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Chapter 392

Peace of mind!

Chen Li and Ding Tao brought a few small families to the hotel to find Dustin Zhou.

They still have lingering fears about what happened today.

The Jiang family really made a move!

Although they had discussed several times before, once the Jiang family made a move, what they should do.

But at that time, they were still lucky.

What if the Jiang family disdain to care about them?

It’s just that I didn’t expect all this to come so quickly and so powerless to resist.

The Zhao family and the Liu family are not much different from the Chen family and the Ding family.

However, in one day, the two families almost destroyed the Jiang family.

The family business has been shut down, the relationship between cooperative companies has been cut off, and a large number of staff have resigned.

Even the descendants of Liu’s family became the seller of the property and left Changsha directly. Even the old owner Liu Feng ignored him and was beaten unconscious to death in the backyard.

If someone hadn’t noticed the change, I’m afraid Liu Feng would have died there.

Now imagine that both Chen Li and Ding Tao have a cold back.

Jiang family, it’s really hot!

When everyone came to the hotel, Dustin Zhou was already up.

As for the Jiang family’s shots, he naturally knew the first time.

Now that the Chen family and the Ding family are coming, there is no need to refuse.

Anyway, the day before, he had gone to Chen’s house and reminded them.

If they listened to themselves and made some preparations, nothing would happen.

Just like the Zhao family, the Liu family.

If they hadn’t made any effort at the time, but sincerely listened to Dustin Zhou’s warning and made some preparations, then they would not be crushed by the Jiang family all at once.

Even if it really couldn’t resist Jiang’s suppression, it wouldn’t be more miserable than it is now.

However, things are impermanent, and no one can foresee the future.

Therefore, the current situation of the Zhao family and the Liu family can only be attributed to their own choices and their lives are not good.

“Zhou, the Zhao family, and the Liu family, do you know what happened?” Chen Li, Ding Tao and others saw Dustin Zhou with a very respectful attitude, and they didn’t dare to take a stand.

After all, Dustin Zhou just reminded them to be careful of the Jiang family.

If the Jiang family hadn’t done anything, that would be fine. They might still be able to take advantage of their old age.

However, this just reminded that the next day, the Zhao family and the Liu family were gone, which was simply too chilling.

Therefore, how can Chen Li and Ding Tao dare to have anything to do at this time.

They were eager to get Dustin Zhou’s help. After all, the Jiang family had nothing to do with Dustin Zhou.

“Well, I just heard about it, and it is reasonable. After all, the dinner party was a lot of trouble.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, without realizing it. The biggest one is himself.

It stands to reason,

If the Jiang family wanted time to retaliate, Dustin Zhou would be the first person to retaliate.

But there was no way, Dustin Zhou was too strong, and Dustin Zhou of the Jiang family had no choice.

Chen Li and Ding Tao looked at each other, secretly slandered.

It was because the Jiang family had nothing to do with Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou was able to speak unscrupulously, and no one would even bother to say bad things about the Jiang family.

“What we are worried about now is whether the Jiang family will do anything to us again. Mr. Zhou, do you have the exact source of the information?” Chen Li is really anxious. Yan spoke on the phone, but now he hasn’t settled down.

He didn’t know if the Zhang family would really support him all the time, and he was very firm.

You know, the Zhang family’s power is mainly in Xiangxi, and his Chen family and Jiang family are both in Changsha.

Once the Jiang family made a move, the Zhang family might not be able to react.

In addition, yesterday Dustin Zhou was so convinced that the Jiang family was about to do it, Chen Li tentatively asked, what if there is a source of information for Dustin Zhou?

In that case, they can also make more adequate preparations in advance.

“Yeah.” Dustin Zhou lowered his head and muttered, his voice stretched very long and deep.

Chen Li, Ding Tao and others were quiet, afraid to make a sound, for fear that it would disturb Dustin Zhou’s thinking.

However, they didn’t know that Dustin Zhou was not thinking about their affairs at all, but thinking about what purpose the Jiang family did.

Punish the person who made trouble at the dinner party?

This is a reason, but it is not sufficient. At least, Dustin Zhou is not completely convinced.

Cover people, take advantage of the chaos, what do you do?

This is also a reason, and Dustin Zhou believes that this reason is more sufficient and more possible.

Jiang’s action against Zhao’s and Liu’s is not much good.

At best, it just vented the anger at the dinner.

Make other families afraid?

It would be jealous, the Jiang family would be jealous if they didn’t do this.

There will be no fear, even if the Jiang family turns Changsha over, the other party will not be afraid.

Just like Dustin Zhou, he didn’t care about the Jiang family at all before. Even if the Jiang family did anything, Dustin Zhou would not be afraid.

Then, the Jiang family still did this, there must be other reasons behind it.

Will it be the Zhang family?

Dustin Zhou pondered for a moment, but did not think of the real purpose of the Jiang family.

However, now that the Jiang family has already taken action, it shows that what Jiang Xingfang told him before is true, and Jiang Xingfang has not lied.

That being the case, is Jiang Xingfang’s previous statement about cooperating with Dustin Zhou, is it true or not?

Does it have something to do with the sudden move of the Jiang family?

Dustin Zhou is not sure, he still needs some observation.

However, since the Jiang family made the move, the Zhao family and the Liu family disappeared in Changsha all at once.

The sensation caused was enough, so in the future, the Jiang family should not continue to make big moves.

After all, the Chen family is very much from the Ding family, unlike the Zhao family and the Liu family. They have the Zhang family behind them, and the Jiang family still has to consider one or two things more or less.

“Don’t worry, Jiang’s family shouldn’t make any big moves. Even if they do, they won’t be directed at you.” Dustin Zhou laughed. Now that he thought about it clearly, everything seemed to be clear.

“Uh, really?” Chen Li and Ding Tao were overjoyed when they heard it, with an unstoppable smile on their faces.

But they were a little worried. After all, this was the Jiang family’s decision. How did Dustin Zhou know about it?

“Well, don’t worry, anyway, didn’t I link you up before and reached a cooperation with the Zhang family? With the Zhang family present, the Jiang family should be more or less cautious.” Dustin Zhou said softly, he felt that Chen Lihe Ding Tao was a little worried about gains and losses.

Such things, even if it is the Jiang family, do too much, it will hurt the vitality.

It’s not difficult to deal with a family like the Zhao family and the Liu family.

However, the Jiang family dealt with two consecutively, and almost all of them were of a destructive nature, so ordinary people would not even dare to imagine the joints and preparations that needed to be opened.

Even this kind of thing, for the Jiang family, would hurt the enemy a thousand and hurt the enemy eight hundred, which was not worth it.

“By the way, although the Jiang family won’t do anything to you, you should be careful during this time and don’t make any big moves. In addition, move around with the Zhang family more. You have to tighten this relationship.” Dustin Zhou smiled and shook his head.

After sending Chen Li away, Ding Tao and others, Dustin Zhou thought for a while and came to Asher Chen’s room.

Until now, Asher Chen has not returned.

And Sun Lian seemed to have found a destination, staying with Chen Xin, waiting in the room.

It seems like this, Asher Chen will come back by himself.

“I said Mr. Sun, you are always here and it is not a problem. Besides, no one knows when Mr. Chen will be back.” Looking at the room, Sun Lian and Dustin Zhou were whispering to Chen Xin. Some helpless.

It seemed that Sun Lian had undergone earth-shaking changes overnight.

Yesterday, Sun Lian still looked desperate and looked distressed.

But one night later, Sun Lian seemed to be reborn again, and her whole body exuded a vivid vitality, as if dead wood had found its source and was moisturized.

Dustin Zhou was speechless, and felt inexplicable for such a big change as Sun Lian.

The old lover Asher Chen disappeared, and he was chatting with Asher Chen’s daughter, but smiled happily. Dustin Zhou also felt a little strange for such a person.

However, for a person like Sun Lian, Dustin Zhou did not know what she had experienced, so he also

There is no way to do anything, but to let Sun Lian make his own decision.

Anyway, Asher Chen didn’t come back, and she stayed here for a reason.

“Haha, Mr. Zhou, what are you doing in such a hurry? Did I take your little girlfriend?” Sun Lian let go of Chen Xin’s hand, looked at Dustin Zhou with a smile, and said slowly.

Chapter 393

In her opinion, Dustin Zhou and Chen Xin are a match made in heaven.

The age difference between the two is not big, which is acceptable.

Besides, Dustin Zhou is not particularly handsome, but he is very attractive, and he belongs to a man who looks more and more tasteful.

Such men are often more attractive to women than those small fresh meats.

Moreover, she did not see that Dustin Zhou had a girlfriend by her side. The only few women, one cold and frosty, one was the boss of Dustin Zhou’s company.

Sun Lian knew about it and knew that as for Chen Xin, Dustin Zhou was the most suitable.

Moreover, Sun Lian still remembers the situation yesterday. Chen Xin’s name for Dustin Zhou and his dependence on Dustin Zhou all show that Chen Xin has feelings for Dustin Zhou.

The most important thing is that when she was chatting with Chen Xin last night, she casually asked if she had a boyfriend and if she had a crush. At that time, Chen Xin subconsciously said Dustin Zhou’s name.

Therefore, Sun Lian wanted to help Chen Xin test Dustin Zhou’s tone today.

However, as soon as Sun Lian said something, she found something was wrong.

Dustin Zhou was stunned, and Chen Xin, who was on the side, was also pulling his arm flushed.

Is there anything that I don’t know?

Before Sun Lian could think about it, she heard Chen Xin crying anxiously.

“Auntie Sun, Brother Yang has a wife. What if you say that makes people misunderstand me.” Chen Xin was very embarrassed. She didn’t expect Aunt Sun to say such things in front of Dustin Zhou. Brother Yang would not misunderstand. Right?

He wouldn’t think I asked Aunt Sun to say this?

He doesn’t think I am a very frivolous girl?

In an instant, countless thoughts flashed through Chen Xin’s mind, and each one made her extremely depressed.

Sun Lian’s eyes tightened, and he glanced at Chen Xin suspiciously, then looked at Dustin Zhou in shock.

That look is clearly asking, do you guys have a wife?

Dustin Zhou was also baffled by Sun Lian’s eyes, but he soon understood the meaning of this.

“Mr. Sun, I am in my twenties. Isn’t it normal to have a wife?” Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly.

He really did not expect that one day he would be considered to have no wife.

Does he have a face without a wife?

“Who is it?” Sun Lian asked curiously.

Is it the two who have been following Dustin Zhou?


However, one is frosty and the other is Dustin Zhou’s boss, no matter how you look at it, they don’t look like it!

“Mira Xie, I don’t know if you have any impression.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile. He doesn’t care if Sun Lian knows it or not. Anyway, using Sun Lian’s methods, he must have understood the others.

That being the case, Sun Lian should be able to match up with people by saying Mira Xie’s name.

“It turned out to be her.” Sun Lian did know Mira Xie, but she didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to marry that cold woman.

However, from the information compiled by the assistant, Dustin Zhou and the woman named Mira Xie were not very close.

Even when they stay in a hotel, they still sleep in separate rooms.

If they are a real couple, this situation would be too ridiculous.

Unless their relationship is not very good, they may break down at any time.

Thinking of this, Sun Lian became active again, but she didn’t explain it directly, but turned the topic off with a smile.

“Zhou, I heard that you have a cooperation with the Zhang family?” After that, Sun Lian’s eyes lighted up again.

Dustin Zhou was slightly surprised that Sun Lian didn’t even ask Asher Chen about it, which surprised him a bit.

“Yes, Zhang Jie of the Zhang family is the grandson of Zhang Taiyan’s old paternal master. I and he are college classmates.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, he has nothing to hide, and Sun Lian only needs to ask someone to ask about such things. It’s clear, it is impossible to hide it.

“Why, does Sun always have any thoughts?” Dustin Zhou asked with a smile.

“That’s not true, but I heard that the Zhang family seems to have encountered a lot of trouble recently. If the Zhang family is willing, I can help a little.” Sun Lian nodded slightly and said with a chuckle.

In fact, Sun Lian didn’t know too much about the affairs between these families in Hunan Province, and was unwilling to learn more.

However, Sun Lian knew it was enough.

At the very least, she understands the grievances between the five major families.

And the help she said was indeed not just casual talk.

If Dustin Zhou contacts the Zhang family, if the Zhang family is willing, Sun Lian can indeed provide the Zhang family with considerable help.

At the very least, it will not be less helpful than Dustin Zhou’s cooperation with the Zhang family.

Sun Lian has this confidence.

Dustin Zhou thought for a while. He doesn’t know much about fashion capital, but from the most superficial situation, fashion capital is definitely not as simple as outsiders see.

Otherwise, Asher Chen wouldn’t let himself get in touch with fashion capital too early.

Dustin Zhou didn’t think it was because Asher Chen didn’t want to contact Sun Lian by himself.

Asher Chen is not that kind of person.

“I will tell Zhang Jie, but the specific situation depends on the Zhang family’s decision.


Dustin Zhou smiled, and did not make any promises. Besides, Dustin Zhou could not be the master of the Zhang family. All that can be said is that he would tell the Zhang family what Sun Lian meant, and let the Zhang family consider it. Next, the two discussed some things about the current situation in Hunan Province. Sun Lian’s view is that Hunan Province cannot be chaotic. Even if the other four major families jointly besiege Zhang’s house, there will be no big moves. After all, the above must It is necessary to ensure the stability of Hunan Province. Therefore, if the four big families push the Zhang family tightly, then the above will definitely consider the turmoil caused by the Zhang family’s dying struggle. Similarly, the other four big families encounter this problem, the same as above I won’t ignore it. In short, Xiang Province must be stable and not tolerant of turmoil. Dustin Zhou thought a lot after listening to it. He suddenly discovered that Zhang Jie looked very anxious when he was in the East China Sea and eagerly hoped that someone could help the Zhang family. But. After Dustin Zhou and his entourage followed Zhang Jie to Xiang Province, apart from feeling this urgency from Zhang Jie, other people in the Zhang family could not feel this atmosphere at all. It seems that the Zhang family has a quiet attitude towards changes. When I went up to Zhang Taiyan’s old Patriarch, and when I went down to a nursing home in Zhang’s family, I didn’t feel anxious. On the contrary, every one of them was a step-by-step life and work. It seemed that the four major families besieging Zhang’s family did not exist at all. Even, Zhang Lun, Zhang Ying, and the others are still at ease to attend the dinner hosted by the Jiang family. Generally speaking, the Jiang family is one of the big families besieging the Zhang family. Don’t say that the Zhang family goes to the Jiang family’s dinner. It’s already calm enough. But Zhang Family’s hostility towards the Jiang Family is not as strong as Dustin Zhou had imagined. And everything, after hearing Sun Lian’s explanation, Dustin Zhou suddenly realized. Zhang Family’s calmness means that they already know that they hope from above. Hunan Province is not chaotic, so they have no fear, knowing that the other four big families will not do too much.

Chapter 394

New Ideas! Changsha, Zhao family, Liu family, and several other small families just one day The news of the disappearance soon spread throughout Changsha, and even the entire Hunan Province. After all, today’s Hunan Province, Changsha can be regarded as the center of all vortices. Not only the Jiang family is in Changsha, the Yu family, the Du family, the Tang family, but also Everyone from the Zhang family is active in Changsha. What’s more, half a month ago, the farce at the Jiang family dinner has not subsided, and it is still the talk of the people of Hunan Province after dinner. So for the troubles in Changsha, all the people involved are there. Pay close attention. So when something happened to the Zhao family and the Liu family, many people and many families knew the whole story, and they all knew it. All of this was done by the Jiang family. For a while, many small families in Changsha and Hunan province were cautious. Get up. They

Some were more or less conflicted with the Jiang family before, and some offended the Jiang family in some ways.

There were also some who followed the Chen family, the Ding family, the Zhao family, and the Liu family to refute the Jiang family at the Jiang family dinner.

Now that the Jiang family has taken action, those small families are rumbling for a moment, for fear that the Jiang family will do anything to them.

Several days passed for such a cautious day. Except for the Zhao family, the Liu family, and a few small families that are not painful, the Jiang family did not do anything to any one family.

Even at the dinner, the Chen family and the Ding family, who led the refutation of the Jiang family, were not implicated at all.

It seems that the Jiang family has forgotten them.

Before, there were a few small families who stayed with the Chen and Ding families to discuss the defense of the Jiang family. At this time, they were also embarrassed, and at the same time, they were very grateful for the decision they made.

In such a situation, naturally, many people cannot be kept secret.

Soon, they refuted the Jiang family at the Jiang family dinner, and they inquired about this one after another.

For a time, Changsha Chen’s house and Ding’s house were in an endless stream.

There are families and individuals who come to visit every day.

However, the Chen Family and Ding Family now only wanted to strengthen their own strength, and they could resist a little when the Jiang Family started their hands, so they did not refuse, and all welcomed them into the front hall.

As a result, the atmosphere in Changsha suddenly became tense.

Quietly, many small families began to contact the Chen family and the Ding family.

Among them, there are even several families that have a good relationship with the Jiang family. They are all dependent on the Jiang family, relying on the protection of the Jiang family to survive.

However, the Jiang family suddenly acted on the Zhao family and the Liu family, and the two families disappeared all at once. It really made many people feel intimidated. They didn’t want their family to be the same as the Zhao family and the Liu family. Up.

At the same time, the Jiang family.

In the front hall, the four of Jiang Fanliu and his son, the head of the Jiang family, gathered together in silence.

Jiang Fanliu didn’t have any expression on his face, his eyes were blank, and he looked into the distance, as if he was not interested in what was happening in Changsha right now.

Jiang Xingfang also had a calm face, sitting aside, drinking tea in silence.

On the contrary, Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Xingguang looked angry, wishing to wipe out those families who had betrayed the Jiang family.

“Brother, what do you mean? My father asked you to clean up the people and family who had the Jiang family dinner that day. That’s how you acted? Then the Chen family, and the Ding family, are not only safe, but even, Many small families in Changsha have begun to come into contact with them.” Jiang Xingyuan scolded coldly.

He is very upset now, but at the same time secretly happy.

Unfortunately, many families in Changsha have contact with the Chen and Ding families, and many of these families are from the Jiang family.

There are even several affiliated families that are related to his Jiang Xingyuan, and he only listens to his words in the Jiang family.

But now, the fronts of these families have turned, and Jiang Xingyuan’s strength has suddenly weakened a lot, and the right to speak in Jiang’s family will be much smaller.

However, Jiang Xingyuan was equally happy.

The current situation is very unfavorable for the Jiang family.

And this is almost the opposite of what Jiang Fanliu had made before.

And all this was done by the boss Jiang Xingfang alone.

Therefore, Jiang Xingfang needs to take full responsibility.

If Jiang Fanliu punishes Jiang Xingfang, then all the power that Jiang Xingfang holds will most likely be handed over.

At that time, Jiang Xingyuan will undoubtedly become the person who will benefit the most.

And his right to speak in the Jiang family will also be greatly improved.

“Hehe, yes, brother, this time, you are too kind. You didn’t do anything to the Chen family and Ding family. Do you think they would regret and rehabilitate and come to our Jiang family to apologize?” Jiang Xingguang was also strangely yin and Yang. Said.

He can’t wait for the boss Jiang Xingfang and the second old Jiang Xingyuan to do wrong things all the time. In that case, Jiang Fanliu can only rely on him.

“Xing Fang, what are your plans?” Jiang Fanliu asked indifferently as if he was not angry at all.

“Father, there is a basis for the Zhao family and the Liu family. These two families are relatively weak, and only Guzheng Capital is behind them. As I said before, Guzheng Capital is now unable to protect themselves. The things between the Zhao family and the Liu family cannot be with our Jiang family.” Jiang Xingfang said calmly, and after taking a sip of tea, he didn’t even look at Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Xingguang.

“The Chen family and the Ding family have long been in contact with the Zhang family. They now have the Zhang family behind them. If you want to do something with them, you must do it with the Zhang family. This is not in line with our current action plan.” … Jiang Xingfang was very calm. Every time Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Xingguang wanted to refute, they couldn’t find any reason.

After all, what Jiang Xingfang said was correct, well-founded, and the best way to deal with it right now.

“And now the situation in Changsha, we have almost checked it out. This time, we can find out which families have dissatisfaction with the Jiang family, and we can take advantage of this opportunity to eliminate them in one fell swoop!” Jiang Xingfang looked serious. Obviously, all of this, whether it is to keep the Chen family and the Ding family, or the current situation of Changsha in all aspects, is in his grasp.

Even all of this was intentional by him.

…… At the same time, Double Happiness came to the hotel.

In the past few days, incidents in the Zhao family and Liu family spread throughout Hunan Province, and the impact on Changsha was beyond Dustin Zhou’s expectations.

He originally thought that the Chen family and Ding family would be more

Plus unite and fight against the Jiang family.

But he did not expect that so many small families in Changsha would be ready to move at this time.

All this made Dustin Zhou somewhat uncertain.

“Mr. Sun, you have seen the situation in Changsha right now. I don’t know what you think?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

Now Asher Chen has not returned to the hotel in order to avoid Sun Lian, and Dustin Zhou has not been able to find out many things.

However, in the past few days, Sun Lian showed unprecedented enthusiasm for him, which made Dustin Zhou feel a little settled.

At the very least, there is one person who can ask if something happens.

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