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Chapter 1007

Dustin Zhou’s narrative was very detailed, without concealing any details, nor deliberately discrediting the Xu family or anything.

He seemed to stand from the perspective of an onlooker, telling the whole story and narrating it all over again.

He didn’t even bring his personal sentiment, nor did he say anything about the Xu family’s small current situation.

But what kind of cultivation is this old man?

Those who can achieve this cultivation level have a terrifying vision.

So, he quickly understood what was going on.

“These bastards, trash! Did they really do this?” The old man jumped into a thunder after listening.

“It’s not a weapon, it’s not a weapon, how can my dignified Xu family do this kind of thing! You didn’t lie to me!” The old man looked incredulous, or in fact, he already believed it, but he was unwilling to accept it. , Dustin Zhou asked with the last glimmer of hope.

How he hoped that Dustin Zhou said all this was a lie to him.

But based on his cultivation base, he could still tell whether Dustin Zhou lied.

Dustin Zhou shook his head, “Junior dare not.” The old man was silent for a while, and suddenly sighed.

“Fine, children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, maybe these are all fate.” Dustin Zhou did not say a word.

The old man has this kind of thought, in fact, it can be said to be normal.

He cares about his children and grandchildren. He was very disappointed and angry when he heard that the Xu family had done such a thing.

But when he reached his level, there was actually nothing invisible to him.

What’s more, he has been dead for a thousand years.

So, he just complained, and soon he was like a okay person again, but he looked a little glum.

“Senior, can our test continue? How do you plan to release the water?” Dustin Zhou asked weakly.

What the old man thought in his heart actually had nothing to do with him.

The reason why he tells the old man so much, to put it plainly, is to let the old man give himself water.

Hearing Dustin Zhou’s reminder, the old man was stunned for a while, and then waved his hand impatiently, “It’s all right, you have passed this level, I don’t want to play with you, go quickly!” “This, Is this over?” Dustin Zhou couldn’t believe it.

Didn’t it mean to release water?

Why is this straightforward?

This is too serious to release water!

“Senior, is this good? Isn’t this a test? A formation?” Dustin Zhou didn’t finish his words. In fact, there is no need to say the following words.

His meaning is obvious, that is to say, this is a test of the formation, and a program you set up in the formation before, you said I passed it?

Do you have the final say?

Even if he didn’t say the second half of the sentence, the old man understood. He smiled heartily, somewhat

Explaining proudly, “Why, do you think I am just like other people, just a virtual image created by the formation, right?” “Otherwise, boy, you are still too young, I am not a formation creation. The virtual image that comes out is the master of this formation!” It turned out that this formation was actually created by this old man.

And the real test of this formation is actually only the first two levels.

In the old man’s view, the first two levels are already very strict, and the person who can cross the first two levels and come here is already determined to be a talent.

He guarded the third level himself, not for testing, but for giving directions.

Therefore, there are no rules here, because he is the rule itself, and he certainly has the right to let Dustin Zhou go.

Dustin Zhou paused, and then spoke weakly, “Oh right, that senior, didn’t you say that there will be any reward for passing this test?” “What is that reward?” Although Dustin Zhou doesn’t lack anything now , But Dustin Zhou was still very curious about what magical things he could bring out of such a mysterious old man.

The old man’s eyes rolled, and he said with a smirk, “Want to be rewarded?” “Yeah, yes!” Dustin Zhou replied without hesitation.

Just kidding, I have tossed so many times, if there is a reward, why not?

“But I won’t give it!” The old man said with a smile, “Don’t blame me for not being faithful, you are actually not a customs clearance at all, I let you leave before you let you leave, so it is normal that I don’t give you rewards Right.” Dustin Zhou was a little speechless, how normal is this, sir!

Let you release the water, obviously it is my reward for telling you the current situation of the Xu family!

I have experienced this life and death several times, but you sent me away without giving anything in the end?

Although he felt unhappy, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help it. He couldn’t grab it from the old man!

Dustin Zhou shook his head and planned to leave. If he becomes stronger in the future, it will not be too late to meet this old guy when he comes back!

But he just turned around, and the old guy called him again.

“In fact, it is not impossible to give you something, but you have to promise me a condition.” The old man said lightly.

“Conditions?” Dustin Zhou asked.

He didn’t understand, this old man was already invincible, what other conditions demanded of him?

“Well, yes, the condition can be regarded as a kind of request from me.” “If there is a chance in the future, leave a way for the Xu family to survive.” The old man said very seriously.

Sure enough, this old guy still couldn’t let go of the Xu family.

Judging from the story that Dustin Zhou told him, the Xu family is already at the end of the road, and it is probably not far from destruction.

How far away.

What’s more, they also offended Dustin Zhou. After Dustin Zhou left here, they could completely destroy the Xu family.

Therefore, the old man did not give Dustin Zhou the reward at first.

Don’t talk about rewarding Dustin Zhou. From his point of view, he should kill Dustin Zhou to remove the troubles for the Xu family.

But he didn’t do this, because from his realm, he knew very well where the Xu family’s problems were.

The fundamental threat of the Xu family was not from Dustin Zhou’s threat, but from the Xu family’s own degeneration.

So he knew that killing Dustin Zhou was useless.

Children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren. Even if they forcefully intervene in killing Dustin Zhou, other people will later destroy the Xu family. Now the structure of the Xu family can no longer sustain this name.

But even if he thought that way, he could leave Dustin Zhou a life, but he couldn’t completely ignore it, so he made this request.

“You can destroy the entire Xu family and plunder all the resources of the Xu family. There is no problem. This is the reward you deserve as a winner.” “But I hope you can leave a flame for the Xu family, you As I promise, if you destroy the Xu family in the future, you must leave at least one male.” “And you have to make sure that male can grow up, so that I will reward you.”

Chapter 1008

The old man didn’t have the wicked look he had before, but instead showed a very heavy expression.

He said to Dustin Zhou very sincerely, “Junior, I beg you for this matter.” “I don’t really want to use this reward to threaten you. Whether you agree or not, the reward will actually be given to you. What I said just now was just a joke for you.” “Please, leave a ray of incense for my Xu family.” Dustin Zhou was silent for a while, then nodded.

He can understand the old man’s mind.

Although this old guy has been dead for thousands of years, theoretically speaking, he shouldn’t get involved in worldly matters anymore.

But he is the ancestor of the Xu family after all.

There is no ancestor who can remain indifferent when he hears that his family is about to fall.

This old man has actually done a good job. He didn’t interfere too much with the current development of the world. He also agreed with Dustin Zhou to take action to destroy the Xu family, only asking Dustin Zhou to leave a ray of incense for them.

This request is not too much, Dustin Zhou directly agreed.

“No matter what your relationship with the Xu family will become, no matter what troubles the Xu family will encounter in the future, promise me that at least one male in the Xu family can grow up!” The old man stared seriously. Dustin Zhou.

“I promise you that if the Xu family is truly destroyed, I will take over a child and raise him to an adult.” Dustin Zhou also responded seriously.

After hearing Dustin Zhou’s assurance, the old man finally laughed.

He took out a ring from his arms and threw it to Dustin Zhou, “Good boy, I believe in what you are. As long as you promise, then I can rest assured.” “This is your reward, take this reward and leave here. Right.” After the old man finished speaking, he waved his hand, and the passage where Dustin Zhou walked over before, Shimen opened again.

Dustin Zhou did not leave in a hurry, but studied for a while holding the ring in his hand.

He was a little disappointed, “What? This is the reward you said. It’s a very ordinary ring. It doesn’t even have diamonds. Old man, are you fooling me?” This should be a pure gold ring with a little texture. Soft, but even so, such a small ring is not worth much at all.

I was so exhausted all night, but the reward was just such a pure gold ring?

“Haha, boy, this is what is wrong with you.” “You are short-sighted, and you can’t blame my things for being bad.” The old man smiled triumphantly, “Come and try to connect your consciousness to the ring.” “Divine consciousness?” Dustin Zhou was slightly taken aback.

What it is?

He soon understood that when a cultivator stepped into the realm of the emperor of warriors, he would activate his spiritual consciousness.

Dustin Zhou may not have noticed this

But in fact, when he used the trick of the Emperor’s Domain before, he had already used the divine sense.

The domain of the emperor radiates the true energy in his body, covering one domain.

Within this realm, all the zhenqi in the body can be mobilized by Dustin Zhou.

In other words, Dustin Zhou only needs to stand still, as long as he wants to lift a stone in his heart, the Zhen Qi covering here will lift that stone.

To put it bluntly, this behavior means that the divine consciousness controls the true energy again.

But because his spiritual consciousness is not strong, so the coverage area is not large, which leads to his imperial domain not being too strong.

It is said that super monks in ancient times can use their divine consciousness to take down the head of an enemy thousands of miles away.

“Is there any such thing?” Dustin Zhou was a little curious, and then he moved his mind, exuding his spiritual sense, and connected to the ring in his hand.

Then he was stunned.

In this ring, there is still room for a party!

Although the space is not large, it seems to be only two or three square meters, but that space is completely isolated from the real space in front of you!

Why do you say that? Because there are a lot of things in this two or three square meters space, Dustin Zhou roughly estimated that these things weigh at least a few hundred catties.

But holding this ring in your hand, it has only the weight of a normal ring.

His mind moved and tried to take out a book from the ring, but the book really appeared in his hand out of thin air.

I took the test and caught it!

Time and Space Ring!

Dustin Zhou quickly understood what kind of ring this was, and there was a separate space inside.

He can use his spiritual sense to put things that exist in reality into the ring. At the same time, he can also use his spiritual sense to take out the things in the ring.

“How about it, junior, do you still think I’m stingy?” the old man asked.

“Neither stingy nor stingy, Senior, you are simply so generous!” Dustin Zhou said excitedly.

What a joke, time and space ring!

This thing is simply unheard of!

With Dustin Zhou’s current knowledge, he has never heard of such a thing. This is simply not something that science and technology can create!

With this ring alone, Dustin Zhou believes that if it is auctioned internationally, it will at least be auctioned for hundreds of billions of dollars.

Equivalent to the scale of a dozen well-known companies!

Moreover, there are many rare things in this ring. Although Dustin Zhou does not know all of them, he also knows that these things are absolutely valuable!

How could this old man be stingy?

It’s simply too generous, OK!

Dustin Zhou became excited in an instant, “Thank you, senior!” “Hehe, thank you, you don’t have to. You should have passed this thing.

The reward of the test,” the old man smiled faintly, and a lonely flash in his eyes, “Although you are not a disciple of our Xu family, I feel a little sorry, but since you passed the test, this kind of thing should belong to you.

“As long as you can fulfill your promise after you go out, there is no need to say thank you. On the contrary, I still want to thank you.

“The old man said very seriously. The time-space ring is precious, but this thing is of no value to a person who has been dead for thousands of years. What’s more, this kind of thing is only precious to people below the realm of the fairy. For the immortal master, this kind of thing can be refined by himself. It is like the sacred mountain that Dustin Zhou had visited before, the sacred mountain hidden by a big figure, its practical use is hidden by this spatial method. The immortal master realm itself can control space to a certain extent. But Dustin Zhou didn’t know, even if he knew he would be grateful to the old man, “Senior, goodbye!

“I will do what I promised you. If you can always exist here, I will continue to report to you about the Xu family in the future.”

Chapters 1009

After talking with the old man, Dustin Zhou walked back directly along the way back.

At this time, the Xu family was having a party.

They had been driving all night, and now the sky was light, they were ready to leave.

“Haha, it was really fun to play today!” a Xu family disciple said excitedly.

“Yeah, I haven’t been so happy for a long time, mainly because of Dustin Zhou’s scourge.” “Because of Dustin Zhou’s scourge before, our Xu family has always been in a tight state, and it is impossible to relax in such an upright manner.” “It’s okay now, Dustin Zhou’s scourge is dead, and we can have such fun every day from now on!” The whole Xu family was in a carnival atmosphere.

Including Xu Shengsheng, also looked at all the disciples of the Xu family with relief.

As the owner of the family, he really likes to see this happy scene, which makes him feel that the entire Xu family is very prosperous and stable.

Hey it’s over!

But some time ago, because of Dustin Zhou’s appearance, it was impossible for the Xu family to have such a situation.

Even if he, as the Patriarch, allows the people below to have parties, these disciples cannot really be happy.

They felt that Dustin Zhou was pressed against the mountain all the time, making them impossible to be truly excited anyway.

Now Dustin Zhou is dead, and their Xu family has once again reached the pinnacle!

Today is really a good day!

Xu Shengsheng thought so too.

From this little detail, we can see why the Xu family’s structure is so small.

Because they have been closed for too long, their vision has completely disappeared, and they can only see this little thing in the Xu family compound, and they have isolated everything else.

“Listen to me, our good days have just begun, so there is no need to be overly excited. Today’s party ends here. Go back and have a good rest. What should we do tomorrow?” Xu Shengsheng stood Said to everyone in the middle of the hall.

“Understand Patriarch!” The disciples replied excitedly.

“Can we have parties like this every day in the future, greeted with good wine and good food? Will the family finances be able to survive this way?” a disciple asked.

Before Xu Shengming had spoken, another disciple said, “Of course, are you stupid? What is the status of our Xu family?” “The overlord of Donghai City, we are now officially born, and the entire Donghai City has How much property is controlled by us?” “Our Xu family’s money is impossible to spend!” Xu Shengming nodded with a smile, “Yes, our Xu family’s model is like this.” “As the Xu family Disciples, you don’t have to worry about money at all, but one thing is very important

, You must practice well, and strive to become a martial master as soon as possible!

“As long as there are enough martial masters in the Xu family, Donghai City’s money will continue to flow into the Xu family, and our money will never be spent!

“Xu Shengsheng felt that this was motivating his own disciples. But he couldn’t imagine that if a person is used to drinking and drinking, it would be difficult for a person to focus on cultivation. For example, now, after hearing Xu Shengjing’s words , The Xu family’s disciples suddenly burst into cheers. They didn’t think about what to do well. They only heard what Xu Shengming said. Donghai’s money would continue to flow into their Xu family, and their money would never be spent. Such a sentence. In this way, with the carnival atmosphere and everyone’s enthusiasm, the party is over, and everyone is planning to leave in small groups. At this moment, a humble appearance appeared at the entrance of the hall. Silhouette. Dustin Zhou looked at the entire hall with a smile, and then slowly said, “Isn’t it, I just came, you are about to end?

“What is it, brother, isn’t it a bit too much for you to just come now?”

“That’s right, what else do you want to play when you come so late, go out and play by yourself, we all have to go home and sleep.”

“Everyone said one after another, they didn’t even notice who the person standing at the door was. It’s no fault of them, Dustin Zhou’s voice was very flat, and the whole person was leaning lazily at the door in an extremely normal posture. I didn’t pay attention to him at all. Of course I didn’t notice that this person was Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou said again, “That’s not good, I am a guest after all.

“Let me say that your Xu family is really not authentic. You obviously invited me as a guest to come, but your party has to be held when I am away. Are you not authentic?

Dustin Zhou still said flatly. This time, everyone heard something wrong. “Brother, are you sleepy?”

“What is your Xu family? Is it possible that you still belong to the Xu family?”

“It’s so funny, why did you appear here if you are not from the Xu family?”

It’s so ridiculous to me that I even consider myself a guest!

“Everyone laughed. Only a few core members of the Xu family headed by Xu Shengsheng recognized Dustin Zhou, and the expression on their faces instantly became serious. Dustin Zhou! Why did he appear again! “Patriarch Xu, one night No, you look pretty good.

Dustin Zhou said lightly. “Dustin Zhou!

“Xu Shengming replied with gritted teeth! The entire hall of the Xu family fell silent for an instant. Those disciples who were making fun of Dustin Zhou just now finally understand what this is about! They see

Seeing the solemn eyes of Xu Shengjing and a few core high-level people, his heart was even more nervous.

At the same time, they were also wondering, why did Dustin Zhou appear again?

Isn’t that guy dead?

At that time, many people watched him jump from the entrance of the secret room with their own eyes. He must have entered the test of the emperor. How could he come out alive again?

Is it possible for those who enter the test of the emperor to come back alive?

This question kept lingering in their minds.

But the answer is yes, because Dustin Zhou stood in front of them alive.

It’s not dead, it’s almost intact, and even his complexion is very good, as if he just came back from a vacation!

“You are so fateful!” Xu Shengjing stared at Dustin Zhou angrily and said.

Even if he killed him, Dustin Zhou could come out alive!

“It has nothing to do with fate, it’s your kind of little test, it won’t cost me my life.” Dustin Zhou walked into the hall on his own, sat down in a casual seat, and then picked it up. A glass of red wine stared at the scarlet liquid in the glass and said, “Patriarch Xu, what are you going to do now?” “I came back alive, and the Xu family, is there any other way to deal with me?”

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