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Chapter 338


(2) In front of the Materials Testing Laboratory of Xiang Province University.

Many people gathered around the door, their faces full of curiosity and doubt.

This time, Zhang’s Meichen beauty product testing was chosen in the material testing laboratory of Xiang Province University, which was unexpected to many people.

Many people were surprised to invite Professor Chen to be the supervisor.

“It seems that Zhang’s family is serious this time. The live product testing is carried out in the laboratory.” “Yes, Meichen Beauty is the most important part of Zhang’s cosmetics industry. Zhang’s family will never let it. There was an accident.” “Unexpectedly, the Zhang family could still think of this method. Can they really solve the disfigurement this time?” … Many people whispered and looked around.

Many reporters are also mixed.

There are reporters who want to get hot news.

There are reporters arranged by the four major families.

There are also reporters arranged by the Zhang family.

At this time, these reporters all craned their necks and looked into the laboratory, wanting to see some of the conditions inside.

“Someone is here, and somebody is here again!” “It’s from the Material Testing Institute!” I don’t know who shouted, which immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Everyone turned their heads to look over and saw a Volkswagen car slowly parked in front of the laboratory.

Before the people in the car got off, a dozen people burst into the laboratory in an instant.

“It’s Zhang Ying from the Zhang family.” “And his son Zhang Jie.” “That’s Professor Chen, he’s the supervisor of this test.” “Oh my God, they all came out to greet, what is in this car? People?” … Seeing so many people coming out to greet them, everyone was shocked.

Of these people, which one is not very famous in Hunan?

The second generation of the second young master of the Zhang family, a professor at Xiang Provincial University… Even a vice president of Xiang Provincial University was alarmed.

The eyes of everyone gathered together and fell on the Volkswagen.

At this time, the car opened the door slowly, and an old man with a head full of hair slowly came down from it.

In an instant, most people’s eyes straightened.

They were shocked.

How could it be him?

How could he come to Hunan University?

There are also many people who don’t know the old man who got out of the car, but they became curious when they saw the eyes widened by everyone around him, with an incredible appearance.

“Who is this old man? Why haven’t you seen it?” “That’s right, there doesn’t seem to be a person of this type in Hunan?” “You don’t know this person. Are you still a student of material testing?” “This is Shao Zekai Shao Old professor, he is not only a professor of materials testing at Tunghai University, but also the dean of the East China Sea Branch of Zhou’s Testing Institute!” … Someone could not bear their inner excitement and shouted loudly, full of voice.

It is excitement and excitement.

This is Professor Shao Zekai, Professor Shao!

Well-deserved first person in materials testing in China today!

Shao Zekai is indispensable for all domestic universities to offer material testing majors!

No one thought that Shao Zekai would actually appear here.

“Then does that mean that Zhang family invited Mr. Shao this time, and also invited Zhou’s testing center?” “I didn’t expect that Zhang family would really have lost money this time!” “Yes, take Mr. Shao. In the domestic testing profession, almost no one dared to refute the things he was sure of!”… The students were so excited, all of them admired, looking at Professor Shao Zekai like little stars in their eyes.

The reporters started to grab the camera in a hurry.

This is Shao Zekai, the first person majoring in materials testing in China. His appearance at Xiang Provincial University is definitely a big news!

At this moment, Shao Zekai got out of the car and saw a dozen people greet him.

“Old Shao, I trouble you to take this trip all the time.” Zhang Ying, as the leader of the Zhang family’s action, was the first to greet Professor Shao Zekai.

“Old Shao, I didn’t expect you to come to our Hunan University. You sent a message earlier, so we should prepare in advance!” The vice president was also very helpless. The sudden appearance of Shao Zekai has not been slowed down. Enthusiasm, but my heart is agitated.

“Old Shao, do you remember me?” Professor Chen stepped forward and greeted Old Shao very respectfully.

Speaking of which, Professor Chen is still a student of Professor Shao Zekai, who also worked under Shao Zekai and received guidance.

“Oh, you are Xiao Chen. I didn’t expect you to be in Hunan University now. Yes, yes.” Shao Zekai responded one by one, looking very easy-going.

“Old Shao, please come inside. This time the test is up to you!” Zhang Ying quickly led Professor Shao Zekai to the laboratory.

Suddenly, Professor Shao Zekai appeared in the laboratory, and also in the live broadcast room of Huajiao Live.

Suddenly, the live broadcast room of Huajiao Live was boiling.

“Who is this old man?” “Yeah, can such a big thing be allowed in this old man?” “Upstairs, shut up, if Mr. Shao can’t do it, no one in the country can do it!” Mr. Shao is the head of the branch office of Zhou’s Testing Institute. He is the first person in the country to major in material testing!” “Great, I can finally meet Mr. Shao. Last year, I reported to Mr. Shao as a doctoral student. It passed, I decided, I will apply for the exam again this year!” “Come on, we support you!” … Suddenly, the live broadcast room of Huajiao Live was completely boiling, and many people who didn’t know Shao Lao were all stunned.

At this time, they just start

It was realized that the Zhang family had invited this awesome man this time in order to give Meichen Beauty’s innocence.

In the laboratory, everything is ready.

In addition to the inspection and supervision of Professor Chen, Zhang Ying also invited staff from the Changsha Notary Office to act as supervision.

This time, he wants to ensure that this test is absolutely fair, both professionally and officially, so that people can’t fault it.

Soon, Professor Shao started with the team. This time he brought two resident assistants from Zhou’s Testing Institute, each of which was taken out separately, and they were able to act on their own.

For a while, the laboratory was extremely quiet, only the sound of Shao Lao and his assistants constantly doing testing experiments, and the running of some live broadcast machines.

Everyone held their breath, calmly, watching every movement of Shao Lao.

At this time, outside the laboratory, the students onlookers and the reporters were anxious, looking at the laboratory eagerly.

However, many people couldn’t bear it and watched the live broadcast on the spot.

Changsha Jiangjia.

The heads of the four major families gathered in the meeting hall with serious faces.

This time the Zhang family’s counterattack made them unexpected. They thought that the Zhang family would fight back directly or indirectly to fight for life for Meichen Beauty.

But they didn’t expect the Zhang family to think of such a way.

Most importantly, Mr. Shao was invited by the Zhang family.

This made them want to ask other material testing experts to help, but it didn’t work.

“Huh! I don’t believe that Zhang’s family can retreat from Meichen Beauty this time!” “Brother Jiang, you are responsible for this time. You must come up with a solution as soon as possible!” That’s right, after all, Zhang Family is the second largest family in Hunan Province, and there is still some background, not as simple as imagined.” “Hmph! Don’t worry, Jiang Family wants to escape from my palm, it is not that simple!”

Chapter 339

Certification authority!

Testing in the laboratory is still going on, and everyone looks serious.

Except for Mr. Shao and his two assistants, the others are from Hunan University and the Zhang family.

Professor Chen and his students looked serious and serious, and their eyes, er, attention were all in the process and methods of Shao Lao’s detection.

As the first person in the domestic testing profession, Shao Lao has no doubt about his level of strength.

At ordinary times, it is very difficult to meet Shao Lao.

Now, Mr. Shao is doing experiments in front of his eyes, and Professor Chen and his students will naturally not let it go easily.

The Zhang family also looked serious.

This test live broadcast is based on Zhang Ying’s solution from Mingyang. Whether it succeeds depends on the test results this time.

But what made Zhang Ying and Zhang Jie slightly relaxed was that the atmosphere in the live broadcast of Huajiao Live was very good at this time, and almost everyone was talking about Shao Laohe’s test this time.

“Haha, there is Mr. Shao here, what about Meichen Beauty’s products, I will know later!” “Of course, it is an eye-opener to see Mr. Shao personally experiment, and it is much better than my teacher. “The teacher upstairs is probably already crying now. It’s really a sad thing to have such a student.” “Hehe, looking at all of you guys, wouldn’t the Zhang family buy Mr. Shao? That way. This time, the test result is nothing at all!” “Fart! Shao Lao will never be bought, the first person in the country, will he care about that little money?” “Yes, Shao Lao’s reputation is priceless, he It’s impossible to damage your reputation for such a thing!” … Suddenly, in the live broadcast room, the people who questioned Shao Lao began to be chased and chased.

In the eyes of many people, Mr. Shao is a belief-like existence. They will never discredit Mr. Shao.

At the same time, many people are watching the live broadcast.

In addition to the Jiang family, there is also the Zhang family.

Zhang Family Courtyard.

Both Zhang Lun and his son watched the live broadcast with very gloomy faces.

This time the live test was conducted by Zhang Ying throughout the whole process, which can be described as his own contribution.

If through this live broadcast, the disfigurement of Meichen Beauty can be clarified, then Zhang Ying’s position in the Zhang family will rise a lot.

“Damn it, I didn’t expect them to think of this way too! Dad, don’t we have anything to do?” Zhang Tao clenched his fists tightly together, his face was very ugly.

He saw Zhang Ying and Zhang Jie in the laboratory.

He saw the joy and pride on their faces.

This is absolutely unacceptable to Zhang Tao.

If things are done, both Zhang Ying and Zhang Jie’s status will rise a lot, and his status in the Zhang family will decline accordingly.

All the same, Zhang

Jie is probably equal to Zhang Tao in the family.

“Don’t worry, we don’t need to do anything. Will the four big families watch him Zhang Ying solve this? Also, you stay at home these days, don’t go out, don’t cause trouble, otherwise, Your grandpa blames you, and I can’t help you!” Zhang Lun felt his son’s anger. Although he was also upset, he had a bottom line in his heart.

Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying fought back, but they were fighting inside the Zhang family.

But if someone used to harm the interests of the Zhang family to win the battle, everyone in the Zhang family would not tolerate it.

Therefore, Zhang Lun felt that he had to beat his son to prevent him from being obsessed and doing stupid things.

Kaiyuan Hotel.

Dustin Zhou and his party are also watching the live broadcast.

“Isn’t this the case when we dealt with the disfigurement incident?” Enderia Shen squinted at Dustin Zhou and said with a chuckle.

“Yes, the whole plan is almost the same, and even the person who presided over the testing experiment is Mr. Shao.” Several senior executives from Mingyang companies also responded.

At the beginning, Mingyang’s whitening factor facial mask was popular and suffered a disfigurement incident. At that time, Dustin Zhou used this method to respond and made clarifications, which saved Mingyang from losses.

“Professor Shao is a professor at Tunghai University. How could he come to Hunan Province? Did you invite you to come here?” Su Wei also looked surprised.

He was a student of Xiang Province University and knew a little about Shao Lao. He was surprised to know that Shao Lao would not leave the East China Sea easily.

And he also knows that at the orientation ceremony of Donghai University, Mr. Shao said in person that Dustin Zhou was his student of material testing.

For a moment, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou with suspicion.

Could it be that this time, the Zhang family’s PR was Dustin Zhou’s idea?

“Hehe, what are you doing?” Dustin Zhou was also embarrassed.

The gazes of other people didn’t matter, it was mainly the gazes of Mira Xie and Enderia Shen that made his back feel a little cold.

“Okay, I admit that the idea really came from me. Zhang Jie and his father came to me, and I told them about this method, and also invited Professor Shao to preside over this test.” Everyone was helpless. , Dustin Zhou had to say truthfully.

Before anyone else could speak, Dustin Zhou continued.

“However, this is also an opportunity for us, especially the famous company, and your cosmetics companies.” This time, Dustin Zhou smiled slightly and looked at Wang Dalu, Zhou Hao and others.

There are a lot of people in the cosmetics industry, and the companies each represent almost ten, which can be regarded as a force that cannot be underestimated.

Especially, Mingyang is the leader

People can unite all companies together.

“How to say?” At this time, everyone was also curious, waiting for Dustin Zhou to continue talking.

“I said that if you come this time, you will be able to make profits on the same scale as your own company. This is not just talking.” Dustin Zhou smiled and raised the two plans in his hands.

This is the plan of Mingyang’s whitening factor and new strain project.

“In the past few days, I asked many people from Mingyang to come over from the East China Sea, and also asked President Shen to set up a branch in Changsha, ready to promote the whitening factor project and the new strain project.” Dustin Zhou finished speaking, there were more than ten in the room. The representatives of the cosmetics company were all excited.

For these two projects, they know better than anyone else, the market prospects are unimaginable, once completed, it will definitely be a rich cake!

And now Dustin Zhou said this in front of them, undoubtedly preparing them to share a piece of the pie.

This is a great thing.

“Mr. Zhou, we absolutely listen to your instructions!” “Yes, Mr. Zhou, we will do what you ask us to do. You point the way, we will never fight the west! As long as you let us participate.” Yes, Mr. Zhou, as long as we are united together, who can be our opponent in Hunan Province!” … Everyone suddenly exclaimed, this is a perfect opportunity.

Not only allows their company to maintain a better cooperative relationship with Mingyang and Dustin Zhou.

It can also allow them to open up a market in Hunan Province apart from their home in the East China Sea.

“Haha, don’t worry, I have asked someone to do some basic things. Now, we just need to wait until the test results come out.” Dustin Zhou smiled and pointed to the live broadcast on the computer.

At this time, in Changsha, even in Hunan Province, and even across the country, countless people are watching today’s live test.

They all want to know what the result is this time!

Soon, Mr. Shao completed the testing experiment and the data analysis was also completed.

A report of the test results has been taken by Mr. Shao.

The atmosphere in the laboratory is solemn.

The spiritual power of the Jiangjia Hui Guest House was silent.

Everyone in the Zhang family was also nervous.

Chapter 340

no problem!

At this moment, almost everyone who paid attention to this matter turned their attention to the test report in the hands of Old Shao.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

… After ten seconds, when everyone was impatient, and some people even started to scold, Old Shao finally spoke.

“After testing and testing, it is proved that all the cosmetics of Meichen Beauty Makeup are qualified, without any harmful substances, and will not disfigure people!” A short sentence, like the sky and the sea, shocked countless people.

Sichuan pepper live room.

“No problem? Then how did those people disfigured after using their cosmetics?” “Hmph, Mr. Shao personally tested it. Of course it won’t be fake. Then there is only one possibility. The disfigured people were found by others. , I want to discredit Meichen beauty makeup!” “Damn, this is too ugly, who would do this?” “Then we can rest assured to use Meichen beauty makeup cosmetics in the future. “Kayakaya, my three sets of cosmetics were all thrown away because I was afraid before, and I died!” … Jiang Family.

“It doesn’t seem to work, it’s too simple.” “I didn’t expect that Zhang Ying could actually think of this way to prove that Meichen cosmetics is no problem. It seems that another plan is needed.” “We don’t care about it. What way, we just want to see the results. You are responsible for cosmetics. Next, we will besiege the media industry of the Zhang family.” “Yes, the media has always been a big cake, and it has been taken by the Zhang family all these years. Hold it in your hands, it’s time to spit it out.” … Zhang Family.

“Great, this time, all the previous rumors will be undefeated!” “Zhang Ying is really good. I can think of such a good way. I think his ability has increased a lot over the years.” “Yes, Zhang Ying is really good.” “In this way, Zhang Lun is always a little less spiritual than Zhang Ying.” In a small courtyard.

Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao and his son looked at the live broadcast room and Shao Lao personally said the results, and their faces were very ugly.

Although they all know that Meichen Beauty’s products can’t have problems, but after such a disfigurement, there must be an explanation after all.

Whether it is to the outside world, or to the Zhang family.

And now, he Zhang Lun can’t solve the problem, Zhang Ying has solved it.

In the future, many of the Zhang family’s children in the Meichen Beauty Department will turn to support Zhang Ying.

“Hmph, I don’t believe it. Zhang Ying can really solve the problem of Meichen beauty makeup. Now the four major families are staring at Meichen beauty makeup. The disfigurement is just the beginning.” Zhang Lun said in a deep voice, and said directly. Turn around and go back to the room.

But Zhang Tao on the side was gloomy and his eyes were full

It’s tough.

“I don’t believe that you can always go so smoothly.” After thinking about it, Zhang Tao stood up and walked directly out.

…… Kaiyuan Hotel.

“Hehe, I knew it would be the result.” Su Wei said with a smile.

The others also smiled faintly and didn’t say much.

Many of them have heard of this plan and know the feasibility of the plan.

So after knowing that the Zhang family also adopted this scheme, there was no doubt.

However, when they thought of what Dustin Zhou had just said, everyone couldn’t help their excitement and looked at Dustin Zhou.

“Look at what I do. Now the results have come out. It’s time for us to come on stage. You should go back to prepare and mobilize your staff to come to Hunan Province. Let’s prepare for a big fight.” Dustin Zhou smiled and said casually.

Now the detection results of the Meichen Beauty Disfigurement Incident have come out, proving that there is no problem with Meichen Beauty.

Although it seems that the problem has been solved in this way, the blow to Meichen Beauty’s reputation by the disfigurement incident has not completely dissipated.

After all, there are still many people who have not watched the live broadcast or cared too much about external affairs, who have doubts about Meichen Beauty.

There are also many people who were bitten by snakes and feared the ropes for ten years. They also have a kind of rejection of Meichen Beauty’s cosmetics.

At this time, Dustin Zhou had an excellent opportunity for Mingyang to enter the market.

Given the popularity of the whitening factor project and the new plant project in the East China Sea, he believes that these two projects will also become popular in Hunan Province.

… In the laboratory, after Shao Lao finished the test results, Professor Chen and several of his students immediately went forward to check the test report.

The staff of the notary office also stepped forward to supervise.

This is an essential procedure.

“Great, father, in this way, the predicament of Meichen Beauty is over!” Zhang Jie was very excited, and he did not expect things to go so smoothly.

Now that the test results come out, as long as they are published, the disfigurement will be resolved, and even if the Zhang family wants to be held accountable, they can sue the disfigured people for defamation.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect things to go so smoothly. It’s just that I’m still playing drums in my heart. Do you think the four big families will let us solve this problem so easily?” Zhang Ying’s face is also full. Smile, but under this smile, there is a touch of worry hidden.

He has a rich experience in mid to mid-year, and his scheming will naturally be deeper.

Compared to Zhang Jie’s complete optimism, Zhang Ying always felt that the other party would have some back-hand preparations.

If they relax their vigilance now, then once the four major families attack again, they are likely to be caught off guard.

At that time, he is not

I think Dustin Zhou can help me in everything.

After the inspection by Professor Chen and the staff of the notary office, they all agreed with the test result report.

“Now you can go out and announce it.” Shao Lao smiled faintly, and handed the report to his assistants and asked them to give it to Zhang Ying.

When Zhang Ying got the report, he walked out of the laboratory immediately, and he wanted to announce the result to the outside world.

At this time, the students and reporters waiting outside the laboratory knew the result through live broadcast.

But they are still waiting outside, just want to witness the announcement of the results with their own eyes.

Soon, the door of the laboratory was opened, and Zhang Ying walked out with a look of excitement. At this time, he was holding the report in his hand.

“Everyone, now, the test results of all Meichen Beauty products have come out, and they are all in the report in my hand.” Zhang Ying waved his hand, and the report in his hand attracted everyone’s attention.

“The testing test done by Mr. Shao himself proved that all the cosmetics of Meichen Beauty are qualified and will not be disfiguring.” “In view of the previous slander of Meichen Beauty, we will investigate it clearly later. Find out, I will never give up!” Boom!

In an instant, all the reporters opened the shutters of the cameras, and for a while, the sound of flashing flashes was endless.

At this time, in a street that no one noticed, the facades of three large shops in succession were being renovated.

No one knows who made such a big deal, and took three big shops all at once.

No one knows what this new store will sell.

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