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Chapter 227


Although Shang Zeming is nearly 70 years old, he doesn’t deal with many affairs of the company much.

Even in Donghai City, his name is only known to those of the older generation.

But in terms of status and fame in the cosmetics industry, even Dustin Zhou cannot compare with him now.

Shang Zeming said such words, the meaning revealed is very simple.

That’s blocking!

He wants to block Zeng Datou in the East China Sea!

It is difficult for him to enter the cosmetics industry in Donghai!

For Zeng Datou, all his talents were born for the cosmetics industry.

If he is not allowed to enter the cosmetics industry, then his skills will be in vain, and in other industries, it is not worth much at all.

At this moment, the reporters were also dumbfounded.

They never expected that such a thing would happen.

And Zeng Datou looked at Shang Zeming in disbelief, and even touched his ears, suspecting that he had just heard him wrong.

This old thing wants to block himself!

Zeng Pingchang repeatedly confirmed that he had not heard it wrong.

Shang Ze made it clear that he wanted to block himself.

Suddenly, a wave of anger welled up from Zeng Datou’s heart.

He even wanted to rush forward to give Shang Zeming a severe lesson and let him know the consequences of being disrespectful.

But the next second, he hesitated.

“Old Shang, what do you mean by this? Even if you want to expel me, you don’t have to be so unfeeling, right?” Zeng Datou looked bad.

Unless both sides completely tear their skin, there is no need to do so.

You know, the price Shang Zeming paid for banning Zeng Datou will definitely not be small.

Otherwise, how could a general manager-level person who has outstanding ability and can bring huge profits to the company just ignore it just because someone greets him.

“Pyeongchang, don’t blame me, but blame you for being too greedy for trying to get the dominance of the new project.” Shang Zeming said with a firm attitude and cold voice.

The moment he announced the expulsion of Zeng Datou, he had already drawn a clear line with Zeng Datou.

The two parties are no longer the cooperative and intimate relationship as before, but the existence of one party must be brought down.

“I’m too greedy? Shang Lao, don’t you feel ashamed of what you said? If you don’t agree, how could I hold this press conference?” The big head Zeng was taken aback for a moment. All the blame was put on his greed, and he was very dissatisfied.

“Zeng Pingchang, now you have two choices.” “One is to leave Donghai, so you can naturally join other cosmetics companies!” “The other is to change careers!” Shang Zeming stretched out two fingers and said lightly.

Everyone can feel a chill in the conference hall.

In fact, many reporters

I know, Shang Zeming seems to give Zeng Datou two choices, but no matter which choice is, for Zeng Datou, it is a dead end!

Leaving Donghae City to join other cosmetic companies.

Those companies are either a giant or even a multinational company, or they play a small role, and they usually exist as agents.

Under this circumstance, Zeng Datou has not yet reached the strength to directly serve as the general manager of a multinational company.

And Anxie small company, with Zeng’s big head’s eyesight, couldn’t stand it at all.

Stay in Donghai City and change careers.

Zeng Datou’s ability is almost completely scrapped, and he must start from the bottom.

Such a life is undoubtedly a torture for Zeng Datou.

And Shang Zeming said so, obviously it is to cut off Zeng’s big head!

Everyone took a breath.

They did not expect that Shang Zeming, who seemed to be kind and harmonious, would be so harsh.

Treating the former general manager of the company, he would be so cruel.

But in the next second, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou again.

Shang Zeming did this completely because Dustin Zhou meant it.

It can be said that it is not Shang Zeming but Dustin Zhou who really wants to block Zeng Datou.

It’s just that Sun Qiankun, who Shang Zeming called over, didn’t deal with Dustin Zhou. He had to act as Dustin Zhou’s messenger and deal with Zeng Datou, so as to eliminate Dustin Zhou’s anger.

“Shang Zeming! You are forcing me!” Zeng roared, his eyes flushed instantly.

How could he not understand Shang Zeming’s meaning, this is simply killing him!

But he just died for the sake of clarifying the company, and wanted to take a little bit of dominance in new projects.

Those cooperating companies, who haven’t thought about it this way?

It’s just that they dare not say it.

And Zeng Datou dared to speak and do!

“It’s not that I’m forcing you, but you asked for it. Since you dare to have ideas about Mr. Dustin Zhou and Mingyang, you must be prepared to be counterattacked.” “And this is a counterattack!” Shang Zeming The meaning is unknown, his eyes flowed, and when he looked at Zeng Datou, he also showed a hint of pity.

It’s just that this kind of compassion passed away in a flash, so short that everyone present did not notice.

“Dustin Zhou! I’m not targeting you, nor the famous company, let me go!” Zeng’s gaze crossed Shang Zeming, and fell on Dustin Zhou’s face with a low tone.

He sounded like a beast that was hammered to death with a deep whine.

He is begging for mercy!

Big head Zeng is begging Dustin Zhou for mercy!

This scene surprised all the reporters, but after the surprise, they were also extremely moved.

Anyway, before Zeng Datou was the general manager of Chengming Company, he was also a famous person in Donghai City.

Whenever you want to target him, or even block him, you need to consider some consequences and influences.

At this time, Zengda

In the eyes of reporters, begging for forgiveness is just begging for mercy.

At this time, Dustin Zhou should be more magnanimous and spare Zeng Datou.

“I gave you a chance, but you didn’t want it.” Dustin Zhou just replied lightly.

Everyone was shocked for a moment.

Even Zeng Datou is thinking about it.

When did Dustin Zhou give him a chance?


When Dustin Zhou first came in, he asked Zeng Datou to cancel this press conference, so he would treat it as nothing happened.

But at that time, Zeng Datou thought he had a chance to win, so he flatly refused.

“Dustin Zhou, do you really want to kill them all?” Zeng Datou asked with a look of unwillingness, struggling his neck, with green veins exposed on his neck and a hideous look on his face.

“My time is limited…” Dustin Zhou raised his wrist, glanced at his watch, and said slowly.

But before he finished speaking, a ray of light flashed before his eyes.

“Be careful!” With an exclamation, a beautiful figure appeared in front of Dustin Zhou instantly, spreading his arms and protecting Dustin Zhou in his arms.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know what happened for a while.

Why would Enderia Shen’s face change drastically toward him.

In his peripheral vision, the reporters present were also exclaiming.

Immediately afterwards, he heard a wild roar.

“Dustin Zhou, go and die!”

Chapter 228

Dustin Zhou in anger!

“Ah! Be careful!” “Quickly get out of the way!” “This is life-threatening!” The reporters suddenly exclaimed.

Zeng Pingchang looked savage and didn’t know when he had a small dagger in his hand.

The dagger is only about five centimeters long.

But at this time, any dagger will have great lethality!

Zeng Datou shouted angrily, clenched his dagger, and rushed straight to Dustin Zhou.

The sharp blade of the dagger is straight to Dustin Zhou’s heart.

As long as the knife goes down and hits the target, Dustin Zhou will be seriously injured and dying even if you are not dead.

“Dustin Zhou, since you don’t give me a way to survive, then you don’t want to live anymore, go and die!” Zeng Datou exclaimed with a grim expression.

This was so sudden that no one thought of it.

After all, in their opinion, a professional manager like Zeng Datou is full of literati elegance.

No matter what you say, it will only be solved with resourcefulness.

No one thought that Zeng Datou would use force.

Moreover, he wanted Dustin Zhou’s life all at once.

“Mr. Zhou!” Hu Ye’s expression also changed drastically, and it was too late to remedy it.

Zeng’s mouth was grinning, as if he had seen Dustin Zhou being stabbed to death by himself.

But at this moment, a beautiful shadow quickly rushed from the side, directly protecting Dustin Zhou on his chest.

In the next second, Zeng’s dagger penetrated deeply into the body.

Just dagger

He didn’t stick into Dustin Zhou’s heart, but stuck on the back of that shadow.

Zeng Datou’s eyes were lost at this time, and he couldn’t even see everything in front of him.

He only felt that the dagger had penetrated into the human body, and the sound, and the splash of blood, made him inexplicably excited.

“Dustin Zhou, you also have today, this is your destiny!” Zeng yelled frantically, pulled out the dagger all at once, and even wanted to continue to stab him.

But only with this panic, Master Tiger reacted and quickly let people control Zeng Datou.

But Lord Tiger looked at Dustin Zhou with a complex expression, and Enderia Shen who fell in his arms.

“Why?” Dustin Zhou was stunned, staring blankly at Enderia Shen who was lying in his arms, holding her back with blood on his hands.

He has even forgotten that Zeng Datou is unruly towards him, and may even break free of control and pounce on it again.

“Ambulance! Hit the ambulance!” Dustin Zhou shouted frantically, and the expression on his face instantly became extremely hideous.

It is even worse than Zeng Datou’s ferociousness just now!

“It’s been called 120, but it takes time for the ambulance to come over. Let’s drive President Shen to the hospital, which can save time on the road.” “In addition, I will let the doctor in the hotel follow President Shen and observe at any time. Mr. Shen’s situation!” After arranging a meal, Lord Tiger walked over and said softly.

At this time, all comfort is false.

If Enderia Shen is safe and sound in the end, then Lord Tiger will not comfort him, and nothing will happen.

But if something really happened to Enderia Shen, which caused irretrievable results, then even if Lord Tiger was comforted at the moment, it would not help.

And the most important thing right now is to send Enderia Shen to the hospital for treatment. During this time, everything else is an external matter!

“Quick!” Dustin Zhou didn’t say much, just nodded Shen Shen, picked up Enderia Shen, and walked downstairs.

Hu Ye has arranged the vehicle, and the hotel’s standing doctors and nurses have also been in place.

As soon as Enderia Shen appeared, they immediately acted and gave Enderia Shen some preliminary treatment and protective measures.

“Mr. Zhou, you don’t need to worry now. This is the end of the matter. We can only hope that Mr. Shen’s injury is not that serious. This time I will ask the best doctor in the City First People’s Hospital to treat Mr. Shen.” Hu Ye patted lightly Take Dustin Zhou’s shoulder.

He could feel that Dustin Zhou at this moment was not as strong and powerful as before.

Instead, it became extremely soft, even cowardly.

Subconsciously, Lord Tiger thought of himself twenty years ago.

At that time, because of his father, he was abandoned by the Sun family and expelled from the Sun family.

At that time, he was also as fragile as Dustin Zhou at this moment.

So he knows that Dustin Zhou’s heart is extremely

Its restlessness and panic.

After all, Enderia Shen was to save her!

“Zeng Pingchang has been controlled by my people, what to do with it, you have the final say.” Tiger Lord beckoned back, and Brother Pao led people to Zeng’s head slowly.

At this time, Zeng Datou looked blank, and the mechanical group followed Pao to Dustin Zhou.

When he saw Dustin Zhou standing in front of him intact, his face was startled for a moment, and then he was shocked as if he had seen a ghost.

“Ghost! Dustin Zhou, you deserve it! You don’t give me a way to survive, and don’t think about it yourself!” Zeng Datou showed a crazy look on his face and rushed towards Dustin Zhou, but he was held on the spot.

“Zeng Pingchang.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

This time, he called out Zeng’s real name.

“I don’t care what hatred you have towards me, but since you hurt Enderia Shen, you have to pay a price!” Dustin Zhou said coldly, his expression becoming very cold.

“Bang!” Suddenly, Dustin Zhou flew a kick without warning, and put it directly on Zeng Datou’s face.

“Ah! Ow!” Suddenly, there was a whine from Zeng Datou.

There was a clear shoe print on his face, and even his nose was kicked with blood.

And this scene happened to be seen by the reporters coming out of the hotel.

Suddenly, a chill rushed from the reporters’ backs.

All reporters shuddered subconsciously.

They didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so violent.

Looking at what Zeng Datou looks like now, no trace of the original can be seen.

“I don’t care what Enderia Shen will end up with, I will definitely want you to pay!” Dustin Zhou shouted.

“Haha, haha, the price, it can make you sad, I am already satisfied!” Zeng’s big-headed ninja looked at Dustin Zhou with a huge pain and smiled.

As long as it was something that made Dustin Zhou painful, Zeng Datou felt very excited.

Even if I am in a panic, I don’t care.

“Mr. Zhou, there are so many people here, do you want to take him to the hotel?” Brother Pao came over, attached to Dustin Zhou’s ear, and said softly.

And this sentence, let Zeng Datou heard.

“No, you can’t do this, you are illegal!” Zeng Datou showed a rare look of horror, struggling, trying to break free.

“Well, take it to the hotel first, and when Enderia Shen wakes up, I will deal with him!” Dustin Zhou nodded, ignoring Zeng Datou’s yelling, turned around and got in the car and rushed to the hospital.

Since Zeng Datou dared to hurt others, he would definitely not have good results.

And now, for Dustin Zhou, the most important thing is the safety of Enderia Shen.

Chapter 229


The First People’s Hospital of Donghai City.

As the largest public hospital in Donghai City, it has always been the best hospital in Donghai.

The car arranged by Lord Tiger sprinted all the way, even running through several red lights, before reaching the hospital in the shortest time.

“Quick, there are wounded!” As soon as the car arrived at the entrance of the hospital, the doctor from the Brilliant Hotel quickly got off the car and led Enderia Shen to the hospital.

At this time, Enderia Shen was lying on the medical bed, his face pale, and the bandage on his back was wrapped around his chest.

And the bandage that was supposed to be snow-white, at this moment has been stained bright red with blood.

It looks extremely dazzling!

The people in the hospital had already received a call from Lord Tiger, and had arranged for someone to wait.

As soon as he saw Hu Ye’s car coming, he immediately greeted him outside.

“Quickly, prepare for the operating room. The patient is now stabbed with a dagger in his back. The condition is unknown and he needs immediate surgery!” The doctor briefly checked Enderia Shen’s condition, and his complexion suddenly became serious and calm.

Commanded up.

In an instant, the No. 1 hospital in the whole city started to get busy.

When Dustin Zhou arrived at the hospital, Enderia Shen had already entered the operating room.

“How is the situation?” Hu Ye called the hotel doctor, and in front of Dustin Zhou, asked about Enderia Shen’s condition.

“Master Tiger, Mr. Shen’s condition is not very good. The dagger is very sharp and it pierced Mr. Shen’s back directly. Now I don’t know how deep the dagger stabbed and whether it hurt internal organs.” The doctor hesitated for a while, and then continued. Said.

“If the internal organs are not injured, then there is no problem. As long as you recuperate for a while, you can recover quickly.” “However, once the internal organs are injured, the situation is very dangerous! I am worried that at the level of the First People’s Hospital, I am afraid. There is no way yet.” The doctor’s words were already very tactful, but Dustin Zhou’s expression suddenly sank.

A deep sense of self-blame permeated his mind.

If it hadn’t been for him to block the knife, Enderia Shen would not be stabbed by Zeng’s head, nor would he fall into danger.

If something really happened to Enderia Shen, Dustin Zhou would probably fall into self-blame for the rest of his life.

“Everything is to wait for the results of the operation, Mr. Zhou, I can only wait for now.” Master Tiger took a deep breath and could only comfort him.

“Well, I know.” Dustin Zhou lowered his head and responded in a low voice, then looked up at the three big characters “in operation” lit above the door of the operating room.

He knew that at this moment, Enderia Shen was inside, lying on the cold operating table, waiting for the doctors to operate on him.

The operation was successful and everyone was happy.

The operation failed, Enderia Shen is undoubtedly the most dangerous one.

… The operation was slow, Dustin Zhou had been waiting in the hospital.

But he didn’t know that the outside world was completely crazy at this moment.

The press conference at the Brilliant Hotel is not a trivial matter, even an event reported by the Public Security Bureau.

Such activities also involve clear cosmetics companies and well-known companies, so there are naturally many people who are concerned.

What happened at the press conference was released by the reporters immediately.

Dustin Zhou asked harshly when he arrived.

After the appearance of the second grandfather of the Sun family, Sun Qiankun, the contest between Dustin Zhou and Sun Qiankun made countless people enjoy it.

However, when Zeng was crazy and wanted to stab Dustin Zhou with a dagger, he was blocked by Enderia Shen, and Enderia Shen was seriously injured. After the news that he was currently undergoing an operation in the city’s first hospital, everyone was shocked.

The reporters who did not arrive at the press conference were all annoyed.

But the press conference is over, what can they do?

“Now the press conference is over, but Enderia Shen is still in the hospital. Let’s go to the hospital together!” “Yes, yes, this time

Dustin Zhou must be there, and the murderer, I don’t know what happened.

“… The reporters called their friends and friends, and discussed going to the hospital together to interview Dustin Zhou. At the moment, Sara Ye also heard the news. At first she didn’t believe it. But when she called Dustin Zhou, When she wanted to inquire, but the phone couldn’t get through, she immediately panicked. Whether it is Dustin Zhou or Enderia Shen, they are both indispensable soul figures of the famous company. Once they are injured, for the entire famous company, It was a huge blow! “No, I have to go to the hospital. Mira Xie is Mr. Zhou’s wife, and she should go with her too!

“I made up my mind, and Sara Ye got through Mira Xie’s phone. At this time, Mira Xie was thinking about the new project that Dustin Zhou had just proposed in her room. In the restaurant, Xie’s mother, relatives, and Charlie Chen and Edward Shen were very lively. At that time, Charlie Chen and Edward Shen, as young talents, were constantly flattered by Xie’s mother and a group of relatives, and it was a great time. Suddenly, Mira Xie rushed out of the room without even saying hello to everyone, so he walked out. “Mira,” Come here, huh?

Where are you going!

“This child, being so old, it’s not worrying.

“Mother Xie’s face was a little stiff, and she said in a shame. “We are also full, it’s time to leave, let’s leave!

“And seeing Mira Xie leaving in a hurry, Professor Chen and Edward Shen didn’t have the mind to continue eating and drinking. They hurriedly said goodbye and left…. The first-person hospital in the city. The operation is still going on nervously. Outside the operating room. Dustin Zhou of Dustin Zhou looked very tired. He didn’t know how he would explain to others if there was an accident in Enderia Shen. How to explain to people from the famous company, and even how to explain to her relatives and friends. “Let’s go in, we are reporters,” We want to interview Mr. Dustin Zhou.

“Yes, you don’t have the right to stop us, we have to go in, get out of here!”

“… Suddenly, a burst of noise came in. Even though the operating room was inside the hospital, far away from the hospital gate. But the noise was still very clear to Dustin Zhou’s ears. “What’s the matter?

Dustin Zhou frowned and asked impatiently. At this time, it was the critical moment of Enderia Shen’s operation. He would never allow any accidents. “Mr. Zhou, many reporters came outside, clamoring to interview you, but the hospital stopped him. Don’t let them in, now they are preparing to break in!

A little brother ran out to check the situation, and quickly hurried back. But just a back and forth, his body was like a bath, almost soaked in sweat. Dustin Zhou’s face almost changed

It was gloomy in an instant.

Those reporters didn’t come early and didn’t come late. They just came here at this time because they made sure Dustin Zhou was in the hospital.

When they come, they just wait and see.

Dustin Zhou was about to get angry and let people from the association deal with these reporters.

But the light in the operating room suddenly went out.

Then a doctor in surgical gown opened the door and walked out, his face a serious face.

“The situation is very bad!”

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