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Chapter 224

You are bullying!

(2) “Dustin Zhou, no matter what you decide, I will support you!” At this moment, Enderia Shen walked to Dustin Zhou’s side quickly, took Dustin Zhou’s arm, and whispered in his ear.

Enderia Shen knows the energy of the Sun family in the East China Sea.

Even the Su Family, the first-class family, is nothing short of the Sun Family.

Although Dustin Zhou had a lot of face in front of the Su family, in front of the Sun family, the face of the Su family was not good.

Enderia Shen didn’t know why Sun Qiankun had such an attitude towards Dustin Zhou, but she knew that Dustin Zhou was to promote the company and she must support Dustin Zhou.

“Hehe, it’s been a long time since it’s been so lively. I didn’t expect that the second grandson would be so polite to others, but it made me very surprised.” And Lord Tiger also walked over, looking flatly at Dustin Zhou. , Then looked at Sun Qiankun.

Dustin Zhou was very moved by the support of Enderia Shen and Hu Ye.

They didn’t know the grievances between Dustin Zhou and Sun Qiankun. Faced with the pressure of such a huge name as the Sun family, the two still relentlessly supported Dustin Zhou, which moved him very much.

“I thought it was who, I didn’t expect it to be the abandoned son of the Sun family, Sun Chenghu, I advise you to get away, this matter has nothing to do with you!” Sun Qiankun saw Enderia Shen, a hint of surprise flashed across his face. There is still a hint of anger.

But when he saw Lord Tiger, apart from surprise, all he had on his face was disdain.

Yes, disdain!

Dustin Zhou was still puzzled at first. Sun Qiankun and Lord Tiger should have not known each other before, why Sun Qiankun showed this expression on his face when he saw Lord Tiger.

However, when Sun Qiankun’s next words came out, not only Dustin Zhou, but also the reporters were blinded.

Hu Ye is Sun Chenghu?

Is the abandoned son of the Sun family?

“Sun Chenghu? Isn’t that the person who was expelled from the Sun family 20 years ago?” “Yes, I heard that his father lost power in the battle between the Sun family and was driven out of the Sun family by the previous owner. Everyone always thought they were far away. The East China Sea, I didn’t expect it to be in the East China Sea!” “And looking at it like this, it’s clearly not bad!” “So now he supports Dustin Zhou, does it mean that he wants to cooperate with Dustin Zhou and plan to regain the power of the Sun family?” …… The news of the reporters has always been well informed.

Just a few breaths, all news about Sun Chenghu spread.

And those news are all from when Sun Chenghu was still in the Sun family.

As for his incarnation as Tiger Lord, the people on the Tao do not know his true identity!

Dustin Zhou looked at Master Tiger in surprise and didn’t ask much.

He didn’t know the purpose of Master Tiger concealing his true identity, but he must be unable to help himself.

And Hu Ye supports him, the two sides have cooperated before,

So I don’t care who he is.

“Sun Chenghu died 20 years ago. The Sun family has nothing to do with me.” Master Tiger said lightly, his eyes calm.

“Now, if you want to use the Sun family to persecute Mr. Dustin Zhou, then naturally I won’t stand by!” “Humph! I don’t care whether you are Sun Chenghu or other people. You are qualified to intervene in this matter!” Is what I said just now is false?” “As long as Dustin Zhou promises not to pursue Chengming Company and not to have trouble with Mr. Shang, then I will not embarrass him, he can even get the friendship of the Sun family!” “You know, the Sun family” How precious is your friendship?” Sun Qiankun coldly snorted.

He has wasted enough time here, and the sensational effect caused is more explosive than previously expected.

He even bombed Sun Chenghu, an abandoned son from the Sun family who had disappeared for nearly two decades.

Sun Qiankun felt that his mission this time had been completed perfectly.

The rest, only Dustin Zhou agreed.

“I’m sorry, the friendship of the Sun family may be extremely precious in the eyes of others, but in my eyes, Dustin Zhou, it is worthless!” “You think that the statement of replacing my famous company with something worthless is damaged. , Are you playing me as a fool?” But it was abrupt, Dustin Zhou spoke.

As soon as the voice fell, the entire conference hall seemed to explode.

Everyone’s eyes widened and looked at Dustin Zhou incredulously.

What did they just hear?

Dustin Zhou refused!

He actually rejected the friendship of the Sun family!

You know, that is the friendship of the Sun family that thousands of Donghai people want!

But Dustin Zhou just refused it!

“Oh my God, it’s incredible. I didn’t expect that he would really dare to refuse!” “Quickly, send a message back to the company, saying that Dustin Zhou rejected the Sun family’s friendship! Let them quickly prepare the news and send it out immediately!” Dustin Zhou is too bold this time. I just don’t know how Sun Erye will deal with Dustin Zhou after he gets angry!” “The last person who rejected the friendship of the Sun family was from ten years ago.” “Yes, it’s just that person… “Huh! That’s not knowing how to promote, what is the Sun family’s identity, showing affection to a person, but that person holds his own identity, does not accept the Sun family’s solicitation, and he deserves it if he died!” … Dustin Zhou’s words are like a one. The bomb fell in the crowd, and all reporters were ecstatic.

They seemed to smell the bloody sharks, and they kept linking this incident today with the incident ten years ago!

Some people even looked at Dustin Zhou’s gaze, as if they were looking at a dead person.

Ten years ago, that person’s status was much higher than that of Dustin Zhou, and after that person rejected the Sun family, he still couldn’t escape the Sun family’s retribution.

Complex, sinking to the bottom of the Huangpu River.

Now Dustin Zhou refuses the Sun family again, the consequences can be imagined.

“Dustin Zhou, I have given you two opportunities, don’t deceive others too much!” But the situation in which the reporters imagined Sun Erye’s anger did not appear.

Sun Qiankun’s face turned blue, as if he was trying his best to endure the anger in his heart.

He looked at Dustin Zhou, his eyes almost erupting with anger.

“Too much deception?” Dustin Zhou asked rhetorically.

“You don’t ask the reason, just use the Sun family to suppress me.” “Being affectionate, use the so-called Sun family friendship to make me compromise.” “Who is deceiving people too much?” “Or, after Sun Erye’s hands are better , You think I am the one who can bully casually?” Dustin Zhou said coldly, neither humble nor overbearing.

But these words fell in the ears of the reporters, but they smelled something unusual.

Hands up?

Erye Sun’s hand hurt?

The reporters looked suspiciously and found that Sun Qiankun’s two arms were intact, and they couldn’t help feeling full of resentment towards Dustin Zhou.

However, individual reporters had sharp eyes and faintly saw Sun Qiankun’s right arm trembling at this time. This was clearly a sign of the recurrence of the old injury stimulated by Dustin Zhou.

In an instant, these reporters were overjoyed and quietly photographed Sun Qiankun’s trembling right arm. They didn’t dare to delay any time, and started editing the news.

Chapter 225

You are bullying!

(3) Dustin Zhou didn’t say a word. As soon as he spoke, he kept firing shells like a mortar and fell in the crowd. The shocked people were turbulent, but they were extremely excited!

Sun Erye is the mainstay of the Sun family and rarely shows up in public.

But every public appearance will detonate the major news media to compete for interviews!

However, this time, the reporters did not interview Sun Erye, but they heard a lot of things that were only rumors. This is undoubtedly a result similar to a big news!

The reporters were very satisfied, and even their gazes towards Zeng Datou and Shang Zeming on the podium became much softer.

Thanks to you.

If it weren’t for your holding this press conference today, Dustin Zhou and Mr. Shang Zeming would even call Sun Erye for help. How could these reporters have so much explosive news to report?

However, Zeng Datou monk Shang Zeming vomited blood in his heart at this time.

This is a press conference aimed at Mingyang companies who want to compete for the leadership of new projects from Mingyang companies.

For this reason, Grandpa Shang Zeming even asked Sun Erye for help at any cost.

But the current situation is beyond their expectations.

Zeng Datou looked at Shang Zeming with a grimace, his eyes were full of discomfort.

He planned all the cities in the first place, but Shang Zeming, an old thing, had to come and mix, and with this mix, things have moved in a direction beyond his control.

Shang Zeming is more depressed than Zeng Datou.

He invited Sun Erye to help, and for this, he paid nearly ordinary shares of Chengming Company.

But when Erye Sun saw Dustin Zhou, he directly offered to make Dustin Zhou compromise on the condition of the friendship of the Sun family!

This is the friendship of the Sun family!

At that moment, Shang Zeming was already crazy about rushing over and shouting at Sun Qiankun.

“He doesn’t want to, I do! I am willing to exchange half of the shares of Chengming Company for the friendship of the Sun family!” But he did not.

One is that he knew that the friendship of the Sun family was never in exchange.

Even Sun Erye’s promise this time is likely to have many restrictions afterwards.

The second is that half of Chengming’s shares are not enough to exchange the friendship of the Sun family!

As long as there is the friendship of the Sun family, Shang Zeming will not be long before he can earn more than half of the shares of Chengming Company.

“Dustin Zhou, I have given you enough face, don’t you think that my Sun family really can’t help you?” Sun Qiankun was so embarrassed by Dustin Zhou, and he was still in the public, and suddenly felt lost.

He felt countless eyes falling on him, making him feel uncomfortable.

As the second master of the Sun family, when did he suffer such humiliation!

In an instant, a violent breath was in Sun

Er Ye arises in his heart!

A thought kept rolling in his mind!

The last time Asher Chen was by Dustin Zhou’s side, perhaps it was just by accident. It is possible that Asher Chen also asked the Su family for help.

In that case, the last time Asher Chen broke his arm was not for Dustin Zhou.

Thinking of this, there was a fierce light in Sun Erye’s eyes, and he had to let his men rush to teach Dustin Zhou a severe lesson.

But at this moment, the scene at that time appeared in Sun Qiankun’s mind again.

He deeply remembered that Asher Chen called Dustin Zhou “Young Master” in person!

How simple is it to be able to call Donghai Yiba Asher Chen the Young Master!

As a result, the reporters present saw an interesting picture.

Sun Qiankun showed a fierce look, and at first glance he meant to act on Dustin Zhou.

The reporters have even set up their cameras. As soon as Sun Qiankun takes a shot, countless cameras will keep shooting, recording all his actions.

At that time, the entire East China Sea will be caught in this huge news.

But when the reporters screamed that the show was about to start, Sun Qiankun was like a deflated ball, and his fierce light suddenly faded. It seemed that he was afraid of Dustin Zhou, so he didn’t dare to do it!

This is also OK?

We all take off our pants, so you can show us this?

At this moment, the reporters only have this idea.

They think they were deceived by Sun Qiankun!

But at the moment Sun Qiankun showed a fierce light, Brother Pao had already led people around.

They are Tiger’s people, and everything will only listen to Tiger’s words.

They don’t care about Sun’s meaning.

As long as the Sun family takes action, they will be enough to rush over and destroy Sun Qiankun!

Dustin Zhou was waiting for Sun Qiankun’s response, he was even ready to do it, but he was obviously surprised when he saw Sun Qiankun retreat and raised his brow.

It stands to reason that in the face of such a situation, the Sun family will never shrink back.

But now, the well-known Sun Erye has given way.

“Dustin Zhou, our Sun family has always been kind to others. As long as others don’t become enemies of my Sun family, my Sun family will naturally welcome you by sweeping the couch. What happened today is my grandson family giving you a face.” , He is so angry.

“Elder Shang did something wrong in this matter today, but in view of his advanced age, the Sun family still hopes that you will not be aggressive!” “Let’s go!” After Sun Erye finished speaking, he said coldly. With a sound, he led people directly out.

This scene completely silly everyone.

All the reporters opened their eyes wide, and couldn’t believe Sun Erye who was walking outside.

Shang Zeming and Zeng Datou were even more crying.

They would never make it, Sun Qiankun would have left like this!

He didn’t even do to Dustin Zhou

Anything is just a verbal warning.

But these warnings are not farts in Dustin Zhou’s eyes!

“Second Lord Sun, you can’t just leave like this!” Shang Zeming saw that the situation was not right, and felt that Sun Qiankun could not be allowed to leave like this.

This week Dustin Zhou was obviously looking for trouble, and the most powerful person he could invite was Sun Qiankun.

Shang Zeming didn’t know why Sun Qiankun was so kind.

He only thought that Sun Qiankun had always been like this, so he boldly stopped Sun Qiankun.

“Why? You still want to stop me?” Shang Zeming looked old, but his pace was not slow at all, and he quickly stopped Sun Qiankun.

Sun Qiankun gave Shang Zeming a cold look and said lightly.

Uh, let his subordinates have stepped forward to support Shang Zeming and pulled aside to open a way for Sun Qiankun.

“Remember, Sun Family, no one can stop anyone who wants to stop it. Even if it can stop it for a while, it won’t stop it for a lifetime. Then, the Sun Family’s revenge is definitely not so easy to deal with!” Sun Qiankun coldly left. In one sentence, he left directly.

Everyone stared blankly at the direction he was leaving, and deeply speculated about the meaning of what he left behind.

Dustin Zhou’s eyes narrowed slightly, others still need to guess, but he knew.

This is what Sun Qiankun said to himself, he was warning himself!

But is Dustin Zhou afraid?

If it were Dustin Zhou before, he didn’t even need Sun Qiankun to be such a threat, just a look from him, Dustin Zhou might disappear into this world.

However, it is different now.

Dustin Zhou’s confidence has never been sufficient.

The dignified grandson family has already begun to fear themselves, so how far is it to return to the Zhou family!

Chapter 226

Desperate big head Zeng!

Sun Qiankun is gone.

The dignified second master of the grandson family originally came to support Shang Zeming, but only left a threatening word and left.

The entire conference hall is still a mess.

After Tiger’s men hit and smashed, the chaos left behind was still not cleaned up.

All the reporters stared at the direction Sun Qiankun was leaving, and were speechless in surprise.

“Is this going away?” “I really left. Didn’t it mean that Grandpa Shang Zeming invited Sun Erye to support him, but now it turns out…” “You said, Dustin Zhou, what on earth is there that Sun Erye should be afraid of? “This is not the point. The point is, Erye Sun is gone, what should Shang Zeming and Zeng Datou do now? Have you forgotten what Dustin Zhou said before?” … The reporters stared at each other.

“Don’t say I bully you, I will give you a chance. You call someone to come. If someone can make me surrender, I will take the people away immediately, and then divide the leadership of the new project to Chengming Company!” Dustin Zhou The words seem to be echoing in everyone’s ears.

Dustin Zhou did what he said and gave Shang Zeming the opportunity to shout.

Otherwise, at that time, with dozens of people behind Tiger Lord, Shang Zeming and Zeng Datou would be embarrassed if Dustin Zhou only needed a word.

However, Sun Erye, the patron invited by Shang Zeming, didn’t dare to touch Dustin Zhou at this time, and even left a threatening word, leaving directly, regardless of Shang Zeming’s life or death.

The reporters glanced at each other, and they all saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

Is Dustin Zhou confident or dependent?

The biggest problem now is how Dustin Zhou is going to deal with Shang Zeming and Zeng Datou.

After all, they were still vilifying the famous company and Dustin Zhou.

If Dustin Zhou didn’t make some actions, the reporters would despise him, thinking that Dustin Zhou could not do so.

“Dustin Zhou, what do you want?” Shang Zeming’s face was very ugly. He didn’t expect Sun Erye to be like this.

Not only did he fail to make peace, but he also looked so helpless that he could only make a verbal threat.

Now Sun Qiankun is gone, leaving him and Zeng Datou, facing Dustin Zhou and Sun Chenghu, the abandoned son of the Sun family, they have no chance of winning.

“I think you asked the wrong question, not what I want, but what do you want?” Dustin Zhou glanced at Shang Zeming and said lightly.

“What the hell do you mean!” Shang Zeming gritted his teeth.

An old man who was nearly seventy years old, with an angry expression on his face, looked at the reporters one by one with really attractive eyes.

Now that Sun Qiankun is gone, the affairs between Dustin Zhou, Shang Zeming and Zeng’s head also need to be resolved immediately.

“What do I mean, don’t you know? What is your intention for this press conference?

Well, I think, I don’t have to say it directly, right?

“Dustin Zhou coldly scolded, not at all embarrassed because Shang Zeming is an old man. In front of the big interests, the more old you are, the more you have to be careful. Some people tend to rely on the old to sell them, and they think young people dare not touch them. In fact, most of those who put respect for the elder on their lips are just talking. Once the real interest is involved, and the interest is large enough. Then all the previous respecting the old and loving the young, at this moment, will The smoke disappears. “Dustin Zhou, don’t go too far. The new project is everyone working together. Why is it that only your famous company has the lead?

At this moment, Zeng Datou walked over and yelled with a dissatisfied expression. Now that Sun Qiankun is gone, he and Shang Zeming are probably not Dustin Zhou’s opponents. In that case, he has only one last fight. Let all reporters put the camera on this side, as long as he talks about Dustin Zhou harshly and domineeringly, and by the way he is also pulling other cosmetics companies up. Then he will have a chance. And those reporters are also in the heart of Zeng Datou. I thought, adjusted the lens one after another and watched it. Now everything is ready, just waiting for Dustin Zhou to respond. It’s just to Zeng Datou’s surprise that Dustin Zhou didn’t look at him and didn’t respond to what he said just now. I never like a dog barking in front of me for no reason, Master Shang, what do you think?

Dustin Zhou looked at Shang Zeming and said lightly. A barking dog! Who is Dustin Zhou talking about? No need to think about it. Everyone only needs to look at Zeng Datou’s face to know that although Dustin Zhou didn’t see Zeng Datou, he was still talking. He is saying that he is a barking dog. And Dustin Zhou’s remarks were to Shang Zeming, so the meaning is somewhat obvious. I hate barking dogs, as long as you drive this dog away, then we There is still a chance to continue the talks between the two parties. And now, this opportunity is all in the hands of Shang Zeming. Zeng Datou also noticed something wrong, with a rare trace of nervousness on his face. He is a professional manager. What will happen to Chengming’s company in the end has nothing to do with him. Chengming’s development and growth will only have a little glory in him, but he will not get any substantive benefits. On the contrary, he will not lose much, a big deal. To find a new company is. Zeng Datou is confident that he can directly serve as the general manager of any cosmetics company with his own ability. But there is a prerequisite, that is, Zeng Datou resigns safely while in office. In other words, if he is taken down Zeming expelled directly, and Shang Zeming’s insufficient ability of Xuancheng Zengdaou would definitely have a lot of negative impact on him.

Face influence.

And those are the key factors that affected his search for removal.

Shang Zeming looked tangled for a while, as if he was going through a struggle between heaven and man!

In the end, his face calmed down, and there was a bright light in his eyes, obviously he had figured out something.

“Zeng Pingchang.” Shang Zeming said seriously to Zeng Datou.

The smile on Zeng Datou’s face was frozen.

Shang Zeming hasn’t spoken to himself so seriously for a long time, let alone call his name so seriously.

“Your behavior has caused damage to Chengming Company. As the chairman of the company, I am directly dismissing your position as general manager. Everything you do has nothing to do with Chengming Company!” Shang Zeming said. Fry the whole hall again!

The reporters switched their cameras one after another, carefully recording all the expression changes on Zeng’s face.

And Zeng Datou’s brain was blank for a moment, and when he turned around, looking at Shang Zeming, he felt strange and ironic.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect you to be such a person. You crossed the river and broke the bridge to me. Do you think that if you leave you and leave the Chengming company, I will not survive Zeng Pingchang?” Zeng sneered, and the panic on his face had become confident and Disdain, even a hint of sarcasm.

Before that, when he discussed with Shang Zeming to convene a press conference to denounce the company’s domineering behavior, Shang Zeming agreed, and even appeared at the press conference to endorse Zeng Datou.

But now, in the blink of an eye, Shang Zeming fired Zeng Datou.

“Of course I know that you have the ability, but your character is not good. I will immediately issue a notice to let all the colleagues in Donghai City be wary of using you. I think it can be done with my charisma.” Shang Zeming opened his eyes. Tight, a fierce stern suddenly appeared on his dry face.

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