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Chapter 536

“His name is Jiang Feng. He is the adopted son of my father.

Unexpectedly, Dustin Zhou’s bodyguard was so strong that even Jiang Feng would not be able to subdue the opponent for a while.

Although these Zhangjia Nursing Homes could not cause much harm to them, they have been around them, but they also made them useless and unable to help Jiang Feng at all.

“Quick fight and quick decision, the idea is a bit hard, first break through these enclosures, and leave with Shao Jiang.” One of them shouted in a deep voice, and then fisted like wind, and suddenly, the Zhangjia Nursing Home besieged him back again and again. , And soon revealed a gap.

And he also took the opportunity to break through this gap and rushed to Jiang Feng.

He wants to support Jiang Feng, at least, to cover Jiang Feng to leave.

And as this person broke through, the other seven people shot more and more fiercely.

Suddenly, the many nursing homes of the Zhang family could not support it.

“You go backstage, there should be nothing wrong with Sister Ling, I will help them.” Seeing this, Dustin Zhou also shook his head helplessly.

Although he didn’t have much hope for Zhangjia Nursing Home, he was still disappointed when he saw this scene.

Twenty or thirty people, even eight people can’t handle it.

However, at this moment, Dustin Zhou had forgotten. When he was in Zhang’s house before, he beat Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao and his son in front of more than a dozen nursing homes. At that time, Zhang’s nursing home, but even him and Neither Niu Chuan can deal with it.

After sending Jiang Yan and Rocket Girl Sanxiao to the backstage and handing them to Sister Ling to look after them, Dustin Zhou also turned around and joined the battle.

Dustin Zhou judged that although the strength of these eight people was very strong, there was still a certain gap between them and himself.

Coupled with the fact that there are so many Zhangjia Nursing Institutes on the sidelines to help, it adds a little chaos to these people from time to time.

Dustin Zhou is confident to deal with them.

Soon, the balance of battle tilted with Dustin Zhou’s joining.

These seven people had barely supported them under the siege of twenty or thirty nursing homes, and now they have joined Dustin Zhou who is not weaker than them, and it is even more difficult to resist.

So soon, these seven people were beaten back by Dustin Zhou.

“Time is running out, I won’t play with you, but don’t disrupt our opening ceremony.” Seeing that the overall situation has been set, Dustin Zhou said with a smile, shouting to Niu Chuan.

“Chuanzi, speed it up!” As Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, Niu Huan, who had been playing back and forth with Jiang Feng, seemed to have changed a person suddenly. The movements on his hands became sharp, and his shots were quick and fast. Hate, almost made Jiang Feng difficult to fight.

“How is it possible!” Jiang Feng stared at Niu Chuan. He couldn’t figure out why someone who was just as good as him just now became so powerful, even he couldn’t resist.

Is this person always in


Jiang Feng’s face was gloomy, looking at everyone who had been beaten by Dustin Zhou in a row, a trace of hatred flashed in his eyes.

This trip, he originally thought it was a smooth and profitable trip, and it took Jiang Yan back to the Jiang family without any effort.

But unexpectedly, the first shot would fail.

Moreover, this is still in the case of his own shot, the opponent’s bodyguard completely stopped him.

Who is this person and why I have never heard of this person before.

“Withdraw!” With another blow, Jiang Feng lost to Niu Chuan, staggering back a few steps, there was a tingling on his arm, and even his chest was aired.

With a low drink, Jiang Feng took a deep look at Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, then turned around and wanted to leave.

But how could Niu Chuan let him leave so safely, naturally he wanted to chase him up.

“Don’t chase, don’t make too much noise.” Seeing Niu Chuan still wanting to chase, Dustin Zhou quickly stopped.

Jiang Feng led eight people to retreat into the crowd. If Niu Chuan wanted to chase him, he would inevitably fight in the crowd, causing riots. At that time, if something unexpected happened, the consequences would be unpredictable.

After all, there are countless people around the stage, and a riot may cause a crowded stampede.

And if this accident happened, even he would not be responsible.

Soon, Jiang Feng and the eight people completely disappeared from the crowd.

Although the movement on the backstage side has been concealed as much as possible, it still attracted the attention of many people.

However, the fight between Niu Chuan and Jiang Feng was very secret, and most people would not notice it.

So I just thought that there was some friction, and in line with the idea that it was irrelevant to oneself, no one was nosy.

“Okay, people are gone, now you should return to your previous positions. Be careful and don’t let go of any wind and grass.” Since Jiang Feng and the others have left, these Zhangjia Nursing Homes will naturally return to their original positions and continue. Guarding the stage.

And Niu Chuan was kept by Dustin Zhou to prevent another accident.


“Brother Dustin Zhou, are you okay?” Seeing Dustin Zhou coming in, Su Xiaomeng hurriedly greeted him first, took Dustin Zhou’s arm, looked up and down, and confirmed that Dustin Zhou was not injured, and then relaxed.

However, she took Dustin Zhou’s arm, but she never let go.

But at this time, Dustin Zhou didn’t mind too much, anyway, he just regarded Su Xiaomeng as his sister, and he had already explained it to her when he was in Donghai before.

“Well, it’s okay, they have already evacuated.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, which can be regarded as reassuring everyone.

“Now the other party doesn’t know where they are going, just in case, you

Don’t take the stage anymore.

Immediately Dustin Zhou looked at Jiang Yan and said seriously. Although Jiang Feng and the others left and retreated, Dustin Zhou didn’t know if the other party was still nearby and kept watching them. Therefore, it is very risky to let Jiang Yan come to power. If Jiang Feng is desperate, Rushing into the crowd, creating chaos, and taking advantage of the chaos to rob Jiang Yan, will make Dustin Zhou fall into a very passive situation. What’s more, Dustin Zhou probably also guessed the purpose of Jiang Feng’s trip, so he didn’t want Jiang Yan to come to power. How can I go back on good things? Don’t worry. I understand Jiang Feng. He has always been very arrogant. If he fails to do it once, he will not continue. At least he will not come again until he has enough confidence.

“Jiang Yan said with a smile, there was no other expression on her face. “Don’t worry, I am here, even if the other party comes by ten or eight, it will be fine.

Sister Ling also stood up at this time.

Chapter 537

Dustin Zhou glanced at Sister Ling and then at Jiang Yan. After thinking about it, she finally agreed. At this time, the stage was outside. The audience has been waiting for a long time, and the famous company’s ambassador has never appeared. And Li Lanlan has been trying his best to maintain the situation on the stage. Jiang Yan slowly took the stage, and suddenly surprised everyone, even Li Lanlan , There is a moment of stunner. Different from the innocent and innocent Rocket Girls, Jiang Yan has a kind of nobleness and a kind of intellectual beauty. This kind of intellectual beauty is not found in ordinary women, at least Li Lanlan consciously Not on her body. The most important thing is that the calmness and composure that Jiang Yan exudes makes Li Lanlan a little surprised. Regarding some of Jiang Yan’s situation, Li Lanlan, as a TV station flower in Liushi TV, knows more or less Some. And when you think of Jiang Yan from the Jiang family and the eldest of the Jiang family, then this kind of temperament in her is easy to understand. Jiang Yan’s appearance once again detonated the audience. Before the Rocket Girl exited the field. After a moment of silence, it became hot again. “Is this the ambassador of the famous company?

It’s so beautiful!

“It’s more than beautiful, it’s invincible.”

“Yes, if I have such a girlfriend, even if I steal a battery car, I have to raise her.”

“Haha, maybe people would rather cry in a BMW than laugh in the back of a battery car?”

“Hmph, I’m afraid you don’t know yet, I heard that this ambassador is the eldest of the Jiang family!”

” “what!

Miss Jiang family, is that Jiang family in Changsha?

“Isn’t this nonsense? In addition to the Jiang family in Changsha, there is also the Jiang family.

“His…” … The audience below the stage was amazed, but at the same time

Some information about Jiang Yan also circulated quietly.

Before Dustin Zhou and Zhang’s publicity channels, large-scale, high-frequency publicity Jiang Yan became the ambassador of the famous company, which caused a huge sensation throughout Hunan Province.

In addition to the scope and extent of the publicity itself, the outstanding image of the ambassador Jiang Yan is naturally the reason why people talk about it.

And some information about Jiang Yan is naturally what countless people want to know.

Although Jiang’s family immediately carried out public relations after the discovery, some of the information was still exposed before.

It is rumored that Jiang Yan, the ambassador of Mingyang Company this time, is actually the eldest lady of the Jiang family in Changsha.

However, since Jiang’s family has never responded, and Jiang Yan and Mingyang have not issued a statement, this rumor is just a rumor.

Jiang Yan stepped onto the stage, and Dustin Zhou and others in the background kept staring at the stage closely, observing the surrounding situation, and taking action immediately if there was an abnormality.

However, Jiang Yan had been on stage and interacted with the audience for nearly half an hour, and there was no slight change in the surroundings. This made everyone feel a little relaxed.

However, Dustin Zhou never relaxed in his heart. On the contrary, he seemed a little solemn.

He did not forget what Jiang Yan said just now.

Jiang Feng is a person who will never give up until he achieves his goal. If he fails once, he will wait until he is sure enough to do it again.

In other words, this time Jiang Feng failed, it was defeated by Niu Chuan.

Then the next time he reappears, it means that he has the strength to deal with it, or that he has found a way to deal with Niu Chuan.

And Niu Chuan has always been Dustin Zhou’s greatest reliance, and he has never bothered to talk about things that can be solved by force.

But if even Niu Chuan couldn’t do anything, then he had to think carefully about whether there was any other way to deal with Jiang Feng.

On the stage, Jiang Yan interacted with the audience for more than half an hour under the auspices of Li Lanlan to promote the products of the famous company.

In particular, Mingyang’s two main products, whitening factor mask and new strain facial cleanser.

From the audience’s reaction, they liked these two products very much.

After all, this has been proven by the market.

Whitening factor facial masks and new strains of facial cleansers have been sold crazy in Donghai and Changsha.

This time, Mingyang opened a branch in Liushi, which is just convenient for them to buy.

…… At 12 o’clock in the morning, the opening ceremony officially ended, and all processes ended.

The Liushi branch also opened instantly.

Audiences who have been around the stage, under the guidance of Zhangjia Nursing Institute, began to line up to enter the Liushi branch.

Because the Liushi branch is not as big as the flagship store in Changsha, there is no diversion channel for queues at the entrance of the store.

But because

Today is the first day of opening, and it is the weekend and Christmas, so everyone has time.

The Liushi branch’s two- to three-hundred-square-meter store, although not comparable to the Changsha flagship store, is much more spacious and bright than the surrounding stores.

The guests flocked to the store, and they were stunned by the shelves and cosmetics.

“Oh my God, there are so many types of cosmetics.” “Yes, I want to buy a lot of them, but I don’t have them in Liushi. If you want to buy them, you have to go a long way.” “These are the main products of the famous company, I I want to buy two sets to go back.” “I want to buy ten sets!” … The Liushi branch is officially opened, and the following operations will require Wang Wei, Ye Fang and others to handle it.

However, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen, as people in the headquarters, at best, only serve as a guide.

In the early stage, you can still participate in some decision-making, but in the later stage, you must delegate power.

After all, the Liushi branch is considered a franchise store of the famous company.

Dustin Zhou laughed at the situation in the store, and also glanced at Wang Wei, who was standing in front of the people, with a brilliant face, and then Dustin Zhou glanced at Ye Fang beside him with impenetrable eyes.

After making a look with Ye Fang, Dustin Zhou retreated his gaze nonchalantly and looked forward calmly, as if nothing happened just now.

Jiang Feng was indeed the back left hand of the Jiang family, and after being repelled by Niu Chuan and Dustin Zhou, there was no further trouble.

Dustin Zhou and the others returned to the hotel, but had not packed their things.

Wang Wei came over and said that he would hold a celebration banquet.

Everyone did not refuse. After all, the Liushi branch officially opened, and everyone paid a lot after being busy. At this time, it is always going to be a celebration banquet.

Dustin Zhou knew that this was a celebration banquet on the surface, but in fact, it was more like a thank-you banquet, a banquet to divide the spoils.

Wang Wei needs to determine his leadership position at the celebration banquet, and also needs to reward some people, win some people, and divide some people at the celebration banquet.

However, these are his own business, Dustin Zhou does not intend to intervene, nor does he intend to participate in the celebration banquet.

“Zhou, are you and Mr. Shen really not attending the celebration banquet? The Liushi branch was able to open successfully, but it is your credit.” Wang Wei looked at Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen and persuaded them with a bit of heartache.

Just now, Dustin Zhou told him directly and clearly that he, Enderia Shen and others would not attend the celebration banquet, and they would go back to Changsha as soon as they were ready to stroll around in Liushi.

Wang Wei also showed a frustrated expression, as if Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen did not attend the celebration banquet, which was his regret.

However, Dustin Zhou keenly noticed that when Wang Wei bowed his head and sighed, a slight arc flashed across his mouth.

Chapter 538

With a sigh in his heart, Dustin Zhou didn’t directly break it.

After all, Wang Wei is the most active group in the branch project of Mingyang Company in Hunan Province, and he is also the first person to open the branch, which plays a very important role in the whole project.

As a last resort, Dustin Zhou would not arrogate him.

“Okay, you go back first. Although the Liushi branch has already opened, there are still many things you need to deal with. Don’t worry about us.” Dustin Zhou patted Wang Wei’s shoulder lightly and said earnestly.

He intends to give Wang Wei a chance.

Although Ye Fang had told him a lot about Wang Wei before, it was a one-sided statement after all.

It is impossible for Dustin Zhou to listen to what Ye Fang said alone.

However, in these two days, Wang Wei’s performance really disappointed Dustin Zhou.

Let alone Kong Hui, just talk about Christmas Eve activities and today’s opening ceremony. As the largest shareholder of the Liushi branch, Wang Wei did not show up much.

Yesterday’s Christmas Eve event did not show up. At today’s opening ceremony, as the first shareholder, he had to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony, so he showed up. After that, he didn’t know where he went until it was almost twelve o’clock. Only then came back.

Such an attitude forced Dustin Zhou to re-examine him.

This time, Dustin Zhou will not care about what Wang Wei does.

However, Dustin Zhou also has a bottom line.

As long as Wang Wei did not act too outrageously at the celebration banquet, Dustin Zhou would be willing to give him another chance.

But if Wang Wei thinks that the Liushi branch has officially opened, as the largest shareholder, he can do whatever he wants.

Then Dustin Zhou didn’t hesitate to tell him personally that his calculation was wrong.

“Thank you today.” Watching Wang Wei leave the hotel, Dustin Zhou returned to the room, and looked at the three rocket girls who were resting and Jiang Yan, and said with a chuckle.

For today’s opening ceremony, although there was a small episode in the middle, it did not cause any impact.

On the contrary, Dustin Zhou was more vigilant, knowing that the Jiang family actually had such a hole card.

“No, hehe, brother Yang, we are going back to the capital tomorrow, when will you come to the capital?” Su Xiaomeng smiled and said, pulling Dustin Zhou’s arm straight and shaking with expectation.

After all, it is not very far from the East China Sea to the capital, or from the Hunan Province to the capital. It takes only a few hours by plane.

Dustin Zhou’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he thought of Zhou’s family in the capital in an instant.

For so long, he has known that he is actually from the Zhou family in Beijing.

And his ultimate goal is to return to the Zhou family and take charge of the Zhou family.

But right now, his strength is compared with Zhou’s family, like dust compared with the sun, Wei

Uncheckable, almost as nonexistent.

If he wanted to break his wrist with the Zhou family now, it would be wiped out in an instant.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou has been developing his own strength and constantly expanding his wings.

In this way, when he returns to Zhou’s family in the future, he will have enough confidence.

“Hehe, when I’m done, I will definitely go to the capital when I have time.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

However, this time may not be short.

After a busy morning, everyone was tired. They took a break at the hotel at noon. In the evening, everyone was alive and well.

Especially the three little ones, only played in the morning. At that time, they were exhausted. After a few hours of rest, they recovered all their strength and energy.

“It’s not easy to come to Willow City. Let’s go out for a stroll. We may not come to this city again in the future.” Because the Rocket Girls’ goal is too big, they performed a series of makeup disguise.

Except for a light make-up on the face, the head and clothes are all retouched.

From a distance, they couldn’t recognize them as the Rocket Girls.

Even if they are standing close, they are covered by the brim.

, Unless they are staring in front of them, no one will recognize them at all.

In order to prevent Jiang’s family from suddenly making a move, Jiang Yan also made decorations to prevent Jiang Feng from making another move.

But Jiang Yan is relatively simple, just wrapped in a large down jacket, and under the support of Ling sister, no one can do anything to her.

A group of people left the hotel, headed towards the road, and walked forward aimlessly.

However, they did not notice that within a few minutes after they left the hotel, a few ordinary dressed people also quietly followed up, while at the same time, a few people each called up.

the Kongs.

Kong Hui came out of the hospital. After hearing what Chen Tianhao said in the morning, he was also shocked, for fear that Dustin Zhou and the others would find the hospital to retaliate.

So he went through the discharge formalities immediately.

After returning to Kong’s house, Kong Hui also sent people to investigate all the information about Dustin Zhou. At the same time, he also sent people to stare at Dustin Zhou and his party in the hotel, and their every move was reported to Kong Hui.

At this moment, Kong Hui placed a lot of documents in front of him, all of them related to Dustin Zhou.

From Donghai to Hunan, almost nothing about the public is written in these documents.

And Kong Hui’s face was extremely blue.

At first, he felt that Dustin Zhou was just the boss of an ordinary cosmetics company. Even if he had three-legged cat skills, it was nothing to worry about. He just had to find someone to teach him severely.

For this reason, he found Chen Tianhao in Liushi and asked him to teach a lesson.

Dun Dustin Zhou.

However, contrary to Kong Hui’s expectations, Chen Tianhao was not Dustin Zhou’s opponent at all, and even Xue Manzi beside him was subdued by Dustin Zhou.

From Chen Tianhao’s mouth, Kong Hui also learned a lot about Dustin Zhou.

He originally thought Dustin Zhou had a little bit of strength just as Chen Tianhao said.

But after returning to the Kong family and sending someone to investigate it carefully, Kong Hui discovered that what Chen Tianhao said was the tip of the iceberg.

“Is this still a human? So many people who offended him did not end well. Not only did I have a crooked mind towards her woman, but I also asked Chen Tianhao and the others to clean him up. He must hate me now, and he will find me Revenge.” Kong Hui only felt a little cold in his hands, and he still felt cold when he put it in his pocket.

“Damn it, a mere Dustin Zhou was able to set off such a big storm in Hunan Province. What happened to Hunan Province during the time I was in the capital and not in Hunan Province!” A fist hit the table, with an extremely ugly expression on his face. .

“Kong Shao, Jiang Shao is here.” At this moment, the subordinate came to report a news carefully.

“Jiang Shao? Jiang Feng? Is he here?” At first, Kong Hui was still thinking about who this Jiang Shao is and why he hadn’t heard of it.

But then I thought about it, someone related to the Kong family, whose surname is Jiang, can be called Jiang Shao, besides Jiang Feng of the Jiang family, who else can there be?

For a moment, Kong Hui showed an excited smile on his face.

“Go, take me to see.”

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