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Chapter 413

It really is her!

After all, there are too many people in China, and Changsha, as the provincial capital of Hunan Province, and now it’s the transition of autumn and winter, people’s pace of life has slowed down a lot, so naturally they have time to come out and play.

According to the request of the other party, this meeting was at a water bar on the side of the Yangtze River.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know why the other party would choose a place like Water Bar.

But since it was the other party’s request, Dustin Zhou would not refuse it rashly.

Now that I found it, I quickly found the water requested by the other party.

“Let’s get some water.” Seeing a somewhat shabby sign hanging outside a store of tens of square meters, several people suddenly fell silent.

How did such a place survive in such an expensive place?

Does the shopkeeper use love to generate electricity?

And looking at it, there are no people in the store now, only a couple sitting in the corner, and it looks like they are college students, and the level of consumption is extremely limited.

Even though there are countless complaints in his heart, Dustin Zhou still silently walked into this Zero Point Water.

Standing on the first floor, he took a look at himself. Except for the couple, there were only the bartenders who were watching TV with their hands on their chins.

Dustin Zhou didn’t bother him either, and went straight to the second floor.

On the first floor, Dustin Zhou and the others felt that the environment in the shop was a bit gloomy. Although the lights were on, it was not bright.

But as soon as they reached the second floor, a few people suddenly felt that they were suddenly enlightened.

The Yangtze River not far away, across the huge glass, fell directly in the eye.

The view here is very good.

This was Dustin Zhou’s first thought.

However, soon, his eyes and attention were attracted by a woman in the corner.

At this time, Dustin Zhou could only see the back of the woman, but this back was very familiar.

Otherwise, there is no one else on the second floor.

Looking at the time, it was already past the agreed time.

If it is said that the other party was late on purpose, there is no need for it.

So, is that woman?

Thought to himself, Dustin Zhou didn’t hesitate on his feet, and walked slowly and unhurriedly towards the corner.

However, Mira Xie and Enderia Shen were still looking at the outside scenery. After seeing Dustin Zhou’s actions, they suddenly felt tight and hurriedly followed.

At this time, Dustin Zhou had already come behind the woman.

“Hello.” Dustin Zhou said softly, with a smile on his face, he looked approachable, without any evil thoughts, he looked like a good person, and he was also a good person who looked a little handsome.

The woman heard Dustin Zhou’s words and immediately looked over.

“It’s you!” Dustin Zhou was a little surprised when he saw the woman’s face clearly.

Although there are some guesses in my heart, and there are many

But after the confirmation, the feeling and mood are still different.

Jiang Yan!

It really is her!

After calming down, Dustin Zhou sat opposite Jiang Yan, looked at Jiang Yan, and didn’t even speak for a while.

And Mira Xie and Enderia Shen also sat on a deck in front of them.

The two sides are tightly separated by a compartment with a deck.

“Why, don’t you know?” Seeing Dustin Zhou didn’t speak, Jiang Yan didn’t feel that the other party was rude, but lightly covered the corner of her mouth and smiled softly.

When he laughed, Jiang Yan’s eyebrows and eyes completed a crescent, and it looked very beautiful, faintly, as if it was revealing a spirit.

“When Zhang Xinyi told me, I thought it might be you. After all, the beauty that can make her amazed, the entire Hunan province, I am afraid it can be counted with one hand, and it is still in Changsha, my first The reaction is you.” Dustin Zhou smiled, and then began to talk as if he had met an acquaintance.

This is the second time the two have met.

But if it counts, this should be the third meeting.

The first time it was at the Jiang family dinner, Dustin Zhou took the initiative to approach Jiang Yan to strike up a conversation, and also regarded her as a young lady in which family.

The second time was at the Double Happiness Hotel. Jiang Yan wanted to open and rest, but did not bring her ID. Dustin Zhou helped her open a room and then went out with her.

And this is the third time, but it is because of the discussion about Jiang Yan becoming the ambassador of Mingyang’s flagship store.

Many things are very predestined, and this kind of fate is indescribable.

At the very least, Dustin Zhou now has this feeling.

Although he didn’t think anything would happen between him and Jiang Yan, Dustin Zhou had a feeling that Jiang Yan might be a turning point in the relationship between him and Jiang Yan.

As for the more specific, Dustin Zhou couldn’t guess, nor could he think of it, so he would not just guess, don’t think about it, just let it go.

“Why did you think of being an ambassador? I thought…” Dustin Zhou asked with a smile, but in fact he was just asking casually, and he was not prepared to answer.

“Why? I thought I was a young lady from the Jiang family, and dismissed such publicity?” However, Jiang Yan said with a smile, without any burden because of her identity as a young lady from the Jiang family.

“Actually speaking, when you first went to that store, you pretended not to know anything. Who knew that you were the owner of that store. Are you so careful about anyone?” Jiang Yan Said with a smile, in fact, this matter is also quite interesting.

When Dustin Zhou took her to the flagship store for the first time, he pretended not to know anything.

But after returning to Jiang’s house, Jiang Yan learned from her servants that the store was the flagship store of the famous company that has been in the limelight recently, and Dustin Zhou is the owner of that store.

“But it doesn’t matter, my

So if you agree to become an image ambassador, you still hope to ease the conflict between you and the Jiang family. At the very least, when the two parties really have trouble making each other and you have to fight for the last time, you can look at my face and subordinates. Be merciful, at least, don’t kill them all.

“Jiang Yan said softly, her voice a little low, and a little low. But these words fell in Dustin Zhou’s ears, but he was greatly shocked. What does Jiang Yan mean? It was the Jiang family who asked her to test. , Or is this what Jiang Yan wanted to say? If the Jiang family asked Jiang Yan to test, then what is the purpose of the Jiang family? Is this Jiang family looking for a way out? But, this is the same as the Jiang family’s right now What they did was totally inconsistent. Even if the two sides bet on money, it was not done. So, this is what Jiang Yan wanted to say? But why did she believe that the person who won in the end would be Dustin Zhou, not the Jiang family. After all, Jiang Yan himself is the Jiang family, shouldn’t you hope that your family can have the last laugh. Furthermore, with the current strength shown by Dustin Zhou and the strength of the Jiang family, I’m afraid no one will think that the last The winner will be Dustin Zhou. Even if at this time, Dustin Zhou is standing behind the Zhang family. However, the Jiang family has reached an alliance with the Yu family, the Du family, and the Tang family. Far surpassing Dustin Zhou and Zhang Family. So, where does Jiang Yan’s confidence come from?

Chapter 414

The irritable Enderia Shen!

“What you said, you are from the Jiang family after all, so you are so optimistic about me?” Dustin Zhou was speechless.

“I am not optimistic about you, but I am not optimistic about the Jiang family.” After Jiang Yan finished speaking, he was silent.

After a while, she continued quietly.

“In fact, this time I returned to China, the feeling the Jiang family gave me is completely different from a few years ago. Many people in the family are almost crazy. They love power and wealth too much. Could it be that the Jiang family now has everything? Can’t you satisfy them?” “The sky is going to make people perish, and it must make people crazy.” “Dustin Zhou, I think the Jiang family, including my father, are already crazy now.” “But you are so sober, like something. It’s all in your grasp. Facing you like this, the Jiang family doesn’t have the slightest chance of winning.” “What’s more, I always feel that you are not the real you.” Jiang Yan said in a sentence, tone from beginning to end. They are all very calm, as if there is no mood swing in her heart.

After speaking, there was silence again.

This time, Dustin Zhou was also carefully tapping the meaning of Jiang Yan’s words.

Is it really as she said, nothing more?

Dustin Zhou didn’t know, but she knew that Jiang Yan was different from the rest of the Jiang family.

Even if it was Jiang Xingfang, who took the initiative to make peace with Dustin Zhou, his thoughts secretly were extremely deep.

By comparison, Jiang Yan is like a green lotus in the water.

“Hehe, if you really say it, I don’t mind letting them go. Okay, don’t talk about those boring things, let’s discuss about the ambassador, do you have any ideas?” Dustin Zhou nodded slightly , He responded to Jiang Yan’s request and then took the initiative to bring up the matter of the ambassador.

… When Dustin Zhou was discussing with Jiang Yan, Enderia Shen behind the seat was secretly listening.

On the other hand, Mira Xie and Niu Chuan sat blankly, as if it had nothing to do with them.

“What the hell are these two people talking about, there will be silence for a while, then laugh again, there must be something!

“Enderia Shen gritted his teeth and said, the straw in her hand had long been pinched tightly by her, and it had changed its shape many times. “Mira, don’t you care about it?”

Where is the boss and the ambassador chatting so joyously?

“Enderia Shen couldn’t help it, but she whispered complaints if she could not go directly to check it. In fact, at this moment, Enderia Shen had already imagined many scenes behind her in her mind. There is Dustin Zhou and a beautiful woman. , A scene of cuddling each other. There is a scene of Dustin Zhou and a woman kissing each other, hugging each other, and raising them high. There is also a scene of a woman holding Dustin Zhou’s arm, constantly acting like a baby. … “Ah!

I can’t take it anymore, no, I must warn them, this is a public place, you must not do things that you can’t bear to look directly at it!

With a cry, Enderia Shen shook his head abruptly, threw all the images in his mind behind his head, got up abruptly, and came to Dustin Zhou and the others in two steps. “I said you…” Enderia Shen was about to question, but waited. When I saw the two of them clearly, the words that I was about to say so aggressively just stuck in her mouth for an instant, and couldn’t say it. Enderia Shen looked at the woman in front of him, his mind was a little surprised, but at the same time he felt that the other person was watching. It’s very familiar to go up, as if I’ve seen it somewhere. “You are…” Enderia Shen took a closer look, and suddenly seemed to remember something, his expression suddenly became a little gloomy and ugly. “You are the one at the Jiang family dinner party. woman!

“Enderia Shen’s hostility towards Jiang Yan was exposed every word, as if spit out from a tooth. The woman at the Jiang family dinner? After Enderia Shen finished speaking, Dustin Zhou and Jiang Yan were both stunned. Originally, the two of them were a little surprised at Enderia Shen who suddenly rushed out. At first they thought it was some gangster or something. But after seeing that it was a woman and a beautiful woman, Dustin Zhou and Jiang Yan both let go. Heart. Dustin Zhou recognized Enderia Shen. Jiang Yan subconsciously felt that Enderia Shen was a weak woman and would not pose any threat. However, in the next second, Enderia Shen seemed to see something extraordinary, and the loss was shocked and shocked. He was angry, and the tone of speaking to Jiang Yan was very bad. Jiang Yan looked at Enderia Shen, a little confused. In addition, Enderia Shen’s sentence of the woman at the Jiang family dinner just now made Jiang Yan even more confused. But Dustin Zhou was really confused. I suddenly thought of something. At the Jiang family dinner, Dustin Zhou left Enderia Shen and Mira Xie to find Jiang Yan to chat. At that time, Dustin Zhou thought that Jiang Yan was just a lady of which family, and after one meeting, she would not see each other again. Maybe at that time, the two of them talked

Enderia Shen saw the scene of the sky.

Thinking about it now, Dustin Zhou remembered that he was very open-minded with Jiang Yan at the time. In many respects, they all talked about their own views and opinions.

Probably, at that time, Enderia Shen saw that scene as the most favorable evidence that Dustin Zhou and Jiang Yan had an affair.

In addition, today Dustin Zhou dressed himself up and used an ambassador to cover it up, making Enderia Shen even more angry, and he wished to cut this pair of dogs and men into pieces now.

“Mr. Shen, why are you here?” Seeing this, Dustin Zhou knew in his heart that it was going to be bad. If he didn’t do anything else, Enderia Shen would probably do something to Jiang Yan.

Really, I don’t know where this woman is so angry.

Thinking in his mind, Dustin Zhou hurriedly stood up and introduced the two of them.

He was really afraid that he was a little slower, and Enderia Shen started to move.

“Mr. Shen, this is Jiang Yan, the lady of the Jiang family.” “Miss Jiang Yan, this is the president of our well-known company, Enderia Shen.” Without further ado, Dustin Zhou quickly introduced them.

At this time, Enderia Shen reacted.

Jiang Yan, Miss Jiang family?

Didn’t the Jiang family have a big feud with Dustin Zhou?

How could a young lady come over to meet Dustin Zhou, and the relationship with Dustin Zhou seemed to be very good, and the two of them talked and laughed.

This must be Dustin Zhou’s false statement, huh, I saw it through all of a sudden, and I was still dazzling, how could this kind of thing be kept from me.

“You…” Enderia Shen was about to demolish Dustin Zhou, but Mira Xie walked over from the side and directly grabbed Enderia Shen who was about to run away.

“Ms. Jiang, hello, we are here with Mr. Zhou. Mr. Zhou said that he wants to confirm with you about the image ambassador. We are here to make a record.” With that, Mira Xie raised the notebook in his hand. Give yourself a piece of evidence just now.

At this time, let alone Enderia Shen, even Dustin Zhou was at a loss.

They didn’t know what Mira Xie was going to do or where to get a notebook. At first glance, it looked like something.

Chapter 415

Jiang Xingyuan, daughter control, stone hammer!

But in fact, it is full of loopholes.

However, at this time, Mira Xie’s main task was to stop Enderia Shen and let her not disturb Dustin Zhou and Jiang Yan.

As for Dustin Zhou’s explanation just now, Mira Xie believed it.

Because Dustin Zhou never lied to her.

After pulling Enderia Shen back, Mira Xie put the notebook aside and shook his head gently at the puzzled Enderia Shen.

“Sister Mira, what the hell is going on? At this point of view, the two of them are adulterous. How can you turn a blind eye and speak for him?” Enderia Shen is angry now, abominable Dustin Zhou, and doesn’t help her. Forget it, even helping Jiang Yan speak.

To put it nicely, Miss Jiang’s family, in fact, is a little vixen who doesn’t know where she comes from.

Yes, at this time, Enderia Shen had already extremely confirmed that there must be an ulterior secret between Dustin Zhou and Jiang Yan.

Originally, Mira Xie was also here. She was Dustin Zhou’s wife and wife. It stands to reason that there is supreme authority to punish the little vixen.

But Enderia Shen never expected that Mira Xie would help Dustin Zhou.

“Sister Shen, you should be wrong about this. There is no problem between Dustin Zhou and Miss Jiang Yan. They are really discussing the ambassador.” Mira Xie said softly.

“Oh, my good sister, men are big pigs’ hoofs, how can you listen to his side words?” When Enderia Shen heard that Mira Xie’s rhythm is to be ignored, he immediately became anxious and quickly persuaded.

“Dustin Zhou never lied to me, and never lied to me. I believe him. As for whether things are true or not, we will know later.” But Mira Xie is very persistent and stands firmly on Dustin Zhou’s side. .

Enderia Shen sighed helplessly.

Thinking of Jiang Yan’s gaze at Dustin Zhou just now, he was so familiar.

Suddenly, Enderia Shen felt a sense of crisis in his heart.

… “I’m really sorry, Mr. Shen may have misunderstood something.” Dustin Zhou was also a little embarrassed and quickly explained.

He didn’t want Jiang Yan to misunderstand him and Enderia Shen. After all, the two sides still have to cooperate in the future. If there is a misunderstanding in their hearts, it is not good.

“It doesn’t matter, I can understand.” Jiang Yan said with a smile, without a trace of unpleasant expression on his face.

Dustin Zhou breathed a sigh of relief.

Regardless of whether Jiang Yan really doesn’t mind or really understands it, at least it seems that way now.

“In fact, President Shen may have misunderstood you just now. Do you remember the first time we met at the Jiang family dinner? I think it is possible. That time, President Shen saw it and thought there was something between us. Haha .” Dustin Zhou smiled

Some embarrassment, being so disturbed by Enderia Shen made him feel a little hard to talk in front of Jiang Yan.

Fortunately, Jiang Yan didn’t care about this. After saying a few words softly, Dustin Zhou also understood her thoughts, so she didn’t talk about it.

The topic between the two immediately shifted to the ambassador who was interrupted by Enderia Shen.

… Jiang Family.

Since Jiang Yan was in the front hall and publicly refuted the face of Yu Hua, Yu Hu, Tang Wenzhong, and Tang Shiwen, these few people have not come to Jiang’s house again these days.

And every time only Du Wen came and asked several times, Jiang Xingyuan was also prevarication.

On that day, Jiang Yan went back to Jiang’s house after a day of wandering.

Jiang Xingyuan also asked the nursing home that secretly protected Jiang Yan, what happened along the way.

But the answer is that nothing happened.

This also made Jiang Xingyuan feel a little relaxed.

Therefore, in the past few days, Jiang Xingyuan’s care for Jiang Yan has been reduced a bit, and he has not sent anyone to follow Jiang Yan at all times.

“Ms. Isn’t there?” This time, after dealing with some things, returning to the Jiang family compound, Jiang Xingyuan thought about not seeing Jiang Yan for several days, so he asked casually.

However, his body trembled slightly, and he opened his mouth to say something, but he couldn’t say it.

At this moment, Jiang Xingyuan’s heart suddenly alarmed.

Did something happen to Jiang Yan?

“What’s going on? Just say it if you have anything to say, what does it look like!” With a low shout, the majesty of the second master of Jiang Xingyuan’s family was exposed at this moment, and the people suddenly fell silent.

“Enlighten your second master, the young lady is out today.” A maid said softly, for fear that her voice would be a little louder and would provoke Nu Jiang Xingyuan.

After all, this kind of thing has never happened before.

“Huh? Going out? Do you know where the lady went? Is there anyone following to protect?” Thinking of the fear of the servants just now, plus now that Jiang Yan is really out, Jiang Xingyuan suddenly became alert and asked in a deep voice.

If you follow the previous care, then as long as Jiang Yan is in Changsha, there will be no problems.

However, in the past few days, Jiang Xingyuan felt that Jiang Yan should not go out indiscriminately, so the care of her was relaxed a lot.

“Enjoy the second master, the lady didn’t say where to go, and she didn’t let anyone follow. However, the lady was in a good mood today. In the afternoon, she even dressed up…” The maid whispered, as she served Jiang Yan. The maid is also very confused about Jiang Yan’s condition today.

Usually, Jiang Yan is a cold goddess, not to mention that outsiders can’t get close easily, even the Jiang family, it is not easy to see Jiang Yan.

But today, Jiang Yan is like a girl, with a smile on her face, humming a little


Since the afternoon, Jiang Yan was in the room, standing in front of the mirror, constantly changing clothes.

The maid was outside the door and heard several times Jiang Yan complained about the unsightly clothes.

The maid knew that Miss Jiang Yan was in today’s state, as if she was going to see someone she liked.

At that time, this thought had just arisen in my heart, and the maid immediately dispelled this thought.

Miss go to meet someone you like?

Absolutely impossible!

The maid didn’t dare to imagine what the Jiang family would be like if this were true, and how crazy Jiang Xingyuan would be.

“Huh? Dress up specially?” Jiang Xingyuan keenly grasped the point of the maid’s words.

In an instant, a shocking and angry scene appeared in Jiang Xingyuan’s mind.

Jiang Yan changed his clothes, dressed up, and went out. After seeing a man, he immediately jumped up with joy and directly into the man’s arms.

But, most importantly, the man’s face gradually became real.

The next second, Jiang Xingyuan was furious.

That man turned out to be Dustin Zhou!

This is impossible!

“Come and find! Go and find the lady for me! No matter who she is with, bring people back to me!” After roaring, after a burst of anger at the nursery that came, Jiang Xingyuan suddenly felt that he was almost out of breath.

The nurses also looked at Jiang Xingyuan in surprise. They didn’t know why Jiang Xingyuan was so angry.

Isn’t it normal for Miss Jiang Yan to go out?

Could it be possible to keep seeing the young lady in the Jiang family compound?

Isn’t that the same as imprisonment?

This perverted daughter control!

At this moment, a few nursing homes have already slandered Jiang Xingyuan in their hearts.

However, since Jiang Xingyuan gave the order, they naturally couldn’t refuse, and they immediately went out in a group and began to look for Jiang Yan.

“Second Master, Second Master, come here, Second Master fainted!” Jiang Xingyuan fainted with a blockage in his chest as the nurses had just left.

And those people were panicked one by one.

Jiang’s family suddenly became leaps and bounds.

However, Dustin Zhou and Jiang Yan didn’t know anything about this.

At this time, they have just reached the cooperation intention of the image ambassador.

After signing the contract with Jiang Yan three days later, Dustin Zhou got up and left.

This time, he came to see Jiang Yan, except for the ambassador, to confirm the identity of the beauty Zhang Xinyi said.

Now that the identity is confirmed, he is of no use for staying.

Besides, there is also Enderia Shen who may go violently at any time.

Dustin Zhou didn’t want to wait for something unstoppable to happen.

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