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Chapter 404

Jiang Yan’s request!

Seeing that Jiang Xingyuan couldn’t get rid of it, he was a little helpless, and he was also a little angry.

Even if Yu Hu and Tang Shiwen were young, they couldn’t see that they didn’t want them to see Jiang Yan.

Can’t Yu Hua and Tang Wenzhong also see it?

The two old foxes had clearly seen it, but left Yu Hu and Tang Shiwen to fool around.

But now the situation is pressing, and Jiang Xingyuan is also involuntarily involuntarily.

Leaving the reception room, Yu Hua and Tang Wenzhong brought Yu Hu and Tang Shiwen to the front hall, which were regarded as guests coming to place them.

And Jiang Xingyuan came all the way to the small courtyard where Jiang Yan was.

Since Jiang Yan returned to Jiang’s house on the day of the dinner, Jiang Xingyuan ordered him to think behind closed doors. Without his order, no one could let Jiang Yan go out.

And now it has been nearly a month since the day of the dinner, Jiang Yan has also been in the room for nearly a month.

Almost every day, people come to Jiang Xingyuan to report Jiang Yan’s situation to ensure that there will be no accidents.

Jiang Xingyuan came outside the room and stood quietly at the door for a while.

There was no sound in the room.

Jiang Xingyuan was a little worried. He never visited Zhejiang Jin for a month.

Originally, I felt guilty in my heart, but now I came for the first time because of Yu Hu and Tang Shiwen’s request.

If Jiang Yan knew this, she didn’t know how to despise her father.

However, Jiang Xingyuan is only here to convey a message. Jiang Yan will choose how to choose.

At this point, Jiang Xingyuan still has a sense of measure, and will not overstep it.

“Boom, boom, boom.” Jiang Xingyuan spoke in a very small voice when he knocked on the door lightly.

“Yan’er, are you there?” Jiang Xingyuan waited for a response from the room after speaking, but after a few minutes passed, there was no response in the room.

It seems that there is no one in the room.

Jiang Xingyuan was slightly surprised, he didn’t think Jiang Yan was not in the room.

After all, Jiang Yan has been in the room for nearly a month and never went out.

“Yan’er, I’m really sorry that Dad has come to see you for so long, are you inside?” Jiang Xingyuan said with a guilty conscience.

“Squeak.” In the next second, the door was opened directly from the inside.

A maid opened the door and looked at Jiang Xingyuan with a very cautious expression.

“Second Lord.” “Is the young lady in there?” Jiang Xingyuan frowned when seeing the maid, and asked in a deep voice.

“Back to the second master, the lady is inside, please come in!” The maid shook her body and hurriedly welcomed Jiang Xingyuan into the room.

Jiang Xingyuan walked into the room and saw Jiang Yan sitting lazily on the sofa at a glance, as if he was sunken.

Jiang Yan turned a blind eye to Jiang Xingyuan’s arrival, and was immersed in her small space.

Jiang Xingyuan

With a light sigh, there was some bitterness in his heart.

To be honest, he has always had high hopes for Jiang Yan.

Since Jiang Yan’s talents and appearances showed when she was a child, Jiang Xingyuan had been thinking that she would have extraordinary achievements in the future.

After all, Jiang Yan’s mother passed away when she was very young.

Although Jiang Xingyuan continued, but from the beginning to the end, there was only this one daughter, who naturally loved her very much.

“Yan’er…” Jiang Xingyuan yelled softly, walked to Jiang Yan’s side, put his hand on her shoulder, there was a rare hint of doting in his tone.


However, Jiang Xingyuan’s hand just hit Jiang Yan’s shoulder, Jiang Yan was like a frightened deer, and suddenly he shook Jiang Xingyuan’s hand from his shoulder.

And Jiang Yan also moved to the corner of the sofa at once, looking at Jiang Xingyuan with some caution.

After a while, after Jiang Yan saw that it was Jiang Xingyuan, he relaxed, but his body was still a little tight.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Yan’s voice was very cold, and she looked like she was a thousand miles away.

However, Jiang Yan has always rejected people thousands of miles away from the outside world. Jiang Yan didn’t think there was anything wrong with this.

When Jiang Xingyuan saw Jiang Yan’s reaction, he felt bitter.

In an instant, he thought of a lot, even of Jiang Yan’s mother who passed away early.

But soon, these thoughts were left behind by Jiang Xingyuan. The top priority now is to get rid of the Yu family and the Tang family.

“Yan’er, now…” Jiang Xingyuan couldn’t say it, but after thinking about it, he said with a strong smile and expressed his own meaning.

“This is entirely up to you. As long as you don’t want to, I will immediately tell them that you don’t need to have any burden.” Seeing the faint sarcasm on Jiang Yan’s face, Jiang Xingyuan immediately patted his chest and promised.

After speaking, he looked at Jiang Yan, and the room suddenly fell into silence.

For a long time, Jiang Yan slowly raised her head and looked at Jiang Xingyuan seriously.

“If you promise me a condition, I will go out and meet them.” Jiang Yan said slowly, without any change in expression on her face, as if she had said this sentence mechanically.

“Okay! No matter what the conditions, Dad will promise you!” Upon hearing Jiang Yan’s promise, Jiang Xingyuan immediately laughed.

However, he soon realized that he was gaffes like this, and immediately got upset and pretended to be serious.

“I hope I can go out casually. No matter what I do or who I see, you don’t care about it.” Jiang Yan said seriously.

Jiang Xingyuan pondered for a moment, and thought a lot in his heart, thinking about what Jiang Yan made this request.

He thought about it again that night

When the nursing homes found Jiang Yan, she was with Dustin Zhou, and now she made such a request, is she still thinking about seeing Dustin Zhou?

no, I can not!

As soon as this idea appeared, it was automatically ruled out by Jiang Xingyuan.

Not to mention that Dustin Zhou was not worthy of Jiang Yan. That night was a coincidence. Just because of the conflict between the Jiang family and Dustin Zhou, Jiang Xingyuan believed that his daughter would make the right choice.

“Okay, I promise you.” Jiang Xingyuan nodded and said in a deep voice.

“Let’s go, then.” Jiang Yan nodded when he heard the words, then got up and walked directly outside.

Jiang Xingyuan was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect Jiang Yan to do what he said, and the speed was very fast, he didn’t get muddled.

He was stunned for several seconds before he reacted and hurriedly followed.

He wants to watch carefully, he doesn’t want his precious daughter to be wronged.

At this time, Yu Hu and Tang Shiwen were already a little impatient in the front hall.

Jiang Yan’s appearance was very vague in the two people’s impressions. They only remembered that they were very beautiful, she was a stunning beauty they hadn’t seen before.

Moreover, in the past, Jiang Yan’s talents were very outstanding, and he was favored by many people and was a crushing object of many people.

“This Jiang Xingyuan is delaying time, right?” Now that there is no Jiang family in the front hall, Yu Hu no longer calls Jiang Xingyuan Uncle Jiang, but directly calls him by his name, and his face is full of discomfort.

“Probably not, we are still here, if he can’t call Jiang Yan, we will not leave here, I don’t believe that Jiang Xingyuan would have such courage.” Tang Shiwen looked disdainful and casual. Sitting, looking left and right, without any seriousness.

He was originally a quiet person, always unable to bear his temper.

This time, in order to see Jiang Yan, he waited here for nearly half an hour, which was already extraordinary.

Chapter 405


While the two were talking, suddenly, a woman came in from the backyard.

Suddenly, Yu Hu, Tang Shiwen, including Yu Hua, and Tang Wenzhong were all attracted.

It was completely different from the beauties they had seen before. The woman who walked not only looked delicate and generous, but also exuded a sense of intelligence all over her body, which made it easy for people to love her.

“Are you Jiang Yan?” Yu Hu was the first to react, with a shocked expression on his face. At the same time, he looked at the visitor in surprise, shaking with excitement when he spoke.

The Jiang Yan in his impression is indeed a big beauty, but after all, he hasn’t seen it for so many years. Even the beautiful impression is still vague.

What’s more, it’s not that he hasn’t contacted other women in recent years, and his impression of Jiang Yan is even more minimal.

But now, at the first glance at the woman walking by, Yu Hu knew that she must be Jiang Yan.

Yu Hu has not seen a few such women.

At the Jiang family dinner that day, the two beauties who came with Dustin Zhou this time were two, and now this one is the third.

Tang Shiwen also looked surprised, and stood up quickly, looking at Jiang Yan with desire and greed.

It is said that Jiang Yan is very talented and beautiful, and looking at the entire Hunan Province, there is no objection.

But after all, they did not see it with their own eyes, and there was always a hint of suspicion and scrutiny in their hearts.

But now seeing the real person, the doubt in my heart dissipated instantly.

“Haha, Jiang Yan, I don’t know if you remember me.” After all, Tang Shiwen is a famous playboy. He started chatting with women and walked towards Jiang Yan with a smile, opened his arms, and was about to hug Jiang Yan.

When Yu Hu saw this scene, his teeth were itchy with hatred, and he secretly hated him, why didn’t he think of this trick, and let Tang Shiwen take advantage of it.

One step and two steps.

Tang Shiwen got closer and closer to Jiang Yan, and he was about to hug Jiang Yan.

But in the next second, Jiang Yan took a step back and directly withdrew from Tang Shiwen’s embrace, staring at Tang Shiwen with a cold expression.

“Am I close to you?” Jiang Yan said in a cold voice, with a frosty expression, with a sense of rejection.

After taking a cold glance at Tang Shiwen, Jiang Yan went directly to the front hall and looked at the older Yu Hua and Tang Wenzhong, nodding slightly.

“Jiang Yan has seen Uncle Yu, Uncle Tang.” Jiang Yan knew the current situation. She could ignore Yu Hu and Tang Shiwen, but she was more kind to Yu Hua and Tang Wenzhong.

After all, no matter what, Yu Hua and Tang Wenzhong are of the same generation as her father Jiang Xingyuan, and these two people are also her elders. It is not a big deal to stay friendly.

Yu Hua and Tang Wenzhong glanced at each other, nodded one after another, and greeted Jiang Yan.

But Tang Shiwen stood awkwardly in place, sneered in his heart looking at Jiang Yan’s estranged back.

This stinky woman, pretend to be noble, today you reject me, sooner or later, I want you to kneel in front of me and let me be at my mercy!

In his heart, Tang Shiwen walked into the front hall again, pretending that nothing happened, and stood directly beside Jiang Yan, looking at her slightly with a gentle expression.

In Tang Shiwen’s view, Jiang Yan was so cold, 100% pretending.

Of course, Jiang Yan was born in the Jiang family, she must have been used to seeing glory and wealth, and there is not much demand for these. If you want to use money to lure, it is too superficial and impossible to succeed.

However, such women have always lacked care.

Imagine that she was born in such a big family, no matter she was young or when she grew up, it was difficult for her elders to pay attention to her for a long time.

Therefore, Tang Shiwen concluded that Jiang Yan would hardly experience warmth in Jiang’s family.

And he just wanted to use the warmth of the offensive to win Jiang Yan in one fell swoop.

Thinking of this, Tang Shiwen glanced at Yu Hu slightly, raised the corners of his mouth, and smiled faintly.

In his opinion, Yu Hu is just a reckless man, and may be interested in women, but the methods are superficial, often just using his own financial resources to conquer the opponent.

In fact, Tang Shiwen believes that Yu Hu doesn’t understand women at all.

Therefore, this time, Jiang Yan and Tang Shiwen are bound to win.

“Well, you are still the same as before. It seems that this is the number one beauty in Hunan Province, you deserve it.” Yu Hua said with a smile, watching Jiang Yan’s eyes more and more admiration and satisfaction.

If Yu Hu can marry Jiang Yan, it will be of great significance to the Yu family and to Yu Hua.

“It seems that we have to put this matter on the schedule,” Yu Hua thought to himself.

But when he glanced sideways at Tang Wenzhong and his son, Yu Hua’s brows instantly wrinkled.

Speaking of it, Tang Shiwen, the son of Tang Wenzhong, is really more attractive to women than Yu Hu.

If the Tang family had to intervene, then for Yu Hu, it would really be a strong opponent.

“Hehe, Jiang Yan’s niece is more elegant now than before. Seeing that you are not too young, have you considered marriage? Would you like Uncle Tang to introduce you to some young talents from Hunan Province?” Tang Wenzhong Said with a smile.

However, when he said this, in addition to Tang Shiwen, Yu Hua and his sons and Jiang Xingyuan, who had just rushed over, suddenly had a heartbeat.

Yu Hua hated him in his heart. He was still wondering if Tang Wenzhong would intervene, but he didn’t expect his words to directly decide Jiang Yan’s marriage.

Simply shameless!

But Jiang Xingyuan’s heart was beating at this moment, his face was extremely ugly, and he walked over in a gloomy manner, without saying a word.

As a father, it stands to reason that he should be straight

Then refused.

But after all, this is only a proposal made by Tang Wenzhong, and it has not yet become a fact. If he rashly turns against Tang Wenzhong, the consequences will be unpredictable.

But at least, it will make Tang Wenzhong feel dissatisfied with him, and even when Jiang Xingyuan competes for the position of the Jiang family Patriarch, Tang Wenzhong will try to block it.

“My own business, I have my own ideas, so I don’t need Uncle Tang to bother.” Jiang Yan said flatly, unmoved.

It seemed that no matter what others said, there was no way to make her shake.

“Hehe, this girl, Uncle Tang is doing this for your own good.” Tang Wenzhong was very dissatisfied with Jiang Yan’s attitude, but it is not easy to express it directly.

“Haha, Jiang Yan, don’t be so dismissive, let me say, my dad is also unnecessary, the young talents of the whole Hunan Province, who has a big beauty like me more suitable for you, haha.” At this moment, Tang Shiwen laughed and approached Jiang Yan and stretched out his right hand.

Just go to Jiang Yan’s shoulders.

If he succeeds in this one, then he can successfully hold Jiang Yan in his arms.

“Pop!” “I don’t know you so well, so you should be more self-respectful!” However, before Tang Shiwen touched Jiang Yan, Jiang Yan moved a little, and slapped Tang Shiwen’s arm with a slap on his side. The sound.

Chapter 406

busy body!

As soon as Jiang Yan’s voice fell, the needle fell in the entire front hall.

Everyone looked at Jiang Yan in surprise, never expected that she would say such a thing.

Jiang Xingyuan’s heart was bitter. He himself, the father, didn’t have the courage to turn his face with the Yu and Tang families, but his daughter didn’t care about it, and seeing this, it was clear that he had offended the Tang family.

If the Tang family is in trouble because of this, even if Jiang Xingyuan can comfort him, he might have to give up a lot of benefits.

But Yu Hua and Yu Hu were stunned. Neither of them expected that Jiang Yan would say such a thing, and it seemed that she had done something just now.

For a time, the eyes of the three of them all fell on Tang Wenzhong and his son.

Although this is the Jiang family, Tang Wenzhong still looks very ugly now.

What Jiang Yan said and did just now was clearly beating his Tang family in the face.

“Niece Jiang Yan, what do you mean?” Tang Wenzhong asked coldly, asking questions first.

Just kidding, even if this is Jiang’s family, you Jiang Yan is Jiang Xingyuan’s daughter, but you do something with his son in Tang literary, and you have a rude meaning, then he won’t care about anything else in Tang literary.

Or Jiang Yan apologized to his son Tang Shiwen and agreed to the Tang family’s request.

Either Jiang Yan has to bear the slap of Tang Shiwen.

Under the original circumstances, Tang Shiwen was prepared to make a request based on this, but seeing his son Tang Shiwen’s gaze, he hesitated for a while, and did not speak any more, but his face was ugly, and he seemed to be blamed.

It seems that if the Jiang family doesn’t have a reasonable explanation, then his Tang literary will definitely not give up.

“Haha, Brother Tang, these are all things for the juniors, we still don’t want to mix it up.” Jiang Xingyuan said with a smile, wanting to turn the topic off, at least want to fool the things Jiang Yan did just now.

After all, the two families are among the five major families in Hunan Province. Such a matter would be difficult to deal with if it was launched online, and a little carelessness might cause a fight between the two families.

“Hehe, Brother Jiang, don’t blame me for not giving you face. We haven’t seen Jiang Yan’s niece for many years. She was so disrespectful when we only met, and she was so disrespectful to Shiwen. I’m afraid it’s not good. If there is no such thing as saying, then Shiwen is out, can anyone bully him?” Where did Tang Wenzhong make Jiang Xingyuan move, shaking his head, and never stop Jiang Xingyuan’s words.

“Say?” At this moment, Jiang Yan, who had been silent after doing his hands, opened his red lips lightly and said softly.

In his tone, there was a touch of inevitable coldness.

“You Tang family are embarrassed to say something? I, Jiang Yan, are very familiar with you? I will do my hands when I come up? I will speak wild words! My Jiang Yan’s future needs you to be more nosy?” Jiang Yan

The beautiful eyes condensed, and they pierced Tang Wenzhong’s father and son like a sharp blade, shocking the two of them, and they actually took two steps back subconsciously.

“If it weren’t for the situation you know my father well, based on what you just said and did, today, you won’t be able to get out of Jiang’s house!” Jiang Yan sneered, and after taking a look at the two, he walked out of the backyard. go with.

Jiang Xingyuan promised her that as long as she came to meet people from the Yu family and the Tang family, she would no longer restrain her, allowing her to enter and leave the Jiang family at will.

But now, she needs to prepare, after a month, she will go out again.

Jiang Yan left the front hall, at this time there were only five people left in the front hall.

Yu Hua, Yu Hu and his son, Tang Wenzhong, Tang Shiwen and his son, and Jiang Xingyuan.

The atmosphere among the few people froze for a while.

No one thought that Jiang Yan would be so sharp-talked, and even more so tough.

At this time, the worst mood is Tang Wenzhong and his son. The two were ridiculed by Jiang Yan. If this incident were spread by Yu Hua, Yu Hu, or Jiang Xingyuan, it would have caused many people in Hunan Province to read jokes.

Tang Wenzhong and Tang Shiwen, the dignified eldest son of the Tang family, were actually refuted by a woman from the Jiang family, and they were speechless.

This is simply a big joke, and it has lost the face of these big family elder brothers.

Even if her Jiang Yan is an unprecedented beauty in Hunan Province, she would not be so embarrassed by the children of the big family.

“Brother Jiang, it seems that your daughter doesn’t understand the rules very much.” Tang Wenzhong said gloomily, looking at Jiang Xingyuan with a hint of chill.

Jiang Yan was here just now, but Jiang Xingyuan didn’t have any intention to stop him, letting the Jiang family go away, losing the face of their father and son.

At this time, in Tang Wenzhong’s eyes, all this was clearly intentional by Jiang Xingyuan.

In fact, what Jiang Yan did today is basically instructed by Jiang Xingyuan.

And all this is just to see their jokes.

“Hehe, from my point of view, Brother Tang was too anxious just now. You know, Yan’er has just returned from studying abroad. It is difficult for her to change her mind for a while, and she is quite repulsive of such things arranged by elders.” Jiang Xingyuan reluctantly Explained with a smile.

Although he feels extremely refreshed now, he doesn’t want to have a grudge with Tang Wenzhong because of this.

The best way is to be able to find a reason for Jiang Yan’s actions just now and let Tang Wenzhong’s father and son accept it. Afterwards, Jiang Xingyuan finds another opportunity to ask Tang Wenzhong to eat a meal.

“Haha, that’s right, now all pay attention to free love, but there are still people who want to be the masters of the younger generation, and still have to learn from the parents and matchmakers of the old age? What a joke.” Yu Hua saw this scene with heart.

Happy, joking freely.

Anyway, they have seen Jiang Yan, and they agree with Jiang Yan. She deserves to be the number one beauty in Hunan Province. She is very talented and beautiful, and she is indeed the best marriage candidate for these big families.

But after seeing Tang Wenzhong’s father and son hit a wall impatiently, Yu Hua also figured it out.

It is not impossible for Tang Wenzhong to arrange for the future of the younger generation as an elder.

But that is for families whose family strength is much weaker than that of the Tang family. In that case, those small families will treat the words in the Tang text as iron rules.

But now they are in the Jiang family, and the Jiang family is a family that is comparable to the Tang family. Even, in some respects, the comprehensive strength of the Jiang family is stronger than the Tang family.

At this time, if Tang Wenzhong used the attitude of the elders to point fingers at the juniors, he would naturally provoke resistance.

And now, it is the best proof.

“Huh! Even if everything is free now, but Jiang Yan’s niece is a junior, but she is so disrespectful to her elders. It is indeed lacking in discipline. Brother Jiang, in my opinion, it was not a sudden accident that Jiang Yan’s niece ran away at the dinner that day. Ah.” Tang Wenzhong was so angry that he was so squeezed by the two, but he couldn’t directly turn his face with Yu Hua and Jiang Xingyuan, and could only say in a strange way.

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