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Chapter 317


“This time, all actions against the Zhang Family were carried out according to plan.” Jiang Fanliu said in a deep voice, giving orders one after another, which made the atmosphere of the whole meeting hall extremely serious.

Although this time, the Yu family, the Du family, the Jiang family, the Tang family, and the four major families joined together to launch a siege on the Zhang family.

But the Zhang family is also one of the five big families in Hunan Province, and the strength is still higher than that of the Du family.

If you don’t have a thorough and detailed plan, it is likely to fail.

Even with a careful and detailed plan, once an error occurs in the implementation of the plan and the Zhang family is aware of it, or counterattack, it will also cause extremely serious losses.

After all, if the Zhang family fights back, they must go all out. Even the four major families will suffer a lot of impact and suffer losses.

“Yuan’er, this time, you and Du Wen will work together to force the Zhang family’s cosmetics industry in Xiang Province to retreat. This is the first shot against the Zhang family!” Jiang Fanliu looked solemnly. Xiang Jiang Xingyuan’s eyes are full of expectation. He hopes that his son can make great progress in cooperating with Du Wen, and he can use this first shot to show his style and confidence!

When Jiang Xingyuan heard the order, he cheered secretly, but his face was very humble.

“Yes, father, I will not humiliate my mission!” “From now on, Brother Du will take care of it!” Jiang Xingyuan assured, and then looked at the quiet Du Wen with a smile on his face, faintly flattering. .

“Well, as long as you don’t hold back and do things according to my plan, there is absolutely no problem.” Du Wen’s expression is still very cold, even if he is pleased with Jiang Xingyuan, there is not much smile, but he responds painlessly.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Xingyuan’s heart suddenly snorted, very upset with Du Wen’s superiority.

“Guang’er, the Zhang family has a great influence in the media industry in Hunan Province. You have to cooperate with Tang Wenzhong to squeeze the Zhang family’s influence in the media industry.” Jiang Fanliu didn’t seem to see Du Wen’s attitude. , Continue to give orders.

“Yes, father, I must complete the task!” Jiang Xing promised broadly.

Compared with Jiang Xingyuan’s to Du Wen, Jiang Xingguang’s to Tang Wenzhong is obviously not so enthusiastic and not much to please.

After all, the Tang family is a weaker family than the Jiang family, and the influence of the Tang family in the Hunan media industry is not as strong as the Jiang family.

But in many ways, the Tang family can complement the Jiang family.

At this time, Jiang Fanliu’s eyes stayed on the face of his elder son Jiang Xingfang for a moment, but he shook his head quickly.

He had also arranged a very important task for Jiang Xingfang.

But Jiang Xingfang is eager for revenge, and he has previously made unruly intentions against Rocket Girls

In fact, public opinion in the whole country is still targeting Changsha.

Jiang Fanliu couldn’t let Jiang Xingfang do things, lest he expose a trace of flaws and let the whole plan fail.

“As for the others, do their own things in their respective positions, and do their best to assist Xingyuan and Xingguang.” Jiang Fanliu said in a deep voice.

The four major families have joined forces and prepared the layout for nearly a year. Only then are they fully prepared to eliminate the Zhang Family with resolute speed.

Therefore, caution is essential at any moment.

“After you go back, contact the Patriarch of the Yu Family, Patriarch of the Du Family, and the Patriarch of the Tang Family. Ten days later, the action officially begins!” Jiang Fanliu said to Yu Hua, Du Wen and Tang Wenzhong, and then let everyone in the Jiang family separate After dispersing, only Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Xingguang were left behind.

“Jiang Patriarch, I heard that someone has offended your Jiang family before, but you have nothing to do. I don’t know what the other side is, making you so cautious?” When the crowd dispersed, Yu Hua looked at Jiang Fanliu and asked lightly. Tao.

Although the Jiang family is powerful in Changsha, the other big families are not without eyes and ears in Changsha.

They naturally know what happened to the Jiang family before.

It’s just the inside story, they don’t know it. Now they just have the opportunity to find out.

After all, an accidental factor may affect the execution of the entire plan.

In case the other party is an existence with a very strong background, then it is undoubtedly unfavorable news for their four big families.

Moreover, if the Jiang family can’t be held accountable for the time being, it will definitely not be an ordinary person.

Yu Hua must figure out that he is responsible to the Yu family.

At the same time, Du Wen and Tang Wenzhong also nodded, looking at Jiang Fanliu, the same meaning.

After all, several companies are now allies, and nothing can be concealed, so that cooperation can be better carried out.

“No background, it’s just that he and a junior of the Zhang family are classmates. When we were about to move him, the junior of Zhang family came forward, in order to avoid getting rid of the grass, so we didn’t move.” Jiang Fan frowned, but very Quickly said lightly.

He didn’t tell the truth, but it didn’t matter anymore. The countdown to the start of the action had entered. At this time, he didn’t want to make waves.

Moreover, Zhou Shaohua may have energy in Changsha, but he may not have any energy in other parts of Hunan Province.

“It’s just that?” Yu Hua was a little skeptical, but Jiang Fanliu explained that, they could only believe so temporarily.

“Well, now that the plan has started, then we have to go back and prepare well, and we must take down the Zhang Family in one blow!” Yu Hua paused, then said confidently.

This time, their four major families joined forces, and they were fierce.

Home, simply can not resist.

And Yu Hua got the news even more, and the Zhang family seemed to be faintly aware, and was already making some preparations.

But in his opinion, the preparations made by the Zhang family are useless at all.

Before the four major families join forces, no preparation will help!

At the same time, Enderia Shen and Mira Xie, who were far away in the East China Sea, were also actively preparing.

During this time, Dustin Zhou kept in touch with them and asked them to send him the whitening factor project of Mingyang Company and the project plan of the new plant.

At the same time, Dustin Zhou also called Asher Chen and Director Sun Yue of the Media Industry Association to make preparations for them, and then went to Changsha, Hunan Province to gather.

At the same time, not only the people of Changsha, but also the people of Hunan Province felt that the surrounding atmosphere was something wrong.

Many people find that it is difficult to find several commonly used cosmetics. Even if they find them, they are still in the counter of the sales point.

Moreover, many people watch news on the Internet and find that many links will automatically jump to another page.

At this time, Zhang Jie’s phone call reached Dustin Zhou’s hands.

“Dustin Zhou, the situation is not right now, the other party may have taken action.” Zhang Jie’s tone was a bit anxious. At present, Zhang’s cosmetics industry and media industry in Xiang Province are being suppressed to varying degrees.

These two industries are the most important industries for the Zhang family to establish a foothold in Xiangxi, accounting for nearly half of the entire industry in Hunan.

Chapter 318

Different voices!

Hearing what Zhang Jie said, Dustin Zhou’s expression suddenly tightened, and there was some nervousness in his heart.

He didn’t expect that these four big families would do it so quickly.

Originally, he thought that the other party would prepare for another ten days and a half before doing it. After all, such an important matter, he was not completely sure, and he would not easily move.

“How is the situation, should you still be able to control it?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

Now that the opponent has started to move, there must be more signs to show.

“It’s not so good, this time the other party seems to be very targeted, and the target is directly at the cosmetics industry and media industry of our Zhang family.” Zhang Jie said coldly, his tone full of anger.

Even on the phone, Dustin Zhou could feel Zhang Jie’s mood at the moment.

“Then your Zhang family don’t have any plans? You won’t wait and die, right?” Dustin Zhou asked rhetorically.

This time, it is true that he came to help the Zhang family, but he has not seen the Patriarch of the Zhang family, nor has he seen anyone else in the Zhang family.

If the Zhang family pinned all their hopes outside, and did nothing by themselves, then even if Dustin Zhou mobilized all his power in the East China Sea, it would be of no avail.

“There are things you don’t know. Now we are divided into two voices in the Zhang family, and they are opposed to each other. No one can convince the other.” Zhang Jie’s tone was a little low, obviously dissatisfied with the situation, but there was nothing he could do.

After all, the Zhang family can call the shots at the moment, only the family advocates Taiyan, and there are second generations. Three generations like Zhang Jie and others do not actually have much say in the Zhang family.

“Huh?” However, Dustin Zhou looked terrified. He didn’t know this kind of thing, and didn’t expect that at this moment, Zhang Jie’s internal problems first occurred.

If the opponent really launches an offensive directly, if Zhang Jie does not have a unified opinion, how should he respond?

“Zhang Jie, I want to see Mr. Zhang, you can arrange it for me.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

At this time, as an external force, Dustin Zhou must reach an agreement with Zhang Taiyan.

Otherwise, not only will he not be able to help, but he will return without success, or even get stuck in it.

“Okay, I’ll make arrangements. It happens that your friends are here. There are some situations. Let’s wait for you to come and let them tell you.” Zhang Jie said helplessly.

At this time, Dustin Zhou was already dissatisfied.

From what Zhang Jie said just now, the people who went to Zhang’s house as soon as they arrived in Hunan Province did not seem very good.

After hanging up the phone, Dustin Zhou still thought about it.

The four major families must have begun preparations, and the specific situation of the Zhang family, he is far away in Changsha, is not very clear, and it is difficult to make effective judgments and decisions.

Moreover, he made Mira Xie and Shen

Bijun returned to the East China Sea and sent the whitening factor project and the new plant project plan of Mingyang Company. If he wants to make a difference in Hunan Province, he still needs to cooperate with the Zhang family.

Two days later, Dustin Zhou quietly flew to Xiangxi.

At this time, the Zhang family’s atmosphere was very solemn.

The Zhang family in Xiangxi is a force that cannot be underestimated, and the history of the Zhang family in Xiangxi is more than a hundred years old.

The family industry spreads across the entire Hunan Province, especially in the cosmetics industry, as well as the media industry. Zhang Jie occupies half of Hunan Province.

At this time, in the lobby of the Zhang family, the Zhang family advocated that Tai Yan sit high, while the other children of the Zhang family were sitting on both sides.

“What do you think of the current actions of the four major families?” Zhang Taiyan glanced at the people with a torch, then asked slowly.

Although there was a plan in his heart, Zhang Taiyan still wanted to see the observation and sensitivity of Zhang’s children.

“Father, those four big families pose no threat to our Zhang family at all!” Zhang Lun stood up and said at this moment, Zhang Taiyan’s eldest son, the second-generation eldest of the Zhang family.

He looked around at the crowd, with strong self-confidence on his face.

“Our Zhang family has been established in Hunan Province for a hundred years, and our strength ranks second among the five big families. Except for one Yu family, the other three families are not our Zhang family rivals at all!” “Besides, this time, It is said that the four big families have joined forces, but who can guarantee that they will not have a gap between them? It will cause conflicts and infighting?” “So I don’t think we need to panic, we just need to stand still and wait for each other’s infighting. When that time comes, we will shoot directly. , With a thunder and thunder, defeated the opponent’s alliance in one fell swoop!” After Zhang Lun finished speaking, he looked at everyone with a smile, especially a deep look on the faces of his younger brothers.

And the whole lobby is quiet now.

Everyone pondered, pondering the truth of what Zhang Lun said.

Several people looked happy, and looked at Zhang Lun’s self-confidence.

They are Zhang Lun’s firm supporters and hope that Zhang Lun can inherit the position of Patriarch in the future.

At this moment, seeing Zhang Lun knowing what he said, and what he said is reasonable and well-founded, I am naturally very pleased.

But many people frowned.

They naturally think Zhang Lun’s words are out of date.

“Father, I don’t agree with Big Brother’s opinion!” At this moment, Zhang Ying, the second child of the Zhang family, who is also Zhang Jie’s father, said in a deep voice, with a serious expression on his face.

“Oh? The second brother doesn’t agree with me, don’t you have any opinions on your own?” Zhang Lun sneered in his heart, but still asked softly on the surface, seeming to care about his younger brother’s thoughts.

“Father, eldest brother, everybody, you know, although our Zhang family has been based in Hunan Province for a hundred years, we have

, The outside world is developing too fast. For example, the Du family, the Jiang family, and the Tang family have developed very smoothly, becoming a big family that cannot be ignored in Hunan Province.

“After a pause, Zhang Ying continued. “Also, don’t forget, this time, it was not which one dealt with our Zhang family, but the four big families joined forces. Even if our Zhang family is strong, can it be possible to be with the four big families at the same time? Is it an enemy?

After Zhang Ying finished speaking, everyone fell into contemplation. Zhang Ying’s words were correct, and they were also very alert. But soon, many people relaxed. After all, the Zhang family is a big family in the entire Hunan province. Is also ranked second in strength. Everyone in this room has enjoyed the rich and noble life brought to them by the Zhang family from the very beginning, and they naturally don’t care about the threats outside. “What do you mean by the second brother?”

Could it be said that our Zhang family will be defeated and annexed by those four big families?

At this moment, what do you mean by this?

Zhang Lun sneered and pointed to Zhang Ying to scold him. “I didn’t mean that, I just remind everyone that now the four major families have begun to take action. If we can’t respond in time, the consequences will be unimaginable!”

“Zhang Ying argued for reasons. “Response?”

Is it because you don’t know where to find a few outsiders?

Chapter 319


Zhang Lun waved his hand and said disdainfully, with a look of sarcasm and dissatisfaction.

Some time ago, Zhang Ying’s son, Zhang Jie, brought back many people from outside, saying that he was here to help the Zhang family.

This surprised the entire Zhang family.

Many people even ridiculed Zhang Jie for being a joke. With the strength and status of the Zhang family, who would dare to do something against the Zhang family?

And where does the Zhang family need help from others?

However, Zhang Jie was stubborn and kept those people in Zhang’s house, and served them with delicious food.

This caused dissatisfaction among many people in the Zhang family.

Especially Zhang Lun.

He felt that his nephew was completely eye-catching and wanted to show his face in front of Zhang Taiyan so as to give his father more bargaining chips to compete for the position of Patriarch.

“Second brother, I know that Zhang Jie is kind, but he doesn’t want to think about it. Let’s not say that it’s impossible for someone to move our Zhang family. Even if someone is able to move our Zhang family, the people he finds Is there a way to save our Zhang family?” After Zhang Lun finished speaking, he glanced at everyone and looked Ling Ran.

“That’s right, if my Zhang family really got to that point, how could those people be useful?” “Besides, we don’t know the specific origins of those people at all. How can we just want to believe them, and, in case they It is the spies of the four major families. When the time comes, if there is a problem, who should be responsible?” “Zhang Ying, Zhang Jie is indeed a little impulsive this time. Young people, the impulse is unavoidable. If you can change it in the future, it will do. “Patriarch, in my opinion, there is no need to do anything at all now, just pay attention to the movements of the other four big families. Even if they do have any actions, we will have time to respond when that time comes!” … Zhang family members There was a lot of discussion, and at the same time I expressed my own views.

But Zhang Taiyan remained quiet for a while, and did not express any knowledge.

It’s just that he has been observing the expressions of everyone, and he already has a number in his heart, but this makes him a little disappointed.

Everyone in the Zhang family lives so easily, they have forgotten to be prepared for danger in times of peace.

“Well, right now, the four big families haven’t really done anything yet. You must pay special attention and don’t be careless.” “Especially Zhang Lun, you must be very careful in the cosmetics industry you are in charge of and prevent them from making small moves!” Okay, let’s go away separately. Zhang Ying stays. I have something to ask you.” Zhang Taiyan said. Although everyone was dissatisfied with him leaving Zhang Ying alone, they still left separately.

It’s just that before Zhang Lun left, he took a deep look at Zhang Ying, and a trace of yin flashed in his eyes.

When everyone was gone, Zhang Taiyan waved to Zhang Ying.

“Ying’er, did Zhang Jie tell you the specific origins of those people?” Zhang Taiyan asked calmly.

It seemed to be asking about a very common little thing.

“I asked, but he never said in detail. He just said that these people were brought by one of his college classmates, and his classmate is still in Changsha.” Zhang Ying answered truthfully.

In fact, Zhang Ying asked Zhang Jie the day Zhang Jie brought those people over.

But no matter how he asked, Zhang Jie would not elaborate on the specific origins of these people.

On the contrary, Zhang Jie just blindly said that these people were brought over by one of his college classmates to help them Zhang family.

Hearing Zhang Ying’s words, Zhang Taiyan’s eyes flashed, and he immediately thought of someone in his mind.

Before, he had a phone call with Chen Li, the head of the Chen family in Changsha, which seemed to be arranged by a college classmate of Zhang Jie.

And at that time, Zhang Jie happened to go to Changsha.

Could it be that person?

Zhang Taiyan was a little unsure, but he believed it in his heart.

However, he still had some doubts. Zhang Taiyan paid little attention to Zhang Jie’s grandson.

And he also knew that Zhang Jie was in Donghai University, but he didn’t know which of Zhang Jie’s college classmates had any strength.

Moreover, according to Zhang Jie, that classmate’s surname is Zhou.

But there is no big family in Donghai that is Zhou’s.

“Okay, I see, you can go down first.” Zhang Taiyan nodded and waved to let Zhang Ying go down.

And he was lost in thought.

In fact, he didn’t say a lot of things today.

Right now, the actions of the four major families against the Zhang family have begun, and they are directly suppressing the two pillar industries of the Zhang family, the cosmetics industry and the media industry.

If the Zhang family members have enough keenness and observation ability, they can naturally know one or two.

But today, no one seemed to be able to notice it.

This made Zhang Taiyan’s mood even worse.

Fortunately, he had made sufficient preparations long ago, and recently reached a cooperation with the Chen family, which undoubtedly allowed him to grasp a certain amount of initiative in the ensuing battles.

… At this moment, Su Wei, Wang Dalu, Zhou Hao and others in the Zhang Family Courtyard were very boring.

All of them came to Xiangxi from the East China Sea with Dustin Zhou.

And they don’t know much about the specific purpose of the trip.

It has been more than half a month since they came to Zhang’s house.

But during this time, they have not been very good.

Not to mention, here, they can’t walk around at will, and they can’t go to many places.

Moreover, they have to endure many cold-eyed sarcasm from the Zhang family.

It seems that they came here just to take advantage of Zhang’s family.

“It’s really mad at me. When do you say the big guys will come over, I’m really fed up with the anger of these people!” Su Wei said with an unhappy expression.

And everyone is accustomed to the big brother in his mouth.

Everyone knows that the big man Su Wei said was Dustin Zhou.

In fact, why don’t they have the same thoughts as Su Wei.

Originally, everyone was in the East China Sea, and at any rate they were also the bosses of a company. They had always pointed at others, but now, the situation seems to have changed.

Many people in the Zhang family began to point fingers at them.

“Hehe, a group of people who came to our Zhang family to eat a meal, dare to speak wild words!” At this moment, a voice lingered.

Everyone’s expressions shrank, especially Su Wei, the expression on his face was even more unhappy.

They all looked at the gate of the other courtyard.

I saw a young man walking over with all three nursing homes.

The young man had a high-pitched look, his nose was almost up to the sky, and he didn’t put Su Wei in his eyes at all.

During this time, Su Wei and others were mainly ridiculed by this young man.

“Bah, if it wasn’t for your Zhang family to ask the boss for help, we wouldn’t be able to come to this shabby place. We really think we are too great. Believe it or not, I will kill you in minutes!” Su Wei said with an unhappy expression and coldly recoiled. .

In his opinion, this home is just like that.

The scale and strength are not much different from the Su family, but if the two really oppose each other, the Su family will still win.

After all, judging from the respective positions of the Su Family and the Zhang Family, the Su Family in the East China Sea, the power and personal strength that they can reach are undoubtedly stronger than those of the Zhang Family.

In this way, the situation of the two sides is similar, but there will be a big gap in the strength of the forces that each can rely on.

“Haha, what a joke, the group of people who ate in our Zhang family dared to speak up? Today, I will teach you a lesson, let you know that if people are under the roof, they have to bow their heads!”

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