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Chapter 401

A special source!

“Everyone, we don’t know what Dustin Zhou’s purpose is to go to Zhang’s house, but don’t worry, I believe it will not be long before news will come.” Jiang Xingyuan said with a smile, pretending not to see Tang Wenzhong full of anger. Gaze.

And what he said made everyone slightly surprised.

You know, Dustin Zhou went to Zhang’s house, and they didn’t have any secret spies in Zhang’s house, and it was difficult to effectively detect what happened in Zhang’s house in time.

But now, Jiang Xingyuan said that news will come soon.

Isn’t this the spy in Zhang’s house?

Suddenly, Yu Hua, Du Wen, and Tang Wenzhong looked at Jiang Xingyuan wrongly.

If you can plant a spy in Zhang’s family, can you also plant a spy in their family?

Doesn’t that mean that every move that happened in their respective families was exposed to the Jiang family’s vision, and they were clearly insightful by the Jiang family?

“Jiang Xingyuan, what do you mean? Did you have spies in our family? Otherwise, how do you know what happened to the Zhang family?” Yu Hua said in a cold voice.

If the Jiang family really had spies in other families, then his Yu family would suffer the most, and he couldn’t help but be angry.

Thinking of the Yu family’s various things being known to the Jiang family, Yu Hua wished to rush over now, give Jiang Xingyuan a severe lesson, and let him tell the secret spy.

“Hehe, don’t worry, I don’t have the ability to place any secret spies in your family, but Zhang’s family has my unique source of information.” Jiang Xingyuan smiled lightly, very proud.

After all, this kind of being able to know every move in other families at any time is something to be proud of.

For Jiang Xingyuan’s words, the three Yu Hua expressed strong doubts, but there is no evidence now, besides, their four major families are still in alliance.

If there is a gap due to this incident, then it will be a huge harm to this alliance.

So several people have been patient.

But turning off this topic, everyone began to discuss other things.

As time passed, Yu Hua and others couldn’t wait.

At first, Jiang Xingyuan vowed to say that news of the Zhang family would come soon, but now an hour has passed and there is no news at all.

“Boom, boom, boom.” At this moment, a rapid knock on the door sounded.

Jiang Xingyuan stood up abruptly and walked quickly towards the door. After opening the door, he took an envelope from a servant, his face instantly full of smiles.

“Everyone, the news is here.” After closing the door, Jiang Xingyuan walked back to his seat and placed the envelope in front of Jiang Fanliu.

There was Jiang Fanliu, no matter what was in the envelope, it was not his turn to open it first.

For a moment

In the meantime, everyone’s eyes were focused on the envelope, as if there was a big secret in the envelope.

Jiang Fanliu’s expression moved slightly, without any hesitation, he opened the envelope directly, pulled out the paper full of words, and looked at it quietly.

There are not many words on the paper, but one page is full.

Jiang Fanliu quietly finished reading, and then handed the paper to Jiang Xingyuan.

“Tell everyone about it.” Jiang Fanliu’s tone was very calm and his expression was not

It’s strange.

No one noticed anything abnormal from him.

However, Jiang Xingfang was able to detect a trace of abnormality.

When Jiang Fanliu saw what was written on the paper, there was a slight wave in his eyes.

Other people’s attention was on the envelope and paper, but they ignored Jiang Fanliu’s changes.

Only Jiang Xingfang has no interest in envelopes and paper, and has been observing Jiang Fanliu carefully.

And it was the change that made Jiang Xingfang know that the meaning of this letter might not only be what Jiang Xingyuan would say next.

“Everyone, the news has arrived. Dustin Zhou went to Zhang’s house to discuss the next step of cooperation with Zhang Taiyan.” Jiang Xingyuan said with a smile after reading the letter.

“What cooperation?” Yu Hua asked first. Although he was very curious about what was written in the letter, he still knew the priorities.

No matter what was written in the letter, it was all Jiang’s means.

This also made Yu Hua vigilant.

He didn’t want the Yu family to be spied by the Jiang family.

“Before Mingyang’s cooperation with Zhang’s Meichen Beauty Co., Ltd. may have made both of them very profitable, so they want to further cooperate. Those who came from the East China Sea with Dustin Zhou are now acting for this cooperation. Go.” Jiang Xingyuan paused, seeing everyone’s eyes all concentrated on him, and a burst of triumph suddenly emerged.

This is the importance of news.

If he did not have this special source of information, today everyone would not notice him at all and would even accuse him.

But now, everything is different.

“Dustin Zhou intends to open the branches of Mingyang Company throughout Hunan Province, and those branches are opened by those who came to Hunan Province with Dustin Zhou.” As soon as the voice fell, the whole reception room burst into flames.

If this is not important news, then what else is important news?

“Impossible! Does Dustin Zhou have the confidence to dare to do this?” “Yes, does he think that so many people in our Hunan Province are dead? Isn’t anyone going to stop him?” “Hmph, he Dustin Zhou took such a big step? He is not afraid of pulling the egg. How big is the entire Hunan Province, even if you add those who came from the East China Sea with him, it is impossible to cover the entire Hunan Province.” “But, if the Zhang family cooperates with him, maybe It really can be done. After all, the Zhang family occupies half of the cosmetics industry in Hunan Province, and its strength is very strong.” … There was a lot of discussion, some expressed disdain, and they did not believe Dustin Zhou could do it.

Some people also expressed concern. After all, Dustin Zhou had already shown extraordinary strength, and if Zhang family were added, it would not be so difficult.

“And, everyone, I have one more news to tell

Everyone, Sun Lian of Fashion Capital also went to Zhang’s house with Dustin Zhou.

Seeing everyone arguing, Jiang Xingyuan said a little while proud of the crowd. For an instant, the whole reception room was extremely quiet. All eyes suddenly focused on Yu Hua. Fashion Capital. Yu Family. Between the two. Everyone in Hunan knows the entanglement. When fashion capital was just emerging in Hunan, the Yu family’s cheese was moved, and the Yu family wanted to clean up the fashion capital. But after a battle with fashion capital, the Yu family The fashion capital is intact, and the Yu family can only assume that nothing happened. What happened in the past and what happened to the Yu family and the fashion capital is not clear to everyone, but after many years, the fashion capital once again Appeared in front of everyone, and still mingled with Dustin Zhou. Yu Hua’s face was cold, and his heart was very angry. He stared at Jiang Xingyuan, wondering what the other party meant to say this in public. Is it just to ridicule him? “Fashion Capital” It is impossible to have anything to do with Dustin Zhou. They are together now, maybe there are other reasons.

“Yu Hua said in a low voice. “Why aren’t they involved?”

You know, Dustin Zhou’s famous company now has infinitely good prospects for development in Hunan Province, and it’s normal for fashion capital to move its mind.

“Jiang Xingyuan said with a smile. He also wants to learn more about fashion capital from Yu Hua so that he can target himself. “I say impossible is impossible, there are not so many why!

Chapter 402

Confident Jiang Xingyuan!

Yu Hua let out a deep growl, his tone full of anger, even a hint of shame.

Everyone was surprised, they didn’t expect Yu Hua to have such a big reaction on this matter.

For a time, everyone looked different.

Even Du Wen, Tang Wenzhong had a strange look on his face at this time.

A thought suddenly popped into everyone’s mind.

Could it be that what happened back then was not what everyone saw on the surface, but the Yu family suffered a big loss in the hands of fashion capital.

Suddenly, everyone looked at Yu Hua with even more shock.

“Hehe, Brother Yu Hua, don’t be angry, why bother? I just asked casually. If you don’t want to say it, let’s not say it.” Jiang Xingyuan didn’t expect Yu Hua to have such a big reaction, so he said with a smile.

He didn’t want to offend Yu Hua completely here. In that case, not to mention the alliance between the four major families, it would be bad to say whether Yu Hua would hate him.

Jiang Xingyuan always knows how to protect himself, he will not do anything that threatens him.

“Your source is reliable?” Du Wen asked in a deep voice.

Obviously, he had some doubts about Jiang Xingyuan’s so-called reliable news.

After all, everyone is similar, and they are all big families. They can’t plant a spy in the Zhang family. Why are you Jiang Xingyuan?

Moreover, in Du Wen’s eyes, Jiang Xingyuan is not a capable person at all.

Otherwise, Jiang Xingyuan single-handedly planned for Zhang Jia Meichen’s beauty makeup, he would not fail.

“That’s natural. Since I said it, this news must be reliable. Let’s think about how to target Dustin Zhou and Zhang’s next actions. As for whether you believe it or not, you can investigate it yourself afterwards. I think it is so big. Even with the strength of the Zhang family, it is impossible to sneak in.” Jiang Xingyuan said with a smile, facing Du Wen’s questioning, very confident and calm.

And his confident look also makes other people different.

“Yes, no matter whether the news is true or not, we all need to be prepared, otherwise once they are really so many, we will be very passive at that time.” “Indeed, just imagine, even if the news is not true, for As far as we are concerned, there is no loss.” “In my opinion, Zhang’s current dominant force in the cosmetics industry in Hunan Province is still very strong. It is very difficult for other brands to shake Zhang’s position.” “In this regard, It seems that only our Jiang family can contend for a little bit.” … Everyone suddenly started talking.

The crowd themselves were the elites of the Jiang family, and their minds turned quickly. Regarding the news provided by Jiang Xingyuan, they suddenly thought of many targeted methods.

“It seems that this can only be done, but you still have to be prepared, once the fashion capital

You must be careful when you intervene. It’s not that I’m damaging your confidence. Once fashion capital intervenes, your Jiang family is no rival at all.

“Yu Hua silently listened to everyone expressing their opinions, and thought a lot. But he knows that Jiang Xingyuan’s appearance is full of information now, plus he has a special source of information, all this makes the Jiang family somewhat inexplicable. Confidence. In the eyes of the Jiang family, this kind of self-confidence may mean success or disdain for Zhang Family and Dustin Zhou. But Yu Hua still reminded it in a deep voice. After all, the horror of fashion capital, the entire Hunan Province, It seems that so far, only they Yu Hua have experienced it., Other families don’t know how powerful fashion capital is, and some despise it, which is natural. Yu Hua has no way to change the Jiang family’s thoughts, and can only hope that the Jiang family will not go too far. Stupid. Especially this self-righteous Jiang Xingyuan. “Haha, brother Yu Hua, rest assured, I am prepared for everything. This time, whether it is the Zhang family or his Dustin Zhou, I want to open Mingyang’s branches throughout Hunan Province. Just dreaming!

“Jiang Xingyuan waved his hand and said with disdain. Afterwards, everyone discussed other things, but most of them were related to Dustin Zhou and Zhang Family. After all, their four major family alliances were originally intended to besiege Zhang Family and bite a piece from Zhang Family. It’s fat. But now that the Zhang family has reached a cooperation with Dustin Zhou, they will naturally target Dustin Zhou with their goals and firepower. “By the way, the older brother took the initiative to teach the small families who made trouble at my Jiang family dinner. The Zhao family and the Liu family were disciplined. I don’t know when the Chen family and Ding family will do it.

“Jiang Xingyuan’s conversation turned around and immediately turned everyone’s attention to Jiang Xingfang, who had been silent. Everyone knew what Jiang Xingyuan said just now. Several families openly refuted Jiang’s face at the Jiang family dinner. , It can be said to be an open break with the Jiang family. The most important thing is that these families, who used to depend on the Jiang family for survival, are now undoubtedly betraying the Jiang family. For betrayal, the Jiang family will naturally punish. The task of punishing these families was handed over to the elder Jiang Xingfang, and everyone knew it. Even Yu Hua, Du Wen and Tang Wenzhong also knew some inside information. A few days ago, news of the disappearance of the Zhao family and the Liu family spread throughout Hunan. Everyone knew everything well. At the same time they were surprised at Jiang Xingfang’s ability. Many people in the Jiang family thought that Jiang Xingfang’s only son, Jiangbei, was abolished. After he loses his qualifications to compete for the owner, he will fall for himself. But Unexpectedly, Jiang Fanliu would entrust such an important matter to him. And Jiang Xingfang’s ability to act is too fast.

Many people have not reacted yet, so the Zhao family and Liu family are gone.

Everyone even knew that the Zhao family just had no property, but the people were still there.

But the Liu family, the real family was ruined, and even Liu Feng, the head of the Liu family, almost died in the Liu family.

“You don’t need to worry about this matter, I have my own opinion.” Jiang Xingfang said lightly, without even looking at Jiang Xingyuan.

Jiang Xingyuan was very angry at Jiang Xingfang’s indifference, but now the situation is special, and there are outsiders around, so he can’t argue with Jiang Xingfang.

“In that case, I hope to hear about the Chen and Ding’s as soon as possible. I think my eldest brother will definitely not let my father and everyone in the Jiang family be disappointed.” Jiang Xingyuan smiled faintly. Placed at the height of the family.

But Jiang Fanliu didn’t react much. The old three Jiang Xingguang looked at his two brothers coldly, watching them fight secretly, letting go of each other, and deceiving each other.

However, many of the Jiang family have different faces and seem to be thinking about the variability of the current competition for the position of the Jiang family.

… This meeting lasted for nearly three hours. Everyone argued in the reception room and expressed their own views on Zhang Family and Dustin Zhou.

Among them, Jiang Xingyuan’s attitude was the toughest, as if he could not wait to catch Dustin Zhou right now, sternly.

And everyone else was full of resentment.

But Jiang Xingfang has always looked indifferent, as if he was not interested in anything.

“Okay, let’s stop here today. The second child should work hard with Zhang’s family and Dustin Zhou’s cooperation. I don’t want to see Zhang’s family have any room for struggle. This time, our four major family alliances, if not in a short time Here, if the Zhang family is wiped out, I am afraid that the people above will take action. Then, we will no longer have a chance.” In the end, Jiang Fanliu said that he had set a tone for today’s meeting. .

After all, Jiang Fanliu strode away.

The others also left and did their own things.

In an instant, only the three Jiang family brothers, Yu Hua, Yu Hu, Du Wen, Tang Wenzhong and Tang Shiwen were left in the reception room.

Chapter 403

See you Jiang Yan!

“Haha, brother, you heard what my father said just now. I want to cooperate with Zhang Family and Dustin Zhou. I hope you can erase the existence of Chen Family and Ding Family who betrayed our Jiang Family as soon as possible. Otherwise, once they do It’s not easy to explain what moth came out of it.” Jiang Xingyuan looked at Jiang Xingfang, his face suddenly turned cold.

Without the old Patriarch Jiang Fanliu, he didn’t bother to treat himself as a half-worn brother who had lost the qualifications to compete with the Patriarch.

“I don’t need you to teach me. You still do your own thing. If you do something wrong, I am afraid that what you have in mind will not belong to you.” Jiang Xingfang responded indifferently, and then stood up.

And the old third Jiang Xingguang looked at the back of the boss and the second child, sneered in his heart, rolled his eyes, and left directly.

He didn’t bother to say a word to the second child Jiang Xingyuan.

In an instant, Jiang Xingyuan’s expression turned ugly.

The boss is indifferent to him. After all, he is the eldest brother, and his only son has been abolished, and he has lost his qualifications to compete for the owner.

Jiang Xingyuan was able to endure his indifference.

But the third child still couldn’t recognize the situation, which made his heart full of frost.

“Haha, Jiang Xingyuan, it seems that your two brothers don’t agree with you.” Du Wen looked at the excitement and sneered.

“Hmph, what’s the use of their dissatisfaction now, until I become the master of the house, they still have to listen to me!” Jiang Xingyuan’s face is even more ugly, because he has tried his best to endure it, but being ridiculed by Du Wen is still hard to hide. anger.

“Hehe, then congratulations to Brother Jiang Xingyuan, I believe that as long as you do this thing well, Mr. Jiang will definitely look at you with admiration.” Du Wen smiled casually, and didn’t take Jiang Xingyuan’s words into consideration.

In his opinion, Jiang Xingyuan was not decisive enough, not thorough enough, his strategy always had many flaws, and he was arrogant and easily complacent.

Such a person, if it hadn’t been for the Jiang family, would have never known who had been taken care of hundreds of times.

After all, Du Wen also got up and left.

For a time, only Jiang Xingyuan, Yu’s and Tang’s were left in the reception room.

“Uncle Jiang, that Dustin Zhou made such a big fuss at the dinner before. It not only lost the face of the Jiang family, but also your face, and it hurt me and Shiwen brother. This time, you must not treat him. Be merciful!” Seeing that there were only five of them here, Yu Hu was full of resentment. He complained to Jiang Xingyuan, but he was restrained and didn’t mean to blame.

After all, this is Jiang’s family and Changsha, and Yu Hu is still somewhat self-aware.

“Yes, Uncle Jiang, the two of us have only just recovered from today. As soon as we heard that we were going to attack Dustin Zhou, we immediately came over with him.

Now, that Dustin Zhou is simply too disgusting, you must not show mercy to his men!

Moreover, there are two stunning beauties beside him, such a big beauties must not be let go!

“Tang Shiwen also quickly agreed. He and Yu Hu discussed it when they were in the hospital. If the Jiang family can clean up Dustin Zhou, then even if they get revenge, they will clean up Dustin Zhou afterwards. As for the two beauties, Naturally, they did not accept it softly. But if the Jiang family cannot deal with Dustin Zhou, then they will return to their respective families and find someone to deal with Dustin Zhou themselves. They still don’t believe it, a little Dustin Zhou, don’t know where it suddenly came from. The one who came out dared to be presumptuous in Hunan Province, and even the bullying people would bully them. If they did not respond, then the reputation in Hunan Province would be greatly reduced, making people think that they are weak and can be bullied. “Hehe, don’t worry about the two wise nephews. This time, Dustin Zhou will never escape his wings. Since he came to Hunan Province, if he wants to go back, he must at least take off his skin.

“Jiang Xingyuan said with a smile, very happy for the two people’s flattery. Although Jiang Xingyuan was a little unhappy with Yu Hu’s mention of the Jiang family dinner, but now the goals of the few people are the same, this little thing is naturally harmless. “Right, Xingyuan brother , Last time Jiang Yan’s niece ran away from home, should she be at home now?

Suddenly, Yu Hua smiled and asked. For a moment, all five of them were taken aback. Yu Hu and Tang Shiwen were stunned, and they looked at Jiang Xingyuan, their eyes full of expectation and greed. And Yu Hua and Tang Wenzhong were also slightly stunned. With a smile, I’m so happy to see this. After all, let’s not say that Jiang Yan is famous, she is very good and beautiful, and there is no other big beauty in Hunan province. Jiang Yan is Jiang’s family alone, Hunan Province Few people can match. Therefore, for the two families, Jiang Yan is undoubtedly the best candidate for a daughter-in-law. But in the end, who the Jiang family will spend, depends on their respective abilities. And Jiang Xingyuan at this time But his complexion was stiff. He naturally knew the two people’s thoughts, and instinctively wanted to refuse, but when the words came to his lips, he swallowed. “Haha, that’s natural. That night Jiang Yan just went out and wandered around. I went home soon, and I am naturally at home now.

There was a slight smile on Jiang Xingyuan’s face, but from the eyes of the others, this smile seemed very false and untrue. But the more it was, the more happy Yu Hua and Tang Wenzhong were. Jiang Yan’s existence made the Jiang family There are very favorable conditions invisible. After all, if the Jiang family uses Jiang Yan to marry the big family, let alone the strength in Hunan Province is greatly enhanced. Even if the Jiang family finds strong support from outside, it is likely to change Hunan Province in one fell swoop The current situation


And this is definitely the last thing Yu Hua wants to see.

As for Tang Wenzhong, the Jiang family and the Tang family are now evenly matched. If the Jiang family’s strength greatly increases, it means that his Tang family has become the weakest big family in Xiang Province.

Naturally, he didn’t want to see this.

Therefore, putting Jiang Yan in Hunan province is a great thing for anyone.

“Uncle Jiang, since Jiang Yan is at home, we haven’t seen her for a long time. I wonder if we can see her now?” When Jiang Xingyuan said Jiang Yan was at home, Tang Shiwen couldn’t help being the first to speak. .

For Jiang Yan, Tang Shiwen had always thought about it before.

Even when Jiang Yan was studying abroad, Tang Shiwen missed each other in his heart.

When a dinner party was held at Jiang’s family, Tang Shiwen was the first to come over with his father Tang Wenzhong when he wanted to recruit Jiang Yan.

For Jiang Yan, Tang literary can be said to be inevitable.

“This…” Jiang Xingyuan never thought of Tang Shiwen’s anxious look.

In this way, is it because you haven’t touched a woman in more than ten years?

So impatient!

Jiang Xingyuan instinctively wanted to refuse, but seeing Yu Hua, Yu Hu, and Tang Wenzhong also looking at him, he could barely smile.

“Jiang Yan is at home, but she hasn’t been out for this period of time. I don’t know if she wants to see you.” Jiang Xingyuan was a little reluctant, but in fact he was very unwilling.

“Haha, it doesn’t matter, Uncle Jiang, since we played with Jiang Yan since we were young, we still have a deep relationship. If we talk about other people, Jiang Yan doesn’t want to meet. It is possible at first, but we, she will not disappear.” Yu Huhe Tang Shiwen was confident and waved his hand quickly, as if Jiang Yan would definitely meet them.

“Well, I’ll tell Jiang Yan, wait a moment.”

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