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Chapter 407

A rare beauty in the flagship store!

He now wants to destroy Jiang Yan’s image, starting with Jiang Xingyuan and Yu Hua in front of him, and then spreading out step by step.

After all, with the strength of the Tang family, it is too simple to ruin a person’s reputation, especially a woman’s reputation.

“Brother Tang, I treat you as a guest. Jiang Yan was quiet and didn’t want to see anyone, but she thought you were the elders, so she came out to see you, but you should know that she is my Jiang family and my Jiang Xingyuan’s daughter. , Everything about her, it’s not your turn to tell me, Brother Tang!” “Okay, the matter has been discussed, if Brother Tang is okay, he should go back and prepare.” Jiang Xingyuan felt uncomfortable when he heard the words, and was holding back in his heart before. All of his anger broke out in an instant, and he coldly shouted to Tang Wenzhong, even more like a gesture of seeing off the guest.

This time, not only Tang Wenzhong, but even Yu Hua was surprised by Jiang Xingyuan’s tough attitude.

“Huh! You think I want to come. This time, if you Jiang family can’t handle Dustin Zhou, then don’t blame me for interfering.” Tang Wenzhong was said by Jiang Xingyuan. Wherever he was willing to agree, he was naturally very angry, and then walked away.

… Jiang Yan didn’t know the follow-up of what happened in the front hall, and was not interested in knowing it.

At this time, returning to the room and simply tidying up, Jiang Yan carried a small satchel and left Jiang’s house directly.

This is the first time she left Jiang’s house after a month, wandering in Changsha, feeling that everything around her is so novel.

Although Jiang Yan and Dustin Zhou visited many places in Changsha the night before the Jiang family hosted a banquet, it was at night after all, many places were closed, and the whole Changsha was in a semi-dormant state.

Where is it like now, the whole Changsha woke up, and there were lively crowds everywhere.

And all this made Jiang Yan a little dazzled, and at the same time she was very lamented in her heart.

After leaving Changsha for a few years and studying abroad, now after returning to China, I found that my hometown has changed a lot. In many places, it is very different from Jiang Yan’s previous memories.

As he walked, Jiang Yan unknowingly followed the same route that he had walked with Dustin Zhou that night and went around again.

Soon, Jiang Yan saw the most conspicuous flagship store of the famous company on the pedestrian street.

At this time, the flagship store is described as crowded with people, which is not an exaggeration, and it is even too late.

Jiang Yan lined up for a while and was able to enter the flagship store.

Suddenly, Jiang Yan was surprised by the scene before her.

Although Jiang Yan and Dustin Zhou also visited the store that night, they didn’t really have the thought of wandering at the time, they were just bored to pass the time.

So at that time, Jiang Yan didn’t have too much

Pay attention.

And now, after seeing the configuration in the flagship store, Jiang Yan was surprised.

Even if it compares with some large-scale cosmetics stores abroad, the flagship store of this famous company in front of you is not much better.

Jiang Yan is worthy of being the only stunning beauty in Hunan Province. She has a dazzling temperament. No matter where she is placed, she is all together, like a group of chickens.

At this time, Jiang Yan was hanging out in the flagship store, but what he

The temperament naturally attracted the attention of almost everyone in the store.

Regardless of those who came to the shop to buy cosmetics or the staff in the shop, all the attention at this time was on Jiang Yan.

“Who is this big beauty? Why haven’t I seen it before.” “Yes, I haven’t seen it either. I think I have read countless women, and I have never seen such a stunning beauty. It’s incredible!” Do you want to go up and ask for a contact method, maybe you will have a chance in the future, hehe.” “Well, your ears are itchy, right? You are so energetic, I will do all the housework for you in the future.” “Oh my God, if it was mine. The skin is half as good as hers, so I thank God.” “Yeah, I also seem to have her figure, do you think she has undergone plastic surgery, or else, where is such a big beauty in the world? It is countless times more beautiful than those female stars on TV!” “It’s not like having a plastic surgery. You see her face is very natural, and she doesn’t seem to be inconsistent. This is obviously natural, and I am not envious. Come.” …… The customers talked a lot, but their eyes were all on Jiang Yan, full of envy, jealousy, longing, greed, without exception.

Even the men who came to buy cosmetics with their girlfriends or wives were a little restless at this time and tried to peek at Jiang Yan.

But their little actions were nothing to hide from Conan’s girlfriend and wife. After being discovered, they immediately pleaded, and for a while, the wailing and scolding in the flagship store were endless.

Jiang Yan seemed to be out of the picture, not paying attention to all of this, and wandering in the store wholeheartedly.

In fact, Jiang Yan didn’t do nothing during the month when Jiang’s family stayed behind closed doors, she just thought about it behind closed doors.

On the contrary, Jiang Yan asked someone to report to herself all the major events that happened in Changsha and Hunan in recent years.

Among them, the more influential events are that the Yu family, the Du family, the Tang family, and the Jiang family have a faint tendency to cooperate, and their goal is impressively the Zhang family in Xiangxi.

In addition, Mingyang cooperated with Zhang’s Meichen Beauty to enter Changsha and enter the market of Hunan Province, which also caused a sensation in the entire Hunan Province.

Especially the flagship store of Mingyang Company in Changsha Pedestrian Street has become a phenomenal existence.

And among these, a very important person runs through it all the time.

Dustin Zhou.

Jiang Yan thought silently in her heart, recalling that night, the man who wandered all the way with him, his every move seemed to be extremely gentleman, and he considered her lady very much.

Not as arrogant and arrogant as in some populations.

And this store is


Jiang Yan moved lightly, and she didn’t know what was wrong with her, leaving Jiang’s house, the first place she wanted to go was here.

Perhaps this is the place that has the deepest relationship with Dustin Zhou.

Perhaps, here, she could meet Dustin Zhou by chance.

At this time, the store manager Zhang Xinyi was leading people to tour the store, and saw many employees gathered together, pointing to a place, excited, and suddenly feeling upset, feeling that these employees were a little unruly.

“What are you doing?” Zhang Xinyi’s cold voice instantly sounded behind the employees, which shocked the employees.

“The store manager.” “The store manager, we are watching the big beauties.” “Yes, the store manager, look, that beauty is even more beautiful than the female star on TV. Is she a new female star? Huh?” “Yeah, but I have searched the Internet for the newly debuted girl group, there is no such a person at all.” “The manager, you said, should we discuss with that beauty, ask her to come to us? As an ambassador for the store, with her image, I think she is completely competent, and the effect must be very good.” ……

Chapter 408


The employees were tweeting, Zhang Xinyi listened for a long time, and then looked at the direction the employees were pointing. After seeing Jiang Yan, she suddenly realized that she understood what the employees were talking about.

When Zhang Xinyi saw Jiang Yan’s first glance, her eyes lit up, and she was immediately attracted by Jiang Yan.

She seems to have only seen such a big beauty beside Dustin Zhou.

And two of them, one is Dustin Zhou’s wife, and the other is the boss of the famous company, the beauty president.

After thinking about everything, Zhang Xinyi also thought of many possibilities in an instant, and considered the staff’s suggestion of inviting this big beauty to become the ambassador of the flagship store many times, but she couldn’t make up her mind.

After all, she is just a store manager with very limited authority.

And if you want to invite such a big beauty to become the ambassador of the flagship store, even if the other person is an amateur, with this figure and appearance, the price will not be low.

And this is likely to exceed Zhang Xinyi’s authority.

However, Zhang Xinyi has been able to work as a store manager for Meichen Beauty in the original Zhang family for more than ten years, and she still has vision and determination.

Although she has no authority to make a decision now, she can contact it first.

In this way, at least leave the contact information of a beautiful woman, wait until Dustin Zhou and the others come back, and report the matter to the past. At that time, all decisions will be made by Dustin Zhou.

Thinking of this, Zhang Xinyi chuckled and walked over.

Getting closer and closer to Jiang Yan, Zhang Xinyi suddenly felt ashamed, and felt that she was not worthy to talk to the big beauty in front of him.

Jiang Yan also noticed that the daughter who came to her seemed to be an employee of the flagship store.

Although Zhang Xinyi can only be regarded as a woman on the horizontal line in Jiang Yan’s eyes, she has such a natural nature that she does not have any thoughts of despising others.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing Zhang Xinyi didn’t speak, Jiang Yan simply asked.

The voice is soft, soft as jade, like a spring breeze blowing over people’s faces, making people feel at ease.

This is what Zhang Xinyi thought at the moment. She consciously heard the beautiful woman’s voice, and her whole person became a lot softer, and her mood improved by three points.

“Uh, this lady is good. My name is Zhang Xinyi, the manager of the flagship store of the famous company. I want to discuss with the lady about one thing. I wonder if you have the time, Miss?” Zhang Xinyi calmed down and smiled faintly. Try to make yourself look more approachable.

In other words, make yourself look harmless, non-aggressive, and without any scheming.

After all, it is indeed doubtful to make such a request in the public.

The so-called not afraid of 10,000, just in case, Zhang Xinyi must take every aspect

Consider the matter clearly and carefully.

“Well, okay, I have time, what can you do?” Jiang Yan glanced at Zhang Xinyi, nodded, and said with a smile.

“Miss, how long I won’t delay you…what? Did you agree?” Zhang Xinyi habitually thought that Jiang Yan would refuse one or two, and the two sides gave way a few times before the other party agreed.

But I didn’t expect that Jiang Yan didn’t hesitate at all, and directly agreed. This made Zhang Xinyi not react for a while and spoke a little hastily.

“Well, is there any problem?” Jiang Yan tilted her head slightly and said with a smile, as if there was a warm day on the beam, which made people feel warm.

“No problem, please here, it won’t delay you for a long time.” Zhang Xinyi quickly recovered her calm, and smiled and took Jiang Yan to the office area.

When other employees saw that the store manager guided Jiang Yan to the office so easily, they immediately admired Zhang Xinyi.

When Jiang Yan entered the office area, the people in the shopping area outside, especially the men, were all downcast, and they were a little depressed.

However, Zhang Xinyi, no matter what happens to others, she took Jiang Yan to the office area, resisting the exclamation in her heart, and told Jiang Yan about the invitation to become the ambassador of the flagship store, and asked Jiang Yan’s wishes.

Zhang Xinyi looked at Jiang Yan’s face up close, and she felt amazed.

This face, this skin, Zhang Xinyi has only seen it in her life.

Even Mira Xie and Enderia Shen are just as good as the beauty in front of them.

After Zhang Xinyi finished speaking, she waited quietly for Jiang Yan’s response.

In fact, whether Jiang Yan agrees or not, Zhang Xinyi will report today’s affairs to Dustin Zhou, and if Dustin Zhou is unwilling to invite Jiang Yan to be the ambassador of the flagship store, Zhang Xinyi will try her best to persuade him.

As time passed, Jiang Yan tilted her head, as if thinking deeply about something.

“Miss, in fact, you don’t need to give me an answer now. You can go back and consider it carefully. When you think about it, you can call me. This is my business card.” Zhang Xinyi is afraid that she will put pressure on Jiang Yan here. , Said quickly, and handed out a business card of his own.

“The manager of Mingyang’s flagship store, Zhang Xinyi.” Looking at the information on the business card, Jiang Yan flashed many pictures.

Everything about her life in Changsha and Jiang’s family before studying abroad.

When she was studying abroad, she lived abroad.

There are also everything in her life after returning home some time ago.

Among them, she spent only one night with Dustin Zhou.

However, it was this evening that the memory fragments flashed in Jiang Yan’s mind were much more than those of her at Jiang’s house.

For a moment, Jiang Yan thought of becoming an ambassador for the flagship store, and Dustin Zhou looked confused when he saw his huge poster outside the store, Jiang Yan wanted to laugh.

“Okay, I agree.” Now that I thought about it, I had to do it. After a little thought, Jiang Yan directly agreed.

“Ah? You agree? No need to think again? Miss, to be honest, my authority is limited and I can’t give you a reasonable remuneration. Everything can only be decided when the person in charge of our famous company comes back. “Zhang Xinyi didn’t expect Jiang Yan to agree so simply. While he was delighted, he was also a little surprised.

“But don’t worry, I will definitely fight for you with a reasonable remuneration from Mr. Zhou.” “Well, I don’t mind the remuneration very much. It’s up to you. However, when your Mr. Zhou comes back, you can call again. Me, I’ll come again.” Jiang Yan had a sense of pleasure and mystery of pranking success, leaving her phone number, and then left.

As Jiang Yan left, the customers in the flagship store, especially the male customers, looked at the direction she was leaving, and sighed again and again.

And Dustin Zhou, who was far away in Xiangxi, naturally didn’t know everything here.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t know for a while, but it didn’t mean he didn’t know.

Three days have passed since I discussed cooperation with Mr. Zhang Taiyan.

In these three days, because there was a demonstration of strength before, this time, no one without eyes came to provoke him.

So Dustin Zhou and their lives in the small courtyard were fairly peaceful.

Chapter 409

Cooperation is finalized!

“Hehe, this house is not open at all. There are no decisions at all, and they are not decisive at all. When they finally make a decision and then implement it, it is likely that the daylily will be cold.” Su Wei said disdainfully, to the Zhang family The attitude is a bit unhappy.

Not to mention that they are guests, and when Zhang’s Meichen Beauty had suffered a disfigurement crisis, the help they provided was to cooperate with Meichen Beauty and establish a firm foothold in Changsha.

Even this time, they have come to discuss cooperation with the Zhang family, and the content of this cooperation will undoubtedly have huge benefits for the Zhang family.

However, everyone in the Zhang family looked timid. After three days of discussions, they did not come up with a reasonable and effective plan.

The three days Dustin Zhou and the others lived in the small courtyard were really boring.

It’s not that Dustin Zhou didn’t want to return to Changsha first, but that he was here to confuse many people’s vision, making them unable to detect Dustin Zhou’s true purpose.

At least, for Yu Hua, the Du family, the Tang family, and the Jiang family, if they can confuse them for a period of time, they will be able to fight for a period of time to make a planned and smooth deployment.

“Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou, good news.” Suddenly, Zhang Jie ran all the way to the small courtyard, his face full of excitement.

“What’s wrong? Xiao Zhangzi?” Su Weiman glanced at Zhang Jie carelessly and said with a chuckle.

In the past few days, Su Wei and Zhang Jie have become more familiar with each other, and they speak more casually with each other, and they even nicknamed each other.

Su Wei is called Zhang Jie Xiao Zhangzi, and Zhang Jie calls Su Wei Xiao Weizi.

As for others, they have no interest in such naive and boring tricks.

“Huh, Xiao Weizi, why, are you in a hurry? Want to know? You beg me.” Zhang Jie glanced at Su Wei with contempt, smiled faintly, and the complacency that he held in his hand jumped on the paper.

“Huh, love to say nothing, the big guy is here, I don’t believe you will hold back.” However, Su Wei was not fooled. He pointed to Dustin Zhou, put his hands on his chest, looked at Zhang Jie, his eyes were faint. Provocative, full of provocation.

“Okay, Zhang Jie, what’s the good news?” Dustin Zhou stretched out his hand to gesture, interrupted the bickering between the two, and asked.

I stayed in Zhang’s house for three days without incident. To be honest, Dustin Zhou also felt that he was a waste of time.

He had already made up his mind. If there is no news from the Zhang family today and no decision, then he will leave directly and return to Changsha.

At that time, Mingyang’s branches will be full of projects, and there will be no Zhangjia location.

At that time, the branches of Mingyang Company opened throughout Hunan Province. Whether it would have a great impact on Zhang’s Meichen beauty makeup was no longer in Dustin Zhou’s consideration.

“Grandpa has made a decision

Sure, I will work with you.

Zhang Jie said excitedly. In fact, Zhang Jie was very unwilling to have a gap between Zhang Family and Dustin Zhou. But now, there seems to be a gap between the two parties. Just like this time, Dustin Zhou took the initiative to propose cooperation, and for Zhang Family, There are also great benefits. It stands to reason that the Zhang family has no reason to refuse such cooperation. But in fact, many of the Zhang family, headed by Zhang Lun, have spoken out against cooperation. The reason for their opposition is simple. Dustin Zhou’s cooperation is to raise tigers. After all, Mingyang’s stores open all over Hunan Province, which will definitely have a great impact on Zhang’s original Meichen Beauty, and shake Zhang’s leading position in the cosmetics industry in Hunan. In addition, Dustin Zhou’s cooperation plan clearly meant to take advantage of their Zhang family. People who asked Zhang’s family to cooperate with Dustin Zhou opened Mingyang’s branches throughout Hunan Province. Among them, Dustin Zhou and his people were just famous To promote the company’s brand, there is also a general idea, store construction costs. But the opening up of various relationships, the comfort and communication of all parties, all need to be done by the Zhang family. In this way, simple can be done. Dustin Zhou and others did the rest. Let the Zhang family do the rest, the laborious things. This is undoubtedly the Zhang family who worked for him for Dustin Zhou. Zhang Lun even talked about it at the public meeting. If someone in the Zhang family chooses to cooperate with Dustin Zhou, then Zhang Lun is my enemy.

“When this is said, it is undoubtedly a matter of tearing the face. Either choose to stand on Zhang Lun’s side and oppose cooperation. Or, agree to cooperate and stand on the opposite side of Zhang Lun. Faced with such a choice, even if there is Zhang Ying from the side. Coordinating, but there are still many people who are on Zhang Lun’s side and refuse to cooperate with Dustin Zhou. Originally, Zhang Jie asked his father, and he was sad for a few days after he got the news. But just today, the family advocates Tai Yan to speak directly. The Zhang family wanted to cooperate with Dustin Zhou, and a decision was made at this meeting. Zhang Lun stood there like a dementia, as if there were countless slaps on his face. Someone chooses to cooperate with Dustin Zhou, so Zhang Lun is my enemy.

“Such majestic and aggressive words seemed to linger in their ears. For a while, everyone in the Zhang family looked at Zhang Lun with different faces, and at the same time looked at Zhang Ying pretentiously. After all, this meeting, Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying disagreed, but the family advocated that Tai Yan stood firmly on Zhang Ying’s side. The implications of this have to be tasted carefully. After listening to the process of Zhang Jie’s excited recount, everyone present was all There was a smile on his face. Obviously they could have this to Zhang Taiyan

Fan Jue was very pleased.

Only Dustin Zhou, expressionless, said nothing.

“Dustin Zhou, what’s the matter? Is there any problem with this?” Seeing Dustin Zhou’s reaction, Zhang Jie’s heart suddenly shook, for fear that Dustin Zhou’s heart would be dissatisfied.

Up to now, Zhang Jie still wants to treat Dustin Zhou as his college classmate, but every time he sees Dustin Zhou, the pressure in his heart will unconsciously emerge, making Zhang Jie feel even more when facing Dustin Zhou when there is no one. pressure.

“No, it’s just that I’m thinking about some other things. Now that the old man has made a decision, then we only need to follow the plan I said. We don’t need to stay here.” Dustin Zhou raised his eyes to Zhang Jie, There was a trace of tension in Zhang Jie’s eyes, and he couldn’t help feeling lost.

Originally, although he and Zhang Jie hadn’t been in contact for three years, the friendship from the college years was still there, and even if they met again, they had no scruples.

But now, is even Zhang Jie so careful and nervous in front of him?

Dustin Zhou thought secretly in his heart to expel this idea calmly.

After all, now he represents Mingyang Company, while Zhang Jie represents the Zhang family.

In the next cooperation, although the two parties said it was an equal relationship, in fact, both parties knew, especially Mr. Zhang, even more so, that in the next cooperation, Dustin Zhou was the leader.

Therefore, the old man only dragged on for three days, before Dustin Zhou ran out of patience, and made a decision.

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