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Chapter 1034

Judging from the above, Dustin Zhou seemed to have lost. Although he was also the emperor of warriors, the old man not only had weapons but also moves. Such things as moves are not important and very important, but it is not too important to say that it is important. If the difference between the two parties is too great, your moves are meaningless no matter how subtle. But if both parties are opponents of the same realm or the same level, the moves are particularly important. To put it bluntly, the move is a way to mobilize the true energy in the body. It’s just the way to make Zhen Qi exert the strongest power. People who have subtle tricks, consume the same Zhen Qi, can play stronger power, and the speed will become faster. Just like this old man used the “tens of thousands” Like “wisp”, he used a very subtle method to attach infuriating energy to his whisk, making the hair of the whisk as hard as iron. This method saves innocent energy, but it brings destructive power. But Dustin Zhou didn’t have any tricks at all. He snorted coldly, and simply attached infuriating energy to his arm, and then the probing hand directly grabbed the whisk. The two sides quickly fought together, Dustin Zhou’s. The fighting method is simple and rude, open and close, but it is very wasteful of innocence. And the old man looks like he is going to fight Dustin Zhou for a long time, and he has a very engaging mentality. It seems that Dustin Zhou has gradually fallen into a disadvantage. To put it bluntly, this is the difference between a move and no move. “Haha, I won, that Dustin Zhou is really a waste, even our Xu family

Can’t survive the first level!

“One said happily. Others all thought so, because if this development continues, Dustin Zhou’s disadvantage will only get bigger and bigger, and there will never be a possibility of flop again. At this moment, Dustin Zhou was taken by the old man. The dust was drawn to the ground, and the Xu family’s camp burst into cheers again. The people on the Tiger’s side were all silent. If Dustin Zhou loses, then they will all be over. , You can’t even do any tricks, so how can you fight me? Go back quickly.

“While you can escape now.”

“The old man said faintly. A brush of dust swept Dustin Zhou away, and the old man was a little proud. Dustin Zhou got up from the ground, then wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, took a look, and said with a sneer, “Mr. Lao is concerned.

“But it’s a pity, I didn’t plan to just give in.

“If you want to talk about moves, in fact, I really know how to do one and a half moves, but I don’t think it is necessary to fight against you.

“But now it seems that there is a need for a quick fight.

“Dustin Zhou’s zhenqi began to gather gradually, and finally all gathered in his body. “Fantasy.

“The old man squinted at Dustin Zhou, thinking that he was pretending. He had never seen a person using such moves. But the next moment, his face suddenly changed. “Emperor Realm!”

A loud shout came from Dustin Zhou’s mouth, and then, with him as the center, an invisible field spread to the surroundings, and soon the old man was enveloped in it. “It turned out to be the real emperor’s field.” !

“After seeing Dustin Zhou’s movements, the old man’s face showed a sense of trepidation, but he wanted to struggle, but it was too late. In Dustin Zhou’s domain, Dustin Zhou is almost invincible! Because all these infuriating auras are mixed with his. Divine Sense, it can be said that this entire field is part of Dustin Zhou’s Divine Sense. He is everywhere, omnipotent, and can do whatever he wants. Although the old man is also an emperor of warriors, he is in Dustin Zhou’s domain. Among them, it will still receive a great impact. And the most important thing is that no one can understand the shock in the old man’s heart. In fact, logically speaking, if he can release an emperor’s realm at this time, it can naturally be offset. The effect of Dustin Zhou’s domain is dropped, and then the two people will not affect each other. But the crux of the problem is that he will not use this trick! In fact, among all the emperors of warriors in the world, there are very few people who can truly release the domain of the emperor. Not only does this move require you to have enough strength and a strong sense of spirit, the most important thing is to test a fusion of sense of spirit and true energy. This

Things are very difficult.

Since ancient times, the emperor of warriors whose true energy can be integrated with divine consciousness is very rare, because this state is obviously a bit similar to the methods of immortals.

Fairy teacher!

Those who were able to achieve the fusion of spiritual consciousness and qi in the martial arts emperor stage were all geniuses among geniuses, so this old man was so shocked.

Dustin Zhou seemed to know no tricks, but he developed this kind of tricks by himself!

What kind of talent is it?

On the other side of the Xu family’s eyes, they hurriedly shouted, urging the old man to act on Dustin Zhou quickly, but this old man, how could he listen to them at this time?

After all, even Te himself can’t move anymore!

“My move is pretty easy to use.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

“Imperial Realm, I didn’t expect you to be so strong. I have to admit that I lost this time.” The old man gave in directly.

If Dustin Zhou had used the emperor’s realm long ago, in fact, he would have given up long ago.

Fortunately, he always thought that Dustin Zhou could not make any moves at all, but he didn’t expect it to be such a big move.

“Since you admit defeat, let me help you out.” Dustin Zhou walked towards the old man.

The old man did not dodge, one is because in Dustin Zhou’s domain of the emperor, it is very difficult for him to dodge, and the second is that he really wants to be free.

He looked at Dustin Zhou’s eyes, it was so calm, even with a little bit of relief.

Dustin Zhou walked over and gently put his hand on the old man’s head. Soon, the old man directly turned into a few dashes of spiritual body and the stars drifted away.

After leaving the old man away, Dustin Zhou turned to look at Xu Shengsheng’s side, grinning with a bright smile.

“Patriarch Xu, your Xu family, it seems that there is something else you haven’t taken out.” “Take one out and open my eyes.” Dustin Zhou walked over to them with a faint smile on his mouth.

This action frightened the people of the Xu family. Xu Shengming shouted as he stepped back, “Don’t come here! I tell you, if you come, you will definitely die miserably!” “Really?” Dustin Zhou said. He raised his brows slightly, “Then why don’t you do it?” The martial master of the Xu family has basically been cleaned up by the tiger master group.

The remaining troubles, anyway, must be solved by Dustin Zhou.

Since this is the case, it would be better to let the Xu family take out all the remaining cards in one go.

Chapter 1035

Dustin Zhou was also very curious about what hidden means existed in the Xu family, who had passed on for thousands of years, and who had created countless miracles.

A fierce stern flashed in Xu Shengsheng’s eyes, and he took out a talisman from his arms and said, “Dustin Zhou, don’t be too big.


“I really thought that if you reached the level of the emperor of warriors, you would be invincible?”

“The ancestors of our Xu family, but I don’t know how many emperors of warriors have appeared, and there are even immortal masters who surpass the emperor of warriors.

“The heritage they left behind is more than enough to deal with your little Dustin Zhou!”

“Don’t you want to see what other cards our Xu family has?”

Then I will show it to you!

“Xu Shengsheng confidently lost Fulu towards Dustin Zhou. Those words he just said reminded Dustin Zhou of a joke on the Internet. A rich second generation once said such a paragraph on the Internet, our family has several generations. People’s efforts and wealth accumulation, why do you lose to your ten-year hard study? This passage caused a lot of controversy at the time, because in people’s minds, the universal values ​​are that as long as you work hard, you must We can realize the freedom of wealth, and then surpass those rich second generations. But the rich second generation’s words broke everyone’s values, because everyone felt that the rich second generation’s words seemed to make sense. Why is he a rich second generation? Because His ancestors worked hard. It’s not even the efforts of one generation, but the hard work of generations after generations has achieved today’s results. Why should you lose to your own efforts? In this situation, it is similar to Xu Shengsheng and Dustin Zhou. The situation is so similar. This is why Sun Shengjie chose to stand on the side of the Xu family. Even if Dustin Zhou became the emperor of warriors, he also felt that the background of the Xu family would be easy to destroy a emperor of warriors. This principle also applies to Dustin Zhou. Although he likes to challenge and challenge some unknown things, it does not mean that he really feels that he is invincible in the world. The old man summoned by the amulet that Xu Shengming just took out, just Possessing the strength of a real warrior emperor. Although Dustin Zhou was defeated by Dustin Zhou with the emperor’s realm, the old man just now also caused serious injury to Dustin Zhou. If Xu Shengsheng can now take out a treasure comparable to the warrior emperor, Dustin Zhou will definitely be defeated. The hearts of other people jumped to their throats, staring at the talisman Xu Shengsheng took out. “Haha, Dustin Zhou, die!

This talisman is called the Emperor Destroying Rune, which was specially developed to deal with the emperor of warriors!

“Absolutely no warrior emperor can survive under this talisman!”

“Xu Shengsheng’s words fell, and the blue talisman suddenly swelled up, and finally turned into a blue sphere, which enveloped Dustin Zhou inside. People outside could no longer see the situation inside. Niu Chuan, Hu Ye, Su Wei and others suddenly became nervous. “It’s over, it’s true this time.

After that, although the boss is powerful, he is just a warrior emperor!

“And the old talisman from the Xu family is specially designed to deal with the emperor of warriors. How can the boss be able to hold it!”

“Su Wei said anxiously. “I believe Brother Yang will be able to survive!”

“Even though Niu Chuan said so, his face was not good-looking. As for Master Tiger, he silently clenched the long knife in his hand. It seemed that he also felt that Dustin Zhou was really finished this time. Ready to go up and desperately at any time. On the contrary, it is Xu Family’s pride. “Haha, Dustin Zhou was so arrogant just now. Let us take out all the hole cards. Now this is just a talisman, he just Can’t hold it at all!

“Dustin Zhou, the talent is good, but he is still too frivolous. Such a person is destined to become a great weapon.

Sun Shengjie’s eyes flashed with disdain and said. He is actually very jealous of Dustin Zhou. After all, he is about the same age as Dustin Zhou. As the best young man in the First Family of the East China Sea, he was beaten by Dustin Zhou everywhere. Even his entire family was beaten by Dustin Zhou, which made him very upset. But now it’s different, he feels comfortable, how good you Dustin Zhou is, didn’t you fail in the end? That’s also part of the shortcoming! The moods of the two parties are completely opposite, and Dustin Zhou, as the person involved, is facing another scene at this time. The Emperor Destroying Rune, Dustin Zhou now probably understands why this Rune is called by this name. Fulu’s name probably refers to the use of the power of God to destroy the mortal emperor’s Fulu. It is really difficult to do. Even Dustin Zhou, who is arrogant and arrogant, finally has a heart of wavering when facing this Fulu. The two sides are not at the same level at all! When he is enveloped by this blue talisman, the first reaction is to mobilize the imperial energy in his body to cover his whole body. Because he does not understand the specific effect of this talisman What is it, so he can only protect himself first. But he was soon shocked to discover that his power didn’t work at all! When he was enveloped by the blue talisman, he seemed to have directly entered another space In this space, all the rules have changed, as if he broke away from the current nature and entered another natural environment. The power of nature is also called the power of God. In this space now , The imperial qi in his body is simply tasteless. If it is released, it will directly float in the air and has no contact with his body. If you try to control the true qi with the divine consciousness, the divine consciousness will be released and you will hit Layer after layer of barrier, if

If you feel it carefully with your spiritual sense, you will find that there are layers of blue-faced fangs on these barriers.

It seems to be the picture of the gods at dusk.

Even if it is the emperor of warriors, it is inevitable to feel palpitations when seeing such a picture. It is an absolute suppression, not only a suppression of strength, but a suppression of levels.

“Really…interesting.” Dustin Zhou muttered to himself.

Although this talisman is very powerful and coercive, Dustin Zhou has not yet discovered the dangers hidden in this talisman.

Is it possible that this thing is meant to trap yourself alive?

Just as Dustin Zhou was thinking about it, his divine consciousness suddenly pierced, and he subconsciously retracted divine consciousness, opened his eyes and looked in that direction, and suddenly found that one of the totems was slowly breaking free from the invisible barrier. come out.

In other words, these totems were invisible before, and could only be sensed by divine consciousness, but now, these totems have come to life.

Chapter 1036

When the totem was resurrected, it was just a plane, just like a painting.

But later, this painting has a thickness, and depending on the development trend, it has the meaning of becoming a true god!

This allowed Dustin Zhou to gain insights. Although he himself was also a warrior emperor, the methods he possessed were nothing more than using his true energy to make some reactions.

But this Xu family’s methods are far beyond his understanding.

Just like the last test, the formation of the Emperor’s Test can simulate a real human body with energy.

This method is far beyond Dustin Zhou’s cognition, but the Xu family seems to be able to do it easily.

Now, the totem sealed in this talisman was resurrected to look like a god.

The first resurrected deity wore a mask and held a big halberd in his hand. He uttered to Dustin Zhou, “Mortal, can you be convicted of sin?” “Sin?” Dustin Zhou laughed, “Perhaps, it is indeed sinful. Right.” “But it’s not yet your turn to be judged by such a false thing as you!” “Laughter, dare to speak wild words to the gods!” The gods seemed very dissatisfied with Dustin Zhou’s performance.

And it’s strange to say that this god seems to have emotions, it can be said to be vivid.

If the mental quality is a little weaker, I am afraid that I will kneel down now.

The creature in front of me is a true god!

Even the emperor of warrior, his own strength is imprisoned in this environment, and he encounters something similar to a god to judge himself, afraid that he will unconsciously subdue.

No wonder this thing is called the Emperor Destruction Rune, which is known as a weapon specifically designed to deal with the emperor of warriors.

To put it bluntly, it is a dimensionality reduction blow!

Isn’t your emperor of warrior proud?

Isn’t it invincible?

Don’t you have the heart of a fearless emperor?

Then I will treat you as an ordinary person, deprive you of your strength, let you face an unknown image that is above you, and see if you are afraid of it!

I have to say that the person who created this kind of talisman must learn the strategy very well.

But unfortunately, the person he met was Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou was very clear, everything in front of him seemed very lifelike, as if he was really undergoing trial.

But he knew that this so-called god was nothing more than a man-made method!

Even this talisman is artificially made, and everything here has nothing to do with the real gods!

“Small bugs.” Dustin Zhou snorted disdainfully. “It’s useless to frighten, but I want to see how capable of artificially creating a false image like you!” In fact, Dustin Zhou can do it. Just care

In theory, the image of this god is ignored. The most important problem now is that his strength has been deprived.

And this god in front of him may possess the strength of a martial artist.

It may be the master of the warrior, or even the emperor of the warrior. If that is the case, no matter how much Dustin Zhou thinks about it, it is impossible to escape from this talisman halfway.

After all, that means letting him face the pressure of the emperor of warriors as an ordinary person!

However, Dustin Zhou estimated that the image of the gods did not have that kind of power. If that was the case, this Fulu didn’t need to rectify the bells and whistles, and psychologically attacked Dustin Zhou.

Facts have proved that Dustin Zhou’s speculation is correct. The power possessed by this god is indeed only the power of an ordinary person.

It’s just that he has an extra weapon in his hand.

“Hehe, didn’t you say that you are a god? Didn’t you want to judge Laozi? You are really doing it!” Dustin Zhou kicked the god’s head and said with a sneer.

“With this ability, I dare to be ashamed!” Even if he was reduced to an ordinary person, Dustin Zhou still didn’t care about dealing with a god who was also an ordinary person holding a weapon.

After all, he learned a lot of martial arts from Niu Chuan.

And that god is holding his head with a grievance.

At first, he wanted to scare Dustin Zhou so arrogantly, but now he was beaten so badly, which made him hard to tell. Who made him pretend to be such a critic?

Pretending to be unreasonable and being beaten, the gods at this time can only show embarrassment and aggrieved expressions.

He can’t be angry at all, because he is a paper tiger himself, and the tricks he can use are just a few simple moves.

“Don’t be proud, don’t think that if you defeat me, you will have won a real victory!” The god said in a tone that the child was beaten and threatened the other party with cruel words.

Dustin Zhou curled his mouth in disdain, just about to laugh at this guy, but the scene before him completely opened his eyes.

In this small space, about forty to fifty square meters, more than twenty gods were born!

As soon as these gods were resurrected, they shouted that some mortals should die, and the gods should not profanity.

Although Dustin Zhou knew that these people were all paper tigers, such a big scene still made him a little painful. The most important thing is that he is also an ordinary person now!

In other words, he must use the strength of ordinary people to deal with more than 20 ordinary people at the same time, and all of them are armed!

For Dustin Zhou, there is still a lot of pressure.

After those gods were beaten by Dustin Zhou, they all showed embarrassment and aggrieved expressions, but the number of the other party was really too much.

There are more than twenty, and all of them have weapons!

Dustin Zhou’s body was not immune to several serious injuries.

The imperial aura can’t work, and he can’t repair his body. Now he has several big holes poked out of his body, and the blood is flowing like money.

And the gods who were defeated by him were all child-like minds, mumbling and complaining, and saying some very unnutritious threatening words, which made Dustin Zhou really angry and funny.

Finally, with serious injuries, he defeated the last god.

All the gods slumped on the ground, pointing at Dustin Zhou and said, “Boy, after defeating the gods, we won’t let you go so easily!” “You just wait for the revenge from the gods!” After falling, a white light flashed in front of Dustin Zhou’s eyes, and the space created by the blue talisman just now disappeared.

And Dustin Zhou also appeared in front of everyone again.

It’s just that this time, he was covered in blood, and there were several large wounds visible to the naked eye that were still bleeding.

The blood-stained his clothes, Dustin Zhou bent over slightly and looked at the familiar world in front of him with a happy smile.

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