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Chapter 962

Dustin Zhou dared to guarantee that as long as he was a man, he would definitely not be able to say a word of rejection when faced with such a scene.

It was so beautiful, the faint yellow sunlight spread across the world, and the girl in front of her turned into a pale golden appearance. The key is that there was still expectation in those delicate eyes!

Can you reject this expectation?

Absolutely not!

As long as the person with a handle can never say the word rejection!

Therefore, Dustin Zhou nodded heavily, and under the guidance of Enderia Shen, he walked towards the Ferris wheel step by step.

Damn it!

Why did he agree!

The Enderia Shen just now is very beautiful, yes, but Dustin Zhou is such a man who can forget his heart when he sees a beautiful woman?

He wants to go home and rest!

What’s this?

Why did I agree to it inexplicably!

But there is no way. There is no regret medicine in the world to take. Since I agreed, I can only move on with my teeth.

Suddenly, his footsteps stopped.

The whole person froze in place as if stunned, motionless.

“Huh? What’s wrong with you?” Enderia Shen found out that Dustin Zhou was wrong, then turned around and asked.

But Dustin Zhou was still motionless, standing there quietly, his eyes dull.

Enderia Shen stretched out his hand and shook it before his eyes, Dustin Zhou didn’t even blink his eyes.

She had no choice but to follow Dustin Zhou’s gaze to look over… What greeted her was a little girl.

A very strange little girl.

Why is she weird, because the little girl is very beautiful, with two small upturned braids, big dreamlike eyes, and a delicate mouth on her white face.

The girl seemed to love to laugh, and every time she laughed she would show the two small teeth in her mouth and the small dimples next to her.

“It’s so beautiful, I will have a daughter like this in the future.” Enderia Shen muttered to himself.

She also watched it for a moment, because the girl’s temperament was so good, she looked like a little princess at the age of seven or eight.

Although she is… picking up trash.

Yes, why is this girl strange? It’s because she has a very good temperament, her eyes are vivid and energetic, and she seems to be watching the people around her all the time.

But her behavior is completely inconsistent with her temperament. She wears very tattered clothes on her back.

She also carried a sack about the size of her body, and skillfully crushed a bottle and threw it into the sack.

Obviously, all the sacks are filled with bottles, and the girl’s movements are also skillful and distressing.

“It’s really weird, such a cute girl, why would she come out to pick up the trash?” Enderia Shen reacted, and then shook in front of Dustin Zhou’s eyes, “But it won’t make you look so dumb, based on what I know about you. , You should not be this kind of person!” Enderia Shen said with a puzzled expression.

It is really puzzling that this cute girl can do this kind of garbage picking.

But with Dustin Zhou’s personality, if he is really upset when he sees this situation, he should first take the girl to the house and take care of it, and he will just stay where he is, as if he has lost consciousness.

But how strong is Dustin Zhou’s willpower?

Enderia Shen had never seen him like this, so it was strange.

After hearing Enderia Shen’s words, Dustin Zhou also reacted from the loss of consciousness.

But he did not answer Enderia Shen, but quickly ran towards the little girl.

“Bing Yue, is it you Bing Yue?” Dustin Zhou murmured as he ran.

Seeing this scene in front of him, Enderia Shen stomped his feet in annoyance. What is going on with Dustin Zhou this time!

Why is it so excited to see that little girl!

This little girl shouldn’t be his illegitimate daughter!

Enderia Shen thought a little depressed.

Of course Dustin Zhou must be excited.

Because this cute little girl in front of me is amazingly leading them into the ice moon of the holy mountain!

After returning from the holy mountain, Dustin Zhou thought that Bingyue was dead.

He thought that Bingyue was actually a collection of energy, after transferring all the energy to him, it disappeared completely.

I didn’t say anything casually on the surface, but in Dustin Zhou’s heart, he actually always remembered this person as a little girl.

Now, he actually saw Bingyue again!

Although I don’t know why the clothes are so tattered, and they are still picking up trash… But this is definitely Bingyue!

Not just looking at the face, but also the clever eyes, everywhere revealing the aura of people and ghosts, it is the violent Lolita Bingyue herself!

That’s why Dustin Zhou was so excited. He came directly in front of Bingyue, then squatted down and held Bingyue’s little hand excitedly, and asked excitedly, “You are Bingyue, right? You must be Bingyue, right? The little girl was startled by Dustin Zhou’s actions, and hurriedly stepped back to look at Dustin Zhou, her eyes flashing with vigilance.

But when she saw Dustin Zhou’s excited eyes, she rolled her eyes sharply, and then showed a sweet smile, “Yes, big brother, I’m Bingyue, big brother, you finally

Come to me.

“Of course I will come to you, I just don’t know you are still alive… I’m sorry I am late.”

“Dustin Zhou didn’t think much at all. After hearing the girl admitted that she was Bingyue, she explained directly. “Okay, you don’t need to explain,” the girl interrupted him directly, “Since you are late, so Needless to say I’m sorry, what should the police do if I say sorry is useful, right?

“Well, if you lend me ten dollars, I will forgive you.”

” “what?

Dustin Zhou was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t expect Bing Yue to make such a request. “Ah what?

For what?

Wouldn’t you not even have ten dollars?

“The girl’s face showed a touch of contempt. “Let’s pull it, you’ve found the wrong person, I’m not the Bingyue you’re looking for, please go with whomever you like to play, don’t play with the old lady.

As the little girl said, she turned her head and walked to the side. She murmured to herself, “It’s so unlucky that she actually met such a poor ghost who didn’t even have a special ten dollars. How is this person? Yeah.

“Dustin Zhou was completely stunned. What’s the situation? It’s not that he doesn’t have ten dollars. Of course he can take out ten dollars, but he didn’t have time to respond, because Bingyue did not expect Bing Yue to propose such a thing. Request. But why did that girl leave like this? Is it possible that she is really not Bingyue? She admitted the wrong person? For a moment, Dustin Zhou felt a little lost. At this time, Enderia Shen walked over behind him, “Yo, how about , The kidnapping of children failed?

“Enderia Shen said with a ridiculous expression, “Okay, don’t be so excited. I just heard someone say that this little girl has been in Donghai City for two months. Don’t look at her young age, but she is smart and wants to fight. None of the people she paid attention to had succeeded.

Chapter 963

Strange Uncle! Originally, Dustin Zhou had already given up. Because he felt that the little girl may not be Bingyue. Although she looks alike, and her personality is very similar, they belong to the ancient A strange little adult type. But if the girl is really Bingyue, she has no reason not to know herself. She even said inexplicable things like borrowing ten dollars from him… The reason why the little girl admitted that she is Bingyue , I just wanted to defraud Dustin Zhou of ten yuan, even if Dustin Zhou was stupid, she reacted at this time. From the girl’s horror when she first saw him, she later deliberately admitted that she was Bingyue and asked Dustin Zhou to borrow ten yuan. Qian, if you connect these things and observe, you will find that the little girl did not know Dustin Zhou at all, and had never heard of the name Bing Yue. So Dustin Zhou decided that this little girl was not Bing Yue. But when Enderia Shen said that the little girl appeared here.

In the past two months, Dustin Zhou’s heart violently moved again.

Two months!

When he went to the holy mountain, it was two months ago!

Is it a coincidence?

No, it must not be a coincidence, maybe for some reason, Bingyue may have forgotten herself!

Thinking of this, he hurried to catch up again… This time, he ignored Enderia Shen again.

“Well, Dustin Zhou! I think you are crazy!” “For such a little girl, you didn’t even talk to me! I think that girl must be your illegitimate daughter!” Enderia Shen said sourly, she seemed I’m jealous.

Eat the vinegar of a little girl who is only seven or eight years old?

In theory, it shouldn’t be, but Dustin Zhou saw the little girl’s reaction too intensely!

Therefore, it is normal for Enderia Shen to be a little jealous.

At this time, Dustin Zhou had already caught up with the little girl.

“Bingyue, Bingyue, wait for me!” Dustin Zhou grabbed Bingyue’s hand and asked seriously, “Listen to me first, are you really Bingyue?” Dustin Zhou’s words sounded a bit contradictory. Looking at Bingyue, he asked if Bingyue was at all.

But fortunately, everyone can understand this, and there is no major problem.

The little girl turned around with a look of disgust, looked at Dustin Zhou and said, “Uncle, who are you, and what do you want to make?” “It doesn’t matter who I am. The important thing is whether you have the money to understand. If you can Lend me ten dollars, then I can be Bingyue, but if you don’t have ten dollars, then we can only say goodbye.” After she finished speaking, the little girl snorted, “It’s funny, you This way of approaching a conversation is too old-fashioned, you have to pretend to be an acknowledgment of the wrong person?” “Uncle, now this set of approaching a conversation is not working well, it is more practical to take money.” The little girl’s words immediately aroused The roar of laughter from the people nearby.

Because it is really funny to say this from such a small girl.

Dustin Zhou was also a little embarrassed for a while.

Because the people around obviously really thought of him as an accuser.

Judging from the performance of the two, the little girl obviously did not know Dustin Zhou, but Dustin Zhou kept saying that you look like a friend of mine. Are you really my friend Bing Yue… This is just a way to strike up a conversation. good or not!

The key is that you also strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman, strike up a conversation with a little girl picking up tatters, is it possible that Dustin Zhou is actually a strange uncle?

Seeing that there were more and more people watching, Dustin Zhou took out his wallet from his pocket when there was no other way.

“No, I have money here, you can be Bingyue now.” Dustin Zhou felt that he was coaxing an ignorant girl, and his face blushed.

And after seeing the money in Dustin Zhou’s wallet

, The little girl also lit up, almost drooling down.

“Well, um, I don’t have to ask for that much, you can just give me ten dollars,” the little girl swallowed and said, “because my mother said that there will be no pie in the sky.” “Take you ten dollars. , I can say a few words with you, but if you take too much money, you may have to take me away, but that’s not good, I won’t be fooled.” The little girl’s words once again caused a great uproar. laugh.

In fact, because of the appearance of this little girl, many people have teased her within two months. After all, this little girl is so cute.

But no one has ever succeeded. The little girl looks carefree on the surface, but she is actually very cautious.

Even if someone uses money to seduce her, she is very careful to only take ten dollars, and then play around with others in this crowded square, and will never follow others to leave this bustling square.

So in the past two months, she has been very safe, and the pedestrians who often haunt this square are also accustomed to the existence of this little girl. People often greet her casually like an old acquaintance, or a little Have fun, but there will never be a situation where someone really wants to abduct her.

It can be said that the little girl already has a certain degree of influence in this square. She is a little celebrity, and no one will make her idea.

Dustin Zhou, who came here today, seemed to be stunned, and naturally became the object of everyone’s attention.

“Haha, let me tell you that you are a young man who is still too young. You don’t want to find out who the little girl in front of you is. I really think you can deceive people with a few hundred dollars!” Yes, and I think this person is a bit strange. He doesn’t seem to really want to play with Girl Water, but really wants to trick Girl Water away. Is this man a bit dangerous?” Someone said.

Water girl is the name of this little girl in this square.

She is not called Bingyue, but Ruoshui, and everyone calls her Girl Water.

Most of the other people playing with the water girl are joking. For example, if I give you a hundred yuan, you can go home with me.

Or where is your home? Or come home with me and be my daughter.

But it was the first one to look anxious and serious like Dustin Zhou.

This also caused a vigilance in everyone’s hearts. Could Dustin Zhou really be an uncle or a bad guy like a human trafficker?

Are you serious about scamming the water girl?

If this is the case, then the matter is serious.

“I said, young man, you almost got it. There is no need to act here anymore. The water girl obviously doesn’t know you, so what are you still pretending to be?


“If you dare to continue to harass the water girl’s customers, we will report to the arrest.”

“A 40-year-old aunt stood up and said. And the aunt’s remarks also aroused everyone’s agreement, and they stood up to warn Dustin Zhou that he had obviously regarded Dustin Zhou as a bad person.

Chapter 964

Now Dustin Zhou of Dustin Zhou, that is really unclear. He wants to say that he is really not a bad person. The reason why he wants to get close to Girl Water is because he really feels that Girl Water is the Bingyue he knows. Appears in two Month ago. Two months ago, Dustin Zhou happened to go to the holy mountain, and then met Bingyue, when Bingyue brought him into the illusion trial. He was in a coma for two months, and Bingyue disappeared after waking up. Niu Chuan and Xu Tianlong, who have been waiting outside the door, also said that they have never seen Bingyue come in and out. In other words, Bingyue may have disappeared after entering the illusion. Two months ago! This looks and character… the key is that this girl in water is still picking up trash, she seems to be homeless, how could there be such a coincidence in this world? Almost all the evidence proves that girl in water is Bingyue! But he can’t say these words at all, because ordinary people have never come into contact with things like the holy mountain. If Dustin Zhou really said these words, it’s hard to say whether he would be regarded as a strange uncle by others, but He will definitely be regarded as a neurosis by others. So now he is also very big, and can only pin all his hopes on the little girl, “Bingyue, don’t you really remember me?

“If you don’t remember me, can you tell me where your home is?”

You just said that your mother told you that there will be no pie in the sky, so where is your mother?

“You appeared in this square two months ago, so where were you active longer ago?”

Dustin Zhou threw out a series of questions in one breath. After hearing these questions, the surrounding crowd fell into silence. Everyone stared at Girl Water with curious eyes. Because they were also very curious about Girl Water’s life experience. Such a quirky little girl, if you don’t have the education of your parents, or if you haven’t had any contact with any adults, it is impossible to develop such a personality. In other words, the water girl must be living with some adult One piece. But what is the relationship between the adult and the water girl is hard to say. If it is the water girl’s parents, who would allow a seven or eight year old girl to go out picking up trash all day long? That is, the water girl did suddenly appear in this square to pick up trash two months ago. Before that, she had no responsibility at all.

Who ever heard of such a little girl.

But in fact, if Ms. Water had been active in this city long ago, she would have been famous for a long time.

The identity of the water girl is indeed curious. Before this, many people have inquired about her life experience, but the weird water girl can always blur the past with other topics, and has never revealed her true identity.

Now that Dustin Zhou asked such a question, the onlookers did not accuse Dustin Zhou at all, but collectively looked at the water girl.

At the same time, being stared at by so many people, there was a panic on Miss Water’s small face.

But the panic was quickly concealed by her. Instead, she asked Dustin Zhou in a straightforward manner, “What are you doing? Check your account!” “I don’t know you very well, why should I tell you this? News, how do I know if you are a good person or a bad person?” “What if you are a bad person after telling you the news?” The water girl looked at her with her hands on her hips and looked old-fashioned. Everyone looked at each other.

But they quickly became relieved, this is true.

Regardless of the young girl’s age, she has a strong sense of self-protection.

As a little girl, she really should not disclose her personal information casually.

And those who are curious about her information can only be out of curiosity, absolutely can not force it, this is also the reason why the water girl has been able to fool these questions for so long, because no one will ask desperately.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes focused on Dustin Zhou again.

“This man is definitely a liar!” “That’s right, what an obvious liar, the girl water girl obviously doesn’t know you, no matter how many reasons you say, it’s useless!” “I think he just wants to lie. The personal information of the girl out of the water, and then secretly took the black hand when there was no one, this guy is definitely a bad person!” What the girl said, not only did not answer any question of Dustin Zhou, but also shifted everyone’s attention to Dustin Zhou’s body, this made Dustin Zhou’s brain very painful.

He has now been labeled as Uncle Weird, and if he says anything carelessly, he will be kidnapped by this group of enthusiastic people and sent to the arrest team.

As the emperor of warriors, that is definitely a very embarrassing thing. The key is that he can’t use force against these ordinary people.

Is it true that you have to give up?

Dustin Zhou was not reconciled, because when she saw Girl Shui with her hands on her hips, Dustin Zhou’s motion of Bing Yue’s hands on her hips again appeared before her eyes.

This can’t be two people at all!

The most likely thing is that Bingyue really doesn’t remember herself.

The biggest problem is this,

Bingyue didn’t remember herself anymore, and what she was saying about knowing her really seemed to be unruly.

Dustin Zhou stood up slowly, and finally glanced at Bingyue, and then said to everyone, “I’m sorry everyone, I have admitted the wrong person.” “This little girl is indeed not the friend I know. It’s all right now. Everyone, let’s go, I won’t bother this girl anymore.” Dustin Zhou said seriously.

Maybe Bingyue really didn’t remember herself, so she really couldn’t rush this moment.

What if there are no such people around now?

What if he really used force to take Bing Yue away?

After all, Bingyue still doesn’t know herself!

If possible, he intends to secretly act at night, using his martial emperor’s strength to follow this water girl in secret, Dustin Zhou does not believe that this water girl can not go home at night!

As long as she has to go home, Dustin Zhou can guarantee that she will reveal all the secrets in the water girl without knowing it. The strength of the emperor of warrior is not a display!

He wanted to see if this girl in the water was Bingyue!

After secretly making up his mind, Dustin Zhou really planned to leave, but at this moment the girl behind her suddenly said, “Hey, I think you are very strange.” “Are you really leaving like this? I want to follow me secretly at night!” “If this is the case, I will ask Uncle Hunter to catch you now and see if you are a bad person!”

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