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Chapter 752

Dustin Zhou was silent, he suddenly felt that if he said everything in one go, he would not have thought of what would happen.

In this case, it is better for everyone to sit down and speak slowly, at the very least, try to be gentle.

After all, Dustin Zhou didn’t want to hurt anyone.

“Miss Ren, I think you can sit down and have a good talk with us now. I have no malice, but the situation is compelling. I have to do this. Otherwise, it is not just me, but probably the people around me, my relatives. , Friends will be hurt.” Dustin Zhou slowed down and looked at Wu’s wife with a gentle expression.

As soon as the title “Miss Ren” came out, Wu’s wife knew in an instant that Dustin Zhou really knew the dusty things.

“You…” Sister Wu wanted to shout and resist, but she knew she couldn’t.

Now she and Ren Qingqing are the only ones in this villa, and everyone else has come with Dustin Zhou.

Moreover, without knowing Dustin Zhou’s details, Mrs. Wu dared not make any gambling.

She didn’t dare to test whether Dustin Zhou really wanted to talk to herself, or wanted to plot something from her, or his real goal was actually Ren Feng.


Everyone was silent.

No one spoke first.

Even Dustin Zhou looked at Wu Sister-in-law quietly.

At this point in time, Ren Feng should still be holding the board of directors and will not return.

So he has enough time to wait.

Of course, that wouldn’t allow Sister Wu to consume her without limit.

One minute, two minutes…five minutes.

Finally, after five minutes, Mrs. Wu strode hard, sitting on the sofa and talking to Ren Qingqing

Close together, looking at Dustin Zhou.

“What on earth do you want to do?” Aunt Wu said, her voice hoarse, with a trace of panic, and a trace of heart palpitations.

“Ms. Ren, I really have no malice. I have to do this as a last resort.” “Actually, I didn’t know your identity at first. I just came here last time and then after I went back. I thought for a long time and asked some questions. People, and the scattered news together, I discovered that you may not be a nanny. Of course, this is just a guess of mine, but I am not 100% sure in my heart. At best, it is only 70%.” Dustin Zhou Said with a wry smile.

In fact, Dustin Zhou is very sympathetic to Ren Nan’s teenage experience.

Moreover, she lived incognito for so many years, Dustin Zhou did not want to disturb her peaceful life.

However, there are some things that can’t be solved from Ren Nan, Dustin Zhou’s current ability, there is no way to crack it.

“Then why are you so sure now?” Aunt Wu or Ren Nan asked.

“Because Ms. Ren, before entering the villa, I asked about your situation at random. Ms. Ren told you that you have lived in the villa all year round, and I have never returned. I was 100% sure of what I was thinking.” Dustin Zhou pointed to Ren Qingqing and explained.

Ren Nan smiled bitterly. She did not expect that Ren Qingqing would assist Dustin Zhou and help Dustin Zhou finally determine her own guess.

However, this is beyond human control. For so many years, she and Ren Feng have concealed Ren Qingqing together, and have not told her anything about the year, and even her identity has been disguised as a nanny.

“Oh, what on earth are you talking about? I can’t understand a word.” At this moment, Ren Qingqing suddenly yelled and interrupted the conversation between Ren Nan and Dustin Zhou.

Ren Qingqing looked at Dustin Zhou and Ren Nan impatiently, her face full of confusion.

“What the hell are you talking about, can anyone tell me what happened, Dustin Zhou, why do you say Sao Wu is calling grandpa and father? Sao Wu, what is going on?” Ren Qingqing is a big lady after all. Since childhood, even if he knows how to constrain, but in this situation, the temper of the eldest is still exploded.

Ren Nan looked at Ren Qingqing with a fond look, pursed his mouth, did not speak.

There are some things that Ren Nan could tell Ren Qingqing herself, but she couldn’t say it, even more so.

Therefore, Ren Nan’s eyes finally fell on Dustin Zhou’s face.

Now only Dustin Zhou knows the situation, and only Dustin Zhou dares to speak.

“Well, let me talk about it, Miss Ren, you have to be mentally prepared, what I want to say next may be far beyond your expectations.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, looking at Ren.

Qingqing’s eyes were extremely serious.

Ren Qingqing did not speak, but subconsciously clenched her small fist, looking at Dustin Zhou’s gaze, there was some dodge, but she quickly became firm.

“Huh! Go upstairs first.” After taking a deep breath, let the three of Niu Chuan escape first, and Dustin Zhou slowly spoke.

“In fact, the woman Wu you call should actually be called Ren Nan, the daughter of your grandfather Ren Feng.” “And she is not your aunt, but your mother, biological mother.” “… “Next, in just a few minutes, Dustin Zhou told some things about Ren Nan, about the relationship between Ren Nan and Ren Feng, as well as Ren Feng’s family relationship, and the relationship between Ren Qingqing and Ren Nan. Came out.

Of course, with regard to Ren Nan’s bullying, Dustin Zhou has been obscured and tried to hide this paragraph as much as possible.

After all, this is not a glorious thing. Since it is decided to adopt gentle methods, it is natural to take care of Ren Nan’s face and emotions.

As Dustin Zhou went on, Ren Nan’s face was already full of tears, a pair of hands that were no longer in his youth, gently clinging to Ren Qingqing’s shoulders, and a pair of eyes full of affection. Looking at Ren Qingqing, every minute and every second Reluctant to move away.

Ren Qingqing seemed to be frozen, motionless, stiff, her small hands clenched tightly together, and the back of her hands was pale.

However, she seemed to be unable to feel the hands that Ren Nan put on her shoulders, and her eyes were not energetic. It seemed that Dustin Zhou’s words had taken away all of Ren Qingqing’s spirits for so many years.

“…So, Ren Nan is your mother and the daughter of your grandfather Ren Feng.” Dustin Zhou breathed a sigh of relief when he finally finished speaking.

To be honest, once again mentioning this past, even if he knew that all of this might have been arranged by Ren Feng, Dustin Zhou still couldn’t bear it.

If there were no things that happened back then, how could Ren Nan stay anonymous and lived in the Ren family villa for more than ten years as a nanny named Wu Sao.

Even with his father and daughter, there is no way to recognize each other.

Dustin Zhou took a long sigh of relief and looked at Ren Qingqing, only to realize that Ren Qingqing’s current state is not very good.

“Mr. Zhou, this…” Ren Nan also found out and asked very worried.

She didn’t want these secrets that had been kept in dust for so many years to cause too much damage to Ren Qingqing.

“Don’t worry, give her some time, she will figure it out.”

Chapter 753

Ren Qingqing found out that she was stunned.

She didn’t even know what kind of state she was in.

Ren Qingqing simply couldn’t react to Dustin Zhou and Wu’s words just now.

What do you mean?

Sao Wu is not a nanny, not Sao Wu, but the daughter of grandfather Ren Feng, and his biological mother?

Sister Wu’s original name was Ren Nan?

How can I not know these?

Since childhood, Ren Qingqing has been taken care of as a princess.

Although I have never met with my biological parents, there is a grandfather and Wu’s wife in the family who give her meticulous care.

Moreover, every year parents will send letters over, and will also talk to her with voice and video.

But now, Dustin Zhou actually tells himself that those are all false, and the truth is that Sister Wu is her biological mother of Ren Qingqing.

How could Ren Qingqing accept this information so quickly?

The surprise in Ren Qingqing’s heart is far from over.

Although Dustin Zhou said, she didn’t believe it at all.

In the final analysis, Dustin Zhou is just an outsider.

As long as Grandpa didn’t tell herself these things, she would never believe it.

However, Ren Qingqing still had some doubts in his heart.

If these are all fake, how did Dustin Zhou know?

And Dustin Zhou didn’t know Sister Wu before, but the two of them seemed to be very clear about that period of time, as if they had experienced it together, or had heard of it.

Are the two of them colluding?

It’s not.

Yesterday, Grandpa Ren Feng brought Dustin Zhou to the house. It was Dustin Zhou’s first visit to the house, and it was also the first time Dustin Zhou and Wu Sao met.

During this period, they have not seen each other, and Wu’s wife has been in the villa without going anywhere. There is no chance for them to collude.

So, can all this be true?

Ren Qingqing suddenly had such an idea in her heart, and it quickly grew rapidly, which made her feel a little shaken.

Thinking about it carefully, Ren Qingqing suddenly discovered something unusual.

Not to mention that Mrs. Wu never returned to her home all year round, she has been taking care of her and grandpa in the villa.

Moreover, since Ren Qingqing had a memory, Wu Sister seemed to have been at home.

If that is the case, Mrs. Wu has been at home for nearly 20 years.

And how old was Wu Sao 20 years ago?

But it’s about the same size as myself.

A person about the same size as oneself will stay in the same house all the time, working as a babysitter for more than ten years?

Moreover, Sister Wu is not ugly, but has a different flavor.

Judging from Ren Qingqing’s eyes, Sister Wu was definitely a big beauty when she was young.

Moreover, in her daily dealings with Sister Wu, Sister Wu seemed to be very fond of her eyes every time she looked at her.

No matter how bad she was, or what bad things she had to say to her, Mrs. Wu had never complained, and she had been silently accepting it.

In this way, it seems that Wu Sister-in-law is like the state of facing her biological daughter.

A nanny, do

Ren Qingqing didn’t believe it at this level.

In this world, there is absolutely no love for no reason.

If Sister Wu was just a nanny in the family, no matter how much grandpa gave her, it would be impossible for her to treat Ren Qingqing like her own daughter.

Moreover, Ren Qingqing suddenly discovered that some of Wu’s facial features were somewhat similar to those of her grandfather.

It’s like the bridge of the nose, the same tall, and the lips are also very similar… The more Ren Qingqing thought about it, the more scared she became.

She was afraid that everything Dustin Zhou said was true.

If they are all true, it means that all of her life in the ten years before Ren Qingqing was false.

Even the parents who send letters to themselves every year and talk to them with voice and video are fake.

“It’s not true, it’s not true…” Ren Qingqing’s body trembled slightly, and she kept whispering, her expression a little sluggish.

She stared blankly at the coffee table in front of her, her face instantly turned pale, and the sweat on her forehead was instantly raining, as if she had just been caught in the rain.

“Mr. Zhou, Qingqing…” Seeing Ren Qingqing’s sudden change, Ren Nan was shocked. He quickly hugged Ren Qingqing in his arms and continued to comfort him, but to no avail, he quickly looked at Dustin Zhou and asked for help. Gaze.

Ren Nan didn’t want Ren Qingqing to suffer even a little harm.

This is the real reason why she and Ren Feng have kept such a secret for more than ten years.

Because Ren Nan didn’t want Ren Qingqing to know that he had a mother who had been bullied.

“Don’t worry, she just couldn’t accept it for a while, wait until she figured it out, it’s fine, let me talk to her.” Dustin Zhou said softly, seeing Ren Qingqing like this, she also sighed. .

Dustin Zhou could almost imagine what Ren Qingqing had experienced at this time, and what shock and doubt he had experienced.

At this time, Ren Qingqing needed the support of a belief.

This belief does not mean that Ren Qingqing can enter heaven if he believes anything.

Rather, it is possible for Ren Qingqing to find a support point in such doubts and denials so as not to lose herself.

“Please, Mr. Zhou.” Ren Nan looked worried, the erosion of the years left on her face is not very obvious, but she looked at Ren Qingqing with so heavy eyes and worries.

“Ren Qingqing, listen to me!” Dustin Zhou put his hands on Ren Qingqing’s shoulders, looked at her seriously, and shouted in a deep voice.

The deep voice, like a big bell ringing, instantly spread to Ren Qingqing’s mind.

“Huh?” Ren Qingqing raised her head dimly and looked at Dustin Zhou, but Dustin Zhou was not clear in her vision, more like a fuzzy figure.

But in the dark, Ren Qingqing felt

It is this vague figure in front of him that can give himself an answer.

“Ren Qingqing, you have to know that I am not telling you to make you doubt anything, but all of this is the truth. It is something that has happened before. No matter how you suspect it, it has already happened. No It may change.” “So, what you have to do now is not to doubt, but to try to accept. Think about it, the mother who has not seen you for many years has been by your side to accompany you, growing up with you Now.” “And, do you think all this is because your mother is sorry for you?” “These, in fact, are compelling, and the purpose of what I said today is the same.” … Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, look. The expression in Ren Qingqing’s eyes went from being confused to gradually returning to a trace of clarity.


Dustin Zhou was overjoyed and quickly continued.

Now, what Ren Qingqing suspects and cannot accept is nothing more than a biological mother suddenly appeared, and this biological mother is still the nanny Wu’s wife who has been taking care of her and grandfather Ren Feng for more than ten years.

Chapter 754

Such a huge change of identity, the eldest lady Ren Qingqing couldn’t accept it for a while, and it was normal.

Although Ren Nan’s name is Wu Sao, he has been a nanny in Ren’s family for more than ten years, and he and Ren Qingqing are like relatives, but after all, Ren Qingqing has always had a cognition in his heart.

That is, even if Sister Wu kisses her, she will be someone else, and she has no blood relationship with Ren Qingqing.

But now, suddenly someone told her that in fact Wu Sister-in-law was her biological mother. For some reason, she had to do so incognito.

I am afraid that it will be unacceptable to be any person for a while.

Dustin Zhou thought in another way, thinking that if this happened to himself, he would probably be the same as Ren Qingqing’s performance today, and even more likely to be even more unbearable.

At least, Ren Qingqing had a grandfather like Ren Feng in his childhood.

In Dustin Zhou’s childhood, there was only one mother.

“Ren Qingqing, if you still can’t accept this fact, or if you still don’t believe it, you can ask your grandfather. I believe that in the whole thing, the one who knows the most truth must be your grandfather!” Dustin Zhou thought about it. Thinking, decided to say so.

Right now, in Ren Qingqing’s heart, both himself and Ren Nan are labeled as liars. No matter what they say, they will be subconsciously suspected by Ren Qingqing.

Therefore, the only thing that can convince Ren Qingqing is only Ren Feng.

However, Ren Feng is likely to be the planner of such a bureau. Whether he is willing to tell the truth about the events of the year is still an unknown number.

So Dustin Zhou didn’t have one in his heart


“Yes, grandpa, I’m going to find grandpa.” When Dustin Zhou talked about Ren Feng, Ren Qingqing seemed to have found a mainstay all at once. He stood up quickly and was about to walk outside.

“Qingqing.” Dustin Zhou and Ren Nan didn’t expect this sudden move, so neither of them stopped Ren Qingqing for the first time.

“Squeak.” However, when Ren Qingqing walked to the gate and had not opened the door, the door that had been closed was suddenly opened from the outside.

“Qingqing.” A surprised voice suddenly sounded, and Father Ren Feng suddenly walked in. Seeing that Ren Qingqing’s expression was not right, he immediately walked over to check.

When he saw that there was nothing unusual about Ren Qingqing, Ren Fengchang breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked at Dustin Zhou and Ren Nan, angrily suddenly appeared on his face.

“What are you doing? Little friend Dustin Zhou, you said that you told Qingqing at home about the little girl from the Jiang family. What did you tell Qingqing to make her be like this?” Ren Feng had a bad tone and an angry expression on his face. Full, it seems that as long as Dustin Zhou’s answer can’t satisfy him, he will turn around.

“Grandpa, Dustin Zhou said just now that Sister Wu is your daughter and my biological mother. Is this true?” Dustin Zhou hadn’t spoken yet, but Ren Qingqing was the first to speak, his face full of eagerness.

Ren Qingqing looked at Ren Feng expectantly, and desperately wanted a negative answer from Ren Feng.

However, Ren Feng was only astonished for a moment, and then he was furious.

“Presumptuous, Dustin Zhou, this is how you said something messy to Qingqing? What do you want to do? If you want to make trouble in my house, I think you have found the wrong person.” Ren Feng was furious and pointed at Dustin Zhou. Shouted sharply.

At this moment, there was a hint of kindness when the previous cover showed Dustin Zhou, but at this moment, the only kindness disappeared instantly.

Moreover, from Ren Feng’s body, there was a rare and powerful aura, and he rushed directly to Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou was startled. This momentum was very powerful, even stronger than that of Cai Xiong who was in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse before.

This Ren Feng is a master.

He is definitely not weaker than Cai Xiong, in other words, he is likely to be a half-step martial arts master!

At this moment, Dustin Zhou looked solemn, he knew, no matter what, today, maybe all of this will have an end.

“Father Ren, I already know things. I know that you have been working hard for more than ten years. But what I can’t figure out is that the people who did such things back then were those people. Why do you follow them now? , Set up such a bureau.” “If you say that your goal is to promote the company, I want to do this, it would be a little fuss, and the famous company

In the eyes of Mr. Ren, his size is not worth mentioning.

“But, if your goal is mine, I really can’t figure out what is there in me that is worth your so much trouble?”

Dustin Zhou stood up, walked two steps forward, stood in front of Ren’s cover, and smiled faintly. In fact, after Dustin Zhou told Ren Qing about Ren Nan’s affairs, the break between him and Ren Feng was already established. The difference is only when to break and when to become opponents. It seems that now is the time for the two to break. “Hehe, I don’t care what you are talking about, but if you want to provoke my Ren family In terms of human relations, you may be busy.

“Ren Feng sneered. “Old Ren, I respect you. After all, you are a senior in the East China Sea, and I know many people. They admire you very much, Mr. Ren, and I also know a lot of you from them. So, in my heart, I admire you, but I really can’t figure out why you, who was so heroic back then, made compromises in this matter, and even ruined your daughter’s life.

“Dustin Zhou responded coldly, without giving up, but staring at Ren Feng with scorching eyes, full of questioning. Indeed, before, when Ren Feng was young, he was a senior in the East China Sea, a hero of a generation, and was influenced by others. The admiration of Ren Feng is also a normal thing. However, after Ren Nan was bullied, Ren Feng seemed to have lost all his energy. Although Ren Feng’s career after that was like sitting on a rocket , Developed rapidly, quickly established a foothold in the East China Sea, and rapidly expanded and developed. However, since then, I have never heard of any heroic deeds about Ren Feng. It is like the hero disappeared overnight. “Presumptuous,” You know what you are talking about, what do you know?

What do you know?

Get out of here!

I do not want to see you!

With every word Dustin Zhou said, Ren Feng’s body trembled slightly, and the rare wrinkles on his face deepened a bit. When Dustin Zhou finished speaking, Ren Feng pointed at the outside of the door with one finger and Dustin Zhou with another, and shouted sharply. In the voice, apart from anger, there is also a trace of sadness. It is as if the hero is late and makes people have to sigh. Dustin Zhou does not know the inside story, he only knows some things from Asher Chen, but after all, Asher Chen did not participate in the things of the year, he also Probably hearsay. So it is very superficial.

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