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Chapter 398

I’m not asking for help!

As soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, Sun Lian didn’t change her expression.

But Zhang Jie was very surprised and quickly looked at Dustin Zhou.

Even the old man Zhang Taiyan looked calm on the surface, but a hint of curiosity flashed through his eyes.

“Dustin Zhou, what cooperation? Haven’t we already cooperated?” After all, Zhang Jie was young and couldn’t bear it, so he asked.

And Dustin Zhou didn’t conceal the meaning, and directly said his thoughts.

Anyway, he only proposed such an intention to cooperate, and Dustin Zhou didn’t care about Zhang’s acceptance.

After all, even if Zhang Jie is unwilling to cooperate, Dustin Zhou can find a partner again, and it is not impossible for him to transfer from Mingyang.

As Dustin Zhou said more and more, the prospect of Mingyang’s branches spreading throughout Hunan Province gradually expanded.

Zhang Jie’s eyes were getting brighter and brighter, his expression looking forward to excitement.

The content of cooperation that Dustin Zhou said is nothing new.

It just promoted the cooperation method of Mingyang Company’s flagship store, and it blossomed all over Hunan Province.

And when he thinks of the rapid development of Mingyang’s flagship store, Zhang Jie is excited.

If according to Dustin Zhou’s meaning, it is blooming everywhere in Hunan, even if those branches are not as popular as flagship stores, it will not be too bad if a little effort is applied.

At that time, the total number of branches in the province will be enough to exceed flagship stores.

And this time, Zhang Jie seemed to not only get a little profit from it.

After all, according to Dustin Zhou’s statement, the Zhang family can also join in and open several branches.

“Dustin Zhou, this is really great, I don’t think it is a problem!” Zhang Jie stood up excitedly, clapping vigorously.

Dustin Zhou smiled, and did not immediately answer the conversation.

Because he knew that even though Zhang Jie said so, he could not make a decision.

The one who can really make the decision is Mr. Zhang Taiyan.

Seeing that Dustin Zhou didn’t respond, just chuckling lightly, Zhang Jie also knew that he couldn’t reach cooperation with Dustin Zhou just because he thought it was good.

But what Zhang Family can say now is basically Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying.

With Zhang Lun’s attitude towards Dustin Zhou, Zhang Jie even confirmed that this cooperation is impossible to achieve.

However, his father Zhang Ying still has a lower right to speak in the Zhang family than Zhang Lun, and his words may not be effective.

So at the moment, if you can decide to cooperate in one word, as long as your grandfather Zhang Taiyan.

“Grandpa, I think this cooperation is beneficial to both Zhang Family and Dustin Zhou. This is a win-win cooperation!” Zhang Jie looked at Father Zhang Taiyan expectantly. He felt that as long as he could persuade him, then this cooperation would be a solid foundation. , Even if Zhang Lun wants to make trouble

, We also need to weigh.

“Hehe, Xiaojie, don’t worry, it’s not easy to make a decision on such a big cooperation matter.” Old man Zhang Taiyan waved his hand as if he hadn’t seen Zhang Jie’s expression, and said casually.

Immediately, Zhang Taiyan looked at Dustin Zhou, with a pair of deep eyes that looked like an abyss. Once an ordinary person touches it, it is very likely that he will directly sink into it.

Even Zhang Taiyan was shocked by a look in his eyes.

“Little friend Dustin Zhou, the cooperation you said is good, no matter it is to our Zhang family or to you, it is profitable and harmless.” Zhang Taiyan said with a smile, but then the conversation changed.

“However, my Zhang family is now one of the five largest families in Hunan Province. Even among the five largest families, it is still at the forefront. The benefits that you said this cooperation brings us to the Zhang family are still not enough.” Zhang Taiyan After speaking, he quietly looked at Dustin Zhou, he wanted to see how Dustin Zhou reacted.

After all, what he said is already very obvious.

If you want to cooperate with our Zhang family, then we will show a little more sincerity. Just the current cooperation model is optional for the Zhang family. Then why should our Zhang family cooperate with you?

At this moment, Zhang Jie was stunned, and even extremely anxious, trying to say something, but found that at this moment, he couldn’t say anything.

On the one hand, he is a member of the Zhang family, and the interests of the Zhang family must be taken into consideration in everything. Moreover, he is even more unlikely to refute it when the old man has expressed his meaning.

On the other hand, he and Dustin Zhou are college classmates, and Dustin Zhou came to Xiang Province because he wanted to help himself.

If his Zhang family made Dustin Zhou wronged, then Zhang Jie would feel guilty in his heart.

Unlike Zhang Jie’s anxious heart, Dustin Zhou was very calm.

“Elder Zhang, you are my elder. It stands to reason that what you say is worth thinking about and re-making a plan.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, his tone like a spring breeze, which made people sound extremely comfortable.

“But, there is one thing, I hope you can find out.” “What?” Zhang Taiyan was indeed surprised at Dustin Zhou’s composure, but that was all.

If Dustin Zhou didn’t even have this city mansion, then he would not be able to make such a big disturbance in Changsha, and he would not be qualified to speak so much to himself.

However, Zhang Taiyan still wanted to know what Dustin Zhou was going to say.

I want to let myself relax and not make so many demands.

Or do you want to modify the cooperation plan according to your own wishes and give up some of your own interests so that the Zhang family can have more interests?

Zhang Taiyan looked forward to it.

“I hope you understand one thing, I am here today, not here to beg.” Dustin Zhou’s eyes were calm and indifferent, Gu

Jing Wubo uttered a random sentence, not afraid of Zhang Taiyan’s stern eyes, and looked straight back.

I’m not asking for help!

So don’t put on a posture of being high above, holding my handle!

This is what Dustin Zhou said.

Obvious, but also powerful.

Sun Lian tilted her eyes slightly, looking at Dustin Zhou, there was a hint of curiosity in her eyes.

She didn’t know why Dustin Zhou dared to say such a thing, was it just because of his relationship with Zhang Jie’s college classmates?

Zhang Jie was also very shocked. He opened his mouth slightly and looked at Dustin Zhou, but he swallowed it again, but his eyes were full of persuasion.

He wanted Dustin Zhou not to be arrogant, to speak well, and don’t offend Zhang Taiyan, otherwise, at that time, Zhang Jie would not be able to defend Dustin Zhou.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t care about the reactions of Sun Lian and Zhang Jie. He was just expressing what he meant and had nothing to do with others.

What’s more, the entire Zhang family may not be able to do anything to him, not to mention that there are only four of them in this small courtyard, and Niu Chuan is always outside the small courtyard and can rush in at any time.

Zhang Taiyan squinted his eyes slightly and looked at Dustin Zhou. He was slightly surprised when he saw that the other party dared to look directly at him without turning his eyes, but then his face became gloomy.

“Little friend Dustin Zhou, you are very self-confident.”

Chapter 399

Zhang Taiyan spoke very slowly, just a few words, but it seemed to have a chill, causing the temperature of the entire small yard to drop a lot.

“Little friend Dustin Zhou, you are so confident. You don’t know where this confidence comes from. Do you think that so-called famous company is really that great?” Zhang Taiyan squinted his eyes slightly, seeming to be more real with Dustin Zhou.

For a while, the atmosphere between Zhang Taiyan and Dustin Zhou became a bit tense.

It seems that at any time, the two will turn their faces.

Then Zhang Taiyan will let people deal with Dustin Zhou, and Dustin Zhou will fight back.

“Grandpa, calm down, Dustin Zhou absolutely didn’t mean this. He just explained his plan, and everyone can discuss it.” Zhang Jie was anxious and stood up to persuade him.

He didn’t want to see any conflict between his grandfather and Dustin Zhou.

Once it reaches that point, it means that Zhang Family and Dustin Zhou have completely broken.

Then all the things Zhang Jie did before were in vain.

Even Zhang Jie went to the East China Sea and brought Dustin Zhou to Hunan Province, which was a mistake.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t be angry. My grandfather is old, but he will never have any bad thoughts about you.” Zhang Jie’s forehead was sweating coldly, and he was shocked and anxious now.

For fear of a panic, Zhang Taiyan and Dustin Zhou really turned their faces.

“Hehe, it’s okay, old man

, The thinking is somewhat stubborn, it is normal, I won’t mind, but Zhang Jie, I still have to tell you one thing, this plan can be completed by ourselves, without the help of anyone else.

After a pause, Dustin Zhou continued. “So, this time, I come to your Zhang family to discuss this cooperation. Don’t think that I am here to beg you. If that’s the case, then I will turn my head and leave to see when the time comes. Who regrets it.

Dustin Zhou was very confident. He folded his arms on his chest and sat on the stone bench. He didn’t care about anything. He looked left and right, carefully looking at the small courtyard. But Dustin Zhou’s appearance fell in Zhang Taiyan’s eyes, but it was somewhat Random. But Zhang Taiyan was not aggressive, instead he looked at Dustin Zhou again. His previous understanding of Dustin Zhou was mostly through other channels, with explanations from juniors and some information collected by assistants. But now that Zhang Taiyan saw it with his own eyes, suddenly It was discovered that everyone in the Zhang family had a very shallow understanding of Dustin Zhou. Even Zhang Jie, Dustin Zhou’s college classmate, had a very shallow understanding of Dustin Zhou. Zhang Taiyan even suspected that Zhang Jie’s understanding of Dustin Zhou was limited to his college years. After graduating from university, Zhang Jie didn’t even know about Dustin Zhou. Even if he knew a little bit, it was nothing but a little bit of insight, and he didn’t understand it thoroughly. And this is probably because Dustin Zhou came to Zhang’s house today and didn’t hide his plan. Looking at Dustin Zhou, Zhang Taiyan sighed in his heart. The Zhang family is now a big family, and it is in a leading position among the five big families in Hunan Province. Its energy is strong enough to affect the entire Hunan Province. But for so many years, especially more than ten years ago, the Zhang family After reaching the peak, the whole family seems to be complacent. Not to mention the active contact with the outside family and information, but also the inside of the family, but also because of Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying’s overt and secret struggle for the position of the head of the family, there were differences. But the brothers Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying did not have the ability to check and balance the interests of all aspects of the family. In the third generation, Zhang Tao was a dude who was not doing his job, relying on the Zhang family to be outside, especially in Xiangxi, and doing evil. Zhang Taiyan himself even couldn’t help but want to come forward to reprimand him several times. But when he thought of the interests of various aspects within the family, he was a little unable to do it. Although Zhang Jie was not bad, after all, he was young, and sometimes it was easy to get angry and lose reason. In this case, it is easy to put the Zhang family in a dangerous situation. If… Zhang Taiyan sighed in his heart, if anyone in the Zhang family can be like Dustin Zhou, even if there is only half of Dustin Zhou’s city, then he won’t have to worry so much. The day fails. “You are very confident. This is a good thing.

, But you still underestimate the complexity of Hunan Province. Do you think that the entire Hunan Province is so big that everyone will let you open up the market?

Zhang Taiyan shook his head. He still felt that Dustin Zhou is a little immature. After all, he is young. If he polishes for a few years, he might be more mature. It is true that Dustin Zhou, in many respects, has demonstrated strength that not only surprised Zhang Taiyan. In fact, the Jiang family suffered a lot of losses. However, this is based on the Jiang family’s failure to investigate. After all, this is Hunan Province, and Dustin Zhou is also in Changsha. What is Changsha? It was the base camp of the Jiang family. The Jiang family, one of the five big clans in Xiang Province, was in its base camp and was embarrassed by a person from outside. To say that the Jiang family really had nothing to do with Dustin Zhou, no one would believe it. It’s just that the Jiang family didn’t use their real strength. After all, Dustin Zhou alone is not enough to make the Jiang family take it seriously. “Little friend Dustin Zhou, you are very good, but, likewise, you are too young, many Things are not what you think.

“Zhang Taiyan said in a deep voice. Speaking of which, Dustin Zhou was the first young man he taught himself in recent years. Even his grandsons, Zhang Tao, Zhang Jie, and Zhang Taiyan did not teach much. If it weren’t for Dustin Zhou’s young and very young For promising reasons, Zhang Taiyan wouldn’t say so much. Dustin Zhou was slightly surprised when he heard Zhang Taiyan say this, and he was also puzzled. This Zhang Taiyan changed his attitude several times in these short minutes. From the beginning, I wanted to give myself a slap, to beat myself, and now, it seems to be a love of talent. Such a strange psychological change made Dustin Zhou suddenly wonder what Zhang Taiyan was thinking. However, Dustin Zhou knew in his heart that everything he did was based on sufficient self-confidence and strength. However, Dustin Zhou still has a humility for what Zhang Taiyan is so close to teaching. After all, Zhang Taiyan’s decades of life experience, Compared to myself, he is still a lot richer. “Master Zhang is right. Many things are not what I imagined, but…” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, sounding like he had accepted Zhang Taiyan’s persuasion. But the next second, Dustin Zhou’s conversation turned. “But, what?

It’s different from what I imagined, so just turn reality into what I imagined. The so-called Buddha resists and kills Buddha, that’s probably it.

“What’s more, I am very confident in my own strength. Some people want to make troubles for me, but the troubles they make can really pose a threat to me. Otherwise, it is just vain.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

Letter, relaxed, without a trace of worry.

“What’s more, my plan is not just a famous company. You know, I have brought many people from Donghai. They are the pioneers of this plan.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

“In addition, Fashion Capital can also help Dustin Zhou and them at any time. I think, in Hunan Province, there is no one who has no vision. They will always stare at Dustin Zhou and their crooked minds.” At this time, Sun Lian Also said suddenly.

Chapter 400

Big move!

But this time, it was far beyond everyone’s expectations.

Dustin Zhou did not expect that Sun Lian would say this, and he did not intend to seek help from Fashion Capital.

But now that Sun Lian said, Dustin Zhou didn’t worry that Sun Lian would go back.

But Zhang Taiyan and Zhang Jie were really surprised.

At first they knew that Sun Lian was a fashion capitalist, but thought it was someone Dustin Zhou had met recently, and didn’t really care that much.

After all, although fashion capital is powerful, its background is unfathomable.

However, the Zhang family has no covetous heart for fashion capital. Moreover, the Zhang family is also a big family. On the surface, it is natural for fashion capital.

But they never expected that Sun Lian would say such a thing at this time.

What does this mean?

This is what Fashion Capital means to support Dustin Zhou and cooperate with Dustin Zhou!

For a while, Zhang Jie was stunned in place, with mixed feelings in his heart.

He thought of many things, but when he thought that the Zhang family might not reach this cooperation intention with Dustin Zhou, he felt disappointed.

Even Fashion Capital has cooperated with Dustin Zhou, and his Zhang family will even refuse.

If this is known to others, it will be ridiculed.

And Zhang Taiyan looked at Sun Lian seriously, and after he was sure that she had not lied, he quickly thought about it.

Others know so much about fashion capital. They only know that when Yu Jia wanted to use fashion capital, it was badly lost face by fashion capital.

However, Zhang Taiyan, as a bystander back then, plus his own level is sufficient, naturally he knows more.

This fashion capital is the same as the capital of Beijing, and the biggest backer behind them is Zhoujia in Beijing.

That is the top family in China.

If the Zhou family casually revealed a meaning, for example, the Zhou family wanted the Jiang family to disappear in Xiang Province, then the Jiang family would definitely not exist for the next day and would not see the sun rising the next day.

Sun Lian of Fashion Capital now strongly supports Dustin Zhou in front of her. Does this Dustin Zhou have anything to do with the Zhou family?

Dustin Zhou, Zhou family, all have the surname Zhou.

But this thought will automatically dissipate in the next second.

Zhang Taiyan knew that Dustin Zhou was a native of the East China Sea. He had lived in the East China Sea since he was a child. He was also a child of a single family with only one sick mother, and he was a son-in-law himself.

Such a person cannot be from the Zhou family.

So, this is how Sun Lian is optimistic about Dustin Zhou.

For a while, silence fell in the small courtyard.

Zhang’s grandfather and grandson were lost in thought.

But Dustin Zhou and Sun Lian were very contented.

“It seems that little friend Dustin Zhou is really confident, but what do you need the Zhang family to do when you propose a cooperation plan?” Zhang Taiyan stroked his beard and chuckled, then his expression changed and he asked seriously.

And his sudden change

Attitude, the other three people are a little surprised.

Zhang Jie stared at his grandfather blankly, wondering why his attitude suddenly changed so much.

But in his heart, Zhang Jie was very happy. As long as there is no conflict between Zhang Family and Dustin Zhou, it is a good thing.

After being slightly surprised, Sun Lian and Dustin Zhou quickly calmed down.

For Dustin Zhou, Zhang Taiyan’s attitude was what he had expected.

After all, he is the head of a big family like the Zhang family, so naturally there is a lot of majesty, and it is normal to give yourself a prestige at first.

The subsequent changes in attitude were nothing more than the result of Zhang Taiyan’s review of the time and the overall situation.

“It’s not necessary for the Zhang family to do anything. It’s just that when Mingyang’s branches are blooming everywhere in Hunan Province, Zhang’s cosmetics products can enter the store at the same time, and can cooperate with the store in all aspects of sales.” “Of course, also. We won’t let the Zhang family pay in vain. Our various stores will give Zhang’s cosmetic products a good sales position and promotion.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, his mouth raised slightly, looking at Zhang Taiyan.

He now has full confidence in his heart, and the Zhang family will not refuse.

After all, it is his plan for Mingyang’s branches to blossom everywhere in Hunan Province. No matter what happens, this plan will be implemented.

At that time, no matter what choice the Zhang family makes, wherever the Zhangjia Meichen beauty store is located, it will inevitably be affected and impacted by the famous company’s store.

If the Zhang family doesn’t want to fight with Dustin Zhou, then they can only better rely on the influence of the famous company’s stores to quickly expand in Hunan Province.

… When Dustin Zhou was discussing cooperation in Zhang’s family, those who followed Dustin Zhou from the East China Sea had already begun to act.

After listening to Dustin Zhou’s plan, everyone gathered together and had a clear direction for blossom everywhere.

Soon, everyone dispersed and went to the cities and locations of the stores they chose to open, discussing many things about the store opening.

This time, nearly thirty or forty people were dispatched together. Naturally, such a big movement could not hide from others.

Especially families like the Jiang family closely watched Dustin Zhou’s every move.

They knew that Dustin Zhou had been to Zhang’s house in the past two days, but they didn’t know what Dustin Zhou was going to do.

But combined with the actions of so many people now, they can also guess one or two.

Jiang family, meeting hall.

This time, not only the Jiang family, but also Yu Hua, Du Wen and Tang Wenzhong are also there.

And Yu Hu and Tang Shiwen also sat beside Yu Hua and Tang Wenzhong.

The two of them were injured by Dustin Zhou at the Jiang family dinner, and they have been recuperating until now and they are completely healed.

Now that Dustin Zhou has acted, the two of them gritted their teeth with hatred.


And this time they also strongly requested to discuss matters with their elders, and they wanted revenge.

The atmosphere of the whole meeting hall is a bit solemn.

Everyone didn’t know what Dustin Zhou had to do when he went to Zhang’s house.

Now, those who came from the East China Sea with Dustin Zhou have begun to take action in various parts of Hunan Province, and everyone really wants to know their purpose.

“Everyone, Dustin Zhou should be in Zhang’s house now, but we don’t know what he is going to do.” Tang Wenzhong looked at Jiang Xingyuan’s gaze a little.

When they targeted Zhang Jia Meichen’s makeup before, Jiang Xingyuan did it all.

At that time, Jiang Xingyuan vowed that he would destroy Zhang’s Meichen makeup.

But now, Meichen Beauty has not only collapsed, but after cooperating with Dustin Zhou’s famous company, it is getting better and better. If they want to suppress now, the price they need to pay is definitely not the same as before.

In addition, his son Tang Shiwen was injured at the Jiang family dinner, and he has not recovered until now. This resentment has been accumulated in Tang Wen’s chest and it is difficult to vent.

“Not only that, those who came with Dustin Zhou are now starting to move on a large scale. We now need to know what their purpose is.” Du Wen also said coldly.

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