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Chapter 389

The Jiang family makes a move! No one knows what kind of decision the Jiang family made this evening. Since the farce of the Jiang family dinner, nearly half a month has passed. This half month, Jiang The family has not moved, as if forgetting what happened at the dinner party. And people, it seems that they have begun to forget. Only occasionally when mentioned, as a joke, talk about capital after drinking. And at this moment, Guzheng Capital Xiang Province In the branch office, Huang Sanli is serving two guests. Zhao Guiji, the head of the Zhao family. Liu Feng, the head of the Liu family. Although they don’t think the Jiang family will do anything to them, they have made sufficient preparations afterwards. And as time goes on, Half a month passed, and the Jiang family did not see any actions, everyone had already slackened. Even, the three thought that it was impossible for the Jiang family to take any action.

With great risks, he directly dealt with so many small families.

You know, the small families who opposed the Jiang family at the dinner party were the Chen family, the Ding family, the Zhao family, and the Liu family.

And behind them, there are also many small families to support.

It can be said that if they are united, even the Jiang family would not dare to act rashly.

However, when the Chen family was discussing matters yesterday, Dustin Zhou said that, none of them were very happy and left directly.

But after thinking about it, I was a little worried.

Therefore, Zhao Guiji and Liu Feng came to Guzheng Capital to discuss with Huang Sanli.

After all, they have the support of Guzheng Capital behind them, so they can be more confident.

“Mr. Huang, after I go back, this is always a little uneasy.” Zhao Guiji said with a wry smile.

Yesterday, I was upset and left Chen’s house with Huang Sanli. After returning home, I thought about it carefully and discovered that even if Dustin Zhou said, I would not lose anything.

On the contrary, if there is no preparation, and the Jiang family really does something to them, the Zhao family will undoubtedly suffer heavy losses if they are not prepared.

So, early in the morning, he couldn’t wait to rush to Guzheng Capital, wanting to ask Huang Sanli for some information.

Who knows, when he arrived at Guzheng Capital, Liu Feng, the head of the Liu family, was already waiting.

When the two old men saw each other, they looked at each other and looked a little ugly.

However, after some discussions between the two people, they found that their worries were the same, so they joined forces to find Huang Sanli.

Zhao Guiji and Liu Feng are both elderly people over half a hundred years old, while Huang Sanli is a young man in his thirties.

It stands to reason that Huang Sanli should be polite to Zhao Guiji and Liu Feng.

But in fact, Huang Sanli looks aloof, but Zhao Guiji and Liu Feng are two people, when facing Huang Sanli, they are somewhat respectful.

“Me too, Mr. Huang, you said, if the Jiang family really wants us to settle accounts, what should we do?” There was a trace of worry on Liu Feng’s face, and the wrinkles on his forehead were very conspicuous. It turned out to be a few years old.

“Hehe, see if you are anxious, don’t worry, the Jiang family will never treat you anyway. You must know that you not only represent yourself, but there are so many small families that are united together. Even the Jiang family can Contend.” “Besides, there is still me. Guzheng Capital is here, and his Jiang family dare not go too far.” Huang Sanli looked at the two people with a hint of disdain, and smiled lightly.

To be honest, Huang Sanli is not at all worried about Zhao Guiji and Liu Feng’s concerns.

Not to mention the influence of the Zhao family and the Liu family in Changsha, the small families behind them are not a force that can be underestimated.

And he

We are united, even if the Jiang family wants to do it, they have to think twice.

Besides, he Guzheng Capital is still here, and the Zhao family and Liu family are supported by Guzheng Capital. This is no secret in Changsha, and the Jiang family must know it.

Huang Sanli was very confident in Guzheng Capital. No matter how bold the Jiang family was, they would not dare to do anything unusual to Guzheng Capital.

Otherwise, the Beijing Chen family behind Guzheng Capital will not give up.

“That’s good. If the Jiang family really does it then, please support Mr. Huang.” When Zhao Guiji and Liu Feng heard the words, their hearts were a little settled, but there was still a trace of anxiety in their hearts.

With Huang Sanli’s assurance, Zhao Guiji and Liu Feng’s emotions also eased, and the three of them talked happily.

“Ting bell!” Suddenly, a sharp cell phone bell rang.

The three of them were taken aback.

Zhao Guiji was a little surprised, and took out his mobile phone, the caller ID lit on it, as well as the harsh ringtone, made him feel inexplicable.

“Follow, Lao Zhao, could it be that something happened at home?” Liu Feng froze for a moment, then said in a deep voice.

However, neither Zhao Guiji nor Huang Sanli noticed that Liu Feng’s hands hanging by his side were already tightly clasped together, faintly pale.

Zhao Guiji looked uncertain, and his heart became more and more worried.

When he came out of the house in the morning, he said specially, there is nothing wrong, don’t call yourself.

But now, how long has it passed?

It only took him an hour to come to Guzheng Capital, and the call hit his mobile phone.

“Hello.” Zhao Guiji answered the phone, his voice trembling faintly.

He kept looking forward to it in his heart, not wanting to hear bad news.

“Father, it’s not good, the Jiang family has taken action against us!” However, the more afraid of something, the more often it comes.

The moment Zhao Guiji’s eldest son’s voice rang in the phone, Zhao Guiji’s figure shook.

Had it not been for sitting on the chair, he would be directly limp on the ground now.

And seeing Zhao Guiji like this, Liu Feng’s face instantly turned pale.

I’m coming!

The Jiang family has done it!

Liu Feng knew that Zhao Guiji, except for the Jiang Family’s actions to make him do this, nothing could touch him.

But how dare the Jiang family!

Huang Sanli was also a little surprised. He sat up in a precarious manner and his expression became serious.

“What’s going on, make it clear!” Although Zhao Guiji was shocked and angry, he knew that at this time, as the head of the family, he must not be flustered. He must be calm and give confidence to the family.

Only in this way, when they face the Jiang family, they will not be defeated in an instant, and there is no room for return.

“Father, all of our several stores in Changsha have been found to have problems, and several of our rented stores have also been blocked by the landlord.

Stop, besides, several companies that have worked well with us suddenly sent a letter asking us to sever cooperation.

“Hearing this, Zhao Guiji’s expression turned pale, and the hand holding the phone couldn’t stop shaking. The phone fell directly to the ground, and he couldn’t hear the rest. Now, Zhao Guiji’s mind is full of the eldest son just now. What you say. And all the information is gathered together, Zhao Guiji knows. The Jiang family really made a move!

Chapter 390

triumphant Liu Feng! “What’s the matter, old Zhao, did the Jiang family really make a move for the second time?

“Liu Feng hurriedly asked, he now has a ten-thousandth hope. What if it is not the Jiang family’s actions, but other things within the Zhao family? At this time, Liu Feng did not hesitate to use the most vicious thoughts. Guess what happened to the Zhao family. As long as it is not the Jiang family, even if the Zhao family is dead now, Liu Feng will not frown. “Mr. Zhao, if you have anything, just say it, you can rest assured, Gu Zheng Capital will definitely support your!

Huang Sanli also hurriedly expressed his stance at this time. “The Jiang family has taken action, and our Jiang family’s stores have been closed down, and most companies have also cut off cooperation with us…” Zhao Guiji only felt that his blood was rising, his heart was dull, and his head was a little bit stuffy. Drowsy. Suddenly, his eyes went dark, even if he was sitting on a chair, Zhao Guiji fell straight back and fell directly to the ground. “Old Zhao!

Old Zhao!

“Mr. Zhao, Mr. Zhao!”

Come, call the emergency call!

Seeing Zhao Guiji fainting suddenly, Liu Feng and Huang Sanli were taken aback and screamed. After a while, Huang Sanli arranged for employees to send Zhao Guiji to the hospital, while he and Liu Feng were sitting in the office with their faces. It was extremely gloomy. They didn’t expect that the Jiang family would actually make a move, and they made it so quickly. They were still discussing these things in the Chen family yesterday, and Dustin Zhou also told them that the Jiang family was going to make a move, so they should be careful. At that time, They didn’t care. They just didn’t expect that all of this would come so quickly. Now that the Jiang family has already taken action and the Zhao family has done it, will his Liu family be safe? Liu Feng’s face is ugly now. He thought I called back to ask about the situation, but I was afraid of hearing bad news. I couldn’t bear it. Like Zhao Guiji, he passed out directly. No one knows, Liu Feng has a thought in his heart at this moment. The Jiang family didn’t see their Liu family in their eyes and forgot to clean up the Liu family? As long as he doesn’t call back to ask about the situation, and there is no call, then the Liu family will be safe! Liu Feng’s heart is extremely disturbed. I drank a few sips of tea in a row, trying to relieve my nervousness. And Huang Sanli also looked gloomy at this time.

I promised that Jiang’s family would not make a move and was quickly beaten in the face.

Moreover, they are still in their office, Zhao Guiji and Liu Feng are both present.

Now the Zhao family was in trouble, Zhao Guiji couldn’t bear it and passed out directly.

Now, it’s up to the Liu family to see if there is anything to do.

One minute.

ten minutes.

Half an hour!

… In the past hour, the staff who arranged for Zhao Guiji to go to the hospital called back, saying that Zhao Guiji was fine.

But Liu Feng and Huang Sanli didn’t care what Zhao Guiji was doing now.

They only care about whether something will happen to the Liu family now.

However, after an hour, Liu Feng still did not receive a call, which made the two of them excited.

“Haha, Mr. Liu, it seems that the Jiang family didn’t take action against your Liu family. I said, Jiang’s family can’t do it against all families. In that case, the relationship is too great. Even if their Jiang family is one of the five big families, it’s not. So easy to handle.” Huang Sanli felt quite relaxed at this moment.

Up to now, he has only the news of an accident in the Zhao family.

There is no phone call from the Liu family, indicating that nothing happened.

If this is the case, then it means that the Jiang family just wants to find a family as a model, kill chickens for monkeys, and let other families know that the Jiang family is not that easy to mess with.

It’s just that the Jiang family is very unlucky, it’s just that chicken.

If nothing happens in the Liu family, the two parties can work together to do some help to the Zhao family.

“Yeah. It seems that the Jiang family is still jealous. They dare not really tear their faces with us. They just suffer the Zhao family. But this is good, we can also help the Zhao family. After all, the Zhao family is protecting us from disasters. “Yes.” Liu Feng didn’t receive a call from home, he was in a good mood, he stroked his goatee, his eyes flashed a little.

Since the Jiang family took action against the Zhao family, the fate of the Zhao family can be imagined.

Either completely attached to the Zhao family, or besieged by a group, nothing left.

Liu Feng didn’t know what the other members of the Zhao family planned, but his Liu family was able to take advantage of the fact that the Jiang family had just made a move, and the other families were still very jealous. During this period of time when the tortoise was shrinking, some of the Jiang family’s properties were acquired. .

As for what he just said, it’s a bit of help for the Zhao family.

Taking over some of the Zhao family’s properties and giving the Zhao family a job that can survive is already a great help.

Even if Old Man Zhao wakes up, there is nothing to say.

Well, just do it!

Liu Feng made plans in his heart, and his mood was more refreshing than ever.

He decided to go home now and immediately set out to accept the Zhao family’s property.

“Mr. Huang, since Lao Zhao is fine, then I will go back first.” Liu Feng slowly got up, smiled and arched his hands to Huang Sanli, the smile on his face couldn’t hide.

And Huang Sanli saw Liu Feng so happy, and

It’s somewhat inexplicable.

However, since Liu Feng was leaving, he was not easy to stop him.

Liu Feng bid farewell to Huang Sanli, walked out of Guzheng Capital, and looked at the sun that had risen outside. The sun was shining on him, and it was very warm.

At this moment, he suddenly had a feeling of giving me someone else in the world.

The family who sang against the Jiang family at the dinner party are now trembling, carefully guarding against the Jiang family’s attack on them.

Even the Zhao family became a scapegoat and was used by the Jiang family as a chicken to frighten other families.

Only he, Liu Feng, can see the opportunity to grow the Liu family at this time.

“Haha, really good luck, good luck.” With a cheerful smile, Liu Feng walked home slowly, he was not in a hurry now.

It has been more than an hour, and no one in the family has called him to warn him, which means that the Jiang family has no plans to attack his Liu family.

In that case, why should you panic and add trouble to yourself?

The Liu family in Changsha can be regarded as a fairly large family, not as good as the Chen family, but not much different.

The Liu family has an independent garden in Changsha with an area of ​​several hundred square meters, which is well-regulated and not very large, but it does not lose face.

However, when Liu Feng returned to Liu’s compound, the entire garden was quiet and there was no sound.

“This bunch of bastards, I don’t know how to grasp such a good opportunity, and I don’t know where I’ve slipped.” Liu Feng screamed in a low voice and stepped inside.

However, as soon as he stepped into the garden, he froze in place.


Very messy!

The entire Liu’s garden is very messy!

It was like being looted by someone, all kinds of things were placed in a mess, and Liu Feng could not even find a good place to stay.

In addition to some of the flowers and plants decorations were broken, the flowers and plants were in a mess, and a lot of furniture was broken up, messy, and can be seen everywhere.

“Which god did this? Get out of me!” Liu Feng suddenly felt an anger hit his heart, his eyes flushed.

If it weren’t for no one in front of him, he would have just blasted it past.

“Boss, second, third!” Liu Feng roared, his three sons were at home and they turned the house into this way. How did they do it? Do you want to rebel?

Chapter 391

A bolt from the blue, the Liu family is gone!

Angrily, Liu Feng strode to the backyard.

In the entire Liu family compound, almost all personnel live in the backyard.

As soon as I walked to the backyard, there were a few sharp noises in my ears.

This made Liu Feng look upright and immediately became majestic.

“Bang!” Kicked open the wooden door of the backyard, Liu Feng yelled without time to see who was inside.

“You bastards, if I’m not at home, you just made the house like this, do you want to rebel? If you don’t want to stay in this home, just get out of here!” Liu Feng yelled at him, and then he felt his heart cleared. a lot of.

But, why is it so quiet around?

Only then did Liu Feng have time to look forward, with a panoramic view in front of him.

However, in the next second, he was stunned, then his face turned extremely red and his figure shook.

“Old Cao, what are you doing?” With a roar, Liu Feng strode towards an old man in the backyard.

The old man was about the same age as Liu Feng, and when he saw Liu Feng coming over, he looked flustered and his reaction was much slower.


With a muffled sound, Liu Feng banged his fist directly on Old Cao’s face, leaving a purple fist mark.

But Old Cao didn’t react for a while, and his body was shaken directly by this punch. After shaking for several times, he took a look and stabilized.

Liu Feng was extremely angry.

He didn’t expect that he just stayed at Guzheng Capital for more than an hour and saw this scene when he came back.

The entire Liu’s yard was in a mess. He finally came to the backyard and kicked the door open, and saw the housekeeper Cao and a stickman moving out the furniture in the backyard, as well as some bottles and cans.

Moreover, some of the things that are really heavy and can’t be moved are broken directly and trampled on at will.

This is simply lawless, this is to rebel!

“Old Cao, and you guys, do you know what this is doing? Who gave you the courage?” Liu Feng was very angry, pointing at the butler, Cao, and another servant, and roared angrily.

But Lao Cao and his servants were stunned for a moment before they finally realized.

“The owner of the family is back, what should we do? We are going to be unlucky!” “Fart, the Liu family is gone now, who would admit that he is the owner of the family, brothers, hurry up, move all the good things away, and suffer so much here. For many years, get more good things and don’t treat yourself badly.” “That is, the son of the old guy doesn’t want this house anymore, and he expects us to serve him? It’s a dream!” “Brothers, faster and slower, Jiang If we come to our house, we won’t be able to leave.” “Uncle Cao, don’t be stunned, get something quickly!” …… The next people showed disdain and didn’t even look at Liu Feng at all. Busy moving things out of the room


Some people really disdain, and they just spit on Liu Feng.

Old Cao also reacted, his face changed for a while, and finally made a decision, the eyes looking at Liu Feng became fierce.

“Mr. Liu, I know there must be something valuable on your body. If you are acquainted, you can hand it over. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Old Cao slowly walked towards Liu Feng.

He didn’t move anything from the room like the others.

Those things are mostly decorations, even before, they are only a few thousand, which is amazingly small.

However, now standing in front of him is Liu Feng, the head of the Liu family. The entire Liu family belongs to him. There must be a lot of good things about him.

At least, it is countless times better than those broken copper and broken iron.

Lao Cao walked towards Liu Feng slowly, but Liu Feng turned a deaf ear.

He was stunned now, standing still, in his mind, everything was what the people just said.

The Jiang family made a move!

His son doesn’t want this house anymore.

The Liu family is over!

And now, the former housekeeper, Cao, is taking all his servants and wants to completely evacuate the Liu family!

In an instant, a thunderbolt in Liu Feng’s heart fell directly, blasting him to pieces from the inside out.

how can that be!

how can that be!

Liu Feng kept his eyes wide open, looking at everything in front of him, he didn’t believe what he saw, what he heard, he felt that these were all lies that people wanted to deceive him.

Obviously, he waited at Guzheng Capital for more than an hour, but his family did not call him to warn him.

All this is fake!

“A**hole!” “Bang!” Liu Feng wanted to yell at him, but there was a big fist facing him, which suddenly caused the Venus to rise in front of him, shaking his body, and finally fell directly to the ground.

But at this time, the pain from his body made Liu Feng see everything in front of him clearly.

What those people say is true.

And now, the old loyal butler, Cao Cao, was rubbing his fists and walking towards him step by step.

“Haha, Mr. Liu, you have seen the situation now. I advise you to hand over all the valuable things on your body, so as to save the pain.” Old Cao walked to Liu Feng and squatted down, regardless of what Liu Feng has. What kind of reaction, directly reached out and fumbled on him.

And Liu Feng also violently resisted.

He had thought that this would happen, and the Liu family would not say so, even he himself would be treated like this by his subordinates.

“Get out! You shameless bastard, dare to do something to me, I won’t let you go!” Liu Feng yelled while resisting.

“Bang!” Old Cao became a little impatient, and punched Liu Feng directly to death.

“As soon as the Jiang family took action, the Liu family ceased to exist, and they pretended to be tall

I don’t want to let go of me, I won’t let you go now!

“After speaking, Old Cao took off all the gold necklace from Liu Feng’s neck and the Buddhist beads in his hand. These things are good things. As a housekeeper, Old Cao naturally knows that, compared to those in the house. Broken copper and broken iron, these things are of great value. And Liu Feng half passed out, Cao didn’t care, let the people move faster, they have to leave Changsha quickly. Soon, everyone basically finished the search. Look. Without looking at Liu Feng who was fainted on the ground, everyone followed Old Cao and quickly left. The Liu family also quickly calmed down……. Chen family. At this time, the front hall of the Chen family was silent and the atmosphere was very heavy. Chen Li, Ding Tao, and several family heads of small families, all gathered here. They just got the news that the Jiang family made a move and they basically killed the Liu family and Zhao family’s properties. Hearing the news At the moment, everyone sighed in their hearts. When Dustin Zhou warned them before, the Zhao family and Liu family followed Huang Sanli of Guzheng Capital and left without persuasion. But they stayed, well. Discuss how to prepare. Unexpectedly, it was only a day before the Zhao family and Liu family were gone. Now think about it, everyone had a chill on their backs. If they also left with their children, the consequences will now be, It is hard to imagine. “I heard that Zhao Guiji passed out directly when he heard the news, and is still in the hospital.

“Yes, but it is still the most pitiful of the Liu family. When Lao Liu’s sons saw that the Jiang family took action, regardless of whether Lao Liu lived or died, they sold all the family properties and left Changsha with the family properties in just one hour.

“It’s more than that. I heard that those in the Liu family, under the leadership of the butler, completely turned the Liu family upside down. All the valuables were moved away, and Lao Liu had just returned to the Liu family at that time. He was beaten to death and his valuables were also taken away.

“… Chen Li and Ding Tao looked at each other, feeling sad. “Now the situation is not right, let’s go to Dustin Zhou and ask.

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