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Chapter 203

On October 1st!

“What? I want to see you off?” Dustin Zhou looked sideways and sneered when seeing the three people who had not left.

And those who have made the choice are looking at them with a smile, without a trace of pity.

“Dustin Zhou, sooner or later you will regret what happened today! Let’s go!” A man who appeared to be the leader gave a cold snort and turned to leave.

The other two hesitated for a moment, looked at the person who had left, and also gritted their teeth and followed closely.

They are betting!

Betting on Dustin Zhou and Ming Yang simply cannot do this so-called new project!

And the strength of their respective companies is pretty good, and they are not afraid of Dustin Zhou and the famous company.

After all, Mingyang currently only has one mask, which poses no threat to them.

When the figures of the three people disappeared completely, everyone’s gazes immediately returned and looked at Dustin Zhou again, waiting for him to make the next arrangement.

Dustin Zhou’s coldness gradually dissipated, and his smile resumed.

“I appreciate your courage, but one thing I want to say first is that not every company can participate in this new project. There are certain conditions!” Dustin Zhou smiled repeatedly and looked at it. The dozens of people who came down were very relieved.

Not long ago, he cleared out the media industry in Donghai City and even established a media association and fund.

And now, almost half of the heads of cosmetics companies in Donghai City are in this conference room.

As long as he is willing, he can use the new project to repeat the same operations as the media industry.

But Dustin Zhou doesn’t want to do this now.

Do that in the media industry and have a smooth journey.

Apart from the support of Asher Chen and government leaders, the biggest reason is that Dustin Zhou did not originally have a company in the media industry.

He has no interests in the media industry and will not become a competitor of those media companies.

But now it is different. Mingyang itself is the largest cosmetics company in the East China Sea.

If the well-known company reveals the meaning of purging the Donghai cosmetics company and the market, then it will receive a great attack in an instant!

And these dozens of people may be the most determined attackers and opponents!

For their own interests in the industry, they even join forces to suppress well-known companies.

This is not what Dustin Zhou wants to see.

“What conditions?” Wang Dalu of Time Beauty Company asked nervously.

Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words like this, his heart sank suddenly, and then regrets surged like a tide.

He knew that there was a price to be paid to participate successfully.

But after all, he still had a hint of fantasy, maybe Dustin Zhou was just testing them.

Once Dustin Zhou put forward harsh conditions, he must be difficult

To accept.

If you don’t participate in the new project by then, you will definitely be hit by the three people who left.

The others just watched Wang Dalu indifferently, and did not speak out for support.

They all know that the new project will make money, as long as they participate in it, just lie down and count the money.

For such a good thing, they wish they would take it all. Now if there is one less participant, one less participant, and their share will be larger.

“The conditions are simple, the admission fee is 10 million!” As soon as the voice fell, a sensation in the conference room started.

“Ten million? Really?” “Ten million is not a piece of cake. Is it really that simple?” “I don’t see it. If there are other conditions behind that, let’s see.” … Wang Dalu heard 10 million, his body shook in an instant.

His Time Beauty has also encountered a great dilemma recently!

The quality of one of the cosmetics that I represented before was not good, which attracted many complaints and returns from customers.

This puts Time Beauty on the cusp.

And he also suffered a huge loss.

Right now, beauty is struggling to support the entire time.

After the entire company settled, it was only about 8 million.

With these 8 million, Time Beauty will really run out of ammunition and food, maybe those employees will be discouraged and leave directly.

After all, since the incident, up to now, seven or eight employees have resigned.

But eight million is not enough, two million short.

“Look for an old classmate to borrow two million, maybe there is a chance to participate in this new project! I must participate in this new project!” Wang Dalu’s hands were hanging on his waist, but at the moment he clenched tightly.

“There is only one condition, so don’t think too much about other things. The admission fee of tens of millions will be invested in research and development funds at that time.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

“Excuse me, Mr. Zhou, we are all investing 10 million. How do we calculate the respective share by then?” This question is very sharp, and everyone’s eyes are over.

Even Wang Dalu looked over and looked nervous.

If Dustin Zhou asked them to pay 10 million and just participate in cooperation, without shares, then there would be no money at all.

Even if I make a profit, I’m just working for a famous company.

But if you own shares, how many shares should you occupy?

Does Mingyang also give out 10 million?

Will it be evenly divided with these companies?

If that were the case, everyone would be so excited!

“This is exactly what I want to talk about next, ten million admission fees, I will give you an account later, after you have all paid, we will call everyone to discuss on October 1. Discuss the specific plan for this cooperation.” Dustin Zhou said softly, and also hinted at everyone.


On the 1st of the month, we will convene everyone for discussion.

So your entrance fee must be credited to a special account before October 1st!

Otherwise, just give up this opportunity.

The hint is not too vague, many people can hear it.

But all of a sudden, their faces became serious.

It is now the end of the month, and it is only two or three days before October 1st.

I want to withdraw 10 million funds from the company at once. Time is a bit tight.

Wang Dalu’s expression became more tense, and his body trembled.

Three days!

Only three days!

He has only three days to borrow money from his friends and classmates.

Once he borrows less than two million in three days, he will have nothing!

“I’ll go back and prepare now!” After making up his mind, Wang Dalu left the meeting room from his birth and left the meeting room in strides.

…… And at this time outside the door of Mingyang Company.

The three people who left directly from the conference room were not far away right now, staring at the door of the famous company, trying to see if anyone left again.

But they were a little disappointed.

Nearly ten minutes passed, there was no one.

“Huh! When they find that they can’t participate, they will regret their death.” “Yes, there is Sheng Yiguan’s old immortal. I gave him face, but he also turned to the famous company, if he can’t participate. , I must let his Shengrong company cease to exist!” … The three people talked freely, their faces full of confidence.

“Hey, someone has come out!” “Look, what I said, Dustin Zhou asked them to participate, there will be demands. No, some people can’t meet the demands.” “Go, go and see who it is! “

Chapter 204

“Yeah, isn’t this Wang Continent? Why did you come out?” “Haha, it must be said that it must have failed to meet the requirements to participate in, and was bombed out!” “Wang Continent, you were the first to stand up before. Agree, it really disappoints me.” “Now you can’t participate in the new project, I’ll take a look, yours

How long can Time Beauty live?

“… Wang Dalu was a little worried. He was full of calculations and could come up with 8 million, but the entrance fee of 10 million is still two million short. These two million are not a small sum. Even if it is him, It also needs to be carefully considered. Those of his friends and classmates do not have a particularly wealthy existence, and he himself is almost among the top three. Now that he borrowed money in the past, those people may not agree! “I said Wang Mainland China, can you stop joking?

You are the boss of the company with tens of millions of assets. You ask me to borrow money, don’t be kidding.

“The person on the other end of the phone was the best classmate from Wang Dalu University. Back then, he was in a bunk bed relationship. And that classmate is currently working as an executive in a foreign company, and his annual salary is not low, which is comparable to Wang Dalu. The classmate laughed. After two beeps, he directly hung up the phone. Wang Dalu put away the phone in silence, and clenched his right fist. He just left the meeting room and started calling friends and classmates. He went downstairs to the door of the famous company. This is already the third call he made. No doubt, all failed! No one wants to lend him money! Especially when he heard about borrowing two million, his tone was not good, and he mocked Wang Dalu in every possible way. Wang Dalu’s heart grew colder, and he was stopped by someone thinking about whose call he was going to call next. Looking at the three people in front of him, Wang Dalu frowned. His time is very tight now, only three days. And he is still two million short. He doesn’t want to borrow from other companies, because that would expose his current situation and be unfavorable in subsequent discussions. “What for?

“Wang Dalu wanted to go through, but was blocked by them. “Wang Dalu, do you regret it now?”

“As long as you agree, I can buy your company and give you a good offer. Then you can work with my company.”

“Uh, two million is enough?”

After speaking, the three people laughed in unison. To them, a existence like Wang Dalu is the bottom layer. Just stay at the bottom layer. No one will cut his money. But now, the bottom layer people. To even want to go to the upper level to find food, this is undoubtedly an insult to these people who claim to be the upper level. “What are you talking about?

Wang Dalu opened his eyes wide and looked at these three people in surprise, not understanding what they were talking about. “Humph!”

Wang Dalu, don’t think we don’t know that you simply cannot meet the requirements of Dustin Zhou, and now you have no chance to participate in new projects. Are you particularly regretful?

“A person in the middle sneered with contempt. “Do you think I can’t meet the requirements?”

“Wang Dalu understood at this time

Come over, why did these three people directly block themselves and say those inexplicable things as soon as they left the door.

It turned out that I thought I was kicked out.

“Huh! It’s all this time, I still want to pretend! Your time beauty is small, and now you are encountering difficulties, can you still meet his requirements?” The three of them obviously didn’t believe it.

Such a large project involves the entire cosmetics industry in Donghai City, and the conditions for entering a new project must be very harsh.

The previous speculation of these three people is that the size of the company alone, without hundreds of millions, are not eligible to participate.

“Yes, I met the requirements.” Wang Dalu said lightly.

“Hehe, I knew that you couldn’t meet the requirements…” The man in the middle wanted to ridicule, but he said half way, but he suddenly decided.

“What are you talking about? Did you meet the requirements?” “It’s impossible. At least the company must have a scale of 100 million yuan. It is impossible for your small company to meet the conditions!” “Hmph! I thought you were an honest person, but I didn’t expect that you would lie, and your face was red and heartbeat, so perfect!” The three suddenly sneered, and they didn’t believe what Wang Dalu said.

“I didn’t lie, Mr. Zhou’s condition is an entrance fee of 10 million yuan, don’t I have it yet?” Wang Dalu said sternly.

Although he does not have ten million now, it is impossible to say it directly, as that will make people grab the handle.

“What? Ten million admission fee?” The three exclaimed in unison. After looking at each other, everyone’s face was full of shock, and their eyes were full of regret.

“How is this possible, ten million, don’t you know the importance of this project with the surname Zhou?” “Or, this so-called new project is not a good project at all. He just wants to cheat money?” Turning his eyes, he tried to find some flaws.

But after thinking about it, I didn’t find any flaws.

“That’s ten million!” At this moment, a voice full of joy came from behind Wang Dalu.

Several people looked over and saw Lu Bin walking out with a smile.

“Zhou Zong deserves to be a man of great courage. He only asked for an admission fee of 10 million yuan, and this 10 million yuan will be invested in research and development funds later.” Lu Bin smiled in his eyes. The three of them stayed for a while on their faces, then lightly patted Wang Dalu on the shoulder, nodded encouragingly, and left directly.

In an instant, the three people were dumbfounded.

“Really ten million?” The eyes of the person in the middle turned hard, feeling a little dry.

“It is indeed ten million! They should all come out later, you can ask whatever you want.” Wang Dalu stood proudly at the famous company

At the door, it has never been so comfortable.

While several people were talking, a dozen figures appeared in the lobby of Mingyang Company.

These are the people who have just stayed in the meeting room.

Sheng Yiguan walked in the middle, and Dustin Zhou also walked in the middle.

The two seemed to be talking.

Seeing this situation, the three people were extremely upset.

They knew that what Wang Dalu said was probably true.

Dustin Zhou’s request is only ten million yuan in research and development funds!

Dustin Zhou and Sheng Yiguan talked and laughed and walked to the door, and saw that the three people before him stopped in front of Wang Dalu, their expressions cold instantly.

To dare to block people in front of Mingyang Company is really a bear!

“Your name is Wang Dalu? Young man, I am very optimistic about you!” Dustin Zhou walked over, stretched out his hand and patted his shoulder lightly, as if the elders encouraged the younger ones to say so.

Then, Dustin Zhou looked at the three people.

“Didn’t you already leave? Why are you still here? And you dare to block people?” “Zhao Bing!”

Chapter 205

Is there going to be big news again?

Dustin Zhou shouted, and Zhao Bing rushed over with a few security guards.

Since joining Dustin Zhou, Zhao Bing has been arranged to serve as the head of the security department at Mingyang Company, which can be regarded as a promotion and salary increase.

“Shoot the three of them away! Don’t obstruct the eyes of the employees of the famous company.” As soon as Dustin Dustin’s hand fell, Zhao Bing led the people and rushed over.

“Ah! Dustin Zhou, you can’t do this!” “We haven’t done anything, you can’t do this, let go!” “Ah, help!” “Dustin Zhou, we were wrong, forgive us, we are willing to participate, we are willing Pay 10 million, no, 20 million admission fee, let us join in!” “Yes, I am willing to pay 20 million too!” …… Zhao Bing is agile, and takes the security to pay three. All individuals are uniform.

And the three people were also afraid, and immediately cried.

At this time, these three were originally the bosses of their respective companies. They should have been awe-inspiring and triumphant, but now they have tears on their faces and are embarrassed.

“Twenty million?” Dustin Zhou asked with a smile.

“Yes, yes, 20 million, we all give 20 million.” When the three people heard Dustin Zhou say this, they thought that the opportunity had come, and they were immediately excited.

“Where is the beggar?” “Zhao Bing, bang out!” However, Dustin Zhou sneered and stopped paying attention.

And Zhao Bing also brought security guards and blasted the three people out.

“Let everyone laugh.” Dustin Zhou turned to look at the dozen people behind him and smiled softly.

And the dozen or so people looked at Dustin Zhou, and they only felt a stunned heart, and suddenly became solemn, and they didn’t even dare to gasp.

The three people who were kicked out were even stronger than many of them.

Even they are treated like this, not to mention the weaker people.

Therefore, no one stood up to speak for the three of them.

After bidding farewell to everyone, Dustin Zhou returned to the office, thinking about what had happened just now, only to find it very interesting.

“Sister Ye, come here.” Dustin Zhou called Sara Ye to the company’s internal phone.

“Zhou, are you looking for me?” Sara Ye walked in quickly, holding a lot of information in her hand.

“Well, that person just now is called Wang Dalu, check his information.” Dustin Zhou is somewhat interested in this Wang Dalu.

When Dustin Zhou was in the conference room before, he observed that almost everyone had yelled at him, but Wang Dalu didn’t say a word, but his face was a little gloomy.

Dustin Zhou thought he was just pretending, but he didn’t expect that he was the first to join him.

Soon, Wang Dalu’s information was checked by Sara Ye and handed it to Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou looked at the information, frowning.

According to the data, where Wang Continent is

Time Beauty was originally pretty good, but not long ago, because of the agency of a product, it caused many problems and caused the company to fall into trouble.

Dustin Zhou followed the information and read, suddenly startled, and then chuckled.

Because he saw the product that Wang Dalu represented.

Whitening storm mask mask!

This is the mask created by Edward Shen and Charlie Chen in order to attack famous companies. It is a copy of the whitening and anti-aging factor mask.

Originally, this mask is also selling well.

But in the face of the strength of the whitening and anti-aging factor mask, it has been in decline.

Afterwards, the negative news about daring to whiten storm mask masks broke out, causing consumers to lose their trust in it.

“It seems that I caused him to get into trouble.” Dustin Zhou laughed softly.

After failing to represent the whitening storm mask, Wang Dalu has been looking for another way out, but has been unable to do so.

After reading Wang Dalu’s materials, Dustin Zhou also had a general understanding of him.

Honest, practical and hardworking!

But there are also many disadvantages.

A rib!

Not decisive enough!

But in Dustin Zhou’s view, these are not big problems.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou had the idea of ​​digging Wang Dalu under his command.

“This matter is not in a hurry now, wait and see, after I take Mingyang Company on the right track, I can leave.” Dustin Zhou thought in his heart, looking forward, his eyes a little hollow.

… In the blink of an eye, three days have passed!

October 1st, National Day!

The entire East China Sea was immersed in the joy of celebration.

People are everywhere on the road, each celebrating the country’s 70th birthday.

Famous company.

“President Shen, Mr. Zhou, everything is ready, we can set off.” Sara Ye said softly.

Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen looked at each other, and when they got up, they drove directly to the city center!

Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

“Mr. Chen, the car is ready.” “Well, Xin’er stays at home, don’t run around.” Asher Chen smiled on his face, and beside him was his nephew Chen Kuan.

After the two got in the car, they also headed towards the city center.

Rongsheng Company.

“Ms. Sheng, we are all ready and ready to go.” “Well, watch those two beasts carefully, don’t let them go out to cause trouble, they are not learning or skillless!” Sheng Yiguan glanced coldly and stood in the corner. The two trembling sons exhorted their wives, then got in the car and headed towards the city center.

Time Beauty Company.

Looking at the empty office, there are only four employees left.

Adding Wang Dalu himself, there are only five people.

And this is already the last team of Time Beauty.

“President Wang, can you really succeed?” “Yeah, President Wang, if it fails

If we are gong, we can still fight hard, I don’t believe it, there is no way to the world!

“President Wang, come on, we are optimistic about you!”

“… The employees cheered for Wang Dalu. After coming back last time, Wang Dalu told the rest of the employees. There were originally nearly 20 employees. But after speaking, there were a dozen of them all at once. Resignation. Only the four people in front of them stayed. Wang Dalu didn’t know what moving is before. But now, he understands. Holding back the tears in his eyes, Wang Dalu nodded deeply. “Don’t cry now,” After you are successful, come back and celebrate!

A man walked over from Wang Dalu, stretched out his hand and patted his shoulder lightly, and there was some redness in his eyes. Wang Dalu looked over, his face was suddenly full of smiles. A gap of two million. , Made Wang Dalu almost give up. I contacted nearly fifty friends and classmates, and no one was able to listen to him to finish. Just when Wang Dalu was desperate, an unfamiliar call came. Desperate Wang The mainland answered the phone mechanically. “Hello, is it Wang mainland?

This is Chen Hui.

“Wang Dalu swore that at that moment, he was really stunned. He even spent a long time thinking about who Chen Hui was. After half a minute, he remembered that Chen Hui was his opponent in college. Two Whether in study or in school activities, people have the meaning of fighting. After Wang Dalu graduated, he broke contact with Chen Hui. He originally thought that the two would never meet again. But he did not expect Chen Hui to contact him. I gave myself a helping hand. “This time, we will win!


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