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Chapter 410

Come to the store again!

“Ah? Are you leaving now?” Zhang Jie looked surprised, but he didn’t expect to tell Dustin Zhou the good news to them. As a result, after they heard it, they would leave.

Could it be that Zhang Family has offended Dustin Zhou and the others?

Zhang Jie thought about it seriously in his heart and confirmed that there was nothing to offend Dustin Zhou.

After all, Zhang Tao, who provoked Dustin Zhou and his group last time, was injured by Dustin Zhou as the grandson of his grandfather Zhang, and finally recovered. Now no one dares to offend them.

“Well, I have to make a lot of preparations after I go back. Anyway, after the plan officially starts, your Zhang family only needs to act according to the agreement, and there is nothing to pay special attention to.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

Zhang Jie still wanted to stay, but Dustin Zhou had decided to leave, and Zhang Jie couldn’t stop him alone.

When Zhang Ying came to find Dustin Zhou by himself, Dustin Zhou and his party had already left Zhang’s house and returned to Changsha.

“Hey, it seems that this time the Zhang Family’s dealings still make Dustin Zhou a little dissatisfied.” Zhang Ying was a little helpless, he had rushed over as soon as possible, but it was still a step late. It seems that Dustin Zhou has decided to go.

Even if Mr. Zhang made a word to stay, he might not be able to keep Dustin Zhou and his party.

Dustin Zhou and several people soon returned to Changsha.

After returning to the Double Happiness Hotel, Sun Lian went to Chen Xin immediately.

She was thinking of Asher Chen now, and she was afraid that Asher Chen would appear during this time, so Sun Lian did not dare to delay for a moment.

“You all go back, I’ll go to the flagship store.” Let other people go back to the room and take a good rest. After all, although you can rest in Zhang’s house during this time, they are guests at Zhang’s house after all. Scrupulous, the rest may not be in place.

“Chuanzi will do it with me.” Thinking of the flagship store manager Zhang Xinyi reporting her own affairs two days ago, Dustin Zhou had a guess in his heart, so when he returned to Changsha, he felt the flagship store without stopping.

Dustin Zhou needs to confirm what Zhang Xinyi said.

When Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan arrived at the flagship store, the store manager Zhang Xinyi was waiting nervously.

Ever since she told Dustin Zhou about inviting a beautiful woman to be the ambassador of the flagship store that day, she has been waiting for Dustin Zhou’s response, but she was afraid that Dustin Zhou would refuse it directly.

After all, such a thing can already be said to be a well-known internal company.

And she was just a store manager of Meichen Beauty. In this flagship store, she is also an employee outside the famous company.

Zhang Xinyi naturally knows the pros and cons of this kind of shallow talk.

But when she thought of the beauty she saw that day, Zhang Xinyi still has a pounding heartbeat until now.

You know, she herself is a woman, but also a woman whose appearance is above the horizon.

In terms of looks, Zhang Xinyi is also confident that she can score eight points.

This kind of existence, placed outside, is already the first level of a big beauty that many people kneel and lick.

Although because of her age, her number of suitors has decreased over the years.

But when she was flourishing, she was also a heartthrob.

For that matter, she saw the beautiful woman’s first glance and still admired in her heart.

If she is equivalent to an eight-point beauty, then the beauty she saw that day should be considered eleven.

Even, far more than that, it has surpassed the criteria for judging beauty established by ordinary people.

From afar, Zhang Xinyi saw Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan walking towards the flagship store together.

After calming down the emotions in her heart, Zhang Xinyi showed a nice smile again and took the initiative to greet her.

“Mr. Zhou is good.” “Well, go to the office area and say.” Dustin Zhou nodded, satisfied with Zhang Xinyi’s attitude.

This woman was transferred from the Zhang family’s Meichen Beauty, but she is actually from the Zhang family.

But Dustin Zhou has this confidence, and he doesn’t think Zhang Family can do anything to him, so Zhang Xinyi will continue to be the store manager.

Dustin Zhou’s arrival naturally attracted the attention of many employees, and the shopping area suddenly exclaimed.

Fortunately, it’s working hours, and Mingyang’s flagship store has very strict regulations. The employees don’t dare to exaggerate too much, but a pair of eyes accompany Dustin Zhou all the way until he enters the office area. can not see.

And many customers naturally saw Dustin Zhou, and suddenly became interested in this very handsome little guy.

After all, this is a cosmetics store. Most of the people who come here to buy products are women, and most of them are upright women.

The hormones of youth have long been nourished in their hearts for a long time, and when they see a pretty good little brother, they will always look like an idiot.

Not to mention, Dustin Zhou is so much more beautiful than the little brothers on the street.

“Hey, who is that little brother just now?” “Yeah, he is so handsome, he is almost the same as my Obama.” “Do you have his contact information, it looks like it’s your shop? Staff? That’s great. I will come here often in the future.” “Hey, but how do I think I have seen him?” “Bah, shameless, really treat yourself as a green onion, what are you, so handsome? Brother, how can you see it.” “Bah, you are the stinky fish and shrimp. I think of it. He seems to be the owner of this store, like a boss of a famous company.” “Really. Is it so young and rich

My little brother, love me to death, no, I must get his contact information, no matter whether he can get his heart or not, I have to get his people.

“Bah, stinky shame…”… Many customers’ eyes were naturally attracted by Dustin Zhou. As Dustin Zhou entered the office area, the entire shopping area suddenly became noisy, and many customers were looking for staff to ask Dustin Zhou’s advice. Contact information. However, Dustin Zhou is the boss after all. Don’t say that ordinary people don’t have his contact information. Even if they do, they are mostly office contact information. Basically, he cannot be contacted. Even if a few employees have Dustin Zhou’s They don’t dare to talk to others about their personal contact information. Once this event makes a big noise and Dustin Zhou knows about it, employees like them can’t afford the consequences. Dustin Zhou doesn’t even know the sensation caused by his presence in the store. Even if he knew it, I’m afraid he would only laugh easily in his heart. Such a thing was not what he wanted to see, but now that it has happened, then let the flow of it happen and let other people’s memory pass over time. , Gradually blurred. After all, even in Dustin Zhou’s heart, he still thinks that his limelight is very difficult to block, and this kind of thing that is noticed by people naturally cannot be avoided.

Chapter 411

Dustin Zhou’s guess!

In the office area, only a few employees are working at this time.

Dustin Zhou walked to his office, sat down directly, and signaled Zhang Xinyi to sit down too. As for Niu Chuan, he walked directly to the side of the sofa and sat and waited.

“Let’s talk about it, tell me about the specific situation at the time, and also, is there any other information about the contact information left by that beauty?” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

Dustin Zhou still had a little knowledge of what Zhang Xinyi had reported to herself before.

It’s not that Zhang Xinyi’s report was not clear enough, but that the scene she described in Zhang Xinyi’s report made Dustin Zhou somewhat unbelievable.

A beauty can cause a sensation in the entire store.

How powerful and beautiful is this beauty to be able to do.

At the very least, Dustin Zhou suspected that even if Mira Xie and Enderia Shen were carefully dressed up, they would barely be able to do it.

Could it be that another stunning woman who can compare with Mira Xie and Enderia Shen, or even surpass them?

However, such a woman, in Dustin Zhou’s impression, is probably only Jiang Yan in Hunan Province.

But, the beauty in Zhang Xinyi’s mouth is really Jiang Yan?

Dustin Zhou fell into deep thought.

Leaving aside Jiang Yan from the Jiang family, the conflict between him and the Jiang family is almost irreconcilable.

As Jiang Yan’s family, even if she didn’t want to, but with the family behind, she might not be able to do many things.

Even if he didn’t oppose Dustin Zhou, he would have reached the limit of pressure Jiang Yan could bear.

As for the normal communication between Jiang Yan and herself, as if nothing happened, there was even cooperation between the two sides.

Such a thing just flashed through Dustin Zhou’s mind, and Dustin Zhou took the initiative to rule it out.

Furthermore, Jiang Yan is the Jiang family after all, and neither her identity nor the Jiang family will agree to let her be the ambassador of so-so.

Not to mention, the contradiction between the two sides still exists.

As for more, Dustin Zhou couldn’t think about it all at once.

“Mr. Zhou, the situation that day was actually quite accidental, I didn’t notice it…” Next, Zhang Xinyi said everything about what happened that day and the reactions of customers in the store, whether men or women. .

“When I asked the other party if they wanted to become the ambassador of our store, I thought the other party would go back and consider it, but she did not expect that she agreed at once without hesitation.” “Moreover, this matter, the authority is already It exceeds my authority, so I have to take the time to report it to you.” Zhang Xinyi took a sigh of relief and realized that what she said was like saying everything that happened that day.

It’s really fine.

“Zhou, this is the contact information that the beautiful woman left when she left.” Zhang Xinyi looked at Dustin Zhou’s pensive face, and she felt a little nervous for a while.

She didn’t know what Dustin Zhou was thinking at this time. After all, what she had done, when strictly investigated, actually violated the rules.

If Dustin Zhou handles it strictly, the confiscation bonus is already light and heavy, and it will even be notified by all staff.

“Yeah.” Dustin Zhou looked at the contact information left by the beauty and confirmed that he did not know him.

“In this way, you will contact the other party and ask them to come to the store this weekend. I will meet with her to confirm some things.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

At this time, I was thinking about some things that didn’t have any meaning.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know if the other party was Jiang Yan, but no matter who the other party was, the result was no longer important.

Having figured this out, Dustin Zhou inspected the store again, but he didn’t see any problems, and felt a lot lighter in his heart.

“Okay, that’s it. After you confirm the time with the other party, you can tell me again.” Dustin Zhou gave Zhang Xinyi a call and left directly with Niu Chuan.

At this time, she already had a rough and vague guess in her mind, but the final result would still be confirmed when she saw a real person on the weekend.

Time passed quickly, and after Dustin Zhou and Zhang Jia confirmed their cooperation, Zhang Jiali immediately started operations.

The Zhang family moved quickly. Dustin Zhou didn’t feel anything yet. Someone had already told him that the branch they chose to open was already well-established, and plans to open it soon.

Hearing this news, Dustin Zhou was very happy. He felt that although the Zhang family always looked forward and backward and procrastinated in doing things, it was still very efficient to act seriously.

Instruct the other party not to relax their vigilance, and to keep staring until the branch is truly established and successfully opened.

And unconsciously, the weekend had already arrived.

“Mr. Zhou, I have contacted the other party. The other party does not want to meet you at the flagship store. She asked you to meet on the Yangtze River this Sunday.” Zhang Xinyi’s call was also long overdue.

Dustin Zhou thought that Zhang Xinyi would confirm the time with the other party as soon as possible, but did not expect it to be delayed until Saturday night.

However, Dustin Zhou could not deny the request made by the other party, nor did he feel that there was anything wrong with it.

After all, this time, the two parties are discussing the other party to become the ambassador of Mingyang’s flagship store. How to say, this time, he has his intention to ask for help.

So, it’s no big deal to accommodate the other party a little bit.

On Sunday, Dustin Zhou spent a morning dressing himself up.

It’s not that he is going to make an appointment

Yes, but to express my sincerity.

After all, in Zhang Xinyi’s mouth, the other party is already a rare beauty in the world, no matter whether it is male or female, there is almost no resistance to her.

Dustin Zhou should show respect for such a character.

“Oh, you dress up so trendy, which little fox are you going to date? Sister Mira, you don’t care about your man?” Dustin Zhou just dressed up halfway, and in some places he was not sure, he heard a sharp one. The female voice suddenly rang.

You don’t need to look, Dustin Zhou knows who is talking.

Such a voice, such a tone that seems to have overturned the jealous jar, I am afraid that only his own somewhat unreliable boss can tell.

It seems that since Enderia Shen blocked a fatal blow for herself last time, her attitude towards herself has changed drastically.

how to say.

It seems that Enderia Shen suddenly valued herself, and even regarded herself as something unique to her.


Of course, Enderia Shen still admitted that Mira Xie was the first master of Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou turned his head and saw Enderia Shen standing at the door of his room holding Mira Xie, looking at him playfully, looking up and down, as if he was going to see himself through.

“Why are you here?” Dustin Zhou was a little speechless, and this woman’s expression was really a different matter.

Could it be that the catch is coming!

“Why? We can’t come? If we don’t come, we won’t see you dressed up like this. Whom are you going to see, so grand?” Enderia Shen let go of Mira Xie’s hand, walked into the room first, and went up and down in front of Dustin Zhou. After looking carefully at it again, he suddenly approached Dustin Zhou and slightly loosened the tip of his nose.

Chapter 412

Wife and leader should also follow along!

Dustin Zhou had three black lines on his forehead instantly.

What is this doing?

“What are you doing? Are you so exaggerated?” Dustin Zhou was a little speechless, this Enderia Shen, could it be that Enderia Shen smelled something in himself, such a meaningful look.

“Haha, exaggeration? Dustin Zhou, it seems that you still don’t know enough about yourself.” Enderia Shen stretched out a finger and shook it slightly.

“In my memory, no matter what occasion you were on, even if you went to Zhang’s house or the dinner party at Jiang’s house before, we never saw you dressing up so grandly.” “We all thought you didn’t care. But today, you are so much fanfare. If there is nothing to hide from me and Mira, I will definitely not believe it!” Enderia Shen said decisively, with a very firm tone and sharp eyes.

It seems that as long as Dustin Zhou doesn’t explain from the teacher, she will be cut off by her gaze in an instant.

If you change to a slightly softer, less timid person standing in front of Enderia Shen, I am afraid she will really be frightened by her.

But Dustin Zhou knew exactly what kind of person his unreliable boss was.

At best, she just made a fool of herself, and couldn’t really do anything at all.

“The store manager of the flagship store previously reported something to me. Today I went to meet people to discuss with them about becoming the flagship store’s image ambassador.” But his eyes flicked past Mira Xie who had been standing at the door, Dustin Zhou still did not Continue to conceal, pretending to admit defeat, and tell the story.

Regarding Enderia Shen’s attitude, Dustin Zhou could pretend to be crazy and be stupid, as he didn’t know, and he was happy to play with her.

But for Mira Xie, his true wife,

Dustin Zhou is the only woman who is certified to work. Dustin Zhou will not do anything that makes her suspicious.

After all, the relationship between the two parties has been precarious and crumbling in the previous three years.

If you don’t want to end this relationship completely, Dustin Zhou won’t lie to Mira Xie or do anything to apologize to her.

“Image ambassador?” Enderia Shen sensitively grasped the core of Dustin Zhou’s words, and stared at Dustin Zhou with alert.


Dustin Zhou’s heart shuddered.

“Now the development of Mingyang’s flagship store has been very smooth, but after the hot air at the beginning, it will be flat. At this time, choosing someone to be an ambassador is very important for gathering customers. Things.” “Besides, Zhang Xinyi was the manager of Zhang’s Meichen Beauty Makeup before. She has rich experience. This is her idea. She chose the candidate before. I just want to confirm it and make the final decision with the other party. It’s nothing more than communicating the treatment.” Dustin Zhou tried to say lightly

To put it lightly, it seems that the whole thing has nothing to do with me.

If it weren’t for the authority issue, Zhang Xinyi would be able to handle the whole matter alone, and taking over by herself was just a gesture of performing the corresponding procedures.

In this case, even Enderia Shen probably couldn’t find any loopholes.

Dustin Zhou felt complacent and felt that he had defeated Enderia Shen in this round.

Is it really an IQ problem?

“That’s how things are. To show respect, of course I have to tidy up, but I just dress up a little bit more than usual. There is nothing wrong with it.” Dustin Zhou raised his brows and smiled faintly.

“Well, it’s true.” Enderia Shen put one hand on his chin and looked at Dustin Zhou, suddenly lost.

Dustin Zhou suddenly felt speechless, what the hell was going on, it was obvious just now that he was arrogant, how come he is lost now?

But regardless of Enderia Shen, Dustin Zhou looked at Mira Xie.

“Do you have anything to do today?” The voice was very soft, completely different from the tone of voice when speaking with Enderia Shen.

“No.” Mira Xie shook his head slightly, and his voice was very soft. If Dustin Zhou hadn’t been paying attention to her, I might not be able to hear it all at once.

“Yes!” Suddenly, Enderia Shen, who had just lost his mind, screamed, and Dustin Zhou jumped.

Holding back the anger in his heart, Dustin Zhou looked back at Enderia Shen.

Shen Sheng asked.

“Enderia Shen, President Shen, can you not be so surprised, if I am frightened by you, you will be responsible for the consequences?” Dustin Zhou really had no choice but to take Enderia Shen.

Actually speaking, the relationship between the two was not very close before, and it was probably better than the ordinary relationship between superiors and superiors.

But most of it was because of his gratitude to Enderia Shen, a superior.

And Enderia Shen is probably out of expectation of his subordinate.

However, since that time… After taking a few deep breaths, he gradually calmed down the fluctuations in his heart, and opened his eyes again, Dustin Zhou’s mood fluctuations have completely calmed down.

“Dustin Zhou, or else I and sister Mira will accompany you to see this ambassador? Anyway, we have nothing to do today.” Enderia Shen was a little cheered, and quickly walked to Mira Xie a few steps, and grabbed Mira Xie. Walked to Dustin Zhou together.

Before Dustin Zhou could say anything, the corner of Enderia Shen’s mouth raised slightly.

“No objection, I’m your boss, and sister Mira is your wife. The two of us are going with you. It’s not only boring, but has something to do with work.” Enderia Shen stretched out his hand and said seriously. Can’t refuse.

And Dustin Zhou’s words disappeared in an instant.

It is really helpless to meet such a boss.

No way, Dustin Zhou

He could also agree, but he could be considered as having three

Chapters with Enderia Shen.

When I met with the ambassador this time, the two of them couldn’t make good opinions and just say anything.

At the same time, they cannot interfere in this matter.

Finally, Dustin Zhou cautiously asked the two not to have any conflicts with each other.

After the three

Chapters of the appointment, Dustin Zhou was completely dressed up, his whole person seemed to be changed, and his face was radiant.

Speaking of which, Dustin Zhou had spent a lot of thought this time.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Dustin Zhou nodded repeatedly, quite satisfied.

At the very least, standing between Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, and another person who is likely to be Jiang Yan, he will not be regarded as a toad.

Zhang Xinyi said on the phone that the other party asked to meet at the riverside.

However, the huge Yangtze River is like a dragon above the nine heavens.

Even if this giant dragon only exists in Changsha, Hunan Province, it is a very long dinner party.

However, since it was a meeting, it was naturally impossible to be in that barren mountain.

The developed place is also located on Changsha Road, north of Changsha.

The entire Yangtze River Road winds along the Yangtze River for several kilometers.

But what is truly separated from the Yangtze River by a line is only a ring-shaped area of ​​just over a thousand meters.

When Dustin Zhou, Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, and Niu Chuan came here, they felt a panic when they looked at the crowded heads.

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