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Chapter 395

“In fact, the current situation seems complicated. In fact, you only need to remove those irrelevant or trivial things and just look at the main trunk, and it will be easy to understand.” Sun Lian smiled, and then looked at Dustin Zhou’s eyes. , I want to see what Dustin Zhou is thinking.

“Let me ask you, what is the main and biggest contradiction between these families in Hunan right now.” After asking, Sun Lian leaned back in the chair.

She has already said this, and she knows what she can see with a little bit of insight.

Regarding Dustin Zhou, Sun Lian’s understanding was very superficial, but it was difficult to really see a person clearly through a few things.

At this time, Dustin Zhou was truly silent, and Sun Lian’s words were always in his mind.

What is the main contradiction between these families in Hunan province right now?

What is it?

Before meeting the Zhang family, Dustin Zhou had no idea about the situation in Hunan Province, and he didn’t even have the intention to come to Hunan Province.

So what was your initial impression of Hunan Province?

The Yu family, the Du family, the Tang family, the Jiang family, and the four families jointly besie the Zhang family!

This is Dustin Zhou’s impression of the pattern of Hunan Province from the beginning.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou’s mind flashed, and he felt that he had figured out something.

Whether it is the Chen family, the Ding family, the Zhao family, or the Liu family, they have no direct relationship with the four major families besieging the Zhang family.

And they are just the family who violated the Jiang family’s meaning at the Jiang family dinner, and they are now subject to Jiang family revenge.

It can be said that if the four major families have no conflicts with the Zhang family, and if there is nothing to do with each other, then there will be nothing behind. The Zhao family and the Liu family will not disappear in a day.

So, at the moment, the main contradiction in Hunan Province is the irreconcilable contradiction between the four major families and the Zhang family.

It is precisely because of this that those families that are related to the four major families, as well as the small families that are related to the Zhang family, have some betrayals between them.

Dustin Zhou didn’t hesitate, and told Sun Lian what he thought of.

And this time, Sun Lian could hear the smiles on her face, her eyebrows were even more full


“Yes, you can see that. Many people can see this. Now Changsha looks a little chaotic, but the chaos is only those who have not seen the situation clearly and think that their existence is very important and indispensable. “In fact, most of them exist like cannon fodder. For the four major families and the Zhang family, their existence is only a slight interference with the other’s line of sight, and it does not play a vital role in the whole situation.” Sun Lian Said with a chuckle, she also shared some of her thoughts with Dustin Zhou, which was regarded as a solution for Dustin Zhou.

After all, Sun Lian is definitely more detailed than Asher Chen and Dustin Zhou in terms of understanding of Hunan Province.

Even, for some other reasons, Sun Lian knew more than Zhang Jie, and even more detailed.

“Well, indeed, but now the situation in Changsha is so chaotic, I still need to do something.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice. Although he knew that the chaos in front of him was nothing at all and couldn’t get over the waves, Dustin Zhou decided to follow him. Zhang Jia let out a breath.

At least, tell Zhang Jie about this matter.

As for Zhang Family’s reaction and what choices he had, it had nothing to do with him.

“Mr. Sun, I decided to go to Zhang’s house. Would you like to go together?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile. He felt that Sun Lian’s status in Xiang Province seemed not low. If she was with her son, she might be able to stay in Zhang’s house. More weight.

However, more often, Dustin Zhou was thinking about asking Zhang Family not to be so arrogant in front of him.

Dustin Zhou didn’t care about the Zhang family.

Had it not been for Zhang Jie’s classmates, Dustin Zhou would not be in charge of Zhang’s affairs at all.

“Well, I’ll also go with it. It’s been a long time since I saw Grandpa Zhang.” Sun Lian chuckled, and after fixing the time with Dustin Zhou, she returned to the room.

And Dustin Zhou thought about it again, and then called everyone together.

This time, he is going to Zhang’s house. Apart from talking about the things in Changsha right now, he will also finalize the cooperation of Mingyang branch.

After all, many cosmetics companies from the East China Sea are responsible for the opening of branches, and Dustin Zhou is just a general manager.

In order to facilitate the opening of branches for everyone, Dustin Zhou must also make an agreement with the Zhang family.

Soon, Dustin Zhou asked Su Wei, Sun Yue, Wang Dalu, and Zhou Hao to go to Zhang’s house with him.

And Niu Chuan, Mira Xie, and Enderia Shen naturally also have to follow. For such a more professional thing, they are undoubtedly more professional, and their thinking is more detailed.

As for Chen Xin, she insisted on staying in the hotel, waiting for his father Asher Chen to return.

Dustin Zhou did not persuade him anymore, but asked Zhou Shaohua to pay attention to Chen Xin’s safety.

Soon, the group headed to Xiangxi and came to Zhang



At this time, the atmosphere inside the Zhang family was a bit solemn.

Naturally, what happened in Changsha couldn’t hide them.

As for the situation of the Zhao family and the Liu family, through the Chen family, everyone in the Zhang family also had a more detailed understanding.

In terms of scale and strength, although the Zhao family and the Liu family are inferior to the Chen family and the Ding family, they are almost the same.

It can be said that if the Chen family acted against the Zhao family, both sides would definitely lose out.

But now, the Jiang family just showed it casually, it has shocked many people, and it has plunged Changsha into the current chaos.

This is indeed far beyond the expectations of the Zhang family.


At this time, the Zhang family is holding a family meeting to discuss the impact of the situation in Changsha on the Zhang family and what the Zhang family can do at this time.

“Father, I think we’d better not take a trip to the muddy waters now. The current situation in Changsha is probably planned by the Jiang family. If we act rashly, we might fall into the Jiang family’s conspiracy, and the gains outweigh the losses. “Zhang Lun said solemnly.

Right now, the Zhang family has two voices.

One is represented by Zhang Lun, who advocates that we don’t care about the situation in Changsha. Anyway, Changsha is not the sphere of influence of the Zhang family. Even if it is chaotic, it is not the Zhang family, but the Jiang family.

Another voice, represented by Zhang Ying, advocated that the Zhang family can take the opportunity to enter Changsha at this time, and use the Chen family and Ding family as the focus to develop the market in Changsha, so that the Zhang family has a place in Changsha.

The two voices have been arguing, and no one can persuade each other.

And now, Father Zhang Taiyan personally presides over the family meeting.

Zhang Lun had long been angry in his heart, and he stated his thoughts from the very beginning, and bluntly stated the situation of the Zhang family.

If Zhang Ying’s claims cannot be suppressed today, then the two will definitely have to wrestle with each other for some time to come, and no one can convince each other.

“I don’t think so, brother, don’t you know that the Chen family has an agreement with your father? If our Zhang family really does this, then do you want your father to break his trust?”

Chapter 396

Two voices!


Zhang Ying looked at Zhang Lun with a nasty expression, and there was no fear at all because Zhang Lun was his eldest brother and the eldest son of Zhang Taiyan.

“Father, Changsha looks chaotic right now, but in reality, it is just a way for those small families to seek self-protection. The Jiang family suddenly acted on the Zhao family and the Liu family, causing the two families to disappear and the others. The family has lingering fears, for fear that the next goal of the Jiang family will be them.” Zhang Ying said every word very seriously, standing on the front hall, like an iron tower, seemed to make people feel at ease.

But in fact, Zhang Ying’s figure is not so tall and burly, or even sturdy, at best, it is just a pretty normal appearance.

But at this moment, many people in the Zhang family felt illusions.

It seems that Zhang Ying can give everyone an unprecedented sense of security by standing there.

“Yes, Patriarch, the situation in Changsha looks chaotic right now, but it’s easy to understand.” “Yes, if we don’t ask the Chen family and the Ding family now, then the agreement they reached with the Zhang family before is If we violated it, then our Zhang family will also carry a stigma of dishonesty.” “Yes, Patriarch, the Jiang family has not completely taken action yet. It is a good time for us to act. If we can bring the Changsha families together Come here, the strength of our Zhang family will definitely be greatly improved!” “If you say so, wouldn’t the Jiang family just watch us intervene in Changsha?” “Yes, I think this is the Jiang family deliberately letting it go. The misty list of the Zhang family is to lure us to intervene in Changsha. In that way, it is equivalent to tearing up the face with the Jiang family and directly confronting it.” … Soon, everyone in the Zhang family was talking about it, and everyone expressed their own views and opinions. .

However, the opinions and viewpoints of the people cannot be unified.

Two factions always support Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying’s claims.

Zhang Lun stood on Zhang Ying’s position with a gloomy face, looked at Zhang Ying slightly, and cursed in his heart.

He didn’t expect that he just didn’t pay attention to Zhang Ying’s support from so many people in Zhang’s family.

You know, before, the Zhang family almost all supported him Zhang Lun.

As for Zhang Ying, no one in the Zhang family took him seriously before.

Only now… Zhang Lun’s eyes were gloomy, and he thought of Dustin Zhou and his party for a moment.

It seems that Zhang Ying’s change started after Dustin Zhou and the others appeared.

Originally, Zhang Lun had the most powerful authority besides Zhang Taiyan in the Zhang family.

But ever since he didn’t deal with Dustin Zhou, he suffered several times in Dustin Zhou’s hands, and was even injured once by Dustin Zhou, Zhang Lun discovered that his right to speak in Zhang’s family had actually decreased.

A lot.

Many Zhang family members used to support themselves, but now all of them have begun to support Zhang Ying.

“Father, my second brother is still too young. He hasn’t seen many things clearly. Where is Changsha? It is the base camp of the Jiang family. Anyone who wants to see the chaos in Changsha go down, his Jiang family will never see the chaos in Changsha. And right now, the Chen family and the Ding family are involved, so I have to proceed with caution!” Zhang Lun glanced at Zhang Ying and then said with a heavy tone.

He thought he had a thorough view, that all this was manipulated by the Jiang family behind his back. The purpose was to lure the Zhang family to intervene, so as to seize the painful foot of the Zhang family and give the Zhang family a heavy blow!

Even Zhang Lun suspected that it was rumored that the Zhao family and the Liu family disappeared in one day, and it was arranged by the Jiang family alone, and the Zhao family and the Liu family had all turned to the Jiang family a long time ago.

All the outsiders were kept in the dark by the Jiang family.

“Patriarch.” At this moment, a nursing home rushed all the way to the front hall with a trace of horror on his face.

“What is it, so panicked, what does it look like!” Before Zhang Taiyan spoke, Zhang Lun took the lead to scold.

He was immediately very upset when he saw the panic look on the nurse’s face.

I want to win Zhang Taiyan’s support here. You are a small nursing home, without vision, but you dare to interfere and interrupt everyone’s attention. You are looking for death.

“Young Master, Dustin Zhou is here with someone. Now he has arrived at the door. Young Master Zhang Jie is here to receive him.” The nursing home did not dare to hesitate and said quickly.

He didn’t want to be scolded for no reason, he just conveyed such a news, and his task would be completed even if the news arrived.

“What! Dustin Zhou? He even dared to come to the Zhang family, do you really think that our Zhang family can’t clean him up?” Zhang Lun’s heart was lifted when he heard it, and he yelled in shock and fear.

He still remembered that at the Jiang family dinner, Dustin Zhou and his party were surrounded by the Jiang family, Yu family, Du family, and Tang family. At that time, he took action to prevent the Zhang family from helping.

That bastard Dustin Zhou is not here to settle the accounts!

Not only Zhang Lun, but everyone else was surprised.

Many of them are aware of Dustin Zhou’s grievances with the Zhang family, especially Dustin Zhou once injured Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao and his son, and Zhang Lun took the opportunity to fight Dustin Zhou at the Jiang family dinner.

Now that Dustin Zhou comes to the door, could it be that he settled after the fall?

For a time, most people looked at Zhang Lun with wrong eyes.

“Huh, what’s the panic? Dustin Zhou and my son Zhang Jie are college classmates. He came to Zhang’s house, would he still be disadvantageous to our Zhang family? Unless someone deliberately wants to be unfavorable to him! This time, I don’t want to see it before The situation happened!” Zhang Ying looked at everyone’s reaction, especially Zhang Lun’s reaction.

, Shouted loudly.

The previous time, Dustin Zhou’s people stayed in Zhang’s house for a while, and they were in peace, and they were able to get their friendship.

However, Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao made things difficult for them.

As a result, when Dustin Zhou came over, there was a lot of noise in Zhang’s house.

Even Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao’s father and son were injured by Dustin Zhou all at once, and couldn’t get out of bed for ten and a half months.

After that, there seemed to be a gap between Dustin Zhou and Zhang’s family.

Even with Zhang Jie communicating from it, there is no way to completely eliminate this barrier.

“I’ll go and take a look, but don’t have someone who doesn’t open their eyes. I don’t know the current situation. When the time comes, I will lose the face of Zhang family!”

Zhang Ying hummed coldly, and then left directly.

And the rest of the people, except for those who support Zhang Ying, all others looked different.

Zhang Taiyan looked solemn, looking at the direction Zhang Ying was leaving, lost in thought.

As for Zhang Lun and those who supported him, their faces were full of anger at the moment, but no one vented it.

After all, what Zhang Ying said was the truth.

“Zhou, you are here.”

When Zhang Ying came to the gate of the Zhang Family Courtyard, she saw Zhang Jie and Dustin Zhou walking in and immediately greeted him.

Ever since he and Dustin Zhou jointly promoted the cooperation between Mingyang and Meichen Beauty, the development speed of Mingyang’s flagship store has shocked Zhang Ying.

Even, many people in Hunan Province have begun to contact him, wanting him to be in the middle of the line, and they also want to chat with Dustin Zhou, maybe they can reach some cooperation.

After all, the development of Mingyang’s flagship store is obvious to all. The sales of billions of dollars in half a month is an unimaginable number wherever it is placed.

Chapter 397

Zhang Taiyan!

“Mr. Zhang.” Dustin Zhou smiled, saying hello to Zhang Ying.

The group quickly walked towards the inner courtyard of the Zhang family.

However, because Zhang’s front hall was holding a family meeting, Zhang Ying took Dustin Zhou and the others to the small courtyard where Su Wei and others lived before.

The small yard was almost the same as when they left before, basically unchanged.

“Mr. Zhou, you have a rest here now. A family meeting is being held over there. When the meeting is over, I will take you to see your father.” Zhang Ying said with a smile. After Dustin Zhou and the others reorganized, they left alone and left Zhang Jie. People are here.

After all, Zhang Jie and Dustin Zhou still have the friendship of college classmates. He is here alone, not an outsider.

“Dustin Zhou, why did you come suddenly? The situation in Changsha is so chaotic, don’t you worry about any small actions in the Jiang family?” Zhang Jie looked a little worried, even his tone of voice was full of worry.

After all, although Mingyang’s flagship store is developing very fast now, it has a short development time after all, and its heritage in Changsha is insufficient.

Although no one has been cautious yet, such a rapid development will inevitably not arouse the coveting of interested people.

In Changsha, only the Jiang family has this ability.

Now that Dustin Zhou takes people to Xiangxi, it means that Changsha is in an air defense state. Once the Jiang family takes a shot against Mingyang’s flagship store by means of thunder, then even if Dustin Zhou rushes back now, it may be too late.

“Don’t worry, I know you want to talk about the Jiang family, but the Jiang family won’t do anything to me now. This time I come, there is something to discuss with your Zhang family, but it’s hard to tell you now. Discuss with your grandfather.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and after letting everyone pack their things, he took Sun Lian and Zhang Jie together, ready to meet Zhang Taiyan.

Actually speaking, Dustin Zhou hasn’t really met Zhang Taiyan yet.

Although there were overlaps in the past, they were all divine friendships. It is inevitable that there are things that are not objective or hard to detect.

This time, Dustin Zhou was ready to meet the old Patriarch of the Zhang family.

But after learning that Dustin Zhou had come, the Zhang family meeting was uninteresting, and many people who attended the meeting felt absent-minded.

As a result, even if Zhang Lun put forward any opinions and opinions, very few people agreed.

This moment, Zhang Lun’s heart was anxious, but he couldn’t help it, and the will of other people would not change because of him.

“Well, let’s stop here today. You can pay attention to the situation in Changsha.” In the end, Zhang Taiyan ended the family meeting.

And everyone left after saluting. They wanted to check. Dustin Zhou came to Zhang’s house this time.

Why matter.

However, when they saw Dustin Zhou as soon as they left the front hall, everyone was stunned, and then nodded to Dustin Zhou, signaled, and then left.

After Dustin Zhou waited outside the front hall for not long, he saw many Zhang family members come out.

One by one, they were a little startled when they saw themselves, and after a slight gesture, they left.

Dustin Zhou didn’t hold anyone to ask, but waited for Zhang Taiyan quietly.

When Zhang Lun walked out, he glared at Dustin Zhou and left without any other reaction.

Dustin Zhou didn’t care either. Zhang Lun was not the Patriarch of the Zhang Family after all, and his control over the Zhang Family was not so powerful yet, so there was no need to care about the influence on him.

In the end, Zhang Taiyan walked out alone.

Dustin Zhou and Zhang Taiyan’s eyes met for the first time.

Dustin Zhou has never met Zhang Taiyan, he has only heard his voice and seen his photos.

Similarly, Zhang Taiyan’s understanding of Dustin Zhou is limited to this.

However, unlike the understanding of Zhang Taiyan, what Zhang Taiyan did through Dustin Zhou during this period of time has a deeper understanding of Dustin Zhou.

Now Zhang Taiyan saw Dustin Zhou and smiled.

“You are little friend Dustin Zhou.” Zhang Taiyan said with a smile, looking very kind.

However, anyone who knows Zhang Taiyan deeply will not have the idea of ​​Zhang Taiyan being kind.

“It’s me, Mr. Zhang, this time I came to Zhang’s house. I want to discuss something with you.” Dustin Zhou smiled and nodded, bowing to salute, which is regarded as respect for Zhang Taiyan.

After all, in terms of age, Zhang Taiyan is more than enough to be Dustin Zhou’s grandfather, and he is considered a full elder.

“Well, come with me.” Zhang Taiyan smiled and nodded, walking towards the backyard.

Dustin Zhou didn’t ask much, just followed Zhang Taiyan to the backyard.

Not long after, Zhang Taiyan came to a small courtyard.

The small courtyard is not big, about a dozen square meters, but it looks very quiet.

A round stone table is placed in the middle of the small yard, and there are four stone benches around the stone table.

“This is my grandfather’s yard. He usually stays here.” Zhang Jie leaned into Dustin Zhou’s ear and explained in a low voice.

He saw that Dustin Zhou was puzzled, so he would explain to Dustin Zhou some things he knew.

“Sit down.” The old man Zhang Taiyan had a very good attitude. He smiled all the time. He stretched out his hand and gestured, and the old god was watching Dustin Zhou with a gleam in his eyes.

Dustin Zhou was not cautious and sat down directly.

Sun Lian and Zhang Jie also sat on the other two stone benches.

Zhang Jie looked at Sun Lian and was a little puzzled. He didn’t know Sun Lian, and he didn’t know what Dustin Zhou brought Sun Lian to.

It’s Zhang

Tai Yan glanced at Sun Lian, his face contemplative.

“This is Sun Lian from Fashion Capital.” Affirmative tone.

Zhang Taiyan guessed Sun Lian’s identity at once and said lightly.

Fashion Capital Sun Lian?

Suddenly, Zhang Jie suddenly realized, looking at Sun Lian with excitement.

Fashion capital Sun Lian is still very famous in Hunan Province.

At the very least, Sun Lian is the idol of many people.

Zhang Jie is one of them.

However, Sun Lian didn’t show up often, so it was difficult for ordinary people to see her.

Now Sun Lian was right in front of him, and Zhang Jie felt that his breathing was stagnant.

“Elder Zhang is really insightful, he recognized me all at once.” Sun Lian did not conceal his identity, and admitted it straightforwardly.

After all, in front of Zhang Taiyan, she is only a junior.

The tone was concealed and fell behind. It is better to admit your identity openly.

“Hehe, even Xiao Sun is here, I don’t know why Xiao Friend Dustin Zhou came to Zhang’s this time?” Zhang Taiyan couldn’t comment, and smiled at Dustin Zhou.

At the same time, Zhang Jie also looked at Dustin Zhou.

After all, Dustin Zhou came to Zhang’s house suddenly this time, and he had not received any news before.

So he didn’t even know Dustin Zhou’s purpose.

“Master Zhang, since you asked, I’ll just say it straight. This time I came to the Zhang family to strengthen cooperation with the Zhang family.” Dustin Zhou said calmly, looking directly at Zhang Taiyan’s eyes, without giving him anything. dodge.

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