

Thinking of this, Chen Xin looked expectantly at Sun Lian, and there was a faint flash of light.

“Auntie, you know my dad, don’t you? Do you know what happened to him? He won’t have an accident?” Chen Xin was like a drowning girl, grabbing the last straw and grabbing Sun Lian. Arm, kept asking.

Sun Lian looked at Chen Xin with a gentle face, and reached out to directly stroke Chen Xin’s forehead with very gentle movements.

“Yes, auntie knows your dad. He has been an old friend with your dad for more than ten years. Your dad has something to do when he goes out. He will be back tomorrow. Don’t worry.” Sun Lian said softly, slowly holding Chen Xin around her chest. Qian Qian, like a mother hugging her daughter, even the movements are extremely gentle.

Dustin Zhou and Zhou Shaohua glanced at each other, a little helpless.

Unexpectedly, Sun Lian, who was so desperate just now, would become like this after seeing Chen Xin.

Dustin Zhou was slanderous.

Is this an overwhelming motherhood?

No, Sun Lian is nearly forty years old anyway. Isn’t she married and has no children?

Dustin Zhou didn’t know these things, and Zhou Shaohua didn’t tell him, so he was just guessing.

Dustin Zhou wanted Sun Lian to reopen a room and take a good rest. After all, what she looked like just now was still very worrying.

As for Chen Xin, nothing will happen.

But when he thinks that if Asher Chen doesn’t come back tomorrow, Sun Lian and Chen Xin don’t know what will happen, Dustin Zhou’s head hurts.

After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou decided not to disturb them and let them be alone.

Winning a wink at Zhou Shaohua, Dustin Zhou left the room and slowly closed the door.

“Uncle Zhou, what the hell is going on? Didn’t you mean that they were still lovers more than ten years ago?” Dustin Zhou was a little speechless when he walked out of the room and closed the door. He looked at Zhou Shaohua with some doubts in his eyes.

According to Zhou Shaohua, how could lovers of ten years ago become like this when they met today?

Shouldn’t it be you and me, reluctant to give up and complain to each other?

Now it seems that there is an unpleasant quarrel between the two, and there is even the possibility of doing it?

Otherwise, how could Sun Lian slump on the sofa, and the coffee table on the side was knocked over.

Zhou Shaohua returned Dustin Zhou’s unknowing look, shrugged and said nothing.

In fact, Zhou Shaohua himself didn’t know that his thoughts were similar to Dustin Zhou’s. The two lovers met again after more than ten years. Not to mention the dry tea, but they definitely want to have a good chat.

The reality seemed completely different from what he thought.

What exactly is going on?

Dustin Zhou didn’t think about it, and Zhou Shaohua didn’t think about it.

In fact, both of them belong to the kind of inexperienced person.

Zhou Shaohua is still single in her 40s, and she has no feelings about the various relationships between lovers. Many things are taken for granted.

Although Dustin Zhou was married, it was a patriarchal nature. Even Mira Xie was not sincere when he wanted to marry him.

Under such circumstances, Dustin Zhou did not have much insight into the relationship between lovers compared to Zhou Shaohua.

The two went back separately, and they didn’t worry about any problems between Sun Lian and Chen Xin.

At this time, in the room, Sun Lian hugged Chen Xin, whispering something, her expression calm.

When Dustin Zhou returned to the room, he was speechless all night.

However, in a place that Dustin Zhou didn’t know, it was not very calm, but rather undercurrents.

Chapter 388

Undercurrent surging!

Jiang family.

In the front hall, this time, there is no Yu, Du, and Tang.

Only Jiang Fanliu, the head of the Jiang family, and his three sons, Jiang Xingfang, Jiang Xingyuan, and Jiang Xingguang are among them.

Three people stood aside, bowing their heads and waiting for the father’s order.

“Have those little families who didn’t open their eyes send anyone to confess?” Jiang Fanliu’s voice was cold and full of chills.

It was late at night. Although Jiang’s house was brightly lit, Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Xingguang still felt a chill in their backs.

Jiang Xingfang stood still, motionless, without any reaction.

“No, not only did I not mean to confess, I even kept proclaiming that I had gotten rid of our Jiang family’s control and slandered the Jiang family.” Jiang Xingfang said lightly, not thinking that he might decide Changsha I don’t know the fate of many small families.

It seems that the fate of those people has nothing to do with him.

At this moment, all he thought about in his mind was about Dustin Zhou.

“Huh, father, those small families have already followed the Chen family, and the Ding family. They can fight against our Jiang family. I really want to say, don’t talk nonsense with them at all, just do them, let them be It’s best if Changsha can’t survive!” Jiang Xingyuan said coldly, his words were full of fierceness, and he was full of hatred for those small families.

The previous Jiang family dinner was organized by him alone. The purpose was to lend Jiang Yan to recruit his son-in-law, strengthen the strength of the Jiang family, and strengthen his own strength. Fortunately, in the future competition for the position of the head of the Jiang family, it will be more successful. possibility.

However, things are impermanent.

First, Dustin Zhou had a big dinner party and left for a long time. They had no way to stop it, and then some small families headed by the Chen family and the Ding family blatantly opposed the Jiang family.

This is already a matter of tearing up their skin with the Jiang family. Since they don’t want the Jiang family’s control, then the Jiang family can make them unable to live in Changsha.

However, these are secondary.

Jiang Xingyuan never expected that that night, Jiang Yan suddenly left the Jiang family compound and turned out to be mixed with Dustin Zhou.

On this matter, he gave the password, and no one in those nursing homes dared to talk nonsense.

Otherwise, once known to the outside world, Jiang Xingyuan would become a joke.

“Haha, big brother, second brother, don’t be so nervous, those small families simply can’t make waves. What we have to think about now is how to solve Dustin Zhou’s gang, their threats are much larger than those of those small families. Jiang Xingguang sneered at the reaction of the boss and the second.

Among the three brothers, Jiang Xingguang’s power is the weakest, and he has the least chance to show his abilities in front of the old man.

This makes him very unwilling.

Now, the boss has lost the competition

Qualification, the second child has done several things in a row, and he is already wondering when he can show his hand.

“The third child, don’t talk cold words here, who doesn’t know Dustin Zhou is a big threat, but you have a way to deal with him?” Jiang Xingyuan was immediately unhappy when he heard it.

If he said to clean up those small families first, the third child would say to deal with Dustin Zhou.

However, who didn’t know, Dustin Zhou was definitely not a good person to deal with, otherwise he would not suffer from Dustin Zhou’s hands several times.

Now the third child has come up with this accidentally, which is obviously ill-intentioned.

“Haha, brother, what you said is wrong. Dustin Zhou is not easy to deal with, but it is not completely impossible. Have you suffered several losses in his hands and are already scared?” Jiang Xing sneered, anyway, it was just a sarcasm. He didn’t mind saying a few more words, he was so angry.

“Xingguang, do you have a way?” Jiang Xingyuan wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Jiang Fanliu.

Jiang Fanliu sat on the main seat, looked at Jiang Xingguang, and said lightly.

Although it sounds like a questioning tone, the three brothers know that the old man is serious.

At this moment, Jiang Xingfang and Jiang Xingyuan’s eyes suddenly fell on the face of the youngest third, “Uh…” At this moment, Jiang Xingguang was stunned.

How did things become like this?

I just said it casually, Dustin Zhou is difficult to deal with, isn’t it recognized?

But, father, why don’t you play cards according to the rules and just ask yourself?

I have a fart method to deal with Dustin Zhou.

Seeing Jiang Xing’s hesitation and speechlessness, Jiang Xingfang withdrew his gaze, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, full of sarcasm.

“Haha, the third child, why are you so hard-hearted just now, and now you can’t say anything? Didn’t you say that Dustin Zhou is easy to deal with? Why don’t you want to deal with Dustin Zhou now? Don’t you want to deal with Dustin Zhou?” But Jiang Xingyuan But he was unwilling to let go of the youngest.

Right now, the Jiang family’s biggest threat to Jiang Xingyuan is the youngest.

It’s rare to catch the mistake of the youngest, and don’t vigorously denounce, when will he wait.

For a time, all kinds of ugly words came out of Jiang Xingyuan’s mouth.

This made Jiang Xingfang’s face very ugly.

He looked at the boss, and found that Jiang Xingfang’s expression remained unchanged, and without looking at him, he knew that the boss would not help him at all.

Jiang Xingguang looked at the old man, only to find that his eyes became extremely cold for an instant.

In an instant, a deep chill emerged from Jiang Xingguang’s back.

This is a big talk in front of the old man.

At a lower level, this is because the words are not reliable and have no basis.

Going bigger, this is deceiving the old man, this is a big crime.

“Father, I was a little confused just now. I said something that shouldn’t be said. We should really pay attention now

Put effort on those small families.

“In the end, Jiang Xingguang still admits it. He is weak now, but he dare not resist the old man. “Boss, what do you think?”

Jiang Fanliu retracted his gaze from Jiang Xingguang, looked at the boss again, and asked softly. Jiang Fanliu still knows the abilities of the boss, and it is much better than the second and third. The Chen family and the Ding family are headed, so we will deal with the small families first. I remember that the Zhao family and the Liu family are a little weaker, so you can start with them.

“Jiang Xingfang said lightly, and in one sentence, the fate of the Zhao family and the Liu family was determined. “Okay, you can handle this matter. Since these small families dare to do this, there must be a backing behind it, and it is likely that the Zhang family is from it. Be stubborn, you have to be careful, if you have anything, you must report to me!

“Jiang Fanliu said in a deep voice, with a majestic tone that cannot be denied. The Jiang family is one of the five largest families in Hunan Province. It has been established for decades in Hunan Province and its majesty cannot be violated. Since those small families dare to violate the majesty of the Jiang family, then Be prepared to endure the anger of the Jiang family. “By the way, I remember that the Zhao family and the Liu family are closer to Gu Zheng Capital, right?

“Suddenly, Jiang Fanliu seemed to remember something and asked softly. “Well, Huang Sanli, the person in charge of Guzheng Capital, is old friends with the Patriarch of the Zhao family and the Liu family. With the support of Guzheng Capital.

“Jiang Xingfang said lightly, as if he had a thorough understanding of these things. “I remember that Guzheng Capital relies on the power of the capital.

Jiang Fanliu hesitated a little, obviously thinking about how to face Guzheng Capital. “The Chen family in the capital, but as far as I know, the Chen family is already preparing to cut off Guzheng Capital. Don’t worry, I have a sense of measure.

“Well, if that’s the case, you can just let it go and let others see that the majesty of my Jiang family can’t be violated by anyone.”

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