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Chapter 926

Xu Tianlong’s first reaction was that Dustin Zhou was talking nonsense.

Isn’t this obvious nonsense?

What is he Dustin Zhou?

A character who can’t even be regarded as a martial master, but can defeat the martial master?

Xu Tianlong felt that until now, the way to defeat the emperor of warriors must be something like a magic weapon or weapon.

Even if he was killed, he would not think of it, that method really was to directly turn Dustin Zhou into a martial master.

“Boy, if you really get something in the trial, I advise you to hand it over honestly!” Xu Tianlong said with a nasty expression, “No matter the method is a magic weapon or a weapon, obviously, use The person with that kind of weapon must be an existence that is infinitely approaching the emperor of the warrior, not an ordinary person like you who is not even a master of the warrior.” “Our common enemy is the main line of the Xu family, so you will We will definitely not treat you badly if you hand it over!” Dustin Zhou smiled.

He was laughing at Xu Tianlong’s shamelessness.

“Infinitely approaching the existence of the emperor of warriors? Isn’t Niu Chuan? If there is such a thing, I will definitely give it to Niu Chuan instead of you, right?” Facing Dustin Zhou, it didn’t matter. Xu Tianlong also smiled faintly.

He laughed because he thought Dustin Zhou was so stupid.

“Boy, you finally told the truth, right? You really got something in the illusion.” “Then there is nothing to say

Now, hand over the things and I will let you down the mountain.

“If you don’t hand it over, then you may not be able to leave this holy mountain.

“Now that he was sure of what Dustin Zhou had obtained, Xu Tianlong removed all his disguise and directly tore his face with Dustin Zhou. He didn’t tell Dustin Zhou any truth, but directly gave Dustin Zhou two choices. First. , Take out things, you can live. Second, don’t take out things, just die, and then he takes the things and leaves. It’s that simple. Of course, even if Dustin Zhou really hands over the things, then he will do the same Killed Dustin Zhou. The reason is very simple. He has completely offended Dustin Zhou. The two have become enemies. It is impossible to trust each other as before. Moreover, for Xu Tianlong who got the things, Dustin Zhou’s There is no value anymore. In that case, why should he keep Dustin Zhou? He is not afraid that Dustin Zhou will not give it, because he has already planned to grab it. “Be careful, Yang brother!

“Subconsciously, Niu Chuan directly guarded Dustin Zhou’s body. And stared at Xu Tianlong with stern eyes, “Old Pifu, you are too shameless!”

“Brother Yang got this thing through the trial, but you didn’t get it. Why are you so anxious for it now?

“Like you said, we are an alliance. As long as Brother Yang gets something, he can defeat the Emperor of Martial Arts. This is also a good thing for your Xu family. Why do you have to fight against each other?

“The honest Niu Chuan is still trying to persuade Xu Tianlong. But it is obviously meaningless to do so, Xu Tianlong sneered directly, “Stop talking nonsense, just say you can’t take that thing.”

“Don’t think about it!”

“Niu Chuan guarded Dustin Zhou tightly, with a look of death. Dustin Zhou felt warm in his heart and stretched out his hand to push him aside. Faced directly with Xu Tianlong and other three martial masters, he said uprightly, “I said. I didn’t get anything.

“If you don’t believe it, come and get it yourself.”

“Of course, the premise is that you have this ability.”

“Dustin Zhou’s tone was full of domineering, and Niu Chuan next to him was a little lost. Of course, he didn’t think about Dustin Zhou being the emperor of warriors. The aura of the emperor of warriors is fully open, and it’s natural to have such deterrent Faced with this kind of pressure, Xu Tianlong and others also felt very uncomfortable. But they only regarded this as a psychological effect, not how strong Dustin Zhou is. “Okay!

Boy, since you are looking for death yourself, then I will fulfill you!

“Xu Tianlong couldn’t bear this kind of grievance, so he snorted and shot directly. He is a martial master, and he is the highest kind of martial master, who is infinitely approaching martial arts.

The existence of Emperor Zhezhi is now suppressed by the aura of an ordinary person?

How can this make him bear?

Therefore, the strongest move is the one shot.

The other two martial masters of the Xu family did not make a move.

In their opinion, Dustin Zhou is dead.

A trash who is not even a martial master, facing Xu Tianlong’s strongest blow, there is no possibility of surviving.

You know, Xu Tianlong’s move has killed countless martial masters!

Niu Chuan was also shocked.

He had just been immersed in Dustin Zhou’s momentum and did not react.

It was too late when I reacted.

He could not stand in front of Dustin Zhou.

I could only shout, “Brother Yang, be careful!” This voice was full of unwillingness and anger, and now Niu Chuan also felt that Dustin Zhou was also dead.

Blame yourself!

If you don’t lose your mind, you can at least help Brother Yang block this punch!

“Old Piff, even if I fight for my life, I will die with you!” Niu Chuan roared loudly.

He can’t block that punch for Dustin Zhou, so he must avenge Dustin Zhou!

Even if the price is his own life!

Niu Chuanju looked at the scene in front of him eagerly.

Soon, the expression on his face solidified.

Immediately afterwards, there was shock and incredible.

In fact, it was not just him, the other two martial masters of the Xu family also had hell expressions on their faces.

As for Xu Tianlong himself, he felt that he must have hallucinations.

He hit Dustin Zhou’s head with a fist.

However, Dustin Zhou underplayed and grabbed his fist.

“You, you can’t!” Xu Tianlong muttered and looked at Dustin Zhou.

His brain was blank, as if he had lost the ability to think.

Even if he killed him, he couldn’t figure out what was going on.

“I said, the only way to defeat the Emperor of Martial Artist is myself.” Only Dustin Zhou said calmly and expressionlessly.

“If you don’t believe what I said, it’s okay. Why did you choose to shoot me?” “Aren’t we an alliance?” Dustin Zhou looked at Xu Tianlong with indifferent eyes and asked.

Xu Tianlong finally reacted, and hurriedly looked at the two companions behind him, “Quickly, come and help! Save me!” The two companions were entangled.

The subconscious mind told them that Dustin Zhou was a waste.

But what they saw before them told them that Dustin Zhou’s strength was unfathomable!

Seeing that his two companions were unwilling to help him, Xu Tianlong also understood his current situation and immediately began to apologize to Dustin Zhou.

“Then, I’m sorry, let’s just assume that nothing happened just now.”

Chapter 927

Xu Tianlong is watching

However, Dustin Zhou apologized directly.

Although this behavior is a bit shameless, it can be considered clean.

Dustin Zhou looked at Xu Tianlong amusedly, “As long as nothing happened?” “If my strength is not as good as you, if you are the one who has the upper hand, can you let me go so easily?” The answer is obvious. Negative.

Because Xu Tianlong acted directly with the determination to kill Dustin Zhou from the beginning.

Dustin Zhou didn’t provoke him. He wanted to kill Dustin Zhou directly for his own selfish desire. Now when he couldn’t beat him, he asked for reconciliation again.

Let Dustin Zhou treat it as nothing happened!

What a good thing is really let him alone!

So in the face of such unreasonable demands, Dustin Zhou’s response was just a sneer.

Hearing Dustin Zhou’s rhetorical question, Xu Tianlong frowned.

Although surprised at Dustin Zhou’s strength, he didn’t think Dustin Zhou really dared to kill him.

“Otherwise, what do you want? Now I have decided to let you go. You are still holding on to this matter. Is it possible that you still want to kill me?” Xu Tianlong said with a look of disdain.

Just kidding, he Xu Tianlong is the strongest martial master in the Xu family branch, and it is not too much to call it the pillar of the Xu family branch.

If Dustin Zhou really dared to kill him, then there is no doubt that he would directly declare war on the Xu family.

Are there few enemies of Dustin Zhou now?

The unfathomable main line of the Xu family, the grandson family of the first family in Donghai city and the Ding family of the third family are eyeing.

And what strength does Dustin Zhou have?

He has no farts!

It doesn’t seem to be right. Dustin Zhou now seems to be a bit stronger, and he can hang and beat him, the strongest martial master, with one hand.

In the past Dustin Zhou, that really didn’t have any farts. If he insisted on saying it, there was only one martial artist Niu Chuan willing to protect him.

The remaining other forces, such as the Su family with four martial masters, or the Xu family branch with more than 20 martial masters, are just Dustin Zhou’s alliances, not at all Dustin Zhou’s own forces.

Under such circumstances, Xu Tianlong didn’t believe Dustin Zhou dared to attack him at all.

The reason is simple. Originally, most of Dustin Zhou’s forces relied on Xu’s branch to support the market.

If Xu Tianlong is killed and Dustin Zhou and the Xu family’s fans turn against each other, he will not only lose the support of the Xu family, but also a large number of enemies will be created. Even the Su family will not dare to stand by then. By Dustin Zhou.

In other words, if Dustin Zhou dared to kill Xu Tianlong, he would immediately become a lonely man!

In the entire Donghai City, all forces will become his enemies!

Xu family main line, more than 20 martial masters, among them, there may be a warrior emperor.

The Xu family is divided into more than twenty martial masters.

Su family, four martial artists


The Sun family, six martial masters.

Ding family, two martial masters.

Originally, nearly half of these people were his allies.

Once Xu Tianlong is killed, these forces will all become Dustin Zhou’s enemies!

Xu Tianlong didn’t believe Dustin Zhou really dared to do this!

The other two martial masters of the Xu family obviously thought the same way, and they looked at Dustin Zhou with a vague warning.

“Mr. Zhou, we are allies. I hope you can keep this in mind.” “Although my parents made the mistake first this time, my parents also apologized to you, and hope you can be more generous.” Little things have missed the whole situation.” The two martial masters said in unison.

Although they wanted Dustin Zhou to let Xu Tianlong go, they didn’t ask in their tone, but with a slight threat.

Niu Chuan swallowed and looked at Dustin Zhou nervously.

Although from an emotional point of view, Xu Tianlong first attacked Dustin Zhou, of course Niu Chuan hoped that this guy would die directly.

But from a rational point of view, he also knew that Xu Tianlong could not kill.

So looking at Dustin Zhou’s eyes were full of tension.

Only Dustin Zhou has always been expressionless.

He listened quietly to the crowd and then laughed.

That’s right, he laughed, and laughed very relaxedly, as if he had heard a few nice jokes.

“You all said that I can’t kill him, and you said a lot of reasons you think you think, but have you ever thought that it’s just your reason, what does it have to do with me?” “If I don’t want to kill him, then You don’t need to explain, and I won’t do it.” “But if I am willing to kill him, it is a wave of hands. There is no such situation as you said.” “If so, what does it have to do with me? I want to What I did was just obeying my own heart.” Dustin Zhou said very calmly. This is the symbol of his imperial heart.


Consider the big picture?

No, it doesn’t exist.

He is the emperor of warriors, the supreme emperor, all he wants to do is to obey his own heart.

He thought Xu Tianlong had made a mistake and should be executed, then he would kill Xu Tianlong.

As for the threats they mentioned, Dustin Zhou didn’t care about it at all.

Because he did nothing wrong.

In the case that he has done nothing wrong, if someone dares to take the initiative to find him trouble.

Then…run over!

Regardless of your Xu family’s main line, no matter how many martial masters you have, and no matter whether you are the enemy of all the forces in the East China Sea.

As long as it makes me unhappy, then tear it all apart!

This is the dominance of the Emperor of Warrior!

The domineering heart of the emperor!

Dustin Zhou looked at everyone indifferently, calmly

There is a majesty that cannot be provoked in his voice.

“Listen, you can kill him or not. It just depends on my own feelings.” “Actually, I didn’t intend to kill him. I hope to give him a chance to reform.” “But now, I see you. Suddenly, I felt that there was no need for such an attitude.” Dustin Zhou looked at Xu Tianlong, “In other words, you can die.” There was a panic on Xu Tianlong’s face.

At this time, he finally began to be afraid.

“Boy, dare you!” He first subconsciously threatened.

But when Dustin Zhou found out that Dustin Zhou had begun to do something, he hurriedly begged for mercy, “No, don’t kill me!” “I was wrong, I realized that I was wrong, and give me a chance to reform!” “I am a martial master! I am! I don’t want to die!” Xu Tianlong screamed in pain, but it was a pity that his screams had no effect at all, and Dustin Zhou slapped him to death.

Facing the shocking scene before them, everyone’s eyes widened in shock.

The two martial arts masters of the Xu family looked at Dustin Zhou with sullen expressions, “Mr. Zhou, did you intend to declare war on the Xu family’s separation?”

Chapter 928

The main line of the Xu family and Dustin Zhou are opponents themselves.

If Dustin Zhou continues to declare war on the Xu family branch line now.

What he faces will be a terrifying ancient behemoth.

The Xu family, a hidden family at its peak!

Even if Dustin Zhou is really an emperor of warriors, he would not dare to win the battle against a family of this level.

Of course, if Dustin Zhou really declared war on Xu’s Fen line, then Xu’s Fen line would not be well.

They are definitely not Dustin Zhou’s opponents. At this time, they can only choose to return to the Xu family and join the Xu family’s main line.

At that time, they had to swallow the hatred left over from a long time ago.

More importantly, if they really returned to the main line of the Xu family because they were homeless because they were beaten by Dustin Zhou, then the people in the main line of the Xu family would definitely torture them severely.

After all, the hatred between the two parties has basically reached an insoluble level.

Therefore, the two martial masters of the Xu family are also very entangled.

They didn’t want to make enemies with Dustin Zhou, but Dustin Zhou killed their elders in front of them.

Xu Tianlong, as the strongest martial master of the Xu family, also holds a very important position as an elder.

This is also a very important facial issue for the Xu family.

Dustin Zhou killed their elders, and they continued to be allies with Dustin Zhou. If this kind of thing were to be said, all the forces in Donghai City would treat their Xu family branch as a joke.

“I didn’t mean to declare war on you. The reason why I killed Xu Tianlong was also

It’s because he wants to kill me first.

“As for whether you want revenge in the Xu family, that kind of thing has nothing to do with me.”

“I have a clear conscience in what I have done. If you want revenge, I will continue. If you think it is not my fault, then we can continue to be an alliance.

“All the right to choose lies in your hands. As for me, it doesn’t matter.

Dustin Zhou said lightly. As the emperor of warriors, this is a must-have mentality to be able to face all things in the world with the emperor’s mentality. As long as I have a clear conscience, it doesn’t matter what you choose. You can take revenge. Ah, I will not reason with you to say that Xu Tianlong provokes me first. No reason is needed, you trouble me, I will accompany you. After speaking, Dustin Zhou turned around and left. Niu Chuan followed closely. Behind him, the two martial masters bit and followed up. The four quickly left the sacred mountain. After leaving the sacred mountain, they would never see this huge mountain that clearly existed in the world. And when I returned, I couldn’t find any traces of the existence of the holy mountain. Just like Niu Chuan said, everyone knows that there is a way to defeat the Emperor of Warrior on the holy mountain, but no one has really obtained it, or even none at all. People have seen the sacred mountain. The so-called sacred mountain is just a legend. Dustin Zhou and the others were able to enter the sacred mountain because Bingyue led the way. Now they have lost Bingyue, even if they just came out of the sacred, they will never look for it again. There was no way to go back. The group didn’t struggle with anything here, and soon returned to Donghai City. “I don’t know what the situation in Donghai is now.

“There was a hint of excitement in Dustin Zhou’s eyes. Although he became the emperor of warriors, it doesn’t mean that he won’t be excited. He just strengthened his own heart, and his heart is touching When it comes to the person I care about most, I will also be very excited. “It’s hard to say, we have been away for a full two months. It is not surprising that what will happen in these two months.

Niu Chuan’s expression was gloomy. “Two months?

Dustin Zhou was stunned for a moment. They went to search for the holy mountain in only one day. Then he entered the illusion. From the illusion, he returned to Linhai the same day. In other words, he stayed in the illusion enough. Two months? “Yeah, don’t you know Brother Yang?

“Niu Chuan asked in a bit of astonishment. Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly and shook his head. He had only spent three days in the illusion. Could it be that the time spent in a coma was too long? This is the truth, I want to. To become the emperor of warriors, in addition to the emperor’s heart that has been trained, it also requires a huge amount of energy and a strong body.

Physical fitness.

These are things Dustin Zhou does not possess.

Bingyue itself is a collection of energy, and also a collection of energy of the Emperor of Warrior.

She integrated her own energy into Dustin Zhou’s body, and it took two full months to absorb this huge energy.

So Dustin Zhou was indeed in a coma for two months. During these two months, his body had been undergoing changes, but he didn’t know it.

“Yes, Brother Yang, if it wasn’t for that cave we couldn’t get in anyway, I would rush in and save you.” Niu Chuan couldn’t help but said.

It was two months after Dustin Zhou entered. Niu Chuan once thought that Dustin Zhou had died inside.

It’s just that the cave can’t be opened even if the four martial masters tried their best.

In desperation, they could only wait outside for two months.

Dustin Zhou thought for a while, no wonder he saw Niu Chuan, Xu Tianlong and the others in embarrassment after he came out of the cave.

It seemed that they had survived by looking for food on the mountain for these two months, and they couldn’t take a bath yet, so they were all in embarrassment.

“If two months have passed, then things may be really troublesome.” Dustin Zhou was also a little big.

He also didn’t expect that it would take him two months to go.

“I don’t know if the Xu family was born or not.” “If the Xu family was born, it would depend on the people of the Tiger Lord. I don’t know if it can be stopped.” Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but speed up his steps.

They soon entered Donghai City. Two months later, except for the warmer weather, the city did not seem to have changed much.

It’s just that many of the beautiful women who come and go on the street wear short shorts and small vests, showing white thighs and attractive figures.

“Brother Yang, where shall we go first?” Niu Chuan asked in a deep voice.

After arriving in Donghai City, Niu Chuan immediately became vigilant.

It is very likely that this is already Xu family’s territory.

They must be more careful.

“Go to Enderia Shen first.” Dustin Zhou said without hesitation.

It’s not that he doesn’t care about Mira Xie, but that his relationship with Mira Xie does not seem to be that close to the outside world.

In other words, even if the Xu family was born, there was little chance of taking the lead against Mira Xie.

On the contrary, it was Enderia Shen, but he arranged her mother in Enderia Shen’s home!

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