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Chapter 1178

Enderia Shen who was holding Dustin Zhou was stupid.

For a while

There was no reaction, isn’t Dustin Zhou already dead?

How come back to life?

It’s just that Dustin Zhou’s body was cold at this time, without the slightest human aura.

Enderia Shen felt a little strange, as if the person in her arms was not Dustin Zhou at all, but another man.

what is the problem?

Dustin Zhou ignored her, but slowly stood up.

“Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou! What the hell is going on! Don’t scare me!” Enderia Shen shouted.

But Dustin Zhou still ignored her. Dustin Zhou just looked up at the incarnation of Heavenly Dao floating in the sky, then slowly floated up and came to the incarnation of Heavenly Dao.

“You finally appeared.” The incarnation of Heaven said in a low voice.

“Long time no see.” Dustin Zhou also said lightly.

Now, it looks like two humans are facing each other in the air.

A human being is the former king of immortal masters, and a human being is a man named Dustin Zhou.

But in reality, this is a confrontation between two civilizations.

The incarnation of heaven and metaphysics civilization.

“Give up, you can’t be my opponent,” said the incarnation of Tiandao, “I’m tired of tens of thousands of years of confrontation, why can’t you just die?” “Why do you say that? Only tens of thousands of years. That’s all, in this world, there are many things that you don’t understand.” “Do you think you know everything if you control the laws of the Great Dao?” Dustin Zhou said.

“Is there anything else I don’t understand? The law of the great road means everything and everything, as if you can never defeat me. It is a truth.” “Because I control everything, and you just steal me It’s just part of the energy.” said the incarnation of Heaven.

“No, no, you can never comprehend something, such as human feelings.” “Humans can comprehend your laws, but you can never comprehend what their feelings and emotions are.” “For tens of thousands of years, I seem to be I have found a way to defeat you.” “This time, your opponent is no longer me, but this young man named Dustin Zhou.” Dustin Zhou said again.

When the voice fell, his eyes suddenly dimmed, and his body ricketed slightly, and he had a tendency to fall down.

But just when he was about to fall, he opened his eyes again. It was not a pair of indifferent eyes, but eyes full of anger.

Dustin Zhou’s body straightened abruptly, and raised his head to look at the incarnation of Tiandao, “Hello!” The incarnation of Tiandao squinted his eyes, “I don’t understand, even if you let this mortal consciousness control your energy, What can be done?” “Energy is always only those, what is the meaning of emotion in the face of absolute power?” “Haha, stop talking nonsense, is there any point in the end, you try

Don’t you know?

“The two people shook together again quickly. This time, the strength of the two sides was equal. Perhaps, the incarnation of the heavenly path vaguely took the upper hand. The space burst, countless energy gathered madly, and then exploded. , But the two of them are in peace. The two sides fought for three days and three nights. Finally, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood, and he was injured. After three days and three nights of fighting, his body was very exhausted, although Before his body was full of energy, he was able to grasp the rules of nature, as if he was omnipotent. But facing the same omnipotent opponent, his pressure was not normal. After three days and three nights passed, He was still injured after all. The aura of the incarnation of Heaven is also a little low, but there is no painful expression on his face. “Emotions, this thing can only be a burden,” said the incarnation of Heaven, “you will Anger will cause pain, and these emotions will affect your actions and waste your energy.

“Indifferent superfluous thoughts can’t be of any help in battle.”

“Judging from the current situation, what the incarnation of Heaven said seems to be true. The reason why Dustin Zhou couldn’t beat him was to a large extent because of his emotions. The angry emotions would make him lose his best judgment and waste some. Energy that shouldn’t be wasted. “You don’t understand, because you don’t have this thing,” but Dustin Zhou said, “It’s not important to judge that kind of thing. The most important thing is that emotions will be a support!

“What is the support? The incarnation of Heaven does not understand, he only knows that Dustin Zhou is not his opponent. The two sides fought again, and five days and five nights passed. This time, both sides were exhausted. However, Dustin Zhou suffered more severe injuries. He didn’t even have the strength to levitate, and his body was crumbling. “I still have extra energy. You failed.

“The incarnation of Tiandao said, grabbing forward, grabbing Dustin Zhou’s hair, and forcing him to raise his head. “Failure does not fail, you are not alone in this kind of thing!”

Dustin Zhou replied with a grinning smile. The incarnation of Heaven attacked his heart, Dustin Zhou’s pupils shrank fiercely, and he slammed forward. He also wanted to grab the energy of the incarnation of Heaven! Do you die together? This is in the eyes of the incarnation of Heaven , Is very uneconomical. So he avoided Dustin Zhou’s attack, and at the same time, gave up on Dustin Zhou’s attack. However, Dustin Zhou’s fierce hand swung to the side, successfully predicting the movement of the incarnation of the Tao of Heaven. “I’ve been waiting for this moment, you know?

“Dustin Zhou grinned, although his mouth was full of blood, he smiled very happily. “Actually, I can predict your movements in many cases.”

, Because you are too calm, but I did not give you the deadliest attack at that time.

“Because I know there is no point, the deadliest attack must be when we all run out of oil.

“But you can’t predict my actions, because I have emotions. Sometimes I will fight with you with the idea of ​​dying together, and sometimes I will deliberately back down to recuperate.

“Like just now, if you are thinking of going to death with me, I won’t be able to hit you at all, but you can kill me easily.

“This is the function of emotions, understand?”

Dustin Zhou said. The incarnation of Heaven opened his mouth, “But what does this have to do with the support you mentioned?”

“Maybe it doesn’t matter, you want to go.

“Dustin Zhou withdrew his arm, kicked it fiercely, and the incarnation of Heavenly Dao fell back to the ground. An invisible energy floated from his body, Dustin Zhou knew that it was the heavenly path dissipated, and the one on the ground. The corpse restored his status as the king of the immortal master. After Dustin Zhou was silent for a while, he suddenly covered his forehead, and his body also fell to the ground.

Chapter 1779

The role of emotion is to support Dustin Zhou didn’t lie. In fact, he couldn’t hold on anymore, because his strength had already reached his limit. But he knew he couldn’t lose, so he kept on gritting his teeth. He was just waiting for the moment of the final counter-kill. Dustin Zhou learned from the spiritual wisdom of metaphysical civilization that every collision between civilization and heaven in history ended in the failure of civilization. The reason is just like what was said before the incarnation of heaven, heaven controls the existence of all laws. , And civilization is just comprehending part of the rules and stealing part of the rules from the Dao of Heaven. But this time, humans have defeated the gods. Dustin Zhou has indeed reached the limit. After he was suspended in the air for a while, he was sure When the Heavenly Dao had completely dissipated, the only support was also dissipated. Without support, Dustin Zhou felt a sharp pain in his mind, almost torn apart, and he finally fell back to the ground. On the ground, Mr. Shen Bi, She panicked in an instant. She ran to catch Dustin Zhou, but Dustin Zhou weighed more than 130 kilograms and fell from a height of more than 20 meters. Where could she catch it? She was broken and her pair was broken. Arm, followed Dustin Zhou, and fainted together. When both of them fainted, the small world began to collapse gradually. Because this small world itself was opened up by those immortal masters, those immortal masters fell to death, the heavens dissipated, everything here All of the rules were wiped out, and the space naturally collapsed. The space collapsed, and the two of them were blown out from the gap and fell on a desolate grassland.


This place really looks very desolate, and there is no one around. One day later, an old man carrying a bamboo basket passed by. After seeing the fainted Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou, they looked surprised. After thinking about it, he still The two of them went back together.

Dustin Zhou was severely overdrawn because of his energy and mental strength, and he woke up after being in a coma for three days.

However, when he woke up, he also recovered about one-tenth of his strength.

And Enderia Shen only fainted because of exhaustion, plus the heavy blow of Dustin Zhou, and it was about a day later that he woke up.

The two are not in the same room.

Dustin Zhou opened his eyes and looked around. It was a very simple small wood house, and even through the surrounding walls, one could see the light outside.

And the bed he slept on was also a simple bed built with his head turned.

What is this place?

Dustin Zhou’s final memory remained at the last moment of the decisive battle with the incarnation of Heaven in the small world.

He fumbled and walked out, wanting to see where this is.

Enderia Shen, who was on the other side, also woke up. Her thoughts were probably the same as Dustin Zhou’s. She also fumbled and walked out, and the two soon met.

Look at each other silently.

“Thank you.” The two said at the same time.

“It doesn’t matter, that’s what I should do.” The two said at the same time.

Then they smiled at each other again and fell silent.

At this moment, the old man carrying the bamboo basket came over.

“Yeah, you guys are awake, I thought you wouldn’t be able to survive.” The old man smiled and put the bamboo basket on his back on the ground, “You two young people, you said you did it to the end. What? How can you go to the wilderness to commit suicide?” “Speaking of which, the way you committed suicide is strange enough. I doubt whether you committed suicide or killed each other.” Enderia Shen’s arm was broken and his body was too. Ragged.

Not to mention Dustin Zhou, although he has scabs, there is almost no wound on his whole body.

This old man happened to be a doctor, and I met them that day when he went to the mountain to collect medicine, but he was shocked at the physical condition of the two.

What happened in order to toss the two great living people into this look?

Regarding this, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen both smiled faintly, because they could not explain.

Dustin Zhou’s first reaction was to help Enderia Shen recover from the injury on his arm.

What realm he is now, even he himself doesn’t know clearly, but it is obvious that he is even a level higher than Emperor Zhizhi.

So he still has the ability to recover from his injuries.

But before he could open his mouth, a noisy voice suddenly sounded outside, “Hey, old man Wu, do you think

Okay, do you agree or not?

“If you don’t agree, our brothers will no longer be merciful today. Believe it or not, you will burn your house with a fire!”

Hearing this voice, the old man’s face suddenly changed, and it became difficult to look. Dustin Zhou also frowned. What’s the situation? Someone is asking for trouble? The old man waved his hand at Dustin Zhou, and then walked out of the room by himself. Dustin Zhou was first. He recovered the broken arm for Enderia Shen, and then walked out afterwards. “Can you please be quiet!”

I can tell you that now the girl and the young man are sober, if you are making trouble like this, they can’t want you!

“The old man said to a few yellow hairs outside. These people who came to trouble are probably all in their early twenties, all with explosive heads, dyed colorful hair, and wearing leggings and beanie shoes. His shirt is too tight. The key point is that these people are all skinny. They shake their hair from time to time and pose in two poses. They probably think they are handsome and in good shape. “Huh, I tell you Wu Old man, you don’t have to scare Master, Master is not scared!

“What can they do even if they wake up?”

I don’t want a dead person either. It’s better to be sober. Is it possible that they dare not obey us?

“The two of them are foreigners at first sight. In this young master’s territory, how could anyone dare to disobey this young master!”

When they heard this, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen had just walked out of the room. “What’s the matter?”

“Dustin Zhou asked, although he probably understood what happened in his heart. “You, you came out,” the old man’s face was a little stiff, “It’s okay, you should go in quickly, I’ll take care of the things here!”

” “Eh!

Something else!

“The head of Huang Mao said, he watched Enderia Shen’s eyes gleaming steadily, “Since it’s out, then make it clear.”

“Old man Wu, don’t give me a chance. You must not be able to cover this matter today. Don’t let Master break your leg!”

Dustin Zhou waved his hand and motioned to the old man to leave him alone, and then said to the Huang Mao, “Okay, let’s make it clear, what’s the matter?”

“But I suggest you, be careful when speaking, think about it before you speak!”

Chapter 1180

Human civilization is huge and complicated. It is so complicated that there are all kinds of weird, all kinds of people. For example, the yellow hairs Dustin Zhou saw today. It refreshed Dustin Zhou’s three views. Just like Dustin Zhou imagined, these people came to snatch Enderia Shen because they liked it

Enderia Shen.

This old man is Wu Xingsun, a barefoot doctor in this village.

Yesterday, he carried Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen back to the village. He couldn’t keep up with his physical strength. He would definitely stay for a long time when passing by the village.

During this period, many people in the village saw Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen.

This is a small village isolated from the rest of the world, and is considered a very traditional tribe.

The people here don’t go out all year round, so how do you see people with the temperament of Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen?

Even if both of them were in a coma, the noble temperament on their bodies still moved the hearts of the people in the village.

The news spread across the stockade.

Soon, it spread to the ears of these three yellow hairs.

The three yellow hairs are called Huang Damao, Huang Ermao and Huang Sanmao.

They are the only three people in the village who have gone out to work. After they came back, they were very arrogant. Because they had seen the outside world, they claimed to be young masters, and they did nothing wrong in the village.

At this time, they heard two god-like men and women suddenly appeared in the stockade, how could they not care?

So they ran over to Wu Xing Sun overnight, and after seeing Lord Shen Bi, they immediately wanted to carry Lord Shen Bi back into their adobe house.

But last night they were stopped by Wu Xing Sun. Wu Xing Sun even coaxed them to deceive them. Finally, they actively stopped and forced their lives to force them. Only then did the three yellow hairs fool away.

But these three people are not pure fools. After thinking about it all night, they suddenly felt that they couldn’t just give up.

Who are they?

The aristocratic young master!

Huang Damao’s nickname is Wind-like Li Shao, Huang Ermao’s nickname is Thunder God Hara Shao, and Huang Sanmao’s nickname is Gentle Drizzle Son Shao.

How could they be fooled by the stinky old man Wu Xingsun?

So they ran back today and made up their minds. If Wu Xingsun doesn’t agree to them, they will just turn their faces. Didn’t you force your fate?

I just want to kill you!

They even got ready to kill Wu Xingsun before returning.

Enderia Shen, they will get it anyway!

Now, even in the face of Dustin Zhou, they still maintain an arrogant attitude, “Boy, I urge you to be acquainted, do you know what the identity of our three brothers are?” Dustin Zhou was amused, “Then you guys are talking. What’s your status?” “We are the three nobles! I tell you, in our village, if you offend the three of us, don’t think about it!” “This woman, we have to make a decision, I advise you Let it out obediently, because the three of our elder brothers wanted to get the women who never failed to get them!” “For example, widow Zhang in the village, widow Li, and a grandson

Widow, those long ones are beautiful, and in the end they are not surrendered to our three brothers!

“Huang Damao said triumphantly. This has always been their capital to show off. After all, in this isolated small village, everyone is impoverished, and there is really nothing to show off. Women are the best to show off. Things. They have got several widows, so they are considered to be the three people who have learned the most about women. This is what they can show off. “Is it that powerful?

“Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, “It’s really amazing. So far, I have only learned a lot about a woman.”

“This woman is naturally Mira Xie. When Enderia Shen next to him heard these words, Qiao’s face suddenly blushed. “Haha, that’s why, you are not worthy of being compared with our noble three young masters!”

“This woman, just let us obediently!”

The three Huang Mao brothers thought Dustin Zhou was confessing, so their attitude became more arrogant. “Really?”

But what if I say no?

Although I do not have as many women as you know deeply, and I am not a young master, but I just rejected you, what can you do?

Dustin Zhou asked. “Boy, you are looking for death!”

Huang Damao was immediately angry. “Yes, I am looking for death, so what are you going to do?”

Do you want to kill me?

Dustin Zhou asked again. Wu Xingsun’s face next to him changed suddenly, “Little guy, don’t talk nonsense!”

“You can’t offend them this way, the consequences of offending them are very serious!”

“Huh, it’s too late!”

Boy, dare to talk to us like this, even if the king of heaven comes, I can’t save you!

“Huang Damao said viciously. As he said, he untied an iron chain from his belt and waved it in his hand. These yellow-haired nobles are all hung with heavy iron chains. And Huang Ermao and Huang Sanmao are also Not to be outdone, they took out their weapons and walked aggressively toward Dustin Zhou. “Boy, if you kneel down and apologize to me now, maybe I can make you die faster.

Huang Damao said. It’s really arrogant, even if you kneel down, is it a dead end? Just die quicker? Anyone really dares to talk to him like that. Dustin Zhou’s face changed suddenly, “Kneel down!

“Although he only recovered one-tenth of his strength, one-tenth of his strength is more than enough to deal with such ordinary people. The turbulent coercion swept away at the three people in front of them, and their eyes were involuntary. They dropped their weapons and knelt down on the ground. In front of Dustin Zhou’s pressure, they didn’t even have the thought to resist. The difference in strength was too big. “Let me kneel down?

Do you want to kill me?

Dustin Zhou asked. Kneeling

A ghost!

The three people at this time really felt like they had seen a ghost.

Who the hell is this!

How come they really knelt down after shouting?

The key is that the kneeling is so natural, what is going on without the slightest thought of it!

“No, I dare not.” Huang Damao said consolently.

He was really scared, because the real breath of death emanating from Dustin Zhou.

That is absolutely terrifying coercion, the three Huang Mao brothers, have never seen this kind of thing.

They hadn’t seen it, and didn’t want to understand. They just knew that Dustin Zhou was very strong in front of them. He was not strong like a human being, and the aura from Dustin Zhou’s body was not like what a human could radiate.

Wu Xingsun on the side saw a glint in his eyes when he saw this scene.

But he didn’t say anything.

Dustin Zhou waved his hand and said coldly, “Go away, I won’t care about you this time, but if there is another time, it won’t be that simple!”

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