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Chapter 488

“Sister Ling, let me come.” Seeing Sister Ling preparing to open the door, Jiang Yan said quickly.

She knew Sister Ling’s temper very well and thought about herself, and the atmosphere of the Jiang family was not only Sister Ling, but she also felt it.

So at this time, Sister Ling might lose her temper to defend herself.

And this is the Jiang family, and Ling sister may not be able to take advantage.

Stopping Sister Ling, and walking to the door, Jiang Yan directly opened the door and looked at the maid standing outside the door with a blank expression.

Jiang Yan remembered this person. When she came back to Changsha from abroad and returned to Jiang’s house, this maid always followed and served herself.

Jiang Yan also knew that this maid was actually sent by her father Jiang Xingyuan.

It can also be said that in name it is to take care of Jiang Yan, but in fact, it is not without the meaning of surveillance.

Otherwise, Jiang Yan left the Jiang family a few times before, and Jiang Xingyuan would not know so soon.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Yan said lightly.

The maid outside the door saw that the door was suddenly opened, Jiang Yan suddenly appeared in front of her, and coupled with this cold tone, she didn’t respond at once, froze in place, hesitated and couldn’t speak. .

Jiang Yan frowned and she felt a little dissatisfied, but she did not express it, but slowed down her tone.

“What’s the matter?” This time, the maid reacted, and then said quickly.

“Miss, the second master is looking for you. After asking you to come back, go find him.” After the maid finished speaking, she stepped aside and waited for Jiang Yan to make a decision.

She was just a person who came to convey the news. After she finished speaking, she could logically leave directly.

But without a definite reply from Jiang Yan, she couldn’t leave directly.

“Well, I know, I’ll be over in a while, you can reply first.” Jiang Yan nodded and said lightly to the maid, and then closed the room no matter what the maid might look like or what else was going on. door.

The atmosphere in the room is a bit solemn.

Forgiving that it doesn’t matter, he lay back on the bed, supporting his head with his right hand, and looked at Jiang Yan with a smile.

“Sister Ling, what are you laughing at?” Jiang Yan was a little confused by Sister Ling, and couldn’t help asking softly.

“Little Yan’er, you said, your Jiang family, especially your father, are you particularly worried that you will be abducted by Dustin Zhou?” Sister Ling’s beautiful eyes turned around and said suddenly.

“What? Sister Ling, you…” At this moment, Jiang Yan was taken aback, her face was flushed instantly, and she said vaguely. At the end, she couldn’t say anything that could refute Sister Ling.

For a moment, Sister Ling was unhappy, stood up abruptly, walked in front of Jiang Yan a few steps, stretched out a finger of her right hand, and gently raised Jiang Yan’s smooth chin.

, Streaming in the beautiful eyes again and again.

“No, Xiao Yan’er, wouldn’t you really be interested in Dustin Zhou? Tell me honestly!” Sister Ling’s tone was full of upset, she just made a casual teasing just now, and what she said didn’t pass through her brain at all. .

But now seeing Jiang Yan’s reaction, Ling sister suddenly became alert.

This little Yan’er shouldn’t really mean anything to Dustin Zhou, right?

Otherwise, why after she said something like this, she hesitated, couldn’t say it clearly, and even her face was flushed?

For a moment, sister Ling’s heart tightened, her beautiful eyes staring at Jiang Yan’s eyes, full of worry.

“Sister Ling, what are you talking about!” Jiang Yan was so ashamed that she pushed away Sister Ling’s hand, pretending to be angrily, and even pretended to reach out to beat Sister Ling.

“It’s just that what you said was too sudden and ridiculous. I didn’t know what to say for a while, and how could you say that to Sister Ling!” Jiang Yan said very quickly and directly refuted Sister Ling.

“Really?” Sister Ling was dubious. After taking a deep look at Jiang Yan, she stopped mentioning this topic.

However, Sister Ling could feel the solemn atmosphere of the Jiang family now.

And she also believed that Jiang Yan could see it too, and because Jiang Yan himself was Jiang’s family, Jiang Yan’s own feelings might be stronger than her own.

“However, Xiao Yan’er, I also heard what the maid said just now. You said that your father suddenly came to you, and he came to see you when you came back. Is there anything wrong? Or is it because he gave you Dustin Zhou Is he opposed to being an ambassador?” “Or, shall I go with you?” Sister Ling said with some worry.

It was not that she was afraid that Jiang Yan would be wronged.

As the eldest of the Jiang family, it is impossible for Jiang Yan to be wronged in Jiang’s family. What’s more, this time it was Jiang Yan’s father looking for her, so Jiang Yan is even more unlikely to be wronged!

“No, I won’t be okay, don’t worry, wait until I see what’s going on. When I get back, let’s talk about it.” Jiang Yan shook her head and said flatly, rejecting Sister Ling’s offer to accompany her to see her father. thing.

“All right.” Sister Ling had no choice but to let Jiang Yan go alone.

However, Sister Ling also made up her mind, no matter what the situation is, and no matter what the Jiang family may object to, if Jiang Yan is wronged, she will definitely take Jiang Yan away, and no one can stop it.

Jiang Yan asked Ling sister to take a break in the room, and then after finishing her dress, she opened the door and went to Jiang Xingyuan’s small courtyard.

Although this time, she faintly guessed that Jiang Xingyuan was looking for her purpose, but Jiang Yan still decided not to agree.

As for the specific situation, Jiang Yan couldn’t figure it out now, but with a dignified look, he walked towards Jiang Xingyuan’s small courtyard step by step.

However, what Jiang Yan didn’t know was that after she left, Sister Ling first lay in bed for a minute, but after all, she was still very worried, got up and followed Jiang Yan.

Jiang’s backyard, in Jiang Xingyuan’s small courtyard.

At this time, Jiang Xingyuan was sitting alone on the stone bench in the small courtyard. In front of him, there was a stone table, which was filled with things.

But Jiang Xingyuan himself frowned, looking at the things on the stone table with a cold expression.

“Father, are you looking for me?” Jiang Yan came to the small yard and saw his father Jiang Xingyuan at a glance, said softly, and walked over.

However, when she walked to Jiang Xingyuan and her eyes fell on the stone table, her eyes condensed slightly, and her heart suddenly became heavy.

These things placed on the stone table are surprisingly some promotional posters and materials made by him as the ambassador of the famous company.

It was scattered and disorderly placed on the stone table, and there were traces of being gripped hard.

Only this time, Jiang Yan knew what would happen if Jiang Xingyuan asked for himself.

But she was not in a hurry to argue, she had her own considerations and persistence.

But for all things that she thinks need to be persisted and worthy of persistence, she will definitely persist, and will not care about others’ views of herself, let alone let others interfere with her actions.

Chapter 489

Of course, this premise is naturally that everything she does is legal and good, and will not cause any harm to others.

Therefore, Jiang Yan simply pretended not to see what was on the stone table, and sat across from Jiang Xingyuan, looking at her father blankly.

“Don’t you have anything you want to say to me?” After seeing Jiang Yan coming, Jiang Xingyuan just greeted himself and sat down, saying nothing else, and said coldly.

However, although the tone is cold, but there is no point of blame, only full of helplessness.

Regarding Jiang Yan becoming the ambassador of the famous company, not only he, but the entire Jiang family has no news at the beginning.

It wasn’t until Mingyang announced that the Jiang family knew that at that time, everyone was dumbfounded, and then furious.

The Jiang family even held a family meeting for this purpose, and even Jiang Zhifeng, who is currently the highest in the family, came forward.

But fortunately, Patriarch Jiang Fanliu gave Jiang Xingyuan face to deal with this matter himself.

Otherwise, Jiang Xingyuan didn’t know how to tell Jiang Yan.


I have nothing to say, I just came back today to get some things, and I have to go out later.

Jiang Yan stroked the hair in his ear and said lightly. “Jiang Yan, do you know what you are doing?”

What are these, do you pretend to know nothing?

If it weren’t for large-scale publicity outside, how long would you have to hide it?

Seeing Jiang Yan insisting on doing this, Jiang Xingyuan suddenly became angry. He picked up various propaganda posters with Jiang Yan’s photos on the stone table, and was about to smash Jiang Yan in the face. But when he hit it out, Jiang Xingyuan felt a little unbearable, and he chose to smash at Jiang Yan’s feet. “What are these?

What are these?

You give me a good explanation!

Who asked you to do this?

Jiang Xingyuan was furious. He pointed to the posters by Jiang Yan’s feet and scolded Jiang Yan angrily. His tone was full of anger. There was even some disappointment. Jiang Yan, from beginning to end, had no face. Too many changes in expression. It’s just that when the posters hit her feet, there was a slight wave in the fundus of her eyes. Because she had seen it clearly just now, Jiang Xingyuan was planning to smash the posters into her face at first, but later changed The direction. Just this one touch triggered the softness in Jiang Yan’s heart. “These are just ordinary posters. They are nothing. Besides, can’t I do this?

These seem to be my freedom.

“Jiang Yan said lightly, leaning over and picking up the posters at her feet, laying them on the stone table again, and looking at it seriously. She had already seen the previous promotional posters and photos, but she hadn’t been too careful. Look at it more. After all, she hasn’t taken photos before, even for art photos, she has more than one set. Therefore, she didn’t take a set of photos used in publicity so seriously. Jiang Yan suddenly discovered that the self in the photo was actually a little pretty, and there was a kind of immortality. Even, a thought suddenly emerged in Jiang Yan’s heart. Judging from the photo on the poster, she seemed to be better than that Enderia Shen. There is Mira Xie, I can’t find out where to go. But when this thought appeared, Jiang Yan herself was shocked, and she shook her head quickly, eliminating this thought from her mind. She didn’t know why she suddenly had this One thought, I actually wanted to compare with Enderia Shen and Mira Xie. The three are independent people, and there is not much involvement between them. Even Enderia Shen, Jiang Yan and her are just an ambassador. As for Mira Xie, Jiang Yan herself never even said a word to Mira Xie face to face. It was just at the Jiang family dinner.

At that time, I had a rough look from a distance.

But now, Jiang Yan suddenly gave birth to an idea of ​​comparing the three of them together, which is totally unnatural.

However, fortunately, this was just an idea in Jiang Yan’s mind. She hadn’t talked about it with others, nor showed anything unusual.

However, even if Jiang Yan eliminated this idea from her mind, her cheeks were still blushing.

“Freedom? Don’t you know the relationship between Dustin Zhou and Mingyang? You don’t know the grievances between Dustin Zhou and our Jiang family? Your cousin Jiangbei was abolished by Dustin Zhou, but you are now The image ambassador of Mingyang Company, do things for Dustin Zhou. If you do this, what do other people in the family think? What do you think about your uncle? What do you think about grandpa?” Jiang Xingyuan saw that Jiang Yan still didn’t think he had done something wrong, and was a little angry After that, the tone became a bit tough, and even pointed to Jiang Yan and asked three consecutive times.

Jiang Xingyuan was very angry. He originally thought that Jiang Yan was only deceived by Dustin Zhou’s rhetoric.

As long as she explained the situation clearly to her, Jiang Yan would be able to recognize the situation and make the right choice.

But now it seems that Jiang Yan knows everything, but still insists on doing so. This is basically taking Jiang Yan’s interests, Jiang Yan’s face and dignity, and even his father’s face and dignity and prestige. Going on.

“Jiang Yan, do you know your mistake?” Jiang Xingyuan said harshly.

Now, let’s not say that the Patriarch Jiang Fanliu has given Jiang Xingyuan full authority to deal with Jiang Yan.

It can be said that all the eyes of the Jiang family now, it can be said that they are all on Jiang Xingyuan’s body, all to see how Jiang Xingyuan is going to deal with Jiang Yan.

If Jiang Xingyuan doesn’t handle it well, then he will be severely deducted points in the hearts of the Jiang family, and even in Jiang Fanliu’s mind, the impression will be greatly reduced.

In addition, at the last Jiang family meeting, what Jiang Fanliu said to the boss Jiang Xingfang revealed a lot of information.

This made Jiang Xingyuan a little anxious.

Jiang Fanliu talked about the uncle.

In Jiang Xingyuan’s impression, it seems that he does have an uncle, although he has not seen his uncle several times even after so many years.

But in my impression, before I was ten years old, I still saw my uncle once a year.

Moreover, his uncle is a person with a very high level of medical skills.

At this time, Jiang Fanliu suddenly said that his uncle would come back to Jiang’s house this year, and he focused on Jiang Xingfang, asking him to take Jiangbei up to see his uncle.

Jiang Xingyuan naturally understood the meaning of this.

This obviously wanted that uncle to show Jiangbei to see if he could be cured.

And since Jiang Fanliu would say so, it shows that he is very confident in his brother.

If Jiangbei is cured, Jiang Xingfang will regain the qualifications to compete for Patriarch.

And if Jiang Xingyuan didn’t handle Jiang Yan well, it would leave a bad impression in Jiang Fanliu’s mind.

Then, he will fall into Yu Jiang Xingfang again.

Then, once the two sides compete for the position of Patriarch, his chances of winning Jiang Xingyuan will be greatly reduced.

Chapter 490

Therefore, Jiang Xingyuan must deal with Jiang Yan’s matter, and it must be handled well.

Otherwise, he will definitely leave an incompetent impression and label in the eyes of the Jiang family.

However, all these are just the thoughts in Jiang Xingyuan’s own mind, and only he knows it.

Jiang Yan didn’t know.

Moreover, Jiang Yan didn’t care.

“Are you wrong?” Jiang Yan looked up at her father slightly, feeling strange and disappointed.

My father, did he know he was wrong just now?

What mistake did you make?

Know your own mistakes?

Jiang Yan didn’t know or understand.


At the moment, she thought of many things.

Before, she was originally a talented and beautiful woman in Hunan Province, and she was the admiration of many people.

At that time, Jiang Yan was also very fast.

It’s not just a collection of thousands of pets.

Moreover, she has the identity of Miss Jiang’s family. No matter what she does or make friends in Xiang Province, she is very smooth.

Although there may be some utilitarian factors in this, Jiang Yan doesn’t care.

Until one day, her father Jiang Xingyuan found herself and wanted to send herself to study abroad.

At that time, Jiang Xingyuan had not considered Jiang Yan’s ideas, and regardless of whether Jiang Yan was willing or not, he even bought Jiang Yan’s plane tickets directly.

And to say hello to Jiang Yan is nothing more than a greeting.

At that time, Jiang Xingyuan’s reason was for Jiang Yan’s good.

At that time, Jiang Yan was indeed immature and didn’t have that much thought.

So she took it seriously.

However, Jiang Yan didn’t know how selfish his father was at that time until he encountered many things abroad.

So this time when she returned to China, she had very little time in Jiang’s family, and when she came back, Jiang Xingyuan would hold a banquet for her son-in-law.

Jiang Yan herself was very disgusted, so she chose to leave Jiang’s house that night.

And now, Jiang Xingyuan found himself once again, and without knowing anything, holding a few of Jiang Yan’s propaganda posters, he opened his mouth and asked.

Are you wrong?

Jiang Yan was completely disappointed.

She was not wrong at all.

Even if there is a relationship between Mingyang and Dustin Zhou, even if there is a huge grievance between the Jiang family and Dustin Zhou, even if Dustin Zhou abolished Jiangbei.

But so what?

What does it have to do with me?

It was me and Mingyang, and Dustin Zhou that had conflicts of interest, conflicts, and grievances?

Did I abolish Jiangbei?


All this is just one side of the Jiang family.

Besides, Jiang Yan hadn’t learned about the grievances between Jiang Family and Dustin Zhou before.

Knowing the inside story, Jiang Yan didn’t think that this so-called grievance was the same thing.

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with me?” Jiang Yan stubbornly raised her face, looking at her father, tears were already rolling in her beautiful eyes.

She was so disappointed.

I’m his daughter, so I just ask if you know you are wrong, indiscriminately.

Jiang Yan wanted to stand up and shouted, what is wrong with me.

But she didn’t. He chose to leave Jiang Xingyuan a face so that the father and daughter would not completely break apart and stand on opposite sides.

After all, Jiang Yan still has a glimmer of hope for her father Jiang Xingyuan.

After all, Tiger Poison does not eat children. As Jiang Xingyuan’s only daughter, she does not

I believe Jiang Xingyuan would really not think about her even a little bit.

“A**hole!” “Slap!” Jiang Xingyuan was furious when he saw Jiang Yan still being so persistent, especially when Jiang Yan questioned him, he couldn’t help but slapped directly.

When the applause was loud, Jiang Yan was stunned, and Jiang Xingyuan himself was stunned.

He looked at Jiang Yan’s smooth and white right face with a bright red palm print, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and his heart suddenly regretted.

He didn’t hold back just now and slapped Jiang Yan.

“Jiang Yan, I…” Jiang Xingyuan suddenly realized that his slap was a bit too much and wanted to apologize, but when he saw Jiang Yan’s eyes, suddenly he didn’t say anything.

Jiang Yan didn’t even cover her right cheek, but felt the pain on her face.

Looking at Jiang Xingyuan, this own father, Jiang Yan felt calm.

Although she never thought that one day Jiang Xingyuan would slap herself, Jiang Yan could still accept this slap.

After all, Jiang Xingyuan is an interest-oriented relationship.

I sent myself to study abroad just to marry a lady from a big family.

Now, I slapped myself in order to eliminate the cooperation between myself and Dustin Zhou.

All of this is because he thinks about problems from his own perspective, never thinking about what Jiang Yan would think, what Jiang Yan would do, why Jiang Yan would do it.

Moreover, every time, as the victim of interest, it was Jiang Yan.

“A**hole, what are you doing!” Suddenly, Sister Ling rushed out, pulled Jiang Yan up, and brought her behind her.

But she herself glared at Jiang Xingyuan.

Although he knew that this man was Jiang Yan’s father, it stands to reason that he should also be his elder.

However, just at the point that he had acted on Jiang Yan just now, Sister Ling had already regarded him as an enemy.

Not to mention, Jiang Yan’s position in his mind is that Jiang Xingyuan, as a father, slapped his daughter severely.

This in itself is unqualified!

In other words, in the eyes of Sister Ling, Jiang Xingyuan is not worthy of being Jiang Yan’s father!

“Who are you? This is the Jiang family…” Seeing Sister Ling suddenly rushed out to protect Jiang Yan, she also shouted at herself.

Jiang Xingyuan suddenly became angry and pointed at Sister Ling sharply, preparing to call someone to blast her out.

In Jiang Xingyuan’s memory, she had never seen sister Ling.

Moreover, her sudden appearance at Jiang’s house was probably an arrangement made by Dustin Zhou.

This made Jiang Xingyuan extremely angry, feeling that Dustin Zhou had reached out into the Jiang family.

“Who am I don’t need you to worry about you, you are not worthy of being a father, Jiang Yan today I will take away, as for your slap, I will

I’ll settle the account with you!

Sister Ling stretched out her hand domineeringly to stop Jiang Xingyuan, without giving him a chance to continue speaking, she just snorted and turned and took Jiang Yan to leave. As for Jiang Yan, since Sister Ling rushed out until now, she didn’t say a word at all. Also let Sister Ling pull herself out. “Huh, this is the Jiang family. If you want to leave, you asked me first!

“Jiang Xingyuan snorted coldly, very angry with Sister Ling, but he knew that he was not suitable for doing it. “Come on, send the young lady back to her room, and the woman, don’t let her leave Jiang’s house, there is no mine. Order, miss can’t go anywhere!

” “Yes!

“An answer came out from the dark, and then, several figures moved out from the small courtyard. On the other side, Sister Ling naturally heard Jiang Xingyuan’s words, and at the same time, in the next second, three guards appeared opposite her. The courtyard, in the shape of “Pin”, surrounded herself and Jiang Yan.

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