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Chapter 1025

He worked so hard for the Xu family and even lost the rest of his life.

The results of it?

How did the Xu family treat him?

His cousin, Xu Shengsheng, the current Patriarch of the Xu family, not only did not care about his disappearance, not only did not organize the power to find him, but brought his wife into the room… At this time, Xu Mira really felt a sense of collapse. .

It was as if one’s blood had been fed to the dog.

“Xu Shengsheng! That beast!” Xu Mira roared weakly.

It is a pity that he can do nothing but growl.

After all, his limbs are already disabled.

“I can’t spare him!” Even so, he said viciously.

“Yeah, I haven’t left yet. The two couples have been here for a long time. No matter how anxious you are, you should go home again.” At this time, a teasing voice sounded.

It’s Dustin Zhou.

After receiving the call from the lady, he said goodbye to Enderia Shen and rushed over to Niu Chuan.

The purpose is to see how Xu Mira’s condition is. Dustin Zhou wants to know what kind of attitude Xu Mira will treat the Xu family.

As he expected, Xu Mira hated the Xu family.

This is also very normal. Xu Mira has sold most of his life for the Xu family, but in the end something like this happened. If he could not hate the Xu family, he would be hell.

Dustin Zhou embraced his arms and leaned against the door lazily and said, “Okay, don’t complain here, you know, I can let your wife come and pick you up, that’s conditional.” “What? Dustin Zhou, what are you? What do you mean?” Xu Mira froze for a moment, and then became angry again, “Dustin Zhou, is it possible that you also want to start with my wife?” Xu Mira looked at Dustin Zhou and then at the lady next to him, with a face full of disbelief.

He has been ignoring one thing. The Xu family has collapsed into this. It is no longer Dustin Zhou’s opponent. Why can his wife come and pick him up?

It turns out that Dustin Zhou had a request!

What is this requirement?

He subconsciously thought

, His wife must have promised Dustin Zhou something.

For example, Dustin Zhou also brought his wife into the room.

This is something he absolutely cannot accept, “Dustin Zhou, you are shameless!” Xu Mira shouted angrily.

Dustin Zhou was speechless for a while.

Your wife is almost forty years old. Although she looks like a lady and is well maintained, I shouldn’t be interested in her!

“Don’t think too much, I have no interest in ladies,” Dustin Zhou said quickly, “As for what requirements, I haven’t figured it out yet. I think it’s better to wait for you to get revenge on the Holy Spirit before you decide.” Now that you don’t have any money you want, I don’t think you can come up with anything else that interests me except money, so you must win, fight for the victory of Xu Shengsheng and occupy the entire Xu family.” Dustin Zhou Said meaningfully.

“Defeat Xu Shengsheng? Just like me, what should I use to defeat Xu Shengsheng… Wait, what do you mean?” Xu Mira was desperate at first when he heard Dustin Zhou’s words.

Although he hated Xu Shengsheng very much, he was also swearing harsh words on his lips.

But in fact, he himself did not hold any hope that he could defeat Xu Shengsheng.

What to defeat?

Xu Shengsheng, that is the head of the Xu family!

There are countless resources in his hand, and most of the disciples of the Xu family also support Xu Shengsheng. This makes Xu Mira even less chance.

However, he suddenly thought of a question, why did Dustin Zhou say he wanted him to win?

Don’t Dustin Zhou understand that he can’t win?

Or, what other purpose does this sentence have?

Dustin Zhou is willing to help him defeat Xu Shengsheng?

Xu Mira looked at Dustin Zhou eagerly. If Dustin Zhou was willing to take action, then he could really take revenge!

However, Dustin Zhou shook his head, “Don’t look at me, it has nothing to do with me.” Dustin Zhou’s body flashed aside, and another person walked out from behind him.

Tiger Lord!

Lord Tiger was also called by Dustin Zhou.

Like Dustin Zhou, he has been here for a while, and learned the entire process of the conflict between Xu Mira and Xu Shengming.

As soon as he appeared, he smiled and said hello to Xu Mira, “Uncle Mira, it’s been a long time.” Xu Mira was stunned, staring at Lord Tiger for a long time, without recognizing who he was.

In fact, it was normal. When Hu Ye left the Xu family, he was just a young guy.

After staring at Lord Tiger for a long time, Xu Mira shook her head, frowning and asked, “Are you?” “I’m Tianhu.” Lord Tiger said with a faint smile.

“Tianhu?” Xu Mira frowned again. Then, his eyes widened and he said with a look of disbelief, “Are you, Xu Tianhu?” Hu Ye smiled and nodded to him.

He walked over, “Yeah, I didn’t recognize it.” Xu Mira was shocked for a long time, and then he laughed.

He probably understood what Dustin Zhou meant.

Obviously, Lord Tiger and Dustin Zhou are standing together.

If he wants revenge, he can use the power of Lord Tiger.

At the same time, he also knew that Master Tiger must also want to return to the Xu family. In that case, he could also help to a great extent.

Therefore, he should be kinder to Lord Tiger now, “Oh, it turned out to be Tianhu, look at my dim eyes, I didn’t even recognize you!” “Your line is okay, how have you been all these years? You don’t know, since you left the Xu family, I have missed you very much.” Xu Mira said nonsense with his eyes wide open. Anyway, this kind of thing is fake, but it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, everyone came together for the benefit. Just say something nice. Is it necessary to care about the truth?

Hu Ye responded with a smile, and then came to him, slapped his hand up.

Xu Mira was stunned by the slap, and the lady next to her also looked at a loss.

Only Dustin Zhou remained calm, as if watching a good show.

Xu Mira stared at Lord Tiger for a long time, but still didn’t understand what was going on.

Didn’t this Tiger Lord come to join hands with him?

What do you mean by slap yourself?

Is it possible that he wants to destroy himself first?

“Do you know why I beat you?” Lord Tiger asked lightly.

Xu Mira shook his head blankly, he really didn’t know.

“The reason is very simple. In my opinion, you have today’s consequences. It is entirely due to the original blame.” “At the beginning, when we had a dispute with Xu Shengsheng, you were the only one who knew the truth. Why Are you still on Xu Shengsheng’s side?” “You watched our family being driven out of the Xu family. Now, are you still expecting me to save you?”

Chapter 1026

Hu Ye’s face was gloomy, and from the look of his expression, he couldn’t tell what he was thinking at all. He just felt that he really seemed a bit irritable now.

This made Xu Mira a little scared.

He was already in a desperate situation and offended you, Xu Shengsheng. Their family, young and old, and even those who supported him, are unlikely to end well.

Now that I see Lord Tiger, I finally feel that I have seen a little hope, but looking at this posture, why does Lord Tiger seem to have no intention of helping him at all?

“Xu Tianhu, what do you mean on earth?” “Is it possible that you are going to get into trouble?” Xu Mira asked angrily.

“Falling down? No, no, no, no no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

Why can it be considered as a stumbling block? At most, it is just a way of ruling a person.

“Do you remember twenty years ago?”

“Hu Ye faintly asked. Twenty years ago, when the Xu family was split. There must be a reason. A behemoth like the Xu family will naturally not split for no reason. At that time, the Xu family’s split, It was because of internal fighting. Xu Tianhu’s father, Xu Shenglong, was a big man who was comparable to Xu Shengming at that time. The most important contradiction between the two was naturally the dispute between the family owners. It seems that no super family can escape this fate. The most top-level family seems to have little pressure from the outside world, because when a family can be called a super family, basically no outsiders dare to trouble them. Even if there are several super families of equal status In the family, everyone also keeps a distance from each other, and rarely fights you to death. The decline and death of these super families usually comes from internal fighting. Just like Xu Shengming and Hu Ye’s father Xu Shenglong. These two people were originally fighting for the head of the family. There was a fierce struggle. Xu Shenglong was the eldest son of the Xu family, and Xu Shengming was the second son. According to convention, the position of the head of the family should belong to Xu Shenglong. The previous head of the Xu family actually had some This means. The previous Patriarch, that is, the grandfather of Lord Tiger, the idea at that time was to pass on the position of Patriarch to Xu Shenglong, but he had to give Xu Shengsheng more care. This is a very classic phenomenon, the elderly. The father wanted his sensible eldest son to inherit the family business, but he spoiled his younger son very much and agreed to all his requirements. Xu Shenglong was the more straightforward and sensible eldest son. Under this background, Xu The Holy Spirit killed Tiger’s mother. That was an extremely cruel method. After killing Tiger’s mother, Xu Shenglong’s wife, he also threw the body into the wilderness. In fact, only Xu Shengsheng, Xu Shenglong and Xu Mira were just a few people. This incident naturally caused Hu Ye’s grandfather, Xu Shengming and Xu Shenglong had their own opinions. Xu Shenglong said that Xu Shenglong killed his wife and threw it away. The corpse was in the wilderness. But Xu Shenglong said that all these things were done by Xu Shenglong and his purpose was to plant and frame him. In this case, Mr. Xu didn’t know who to believe. Reason told him that he should believe Xu Shenglong because of his In my mind, the eldest son has always been more sensible and generous, and the layout is also very grand. He should not do such a thing. However, his sensibility told him that he should believe in Xu Shengsheng, because the younger son is a very innocent and well-behaved child.

It is possible to do something like this.

Under such circumstances, Xu Mira’s remarks seem very important.

At that time, he betrayed Xu Shenglong and told Father Xu that all this was done by Xu Shenglong, and the purpose was to frame Xu Shengsheng.

This seemingly painless sentence ruined Xu Shenglong’s family.

Old man Xu was furious, and in his mind, Xu Shenglong’s image suddenly became a sinister villain, a bad guy with unpredictable scheming.

It is simply unforgivable to be able to do such a thing to frame his brother!

Father Xu ordered Xu Shenglong to enter Lenggong, and never stepped out of Lenggong.

This was equivalent to completely ruining Xu Shenglong. At this time, the people who supported Xu Shenglong couldn’t sit still and began to stand up and make trouble. At that time, the biggest unrest broke out in the Xu family since the founding of the war.

In fact, at that time, Xu Shenglong’s power was far greater than Xu Shengjing’s power, but it was a pity that Xu Shenglong was standing behind Xu’s father.

At that time, Xu Shenglong had absolute power to kill Xu Shengsheng directly, but he could not do that. If he did that, Mr. Xu would fight him desperately.

In order to do his filial piety and quell the riot, Xu Shenglong chose to commit suicide.

When Xu Shenglong died, the old man Xu regained power and drove out the Xu family those people who had swear to defend Xu Shenglong.

It has become the current situation.

Later, Xu Shengsheng naturally became the head of the family.

When talking about these past events, Lord Tiger’s face was full of plainness.

But behind the dullness, there is indeed no sorrow to hide.

The plain is because of these words and these things, he has thought about these things too many times in his mind, no matter how much these things have affected him, his expression has been numb, and he has not revealed this matter. Any expressions.

But no matter how plain his expression is, others can feel a deep sadness from him, which shows how profound the impact of this incident on the Tiger Lord is.

Actually, at that time, he was a young man in his early twenties.

At the age of passion, the most impulsive and bloody age, he saw his mother being mutilated and his father committing suicide.

The point is that he can’t take revenge yet, because it is his grandfather who made this happen.

What kind of mood is that?

No one can imagine.

In fact, today, Lord Tiger really wanted to join forces with Xu Mira, but after seeing Xu Mira, he still couldn’t help but slapped him.

“In the beginning, why did you betray my father? Why did you deceive Grandpa?” Hu Ye asked in a deep voice.

In this regard, Xu Mira was speechless, because this

These things were indeed done by his own hands.

As for why Xu Mira did this, the reason is very simple, because he is an offshoot of the Xu family and can never be the owner of the Patriarch.

In fact, the most hopeful thing for a side branch like him is the decline of the direct line.

Xu Shenglong was obviously an upright and well-organized person. Xu Mira didn’t want him to take over the Xu family, because then, he would have no chance for this side strategist.

Chapter 1027

On the contrary, Xu Shengsheng is a villain with a small structure, narrow-minded, short-sighted, and not very good-minded. He can only see the slightest interest in front of him, and never cares about the overall situation.

It may not be a good thing for such a person to dominate the Xu family.

But such a person dominates the Xu family, which is a good thing for Xu Mira, who is second only to the direct line.

The facts are exactly like this. After Xu Shengming came to power, he did nothing and relied heavily on collaterals like Xu Mira, which led to the immediate rise of Xu Mira’s position in the Xu family.

Therefore, this time his wife and noble wife had an accident, and the Xu family would directly cause a small split.

Everything has cause and effect.

Xu Mira initially supported Xu Shengsheng to come to power with this kind of thought, but Xu Shengsheng eventually harmed him.

Lord Tiger stared at Xu Mira, “Say, you say, why did you betray my father in the first place?” “Now you, have you regretted your choice?” Xu Mira closed. His eyes shook his head slowly.

He didn’t think so much when he first recognized Lord Tiger.

Because of these old past events, he has forgotten about it a long time ago, and his mind is full of interests.

As long as the interests are the same, they are friends.

In his opinion, the interests of him and Lord Tiger are undoubtedly the same now.

He even thought about how he should get rid of Tiger Lord after he defeated Xu Shengsheng after using Tiger Lord, and become the real master of the Xu family.

But some things you have done, you have forgotten, but others will never forget.

Facing Tiger’s anger, Xu Mira finally realized the sins he had committed.

He shook his head, “It’s all retribution!” “Tianhu, I am guilty, and I am unforgivable. If you think that killing me can relieve my breath, then do it.” “If my death can calm you down , That would be considered a little action for my own atonement.” As soon as he said this, the lady next to her became anxious.

What is this called!

She came to save her husband, how did she come to send her off?

She just wanted to speak, but Xu Mira shook her head at her, “Don’t be sad. In fact, Tianhu was right. My life was actually picked up 20 years ago.

It’s coming.

“Twenty years ago, I deserved to die. I did such a ridiculous thing, but lived another 20 years shamelessly. This is my sin.

“What’s more, even if Tianhu doesn’t kill me, I am no different from a waste person. Living humiliatingly like this is far better than dying.

“Indeed, for a formerly respected martial master, the disability of limbs is indeed better than death. Upon hearing this, the lady closed her mouth with grief. There is no place for her to speak, she It’s useless to stop it. Xu Mira finally looked at Lord Tiger, his eyes full of relief, “If you can die in your hands in the end, that would be great, it’s better than dying in Dustin Zhou’s hands. Ten thousand times.

Dustin Zhou was speechless for a while, what did you say about yours, what are you pulling on me? Lord Tiger also stared at Xu Mira closely, and after a long while, he suddenly grinned. After more than ten years, can you atone for your sins when you finally die?

“I won’t let you succeed so easily, now I won’t kill you, but my request is that the rest of your life must be for me and for the Xu family, and I will spend the rest of your life. Come atonement!

A frustration flashed in Xu Mira’s eyes. Indeed, he wanted to use his death to atone for his sins, but Lord Tiger did not readily agree to him. This is also a part of retribution. He closed his eyes, “Okay.” , I promise you, the rest of my life will be used for atonement.

“I will truly consider the problem from the perspective of the Xu family and completely abandon my selfishness.”

He suddenly smiled miserably and said, “But, don’t put too much hope on me.”

“I’m already a waste. In the Xu family, I have a little charisma at best, and I may not be able to help you much.”

“If you want to enter the Xu family, I can probably help you instigate a tenth of the martial master.

“One tenth of the martial masters, the entire Xu family now has thirty or forty martial masters, one tenth of the martial masters, that’s only three or four, it sounds like very few. The main reason is that Xu Mira’s status is There are many people who respect him and are willing to follow him, but most of those people are also people who betrayed Xu Shenglong back then. If you can let those people follow Xu Mira himself, but if Xu Mira lets them follow Tiger Lord, it will be completely impossible, unless It is Xu Mira’s true confidant, so he has tried his best for three or four martial masters. “My current value is too small, even if I try my best, it will not affect the battle between you and the Xu family.

“Xu Mira said with a wry smile. Lord Tiger

With a sneer, “Then you don’t have to worry about it.” He looked at Dustin Zhou and bowed slightly, “Mr. Zhou, please trouble you.” Tiger Lord said very sincerely.

Dustin Zhou shrugged his shoulders when he saw this, and did not say anything, but walked directly towards Xu Mira.

Xu Mira looked a little confused in this scene, what does this mean?

Dustin Zhou came to him, raised his hand and nodded towards his legs.

“What are you doing?” Xu Mira was about to resist subconsciously. Only then did he remember that his limbs had long since been abolished, and he could only watch Dustin Zhou act on him.

But at the same time, he also had some questions. He has been abolished. What else can Dustin Zhou do to himself?

Is it possible to heal yourself?

How could it be possible that this kind of permanent damage could not be cured even if a famous doctor came, how could Dustin Zhou be cured!

But soon his eyes widened in surprise, because as Dustin Zhou rubbed his legs, his legs gradually regained consciousness!

The true energy of the Emperor of Warrior can repair his body!

Therefore, Xu Mira’s irreversible injury was actually in Dustin Zhou’s eyes, but it was just a waste of true energy that could be cured at will.

Soon, Dustin Zhou repaired all his limbs.

When she stood up from the ground, Xu Mira still couldn’t believe it, and even suspected that she had hallucinations.

“How can you do this?” Xu Mira asked in shock.

Dustin Zhou shrugged his shoulders and smiled slightly, “I can do a lot, but you haven’t seen it before.” Staring at Dustin Zhou carefully, Xu Mira nodded slowly, “Mr. Zhou, Sure enough, it is the dragon and the phoenix among the people.” “The Xu family is looking for the wrong opponent when you are facing you.”

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