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Chapter 602

Zhan Dai Feng worship! Dai Zhufeng took the initiative to invite Ying, his eyes stared at Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, his eyes were sharp and full of scorn. As the worship of a big family like the Jiang family, although the two sides are only a cooperative relationship. He does. The Jiang family provides protection, and the Jiang family provides him with some financial and relationship help. This is a matter of your wish. However, when Dustin Zhou made a big Jiang family dinner, their worship was not timely for some reasons. It appears that this is a bit of negligence. During this period of time, the clamor in the outside world will not have much influence on their worship, but there is always some upset in my heart. The tiger is not at home, and the monkey is the king. In Dai worship. In the eyes, Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan were monkeys who took the opportunity to make trouble, but they just wanted to win a reputation. If they were to win a reputation elsewhere, Dai Zhufeng would not care, but would only smile. But now, Dustin Zhou turned out to be. Fighting for such a reputation in the Jiang family makes him totally unacceptable. This even shows that their worship is a wine bag and rice bag, and even an ordinary person can’t stop it. As a Jiang family worship, what face is there to continue in the Jiang family? Stay on. Dai Zhufeng took the initiative to ask Ying, and waited for Elder Gu’s order. The other Zongfu also looked at Elder Gu and waited for his order. “Elder Gu, since Dai Zhufeng has this idea, it’s better to let him a little bit. Punish Dustin Zhou to let him know that my Jiang family is not that easy to violate.

Seeing Elder Gu thinking, Jiang Feng said hurriedly. Today is such a great opportunity that Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan came here in person. Moreover, his Jiang family has also come here for worship, or Elder Gu came. Jiang Feng thinks that Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan have come here. No matter how powerful it is, there is absolutely no way to escape. “That’s good, Dai Feng, your subordinates should be gentle, and I will take him to the compound for interrogation.

Elder Gu nodded slightly, and said lightly. He was not worried about Dai Zhufeng’s surprises. After all, he knew about Dai Zhufeng’s strength, and he was also at the forefront of Jiang’s worship. To deal with people like Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, Naturally, he came by hand. And Dai Zhufeng took the initiative to ask Ying. In Elder Gu’s view, he just wanted to teach the other party first and let them suffer a bit. As long as they don’t cause death, Elder Gu doesn’t need to care. “Yes!

“Getting permission, Dai Zhufeng was overjoyed in his heart, and his gaze suddenly turned towards Dustin Zhou, with a fierce flash in the bottom of his eyes. As long as Dustin Zhou, who had made trouble in the Jiang family and offended him, gave a severe lesson to Jiang, he would definitely be able to make Jiang. Patriarch Jiang Fanliu recognizes him more, so his status in Jiang’s worship will inevitably be improved.

The resources obtained will inevitably be greatly improved.

“Hehe, boy, there are many things in this world that people like you don’t know. You have some ability to think that no one in this world can get you off? You are too arrogant and arrogant.” Today, I, Dai Feng, will give you a good lesson, letting you know that in this world, there are people outside the world, and there are days outside the sky. Jiang family, it is not something you can provoke.” Dai Zhufen sneered, and then dropped his toes on the ground. Like an arrow leaving the string, it rushed towards Dustin Zhou, his hands claws, and the target pointed directly at Dustin Zhou’s pipa bone.

But seeing Dai Zhufeng really make a move, Jiang Feng sneered on the side.

Among all the offerings of the Jiang family, this Dai worship is quite powerful, and it is much more powerful than him.

Jiang Feng thinks he is not the opponent of Dustin Zhou’s bodyguard, but if Dai Zhufeng takes the shot, then even if Dustin Zhou brings the bodyguard, he will fail on his own initiative.

“Dustin Zhou, you asked for this.” With a sneer, Jiang Feng was already thinking about how he would humiliate Dustin Zhou when Dai Zhufeng took down Dustin Zhou.

“Haha, it’s kind of interesting. It seems that your Jiang family are so arrogant? The so-called outsiders, there are outsiders, and it’s true, but this so-called outsiders, outsiders, who is it, I think you It may be a mistake.” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly as he faced Dai Zhufen who rushed over quickly.

Dustin Zhou could feel that this Dai worship was very strong, and he was not his opponent.

However, with Niu Chuan present, Dustin Zhou didn’t worry about his comfort at all.

Nodding, Dustin Zhou stayed still.

At this moment, Niu Chuan, who had been guarding Dustin Zhou’s side, moved.


At the moment when Dai Zhuzong’s claws stretched out in front of Dustin Zhou and he was about to buckle his pipa bone, Niu Chuan stepped forward and clasped one hand directly on Dai Zhuzong’s wrist.

At this moment, Dai Gongfeng found that his offensive had stopped instantly.

And seeing that the one who clasped his wrist was just one of Dustin Zhou’s bodyguards, he suddenly became angry.

“Presumptuous, there is no such thing as a qualified bodyguard for you, get out of here!” Dai Zhufeng was furious, and after a violent shout, his whole body erupted, trying to shake Niu Chuan away.

However, after his true spirit blasted towards Niu Chuan, he felt as if he were in a quagmire, and he was no longer under control.

“How come!” This time, Dai Zhufeng was really surprised.

He didn’t expect that his true energy would be shaken like this. Under normal circumstances, many of the offerings in the Jiang family would be shaken by himself, but when faced with this little bodyguard, it would have no effect.

“Boy, this is your own death!” Dai Gongfeng felt a little reddened. He thought he would win Dustin Zhou, but it was easy.

Lifting is easy.

But now it seems that this bodyguard still has a little ability, at least with some means, even Dai Zhufeng feels that he can’t see it.

However, it is precisely because of this that Dai Zhufeng feels that he was embarrassed just now, so now he is full of anger and is aimed at Niuchuan, which will burst out at any time.

Dai Zhufen’s speed was very fast, he came to Niu Chuan in the blink of an eye, turning his claws into fists with both hands, and went straight to Niu Chuan’s chest.

Dai Zhufen was confident that he beat a cow alive with his punch.

Ordinary people will lose half their lives in the hands of their own punches.

“Dead!” With a low growl, Dai Zhufen’s mouth showed a sneer. This bodyguard was nothing more than that. He was so frightened by his aura that he didn’t even do defense and stood there motionless.

It seems that this is God’s will, let yourself take another credit!

“Be careful!” “Be careful!” However, just when Dai Zhufeng thought that he would definitely take down the bodyguard, two screams suddenly came out from behind him.

Dai Zhufeng heard it, this was Elder Gu, and there was another voice from the worship.

Be careful?

Be careful?

Are they reminding this bodyguard?


Even if a bodyguard died in his own hands, it was nothing. Elder Gu and Zong Zong were still a bit too timid to succeed.

Chapter 603

“Boy, you should be fortunate to lose in the hands of my Dai Feng. It is your honor to say it!” Dai Zhufen gave a cold drink, but in the next second, he discovered something was wrong. When he saw everything in front of him, his face suddenly changed. Become pale.

“It’s impossible, it’s impossible!” Dai Zhufeng’s fists were indeed powerful, and Dustin Zhou could feel the tearing wind blowing through his skin.

If Dai Zhufeng meets ordinary people, then he can naturally win the opponent without obstacles.

But unfortunately, this time, he met Niu Chuan.

Dai Zhufen’s fist blasted towards Niu Chuan, and at a distance of five centimeters from Niu Chuan’s chest, he was clenched by Niu Chuan’s palm and could no longer get in. It was like a copper-skinned iron wall in front of him, preventing Dai Zhuan from hurting. Same as Niuchuan.

“How is this possible! You…” However, as the person involved, Dai Zhuo could clearly feel that his fist was held by Niu Chuan, and all his strength suddenly turned into nothingness.

Dai Zhufen was deeply shocked, his pupils tightened, looking at Niu Chuan, his face was guarded.

At the same time, when he realized that something was wrong, he wanted to get his fist out the first time.

But no matter what Dai Zhufeng did, his fists could not be pulled back. Niu Chuan’s palm seemed to have endless attraction, which made Dai Zhufeng’s heart more than enough.

“nothing is impossible

Yes, there are people outside the world, and there are days outside the sky. This is what you just said, and now it’s back to you.

Niu Chuan snorted coldly, and his palms instantly turned into fists, and they banged on Dai Zhushang’s fists. Click! Bang! Suddenly, a sound of cracking bones rang across the second floor. Kong Hui, Jiang Feng, Elder Gu, Zong At the moment of enshrinement, all the complexions changed greatly. I saw that Dai Enshrine, who was still aggressive just now, flew out in an instant with a scream, and fell directly to the ground, smashing a table. Quiet! Quiet! At this moment, the second floor of the tea house. Very quiet. No one spoke. Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan didn’t have any surprises about this result, naturally they didn’t need to say anything, they just looked at Jiang Feng and the others lightly. However, Jiang Feng and others looked surprised. Elder Gu and Zongfu looked at Niu Chuan. , His eyes were full of alert. “Dai Zhufeng, are you okay?

Jiang Feng was deeply shocked in his heart. He thought that even if Niu Chuan was better than himself, but his strength was limited. And Dai Zhuan would be able to defeat Niu Chuan in the Jiang family’s consecration, ranking first in strength. But the result was surprising, Niu Chuan. I’m still standing there, but Dai Zhufeng flew upside down and fell to the ground, looking terrible. Jiang Feng forcibly endured the shock in his heart and hurriedly walked over to check Dai Zhufeng’s situation. If something happened to Dai Zhufeng here, Jiang Feng will definitely be criticized by many people in the Jiang family, and even the other worships of the Jiang family will look at him coldly. This is what Jiang Feng doesn’t want to see, and it’s like the ultimate goal in his heart. Difference. “Cough cough, I, he…” Dai Zhufen’s face was pale, he was holding his chest, blood was already overflowing from the corner of his mouth. Dai Zhufen raised his upper body with difficulty, and slowly stretched out his right hand, pointing at Niu Chuan, what he wanted to say. But before the words came out, he collapsed weakly, and the whole person fainted directly. Jiang Feng’s complexion changed, and he quickly checked and confirmed that Dai Zhifeng was not in danger of life, and then he took a long breath. This fainting made Jiang Feng even more unbelievable. Niu Chuan seemed to have just punched Dai Zhuan, and Dai Zhuan passed out like this? How powerful is Niu Chuan? If you change to fight Niu Chuan, then What will happen to him? Jiang Feng was stunned and didn’t speak for a long time. “Dai Feng is okay.

“Elder Gu asked in a deep voice. “Dai Gongfeng just passed out, and I asked someone to send him for treatment.”

Jiang Feng reacted and quickly called the boss up and asked him to make arrangements in a hurry. “Unexpectedly, the little friend turned out to be hidden.

“When Dai Gongfeng was sent for treatment, Elder Gu looked at Niu Chuan seriously and said in a deep voice. He didn’t expect Niu Chuan to be so powerful.

With his strength, even Dai Zhufeng couldn’t stand a single move.


With just one punch, Dai Zhufeng passed out.

Moreover, Elder Gu had already checked Dai Zifeng just now, and this was clearly a surge of blood after the meridians were misaligned and impacted.

In other words, Dai Zongfeng is the meridian occluded by Niuchuan’s punch.

With such strength, Elder Gu thought he could do it, but it was very difficult.

Unless it is a martial master.

But, this young man in front of him will be the master of warrior?

Elder Gu just had such a thought in his mind, and he was directly denied it.

How could there be such a young martial master.

As far as he knew, there were indeed martial masters in Hunan Province, but the youngest one was also over fifty years old. There was absolutely no such young man in front of him.

What’s more, the existence of martial masters, looking at the whole country, is also one of the few, which is not the pride of the sky, and is proud.

Under normal circumstances, it is almost impossible for a big family like the Jiang family to invite the martial master to sit in the family and become an offering.

What’s more, let the martial artist become the bodyguard of a young man, come and leave as soon as he calls it?

Elder Gu has lived for decades, and he has never heard of such a thing.

However, since Niu Chuan was able to injure Dai Feng with a punch, his strength must be higher than Dai Feng.

Then, under the martial artist master.

Elder Gu narrowed his eyes slightly, and he was already concerned.

This Niu Chuan is strong and can easily hurt Dai Feng with a single punch, but the young man is a bit overpowered and doesn’t know how to constrain.

Such a person is young and ambitious and proud.

Although the strength is strong, the weakness is also obvious.

That is being defiant and self-esteem.

“Dai Feng just wants to learn from the little friend, but the little friend is so heavy and cruel, he is a bit narrow-minded, should this give me an explanation?” Elder Gu took two steps forward and approached Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan. .

Suddenly, a surging aura radiated from Elder Gu, and then pressed against Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan like a turbulent wave.

Chest tightness and shortness of breath, the scenery in front of me is a little fuzzy.

This was Dustin Zhou’s first feeling. He felt as if he was drowning in the water. Waves were shot continuously. Every time he wanted to get out of the water to breathe fresh air, he would be shot into the water by the next wave. in.

“Huh, huh…” Dustin Zhou’s breathing was a bit short, his face began to become ruddy, and even his originally sitting figure was a little shaken.

“Bold!” Suddenly, a violent shout came, and Dustin Zhou felt as if he had gotten himself out of the water with both hands, and he breathed heavily.

“Brother Yang, how are you?” Niu Chuan held down Dustin Zhou’s shoulder and shouted in a deep voice, eyes full

It is worry.

“I’m okay, just now…” Dustin Zhou said softly, his voice a little hoarse, as if he was left behind, with a kind of rejoicing.

Chapter 604

“Brother Yang, it’s the old man. This is the aura of the martial artist. This person has infinitely close to the master of the martial artist. You were just suppressed by his aura and infected.” Niu Chuan explained softly.

“That’s the case, no wonder the feeling just now is so wonderful, I didn’t expect that I was actually recruited.” Dustin Zhou suddenly smiled bitterly.

He always felt that he would not encounter any danger, but just as he felt, if there was no Niu Chuan, then Dustin Zhou could not imagine whether he could still sit here intact.

“Brother Yang, I will teach him.” Niu Chuan said in a deep voice, his eyes flushed and faint.

A layer of bloodshot on the cloth.

If he hadn’t reacted promptly just now, Dustin Zhou would have really been recruited.

He always thought that Elder Gu came at him, but he didn’t expect that all he felt was a weak aura.

At that moment, he realized that Elder Gu’s real goal was Dustin Zhou.

“Old Piff, whoever is here today can’t save you.” Niu Chuan was really angry, turned his head, his eyes widened, and with a low cry, he directly rushed towards Elder Gu.

“Oh, what a pity.” Elder Gu also shook his head again and again, feeling very pity in his heart.

Just now, almost almost, he was able to crush Dustin Zhou with his momentum.

In that way, no matter what Dustin Zhou did, he would not be able to lift his head in front of him.

But at the most critical moment, it was discovered by Niu Chuan and destroyed.

Now, Niu Chuan took the initiative to find himself.

“Young man, I really want to use things, that’s fine, let you take a good look today, the difference in strength between people, even if you are under the martial master, I want you to hate Jiang’s teahouse!” Elder Gu said in a deep voice. , With a wave of his hand, there was no wind on his body, and the few white beards left on his chin also moved forward.

“Retreat!” At the command of Jiang Feng and the others, Elder Gu shook his figure before taking five or six steps forward to meet Niu Chuan’s huge fist.



Elder Niu Chuan and Elder Gu handed over in an instant, and the two of them fisted and slapped, back and forth.

Jiang Feng and others were engrossed, staring at Elder Gu and Niu Chuan, not letting go of any detail.

Although they don’t think Elder Gu will lose, they don’t want to see an accident happen.

Jiang Feng had even thought that once Elder Gu showed defeat, he would take action with Zongfu.

On the contrary, Dustin Zhou is very natural, without a trace of worry on his face.

Niu Chuan made a move with ease, every move was able to leave a scar on Elder Gu, and every move that Elder Gu attacked was blocked by him.

Soon, the two fought for five minutes.

Don’t think these five minutes are short, but in the eyes of a master, one minute and one second, even just a blink of an eye, is enough for both sides to win the battle.

The victory or defeat between masters is often in an instant, so no one dares to slack off and get distracted.

But Elder Gu became more and more frightened.

He estimated that it had been five minutes, and he had almost fifty moves against Niu Chuan.

Elder Gu felt that Niu Chuan’s skill was nothing more than that. Although he was beaten many times on his body, each time it was not light or itchy, and it did little harm to him.

However, at the same time, Elder Gu also discovered that every time he had to hit Niu Chuan, he would inadvertently block him.

“Hey, people are really old

, I can’t even deal with such a kid, if so, then I don’t need to keep my hands anymore, just end it.

“Elder Gu sighed in his heart, and his fists became more fierce. After a punch was separated, Elder Gu looked at Niu Chuan, his face inevitably showed a look of talent. “Little friend, you are good, but you want to be one step closer. It is absolutely impossible, if you are willing to follow me, I guarantee you will become a martial master within ten years!

Elder Gu lay his hands on his side, looking at Niu Chuan, with a faint expectation. As soon as he said this, not to mention that Jiang Feng’s face instantly became extremely ugly, and he said that the sect on the side was that his pupils shrank instantly, looking at Elder Gu. He Niuchuan’s face is full of incredulous. What’s the situation? Elder Gu is the elder of all the worships in the Jiang family. His strength is unfathomable. Only a few worship elders can defeat him. Moreover, many people want it. Worshiping in the name of Elder Gu was all rejected by him. Even many people in the Jiang family wanted to worship Elder Gu, but he refused. Among them, the most famous is the uncle Jiang family. Jiang Xingfang’s only son, Jiangbei. But now that Jiangbei has been abolished, it’s even more impossible for Elder Gu to accept him as a disciple. But now, on the second floor of the Jiang’s teahouse, Elder Gu wants to accept Jiang Feng and him. A person as a disciple, and bluntly, the other party will be able to be promoted to the martial master within ten years. The most important thing is that this person who is favored by Elder Gu is Dustin Zhou’s bodyguard and one of the enemies of the Jiang family. “Elder Gu… Jiang Feng tried his best to endure, and said in a deep voice, wanting Elder Gu to think twice and act cautiously. “You don’t have to say more, I have my own opinions in my heart.”

“Elder Gu didn’t give Jiang Feng a chance to speak at all, but continued to look at Niu Chuan. He was waiting. If Niu Chuan knew each other, he wouldn’t mind sparing Niu Chuan. “Hehe, old man, who do you think you are, protect me.” Promoted to Martial Master within the year?

You are not a martial master yourself, what guarantee do you take?

“Don’t talk nonsense, hit if you want, or kneel down on me if you don’t, and apologize to Brother Yang!”

Niu Chuan shouted coldly, with a firm attitude, without any hesitation at all. It seems that the promotion of Martial Master as promised by Elder Gu within ten years has no influence on Niu Chuan. “Boy, you are too arrogant!”

Zongfu is furious, so he has to do it himself. “Haha, little friend, since you think so, then I will let you see how the strength of the infinitely close to the martial master is!

Elder Gu chuckled and raised his right hand slightly, and the entire second floor seemed to be in silence. “Huh!

With a violent shout, Elder Gu pointed the knife directly toward Niu Chuan’s neck with a palm. This trick seemed simple,

But Jiang Feng and Zong Zong’s complexion changed drastically, and his excitement did not calm down for a long time.

The two looked at each other, and both saw a touch of shock and surprise from each other’s eyes, as well as a trace of deep fear.

Martial Master!

Turn complexity into simplicity, return to the basics!

Although Elder Gu did not reach the realm of the martial master, but this move just now was just like the use of the martial master, which was shocking.

“This Niuchuan is dead!” Jiang Feng raised his mouth slightly, with a relaxed and cheerful smile on his face.

As long as Niu Chuan is abandoned by Elder Gu, Dustin Zhou will naturally not be a problem. Jiang Feng will be able to grab him, take it directly, and take it to the Jiang family compound.

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