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Chapter 344

(2) Monday, ten o’clock in the morning.

Changsha’s most prosperous pedestrian street is already crowded with people at this time.

The entrance of Mingyang’s flagship store was even more crowded.

Had it not been for Dustin Zhou’s preparation,

A security company was hired, and Zhao Bing was transferred from the East China Sea. I am afraid that it would be impossible to stop so many enthusiastic people.

Many reporters secretly marveled.

They all know the power of Mingyang Company, and they also know that Mingyang Company’s status in the minds of the people is not low, but they did not expect that Mingyang Company will be so popular.

Not only in the East China Sea, but even in Changsha.

The flagship store was renovated three days ago. It was reorganized according to the style of Mingyang’s flagship store in Dinghai, combined with the store design.

Six doors are fully opened, and when you enter the flagship store, the entrance is a trial area of ​​hundreds of square meters.

There are not only the two main cosmetics of the famous company, but also the products of Meichen Beauty, and some products of other Donghai companies.

Every customer can try it out here, and if they feel the skin is comfortable or what is unusual, they can give feedback in the first time and choose the cosmetics that suit them.

Around the trial area, a shopping area of ​​more than 700 square meters is filled with various cosmetics.

Close to the store, there is an office area of ​​about 100 square meters, next to it is a small rest area.

The staff of the flagship store, branch staff, and representatives of various brands all work here.

At this time, Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, Asher Chen, Su Wei, Zhou Hao, Wang Dalu, Zhang Ying, and Zhang Jie stood at the gate of the flagship store, waiting for the ribbon cutting.

The reporters’ cameras kept clicking and clicking.

“Oh my God, it turns out to be a famous company’s product. It’s great. I wanted to buy it a long time ago. I went to Donghai to buy it and I almost used it up!” “Yeah, we are busy with work and we don’t have time at all. I went to Donghai to buy it, but there was no other way to buy it. I was envious for a long time. Now the flagship store has opened to the door and finally can buy it.” “I just don’t know if they have enough cosmetics. I heard about it. On the first day of Donghai’s opening, tens of thousands of sets were sold!” “After the opening of the meeting, I am the first to rush in. Today I want to buy ten sets!” “Haha, I want to buy three sets for my girlfriend!” “Me too, I buy six sets, six or six sets, my girlfriend will be happy, maybe there will be a chance in the evening, hehe.” … Dustin Zhou looked at the tide of people in front of him, and his heart was shocked.

He knows that there will be so many people coming today. In addition to propaganda, the reputation of Mingyang Company in Donghai has been recognized by the public.

As for the number of products that others will worry about, Dustin Zhou is not worried at all.

After finishing the decoration, for three consecutive days, he fully transferred the products from Donghai. In three days, he fully transferred two

100,000 sets of products, 100,000 sets of whitening factor mask and new strain of facial cleansing.

Moreover, at this moment, the vehicles and trains transporting the products are on the road, and there will be a steady stream of products coming over, enough to cope with the supply of Hunan Province.

Ten o’clock.

Under the cheers of the people, Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, and Zhang Ying presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony as the main leaders.

“Next, I announce that the flagship store of Mingyang Company’s Hunan Branch has officially opened!” Dustin Zhou shouted loudly. After speaking, he immediately stepped aside and arranged for security to start maintaining order.

At the moment when Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, countless people outside the flagship store all poured into the store.

Fortunately, Dustin Zhou was well prepared and set up a drainage measure at the entrance of the store. All people entering the flagship store must walk through a curve about ten meters long at the entrance of the store.

This curve can well allow people to enter the store in an orderly manner, thereby avoiding crowding and stamping incidents.

But even so, the first hundreds of people rushed into the store in ten minutes or so.

Suddenly, more than one hundred people were stunned by the decoration of the store and the huge expansive test area in front of them.

“Oh my God, what is this?” “Such a large area, is it a trial area? I have never seen such a layout!” “Yeah, it’s incredible. Isn’t the size of this store unnecessary? Is it money?” “Just kidding, the famous company is so rich. I heard that they can sell hundreds of millions of products in a day. What an area.” “Yes, we are the first batch of people to come in. If you don’t hurry to enjoy this trial area, when will you wait?” “Yeah, go!” … It’s not that everyone has seen the flagship store in the trial area, but the trial area of ​​more than 100 square meters is really out of the ordinary. Their surprise.

For a moment, when they found out that dozens of people had appeared behind them, they couldn’t bear the excitement anymore and immediately rushed towards the trial area.

The people behind who were queuing to enter the store were even more jealous, and the exclamations in front were endless, making them very curious at the moment, and they wanted to move inside instantly.

Seeing such crazy customers, the reporters were all dumbfounded, and even forgot to record this scene. Once it was sent out, it would be a big news.

And Dustin Zhou and his party also smiled.

Regarding this situation, they have a good idea.

Not to mention the popularity of the whitening factor project nearly half a year ago, but the new strain of the project not long ago, as soon as the new strain of facial cleanser was launched, the situation in the East China Sea is similar to the current one.

However, Zhang Ying, Zhang Jie, and a few members of the Zhang family were stunned, similar to the expressions of the reporters.

They have thought of the famous company

The elephant is popular enough, and I am prepared to witness today’s grand occasion.

However, this grand occasion was beyond the expectations of the Zhang family.

This kind of grand occasion is unmatched by other cosmetics companies.

Even Zhang’s Meichen Beauty Makeup is like an unknown small company in the face of this grand occasion.

At this time, in a hotel not far from the flagship store.

Yu Hua, Du Wen, Tang Wenzhong, and Jiang Xingyuan looked through the windows and looked at the unprecedented grand occasion below, with very ugly expressions.

“Why is it so popular? Is the whole Changsha people here?” Yu Hua frowned, feeling that there seemed to be a problem with their previous judgment on Mingyang.

The current situation is completely different from what they speculated, and it can even be said that it is far beyond their expectations.

In this case, none of the four major families can figure it out alone.

Even if the four big families work together to get a big project, it is possible to barely compare with it.

However, this is only possible, not necessarily.

“We miscalculated. This famous company is definitely not the strength we have seen before. Not to mention the famous company and Zhang’s Meichen Beauty, there are many other cosmetic companies in it, and they all seem to come from the East China Sea.” Du Wei raised his eyelid and said in a deep voice.

“Jiang Xingyuan, don’t take it off anymore, you must act now!”

Chapter 345

“Don’t worry, I have a bottom in my heart. Next, you will watch a good show.” Jiang Xingyuan’s face was slightly dark, and he said in a deep voice.

After speaking, he retracted his gaze, a cold light flashed under his eyes, and smiled in his heart.

He really has a bottom in his heart, and, this confidence is not created by him, but someone else took the initiative to send it to the door.

“it is good,

We have all seen what we should see. The cosmetics industry is left to Jiang Xingyuan, and we should take care of the Zhangjia media industry.

“Yu Hua said lightly, as if between words and deeds can determine the life and death of opponents. “Yes, this time, the Zhang family’s media industry played a big role in it, otherwise, with a reputation without roots and no shoes It is impossible for the company to make such a big noise in these short days.

Du Wen also agrees very much. “At the moment, the Zhang family dominates the media industry in Hunan Province. My Tang family can barely compete against one or two. Let me prepare for this.

“Tang Wenzhong said coldly. In the media industry, the entire Hunan Province, the Zhang family is indeed the dominant family, but it is not that no one can compete with it, and the Tang family is one. As for the Yu family, the Du family and the Jiang family, more or less There is also some power. Several companies unite and cooperate, and they can barely face Zhangjia. No one knows what is being discussed in this hotel. At this time, everyone’s attention is on the newly opened flagship store of the famous company. Everyone was not only shocked by the excitement when it opened, but also couldn’t wait to know how much sales would be on this day. “It’s crazy. I have never seen any mall opening with such a big sensation.

“Yes, no wonder the famous company’s products are so difficult to buy, you can guess one or two by looking at it.”

“Yes, I heard from Donghai friends, in Donghai, at the beginning, you couldn’t buy the famous company’s products at all, and it slowly slowed down later.

“Well, this famous company has entered the cosmetics industry in Hunan Province, but I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse.

“… At this time, the flagship store. The test area of ​​more than 100 square meters is also full. Many people are trying out the products, and almost a few people are queuing behind each of them. After those trials are over, they have their favorite products. People all flock to the shopping area to buy products in large quantities. Among them, the two main products of the famous company and Meichen Beauty’s products sell best. But even so, Meichen Beauty is still behind a lot “I want to buy ten sets of whitening factor masks!

“Bring me six new bottles of facial cleanser!”

“I want Meichen beauty makeup mask and whitening factor mask.

“It’s great, I finally bought it. My girlfriend will be very happy now.”

“… With the passage of time, the sky gradually dimmed. But the grandeur and excitement in the flagship store remained undiminished. On the contrary, because many office workers have already left work at night, they have more time to come here to take a look. Compared with the daytime, the number of people has not decreased, but it seems to have increased a lot. This scene also makes

Everyone was stunned.

Generally speaking, no matter how popular a store is, there will be a peak in traffic. After the peak, the traffic will drop.

But looking at the current situation, the traffic of Mingyang’s flagship store shows no signs of declining.

Not only passers-by were shocked, reporters were shocked, and even many shops around the flagship store were shocked and inexplicably shocked. Many people even saw the flow of people coming and going, and their eyes were red.

These are all customers, all money!

Why are these people not in their shop?

Flagship store office area.

At this time, many employees are working inside, either scheduling products or arranging publicity.

The noise from outside the work area is endless.

Dustin Zhou and others are in the work area at the moment.

“Look at this, there must be a very hot sales today!” Zhang Ying was very happy, and the smile on her face never faded.

Although he knows that perhaps many people today came for the two flagship products of the famous company, but Meichen Beauty’s products have also sold a lot.

This is a win-win situation.

“Don’t worry, you will know after the final statistics, but in my opinion, it should not be enough for Donghai’s one day’s sales.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

“The East China Sea is a market of the same size as the entire Hunan Province, and this store is only in Changsha. Naturally, it can’t be the same. But I believe that as long as we take it step by step, we will first gain a foothold in Changsha and then gradually develop the market in Hunan Province. It will definitely not be less than Donghai.” Zhang Jie rolled his eyes, a little unhappy with Dustin Zhou’s faint tone.

Today, in the entire flagship store, Mingyang’s products are selling the best, which has long been envious of him, but at this time, Dustin Zhou was a little dissatisfied.

You know, if you change to them, if there is no restraint, I am afraid that the celebration party will be held at this moment.

The time was getting later and later, at 11 o’clock in the evening, the flow of people finally began to decrease.

The flagship store usually works at ten o’clock in the evening, but because today is the first day of opening and the situation is special, everyone has worked overtime until now.

At 11:30, under Dustin Zhou’s instruction, the staff of the flagship store also began to guide the guests to leave in an orderly manner.

At twelve o’clock, all the guests completely left, and only the staff in the flagship store.

At this time, everyone was extremely quiet, quietly watching Dustin Zhou and his party walking out of the work area.

These staff, except for Dustin Zhou who asked them to be transferred from the East China Sea as school leaders, the others are basically local in Changsha.

At this time, all the staff looked at Dustin Zhou with excitement and admiration.

They didn’t think about it at all, just the first day of opening, there was such a grand occasion.

“What are you looking at me doing?

Now that the door is closed, it’s time to liquidate today’s record. I don’t need to do this, right?

Dustin Zhou joked. In fact, he was also curious about how many products could be sold in one day, and among them, how many products of Mingyang Company occupied. As soon as the voice fell, everyone calmed down, and his eyes were hot waiting for the final The liquidation. Time passed every minute, and every second was a torment for the people on the scene. They couldn’t wait to know today’s record now. “Come out!”

The result came out!

“Suddenly, the financial officer in charge of liquidation shouted loudly, his face was dull, and even his eyes were a little weird. “What’s the situation?”

what happened?

“Say it quickly?”

“What are you doing, what are you waiting for?”

For a while, all the employees yelled anxiously. “Zhou, please see.

Finance suddenly woke up, and immediately took the computer to Dustin Zhou and displayed a series of data on it. The people around Dustin Zhou also craned their necks and looked at them, looking forward to them. Finally, they saw it. Data. Quiet! Quiet! Quiet! No one speaks, everyone seems to see something that makes people’s mind trembling, all stunned in place, almost the same as the performance of the previous financial staff. “Zhou?

“At this time, a staff member transferred from Donghai Mingyang Company asked in a low voice. “Hehe, look at it for yourself, pay attention to the voice.

Dustin Zhou smiled and handed the computer to the other people. The staff members also looked at it one by one. Suddenly, everyone seemed to have been given a fixation technique, all of them dumbfounded. “No.” Could it be a mistake?

“For a long time, I don’t know who muttered softly, and suddenly broke the silence. “Ah!

” “too crazy!

“I can’t believe it!”

“Is this the record today?”

It was beyond my expectation!

“This is too exaggerated, right?”

“Haha, I thought there would be a lot less today than Donghai, but I didn’t expect there to be so many!”

“… For a while, the screams and shouts of joy in the flagship store were endless, and everyone was extremely excited.

Chapter 346

This is too exaggerated!

320 million!

The sales displayed on the computer have a long string of zeros behind thirty-two.

Counting carefully, everyone shouted.

It turned out to be 320 million!

“Oh my God, what did I see?” “It scares me to death, there are so many?” “Yes, a small shopping mall may not be able to sell so much money in a year. “Haha, I don’t know the bonus this month. How many will there be, I can already see how I am getting rich!

“… The employees were extremely excited, and they couldn’t stand their emotions and yelled one by one. Dustin Zhou and his party looked at this scene and felt shocked. Although they had speculation in their hearts, the publicity on the opening day added The full passenger flow last day, sales will certainly not be low. But they never expected that they would have sold 320 million products in one day. Zhang Ying and Zhang Jie looked at each other, and they could see from each other’s eyes. Shocked. Zhang Jie has been to Donghai and also seen Mingyang’s sales points in Donghai. Although he was shocked by the popularity of sales at the time, he was able to accept it. After all, a Donghai has a status equal to that of Hunan Province. But now, Just a flagship store in Changsha, one day sales reached 320 million. What is this concept? Before that, Zhang’s Meichen Beauty was the leading enterprise in Hunan Province, and its annual sales just exceeded One billion. Now, the sales of Mingyang’s flagship store in one day are comparable to the sales of Meichen Beauty for a whole quarter. “Haha, Mr. Zhou, Mr. Zhang, shouldn’t you be a treat?

“Someone shouted suddenly. In an instant, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou, Zhang Ying and others. Indeed, the flagship store of Mingyang Company, the main products are the products of Mingyang Company and Meichen Beauty, and others. , At best, it’s just a foil. Now the daily sales statistics have come out, and the biggest beneficiaries must be Mingyang and Meichen Beauty. Then as the boss, you should really treat. “Ahem, the boss of Mingyang is Mr. Shen. It’s not me, you are looking for President Shen.

“Dustin Zhou coughed a few times and said lightly. Just kidding, Enderia Shen is the president and boss of the famous company, and the shares alone account for more than half. Now the treat is naturally also Enderia Shen’s business. “Haha, Mr. Zhou treats me with me.” It’s the same as a treat, just follow.

“It’s just surprising that Enderia Shen didn’t take over, but said that Dustin Zhou was like him. At this time, many people looked at Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen with a trace of ambiguity. This is not a relationship. People close to you won’t say it. But Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen work in the same company, and they are still in the superior.

Coupled with so many days, Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou are almost inseparable, and everyone will naturally have a lot of fantasy in their hearts.

“Ahem, kidding, if that’s the case, then everyone is ready to prepare, and Mr. Zhang and I will take everyone to relax!” Dustin Zhou said loudly.

To be honest, even if no one said, he was planning to hold a celebration party so that everyone could work better.

For a while, everyone cheered and cleaned up, preparing to follow Dustin Zhou and the others to celebrate.

However, at this time, no one noticed that Mira Xie’s face, who had been on Dustin Zhou’s side, was very calm, and his eyelids were slightly raised, as if nothing happened.

It’s just that her hands are gripped tightly at this time, even her nails are gripped into the flesh of the palm.

… One night is naturally very festive, and everyone is very happy.

The celebration banquet lasted until more than three o’clock in the morning, when everyone ended.

And it was the same night in Changsha, and even in Hunan Province, many people couldn’t sleep.


“Is there any news coming back?” “No, Zhang Ying and Zhang Jie, as well as those who went with them, can’t get through the phone!” “What are they doing? The phone can’t get through at this time, how do we know that one day? What’s the sales?” “Oh, wait until dawn, but I don’t think it will be less.” “Yes, looking at the passenger flow, the daily sales are at least several million.” “Several millions? You? Too underestimated, you know, today, the store is full, and the products in it are not cheap, the cheapest single product, the price is more than 50, so it is possible to say tens of millions “No way? Tens of millions a day? Not billions in that year? It’s impossible!” “Huh, wait and see!” … Jiang Family.

Huike Hall, Yu Hua, Du Wen, Tang Wenzhong, and Jiang Xingyuan gathered together again.

At this time, the mood of the four of them was extremely unstable.

This year, Mingyang’s flagship store gave them too much shock.

Not only the style of the flagship store itself, but also the extraordinary traffic.

From opening to closing, the store has been full.

“My people sent a message that they have closed the store, but the Dustin Zhou and Zhang family members have taken their employees to celebrate again. They all looked very happy. It seems that the sales this day should be very good.” Yu Hua said lightly after answering a call.

“Do you estimate how much sales will be today?” Du Wen asked.

“It’s hard to guess, there must be millions of dollars. Even if someone says tens of millions, I can’t believe it.” Tang Wenzhong meditated for a moment and said slowly.

At this time, he was really convinced.

Before he thought it was customers who found it fresh, so

Take a look at the store.

But the whole day is full, which is definitely not something that can be explained by looking fresh.

“Wait until dawn, after dawn, there should be news.” … There are many other places, all of which are paying attention to the sales of the flagship store in one day. After all, such a grand occasion, not to mention Changsha, even the entire Hunan Province, it has not been seen once in several years.

Finally, the sun was born and a new day came.

At this time, everyone’s eyes are on the flagship store of Mingyang.

In the morning hotel, the flagship store opened on time.

All of a sudden, there was an endless stream of customers. Although there was a easing compared with the opening day, the store was also full.

At this time, news was also issued in the flagship store.

On the opening day, the flagship store’s sales for a whole day were 320 million yuan.

For a while, the whole Changsha was quiet.

Even the entire Hunan province is quiet.

All those who followed looked incredible.

320 million!

This is too exaggerated!

“Rely on it, isn’t it true?” “It’s too exaggerated, isn’t it? 320 million, how many companies are this, data that can’t be produced in a year, people have so much sales in one day.” “Really human Biren, maddening, there are famous flagship stores in Changsha, and even the entire cosmetics industry in Hunan Province will definitely not be peaceful in the future.” “Yes, this store can slap most cosmetic companies. Now, how does this make other companies live.” “However, I’m still so excited. I took advantage of the last time to buy ten sets of masks yesterday.” … The Internet was shocked.

After a brief period of silence, the Zhang family suddenly became lively, rushing around one by one, starting to build momentum for this.

But the Jiang family fell into silence, no one said anything, and almost everyone was silent.

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