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Chapter 665

Cai Xiongli stood high on the stairs leading to the lobby on the second floor, smiling at Dustin Zhou.

Give me a face, and this matter is over.

This is Cai Xiong’s statement.

As Cai Xiong said so, Li Mingfeng naturally did not dare to say much.

“Well, it depends on the face of Brother Xiong. Today I won’t care about you. However, don’t show up in front of me in the future, otherwise, I won’t necessarily hold back from treating you.” Cai Xiong appeared, It seems that Li Mingfeng has the confidence, and the tone of speaking to Dustin Zhou has become more horizontal, and the confidence has been even stronger.

After speaking, Li Mingfeng swaggered towards Cai Xiong, turning a blind eye to Dustin Zhou.

“Brother Xiong, thank you very much.” When he came to Cai Xiong, Li Mingfeng quickly thanked him.

He knows if this time

If it weren’t for Cai Xiong, he would probably be severely taught by Dustin Zhou. At the very least, a fight would be inevitable.

“Hehe, everyone is brothers. This little thing is nothing. Since it’s all right, let’s go back and continue drinking.” Cai Xiong waved his hand, his elder brother’s manner and tone, as if he appeared just now, but it was just a small thing. It can be done with a wave of hands.

After all, Cai Xiong turned around and left.

But Li Mingfeng turned around and sneered at Dustin Zhou, raising his foot to keep up.

“Hold on, did I say that this happened?” At this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded.

Cai Xiong, who was walking in front, paused abruptly, and his face instantly became gloomy.

And those who were with Cai Xiong all turned around, glaring at Dustin Zhou, and their faces were full of anger, wishing to rush over and tear Dustin Zhou to pieces.

As for Li Mingfeng, although his face is also shocked and angry, the corners of his mouth are slightly raised.

He knows Cai Xiong’s strength.

Li Mingfeng knew that he might not have any room for resistance in front of Dustin Zhou.

However, with Cai Xiong here, Dustin Zhou’s words just now undoubtedly slapped Cai Xiong in the face.

If it was Cai Xiong, then Dustin Zhou wouldn’t have any chance at all.

At this time, the most shocking was the crowd onlookers.

Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou dumbfounded, wondering if his brain was kicked by a donkey.

Obviously Cai Xiong said just now, this incident is over, they are all ready to leave.

However, Dustin Zhou jumped out at this time and said bluntly that this incident had not passed.

Does he still want to refute Cai Xiong’s face?

You know, Cai Xiong is different from Li Mingfeng.

Li Mingfeng does not have the support of the Li family, and may not necessarily be able to do Dustin Zhou well.

But Cai Xiong wants to clean up Dustin Zhou, but don’t borrow the power of the Cai family. He can easily subdue Dustin Zhou by himself.

“Is he crazy? How dare to talk to Cai Xiong like this?” “Hush, just look at it, don’t be nosy.” “He actually refuted Cai Xiong’s face like this, Cai Xiong will definitely not let him go. , I just don’t know if this person is a real idiot or really has the confidence.”… Everyone stopped and watched, no one came forward to speak. After all, neither Li Mingfeng nor Cai Xiong can offend ordinary people.

For everyone, Dustin Zhou is just a stranger, and it is not worthy of them to take any risk.

“Do you know what you’re talking about?” Cai Xiong’s expression became extremely gloomy, and he suddenly turned around. A pair of pitch-black eyes stared at Dustin Zhou, like a beast. The huge sense of oppression rushed towards Dustin Zhou in an instant, as if he wanted to take advantage of this. The momentum directly shocked and subdued Zhou


At this moment, not only Dustin Zhou felt this momentum, but also many other people intuitively felt this momentum.

This caused many people’s faces to change slightly, and they took two steps back subconsciously, and they did not dare to look at Cai Xiong’s eyes.

“Boy, I think you are really impatient with your life. Brother Xiong has said that this matter is over. I have already let you go. You still want to die. Do you think we really I dare not do anything to you?” Li Mingfeng sneered, looking at Dustin Zhou with sarcasm.

In fact, even though Li Mingfeng said so, he was so happy in his heart.

Li Mingfeng can’t wait for Dustin Zhou to be more arrogant and presumptuous, let alone Cai Xiong.

In this way, Dustin Zhou would anger Cai Xiong faster.

“Mr. Zhou, we…” And Liu Xue was obviously aware of something, her face suddenly became more tense, and she quickly looked at Dustin Zhou and wanted to persuade Dustin Zhou.

After all, it was all because of her. If Dustin Zhou offends Cai Xiong and Li Mingfeng in this way, and puts Dustin Zhou in danger in the East China Sea, then Liu Xue will definitely feel uneasy.

At least, Dustin Zhou’s appearance has rescued her from Li Mingfeng.

This is enough for Liu Xue.

“Don’t worry, a few clowns can’t do anything to me.” However, before Liu Xue had finished speaking, Dustin Zhou reached out and stopped what she wanted to say.

And Dustin Zhou’s tone is full of confidence.

It seems that not only Li Mingfeng, the Li family, even the Cai Xiong, Cai family, to him, are nothing at all, just like the jumping clown, not worth mentioning.

And Dustin Zhou seems to have enough confidence to say such things.

Everyone was shocked, they stared at Dustin Zhou, wanting to see a trace of panic and pretending to be calm on his face.

However, they failed.

There was no panic on Dustin Zhou’s face, nor any signs of pretending to be calm.

On the contrary, besides self-confidence, Dustin Zhou’s face is indifferent.

It seemed to him that this matter was just a small effort, and it was not worth paying too much attention to.

Everyone was silent.

They don’t know where Dustin Zhou’s confidence comes from.

But since Dustin Zhou had already spoken out and was heard by Li Mingfeng and Cai Xiong, then even if someone wanted to help, it was impossible to speak up.

“Okay, very good!” Cai Xiong clapped gently and looked at Dustin Zhou with a smile. His eyes were slightly narrowed, and even a trace of killing intent flashed through his eyes, and the muscles on his face were shaking slightly, seeming to be cruel. Li flashed across Cai Xiong’s face.

Cai Xiong was murderous.

There has never been a person who dared to speak so in front of him, dare to despise him so much, or even not put the Cai family in his eyes.

There have been people like this before, but after seeing Cai Xiong’s methods, that person was so frightened that he kept kneeling on the ground and kowtow, begging Cai Xiong to let him go.

However, Cai Xiong has never been merciful.

Anyone who despised him, didn’t put Bao Cai’s eyes on him, and said such arrogant words in front of him would not end well.

Originally, Cai Xiong thought that his several shots had already let the people of Donghai know that he was not a person who could be scorned casually. He thought that no one would dare to be rude to him or even scorn him in the future.

Chapter 666

However, Cai Xiong did not expect that such a person would appear again just today.

You know, even the children of those super big families, such as the Su family and the Sun family, most people dare not say such things in front of Cai Xiong.

Although the Cai family is only a second-rate family and has not yet been promoted to the first-class big family, no family dare to despise the wealth of the Cai family.

At this moment, Cai Xiong was very angry, he couldn’t wait to rush over and tear Dustin Zhou to pieces.

But Cai Xiong is not a brainless person.

He knows who he can and cannot provoke.

And Cai Xiong knows that the place where he is now is a place where he can’t be arbitrary.

Even he, most of the people in the East China Sea, dare not want to be presumptuous here.

Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

When it was just established, a second-rate family in the East China Sea bullied others and wanted to make trouble here.

At that time, because the Mountain Mist Club arrived for the first time, all the family forces in the East China Sea were very unfamiliar with the Mountain Mist Club, and did not know its details, so when the second-rate family was making trouble, no one stood up and stood up for justice.

And that second-rate family, although not as good as the Cai family, but in the East China Sea, it is also an energy that cannot be underestimated. Compared to the Li family, it is not much better.

Everyone thought that Mountain Mist Clubhouse would be squeezed by that second-rate family, and even the boss of Mountain Mist Clubhouse would treat the people of that second-rate family with respect.

However, to everyone’s surprise, it was only the second day that the second-rate family made trouble, that second-rate family completely disappeared.

To be precise, just overnight, a second-rate family in Donghai City completely disappeared from the East China Sea.

In addition, all the properties of that second-rate family were all handled by the people in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

No one knows how the second-rate family disappeared, and no one knows who did it and handled things so cleanly.

However, on that day, all the families and forces in the East China Sea knew one thing.

The Mountain Mist Clubhouse is a forbidden place, and there must be no trouble.

Anyone who dares to make trouble in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse will

Being kicked out by the family and forces, it will not help them to confront the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Now, Cai Xiong is in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

He dare not really do anything to Dustin Zhou.

Li Mingfeng was able to do anything with Liu Xue because Liu Xue was on the first floor, and Li Mingfeng was on the second floor, and his status and status were very different. Li Mingfeng himself could even suppress Liu Xue.

However, Dustin Zhou is different.

In Cai Xiong’s eyes, Dustin Zhou, like himself, is a person who can go to the second floor.

This means that in the eyes of the Mountain Mist Club, Dustin Zhou and Cai Xiong are of the same level.

Such people, if there is a conflict, if they cause trouble in the Mountain Mist Club, the Mountain Mist Club will never ignore them.

“I’ll give you one last chance. Kneel down and apologize. I will assume that you didn’t say anything just now.” With a cold drink, Cai Xiong slowly walked two steps towards Dustin Zhou.

Cai Xiong was taller than Dustin Zhou, so when Cai Xiong said these things, he was a little condescending.

“Have you heard, boy, brother Xiong let you kneel down, are you deaf? Don’t you hurry up and kneel down!” Li Mingfeng also walked over and pointed at Dustin Zhou, looking extremely arrogant.

It seems that the person who was scared by Dustin Zhou just now did not dare to speak, or even did not dare to move.

“Mr. Zhou…” Liu Xue felt the tremendous pressure, and now she regretted coming to this classmate gathering.

If she doesn’t come to this class reunion, she won’t have to be despised and ridiculed by those classmates, let alone hit Li Mingfeng and something like this will happen.

Now, even Dustin Zhou is in a dilemma.

As Liu Xue said, her eyes turned red, and she almost cried.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying?” Dustin Zhou asked curiously. He tilted his head and looked at Liu Xue somewhat innocently. His face was full of bewilderment, as if he didn’t know why Liu Xue’s eyes suddenly turned red, and then he was still stunned. The appearance of crying.

Dustin Zhou looked at Liu Xue and saw the worry on her face. He couldn’t help being speechless.

Does he look so weak?

Feelings Liu Xue is worried about herself.

“Mr. Zhou, it’s all because of me, don’t you…” Liu Xue sobbed, trying to say something.

But it was interrupted directly by Dustin Zhou.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t do it all because of you.” “What happened just now, I believe that a person with a righteous heart will stand up and help.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, reaching out to Liu Xue. The tears under the eyes were wiped away.

He didn’t want Liu Xue to be really sad because he was worried about herself, leaving a burden on her heart.

“As for these people, they still pose no threat to me.” Dustin Zhou finished speaking, regardless of the reactions of Liu Xue and others.

Look at Li Mingfeng and Cai Xiong.

When Dustin Zhou looked at Li Mingfeng, Li Mingfeng subconsciously took a step back, his eyes also avoided instantly.

Seeing this scene, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but grinned. This Li Mingfeng was scared just by the look of his own eyes. Is this a shadow of his heart?

And Li Mingfeng apparently noticed his movements very quickly, and a trace of anger flashed across his face.

He did not expect that he would be frightened like this because of Dustin Zhou’s casual look.

This is simply not in line with his Li Mingfeng’s identity, which is simply a shame.

After reacting, Li Mingfeng immediately opened his eyes and stared back, but at this time, Dustin Zhou’s eyes were no longer on Li Mingfeng.

Dustin Zhou would not care about Li Mingfeng’s actions.

He now needs to pay attention to Cai Xiong alone.

The pressure emanating from Cai Xiong was stronger than ever.

Dustin Zhou had faintly felt this pressure from Jiang Feng before, but at that time, the pressure was far less than the pressure emanating from Cai Xiong.

In other words, Cai Xiong’s strength is much stronger than Jiang Feng.

When Dustin Zhou was in Hunan province, he played against Jiang Feng and knew Jiang Feng’s strength.

And now, if Cai Xiong is really stronger than Jiang Feng, Dustin Zhou knows that he is probably not Cai Xiong’s opponent.

However, Dustin Zhou has also practiced a lot behind Niu Chuan in Hunan Province during this period, and his strength has also improved a lot. Compared with Jiang Feng, he is not much weaker.

Although there may be no way to defeat Cai Xiong, there is absolutely no problem with delaying for a while.

What’s more, this is the Mountain Mist Clubhouse. For Dustin Zhou, this is the home court.

With the strong home blessing, Dustin Zhou doesn’t need to worry at all.

Even if he is really not Cai Xiong’s opponent, Cai Xiong cannot do anything to him, let alone hurt him.

The people at the Mountain Mist Club would not allow it, and Asher Chen would not allow it.

Chapter 667

(1) “Boy, you have successfully angered me. I hope that your mouth will be as hard as it is now!” With a cold sip, Cai Xiong didn’t say much nonsense, and directly thought of Dustin Zhou rushing in, his huge body was like one The heavy-duty mobile fort, carrying infinite aura, rolled towards Dustin Zhou.

And Cai Xiong’s fist is not idle.

As a family of martial arts, although Cai Xiong is not yet in the realm of a martial master, his strength is already infinitely close to the realm of a martial master.


Strength, in Cai’s family, is the youngest genius in fifty years.

The old man of the Cai family once asserted that Cai Xiong is likely to successfully break through to the realm of the martial master before the age of thirty, becoming the youngest martial master of the Cai family in 100 years.

Cai Xiong’s offensive was very fast and fierce. It was so fierce that others could not help being surprised.

Many people are already wondering how they would react if they faced an attack like Cai Xiong.

“Hiss!” Soon, the inhalation sound continued to sound.

Almost everyone took the air-conditioning straight.

They imagined themselves as Dustin Zhou, standing in Dustin Zhou’s position at the moment, directly facing Cai Xiong’s attack.

However, everyone was stunned to find that standing in Dustin Zhou’s position, facing Cai Xiong’s offensive, he couldn’t do anything at all.

It was difficult to even move one step, breathing became difficult, not to mention, to defend against Cai Xiong.

But at this moment, Dustin Zhou was standing upright on the spot, as if turning a deaf ear to Cai Xiong’s offensive.

Everyone couldn’t help but feel stunned.

Dustin Zhou is looking for death?

Or does he have this self-knowledge and don’t make any resistance?

Otherwise, why did Dustin Zhou stay still and let Cai Xiong attack him?

Dustin Zhou is indeed under considerable pressure at this moment.

At least, Dustin Zhou stood in place, and bursts of pressure were on his face.

Cai Xiong’s condescending offensive is indeed very powerful.

If Dustin Zhou was still Dustin Zhou three years ago, then in the face of such an offensive, Dustin Zhou would not have any thoughts of resistance at all.

But it’s different now.

Don’t say, Cai Xiong, who is infinitely close to the martial master, even if he is the martial master, Dustin Zhou is not unheard of, and not one.

It is impossible for Cai Xiong to bring such a powerful threat and pressure to Dustin Zhou if he is not a martial master.

“If you only have such a little strength, it is not enough to know if my mouth is hard or not.” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, waved his hands forward, massaged left and right, and suddenly formed an obstacle in front of his chest like a wall of wind. .

And seeing Dustin Zhou still move under such circumstances, everyone was shocked.

However, although Dustin Zhou was able to fight back, everyone still didn’t think Dustin Zhou was Cai Xiong’s opponent.

After all, no matter what the two sides are


Just say that Cai Xiong’s reputation is almost unknown in the East China Sea.

And Dustin Zhou, until now, everyone has not figured out his identity.

Under such circumstances, everyone will naturally be more optimistic about Cai Xiong.

At the same time, Dustin Zhou did not expect this to be able to block Cai Xiong’s attack.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou could say that he mobilized all the potential of his body.

Sure enough, Cai Xiong blasted over with a punch, Dustin Zhou’s wind wall only slightly blocked a few breaths, and was directly blasted by Cai Xiong.

Immediately afterwards, Cai Xiong’s fist came towards Dustin Zhou’s chest.

If this punch is hit, even if Dustin Zhou is not dead, at least several ribs will be broken. It is impossible to get out of bed without lying in bed for a few months.

“Be careful!” With an exclamation, Liu Xue quickly covered her mouth, for fear that she would disturb Dustin Zhou and distract him, and Cai Xiong would be hit and injured.

Others naturally noticed the situation between Cai Xiong and Dustin Zhou, and their expressions became tense.

It can be said that if Dustin Zhou cannot stop Cai Xiong’s punch, Dustin Zhou is destined to be here today and become another stepping stone to Cai Xiong’s power.

“Boy, this is your confidence? I don’t know how high the sky is, then let me tell you, what is the real strong!” Cai Xiong looked at Dustin Zhou, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and the speed broke out again with a sneer.


A fist hit Dustin Zhou’s chest fiercely.

The corners of Cai Xiong’s mouth were open, his face was full of pride.

He hit Dustin Zhou’s chest with a punch.

Cai Xiong estimated that although his punch was not for Dustin Zhou’s life, the power of this punch should not be underestimated.

Needless to look at it, Cai Xiong estimated that at least more than ten ribs were broken in Dustin Zhou’s chest.

And this is how he dared to provoke himself and the Cai family.

“Mr. Zhou…” Liu Xue’s face was pale and bloodless at this moment.

She watched Cai Xiong’s huge fist hit Dustin Zhou’s chest and heard a muffled noise.

Such a powerful force hits a person’s chest, the power and destructive power can be imagined.

“Hiss!” The others breathed in the air.

Although they were not Dustin Zhou, at this moment, they seemed to feel Dustin Zhou’s feelings after being hit with a punch, and many people kept touching their chests.

It was as if this punch was banging on their chests, and they were fantasizing Dustin Zhou’s feelings at the moment.

“Isn’t he going to be beaten to death?” “I shouldn’t. This is the Mountain Mist Clubhouse. Cai Xiong will not really kill people here. Otherwise, even the Cai family will not end well.” Should we call an ambulance?” “Should we not need it? Dustin Zhou seems to have nothing to do?”

“No, what are you talking nonsense, wait, oh my god, what did I see…” … Everyone was talking, and their faces couldn’t bear it.

But soon, someone discovered the abnormal situation.

It stands to reason that Dustin Zhou would lose to Cai Xiong’s punch if they were to follow their expectations.

Then, if this punch goes on, Dustin Zhou should be knocked to the ground.

But now, Dustin Zhou is standing still, not even taking a step back.

Although Cai Xiong’s fist is still close to Dustin Zhou’s chest, Cai Xiong at this time is no longer as confident and calm as before.

Cai Xiong’s face was full of incredible and incredible at the moment, his eyes widened, as if he had seen something shocking.

“How come? You…” At this moment, Cai Xiong looked at Dustin Zhou with an incredible expression, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, but he couldn’t say anything.

Cai Xiong was sure that his punch had clearly hit Dustin Zhou’s chest, and he could even feel the texture of Dustin Zhou’s bones.

But now, Dustin Zhou is still standing in front of him gracefully, without a trace of his hand.

“So, is this your so-called powerful strength?” “It’s just that!”

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