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Chapter 908

When I first saw Bingyue, the little girl had an old-fashioned look, giving Dustin Zhou the feeling that she was big and small, as if she knew everything.

But when Dustin Zhou said that she was a tourist, she became polite and seemed a little happy, but she lost the aura at the beginning and seemed a bit silly, but this was only for her age of seven or eight.

By now, Dustin Zhou said that he wanted to be as strong as her, that is to say, when the purpose of coming here was to gain strength, Bingyue’s personality changed again.

It became a bit indifferent, without any nonsense, and it gave Dustin Zhou the feeling that it was like a machine, executing a procedure step by step.

He did not dare to speak much, quietly drank the hot tea, raised his head and looked at Xiang Bingyue. When he just wanted to say something to ease the atmosphere, Bingyue interrupted him, “Half an hour, tell me Come on.” Dustin Zhou was stunned for a moment, and took a look at the phone from his pocket.

It turned out to be half an hour!

This Bingyue didn’t have a mobile phone, how did she know that it was exactly half an hour now?

But she didn’t have a chance to ask questions, because Bingyue had already stood up and walked inside, Dustin Zhou could only follow.

Niu Chuan and the others also hurriedly followed, but Bing Yue suddenly turned around.

“Are you my guests?” Niu Chuan and the others were taken aback.

Are they not?

Obviously, they also found Bingyue’s emotional shift.

“You are waiting here!” Bing Yue coldly ordered, turning around and continuing to walk forward.

Niu Chuan glanced at Dustin Zhou with an anxious look. Dustin Zhou smiled and shook his head at him to signal him to calm down.

Obviously, Niu Chuan is worried about Dustin Zhou.

But Dustin Zhou felt that he didn’t need to worry.

If Bingyue was really going to be disadvantageous to herself, it wouldn’t make any sense even if Niu Chuan followed them all the time. After all, Bingyue’s strength had exceeded their imagination.

Abandoning Niu Chuan and others, Dustin Zhou followed Bingxue to the end of the cave. At the end, Bingyue reached out and pushed open a stone gate.

Is there a Shimen in it?

Coming to such a primitive place, Dustin Zhou thought everything here was original, but when he thought of Bingyue’s strength, he was relieved immediately.

Think about Bingyue’s mother again, that is a super power that can hide a mountain, even if it is so strange to create a stone gate in it?

Pushing open the stone door, Dustin Zhou entered a place similar to a bedroom, with a stone bed inside and a bedding on it.

There is even a dressing table next to the stone bed with a bronze mirror on it, and beside the bronze mirror, there is a photo…or a self-portrait.

A woman, a beautiful woman, can be described as shocking.

See a woman

At the moment of appearance, Dustin Zhou’s heart was shocked.

Who is that woman?

Why does he always think he has seen it there?

And, very familiar, the moment he saw the woman’s face, he almost blurted out the woman’s name.

But what exactly is that name?

He doesn’t know, but he doesn’t know why, he always feels that there is a force held in his chest, and he wants to vent it at any time.

“Follow me.” Bingyue didn’t stay in this bedroom. She had already arrived in front of another stone door in the bedroom and said coldly to Dustin Zhou.

“Ah? Oh.” Dustin Zhou came back to his senses, shook his head vigorously, and threw the woman’s appearance out of his mind, and then followed Bingyue’s footsteps.

Leaving this bedroom, they went outside.

Just outside the cave, beside this bedroom, he left the cave directly…Is this cave so small?

It looked like two bedrooms, one Bingyue’s bedroom and the other Bingyue’s mother’s bedroom, but from the outside, it shouldn’t be so small.

But there is sunshine, plants, and many animals… No, this is not outside at all!

Dustin Zhou was shocked to find that he was still in the cave, because when he looked up, it was a gray area and he couldn’t see anything clearly.

But if there is such a good sunlight, he should be able to see the sun and white clouds.

“Where is this?” Dustin Zhou asked subconsciously. At this moment, he suddenly got a headache.

There seemed to be a turbulent memory about to tear his consciousness and overflow to swallow him.

This place, deja vu, that woman, deja vu.

Who is she?

And who is he?

“This is where you become stronger.” Bingyue didn’t seem to realize Dustin Zhou’s reaction, and said coldly.

“Become stronger? How should I be stronger?” Dustin Zhouqiang said, enduring a headache.

He suddenly regretted coming to this place.

It seems that this place does make him stronger, but he has to lose something.

What it is?

He didn’t know, but a voice in his heart seemed to remind him, urging him, let him go back and leave this place.

He tried to stay awake, then looked at Bingyue, hoping she could give himself a hint.

But the Bingyue in his eyes gradually blurred.

“No, no, don’t go!” Dustin Zhou roared, staggering towards Bingyue.

Suddenly, his eyes went dark, and everything in front of him disappeared.

He shook his head, then blinked, and suddenly he sat up with a sharp spirit.

What is this place?

He looked around,

Everything is very bright and quiet. This is the villa he bought.

Lvjingwan City.

Come home?

He tried hard to recall something, and suddenly remembered that he was awakened.

It hurts to pinch his face hard.

What? It’s just a dream.

But how could I have such strange dreams, and so real.

When did the dream start?

Before heading to the sacred mountain?

But when did I go back to the villa to sleep?

That dream was so long and real, and the most terrifying thing was that Dustin Zhou could not remember what happened yesterday.

In other words, he didn’t know when he returned to the villa to sleep. It seemed that a period of his life had been erased.

He began to panic again, and then hurriedly walked out of the bedroom and rushed into the living room downstairs.

Mira Xie is already putting breakfast in the bedroom.

“Wife.” Dustin Zhou felt relieved after seeing Mira Xie.

“Wife, do you know when I will be home?” Dustin Zhou asked.

“What’s the matter? Sleeping silly? You went home after get off work yesterday.” Mira Xie smiled softly at him.

Then she naturally pulled the chair away and sat on the vice seat of the dining table, “Hurry up and wash your hands and eat.” Then, she shouted into the bedroom again, “Mom, come out for dinner!” Mom?

Who’s mother?

Shouldn’t my mother be at Enderia Shen’s house?

Dustin Zhou vaguely felt something was wrong, and then looked at the bedroom.

Chapter 909

Dustin Zhou never expected that the person who came out of the bedroom was Mira Xie’s mother!

Thanks mother?

Why did she come to her villa?

This woman has always looked down upon herself, always felt that she was a trash, and drove herself out of Xie’s house. At this time, how did she come to the villa of the details?

Dustin Zhou’s face was a little gloomy, he frowned and asked, “Why are you here?” Mother Xie was taken aback for a while, and said with a bit embarrassed expression, “Well, Xiao Yang, why did you suddenly say this?” “Do you want to drive me away again? I haven’t done anything wrong lately?” Nani?

Dustin Zhou was dumbfounded and looked at the woman in front of him dumbly.

This thing that looks like a human is really Mira Xie’s mother?

Are you kidding me, Xiao Yang?

Drive her away?

Listening to Xie’s mother’s slightly pleading tone, Dustin Zhou felt that his three views had collapsed.

Is this really that arrogant, domineering, profit-seeking woman?

He scratched his head, not understanding what was going on for a while.

It’s just that Xie’s mother’s tone suddenly changed so polite, he was a little bit embarrassed instead.

“Okay, my husband, Mom already knew it was wrong. We have been living together for so long, why are you suddenly angry with her again?” At this time, Mira Xie said again.

“What?” Dustin Zhou was still a little dazed.

What is the situation?

Judging from the current form, he seems to have reached a conclusion.

Xie’s mother seemed to know that she was very rich, and now she is trying to flatter herself.

And it seems that I forgave my mother, and let her move into a one-section villa, where the three have lived together for a while.

But the crux of the problem is… when did these things happen!

“By the way, what about my mother?” Dustin Zhou asked as if he had remembered something.

“Husband, what’s wrong with you today? What nonsense are you talking about?” Mira Xie stood up from his seat and touched his forehead thoughtfully in front of Dustin Zhou.

“There is no fever, why are you talking nonsense?” Mira Xie murmured.

“What are you talking about with fever or not? What about my mother?” Dustin Zhou became a little irritable.

Mira Xie in front of him gave him a strange feeling.

Although, this woman is very gentle to herself and very considerate when she speaks, as if she is also very concerned about herself.

All of this should be the life I want, but Dustin Zhou just feels that something is wrong.

“Husband, you won’t have amnesia.” Mira Xie gave Dustin Zhou a weird look, and then slowly told what happened.

Dustin Zhou returned from the sacred mountain and successfully defeated the Xu family and established himself as the Emperor of Warriors.

Not only that

He also led the Xu family back to the Zhou family and defeated all enemies. After inheriting the Zhou family, he turned the Zhou family into the first family in the East.

Now Zhou’s mother naturally went to live in Zhou’s family in Beijing.

Dustin Zhou returned to Donghai City and chose to live with Mira Xie.

“Is that so?” Dustin Zhou sat in his seat blankly.

Mira Xie is very truthful.

But he didn’t remember any of these things.

Listening to Mira Xie’s point, I was like this after waking up from a drink with Niu Chuan last night.

“Husband, you don’t really have amnesia, don’t you remember it?” Mira Xie looked at Dustin Zhou with concern, “Don’t scare me.” Dustin Zhou shook his head.

“Ah? What should I do? By the way, the hospital, go to the hospital!” Mira Xie said, and hurried out to drive.

And the mother Xie here is also very anxious, “My dear son-in-law, you can’t be okay!” “What if something goes wrong with Mira! What should I do!” Mother Xie was worried, and It’s not like it was pretended.

Dustin Zhou ignored her because Dustin Zhou was in a mess.

Very messy.

At the last moment of his consciousness, he went to the holy mountain, then saw Bingyue, and went to a cave.

In that cave, Bingyue said that she could make herself stronger, and then she lost consciousness.

Could it be that several months have passed since then?

He had a headache, stumbled into Mira Xie’s car, and soon came to the hospital.

Now Dustin Zhou’s identity is unusual. When Mira Xie took him to the hospital, the top neurology experts quickly rushed over. After an examination, the experts shook their heads.

“Doctor, what is going on with my husband? Can his memory be restored?” Mira Xie asked concerned.

“It’s hard to tell, we haven’t encountered the situation of Young Master Zhou.” “Judging from the brain waves, he has no problems at all, so we can’t judge the cause of his amnesia.” “You just now I have also said that Young Master Zhou has not been stimulated recently, only that he drank once last night and was not drunk.” The neurologist shook his head repeatedly, saying that he did not understand why Dustin Zhou had memory loss.

If I don’t understand the reason, I can’t investigate it.

“You fart! Do you know who my son-in-law is?” Xie’s mother rushed up at this moment.

“I’m telling you, if you can’t cure my son-in-law’s amnesia! I will tear down your broken hospital!” Mother Xie yelled frantically, and the doctor nodded in terror. Obviously, the doctor should know Dustin Zhou’s identity.

Soon, the rest of the Xie family also

Here, without exception, after asking about Dustin Zhou’s situation, they began to insult the doctors.

There seems to be no problem, these are the virtues of the Xie family.

Dustin Zhou sat there quietly, and suddenly felt a little bored.

He suddenly shouted, “Shut up all of you!” The Xie family turned around, looked at Dustin Zhou in amazement, and bowed their heads and closed their mouths.

Xie Yong also tried to explain something, “Brother-in-law, we are also for your good…” “For me?” Dustin Zhou looked at him with interest.

It was really funny. Before that, he had never thought that one day he could be treated like this by the Xie family.

I didn’t even think that this day would come so suddenly, it seemed that I just slept, and suddenly became like this.

“Well, since the experts can’t cure my disease for the time being, don’t cure it yet.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

“Ah? How can it work?” everyone persuaded.

Dustin Zhou listened coldly to their persuasion for a while, and then suddenly said, “Why, isn’t what I said doesn’t work?” This sentence made these people completely quiet.

“Well, I want to go out alone, remember, don’t try to follow me, understand?” Dustin Zhou said to everyone again.

Chapter 910

The Xie family didn’t agree with Dustin Zhou to go out alone at first, but with Dustin Zhou’s current status, they didn’t dare to stop him at all, they could only let Dustin Zhou go out directly.

Dustin Zhou left the hospital and took out the phone from his pocket to check the time.

It has been half a year since I returned from the Holy Mountain.

Have you lost the memory of half a year?

Judging from the current situation, it seems that this is indeed the case. At least those from the Xie family performed similarly, without the slightest flaw, and everyone fits their personality.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t think so.

He always felt that something went wrong.

Didn’t Mira Xie say that he was already the emperor of warriors?

Dustin Zhou tried to run his body, and found that his body did not seem to be much different from before.

He found Niu Chuan and stared at Niu Chuan seriously for a while.

“Brother Yang, why are you always looking at me?” Niu Chuan scratched his head somewhat honestly.

“Fight with me.” Dustin Zhou said.

Niu Chuan froze for a moment, then laughed, “Brother Yang, you are the emperor of warriors, how could I be your opponent?” “I am really the emperor of warriors?” Dustin Zhou asked.

“Of course, who doesn’t know that you are the emperor of warriors, Brother Yang, what happened to you today?” Niu Chuan asked with some confusion.

Dustin Zhou didn’t speak. After watching Niu Chuan quietly for a while, he suddenly punched Niu Chuan.

Niu Chuan couldn’t react at all, spraying a mouthful of blood and flying out.

My own punch actually has such power?

He just didn’t try his best!

Dustin Zhou was shocked and hurried over to Niu Chuan, “Chuanzi, are you okay?” “No, it’s okay,” Niu Chuan spit out blood and smiled bitterly, “Brother Yang, what are you doing? With a little strength, my life is gone.” Looking at Niu Chuan’s collapsed chest, it appeared that several ribs had been broken, and Dustin Zhou knew that he had not lied.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou felt a little guilty.

He doesn’t quite believe that he has amnesia, otherwise, why are there not even the slightest impression of those previous memories?

So he subconsciously wanted to find Niu Chuan to try his strength.

But I didn’t expect that, because of his own willfulness, he almost killed Niu Chuan directly.

What if this is not an illusion at all, and he really killed Niu Chuan?

Dustin Zhou felt a little scared when he thought of this.

And he also thought of one thing.

The reason why I suspect that this is an illusion is because I have no impression of what happened in the past six months, so I feel very unreal.

But if you really have amnesia, then you shouldn’t have any impression of what happened in the past six months!


Impressions can be called amnesia!

After passing Niu Chuan, Dustin Zhou gradually accepted his amnesia.

“I’ll take you to the hospital.” Dustin Zhou carried Niu Chuan on his back.

“No need for Brother Yang, I am now in the half-emperor’s realm. With this little injury, I can recover my infuriating qi by running it on my own.” Niu Chuan waved his hand at Dustin Zhou, expressing his harmlessness.

Dustin Zhou didn’t bother him, and watched Niu Chuan sitting on the ground running Zhen Qi, and then he recovered the ribs he had just injured.

After stepping into the realm of the emperor of warriors, is there any such ability?

Dustin Zhou thought.

He also noticed Niu Chuan’s words just now, saying that he was already a half emperor. Dustin Zhou of the half emperor didn’t know what it meant, but he thought about it, half of his feet should have stepped into the realm of the emperor of warriors.

He nodded, and walked forward with Niu Chuan.

“Where shall we go next?” Niu Chuan asked behind Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou raised his head and thought about it, then suddenly thought of the Sun family.

Before losing consciousness, the Sun family was still the first family in Donghai City next year.

Later, I defeated the Xu family. I must be very respectful of myself when I want to come to the Sun family.

Dustin Zhou felt a little happy when he thought of the way Sun Qiankun and Sun Tian were in front of him.

“Go to Sun’s house.” Dustin Zhou said with a faint smile on his mouth.

“Sun family?” Niu Chuan’s expression was a little weird.

“Right.” Dustin Zhou didn’t know why Niu Chuan reacted like this.

“Brother Yang, the Sun family has been destroyed by you. It no longer exists. Have you forgotten?” Niu Chuan said.

“I, destroyed the Sun family?” Dustin Zhou pointed to his nose and asked with wide eyes.

“Yes, there are only two first-class families in Donghai City, the Su family and the Xie family. Of course, these two families are your puppets of Brother Yang. The head of the Xie family is your sister-in-law, Mira Xie. The head of the Su family is now Su Wei.” Niu Chuan patiently explained to Dustin Zhou, but the gaze that looked at Dustin Zhou still revealed weirdness.

Niu Chuan’s eyes were weird, and Dustin Zhou’s heart was depressed.

Do you still do such a thing?

However, Mira Xie said that after he returned to Zhou’s family, he even turned Zhou’s family into the first family in the East.

“Forget it,” Dustin Zhou waved his hand. “Then don’t go to the Sun’s house. By the way, where is Enderia Shen now? What about Mingyang Company?” “Boss, you won’t have memory loss, right?” When Dustin Zhou asked these questions, Niu Chuan finally couldn’t help it. “You and Enderia Shen are also married, and she lives in another villa. As for the famous company, it is already the largest brand of cosmetics company in the East.” Of course, the headquarters is still in Donghae, and you

It’s the chairman of Mingyang Company. Do you want to visit the company?

“Niu Chuan asked. Dustin Zhou was a little surprised. It was not that Mingyang became the No. 1 cosmetics company in Asia, but Niu Chuan’s first words. He also married Enderia Shen? Are you kidding? He already has a wife. Ah! Isn’t that Mira Xie? How could she marry Enderia Shen? “That’s the truth.

“Niu Chuan shrugged his shoulders and looked like you don’t ask me. It’s obviously your wife. If you ask me, I don’t know how to explain it to you! Dustin Zhou scratched his head, gritted his teeth and said, “Lead the way,” I’m going to see Enderia Shen.

Niu Chuan also nodded. He felt that Dustin Zhou was very weird today. Perhaps things would be better after seeing Enderia Shen. The two walked towards Enderia Shen’s villa. At this time, Dustin Zhou saw a shopping mall next to him and stopped. “I’ll go buy her some presents.

Dustin Zhou followed Niu Chuan into the shopping mall. Dustin Zhou thought that his identity was no longer ordinary. There should be a lot of money in the card. If you want to buy it, you should buy the most expensive one. Soon, he picked a necklace, Western The famous designer’s limited edition styles are sold for more than 30 million. “That’s it.

Dustin Zhou gritted his teeth, took out one of his cards and said, “Swipe the card.

“Don’t be kidding the boss, this shop is all yours, what card do you use?”

“The salesperson said. Dustin Zhou opened his eyes wide, “Is this mine too?”

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