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Chapter 341

Martial Law!

Almost half a month has passed since the live broadcast of Meichen beauty inspection.

In the past two months, almost all news in Hunan Province included Meichen Beauty and this live test.

But with the passage of time, the people’s attention is limited after all, and they are still turning from this to other places.

Although the disfigurement of Meichen Beauty has subsided, the impact cannot be eliminated for a while.

“Have you not found the people behind them?” Zhang Jiaqiantang.

At this moment, almost all the important children of the Zhang family gathered together, especially many of the Zhang family’s children in the Meichen Beauty Department were even more angry.

The previous disfigurement incident almost caused Meichen Beauty to fall into an impossible situation.

If Zhang Ying hadn’t had an idea and had calmed the matter down, the consequences would be disastrous.

But half a month has passed since the incident, and the Zhang family still couldn’t find the people who were disfigured that day, nor did they find the driving force behind them.

Although everyone knows that all of this must be inseparable from the shadow of the four major families, there is no evidence and nothing to say, and everything is in vain.

“No, the other party is too cunning. They just pushed this to the forefront and then disappeared.” “Yeah, I knew we should have sent someone to follow those people to see where they were. “It’s too late to say this now. What we have to consider now is whether the other party will make a comeback. At that time, the other party’s methods will not be the same as this time.” … Everyone was talking, with anger on their faces. And regret, but also a trace of worry.

In the front hall, Zhang Taiyan took the first seat, Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying stood in the front of the crowd.

“This thing is well done, although there are still some flaws, but the flaws are not concealed. What you need to guard against is that the other party will attack Meichen Beauty Makeup from other aspects.” Zhang Taiyan said in a deep voice.

His eyes fell on Zhang Ying’s face with a faint smile.

This time Zhang Ying not only resolved the crisis of Meichen Beauty’s disfigurement incident, but also took the product image of Meichen Beauty to a higher level.

After all, there is no problem with the cosmetics tested by Mr. Shao, which is undoubtedly a very rare advertising effect.

At this time, Zhang Ying didn’t have a proud look on her face, which also made Zhang Taiyan feel a lot better for him.

“Father, at the moment I think our top priority is not to hold those who discredit Meichen beauty makeup accountable, and we shouldn’t put all our strength behind the defense.” Zhang Ying said suddenly, looking around everyone On a lap, I saw everyone looking straight at me, looking forward to it, and my heart was overjoyed.

This is a good thing. The expressions of the people indicate that they are beginning to value themselves and treat the characters as the second generation of Zhang family.

Enough to compete for the position of Patriarch.

Set his mind, Zhang Ying continued.

“Since ancient times, we have never guarded against other people’s life things. Moreover, we all know that behind the disfigurement incidents, there are absolutely nothing about the other four big families. Instead of spending great efforts to guard against them, it is better to arrange only a small part. People pay attention to their movements.” “As for most of our strength, we should take this opportunity to stabilize the position of Meichen Beauty in Changsha and Hunan Province.” After Zhang Ying finished speaking, she smiled at everyone and waited. See their reaction.

At this time, everyone was stunned.

Zhang Ying’s words gave them a big shock, and they still haven’t digested it in their minds.

“Huh? That’s a good idea!” “Yes, even if our Zhang family ranks second among the five big families, but we have to contend with the other four big families at the same time, they are definitely not opponents. Instead of defending everywhere, we should take the initiative to attack.” “At present, the status of Meichen Beauty is in the forefront of Changsha and even Hunan Province, but there is still room to move forward, and we have not completely occupied some markets.” “Yes, Patriarch, I think Zhang Ying’s words are correct and should be focused. Think about it.” “But now the scale of Meichen beauty makeup is here. It is not easy to develop it further.” … Suddenly, everyone was introduced, and they kept talking about their opinions.

For a time, the entire front hall was noisy.

“Father, I think the second brother’s idea is a bit ridiculous, and some take it for granted.” At this moment, Zhang Lun stood up, glanced at the crowd coldly, snorted, and said in a deep voice.

“Let’s not talk about what other things your four big families will do to our Zhang family, let’s just talk about Meichen Beauty. The disfigurement is resolved now, but will the four big families give up?” Need to be guarded

, Is definitely not an opponent, instead of defending everywhere, it is better to take the initiative to attack.

“At present, the position of Meichen Beauty is in the forefront of Changsha and even Hunan Province, but there is still room for progress, and we have not completely occupied some markets.

“Yes, Patriarch, I think Zhang Ying’s remarks are correct and should be considered.

“But now the scale of Meichen Beauty Makeup is here. It is not easy to develop further.”

“… Suddenly, everyone was introduced, and they kept talking about their own opinions. For a time, the whole front hall was noisy. “Father, I think the second brother’s idea is a bit ridiculous, and some take it for granted.

“At this moment, Zhang Lun stood up, glanced at the crowd coldly, snorted, and said in a deep voice. “Let’s not say what other things your four big families will do to our Zhang family, just Speaking of Meichen Beauty, the disfigurement is now resolved, but will the four major families give up?

“Can’t we be prepared, we don’t need to be prepared

, Is definitely not an opponent, instead of defending everywhere, it is better to take the initiative to attack.

“At present, the position of Meichen Beauty is in the forefront of Changsha and even Hunan Province, but there is still room for progress, and we have not completely occupied some markets.

“Yes, Patriarch, I think Zhang Ying’s remarks are correct and should be considered.

“But now the scale of Meichen Beauty Makeup is here. It is not easy to develop further.”

“… Suddenly, everyone was introduced, and they kept talking about their own opinions. For a time, the whole front hall was noisy. “Father, I think the second brother’s idea is a bit ridiculous, and some take it for granted.

“At this moment, Zhang Lun stood up, glanced at the crowd coldly, snorted, and said in a deep voice. “Let’s not say what other things your four big families will do to our Zhang family, just Speaking of Meichen Beauty, the disfigurement is now resolved, but will the four major families give up?

“Can’t we be prepared, we don’t need to be prepared


“Also, the second brother said to strengthen the strength of Meichen Beauty, but for the entire Hunan Province, our Zhang family’s Meichen Beauty is already the leading position in the cosmetics industry. How strong is it? Is there any coup for the second brother? ?

After Zhang Lun finished speaking, he stared at Zhang Ying, trying to see what else he could say. For a while, the eyes of other people also focused. Of course, what Zhang Ying said is right, very true. Encouraging everyone’s momentum, but also inspiring everyone’s hearts and feeling that the future is bright. But now, right now, the crisis of Zhangjia and Meichen Beauty has not been resolved. They can’t just listen to Zhang Ying’s one-sided words and make a decision. “Haha, my brother has been worrying too much. I have considered this issue a long time ago, but I have found a way. I only need to wait another week or so, and everyone will naturally see the result.

“But the eldest brother is right. In this week and so on, we really have to guard against someone taking the opportunity to attack. This kind of thing still depends on you.

“… Everyone was silent, and someone wanted to ask, but just opened their mouths, they didn’t know what to say, and in the end they could only silently shut their mouths. Since Zhang Ying is so confident, and it only takes a week to say There is a result. Then everyone will naturally wait for this week. “Well, I have to see what the second brother can do.

“… The atmosphere inside the Zhang family is very solemn, and the hearts of the people are not completely united. However, Dustin Zhou is not quite clear about this. At this time, at the Kaiyuan Hotel, everyone gathered in Dustin Zhou’s room, and their faces were cheerful and full of faces. Excited. “Zhou, the store should be completely renovated in a few days.

Zhou Hao laughed and said. At this time, Dustin Zhou looked like a fairy in his eyes. Other people, especially those who worked in the cosmetics industry, looked almost like Zhou Hao at this time. They already knew some of Dustin Zhou’s plans before, but the specific implementation was still a bit vague. However, not long ago, they suddenly discovered that on a lively street in Changsha, Dustin Zhou had directly taken down three large shops, and even more so. These three large shops are opened and integrated together. Finally, the store area is more than one thousand square meters, which is like a medium-sized shopping mall. Everyone is smart, and naturally knows that just a famous company is not needed. Such a large store. So, apart from the famous company, the remaining space is naturally owned by these companies. “Three days, three days should be able to completely renovate, plus we have begun to adjust the goods, one It can be opened directly in about a week.

Dustin Zhou stretched out three fingers and looked

Everyone said with a smile, and their faces were full of joy.

Everyone talked happily for a while, and the atmosphere was strong.

They still don’t know that in Changsha, a store of this size has attracted the attention of many people.

Everyone is wondering, who is this big store with so much confidence.

I don’t know if it’s a local snake or a dragon.

Chapter 342


The impact of the Meichen Beauty Disfigurement Incident, following the report of the Shao Lao test, has gradually diminished in Changsha and even in Hunan Province.

Since then, many people in Changsha have surprisingly discovered that Meichen Beauty is the same as before.

But the number of people who go to Meichen Beauty to buy cosmetics every day has become less.

This is a gradual process.

The negative impact just broke out. Although it has been clarified, there is still a bit of grudge in the hearts of the public.

However, in the past half month, many people have discovered that in the most popular pedestrian street in Changsha, three large shops, totaling up to 1,000 square meters, are being renovated.

Moreover, the decoration speed is a few dollars, almost one progress per day.

Looking at it today, it may just be the decoration of the ceiling.

But if you look at it tomorrow, maybe even the floor tiles have been relaid.

Many people are also paying attention.

After all, being able to win such a large store in this place is enough to show that the boss is by no means an ordinary person.

This situation naturally attracted the attention of many journalists and media in Changsha.

As a result, many media companies began to report.

However, with the increase in reports, no one knows the information about what the store does and who the owner is.

Some people are flexible and think of going to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to check the registration information.

However, the Bureau of Industry and Commerce is very strict and does not give others the opportunity to investigate.

At this time, many people in the Zhang family paid attention.

After all, they couldn’t pay attention to such a big thing.

“There are still three days, and the one-week deadline is up. I don’t know what Zhang Ying said.” “Yes, I don’t know. I have asked the third and the fourth, but they I don’t know anything.” “However, Zhang Ying is so confident that he should have his own ideas, but I am really curious, and I want to see what he can think of.” One after another, but they didn’t know that Zhang Ying and Zhang Jie and his son were not in Zhang’s house at all.

Kaiyuan Hotel.

Dustin Zhou smiled, looking at Zhang Ying and Zhang Jie sitting in front of him.

The father and son had just arrived at the hotel and went straight to Dustin Zhou’s room.

Moreover, this time they came here in secret, avoiding the Zhang family, and also made some disguise to avoid being recognized on the way.

“Haha, Dustin Zhou, it’s really not easy to come out to see you once. Now there are reporters almost everywhere outside. Once you find me and my father, I’m afraid you will know everyone in the city.” Zhang Jie took off his thick coat and shouted. He breathed, said with a smile.

And Zhang Ying on the side also took off her thick coat, her face flushed with sullenness.

Some fresh air.

“Indeed, not only many people in the Zhang family are watching me and Zhang Jie, but there are also many people outside, in addition to reporters, as well as the eyeliners of the four big families.” Zhang Ying sighed, smiled, and looked towards Dustin Zhou.

This time, he and Zhang Jie came mainly to discuss cooperation.

And this is what he said in front of the Zhang family before when he was in the Zhang family.

Right now, four days have passed since the one-week deadline, and only three days are left.

“Dustin Zhou, what you said before about cooperation, what are your plans?” Zhang Jie asked actively.

This time, for their Zhang family, it was an excellent opportunity and an opportunity that could not be lost.

Once caught, the status of Meichen Beauty in Hunan Province will be greatly improved, and even the influence of the country will increase a lot.

However, once the Zhang family and Dustin Zhouda fail to cooperate, the loss is also visible to the naked eye.

However, after speaking, Zhang Jie’s face had a trace of trouble.

He knows Dustin Zhou’s character, but everything he has said has never been unfulfilled.

However, before Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao and his son had offended Dustin Zhou, Zhang Jie didn’t know what his true thoughts were.

It is very likely that Dustin Zhou will have a gap with Zhang Family because of Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao.

“I don’t know if you know that there is a large store in Changsha that is almost renovated?” Dustin Zhou did not answer directly, but asked a question.

Zhang Ying and Zhang Jie were taken aback, wondering what Dustin Zhou meant by suddenly saying this.

However, in the next second, the father and son looked at each other and both saw a deep shock in each other’s eyes.

In Changsha’s most prosperous pedestrian street, a store of more than 1,000 square meters has been renovated, which naturally cannot avoid everyone’s attention.

The Zhang family also got the news for the first time.

Before, everyone was guessing who the owner of the store was and what to do, but no one knew.

But now, Dustin Zhou suddenly raised his mouth.

“Dustin Zhou, you won’t tell me, that store is yours, right?” Zhang Jie was shocked and stood up with a kick.

Zhang Ying was also in shock now, looking at Dustin Zhou with blazing eyes, waiting for his answer.

“Yes, the store was bought under the name of Mingyang Company, and the Hunan branch of Mingyang Company has already been established. I am going to use that store as a base to open up the market in Hunan Province.” Dustin Zhou put the two together. With a panoramic view of the human expression and performance, I already had a general idea in my heart.

Although I had been prepared for a long time, I heard Dustin Zhou admit that Zhang Ying and Zhang Jie and his son were still deeply shocked.

That store, choose the most prosperous step

The cost of walking on the streets alone is more than 200 million yuan, and no one knows how much premium there is.

Dustin Zhou has really lost his blood.

Does he think that Mingyang’s products can gain a foothold in Hunan Province and expand rapidly?

As for this matter, Dustin Zhou had not communicated with their Zhang family before.

This is clearly Dustin Zhou acting privately.

“But, you…” Zhang Jie wanted to say something, but when the words came to his lips, he still held back.

Before Dustin Zhou did say that he would help his Zhang family against the other four big families, but he did not say that the Zhang family was the main one.

The abolition of Jiangbei in Changsha, and getting in touch with the Chen family to communicate with the Chen family and Zhang family is a good proof.

Dustin Zhou has his own ideas and plans.

It even conflicted with Zhang’s original plan.

“I know what you want to ask. Although Mingyang is sure to enter the Hunan market, I said before that it wants to help the Zhang family, so we can cooperate.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile. He knew the Zhang family, especially At this moment, Zhang Ying and Zhang Jie’s thoughts.

But he can’t just look at the friendship between his classmates and ignore such an excellent opportunity to enter the Hunan market.

“In addition to the famous company, Zhang’s Meichen Beauty, and some East China Sea cosmetics companies, they will also cooperate together. I will explain the specific plan when everyone comes.” Dustin Zhou finished, and then Let Niu Chuan gather everyone together to discuss the next deployment.

Chapter 343

Detonate the city!

(1) The discussion went smoothly, although the faces of Zhang Ying and Zhang Jie were a bit ugly, especially the faces of Zhang Ying, which were gloomy as water.

But other people, those cosmetics companies in the East China Sea, are all very excited.

What they are looking forward to is finally coming.

“This is the general plan. Mingyang and Zhang’s Meichen Beauty Club will serve as a strategic partnership to open up the Hunan market, and all you have to do is to cooperate fully.” Dustin Zhou waved his hand, very confident.

Seeing Dustin Zhou pointing Jiangshan, the people who came from the East China Sea looked excited and shouted loudly.

Zhang Ying and Zhang Jie, father and son, were shocked.

Although there was a bit of grudge in my heart, the prospects Dustin Zhou described to them were really tempting.

Especially when they think of Mingyang’s two main projects, the whitening factor project and the new strain project, they feel more confident, and they can have an explanation when they return to Zhangjia.

“Next, in the three days before the opening, our publicity will also be launched quickly. Uncle Zhang, your Zhang family is the leader in the media industry in Xiang Province. For this, it depends on you.” Dustin Zhou smiled. Said.

“That’s natural, leave it to our Zhang family. We will go back and prepare now.” After Zhang Ying finished speaking, she took Zhang Jie and returned directly to Zhang family.

Soon, the Zhang family’s power in the media industry moved quickly.

For a while, people in Changsha, and even in the entire Hunan province, suddenly discovered that almost all the surrounding media began to promote something.

That is the Super Gate Store in Changsha Pedestrian Street, which will open in three days.

And when everyone knew exactly when the store was selling, almost everyone’s eyes widened and their hearts were full of shock.


“Keep on, have you seen that, Mingyang is going to enter Hunan Province, and two of their main cosmetics will be available in Changsha.” “Great, I’ve heard of Mingyang’s whitening factor mask and The new strain of facial cleanser works very well, but they have always been only sold in the East China Sea. They have never sold it elsewhere. I didn’t expect that the place where they left the East China Sea would be our Hunan province.” “Three days later, it seems we have some.” I robbed it. I heard that in the East China Sea, tens of thousands of cosmetics were sold in one day.” “Hey, I want to post to Moments to make my friends and classmates envy them.” … On the Internet, major cosmetics forums, this Time is already very hot.

“Wow, is there anyone from Hunan province?” “What’s wrong?” “Damn, don’t you know that the two main cosmetics of Mingyang Company are going to be listed in Hunan Province, and people from Hunan Province will also be in the future? I can buy it at home.” “Why


Damn, why doesn’t the famous company come to Hebei.

Keep the formation downstairs.

” “what?

Damn, why don’t famous companies come to the black province.

” “what?

Damn, why doesn’t the famous company come to the capital?

“…” The forums have been noisy for a long time. Since Mingyang’s two main cosmetics have been listed, they have been constantly shown off by netizens in the East China Sea. Netizens from all over the country have long been itching to entrust them in the East China Sea. Friends helped to buy. They once thought that Mingyang Company would admit its death and would stay in the East China Sea without leaving. However, now Mingyang Company wants to set up a branch in Hunan Province. This time, netizens in Hunan Province are very happy. It also made netizens in other places extremely jealous. Jiang’s family, the meeting hall. At this time, Yu Jia Yuhua, Du Jia Du Wen, Tang Wen Zhong, and Jiang Jia Jiang Xingyuan all looked gloomy. “Huh!

I really don’t know good or bad, who knows why Mingyang suddenly stepped into Hunan province at this time and also cooperated with Zhang family?

“Tang Wenzhong has a violent temper. He didn’t hold it back immediately. He hit the table with a fist and suddenly shouted coldly. He really couldn’t understand where this famous company came from, and even caused such a big deal. Attention. Even more, he can almost hear other people discussing this matter now when he goes out. Yu Hua and Du Wen looked at each other, and they both saw a trace of doubt in each other’s eyes. The Yu family, the Du family, and the Tang family have been deeply involved in Hunan Province. And their family’s main development industry is not in the cosmetics industry, so they don’t know much about Mingyang. Jiang Xingyuan looks very ugly at this time because he knows the origin of Mingyang. “There is a classmate of Zhang’s Zhang Jie in Mingyang. It is likely that they have long been connected.

“Jiang Xingyuan said coldly. “So how is the strength of this famous company?”

Yu Hua asked in a rare voice. “Bring the information.”

Jiang Xingyuan glanced at the Jiang family next to him. The person immediately turned on the computer and found all the information of Mingyang Company. All the information visible on Mingyang Company was presented in front of several people. One second. Two seconds. . Three seconds. Bang! “Damn it, the live testing he used before Zhang’s was borrowed from Mingyang!

“Tang Wenzhong hit the table with a fist, extremely angry. He clearly saw that Mingyang had also been affected by the disfigurement incident before, and Mingyang used the

The answer is to detect live broadcasts.

After watching the others, they all looked serious.

Before, they thought that this well-known company that popped up suddenly was nothing, and even the acquisition of such a large store was just a means of showing off by the upstart owner.

However, after reading all the information of Mingyang, especially the current status of Mingyang, several people fell silent for a moment.

Even Yu Hua was in a rare silence.

None of them thought that this famous company would have a scale of tens of billions.

And with the whitening factor project and the new strain project, the scale of Mingyang will continue to expand.

Now, entering the market in Hunan Province is a starting point.

“Jiang Xingyuan, the back hand you prepared should be used quickly. Otherwise, once this famous company has a firm foothold in Hunan Province, it will definitely benefit the Zhang family. At that time, you want to deal with the Zhang family. But it’s not that easy.” Du Wen said coldly.

And Yu Huahao Tang Wenzhong also nodded repeatedly and agreed.

“I know.” Jiang Xingyuan’s face was gloomy, and he nodded in response, then left directly, ready to go.


Everyone in the Zhang family was shocked at this moment.

There are anger, surprises, and doubts.

Mingyang entered the Hunan Province and cooperated with Zhang’s Meichen Beauty. The specific result is unknown, and everyone in the Zhang family does not know what the result will be.

“Why is Zhang Ying so good at advocating!” “Yes, such a big thing should be reported, but he did it. Did he put Zhang’s family in his eyes?” “Hmph, I already knew this Zhang Ying, He would definitely not be willing to live under Zhang Lun. He definitely wanted to take this opportunity to impress the patriarch and increase the bargaining chip for the competition for the position of the patriarch.” “I don’t think so, to celebrate the company’s current strength. Look, this is probably their idea. Don’t forget that Dustin Zhou is a famous company, and he doesn’t seem to care what our Zhang family thinks of him.” “Yeah, yes, just , What do we need to do now?” “Since Zhang Ying did this, and cooperating with Mingyang Company is indeed a good idea, I think I can support him.” … Suddenly, there were heated discussions in Hunan.

Many people even went to the store to watch it in person.

As time went on, three days passed quickly.

Monday, a new day.

Mingyang’s flagship store officially opened in Changsha.

The whole city is a sensation!

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