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Chapter 896

“After all, everyone is our own. Anyway, the excess shares will eventually be distributed by ourselves. If this is the case, then we will distribute it according to the proportion of everyone’s money.” The uncle said very boldly.

Mira Xie owns 30% of the shares.

The uncle owns 40% of the shares.

In other words, the remaining 30%, the uncle gave away 20% for free, so that there will be an excess of 10% of the remaining shares.

This 10% of the shares, the uncle intends to let the Xie family buy it.

And there is no fixed price, that is, everyone pays the money at will, and then counts all the money received in one piece, and then distributes these shares according to the proportion of each person’s money.

For example, all the Xie family members put out a total of 100,000 yuan.

Among them, the second aunt of the Xie family gave out 10,000, so the second aunt occupies one tenth of these people.

Obtain one-tenth of the ten percent of the excess shares, or one percent.

In fact, this allocation method is a bit interesting.

The current company is valued at 30 million, and 10% of the shares are worth 3 million.

If the total contribution of all the Xie family reaches 3 million, even more than 300

Million, then the value of this share has doubled.

There is a little taste of listing and financing.

It was fair, Dustin Zhou didn’t say anything when he saw the scene before him.

“Then, everyone starts to invest. The higher the investment, the more shares you will get.” Dustin Zhou looked at everyone with interest and said.

He wanted to see if this group of people would take out their wealth in order to obtain more shares.

“I pay two million!” Xie Yong said first.

Xie Yong, the son of the second aunt’s family, used to be the vice president of a company. It is not unusual for him to spend two million out.

However, when the uncle said at the beginning that he wanted to raise funds, this guy didn’t say a word.

“I pay one million!” “Five hundred thousand!” I can’t tell, these people in the Xie family are quite rich.

As soon as they said that the shares were going to be divided, these people took out all the money in their hands.

Soon, the assets reached five million!

These five million will enter the operation of the Xie Group and expand the scale of the entire Xie Group.

And these Xie family members who contributed funds can get the corresponding shares.

Although this group of people didn’t pay a cent at the beginning, it was a bit shameless to jump out at this moment.

But after all, the other party is from the Xie family, and Dustin Zhou already thinks it’s very good for them to do this step.

It’s just that he is too naive.

I underestimated the shameless state of the Xie family.

“Five million assets, Xie Yong invested 2 million, equivalent to two-fifths.” “Deduct from 10% of the shares, you can get 4% of the shares!” The uncle laughed. Announced.

At this moment, Xie Yong’s face changed.

Four percent of the shares are only worth 1.2 million, but he has paid a full two million, which shows that he has lost 800,000!

Of course, other people are the same, because they paid too much money, so everyone has reached the point of loss.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect that everyone’s wealth is so thick,” Xie Yong looked around, “If that’s the case, then I won’t take it from everyone.” “To be honest, I have lost my job now, this I can’t get two million at all, so I can only borrow it.” “I thought that our Xie family had just been established and it should be a time when money was urgently needed, so I boasted about this Haikou.” “But now, I Seeing that everyone is quite rich, then this share will be given to everyone, and I won’t pay the two million.” Obviously there is money, but I am not willing to give a penny to the family for my own benefit. Xie Yong, said beautiful things to the extreme.

He even ridiculed others brazenly. Perhaps in his values, he didn’t know how to write the word shame.

Of course, the same

It was thanks to the family, and the others were not far behind. In a short period of time, everyone pulled the money back.

No one wants that ten percent of the shares.

“Everyone seems to be in trouble, so don’t grab it with me this time,” Xie Yong looked at other people again, “I can’t get two million dollars, but I still have one hundred thousand dollars. If you pay out 100,000, don’t follow if your conditions are not good, OK?” For 100,000 yuan, he actually tried to buy 10% of the shares of the Xie Group!

Of course the others did not want to, but they also realized that if they continue to raise prices with Xie Yong, the final result will definitely be unhappy.

So these people also bid, but the low price is a bit pitiful, thirty thousand, fifty thousand, three thousand, two thousand.

There are even five hundred dollars.

In the end, all the funds raised by the Xie family were 200,000 yuan.

Two hundred thousand, these people want to buy shares worth three million.

But the uncle was helpless. After all, he made the rules and he had to fulfill his promises.

At this moment, everyone in the Xie family laughed.

They all saw a happy smile from each other’s eyes.

There is no doubt that in the entire Xie family, no one is at a loss.

Even the big uncle owns 40% of the shares, worth 12 million.

And he only invested 10 million yuan, and also obtained the position of the master of the entire Xie family, which can mobilize the resources of all the stores of the entire Xie family.

If Mira Xie is not counted as Xie’s family, this is of course a perfect ending.

Mira Xie’s face was green.

She didn’t get anything, a good company, after an inexplicable meeting, she had only 30% of the shares left in her hand, and she also lost all the right to speak in the company.

Although, on the surface, her company seems to have grown a little bit with a capital injection of 10 million yuan, but the company is no longer hers. What does it have to do with her?

“I pay ten million.” Just when Mira Xie was desperate, Dustin Zhou said lightly.

Everyone in the Xie family was taken aback for a moment, and looked at Dustin Zhou with some unknown reason.

What do you mean?

“It’s very simple. For the 10% of your remaining shares, I will buy it with 10 million.” Dustin Zhou’s face was calm and humiliating, as if he was talking about something that had nothing to do with him.

At this moment, the eyes of the others in the Xie family all changed.

“Boy, you can eat rice indiscriminately, but you can’t talk nonsense. The Xie family has given you the best face by allowing you to sit here. You still make trouble again and again. Do you really think we dare not beat you?” Xie Yong said viciously.

What a joke, he took 5% of the shares of the Xie Group for 100,000 yuan

, How can Dustin Zhou come to make trouble at this time!

Chapter 897

The Shameless Limits, let’s not say that they really felt that Dustin Zhou was just here to make trouble, and could not get 10 million.

Taking ten thousand steps back, even if Dustin Zhou can really put out ten million, then the two hundred thousand they have given out will not be shared at all!

So in any case, they will not allow Dustin Zhou to buy these shares.

“Can you take out ten million? Don’t be funny.” “If you can take out ten million, I will eat this table on the spot!” The Xie family laughed and said.

“Oh? Really?” Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, took out his mobile phone to check the balance of one of his pocket money accounts, and pushed it to the table.

As a very stable and successful businessman, Dustin Zhou certainly has more than one bank card.

Mingyang’s shares are part of it. Although that part of the money is indeed worth several billion, Dustin Zhou can’t mention it at all.

If he wants to turn those shares into cash, the only way is to sell the shares. Dustin Zhou currently has no plans to do so.

But in addition to the billions, he still has hundreds of millions of working capital deposits.

Most of the money was stored in a Swiss bank card.

For others, he divided it into several ten million bank cards to avoid taking them out in case of emergency.

Now, the balance he checked was a bank card worth ten million yuan.

After seeing the balance of that card, the entire Xie family fell silent.

They didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to actually spend 10 million!

That’s ten million!

Now the entire Xie family has established a family, and the funds it has prepared are no more than 30 million!

And Dustin Zhou touched it casually, and he took out a full ten million!

“Where did you get the money? Did you cheat it from Mira?” Mother Xie’s reaction was the most intense.

Dustin Zhou is just a waste!

In her opinion, even if Dustin Zhou is sold, it cannot be worth ten million!

Therefore, the ten million must be deceived by Dustin Zhou from Mira Xie!

“I’ll confiscated this money unless you can prove that the ten million is yours!” Mother Xie said, she grabbed Dustin Zhou’s cell phone and hugged it tightly in her arms, and also a pair of it. Staring at Dustin Zhou very vigilantly.

“Mom, the money has nothing to do with me, it’s really Dustin Zhou’s own, so quickly return it to others!” Mira Xie said hurriedly.

She was already guilty enough for Dustin Zhou, just because the Xie family had troubled Dustin Zhou several times, of course, she wouldn’t let Xie’s mother grab Dustin Zhou’s ten million.

But Dustin Zhou had an indifferent expression, “If you have a password, just turn away.” Then

It was originally his own money, as long as he wanted it, he had a way to get it back, so there was no need to be nervous.

Big deal, the newspaper official head office!

After the police arrive, this Xie mother can no longer play rascals!

It’s just that he didn’t take these ten million seriously, which is also an important reason why he is not nervous.

Seeing the expressions of Mira Xie and Dustin Zhou, Xie’s mother also muttered a bit in her heart.

Is it possible that the money really belongs to Dustin Zhou?

But where did Dustin Zhou get the ten million?

You won’t win a lottery ticket, right?

How else could it be ten million yuan?

She didn’t understand that even if she wins a lottery ticket, she still has to pay taxes, which basically cannot be a whole number.

It can be said that if a person’s savings are only 10 million yuan, there is a high probability that all of the person’s assets have exceeded 10 million yuan, and it is just that deliberately.

It’s just that Xie’s mother can’t think about so much, she has already determined that Dustin Zhou must have gotten 10 million yuan.

It’s just that, how can a waste like Dustin Zhou deserve such good luck!

How can he be worthy of this million!

In Xie’s mother’s eyes, Dustin Zhou had ten million, just like a pair of basketball shoes worth tens of thousands of dollars on a beggar’s feet.

Not worthy!

At the very least, she is better than Dustin Zhou!

Therefore, she has made up her mind, no matter whether the ten million is Dustin Zhou or not, she will take it for herself!

Moreover, she was very at ease. She didn’t feel that she was robbing, but believed that the good things Dustin Zhou belonged to her rightfully belonged to her.

So she spoke.

“What about his? We Xie family raised him for three years, and his paralyzed old mother. If it weren’t for us, he would have been dead on the street!” “Even if it was his, this one Ten million is mine, isn’t this too much, right?” Mother Xie shouted outrightly.

Mira Xie’s face was flushed with anger, but she had nothing to do with her mother.

And everyone in the Xie family finally saw their eyebrows and said, “That’s right, Dustin Zhou, you only have today when you eat the Xie family and drink the Xie family. Ten million will go to the Xie family now!” “Being a human being!” , Always have a little conscience, you won’t be an unfamiliar white-eyed wolf!” All kinds of bad things were said, Dustin Zhou almost laughed angrily.

He sneered, “It’s not impossible to give you this ten million.” “It’s a big deal. I will just take out another ten million. I must buy the ten percent of the shares.” He doesn’t care about the ten million. .

If the ten million can make him renounce the whole Xie Jiaen from then on…Although they have already renounced justice, the Xie family doesn’t seem to think so, and always feels that Dustin Zhou owes them something.


If this ten million can make the Xie family feel that Dustin Zhou is not owed to them, then the ten million will be thrown away.

However, he must get the 10% of Mira Xie’s shares.


The Xie family did not hear Dustin Zhou’s words.

There are only three words in their ears.

Ten million!

Can this guy give out 10 million?

How rich is he?

Everyone’s eyes instantly changed like evil wolves, looking up and down Dustin Zhou.

“There are ten million left? Quickly take it out and confiscated the Xie family!” “That is, your life is from the Xie family, and of course your money is also from the Xie family!” “It’s really shameless, it’s so rich. , But never took the initiative to speak out. Is it possible that we are afraid that we will ask you for money?” Dustin Zhou underestimated the shamelessness of the Xie family.

He has been underestimating the shamelessness of the Xie family.

Whenever he thinks that this should be almost the same, and that the most shameless mankind should be the same, the Xie family will refresh his understanding of human beings.

Oh no, it turns out that this level of shamelessness is not the limit of human beings.

They can be more shameless.

Mira Xie’s eyes turned red, but she had no choice but to hold Dustin Zhou’s hand tightly and shook her head at him.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know what he meant by shaking his head. Did he stop worrying about the Xie family, or didn’t let him take out the other ten million?

Chapter 898

After Xie’s mother was fooled, she had promised to confiscate her ten million to Xie’s house.

“Second sister-in-law, you can put the ten million in the family company. We are a big family, and big families do this!” “Yes, second aunt, put the ten million in your hand. There is no use at all, but if you put it in the company, you will be able to make money soon, and it will become 20 million or 30 million in a short time!” “At that time, you will be safe and secure. A wealthy wife, just don’t care about anything!” After a flick, Mother Xie directly agreed. Obviously, she had already regarded the ten million as her own.

And everyone in the Xie family is still forcing Dustin Zhou to take out the other ten million.

With another ten million, it is of course not difficult for Dustin Zhou.

Even, it’s easy to turn around, and it won’t have any impact on him.

It’s just that he has seen through the nature of this group of people.

No amount of money will satisfy this group of blood-sucking worms.

Moreover, in their minds, they will not leave a good impression.

In this case, why is he still thankless?

With this group of people here, the Xie family is doomed to perish!

No one can save them!

Dustin Zhou shook his head,

After seeing the future of the Xie family.

“You can grab it anyway, the mobile phone is given to you, but whether you can take out the ten million yuan, it depends on your own ability.” Dustin Zhou said, took Mira Xie’s mobile phone and fiddled with it. Ten million was transferred to other bank cards.

At this moment, there was no money on the phone in Xie’s mother.

“Since you are unwilling to sell, I won’t buy the stocks. You can play whatever you want. As for the money, I won’t pay a penny.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

After hearing these words, the faces of the Xie family suddenly looked ugly as if they had eaten sh*t.

They quarreled for a long time, and as a result, they couldn’t get a penny.

“Dustin Zhou, isn’t it appropriate for you to be this way? The ten million already belongs to the Xie family!” Xie Yong said with a gloomy expression.

“Oh.” Dustin Zhou replied lightly without refuting it.

“If you say you belong, you belong. Anyway, the money is in my hands. Whatever you want to say.” Dustin Zhou’s lazy attitude, coupled with the words he said, almost vomited blood from Xie Courage!

I can say what I want, but you gave me the money!

But he had no choice, the money was in Dustin Zhou’s hands after all.

So he turned to Xie’s mother, “Second aunt, what do you mean?” “You have promised to put the money in Xie’s company, but now it is taken away by Dustin Zhou. Are you kidding us?” “Or, what you said is of no use to Dustin Zhou?” Xie Yong’s words aroused the agreement of the Xie family, and they began to criticize Xie’s mother.

Mother Xie was a little confused.

She just got Dustin Zhou’s mobile phone. Seeing the balance above, she subconsciously felt that she had gotten ten million.

But Dustin Zhou could turn that ten million away by just moving his fingers!

She suddenly became furious, “Dustin Zhou, you dare to fool me! Quickly hand over the ten million!” Dustin Zhou didn’t bother to care about her, but looked at Mira Xie.

“My wife, do you think, in this case, can you still intervene?” The implication of his words was to let Mira Xie leave the Xie family and let the Xie family fend for themselves.

Mira Xie obviously understood what Dustin Zhou meant, and she bit her lip, obviously falling into entanglement.

She was struggling, but Xie’s mother did not intend to let them go.

“Dustin Zhou, what are you talking to Mira?” “Mira, I warn you to stay away from this humble fellow!” “Now, let him take out the ten million, and you will get divorced. From then on I can’t meet him again!” Dustin Zhou’s behavior has completely angered Xie’s mother, so she made up her mind to ask for all Dustin Zhou’s money, and then let Mira Xie break up with him.

Someone reminded

She was 20 million, and Xie’s mother immediately increased the amount to 20 million.

Ask Dustin Zhou to take out 20 million and get out of it completely. In her eyes, what she did was not excessive.

Regarding Dustin Zhou anyway, no matter what kind of request she made, Dustin Zhou must be agreed.

Unfortunately, she will be disappointed this time.

“Mira, it seems that I am not suitable to be here this time.” Dustin Zhou stood up slowly, took a cold look at Mother Xie, and then turned and walked outside.

Mother Xie was about to curse again, and Mira Xie suddenly stood up.

“Yes, Mira, stop him! If you don’t let him hand over the 20 million today, we will cut off the mother-daughter relationship!” Xie mother shouted loudly.

Mira Xie glanced back at her, and shook his head somewhat disappointed.

“Mom, you really disappointed me.” “Dustin Zhou, I will go with you.” Mira Xie took Dustin Zhou’s hand as he said.

Then, the two left the box side by side.

“This bastard, what does she mean?” Mother Xie didn’t react, muttering bitterly at the door of the box.

In fact, she realized vaguely, through the look in Mira Xie’s eyes.

It seemed that even if Mira Xie tried to sever her mother-daughter relationship with her, he would never stand by her side.

But she couldn’t believe it.

That’s her daughter!

Since childhood, most of them have obeyed her, how can they dare to sever mother-daughter relationship with her?

So she murmured and comforted herself, “This white-eyed wolf, when I get home, I must teach her a good lesson!” Mother Xie didn’t notice. After Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie left, everyone in the Xie family watched. The gaze towards her has changed.

“Haha, second aunt, I don’t think Mira will be going home anymore.” Xie Yong said suddenly.

“What do you mean?” Mother Xie frowned.

“It’s very simple, your Mira was abducted by Dustin Zhou!” The second aunt said in a weird manner.

“That’s it, it’s really useless, even my daughter can’t control it!” “I also promised to confiscate 10 million yuan to Xie’s company. I think now, this million yuan is a waste.” You and Dustin Zhou were both angry and left. What do you think you are still sitting here for?” All of a sudden, everyone began to blame Xie mother.

Mother Xie panicked, “What do you mean?” “Isn’t the money you asked me to ask for? Why is it all on me now?” “Also, anyway, why the Xie family can Established, it depends on my daughter’s cosmetics company. Why do I sit here? Most of the Xie family’s money is ours, right?” Mother Xie struggled desperately, her voice getting louder and louder.

It’s just that I saw everyone in the Xie family

In her eyes, she seemed to realize that her struggle was actually meaningless.

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