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Chapter 247

Invitation card!

Everyone was shocked.

With 320 million sales, this is only one day.

If you follow this rate, even if there will be some decline in the future, the annual sales will be in the billions.

Such a huge sum of money has surprised no one and made countless people jealous.

The reputation of the flagship store was instantly beaten, and the reputation of the famous company was also beaten.

Now, Changsha, and even the entire Hunan Province, are not only discussing Zhang’s Meichen beauty makeup.

Famous companies, as well as whitening factor facial masks and new strains of facial cleansers are often on the lips of many people.

In particular, many people praise the effects of the products after using the products of the famous company.

For a time, the reputation of Mingyang Company reached a peak in Hunan Province.

However, secretly, there are also countless people waiting for the next sales of the flagship store.

Because it was the first day of opening, everyone on that side attracted attention, and it was normal to have more sales.

But then, is the time to truly test the strength of Mingyang’s flagship store.

“Hehe, 320 million, I don’t believe it anyway, do you know how much it is?” “Yes, if all are replaced by banknotes, I’m afraid it will be able to fill a room.” It’s not good. In Donghai, Mingyang sold better than in Changsha.” “Haha, then we will wait and see and see how much sales they can occasionally have tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.” So, the next day When the flagship store announced the sales, everyone was stunned as the day before, and didn’t know what to say.

330 million!

The next day’s sales not only did not decrease, but increased by 10 million!

As a result, many people set their target on the third day of sales.

On the first day and the second day, sales may have been affected by the previous boom, so on the third day, you should have dropped.

The next day, sure enough, when the sales on the third day came out, many people began to succumb.

“Haha, let me tell you, how could they always have that sales? No, it was revealed on the third day.

“But, even if it decreases, there will still be 300 million in sales, and this is only the third day. When the three days are added together, the sales are almost one billion.

” “what!


Oh my god, we didn’t even think of this. If we continue to develop according to this trend, wouldn’t that famous company be worth tens of billions a year?

In the next few days, under Dustin Zhou’s signal, the flagship store still announced its sales for the day. The fourth day: 290 million. The fifth day: 280 million. Just as everyone thought, the flagship store When the sales will decrease,

On the sixth day, after the sales on Saturday was announced, everyone was shocked again.

Sixth day: 380 million.

Seventh day: Four hundred and one hundred million.

The sales on Saturday far exceeded the sales on the opening day. Although everyone was shocked, they could almost understand it.

After all, the opening day was Monday, and many people still had to go to work and couldn’t come to Changsha.

On the sixth day, it was Saturday. Many people had time to come to Changsha to shop in person, so sales growth was normal.

But when the sales on the seventh day, which is the weekend, appeared, so people were completely dumb.

They don’t know how to talk.

In their minds, Saturday’s 380 million is already a peak, and flagship store sales can no longer exceed this figure.

But the next day, everyone was beaten severely in the face.

This time, not only did it exceed 380 million, it also exceeded the 400 million mark in one fell swoop!

At this moment, those who secretly follow the flagship store of the unfamous company are already numb.

Even if one day, the sales of the flagship store breaks through, they will not be surprised.

In this way, in the second week, the sales of the flagship store have been stable, but after the first week of craze, in the second week, the people in Changsha and even Hunan Province finally became a little more rational.

And sales are slowly falling.

Even the sales at the weekend of the second week just exceeded 100 million.

But despite this, no one dared to say anything big.

For two consecutive weeks, the shock of the flagship store to the people of Hunan Province has not yet faded away.

On average, there are nearly 200 million in sales every day, and after two weeks, the sales totaled more than 3 billion.

And Dustin Zhou has been very busy recently.

He not only arranged to work overtime in several factories in Donghai to expand production, but also arranged scheduling.

The most important thing is that some people have proposed to open another small-scale sales store in other parts of Hunan Province, so that Mingyang can gain a foothold throughout Hunan Province.

“Huh, I’m really tired. I didn’t expect so many things. Why didn’t I feel so tired when I was in the East China Sea before?” Dustin Zhou lay on the chair and looked up at the ceiling, a little depressed.

In the past two weeks, he has almost no personal time. He has always been in the work area of ​​the flagship store. On the one hand, it is a town place, on the other hand, there is too much work for him to do.

“I basically did all the work before, so of course you don’t feel tired.” Enderia Shen rolled his eyes, a little speechless.

“Also, at that time, you just put forward an outline. Many specific tasks were handled by people in other departments of the company. Otherwise, do you think that the big mess of Donghai would be so easy to handle?” “Haha,

Yes, I have forgotten, it is still a great contribution to Mr. Shen!

Dustin Zhou was speechless for a while, and he didn’t want to argue with Enderia Shen. After all, it was Dustin Zhou, not Enderia Shen, who had made the limelight in the past two weeks. It was obvious that Enderia Shen was the boss of the famous company. For this reason, Dustin Zhou felt that he was more than enough. It is only natural to do something. “Here, this is for you.

“Speaking, Enderia Shen didn’t know where to take out an invitation letter and handed it to Dustin Zhou. “What is this?”

Dustin Zhou took it, asked questions first, and then opened it. After he finished reading, he suddenly looked up at Enderia Shen, his face full of suspicion. “You also saw that the Jiang family hosted a banquet and invited the Yu family. People from the Du family, the Zhang family, and the Tang family were at the banquet, and there was also you who had been in the limelight recently.

Enderia Shen curled his lips, and was really uninterested in this kind of banquet. In the past, she accompanied Shen Weiyan to participate in many such banquets when she was still in the Shen family. When she went alone and started a famous company, Participate in many such banquets. And almost all such banquets have one purpose. To expand the social circle and show their contacts at the same time. The Jiang family invites such famous families as the Yu family, the Du family, the Zhang family, and the Tang family. It is understandable. But they invited Dustin Zhou, but it was surprising. You know, Dustin Zhou abandoned Jiangbei before, and twice let the Jiang family return without success. It can be said that they slap the Jiang family severely. Last, Dustin Zhou was in Hunan Province, and only Zhang Ying and Zhang Jie were acquainted with them. When it comes to personal connections, there are almost none. So what is the purpose of the Jiang family inviting him to go? Dustin Zhou chuckled and thought to himself. He didn’t think it was just that. It is because of the two-week limelight of the famous flagship store of the company that makes the Jiang family treat themselves as someone who is on the same level with them.

Chapter 348

Jiang family dinner!

The news that the Jiang family would host a dinner in the Jiang family compound spread wildly across Changsha, and even the entire Hunan province.

As for the reason why the Jiang family suddenly held the dinner, it was a mess, and no one really knew.

“Have you heard that the Jiang family is going to hold a dinner party and invited the Yu family, the Du family, the Zhang family, and the Tang family. This time, the five major families will appear together.” “You said, will the Zhang family go? That’s right, the other four families faintly mean to join forces.” “Hush, do you know, I heard that the Jiang family also invited Dustin Zhou this time.” “Dustin Zhou?” “It’s the one in the flagship store of the famous company. People?” “Yes, not only that, but I also heard that Dustin Zhou, who was in Changsha before, personally abolished the Jiangbei of the Jiang family. Until now, that Jiangbei is still a useless person, at most he can only spend his life in a wheelchair. “This…then Jiang Family invited him to go, isn’t it unkind! “Who knows this, it depends on whether Dustin Zhou dared to go.

“… For a time, there were a lot of rumors among the people, but no one was convinced. It was another weekend, and this day was also the day when the Jiang family held a dinner. The dinner was held in the Jiang family compound. This day, Since the day, the Jiang family has been in a busy state. Patriarch Jiang Fanliu didn’t do anything and left it to his son. And because Jiang Xingfang still had grievances against the Jiang family, he did nothing, so The burden fell on the two brothers Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Xingguang. “Have you sent invitation letters to those who should be notified?”

“All have been sent out. Even Dustin Zhou, we personally went to the flagship store and handed the invitation letter to Enderia Shen.

“There is also the Zhang family, this time I don’t know who will come.”

“Follow him, no matter who comes, the result will be the same.”

“Haha, that’s right, second brother, I heard that Yu Hua and the others are already very dissatisfied with you, and they have agreed to deal with Meichen Beauty Makeup. But now, Meichen Beauty Makeup, together with the famous company, has a greater momentum. If you continue If you can’t come up with a solution, I’m afraid it will be difficult to explain.

“Hmph, you don’t need to worry about this matter, I’m already prepared.

“Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Xingguang are constantly arranging affairs. The outside world, at this time, is also very concerned about the Jiang family’s sensational dinner. Especially the reporters, they are like beasts seeing their prey, and they are crazy toward Jiang family. The place where the compound was located came in. For a time, almost all the places that could live near the Jiang’s compound were occupied by these reporters. In the afternoon, from four o’clock in the afternoon, people came and entered the Jiang’s compound to participate. Dinner. And with the appearance of everyone who enters the Jiang’s compound, the reporters

Give an exclamation.

Because these people who appear are all important in Changsha and even the entire Hunan province.

“Look, that is Guan Ping of Meiyi Beauty Makeup. At a young age, he created Meiyi Beauty Makeup. He is quite famous in Changsha.” “That is Boss Chen, who is Shangjiamei Makeup. His strength should not be underestimated. “And the editor-in-chief of “Xiang Province Express”, I heard that he also returned from studying in the United States. He is very famous.” “Oh my God, why did he come?” “Who?” “Well, that’s not Zhao of Financial Capital.” Young son? His father is a financial crocodile of financial capital. He stomped his feet, and the entire Hunan province was shaking three times. He is a big man who can be compared with the five big families.” “Look, Yu family, Du family, People from the Tang family are here too, it is Yu Hua, Du Wen and Tang Wenzhong.” “There are also the Zhang family, Zhang Lun, Zhang Ying, Zhang Jie, hey, why is there no Zhang Tao?” … As time goes by, more and more A large number of people appeared in front of the Jiang family compound, which shocked the reporters and those who cast their eyes here.

Tonight, all the people who came to the Jiang Family Courtyard, together, are almost half the number of young talents in the entire Hunan Province.

And the forces behind each of them also occupy half of Hunan Province.

At this time, some secret news came out.

“Have you heard that the Jiang family held a dinner this time, as if to choose a husband-in-law for Jiang Xingyuan’s daughter.” “What? Really? Is the news reliable?” “It should be true. The news is from the Jiang family’s population. Yes, in order to compete for the Patriarch and strengthen his own strength, Jiang Xingyuan wanted to use marriage to obtain support from other forces.” “I heard that Jiang Xingyuan’s daughter, named Jiang Yan, is a magnificent and outstanding person. Ah, but isn’t she still studying in the United States?” “I graduated this year and just returned to Jiang’s house.” “That’s how it is, no wonder so many people come to the dinner party.” “Yes!” …… Everyone was shocked , They have guessed many possibilities.

Jiang’s family and other family alliances.

The candidate for the head of the Jiang family had a decision.

The Jiang family will release major strategic plans.

Say hello to everyone who the Jiang family wants to do.

……All of this, many people have guessed.

But no one thought that the Jiang family actually wanted to hire a son-in-law, and that they were Jiang Xingyuan’s daughter, the famous Jiang Yan.

You know, when Jiang Yan was still in Xiang Province, many people expressed their love for her, but they were all rejected by her.

After that, he went directly to the United States to study. So far Jiang Yan has disappeared in Hunan Province.

And now, when Jiang Yan returns to Xiang Province and returns to Jiang’s family, the first thing is to hire a son-in-law, which undoubtedly makes many people excited.


Some young talents were full of excitement.

If they can be favored by Jiang Yan and choose to become husbands, even if they are married, they will benefit a lot.

Not to mention that a behemoth like the Jiang family is behind it, just relying on Jiang Yan’s beauty and talent is enough to make many people fall into it.

After seven o’clock in the evening, the sky was getting dark, because the evening banquet was officially held at eight o’clock, so by this time, most of the people had already entered the Jiang family.

At this time, two ordinary cars drove slowly towards the Jiang family compound.

“Someone is here again?” This time, it attracted the attention of many reporters.

They were guessing who came, but when they saw that the car that came over was just an ordinary car, one worth more than 100,000 yuan, they lost interest.

Anyone who comes to the dinner tonight is either rich or expensive. Which one did not come in a luxury car?

Even the worst, the BMW X Five with a 500,000 upwards.

And these two cars, just looking at them, have a shabby atmosphere.


The car stopped in front of the Jiang family compound, and no one got off the car for a while.

The reporters were not interested in these two cars at all.

“Hey, did you see Dustin Zhou from the famous company? I heard that the Jiang family also sent him an invitation letter?” “Yes, but I don’t seem to see that Dustin Zhou until now. Maybe he is scared, no Dare to come?” “Yeah, I think it is very possible. After all, he abandoned Jiangbei before. Many people in the Jiang family must hate him, especially Jiangbei’s father. Jiang Xingfang may wish to tear Dustin Zhou apart. “Success is crushed.” “Oh, it’s a pity. Without Dustin Zhou, I always feel less exciting.” “Yeah.” “Hey, my God, look at him, is that person Dustin Zhou?” Nine

Chapters 249

A feast is not a good feast, a person is not a beautiful woman!

(1) At this moment, a reporter suddenly exclaimed, pointing at the person who got off the two ordinary cars, with a look of surprise and excitement.

Other people followed the sound and got excited.

“Yes, it is Dustin Zhou. Not only he, but also many people, they should have come with him. It seems that Dustin Zhou is so courageous!” At this time, Dustin Zhou didn’t know his appearance and had already let Zai Jiang The reporters guarding around the compound were shocked.

In fact, he also thought about it for a long time, thinking about why the Jiang family held a banquet at this time, and also invited him to go with him.

He also thought about the purpose of the Jiang family this time, but he didn’t have much clue, because many conjectures couldn’t stand scrutiny.

However, he came anyway.

Since the Jiang family dare to invite him.

Then Dustin Zhou would naturally not be afraid to go because of fear or worry.

But just in case, Dustin Zhou made good preparations this time.

In addition to him, Mira Xie and Enderia Shen also came together.

There are Asher Chen, Su Wei, Sun Yue, Niu Chuan.

As for the others, there is no need to come over, and even if they do, it won’t make much difference.

“Dustin Zhou, do you really want to go in?” Enderia Shen asked condensedly.

Regarding the Jiang family’s intention this time, although everyone is not clear, there is also a general guess.

That is a feast is not a good feast.

“Well, since the Jiang family has invited, then if I don’t go, doesn’t it mean I’m scared, don’t you think I’m afraid?” Dustin Zhou smiled and looked at the few people around him.

“Furthermore, with Chuanzi here, my safety can be guaranteed. I am not afraid of sudden troubles by the Jiang family.” “Alright, let’s go and see what the Jiang family is going to do!” Dustin Zhou said, he went straight Striding towards the Jiang family compound.

“Stop!” However, when he just walked to the gate of the compound, he was stopped by two strong guards.

The two door guards are sturdy, and the exposed muscles are very explosive. Just at a glance, they can feel the seemingly endless power.

At this moment, the two guards looked at Dustin Zhou with ferocious faces.

“Who? The Jiang family compound is what you want to enter as soon as you want?” One of the guards shouted sharply, his voice was like thunder, which made Dustin Zhou feel buzzing in his ears.

Dustin Zhou glanced sideways at the two guards, his eyes were a little speechless.

Is it that the guards of these big families are all this virtue, and are very unwelcome to those who come to the door?

Before he went to the Chen family, he was also despised by the two guards of the Chen family. In the end, he shot the two guards severely and shocked Chen Shao before entering.

Now, when he came to the Jiang’s compound, he also encountered two guards, stopping him and not letting him

He goes in.

However, in contrast, the two guards in front of them seemed to be stronger than the strong and thin guards of the Chen family.

“This is an invitation letter!” However, although Dustin Zhou was very speechless, he would not be inexplicably angry because of the two door guards’ obstructions. He just took out the invitation letter indifferently.

The two guards glanced at each other, carefully checked the invitation letter, and after returning it to Dustin Zhou, did they make a way out.

However, when Dustin Zhou stepped into the Jiang family compound, the people behind him continued to follow, and when they wanted to come in, the two guards once again stopped everyone.

“If you don’t have an invitation letter, you can’t enter!” The door guard scolded coldly with a fierce look.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou suddenly turned around, staring coldly at the two guards.

Just now when he was about to come in, he was stopped by these two guards. He did not show the invitation letter, so he was not angry.

But after showing the invitation letter, he brought someone in, but was stopped again.

And he clearly saw that just before him, many people had also entered the Jiang family compound, and they were not an invitation letter alone.

“What do you mean?” Dustin Zhou said coldly, with a hint of anger in his voice.

If the two guards can’t give him an explanation, then he will let them know what will happen to other people’s dogs.

“This is the Jiang family. There is an important dinner tonight. Without an invitation letter, naturally you can’t enter! If you have an invitation letter, you can go in. There is nothing for you here, so hurry in.” One of the guards shouted coldly.

“Presumptuous! The person who came in before, why didn’t I see an invitation letter from one person? Or, are you targeting me? Who told you to do this? Jiang Fanliu? Or Jiang Xingfang? Or the useless Jiangbei? Dustin Zhou stepped slowly out of the Jiang family compound and stood in front of the two guards.

At this time, he was no more than the distance between the two guards’ fists. If the two guards wanted to do something, they could be surprised, and instantly their fists could reach Dustin Zhou’s face.

Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, the two door guards were furious in an instant, regardless of whether Dustin Zhou was the person holding the invitation letter, and directly raised their fists.

It’s too late to say, then soon!

I saw Dustin Zhou reacted swiftly. He stepped back, stretched his hand and pressed down, and directly blocked a fist that was blasted by the guard, and suppressed the fist.

“Heh, let’s do it now. It seems that someone has indeed made you embarrass us. In this case, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Dustin Zhou said coldly, and immediately shook his wrist, and suddenly there was a clicking sound.

The door guard who threw the punch suddenly turned pale, and sweat dripped down his forehead.

Dustin Zhou suddenly loosened his fist, lifted a kick and kicked it.


A loud noise, the door

Wei was kicked directly against the stone wall behind, and then slowly fell to the ground, his body convulsed, his complexion turned pale, the arm that attacked Dustin Zhou just now slumped to the side, and even the sharp bones passed through the palm of his hand, making people shudder.

Suddenly, the other guard became vigilant and took the initiative to withdraw two steps back, looking at Dustin Zhou with a serious face.

“You dare to do it? This is the Jiang family. You’d better think about it clearly, whether you can bear the consequences of offending the Jiang family!” The guard shouted sharply.

At this time, he didn’t dare to underestimate Dustin Zhou, nor was he treating Dustin Zhou as someone who had no skill.

Based on the hand Dustin Zhou showed just now, he thought he was definitely not an opponent.

Even if their two guards join forces, they are not necessarily Dustin Zhou’s opponent.

“It’s ridiculous, when I abolished Jiangbei and slapped Jiang’s face, you didn’t know where you were. Now you dare to threaten me at us? Very good!” With a sneer, Dustin Zhou followed with a stride before the other party reacted. Go up, shake a fist, and in the blink of an eye, the fist makes an intimate contact with the doorman’s cheek.


In the same way, this punch was so powerful that the guard flew out suddenly and directly hit the body of another guard who had collapsed on the ground.

In an instant, the two door guards who were still extremely arrogant just now collapsed to the ground and lost their combat effectiveness.

“Let’s go, I want to see what the Jiang family is going to do today.” Dustin Zhou waved his hand and led the people straight into the Jiang family compound.

The reporters who were guarding the Jiang family compound were all stunned when they saw this scene. They even forgot to use the camera in their hands and missed this wonderful scene for nothing.

And those who came after Dustin Zhou saw this scene not far away, one by one.

They didn’t expect that someone would dare to do something in the Jiang family compound and enter the Jiang family compound grandiosely.

“Hehe, there is a good show to watch now!”

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