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Chapter 830

As soon as Zhou Weihai’s voice fell, the entire office was extremely quiet, terribly quiet, and the needle drop could be heard.

Dustin Zhou’s expression was stiff for a moment, then became very solemn.

The expressions of Asher Chen and Sun Lian also changed, and their gazes at Zhou Weihai became serious.

Although before Chen

ASher said that Zhou Weihai was more kind and would not do anything to Dustin Zhou, but that was before, after Zhou Weihai broke Dustin Zhou’s identity, even Asher Chen’s composure and calmness in his heart had already shaken at this moment.

“I don’t quite understand what Elder Zhou is talking about.” Dustin Zhou said softly, as if nothing had happened, as if Zhou Weihai said that he really didn’t understand.

“Hehe, you are really similar to Zhou Hengtian when you were young, and you still came with ASher. It must be Zhou Hengtian’s son. Let me think about it…” “Well, you should be 27 years old this year? Zhou Weihai didn’t care about Dustin Zhou’s pretending to be stupid, and just continued to speak for himself.

“Counting time, twenty-seven years old, you should be right. It seems that you are the child Hengtian gave birth to that woman in Donghai.” Zhou Weihai looked at Dustin Zhou, his eyes lit up, his face was full of smiles. , Very kind, like seeing my younger generation.

“Hehe, Zhou Lao joked. I don’t know what you said.” Dustin Zhou denied again. Anyway, he made up his mind. No matter what Zhou Weihai wants to say, he will deny the relationship between himself and Zhou Hengtian.

“Ahem, Elder Zhou, this time we are looking for you to ask you for help.” “Dustin Zhou, tell me about the situation.” At this moment, Asher Chen took the initiative to speak and changed the topic, which was regarded as helping Dustin Zhou. A handful.

And Dustin Zhou was also very on the road, and he quickly told some of the recent things in the East China Sea, especially the cooperation between himself and the Su family, to destroy the Xu family, and wanted to seek some help from Zhou Weihai.

“… This is the general situation. I am worried that relying on the Su family alone will not be able to encircle and suppress the Xu family in all aspects of the industry. In addition, at this time, Uncle Chen told me about you, so I I just want to come to you for help.” Dustin Zhou said slowly, carefully considering every word, and would never make any mistakes in the sentence that would make Zhou Weihai unhappy. In that case, he might return without success.

However, when speaking, Dustin Zhou still pays great attention to the relationship between himself and Zhou’s family.


“Ahem, Elder Zhou, this time we are looking for you to ask you for help.” “Dustin Zhou, tell me about the situation.” At this moment, Asher Chen took the initiative to speak and changed the topic, which was regarded as helping Dustin Zhou. A handful.

And Dustin Zhou was also very on the road, and he quickly told some of the recent things in the East China Sea, especially the cooperation between himself and the Su family, to destroy the Xu family, and wanted to seek some help from Zhou Weihai.

“… This is the general situation. I am worried that relying on the Su family alone will not be able to encircle and suppress the Xu family in all aspects of the industry. In addition, at this time, Uncle Chen told me about you, so I I just want to come to you for help.” Dustin Zhou said slowly, carefully considering every word, and would never make any mistakes in the sentence that would make Zhou Weihai unhappy. In that case, he might return without success.

However, when speaking, Dustin Zhou still pays great attention to the relationship between himself and Zhou’s family.

It was easily exposed, and Dustin Zhou also played down the origin of the conflict with the Xu family to a certain extent.

It was impossible for him to be in front of Zhou Weihai and say that the reason why he had conflicts with the Xu family was all because the Xu family wanted a piece of jade in his hands.

In that case, Dustin Zhou could not guarantee that Zhou Weihai would have any other thoughts when he knew about it.

After all, people’s hearts are separated by the belly, even if Asher Chen has said before that Zhou Weihai is a kind person, but Dustin Zhou will still subconsciously guard against it.

After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, Zhou Weihai slightly lowered his jaw and did not speak immediately.

The whole office fell silent for an instant.

If Zhou Weihai didn’t speak, Dustin Zhou would naturally not continue to say anything, otherwise, he would have a little bit of persecution.

And Asher Chen and Sun Lian were even sitting in a precarious manner, and they didn’t dare to talk to disturb the quiet atmosphere at this time.

The three of them can naturally see that Zhou Weihai has listened to what Dustin Zhou said and is now thinking.

Time passed by every minute, and it took a full ten minutes before Zhou Weihai made a sound.

“Well, that’s it.” Zhou Weihai looked at Dustin Zhou again, with a faint expectation in his eyes, but soon he suppressed this impulse, and his face was unwavering and without any expression.

The more Zhou Weihai was like this, Dustin Zhou and the others didn’t know what Zhou Weihai was thinking.

“It’s not impossible to want me to help. It’s just that you have no relatives with me, why should I help you? And I still have to be an enemy of the Xu family, the Xu family, that is the hidden family of the East China Sea, even if it is me, Be careful.” “If you want me to help contain the Xu family, either you have something to do with me, or you can give me enough benefits, what do you have,” Zhou Weihai said in a deep voice.

Hearing this, Dustin Zhou felt relieved a lot.

No rejection.

As long as Zhou Weihai didn’t refuse in one word, then he still had the opportunity to seek his help.

However, the two requirements given by Zhou Weihai just now were a bit embarrassing for Dustin Zhou.

First of all, it must have a relationship with Zhou Weihai. In fact, Dustin Zhou and Zhou Weihai do have a relationship. Zhou Weihai is Dustin Zhou’s uncle, but Dustin Zhou does not seem to expose this relationship now.

Then, Dustin Zhou could not meet Zhou Weihai’s requirements at this point.

Second, give Zhou Weihai enough benefits.

Who is Zhou Weihai? The chairman of the Tiandi Financial Building, a person of very high seniority in the Zhou family, and a very dignified person in the Zhou family.

Such a person, when it comes to money, even if Dustin Zhou takes out everything he has now, it is impossible for Zhou Weihai to be moved.

When it comes to power, Dustin Zhou is only working at a famous company. Maybe his words are still useful, but in other places, it’s not that way.

With so much power, even if some people are a little afraid of him, it is also shocked by Dustin Zhou’s previous harsh style.

When it comes to status, let alone.

In the East China Sea, Dustin Zhou may still have some reputation, but compared with Zhou Weihai, one is in the sky and the other is on the ground.

Zhou Weihai is aloof, looking at the entire East China Sea, and he is also respected.

As for Dustin Zhou, not to mention the number of enemies, there are so many people who are unhappy with him and want to teach him severely.

This is the gap between the two identities.

Dustin Zhou still has a trace of fame in Hunan Province.

But in contrast, except for the East China Sea, Zhou Weihai is a well-known tycoon even if he looks at the whole country, and he is not comparable to Dustin Zhou.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou was unable to convince Zhou Weihai in both cases.

There was a sudden thump in his heart, and Dustin Zhou’s expression became a bit solemn.

When Zhou Weihai spoke just now, he thought that Zhou Weihai would agree. After all, he came with Asher Chen this time, and the relationship between Zhou Weihai and Asher Chen seemed to be better than Dustin Zhou had imagined.

However, after Zhou Weihai finished speaking, Dustin Zhou realized that Zhou Weihai deserves to be Zhou Weihai, and always keeps his head extremely calm. It will not be because Asher Chen and Sun Lian came together. Several people have not seen each other for more than ten years, and Zhou Weihai loses his thinking mind. , What abrupt decision was made with a hot head.

On the contrary, when Dustin Zhou truly stated his purpose, Zhou Weihai became more cautious and careful than anyone else.

“How? What can you give me?” Zhou Weihai said with a chuckle when Dustin Zhou hadn’t spoken yet.

Chapter 831

And Zhou Weihai’s eyes fell directly on Dustin Zhou’s face, his eyes gleaming, as if he wanted to keep Dustin Zhou’s face firmly in his heart.

Dustin Zhou did not speak for a long time, but Asher Chen and Sun Lian on the side were a little worried.

Zhou Weihai seems to have given two conditions, as long as Dustin Zhou can achieve one of them, Zhou Weihai is willing to help.

But comparing these two conditions, Asher Chen knew that Zhou Weihai really gave Dustin Zhou only one choice.

What benefits can Dustin Zhou give Zhou Weihai?

Asher Chen couldn’t think of it, and he didn’t think Dustin Zhou could give Zhou Weihai something good.

Therefore, only the first point remains, which is Zhou Weihai’s true goal.

What is the relationship between Dustin Zhou and Zhou Weihai that makes Zhou Weihai willing to contend with the hermit family Xu family and provide help for Dustin Zhou?

Coupled with the inexplicable things Zhou Weihai said just now, Asher Chen knew that Zhou Weihai might have seen Dustin Zhou’s identity.

It was only because Dustin Zhou did not admit it, and Zhou Weihai did not have the most direct and effective evidence, so this requirement was put forward.

If Dustin Zhou wants to get Zhou Wei

With Hai’s help, he can only tell his identity.

Asher Chen looked at Dustin Zhou with a helpless expression.

At this time, everything can only rely on Dustin Zhou himself.

If he didn’t want to tell Zhou Weihai about his identity, then he wouldn’t say it outright.

Therefore, this time the opportunity is actually still in Dustin Zhou’s own hands.

“Yeah.” Dustin Zhou’s heart was a little low, he naturally thought of this, but he was very entangled now.

He didn’t know whether Zhou Weihai was credible or not.

You know, even Shui Bingyue, the Zhou family’s eldest, is not in that good situation in the Zhou family. Once Zhou Hengtian’s illegitimate son is known by the Zhou family, the consequences will be unpredictable for Dustin Zhou.

“How is it? Have you decided yet?” Zhou Weihai looked at his watch and said with a light smile.

This attitude is already very obvious. After receiving you for so long, if Dustin Zhou can’t give an answer, then he can only send off the guests.

After all, as the chairman of the Tiandi Financial Building, his daily affairs are extremely busy, and there is not much time wasted on an irrelevant little person or thing.

In Zhou Weihai’s view, Dustin Zhou, who had not stated his identity, was an irrelevant little person, and dealing with the Xu family was a small matter.

At least, there is no need for him Zhou Weihai to bother himself.

“Forget it, just believe Asher Chen once!” With gritted teeth, Dustin Zhou quickly made a decision.

Anyway, Asher Chen had told him a lot about Zhou Weihai before and told Dustin Zhou that Zhou Weihai was not a malicious person.

So this time, Dustin Zhou decided to take a gamble.

Anyway, the big deal is that everything is lost, just like before, there will be no big changes.

“I’ve decided.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, his expression suddenly becoming extremely serious, and his eyes looked at Zhou Weihai with piercing eyes, as if he had made some very big determination.

“Oh? Decided? Tell me, which one of my requirements can you meet?” Zhou Weihai said with a light smile. Although he is over seventy years old, he still looks very good spirit.

“You were right before.” Dustin Zhou gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice.

“Oh? What? I’m old and I can’t remember, can you repeat it again?” Zhou Weihai turned his ears and said softly, as if he really didn’t remember what he said before and wanted to listen to Dustin Zhou again. Repeat it again.

“I’m Zhou Hengtian’s son, and Zhou Hengtian is my father!” Dustin Zhou shouted in a deep voice. After saying this, he seemed to have exhausted all his strength at once. The whole person became very sluggish, and his spirit was a little sluggish. .

And to say this is to admit

Because of his relationship with the Zhou family, and he said it personally in front of Zhou Weihai, then there is no chance to take it back or deny it in the future.

“Really! You didn’t talk nonsense just to want my help?” Zhou Weihai was taken aback for a moment, and a touch of joy suddenly appeared on his face, but soon, this joy was concealed by him, instead he looked at it with a faint smile. With Dustin Zhou.

“Older Zhou, don’t you just want me to admit it? Why don’t you believe me if I admit it now?” Dustin Zhou asked rhetorically. The more you look at Zhou Weihai, the more you feel that someone like him is really shrewd to die.

“Haha, okay, okay!” Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Zhou Weihai suddenly laughed and stood up trembling, but his body was very tough, and he strode directly in front of Dustin Zhou.

“Good boy, didn’t you just admit it? Old man, I saw you for the first time, it was like seeing Zhou Hengtian when he was young, how could something be wrong!” Zhou Weihai laughed and slapped Dustin Zhou directly on the shoulder. On, he looked relieved.

“So you made these two requests because you want me to admit my relationship with Zhou Hengtian?” Dustin Zhou asked back, still a little dissatisfied on his face, but compared to before, the solemn expression on Dustin Zhou’s face has been relaxed a lot.

At the very least, after he revealed his relationship with Zhou Hengtian, he did not feel hostility from Zhou Weihai.

This at least shows that Zhou Weihai will not do any harm to him, at least not because he is Zhou Hengtian’s illegitimate child, he will not be malicious.

As a result, Dustin Zhou was completely relieved.

Immediately afterwards, Dustin Zhou was happy in his heart.

I admit the relationship with Zhou Hengtian, which shows that Zhou Weihai is most likely to help him deal with the Xu family.

And with Zhou Weihai’s support, Dustin Zhou is more confident in other people.

“Hehe, this is just a small trick, it’s not worth mentioning, come, boy, tell me, how did you come here over the past twenty years? Who else is in the family now, how is your mother and she?” Zhou Weihai is like a grandfather, holding Dustin Zhou’s hand, and sitting on the sofa beside him, let Dustin Zhou tell him about his life for so many years.

Dustin Zhou was also very helpless. Seeing that Zhou Weihai was so interested, it was naturally difficult to interrupt him, so he had to slowly talk about his life for so many years.

… As time passed, Dustin Zhou also began to slowly tell about his life over the years.

Asher Chen and Sun Lian were there, listening quietly.

Zhou Weihai took Dustin Zhou’s hand and sighed while listening, his face was full of emotion.

When Dustin Zhou talked about the deep feelings, Zhou Weihai even wept sadly.

However, when Dustin Zhou said he

When he entered Zuixie’s family and had a bad relationship with the Xie family, Zhou Weihai’s expression became more solemn and even a little serious when he was despised by the Xie family.

Chapter 832

“Huh, you are Zhou Hengtian’s son and the heir to the Zhou family’s patron. How can you join another family, and you are still a small family that is not influential, and that people in that small family dare to despise you so much, it is really presumptuous!” Zhou Weihai sternly scolded. After hearing what Dustin Zhou said, his impression of the Xie family was extremely bad.

“It’s not to blame them, after all, at that time, I still didn’t know who I was. Besides, I really liked Mira back then, so I agreed to join the family.” Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly.

At this time, he really felt the warmth of being cared for by his elders.

This made Dustin Zhou’s view of Zhou Weihai gradually improve, and even really respected Zhou Weihai in his heart.

“Haha, yes, but have you contacted Zhou Hengtian?” Zhou Weihai said with a smile.

“Not yet, but I have no plan to contact him yet. I am not ready to return to the Zhou family and appear in the Zhou family’s field of vision.” Dustin Zhou shook his head and said plainly.

“So you just didn’t admit your relationship with Zhou Hengtian? You don’t want me to know your identity?” Zhou Weihai said with a smile, his eyes full of smiles, looking at Dustin Zhou, very kind.

“I also hope that Elder Zhou will not blame it. After all, the current situation of the Zhou family is complicated, and I am just an illegitimate child. In the eyes of the Zhou family, it is not worth mentioning.” Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly, and this is also true.

The older Zhou family. Originally, because Patriarch Zhou Hengtian had no sons, other collateral children had the opportunity to join the main line and become Patriarchs, but now a person appears suddenly, claiming to be Zhou Hengtian’s illegitimate children. I am afraid that they are the first to not. Yes, and it is very likely that Dustin Zhou will be a killer for his own benefit.

These are not what Dustin Zhou imagined alone, but there are real cases.

That’s why Dustin Zhou is so cautious. He will not return to Zhou’s family until he has accumulated enough strength. At that time, even if other people in the Zhou family want to do anything bad to him, Dustin Zhou will have enough strength and confidence to protect himself. , Even, take down what should belong to him.

“Hmph, those people, don’t talk about it, since you know it in your heart, then I won’t persuade you much. I believe you have your own ideas and can handle this matter well.” “However, I won’t ask you. Why is there a conflict with the Xu family, but do you know what a hidden family like the Xu family means? You know, even the Zhou family has such a big advantage when facing the hidden family “Zhou Weihai Shen Sheng

Said that at this time, he really cared about the conflict between Dustin Zhou and the Xu family.

Even if Zhou Weihai agreed to Dustin Zhou to help him deal with the Xu family, Zhou Weihai would also let Dustin Zhou know that the existence of the Xu family was not as simple as he imagined.

At least, it is not that simple for the Zhou family to face any hidden family, and the Xu family has been able to exist in the East China Sea for such a long time and has a profound background, even Zhou Weihai dare not say that he has absolute certainty.

“Don’t worry, Zhou Lao, the Xu family is not the previous Xu family. Ten years ago, there was internal fighting within the Xu family. The entire Xu family was divided into two factions, and the current Xu family was the victor at that time. On the other side of the loser, I also have contact.” Dustin Zhou said with a light smile.

“Oh? It seems that your kid’s plan is sufficient.” Zhou Weihai was very satisfied with what Dustin Zhou said.

At least, before coming to him and asking for help, Dustin Zhou had already considered many things and accumulated a lot of strength.

“Well, since you have come to me, I will naturally help you. If you have any ideas, let me know if it works, and if there is anything that needs improvement.” Zhou Weihai said with a smile.

Dustin Zhou was overjoyed when he heard it, and he quickly stated his plan. Among them, Dustin Zhou focused on the things that the Su family and Zhou Weihai needed to do together.

Time passed quickly, and two hours passed quickly.

Dustin Zhou finally negotiated with Zhou Weihai.

Regarding Dustin Zhou’s plan, Zhou Weihai had nothing to refute. He just reminded Dustin Zhou in a few details and asked him to improve it slightly.

After thinking, Dustin Zhou also made improvements.

This time, Dustin Zhou and Zhou Weihai were very satisfied.

Dustin Zhou is satisfied that if he can get Zhou Weihai’s help, he will have a better chance of winning when dealing with the Xu family.

Zhou Weihai is satisfied that Dustin Zhou is the son of Zhou Hengtian, and he is thoughtful and cautious, which is very rare.

This is very similar to the young Zhou Weihai.

This made Zhou Weihai seem to see himself.

After the talk, Dustin Zhou left Zhou Weihai.

This time, he was not only going to visit Zhou Weihai and seek his help, Dustin Zhou also wanted to seek help from more people.

In the Tiandi Financial Building, they spent almost an afternoon. Seeing that it was getting late, they had to rush to the next destination.

Zhou Shiming had already waited anxiously outside the office. Dustin Zhou, the three people, and Zhou Weihai spent more than two hours discussing matters in the office. Zhou Shiming was living outside the office like years and it was very hard.

Fortunately, Dustin Zhou finally came out.

“You guys are finally out, I’m so anxious to die.” See

When Asher Chen came out, Zhou Shiming quickly complained. He looked into the office and saw Zhou Weihai holding Dustin Zhou’s hand and saying this with a smile. Suddenly, Zhou Shiming was stunned, his mouth slightly opened, and his face couldn’t believe it.

He couldn’t believe his eyes at all, what did he see?

Zhou Weihai actually took a young man’s hand and said with a smile?

If this hadn’t been seen by Zhou Shiming himself, he wouldn’t believe it despite what others said.

But now, the facts are in front of him, and he cannot tolerate a trace of doubt.

“What’s the situation?” Zhou Shiming said in a daze.

“You should ask Elder Zhou. If he is willing to tell you, he will naturally tell you. If he doesn’t want to tell you, I advise you not to ask more.” Asher Chen shook his head, unwilling to say more.

“Mysterious, there is nothing I can’t say.” Zhou Shiming glanced at Asher Chen, muttered, and looked at Dustin Zhou with curious eyes.

When he saw Dustin Zhou before, he mistook Dustin Zhou to be the son of Asher Chen and Sun Lian, but he didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou would look so close to Zhou Weihai.

This made Zhou Shiming, who understood Zhou Weihai’s character, very surprised, and left a heart in his heart.

After bidding farewell to Mr. Zhou Weihai, Dustin Zhou and his party left the Tiandi Financial Building and hurried directly to the next destination.

East China Sea Sainty Wharf.

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