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Chapters 200

We are here to discuss business!

It was always quiet before the storm.

Dustin Zhou works normally in Mingyang, and asks about the latest situation of the whitening and anti-aging factor mask from time to time.

But when he was busy, he also discussed cooperation with Asher Chen.

“That’s it, send the news, and let those people make their own choices!” Dustin Zhou gave an order and hung up the phone directly.

In this project cooperation, he didn’t mean to share the benefits with others.

But he had to do it.

Since ancient times, people who eat alone will not have good results.

What’s more, Dustin Zhou still needs to continuously strengthen his own strength.

“The people in the famous company have no words!” “Come out and come out and give an explanation, otherwise we won’t stop!” “That is, I heard that Dustin Zhou is all him. If we don’t give us a reasonable explanation If you are a Mingyang company, there will be no good fruit!” … At this moment, the outside of Mingyang company suddenly became noisy.

Dustin Zhou frowned slightly, looked down the window, and saw many people shouting outside the company’s gate.

The security guards tried their best to stop them from entering the company.

When Dustin Zhou heard those people mention his name, he was even more angry, thinking about the purpose of these people.

“Ms. Zhou.” Sara Ye opened the door with a solemn expression.

“What’s going on below?” Dustin Zhou asked.

In fact, there is no need to ask, he can guess a little, but he always finds it inexplicable.

If it is troublesome, why do you have to come to the door of Mingyang Company?

“Zhou, those people…” Sara Ye glanced at Dustin Zhou with some embarrassment, and then continued.

“Those people say that our company is not keeping promises, and that Mr. Zhou, you are not keeping promises, and what you say is not fulfilled!” Sara Ye looked at Dustin Zhou, her eyes full of inquiry.

As Dustin Zhou’s assistant this time, he has the right to know Dustin Zhou’s words and deeds at work, and he also has the responsibility to remind him.

If Dustin Zhou does something wrong, Sara Ye has the responsibility to remind him so as not to make any mistakes.

But now, people from outside have come to the door, but Sara Ye doesn’t know the reason, and she feels a little negligent.

Or is Dustin Zhou dissatisfied with himself?

Avoiding yourself on purpose?

Sara Ye was in her early thirties. It was the time when a woman was most emotional, and it was inevitable that there were more things in her mind.

Dustin Zhou is her boss, so Dustin Zhou’s every move will affect Sara Ye’s mind.

Dustin Zhou also saw all this in his eyes, with some guilty conscience.

“I forgot to tell you, but there is nothing serious. Go down and let those people come to the meeting room. I will tell them something.” Dustin Zhou ordered


He is going to talk to those people later and briefly introduce the project.

As for whether the other party participates or not, that is their business, Dustin Zhou will not bother about it.

As for the specific details of the cooperation content, you need to gather together to discuss it, not in a hurry.

Sara Ye returned soon.

“Although they are still cursing, but their emotions are much more stable, they are all waiting in the conference room now.” Sara Ye whispered.

God knows what she saw just now.

Those who are still cursing, it seems that Mingyang and Dustin Zhou are their enemies, no

The kind of endless death.

But when she invited them to the conference room and said that Dustin Zhou would come out to discuss matters with them.

The expressions of those people instantly became warm.

It seems that everyone is a gentleman.

The call just now does not exist at all.

“Well, I see, let them wait first, and it’s so cool to scold me outside, and they should hang out.” Dustin Zhou smiled and took a sip of tea.

At this moment, Mingyang’s largest conference room.

A dozen people sat down, and everyone smiled.

“That Dustin Zhou really didn’t dare to keep hiding!” “That is, we represent most of the cosmetics companies in the East China Sea anyhow, even if it is a famous company, we dare not despise it!” “Yes, it’s just a cooperation project this time. So far, there is no news, and I don’t know what the project is!” “I heard that this new project was negotiated at Tunghai University, but nothing was found!” … A dozen people kept discussing and exchanging each other. Information obtained.

But after a dozen people finished speaking, they didn’t get any useful news.

Dustin Zhou and Mingyang seem to have closed the news of the new project particularly well, and so far no news has been leaked.

However, as time passed, the people in the conference room couldn’t sit still.

“What’s the matter? It’s been half an hour, why didn’t Dustin Zhou still come?” “What about people? Say let us wait. We have waited for half an hour, and no one has come yet. Do you look down on us?” That is, don’t think that this is a well-known company, you can despise us like this!” … More than a dozen people suddenly stopped doing it, and they became dissatisfied.

The anger that had dissipated in their hearts had returned, and everyone’s faces were full of anger.

Before they were turned away, it was okay. They could comfort themselves when Dustin Zhou was not in Mingyang Company.

But now, they have been invited into the company and brought to the meeting room, but they have been left here for half an hour.

This is simply naked contempt!

This is looking down on them!

More than a dozen people are all important figures in their respective companies, and they all have their own pride. Now that they are so despised, they naturally can’t sit still.

“Huh! We must give us an explanation, otherwise, Mingyang Company will not go far in the East China Sea!” “Yes, do you still dare to be an enemy of the entire East China Sea cosmetics company?” It’s insulting!” … Everyone is still yelling.

“Who is humiliating himself?” At this moment, a lingering voice suddenly sounded.

Dustin Zhou pushed open the door of the conference room, walked directly in, and looked at the dozen or so people inside.

“Are you Dustin Zhou?” They told Dustin Zhou before

There are some investigations, so I know that the young man in front of me is Dustin Zhou.

“Yes, if I heard it right, someone said just now that they want to look good for me and for Mingyang?” Dustin Zhou ignored the reactions of these people, walked into the conference room, sat directly on the main seat, and looked around everyone. ring.

“I’m humiliating myself?” Momentum!

At this moment, Dustin Zhou’s vigor and sharp edge was very strong!

“Dustin Zhou, don’t go too far!” “Yes, you found us, but you are too late. What do you mean? Want to use us to establish your prestige?” “Humph! It’s just a fake tiger prestige. , I can fire a person like you in minutes!” Everyone was irritated by Dustin Zhou’s arrogant attitude, and suddenly scolded.

But Dustin Zhou only looked at these people lightly, his face was calm, without any mood swings.

“Are you finished?”

Chapter 201

I give you a chance, do you want it?

Dustin Zhou put his hands on his knees, his legs folded, his back leaning on the chair, and he looked at the dozen or so people in the conference room lightly.

He saw the expressions on these people’s faces clearly and remembered all of them.

Anger, ugly, tangled, silent, hesitant, excited… Various expressions appeared on their faces, which also made Dustin Zhou more aware of their psychological state at the moment.

These people are so-called b*tches and want to set up an archway!

Obviously, I really want to participate in the new project organized by Dustin Zhou and achieve the same great success as the whitening and anti-aging factor mask, thus bringing huge profits to myself.

But they hold their own identity and want Dustin Zhou or Mingyang Company to invite them!

In this way, it appears that they are distinguished and can seize a favorable position in new projects.

Dustin Zhou sneered in his heart!

He had seen these people clearly.

Before he had inherited the family property, he was just an ordinary employee.

Placed in front of these dozen or so people, in front of any one of them, they are all being called around.

During his three years of work, he also came into contact with many people from other companies, including low-level employees and middle-level leaders, and even met senior executives from other companies with the company.

Almost all those people have one characteristic, Dustin Zhou remembers clearly.


I want to complete a certain task, but I want to have more face.

In this case, most people will choose to adapt.

But Dustin Zhou is different.

These people may be able to do this in front of others, but in front of Dustin Zhou, they are completely exposed.

“I only have one sentence, I did release the news before, but…” Dustin Zhou paused, then continued.

“I just give you such an opportunity to participate, but it doesn’t mean that you will definitely be able to participate!” “The final result depends on you.” “Understand?” As soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, the entire conference room fell silent. .

The people who were still full of anger at this time all looked at Dustin Zhou in a daze.

“Presumptuous! Do you know who you are talking to? Even you Enderia Shen dare not talk to me like that. What are you?” “It’s ridiculous, how can a little yellow man decide such an important thing? Is there no one in Yang’s company?” “Let Enderia Shen come out, she must give us an explanation, let Dustin Zhou come out to deal with us, what does it mean!” … After a brief silence, everyone broke out.

Each of them looked angry and pointed at Dustin Zhou and shouted.

One of the old men with Hefa even pointed at Dustin Zhou and kept yelling, with unbearable sentences.

Dustin Zhou looked at him coldly, and recognized the old man with a crane.

Sheng Yiguan.

Director of Donghai Shengrong Company


And Donghai Shengrong Company is currently the top five cosmetics company in Donghai.

And this Sheng Yiguan used to support his younger generations in the past, so many people in the East China Sea cosmetics industry have benefited from him.

And those people are now in important positions. Together, they are also a force that cannot be underestimated.

Even if it is a well-known company, it almost has to avoid the limelight.

Sheng Yiguan looked at Dustin Zhou coldly, sniffing.

“Your name is Dustin Zhou. I have heard of you. Others say that you are flexible and have a lot of ideas. I thought Donghai had a talent in the industry.” “Now it seems that outsiders have been blinded by you. You are so deceptive!” Sheng Yiguan was really angry.

Although Shengrong is currently in good condition, it can also be ranked in the top five in the cosmetics industry in Donghai City.

But Sheng Yiguan knows that Shengrong will not have a better life in the future!

Shengrong Company is a company founded by him and his wife, which is a family company.

But at the moment, Sheng Yiguan and his wife are getting old, and they are also somewhat powerless to deal with company affairs. In many cases, it takes a lot of time to think about a small matter, which is extremely inefficient!

Under normal circumstances, Sheng Yiguanda could let his son take over the company.

And this is also the inheritance plan of the family business.

But what is disappointing is that Sheng Yiguan’s two sons are not very useful.

Not to mention the mediocre learning ability, the key is some prodigal.

Sheng Yiguan worried that once he and his wife passed away, the two sons would not be able to keep the Shengrong company.

At this time, it was announced that the famous company would cooperate with Donghai Cosmetics Co., Ltd. on a new project.

Sheng Yiguan’s eyes were bright at the time, and he immediately asked people to inquire about the news.

After finally inquiring about the news, I joined people to promote the company and discuss the possibility of cooperation.

It was so neglected by Dustin Zhou!

For Sheng Yiguan, this is even more unbearable than direct humiliation!

“Look, this Dustin Zhou is so innocent, he has made Sheng Lao Qi like this!” “Yes, Sheng Lao is a senior I waited for. He has a reputation in the East China Sea, but he was so angry with Dustin Zhou. We must want him. Give me an explanation!” “Old Sheng, don’t be afraid, we are all on your side!” … When everyone saw Sheng Yiguan’s early days, they were overjoyed and hurriedly responded.

Before they were just cursing.

But no one dared to take the lead in clamoring with Dustin Zhou directly, for fear that it would delay the next cooperation between the two parties.

Now that Sheng Yiguan is in his early years, they are naturally happy to see it.

Anyway, if the well-known company or Dustin Zhou is held accountable, he will directly pursue Sheng Yiguan’s prominence, and will not blame them too much.

Dustin Zhou watched coldly from the side, and put the

The expression is in my heart.

He knew what these people were thinking, but he just sneered and didn’t say much.

After most of the people had threatened, Dustin Zhou slowly stood up.

“Have you finished?” Dustin Zhou said lightly, his mouth raised slightly, his face full of contempt.

Most of the dozen or so people standing in front of him at the moment are people who know the truth.

They instinctively chase benefits, there is no bottom line at all.

Although Dustin Zhou didn’t like such a person very much, he also knew that people have their own pursuits for the whole life, and he can’t interfere with others.

It’s just the following new projects, but he is accumulating strength for his future return to the Zhou family. If these people work in peace, then good, everyone makes money together.

But if someone wants to find something, Dustin Zhou will definitely not be merciful, but will hit it with a direct hit, making those people regret doing stupid things.

“If you want to talk about cooperation, stay, if you don’t want to, go out!” After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, Sara Ye outside opened the door of the meeting room and walked in slowly.

The door of the meeting room has also been open and has not been closed.

Now, there are two options.

Stay, leave!

Those who stay can negotiate and cooperate, but they may not succeed!

Those who leave will definitely fail!

What it means is that everyone is savvy, and you don’t need to think deeply, you can figure it out all at once.

But Dustin Zhou just left them here for half an hour, which is very rude!

If today’s events are spread out and others know about it, they will definitely be mocked!

“Everyone can make a choice?”

Chapter 202

make a choice!

Dustin Zhou’s eyes were like torches, looking around everyone.

His gaze is very aggressive, and many people dare not look at him at all, so they have to look away and look away.

Dustin Zhou saw all this in his eyes and couldn’t help sneering, even more contemptuous of these people in his heart.

But he will not say it directly, because next, they will be needed, otherwise the new project will not be too complete!

Everyone was stunned by Dustin Zhou’s aura, and when they reacted, they were shocked!

They never thought that they had been in the East China Sea for more than ten years, and even people like Sheng Yiguan for decades would be restrained by the aura of a young man!

“I’m done! I want to stay!” Suddenly, a middle-aged man in the crowd said.

I saw him walk out slowly, the expression on his face gradually changed from disdain to nervousness to calmness after a little struggle.

He walked slowly to Dustin Zhou and bowed his hand to Dustin Zhou.

“I am Wang Dalu of Time Beauty Company, I am willing to stay and participate in this cooperation!” His words were loud and loud!

It seems to be the result of serious consideration!

Dustin Zhou silently nodded slightly and agreed.

However, the rest of the people fry the pan at once!

“It turned out to be Wang Dalu!” “It’s ridiculous, his time beauty company is just a small company, dare you even dare to grab the limelight?” “Yes, we have any company that is several times that of his time beauty company. , This person really doesn’t know good or bad!” “When today’s things are over, I must make him look good when I go back!” “Old Sheng, you are respected here, you can make a decision!” “Yes, Old Sheng, We are all looking forward to your head!” … Everyone was talking, and suddenly another person spoke.

“I am willing too!” All of a sudden, everyone was stunned.

They turned their heads and looked around with difficulty, and saw another person walk out, walked to Dustin Zhou, bowed his hands, and then stood calmly.

“And me!” “I!” “I want to stay too! This is an opportunity! I can’t give up!” … All of a sudden, three people spoke at the same time.

The rest of them looked at the five people standing next to Dustin Zhou with very ugly expressions.

They have discussed it before, and this time they must unite and wrestle with the famous company.

But I didn’t expect that this was just the beginning, and even before the wrestling started, a traitor appeared on my side!

Still five!

“I’ll stay too!” Next, another tired old voice sounded.

Everyone followed the sound, and their faces showed shock and incredible expressions.

Because it was Sheng Yiguan who spoke just now!

“Lao Sheng! What do you mean?” “Yes, Lao Sheng, we

With you at the head, why are you doing this?

“Sheng old man, do you want to betray us?”

You need to know that if you can’t participate successfully, your company will definitely encounter many problems.

“Yes, we are worried. By then, your two sons may not be able to keep your company!”

“This is already a blatant threat. As long as Sheng Yiguan falls to Dustin Zhou’s side, if there is an accident in the middle, it fails to develop the company. Then these people will directly attack Shengrong Company without hesitation. Well, I have already decided that my two sons are not a big deal and will not have any effect on the company. I want to find a good project, at least stable, so that they can come along step by step.

“Sheng Yiguan coughed lightly, and his turbid eyes instantly became clear, and at the same time a high-ranking aura emerged spontaneously. Others, more or less, had been favored by him. At this moment, they looked at him. Avoid, dare not look at Sheng Yiguan. “This old immortal, after I go back, I will definitely not let him feel better!

“That’s right, we don’t believe that his famous company and Dustin Zhou can be in the cosmetics industry in Donghai without us!”

“That’s right, it’s just good luck. I got an IO mask. Compared with others, the famous company is simply a scum!”

“…With Sheng Yiguan, he said that he would stay ahead, and the remaining eight people immediately came out again, indicating that they would stay. At this time, the only people standing opposite Dustin Zhou in the conference room were There are four people left. Dustin Zhou’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he looked over. It clearly looked plain, without any strange gaze. At this moment, it looked like a sharp blade, constantly cutting the four people. “Me too. Stay!

“In the end, one person couldn’t stand it and started to take it orally. The tone was soft, it was better to say that the wealth was moving! He had a lot of confidence in the new project comparable to the whitening factor project. He believed that as long as he participated in it, he would definitely You will make a very generous profit, and then your company will be able to take it to the next level! “Lu Bin!


The other three were furious! The four talents just reached an alliance for a short time, but they disappeared in an instant! “Humph!

With so many of you following him, I don’t know if I can get involved!

“Wang Dalu, how much money can your Time Beauty Company contribute to participate?”

When they eat meat, they can give you a sip of soup, which is pretty good!

“And you, Lu Bin!”

Do you think Dustin Zhou is really kind?

In the previous whitening factor project, he used it as a hindrance and secretly attacked Junfa Company, blocking their way of obtaining the right to cooperate.

“Think about it, how many of you are worse than Jun

From the company?

He Dustin Zhou can cut the way of others, and also cut your way!

The three of them are a little bit hard to get off the tiger at this time. They looked at Dustin Zhou expectantly, hoping that Dustin Zhou could say something and make a reservation. At that time, they can also step down and agree to stay. This is for both sides. It couldn’t be better. But they were disappointed. Dustin Zhou didn’t react at all. It was as if he hadn’t heard what they said at all! Dustin Zhou was sneering. Such a botched threat, as well as separation, could only deal with those teenage impulses. Youth. But all of you present here are the heads of the Donghai Cosmetics Company. They are all highly powerful and have been immersed in the business sea for decades. If they were separated so easily, then they would not be in their position today. Don’t want to stay, then leave here!

Seeing that the situation is almost the same, Dustin Zhou finally speaks. But when he speaks, it is to let the three people leave here. “Dustin Zhou, don’t be proud!”

“Don’t think that if we leave you, there will be no good projects!”

“That is, Mingyang has only been established for a few years now. How can it be compared with our company!”

“The three people said one sentence, venting the anger and dissatisfaction in their hearts. Dustin Zhou actually dared to let them go! This shows that Dustin Zhou doesn’t care about them at all! This kind of situation will only happen in two situations. He has no bottom in his heart, but he has to make a gesture! The other is that Dustin Zhou and Mingyang are very confident. They feel that it has nothing to do with the company without the three of them, and it will not affect the project! If it is the number one The three of them can also make secret plans. But if it is the second type, then the three of them will most likely be excluded from the new project. Even in the future, they will also be excluded from those who choose to stay Outside of the circle!

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