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Chapter 995

“No matter what advantage you have, you are destined to be just an imitation.” “No matter how similar you are to me, you are also destined to be impossible to me.” “It’s just a copy, you are not at all. Maybe better than me.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

“It’s ridiculous!” Fake Dustin Zhou was also angry.

“Can you still not understand the current form? My strength is exactly the same as yours.

Yes, but my physical strength is limitless. You are the one who will lose!

“Indeed, according to the current situation, Dustin Zhou is set to lose. There are no minutes at all, and the advantages and disadvantages of both sides have been pulled. It is foreseeable that if the fight continues, the advantages and disadvantages can only be increased. The bigger Dustin Zhou is, there is absolutely no possibility that Dustin Zhou can win. But Dustin Zhou does not think so. How could it be possible to lose to a fake? Even if you tell me the facts, I cannot lose to you! What’s more, this It’s just the first level! How could it stop here! This battle, I’m sure! Dustin Zhou let out a roar, and pounced on it again. But it is obvious that in front of absolute strength, how strong his mentality is No matter how determined he was to win, it was meaningless. Soon, he was kicked back by the fake Dustin Zhou. This time, the gap between the two sides was even greater, not just the difference in physical strength, Dustin Zhou He even suffered a lot of injuries on his body. In this trend, even if he is completely defeated, it is nothing unusual. Fake Dustin Zhou walked towards Dustin Zhou step by step, looking at him with indifference. Said, “Now, do you still have the confidence to win?

“But I also said that you don’t have to worry, even if you die here, I will live for you.”

“All your unfulfilled wishes, I will fulfill them for you.”

“There was a trace of loneliness in Fake Dustin Zhou’s eyes, as if he was very unwilling to see Dustin Zhou being killed. Dustin Zhou sneered, “There is still no need to say these things.

“I have already said that I am me, you are you, you can never be like me!

“I do have a lot of unfulfilled wishes, but for those things, I will personally complete them, so I won’t bother you as a counterfeit.

Dustin Zhou grinned, wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, and rushed forward again with a nonchalant expression. The two sides fought again and another piece, and gradually, a touch of impatience appeared in fake Dustin Zhou’s eyes. This guy is really true. It’s too difficult! Really Dustin Zhou, even if he has been wounded all over his body, he still looks like he doesn’t care. He is fighting him with the attitude of dying together! Why can’t he give up? He has increased his attack. , Because he was tired of this kind of fighting. Suddenly, Dustin Zhou took a punch from him, then took a step forward forcibly resisting the injuries in his body, and rushed in front of him. “Grab you.”

A wicked smile flicked across Dustin Zhou’s mouth, and then the true energy in his body broke out, and his two arms forcefully controlled the fake Dustin Zhou’s arms.

, He raised his knee and hit Fake Dustin Zhou’s head severely.

“You seem to be able to repair your injuries quickly, right?” Dustin Zhou said as if talking to himself, and quickly walked around Fake Dustin Zhou’s back, and then pulled hard, pulling his arms straight off!

In fact, in the previous battle, while the fake Dustin Zhou caused Dustin Zhou a lot of injuries, Dustin Zhou also injured him.

But this fake Dustin Zhou, it seems that not only physical strength can be recovered, but even the injury can be quickly recovered.

So Dustin Zhou guessed that it won’t work to fight like this. No matter how hard he tries, as long as he can’t kill this guy at once, it’s equivalent to doing nothing, and the opponent won’t suffer any loss at all.

In this case, you have to cause irreparable injuries to the opponent!

Dustin Zhou once again remembered that inside the Dragon Ball, the Tragedy Tower had torn off the arm of the robot.

This trick seems to work. Theoretically speaking, if you pull off the other party’s arm, the other party must be finished.

If this can be repaired, what is the difference between this guy and the immortal?

That’s why this situation has emerged.

And being able to seize the opportunity to tear off the opponent’s arm was also a countermeasure Dustin Zhou had thought of long ago.

At first, he was evenly matched with False Dustin Zhou because neither side was injured, and the method, intensity, and even thinking of both sides were the same.

In other words, Dustin Zhou wanted to change this kind of fighting situation, so if he forcibly reversed his fighting habit and replaced it with a completely different fighting method, the opponent would just think so.

As a result, a weird scene appeared, because both sides wanted to change, and the ideas were exactly the same, so the final result was that the battle modes of both sides were exactly the same.

This was the beginning, no matter what, Dustin Zhou couldn’t get any benefits.

But as the two sides fought deeper and deeper, this situation was changed.

Because the fake Dustin Zhou was thinking when the real Dustin Zhou had the upper hand.

But the real Dustin Zhou has the thinking when he was in desperate situation.

When the same person is in a different environment, his way of thinking is definitely different.

Therefore, after the later stage of the battle, the two sides’ shot patterns are completely different.

On the surface, it seemed that Dustin Zhou had been beaten even harder, but for Dustin Zhou, this was also a sign of opportunity.

He deliberately showed a crazy posture, as if he didn’t care about anything in order to desperately.

But in fact, he was already prepared for a good time and gave the opponent a big move.

At this time, you still need to create it yourself. Dustin Zhou thinks about the problem from his own perspective, even if he is

Occupying an absolute advantage, in fact, it will not be too light.

The only time it will be taken lightly is probably when hitting an opponent.

At that time, no matter who changed it, he would be happy.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou simply slapped him abruptly, and then directly pressed to his body, tearing off the opponent’s arms.

Of course, this palm also severely wounded him, spewing out a big mouthful of blood, and the internal organs were as hot as fire, and probably all were shattered.

However, these are all worthwhile.

Because he won!

Dustin Zhou lost both arms in his hands and looked at the false self with a smile on his face and said, “Now, have you taken it?” “I told you that you can’t beat me, because, You are just an imitation.”

Chapter 996

The fake Dustin Zhou had lost his arms and basically lost his combat ability.

Although Dustin Zhou himself was very embarrassed, he was covered with blood and bruises, even if he was just standing, he seemed to have exhausted all his strength.

But he still straightened his back. This is his pride. In other words, he can’t show any signs of weakness before the counterfeit falls.

“Do you have anything else to say?” Dustin Zhou said with a sneer, “Would you like to try to beat me? Tell me that even if I pass your level, I don’t have the strength to pass the next level.” He is giving fake Dustin Zhou a chance.

Although Dustin Zhou won, his inner pride told him that he didn’t need to quickly eliminate this counterfeit.

Because the other party didn’t deserve to let him cut the grass in such a hurry.

He can give the other party another chance, and if the other party has anything else or no means, he can take advantage of it now.

“Don’t hit me? If you don’t hit me, you’ll die soon.” Dustin Zhou tilted his head and stared at the fake Dustin Zhou with a smile.

Even Dustin Zhou, after defeating such a powerful enemy, a strong sense of accomplishment emerged in his heart.

Just like the bald teacher in One Punch Man, the bald teacher is too powerful, no matter how powerful an enemy is defeated, there will be no fluctuations in his heart.

Before Dustin Zhou, there was something about that problem to some extent, but now, the enemy he is facing is an enemy that is evenly equal to him, even stronger than him, so after defeating this fake Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou is still a little proud.

This is also the reason why he did not directly kill the fake Dustin Zhou.

“If you have anything you want to say, just say it now.” Dustin Zhou squatted in front of Fake Dustin Zhou, looking into his eyes and said.

He wanted to know that such a simulated character copied by the formation

When you are dying, will your eyes show pain or unwillingness?

None of this, Dustin Zhou read a trace of pity from the fake Dustin Zhou’s eyes.


Are you pitying me?

Dustin Zhou was a little puzzled. It was obvious that he had won. This guy actually looked at him with pity?

“Do you think you won?” “How are you sure and won?” “I said, if I win, my mind will become yours completely.” “In other words, How can you be sure that you are the real Dustin Zhou now?” Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, and he remembered the story about the transmission company and the business elite.

At the end of the story, the business elite and the copied business elite still met.

After meeting, they both believed that they were the real business elites, and the other one was copied.

If that happens, who is the real one?

“You won, but it doesn’t matter. Keep going, even with my share, you must leave here alive.” Fake Dustin Zhou continued.

After speaking, he dragged his broken body and bumped his head against the wall next to him.

He actually chose to commit suicide. Dustin Zhou did not expect this result.

Moreover, the words of fake Dustin Zhou before his death made Dustin Zhou feel confused for a while.

Who on earth won?

Is it possible to be yourself, maybe which fake Dustin Zhou too?

It’s just that the memory has changed, so you think you are the real one?

This question really makes people feel entangled. It makes people wonder if they are themselves.

But fortunately, Dustin Zhou was not too entangled.

It was the same reason, his heart was extremely firm.

He quickly figured it out.

It doesn’t matter what the facts are. What’s important is that you are firm enough in your heart.

I am who I am, and whoever says nothing to me is nonsense.

True or false, he will not be influenced by others at all.

Dustin Zhou calmed down quickly. He sat on the stone bench and gradually recovered the zhenqi in his body. At the same time, he was running zhenqi to repair the injuries in his body.

Just like the fake Dustin Zhou said before, the next two levels are definitely more difficult than the first level.

But just talking about the fake Dustin Zhou in the first level, not to mention that there are countless traps that have been engaging Dustin Zhou’s mentality. Just talking about simple strength, that is also the existence of slamming Dustin Zhou.

Originally, the other party is stronger than you, with unlimited physical strength, and has been trying to make you mentality.

If there is a slight mistake in this, Dustin Zhou is afraid that he will die here directly.

The next two levels are more difficult than the first level!

Even Dustin Zhou,

I can’t imagine what kind of opponent will appear in the end.

But one thing he can be very sure about is that he must be fully prepared before he can enter the next level.

Dustin Zhou sat quietly on the stone bench for a long time. When the zhenqi in his body was almost restored, he slowly stood up and walked towards the second stone gate.

What will be behind the door?

Dustin Zhou put his hand on the stone gate and couldn’t help but hesitate.

After opening the door, will a spooky ghost with blue faces and fangs jump out?

Dustin Zhou took a deep breath, then pushed the Shimen away.

Even if it is unknown, this is not enough to make him feel scared!

Shimen was pushed aside, before Dustin Zhou had time to stabilize his mind and see what was going on inside, he was suddenly sucked in by a strong suction.

He only felt that his eyes were dark, and he suddenly lost control of his body, and he flew forward involuntarily.

When he was sober and able to open his eyes, he found himself in a pink cave.

Hmm… how to put it, this cave is a bit strange.

The air is filled with a faint fragrance, the night pearl on the wall emits pink light, and there are many petals on the ground.

The layout of this room is completely different from the previous one.

There are also stone tables and stools in this room, and on the stone table, there are also some exquisite-looking wines and dishes, which makes people salivate.

In fact, this is not strange.

The strangest place is behind the stone table, there is a stone bed with a pink curtain.

In this place, Dustin Zhou wiped a cold sweat with a guilty conscience. He is a man with a wife, how can he come to this place!

But he quickly realized that this was not a real red romantic area, but an illusion created by the formation.

This formation is also interesting. What is to be tested in this level?

Is a man’s waist good?

Chapter 997

In the first pass, Dustin Zhou could still recognize what he was testing and where the pressure was.

First, it is a textual research on the mentality of a warrior emperor.

Since you can become the emperor of warriors, you must have a fearless heart to move forward, which is certain.

But the point of the first level is to make you vaguely understand yourself. No matter how fearless and confident you are, you will inevitably be shaken at this time.

Secondly, the pressure brought by the first level is the real pressure. The opponent’s strength is exactly the same as you, and even has the same thinking as you.

With almost all conditions being equal, the other party has unlimited physical strength and energy.


With this one, countless strong people can feel pressured and suffocating.

Regardless of how strong you are, the other party is as strong as you, and has unlimited physical strength. How does it make sense?

This is no fun at all!

Therefore, Dustin Zhou can easily understand the difficulties of the first level.

But at this level, he really couldn’t understand it.

What is this stuff?

How did such a red romantic place come out?

What is the danger of this level?

Is it to test a man’s physical strength? How long can he last? Is his waist strength strong?

The danger of this level is to exhaust people alive?

If that’s the case… it sounds a bit tempting.

Of course, this was only Dustin Zhou’s ridicule in his heart. In fact, he still raised a little caution.

There is a saying, the gentlest danger is the deadliest!

If you relax your vigilance because the atmosphere of this place is too romantic, you may not even know how to die.

He scanned the entire room slowly, and finally squinted his eyes, focusing all his attention on the stone table.

He thought that the test characters of this level should also gradually condense from the stone table.

But he was wrong. After waiting for a long time, there was no movement on the stone table.

Dustin Zhou wondered if no one came out at all at this level.

Just as he was thinking about it, the stone bed behind the stone table made some movement.

The light curtain covering the stone bed shook a few times, and then, a woman’s head poked out from behind the curtain, and she looked at Dustin Zhou and cast a wink, “Official man, you are here.” Dustin Zhou was speechless, like this The provocation is too undisguised!

But he must also admit that the woman behind the curtain is really beautiful.

She wore an ancient service, just like a beauty who has gone through a thousand years.

And the moment she opened the curtain, Dustin Zhou also caught a glimpse of her body behind the curtain, wearing only a small red belly, exposing a large area of ​​white and smooth skin.

Amorous feelings.

Adding the woman’s charming eyes and movements, Dustin Zhou’s mind, there is only one word that can appear.

This is definitely a superb woman!

In ancient times, I am afraid that it is also an existence that can subvert the king’s power and allure the country.

At this time, the woman was looking at Dustin Zhou with a pair of poor women.

Even Dustin Zhou was lost for a moment.

However, it was only a moment.

This level is the so-called hero sad beauty level?

Dustin Zhou smiled contemptuously. If it was just such a customer, then this level would be a breeze for him.

It’s not that Dustin Zhou is not interested in beauties, but in comparison, he can stick to his heart.

He already has a wife.

And his wife is very kind to him, and he loves his wife very much.

Therefore, in this respect, as long as he is still conscious, he will never make a mistake.

But in fact, a blind spot of Dustin Zhou’s knowledge appeared in this place.

The so-called hero sad beauty is not just simply throwing you a beauty.

No matter how overwhelming the beauty is, as long as you are a true hero, you can definitely pass this level with perseverance.

Those who can’t get through are not called heroes.

The true hero is sad at the Beauty Pass, but it is actually related to another word.

Beauty is kind.

Take Dustin Zhou as an example.

This woman in front is definitely the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Even if Enderia Shen and Mira Xie were tied together, they couldn’t compare to the fascinating look of this woman.

Even the superstar Su Xiaomeng’s temperament is far less attractive than the one hundred thousandth of the woman in front of him.

It can be said to be so exaggerated. The woman in front of me doesn’t wear many clothes. In such an environment, she shows a just right and pitiful expression, which makes people feel like a stunning god who is at home every day. Waiting for your favor.

Such a scene, even the emperor, is very difficult to handle, this is simply poking every man’s weakness.

But in fact, it’s only when you don’t restrain yourself, you will actively find reasons to convince yourself.

But if you deliberately restrain yourself from being fooled, even an ordinary person with a little stronger willpower can avoid getting close to this woman.

Therefore, the so-called heroes sad for beauty is not so exaggerated.

But coupled with the grace of the beauty, the things inside can be big.

Take Dustin Zhou as an example.

The affairs of Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen.

Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen have already developed feelings.

Even now if Enderia Shen confessed to Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou might not be able to refuse.

Dustin Zhou was considered a hero, and he knew very well that he and Enderia Shen should not have feelings.

But he was defeated, completely defeated by Enderia Shen. In his mind, Enderia Shen had become an indispensable woman in his life.

This thing makes heroes sad for beauty, and the thing in front of you is at best to deal with some miscellaneous hairs.

Therefore, it is normal for Dustin Zhou to have such a contemptuous mentality.

Looking at this beautiful woman in front of him, Dustin Zhou smiled disdainfully, and said, “Is this the test of this level?” “If that’s all, I suggest you let me go quickly, yours Temptation is of no value to me!” Dustin Zhou was born coldly and echoed in the empty hall, full of confidence.

He has absolute self-confidence, it is impossible for this woman to make him a touch of heart!

That’s why he would directly persuade this woman not to waste time.

After the woman heard Dustin Zhou’s words, a touch of shock and incredible flashed in her eyes, and then said in a very aggrieved voice, “But, but I don’t want to do anything.” “I never thought of hurting you, if you If you want to leave here, just kill me directly.”

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