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Chapter 783

An old man in a blue robe looked at Patriarch Su Shiming, and said in a deep voice. Su Wei glanced at him and recognized him. Su Changhen, the Second Envoy of Su Family, Martial Master, Strength Powerful. Among the many offerings of the Su family, the strength ranks second. However, Su Wei is a little confused. He does not know what Su Changhen is talking about, but he is guessing in his heart. Maybe he has been with the Su family for this period of time. The atmosphere is not quite right. Su Wei is young. Although he is the only son of Su Shiming and the future Patriarch of the Su family, at this time, in front of so many worships, he still needs to be respectful. “Yes, Patriarch, that Xu Who does not know what kind of existence is home?

That was the hermit family, surpassing a first-class family like our Su family. Even if the entire Su family was compensated, it would not be enough for the Xu family to move their fingers.

Another worshipper said in a deep voice, the four worshippers, Su Changge, and the second worshippers are brothers, with extraordinary strength, and the realm of martial masters. Two consecutive worshippers said this, and there was also a mention of the Xu family, a hidden world. Family? Su Wei was surprised, what hidden family can still surpass the first-class family? But in front of the Xu family, is the Su family fart? But Su Wei does not remember when he heard of the powerful Xu family in the East China Sea Many years ago, there was a Xu family in Donghai, but that was all fifty or sixty years ago. It was the Xu family of the old Donghai. However, in a series of social changes, the Xu family had long since disappeared in the long river of history. Exhausted, no longer exists. Didn’t the Xu family disappear, but stayed dormant, waiting for the opportunity to come back? Su Wei secretly guessed in his heart, and at the same time concentrated on listening to these offerings. “Yes, that Xu family inheritance. So far, I am afraid it has been hundreds of years, and the family does not know how much power has been accumulated, which is far from what we can imagine.

“I heard from a friend before that Xu Jiaguang is a martial artist, and there are probably more than thirty. You know, our Su family now has only four.

“Yeah, the key is that the Xu family has been unable to hide. It is very low-key and has hardly shown strength in front of outsiders. No one knows the true details of the Xu family. If we take part in this matter, the risk is very great.

“Patriarch, the Su family is now at a critical moment of ascendancy, and the effects of industrial reforms have already appeared. As long as we calm down, within 20 years, the Xu family will surely rise to a new height.

“… Several offerings said one after another, seeming to be persuading Su Shiming. Only the big offering to Sunan Tian under Su Shiming, and three offerings to southern Jiangsu, and the following two offerings did not speak. Sunan Tian, ​​Sunan

Fang is the true heritage of the Su family and the existence of the ancestor of the Su family.

Su Nanfang is a descendant of Grandpa Su Wei’s generation, and Su Nantian, who is also Grandpa Su Shiming’s generation, is nearly 90 years old, but in a very good spirit.

These two people are the main reason why the Su family can become a first-class family and can recruit a martial master to be worshipped.

Even Su Wei rarely sees these two people, but now suddenly seeing them, he is still a little excited.

“I don’t know what is the opinion of the Great Sacrifice and the Third Sacrifice?” The second priest Su Changhen’s eyes moved slowly, falling on the faces of Sunan Tian and Su Nanfang.

After all, no matter how you say it, Sunan Tian and Southern Jiangsu have absolute authority in the Su family, and even in their worship, they are extremely respected.

This is not only about strength, but also about mind and deeds when he was young.

Su Nantian and Su Nanfang did not speak, and what they are discussing here today will not be qualitative.

“Guests, the current situation, whether for our Su family or other families, is an opportunity and a choice.” At this time, Patriarch Su Shiming suddenly spoke, staring at the many offerings.

These are the foundations of the Su family over the past few decades. Although they are not comparable to the hermit family like the Xu family, they have also allowed the Su family to gain a foothold in the East China Sea and have developed into a first-class family.

The Patriarch spoke, and many enshrined eyes fell on Su Shiming.

Just now the worshipers have been divided into two factions, the second worshipping Su Changhen, the fourth worshipping Su Changge and several worships. The opinion is that this should not be mixed.

And the great worship of Sunan Tian and the three worship of Southern Jiangsu, and the other two worships are all statements.

In fact, if there is no statement, it is a statement.

But now, as the Patriarch, all decisions are in the hands of Su Shiming.

Su Shiming was also very hesitant in his heart, and was also very embarrassed about the choices facing the Su family.

In fact, this is not what the Su family has encountered recently.

But since two months ago, the Xu family of the hidden family suddenly appeared in the East China Sea, showing traces in the East China Sea, showing a little strength.

For a hidden family like the Xu family, although the Su family does not know the details, some rumors still know it. There are also some records about the Xu family in the family.

Since the Xu family appeared in the East China Sea, the situation in the East China Sea has suddenly become complicated.

In the past, the East China Sea had a complicated pattern, but its context was clear.

First-class families such as the Sun family, Su family, and Ding family, second-rate families such as the Li family and Cai family, and third-rate families such as the Chen family and Fang family, can be described as distinct.

Not only that, those who have not opened a home

The same is true for the great powers of the clan, first-class strength, such as the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, is very different from other forces.

There is a hierarchical difference between everyone, and there is a potential code of conduct between each other.

But now, the Xu family has appeared, the hidden family, the existence above the first-class family.

The emergence of the Xu family suddenly broke the original order of the East China Sea, causing a little disagreement among hundreds of families and forces, large and small.

Like those third-rate families, third-rate forces, or those who don’t enter the stream, naturally they don’t care much about the appearance of the Xu family.

Even if there is no Xu family, there are still second-rate families and first-rate families on their heads, which are just as heavy on them.

However, for the first-rate and second-rate families, they were originally at the top of the pyramid in the East China Sea. Now suddenly a giant came and covered the pyramid, saying that I am the biggest and you are all scum.

They certainly can’t bear it.

Among them, the first-class family responded most strongly.

We were originally a first-class family, the existence at the top of the East China Sea Pyramid. Except for some restraints from the same first-class family, no one was on our own.

Suddenly now there is a hidden family Xu family, which has to surpass many families. These first-class families will undoubtedly suffer the most.

Chapter 783

Therefore, during this period, two voices appeared among the numerous families in the East China Sea.

One is led by the Ding family. They advocate quietly watching the changes. Even if a hidden family appears, it is impossible to have any real impact on these first-class families. After all, if the Xu family wants to exist and develop in the East China Sea, They must be inseparable from these first-class families.

The other one is headed by the Sun family. They advocate confronting the Xu family and unite many large and small families in the East China Sea to resist the Xu family.

Both parties have a lot of family support.

And the Su family was vacillating among them.

In terms of strength, the Su family’s strength is not as good as the Sun family, and similar to the Ding family. It stands to reason, just like the Ding family.

However, all the Su family’s current industries are undergoing changes, which are related to the foundation of the Su family’s existence, and no surprises are tolerated.

The appearance of the Xu family was an accident.

However, if the Su family unites with the Sun family, not to mention the previous conflicts between the two families, once they unite with the Sun family, then who is listening to whom?

Naturally, the Sun family was unwilling to ask the Sun family to listen to the Su family who was not as strong as theirs.

But if the Su family were to listen to the Sun family, the Su family was unwilling.

So the current situation is frozen here, the eyes of all the clan are focused on the Su family, waiting for the Su family to make the final decision.

Now, the two factions headed by the Sun family and the Ding family are evenly matched.

The Su family became the last weight that affected the balance of the balance.

“However, if we do nothing, it means that we are on the side of the Ding family. Although we will not be suppressed by others, it is undoubtedly an unknown to the transformation of our family industry.” “None of us knows whether the Xu family’s appearance is good or bad for us, and the Xu family has never revealed its attitude.” Su Shiming sat on the chair and said in a deep voice, with a rare dignity on his face.

As the Patriarch of the Su family, he needs to consider a lot of things.

Otherwise, to act recklessly would be irresponsible to the lives of the Su family and the Su family’s industry.

“Patriarch, even if the strength of the Xu family is not fully revealed, as a hidden family, no matter what, the strength is absolutely impossible for a first-class family to resist, and even if two first-class families are combined, the Xu family is not enough. It can be solved with a little effort.” Sifu Su Changge said loudly, staring at Su Shiming with scorching eyes, then looked around at everyone, and finally stopped for a moment on the faces of Dafu Sunan Tian and Sanjiao Su Nanfang before looking at Su Shiming again. .

He has just stated his attitude.

Not to mention that there are only four martial masters in the Su Family. The Sun Family is stronger than the Su Family, but the number of martial masters will definitely not exceed six.

And this, in front of the Xu family, is nothing at all.

Su Changge’s words were approved by many consecrations.

After all, if you want to fight the Xu family hard, you should have the confidence to have a hole card.

However, all the strength and hole cards of the Su Family are now here, and they are not Xu Family’s opponents at all. Then there is no need to fight the Xu Family hard.

“Yes, Patriarch, let’s not say anything else. The Sun family took the lead in stating that they wanted to have a fight with the Xu family. That’s because the Sun family is currently the strongest and strongest in the East China Sea. When the Xu family appears, their Sun family suffers. “Yes, even so, the Sun family will have to pull on other families, not daring to stand head-on with the Xu family alone. It is conceivable how much confidence the Sun family has to destroy.” “Now the Xu family’s attitude is unclear. , We don’t have to worry too much. Even if the Xu family appears, can it still have too much influence on our Su family?” … Numerous worshippers kept saying, the whole lobby was noisy, and there were endless discussions.

“Patriarch, the invitation letter sent by the Sun family!” “Patriarch, the invitation letter sent by the Ding family!” When everyone was talking about it, the two servants trot all the way, panting. Go to the lobby and send two invitation letters to Su Shiming.

At this moment, everyone in the lobby gathered their eyes on the two letters in Su Shiming’s hands.

Invitation letter.

Even the Great Worship of Sunan Tian and the Three Worship of Sunan who had been talking just now also looked over, with a hint of doubt on their faces.

Su Shiming’s face was calm, and he slowly opened the invitation letter from the Ding family.

“We sincerely invite Su Shiming, the brother of the Su family, to discuss important matters in Avaria three days later, and Ding Dengfeng, the fool of the Ding family.” After reading it, there was no change in Su Shiming’s face, and he continued to open the invitation letter sent by the Sun family.

Everyone looked at Su Shiming’s face without any change in expression, and glanced at each other, all wondering what was written in the invitation letter.

“Please send someone from the Su family to Avaria three days later to discuss the matter of resisting the Xu family, Sun Qiankun!” The two invitation letters have different tone and attitude, but the purpose is the same, even the place of discussion is the same.

“Let’s take a look.” Su Shiming handed the two invitations to the great worship, and passed them down one by one, but he was lost in thought.

The two families were also discussing matters three days later, and they were also discussing matters in Avaria. The deep meaning is that even if he is stupid, Su Shiming can guess one or two.

Su Shiming naturally knew where Avaria was. First-class forces existed at the same level as the Su family, the Sun family, and the Ding family.

The two families sent invitation letters at the same time, which meant it was self-evident.

I’m afraid that when the time comes, the Sun family and the Ding family will be in different private rooms in Avaria, no matter which one the Su family goes first, in the eyes of the other party, they have already chosen each other.

Very difficult to handle, very tricky!

Su Shiming only has this idea now.

And the two invitation letters were quickly read by everyone.

“Huh! Too much deception, this hasn’t been cooperated yet, this is his Sun family’s attitude?” Sifu Su Changge slammed the table and said angrily.

Although the two invitation letters talk about the same thing, the tone and attitude between the lines are completely different.

The Ding family respects, the Sun family arrogant.

And this has not yet cooperated, the Sun family used this attitude and tone to talk to the Su family, then if they cooperate, will all the Su family listen to the Sun family’s arrangements?

Just thinking about it, many offerings are very dissatisfied.

Even the two half-step martial masters who hadn’t spoken just now were a bit aggrieved.

“In any case, we all need to make a decision, whether to choose the Sun family or the Ding family, everyone, you know, no matter which side we choose, it is a huge challenge and risk for our Su family. Su Shiming said in a deep voice.

“Then what else can I choose? I’m sure the Ding family, I’m the first one to disagree with the attitude of the Sun family!” Four worshippers Su Changge took the lead in expressing their opinions, and the others also agreed.

“Choose Ding’s house!” … “That, father, I have a suggestion!

Chapter 784

A weak voice suddenly sounded in the lobby. Everyone followed the sound and saw Su Wei sitting in the corner raising his hands. Although his face was a little nervous, his eyes were Very firm. Seeing that it was Su Wei speaking, everyone stopped arguing, wanting to hear what Su Wei had to say and what suggestions he had. “Su Wei, don’t talk nonsense, you are not in charge of this matter!

“However, Su Shiming’s face suddenly sank, and he whispered. He didn’t expect that Su Shiming would speak at this time. No matter what Su Wei said, in fact, it did not have much influence on the family. Because he is just a son of the elder brother, although he is the heir of the Patriarch, he is the future Patriarch, but he has not yet become Patriarch. Think about the ancient emperors and princes, the ministers naturally listen to the emperor’s words, but the attitude towards the prince It’s different. “It’s okay, Su Wei, you can say anything about it.

“The Three Envoys to Su Nanfang suddenly spoke, looking at Su Wei with a smile, and there was no change in expression on his face. When Su Nanfang spoke, Su Shiming couldn’t say anything, but he stared at Su Wei, which made him a little measured. , Don’t talk nonsense about things that shouldn’t be said. Su Wei took a deep breath and looked at everyone with piercing eyes. Su Wei was also listening to what everyone was talking about just now, and he also had a bottom in his heart, and he also knew what everyone was about. The matter caused divergence of opinions. However, compared with the choice between the Ding family and the Sun family, Su Wei felt that the Su family had a better choice. “The focus of your debate just now is nothing more than choosing the Ding family to be the same To fight, it is better to choose the Sun family and Xu family to fight to the end, but, have you ever thought about it, that is their respective choice, but it may not be suitable for our Su family.

“Su Wei said in a deep voice. Only at this time did he finally feel the heavy sense of responsibility on his shoulders. He didn’t dare to slack off. Now, all he can do is to provide everyone with a wider choice. “In fact, in the entire East China Sea, with so many people, so many families and forces, there may not be only the Sun family and the Ding family.

“Is there any other choice?”

Su Wei, tell me.

“Hearing Su Wei’s words, two offerings immediately came over and asked him to say quickly. “Of course there are. Have you forgotten that when I had a disagreement in the Su family before, who would I call for help? ?

Su Wei said with a chuckle. Yes, what he thought was Dustin Zhou. There were disagreements and fights within the Su family before. Su Shiqin and Su Shiming were fighting for the position of Patriarch. At that time, Su Shiming asked Dustin Zhou for help and completely defeated Su Shiqin.


And this incident is not a secret within the Su family. Even the fighting between Su Shiqin and Su Shiming at the time was caused by these sacrifices deliberately or unintentionally.

After all, whether Su Shiming is the head of the family or Su Shiqin is the head of the family, there is no difference for these worships. They are brothers and sisters, and they are all direct descendants of the Su family, that’s enough.

“You mean Dustin Zhou?” Sifu Su Changge’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he said in a deep voice, sinking into contemplation, and began to think about some memories of Dustin Zhou.

“Yes, it is Dustin Zhou.” Su Wei said with a smile, his face full of confidence.

Su Wei knew that even the five big clans in Hunan province couldn’t help Dustin Zhou. No matter how strong the Xu family was, could it be stronger than five families like the Su family?

What’s more, although their Su family is not as good as the Xu family, they still have a bit of strength anyway, and they are a real first-rate family in the East China Sea.

Adding up such a combination, wouldn’t it be the same as the Xu family.

When Su Wei said this, everyone was silent and did not speak for the first time.

Even the four worshippers of Su Changge, who had been relatively active just now, calmed down and said nothing.

Dustin Zhou, they naturally knew.

However, things like this today are far from being contaminated by Dustin Zhou.

Regardless of their Su family, a family like the Xu family, once Dustin Zhou gets involved, it will definitely not end well.

“Su Wei, the importance of this matter is self-evident, Dustin Zhou is not suitable to intervene.” Seeing no one was speaking, Su Shiming said.

When other people heard Su Shiming say this, they kept nodding their heads.

Right now, it’s far from the small fight between the Su family, the Ding family, and the Sun family. It involves the Xu family of the hermit family. Even the first-class family like them is not enough. What role can Dustin Zhou play?

Do you rely on the famous company and the Mountain Mist Club?

What’s more, the Mountain Mist Club is at the same level as their Su Family, and it is also not an opponent of the Xu Family.

“Why? Father, everyone enshrines, Dustin Zhou is far from what you have seen. Before, in Hunan Province, the five major families in Hunan Province couldn’t help him. How can such a person be treated with the eyes of ordinary people?” Su Weiweisheng Said.

“Moreover, when I came back, didn’t I tell you about some of the things that happened in Hunan at that time? Do you think I was lying?” When Su Wei followed Dustin Zhou and the others back to the East China Sea, Su Shiming was told of what happened in Hunan province in a short time.

In Su Wei’s view, telling Su Shiming about those things is to stop him from looking at Dustin Zhou from the past.

Imagine that in more than half a year, it helped Mingyang become the number one local cosmetic company in the East China Sea.

In addition, the cosmetics industry association and the media industry association have been established in the East China Sea.

Moreover, in a place like Hunan Province where there is little help, Dustin Zhou is still in trouble, and the five big families in Hunan Province have all suffered in his hands.

Such a person has sufficient means and his ability is not weak.

The Su family’s situation is a bit embarrassing right now, especially since the Ding family and the Sun family both sent invitation letters at the same time, leaving the Su family in a dilemma.

At this time, if you don’t find other ways to break the game, it will be difficult for the Su family to be alone.

Su Wei said everything he was thinking in his heart, and then looked at everyone, feeling very worried.

In fact, Su Wei felt that he had changed a lot.

Before getting to know Dustin Zhou and the others, Su Wei felt that he was just a dude, usually outside, eating, drinking and having fun with his friends.

In this way, when he was outside, he was still suppressed by people like Sun Tian. Every time he saw each other, he would run away and become a laughing stock in others’ mouths.

However, Su Wei felt that after meeting Dustin Zhou and the others, his whole person seemed to have changed.

Although there is still a bit of playfulness, but his temper is calmed down bit by bit.

After spending so long in Hunan Province, Su Wei did not wander around. He was basically in the hotel, watching what Dustin Zhou did every day and analyzing why he did it.

Su Wei felt that he had gained a lot.

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