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Chapter 485

(1) Jiang Fanliu’s voice fell, and the entire front hall was quiet.

Even Jiang Xingguang, who was still screaming dissatisfaction just now, was stunned.

He didn’t expect that his father didn’t even listen to what he said, but decided to deal with Jiang Yan’s incident coldly.

What to say, let the second child Jiang Xingyuan handle it by himself, and don’t leave any handle to the outside world.

This is simply because he doesn’t want to take care of it, and let the second child deal with it secretly, and stop making any big disturbances, as long as it affects the reputation of the Jiang family.

Jiang Fanliu didn’t punish Jiang Yan at all, or Jiang Xingyuan meant it.

On the contrary, in Jiang Fanliu’s eyes, he has become a person who disregards the overall situation, is out of style, and is arrogant.

Jiang Xingguang felt extremely frustrated.

He felt that he had to be released, otherwise this kind of suffocation has been held in his heart, and Jiang Xingguang thought he would be held back sooner or later.

Instead, he wanted to ask his good father, is it true that he counts nothing in his eyes?

Why are you facing the second child Jiang Xingyuan everywhere?

Before Jiangbei was abolished and the boss Jiang Xingfang lost his qualification to compete for Patriarch, Jiang Fanliu favored the boss Jiang Xingfang a lot, and he could understand.

After all, the eldest son Jiang Xingfang is the eldest son, and naturally has an advantage in the order of succession of the patriarch.

However, after being abolished in Jiangbei, Jiang Xingfang lost the qualification to compete for the Patriarch. Jiang Fanliu, with only the second Jiang Xingyuan left, and Jiang Xingguang, but he almost took a different look at the second Jiang Xingyuan and entrusted him with important tasks many times.

This made Jiang Xingguang’s heart unbalanced for a long time.

Therefore, Jiang Xingguang has been forbearing for a while, trying his best not to make any mistakes, and not to let others seize him.

Now finally, he has a chance.

The second daughter Jiang Yan made such a mistake. As the head of the family, you

Regarding it as invisible, but in your eyes, Jiang Xingguang, who I am dedicated to the Jiang family, has become a savage and savage person.

This is something Jiang Xingguang cannot bear!

“Father! I’m not convinced! It’s obviously that girl Jiang Yan made a mistake, why don’t you deal with it, so let the second child deal with it, is it obvious that it is sheltering?” Jiang Xing was so angry that he could no longer care about the situation now.

I don’t even care that almost all important members of the Jiang family are here now, and as a direct member of the Jiang family, as the third son of the head of the family, Jiang Fanliu, on such occasions, with his father, with his brothers, with himself My niece cares about these.

This is no longer a matter of indistinguishable occasions. In the eyes of the Jiang family, this is basically an act of trying to challenge the authority of the Patriarch.

For a moment, everyone in the entire front hall, including the old man Jiang Xingyuan, the second child Jiang Xingyuan, and the owner Jiang Fanliu, all looked at the old San Jiang Xingfang with a crazy face in surprise.

“Presumptuous! Jiang Xingguang, do you know what you are talking about?” Jiang Zhifeng couldn’t help being the first one to stand up and yell at Jiang Xingguang.

In his eyes, although this youngest third person is usually a little arrogant and a little arrogant, he still knows the importance of Jiang’s affairs, and he still has a big picture. The basic interests are deeply tied to Jiang’s family.

In the big right and wrong, he will always follow behind the Jiang family.

However, he did not expect that, in a situation like today, Jiang Xingguang would dare to face the many members of the Jiang family, in the front hall of the Jiang family, in the case of holding a family meeting in the Jiang family, he would actually treat his father and the head of the Jiang family. Jiang Fanliu questioned.

This is clearly challenging Jiang Fanliu’s authority.

“Jiang Xingguang, you are crazy!” “Shut up! Do you know what you’re talking about?” “You stubborn kid, what are you thinking about, did you get kicked by a donkey?” Shut up, and quickly apologize to the Patriarch, are you having a fever!” “Huh! Presumptuous, the third child, are you questioning your father’s decision?” … Almost everyone has deeply condemned Jiang Xingguang, even if It is someone who usually has a good relationship with Jiang Xingguang, and even has a good personal relationship. At this time, he just dared to remind Jiang Xingguang slightly to let him not go too far.

The second child, Jiang Xingyuan, was even more directly angry, screaming at Jiang Xingguang.

You old third, what do you mean by saying this?

You are questioning your father’s decision, thinking that it is unreasonable for your father to let him deal with Jiang Yan’s affairs.

Or just thinking that it is impossible to not severely punish Jiang Yan, and it is wrong.

What do you mean?

Want to take my daughter Liwei?

This is clear

Don’t put my second brother in the eyes!

Jiang Xingyuan was angry. He walked two or three steps to Jiang Xingguang, looked at Jiang Xingguang whose face was full of anger, glared at him, and slapped it directly.

“Boom!” “Boom!” With a loud noise, Jiang Xingyuan slapped Jiang Xingguang’s face severely.

Jiang Xingguang didn’t expect Jiang Xingyuan to make a sudden move, and with such a powerful force, he didn’t react, and he was slapped out by the slap. After rolling several times, he was able to stand still under the support of his servants.

And everyone else looked helpless and dissatisfied as Jiang Xingguang rolled on the ground, but they did not intervene.

For one thing, this was an internal struggle between the Jiang family’s direct lineages, a struggle between Jiang Fanliu’s second and third sons, and it was not directly related to them.

Secondly, what Jiang Xingguang himself did just now was an authoritative challenge to Patriarch Jiang Fanliu. Even if the second child Jiang Xingyuan did not do anything, it is estimated that Patriarch Jiang Fanliu would not stop there. He would definitely teach Jiang Xingguang a severe lesson. .

Otherwise, the authority of Jiang Fanliu’s Patriarch will definitely be harmed by what Jiang Xingguang has done today.

“You dare to do it!” When the second child slapped a loud slap, the third child Jiang Xingguang was a little confused.

He didn’t expect that the second child, Jiang Xingyuan, would actually dare to do something, and that he would deal directly with so many people without leaving any affection.

“Damn, you did it first!” Jiang Xingguang was not a person to lose. He was slapped by the second child Jiang Xingyuan. He was naturally angry. In addition, because of Jiang Yan’s affairs, Jiang Xingguang had long been thinking about Jiang Xingyuan. Dissatisfied, so after getting up, he rushed towards Jiang Xingyuan with his fists.

He has the same physical fitness and body shape as Jiang Xingyuan, and Jiang Xingguang consciously exercises more often. If he fights head-on with Jiang Xingyuan, he will definitely have an advantage.

In this way, you can not only teach Jiang Xingyuan, but also express your inner dissatisfaction to other people.

“Huh! Overestimate!” With a cold snort, Jiang Xingyuan didn’t dodge. Seeing Jiang Xingguang waved his fist and was about to rush in front of him, he suddenly raised one leg and kicked it straight forward.

“Boom!” Again, Jiang Xingguang was kicked out by Jiang Xingyuan again.

Even Jiang Xingguang rolled a few times in the air this time before he fell to the ground and made several rolling circles on the ground before he hit the stone pillar and stopped.

Chapter 486

From beginning to end, no one else took action, no one stopped Jiang Xingguang, and no one stopped Jiang Xingyuan.

Moreover, after Jiang Xingguang was kicked out by Jiang Xingyuan, no one stepped forward to help.

Almost everyone is indifferent

Looking at Jiang Xingguang.

And those who had a good relationship with Jiang Xingguang, and thought of helping Jiang Xingguang say something to excuse him, now all look calm.

Looking at the nose and nose, looking at the heart, it seems that something is happening here and it has nothing to do with them.

No matter what Jiang Xingguang wants to do, it is all his own, his own wishes and ideas, no one will provoke him, and no one will incite him.

“Okay, don’t you think it’s not enough? Do you want people in Hunan province to know about our Jiang family’s scandal tomorrow?” At this moment, Patriarch Jiang Fanliu said coldly, and did not say anything. Blaming Jiang Xingyuan did not blame Jiang Xingguang.

These words seem to be playing 50 big boards, no one is to blame.

But anyone with a discerning eye could see that Jiang Fanliu was dissatisfied with Jiang Xingguang at this time.

Otherwise, Jiang Xingguang was beaten so hard by Jiang Xingyuan, Jiang Fanliu didn’t mean to blame Jiang Xingyuan at all, and he didn’t mean to care about Jiang Xingguang at all.

This is logically untenable.

Everyone understood that what Jiang Xingguang did today really offended Jiang Fanliu. Although they were in a father-son relationship, this did not prevent Jiang Fanliu from being dissatisfied with Jiang Xingguang’s son.

“Okay, just do what I said before. I don’t want to see all kinds of news about Jiang Yan in Hunan province after three days. You can handle this, Jiang Xingyuan.” “Other people, what should you do? Just go and do something. The end of the year is near. Don’t let me find anyone who is causing trouble recently, otherwise, I will never take it lightly!” After saying that, Jiang Fanliu didn’t even look at Jiang Xingguang who was still wailing on the ground, and left directly.

For a time, there were only three Jiang family brothers left in the entire front hall, as well as a group of collateral members of the Jiang family.

Jiang Zhifeng, the elder of the highest generation, walked slowly to Jiang Xingguang’s side with a cane, looked down at Jiang Xingguang who was lying on the ground, and looked at the unwillingness and anger on his face, and sighed deeply.

Without saying anything, Jiang Zhifeng sighed deeply, and he strode away directly with the help of the junior.

When other people saw this, they were unwilling to step forward to help Jiang Xingguang.

After all, Patriarch Jiang Fanliu is really dissatisfied with Jiang Xingguang’s son, and as the highest-ranking person in the family, Jiang Zhifeng used to be more optimistic about Jiang Xingguang.

But now, even Jiang Zhifeng ignores Jiang Xingguang, anyone with a discerning eye can see that Jiang Xingguang must be gradually abandoned by Jiang Fanliu, and in the days to come, in the power of the Jiang family, Was gradually pushed to the edge, even the result of being excluded.

Therefore, no one dares to openly state that they have a good relationship with Jiang Xingguang at this time.


Dozens of people walked slowly by Jiang Xingguang, no

One person went to see Jiang Xingguang’s state, but when a few people passed by Jiang Xingguang, they turned their heads and glanced at him slightly, and then left immediately.

Finally, in the front hall, only the old man Jiang Xingfang, the second old Jiang Xingyuan, and the old three Jiang Xingguang lying on the ground were left.

Even the subordinates were all scolded at this moment.

The boss Jiang Xingyuan didn’t pay too much attention to Jiang Xingguang and chose to leave.

Only the second oldest, Jiang Xingyuan, walked to the old third Jiang Xingguang when he left the front hall and looked at the youngest who was still wailing on the ground, his face was full of disdain.

“A person who can’t see his identity also wants to fight for power here?” With a cold snort, Jiang Xingyuan strode away. Next, he still has a lot to do, and he can’t delay a quarter of an hour.

Soon, everyone in the front hall left, Jiang Xingguang slowly got up, his face covered with frost.

At this time, Jiang Xingguang’s heart was cold, and even a little cold, but it was more of his anger.

In the past, he still felt that he was the third son of Patriarch Jiang Fanliu, and there was still such a possibility of competing for Patriarch.

So in the past, he was more active in Jiang’s family. Whether he was a direct or collateral member of the Jiang family, he could get along happily.

It’s not too much to describe Jiang Xingguang with a long-sleeved good dancer.

Jiang Xingguang felt that when he was in the Jiang family before, he was like a fish in the water. No matter what he did, he could do almost everything easily, and he was very close to many people.

Even a few people faintly said that if Jiang Xingguang competed for the position of Patriarch, they would openly support Jiang Xingguang.

But now, Jiang Xingguang saw everything clearly.

He suddenly realized that he was just a joke!

It’s a big joke from the Jiang family!

It’s a shame that he thought he might compete for the position of Patriarch, but he still had a good relationship with so many people in the Jiang family… Now it seems that everything is nothingness, it’s just a flower in the moon in the well, gently stirred , Will disappear.

Looking at the empty front hall and the backs of the people drifting away, Jiang Xingguang bit his lip tightly, staring darkly at everything in front of him, his face was clouded, and he looked terrifying… And what happened to the Jiang family All this, under Jiang Fanliu’s sign, under the supervision of Jiang Zhifeng, the highest generation old man, has not been spread.

The outside world doesn’t even know what happened to the Jiang family. They just know that Jiang Yan from the Jiang family seems to have made a relatively big move recently.

But Jiang’s reaction was quick, and they had already begun to solve it.

But in Jiang’s family, almost all Jiang’s core members know about Jiang Xingguang, so every time they see Jiang

When Xingguang, they all showed different colors, and they also kept a distance from Jiang Xingguang.

Even Jiang Xingguang wanted to eat, drink and have fun with some of his so-called “good friends” just like before, but he would be rejected directly.

The entire Jiang family now respects Jiang Xing faintly.

Many people even speculated that if Jiang Xingguang was not Jiang Fanliu’s son, he might have been kicked out of the Jiang family directly.

After all, those who dared to provoke Patriarch Jiang Fanliu openly, in the eyes of everyone in the Jiang family, are almost a rebellious existence.

“Hmph!” With a cold snort, Jiang Xingguang’s eyes flashed fiercely as he looked at the people who avoided him and left.

He turned around the promenade, returned to his small yard, looked at everything around him, closed his eyes and thought, not knowing what he was thinking.

… At the same time, Christmas is approaching.

Dustin Zhou used Zhang’s media channels to conduct large-scale, brainwashed propaganda that Jiang Yan became the ambassador of the famous company. Suddenly, it caused a sensation in Changsha, Liushi, and the entire Hunan province.

Chapter 487

Those who know Jiang Yan are now sighing why Jiang Yan became the ambassador of the famous company. Doesn’t she know the grievances between Dustin Zhou and the Jiang family?

But this makes no sense at all.

Could it be that all the grievances between the Jiang family and Dustin Zhou have been resolved?

Are the two parties reconciled?

But this is not reasonable.

Because after all, there are grievances, and if you want to resolve it, it will inevitably be accompanied by one party’s bow.

Now it seems that Dustin Zhou and Jiang’s family are not like people who can bow their heads, and there is no sound of wind. Neither Dustin Zhou nor Jiang’s family bowed their heads.

So many people who are full of curiosity are already trying to understand some inside stories.

However, because the entire propaganda work was carried out in conjunction with the Zhang family’s propaganda channels, with the help and cover of the Zhang family, outsiders could not find out any information at all.

Those who didn’t know the relationship between Jiang Yan and the Jiang family were amazed by the sudden emergence of ambassador Jiang Yan.

In their impressions, they have hardly seen a person like Jiang Yan who is so stunning and amazing.

Even the celebrities they have seen in the past are at best the same as Jiang Yan.

But Jiang Yan has a kind of confidence and nobleness that those stars have never had before.

Especially Jiang Yan’s eyes, the self-confidence and extravagance revealed from those eyes is something ordinary people don’t have.

Some people even saw Jiang Yan’s propaganda posters and looked at Jiang Yan’s photo above. They were deeply attracted, but they soon felt ashamed.

The night before Christmas, Christmas Eve.

Dustin Zhou, Shen Bi

Jun, Mira Xie, Su Wei, Asher Chen and others, together, there are nearly fifty people.

All came to Liushi to make final preparations and arrangements.

Tomorrow is Christmas. The branch of Mingyang in Liushi, which is also the first branch of Mingyang in Hunan Province, will officially open.

This time, besides several partners of Wang Wei, the representatives of Mingyang Company are Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou.

And Mira Xie, Wang Dalu, Zhou Hao and others came as guests to attend the opening ceremony.

At the same time, they also learn about experience and processes.

After all, after the opening of the first branch in Liushi, several of them will open one after another.

These are all regarded as the first stage of Mingyang’s branch project in Hunan Province.

“Is everything ready? Nothing will go wrong, right?” Dustin Zhou asked Wang Wei and others seriously.

This branch in Liushi, as the first branch opened by Mingyang Company in Hunan Province, is more symbolic than actual.

However, Dustin Zhou would not feel that the actual significance of this Liushi branch is not very significant, but that the opening ceremony was like this.

The symbolic ceremony must be perfect.

Even if it is not perfect, it is necessary to ensure that there are no omissions and mistakes, so that the opening ceremony of the Liushi branch will be laughed at by others.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Zhou, we have arranged everything, and we even invited several local news media in Liushi to help us publicize it.” Wang Wei said with a smile, feeling very excited.

As one of the partners of the Liushi branch, the Liushi branch, as Mingyang’s first branch in Hunan province, will officially open tomorrow. This meaning is very different to him.

This can be said to be a new beginning for Wang Wei’s career, and the prospects for this new career are bright.

Wang Wei can almost see that the endless stream of banknotes is constantly pouring towards him.

“However, Mr. Zhou, will Ms. Jiang really appear at the opening ceremony tomorrow? There will be no problem?” Suddenly, Wang Wei’s tone paused. After looking at Dustin Zhou, there was a hint of worry in his eyes.

And Dustin Zhou naturally understood what Wang Wei meant by saying this.

It is nothing more than worry that the Jiang family might come forward to obstruct.

However, Dustin Zhou cannot give Wang Wei an absolute 100% guarantee. After all, he cannot confirm whether the Jiang family will suddenly interfere, but there is one thing he can confirm, that is, Jiang Yan will definitely appear at the opening ceremony. of.

As for the Jiang family, Dustin Zhou thought that there would be no major problems if soldiers came to block them and water came to cover them.

What’s more, the opening ceremony of the Liushi branch is not a trivial matter. There are still many people who follow them, whether it is the five big families in Hunan Province, or some other large and small families, or even some powerful individuals. I’m afraid they are also watching.

If the Jiang family is not afraid to make a fool of themselves in Hunan, they can choose to make a big fuss, just like Dustin Zhou made the Jiang family dinner.

But this time, Dustin Zhou won’t let the Jiang family easily succeed.

At the same time, Changsha, Jiangjia.

Jiang Yan returned to Jiang’s house with Ling Sister and needed to deal with some things, and then rushed to Liushi tomorrow morning.

After all, Liushi is next door to Changsha. It takes only two or three hours to drive a car, which is not very far.

However, as soon as Jiang Yan returned to the Jiang family, she felt the atmosphere of the entire Jiang family weird.

All the way back to her room, Jiang Yan hardly encountered a member of the Jiang family.

And those servants, when they saw her, their eyes were a little weird, or a little dodging.

“Little Yan’er, your family is weird, what’s the situation?” Sister Ling entered Jiang Yan’s room and didn’t admit to having a baby at all. She sat down on the bed and lay down directly on the bed, squinting comfortably. One eye.

Today, I arranged with Dustin Zhou

For some of the publicity plans, Sister Ling accompanied Jiang Yan all the way, so she felt a little tired all over.

Now in Jiang Yan’s room, there is nothing to taboo, just come as you feel comfortable.

But Sister Ling naturally noticed a slight strangeness to the atmosphere of the Jiang family.

“I don’t know. I haven’t come back for a few days, but there should be no major issues, otherwise I can’t be ignorant.” Jiang Yan thought for a moment. Although it felt a little weird, she didn’t know where the problem was.

“Hehe, but I always feel that the gazes of your servants look a little evasive. It may be related to you.” Sister Ling thought about it for a moment, and said hesitantly.

“Did you say that Dustin Zhou’s propaganda was too frequent and too large, and it was known by the Jiang family that your family opposed it?” Suddenly, Ling sister seemed to have thought of something, and she just sat up again and looked at it seriously. With Jiang Yan.

If it is the same as what she said, then this time Jiang Yan will return to Jiang’s house, it will definitely not be so peaceful.

At least, if they want to leave Jiang’s house tomorrow, I am afraid it will not be so easy.

“Miss, the second master is looking for you.” At this moment, a cautious female voice came from outside the door.

When Sister Ling heard this, she stood up and looked at Jiang Yan, her expression instantly becoming serious.

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