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Chapter 1076

Some unpleasant things seem to have happened in the lobby of Mingyang Company. Although it has been cleaned, it can be seen that the ground and the walls next to it have been destroyed by someone.

Especially the wall of the security captain’s office next to it, there is still a big hole in it that has not been repaired.

In the whole hall, there were no people now, only a small security guard stood at the door and told Li Dahai that the person he was looking for was in the warehouse behind.

When Li Dahai heard this, he immediately ran over.

In the warehouse behind, Dustin Zhou, Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng were bored standing at the door of the warehouse and swiping their phones.

On the other side, Li Changhe hugged his hands with disdain, looking at the three “unseen” people in front of him.

In Li Changhe’s eyes, these three people were hesitant to bow their heads to him because they had no knowledge.

At this time, the door to the backyard was opened, and an old man rushed over.

Li Changhe’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly greeted him, “Old man, you are here!” “Hurry up and tell them that you are the richest man in Donghai City, Li Dahai!” “Tell them, I tell you, these three Guys, I just broke them arrogantly…” Li Changhe ran towards Li Dahai while muttering.

But when he was about to approach Li Dahai, he was suddenly slapped on the ground by Li Dahai without even looking.

That’s right, Li Dahai never looked at his son Li Changhe straight from the beginning to the end!

Even when Li Changhe approached him quickly, he stretched out his hand and slapped the unsuspecting Li Changhe to the ground.

Li Dahai did this very smoothly, and there was no pause at all from start to finish.

After the filming of Li Changhe, he continued to walk forward quickly, and then came to Dustin Zhou, kneeling down one by one, and banged his head very religiously, “Subordinate Li Dahai, the richest man in the East China Sea, pay respect to His Excellency Dustin Zhou!” This action confuses several people at the scene.

Don’t say that Li Changhe was dumbfounded, he was so dumbfounded, this old man who came here is his own father, yes!

But what does it mean to slap yourself on the ground as soon as we meet?

That slap is not light!

A big bag bulged directly on Li Changhe’s head, and it was still buzzing with pain.

It doesn’t matter if you slap yourself, what about this big gift to Dustin Zhou’s five bodies?

Li Changhe was straightforward to criticize, and Dustin Zhou here was actually the same a bit confused.

Including Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng, none of them reacted.

What did this old man do to make such a big gift?

Li Dahai, who is also the richest man in the East China Sea, also visited His Excellency Dustin Zhou… Isn’t the movement a bit too big?

Dustin Zhou subconsciously jumped to the side, he was not the same as being confronted by an old guy in his sixties and seventies with this kind of gift.

“Well, Li Dahai, right? You should get up and talk first if anything is going on.” As the saying goes, Li Dahai will not hit the smiley person when he comes up. Dustin Zhou is not embarrassed to mock him any more, but asks him to stand up.

But Li Dahai didn’t stand at all, “Your Excellency Dustin Zhou, if you don’t forgive your subordinates, they won’t get up even if you kneel to death here!” “I don’t know what the child did wrong, but I know , It must be his fault, and at the same time, it is also a disadvantage of my discipline!” “As the saying goes, as long as it is wrong, then you should pay the price.” “Mr. Zhou, whether it is to destroy my company or take it It doesn’t matter whether it’s a child or an old man’s life, it doesn’t matter, the old man is convinced!” Dustin Zhou was a little speechless, “Then what are you doing here on your knees?” Dustin Zhou now understands that the reason why this old man kneeled is 80% of the time. , The one who destroyed his company is himself.

Although it was not Dustin Zhou’s hand, but Zhou Feng’s use of force, there is actually nothing inappropriate in Dustin Zhou’s head.

He was a little surprised, this Li Dahai was a little clever!

It was actually able to directly calculate it on his head through such a small matter, and when he entered the door, it was such a five-body gift.

However, if only this is the case, Dustin Zhou will not be softened.

“Li Dahai, I admit that you are a smart person, but as you said, if you do something wrong, you have to pay a price, right?” “Now your son has done something wrong, and I didn’t take him.

Life is simply ruining your company. Now that we have cleaned up, you also said that you have no complaints, so what are you doing here?

“This is Dustin Zhou’s principle and principle. The punishment he set is to destroy Li Dahai’s company. In addition, there is no need for the Li family and his sons to pay any price. “His Excellency Dustin Zhou, although that is what he said, but For me, after learning that children offended you, my heart was very frightened.

“You ruined my company, or even took the lives of me and my child. I won’t complain about these things.”

“But I hope I can get your forgiveness and forgiveness. If I can’t get it, then I will be anxious all day long.

“I am kneeling here, not begging you to let you let me go, but I am worried that you still have something to vent. I am pleading!

“Li Dahai fell on his knees and said in a low voice, as if he had made up his mind. Even Zhou Feng on one side couldn’t help commenting, “To be honest, this old guy is a bit too pious…” “Brother Yang , If you are still indifferent in this situation, then you are really hard-hearted.

“Zhou Feng tusk said in amazement, this is the first time he has seen this kind of scene. As for Niu Chuan, he did not express any opinion. And Dustin Zhou, the expression on his face has not changed much. I must admit, Li Dahai’s words , It really touches people’s hearts, as Zhou Feng said, a bit too pious. But Dustin Zhou also knows that 90% of this old guy is pretending. The purpose is to get his own forgiveness and let him go. That’s it. But how could he be moved so easily? So Dustin Zhou said blankly, “That’s how it is.

“Then you don’t have to worry about anything at all, I said, although your son has offended me, but I destroyed your company, then the two of us will be cleaned up, and I will naturally forgive you.

“Now that you know it, I forgive you, stand up and go quickly.”

Dustin Zhou said coldly. He wanted to see if Li Dahai would stand up and leave directly, or continue to make other tricks. After hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Li Dahai raised his head in surprise. “Really?

Chapter 1077

After hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Li Dahai actually got up from the ground, then bowed deeply at Dustin Zhou, then turned and left. Look. It looked like he really didn’t plan to ask Dustin Zhou to plead with him to restore his company. It’s kind of interesting. Dustin Zhou stared at the back of Li Dahai’s departure, thinking about whether to stop the old man. But after thinking about it, I still think it’s forgotten


Just like Dustin Zhou said, Li Changhe got him trouble, he broke Li Dahai’s company, and the two sides were really even.

Li Dahai’s five-body throwing ceremony made Dustin Zhou a little moved, but now that Li Dahai intends to leave, then this matter should be completely overturned.

But at this moment, Li Changhe, who had been lying on the ground, stood up, and ran behind Li Dahai very anxiously, “Old man, are you crazy today or what?” Li Changhe asked incredulously. “What’s the situation? You old man really forgot to take medicine today?” “You have never kowtow to me, what do you kowtow to this low-level person who knows everybody?” Li Dahai heard this. Angry again, turned around and slapped Li Changhe again.

At the same time, he roared, “Fight me, beat me to death!” Li Dahai came with his bodyguard!

Upon hearing this, the two security guards could not help but directly pressed Li Changhe to the ground and beat him violently.

The boss has the biggest command!

“I dare to make Master kowtow to you! I see, your kid is spoiled by me over the years. If I don’t teach you well today, Li Dahai will live in vain for decades!” Li Dahai yelled. , And let his two bodyguards step up their efforts.

Because before, Li Dahai had asked his two bodyguards not to be merciful when hitting his son.

And now, he reminded to increase his efforts, these two bodyguards, but they really rushed to death.

As for Li Changhe, who was beaten, he could still make a few screams at first, and after being beaten a few times by the two bodyguards, he could only make a faint grunt.

A bit strong!

He really did such a brutal attack on his son?

Dustin Zhou was a little surprised, and his views on Li Dahai had once again changed a bit.

Worthy of being the man who is called the richest man, is a hero!

It’s a personal thing!

Dustin Zhou thought that this Li Dahai really had something, whether he was acting in front of him or not, but he could do this kind of thing, it proved that he was indeed a person who could achieve great things.

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly and called out the two bodyguards and Li Dahai.

“Boss Li,” Dustin Zhou smiled and walked over, “What’s the matter, you really want to beat your son to death? Anyway, that’s your own son, right?” Li Changhe on the ground was almost dying.

But Li Dahai didn’t change his face, and he slightly bent over at Dustin Zhou and said, “I offend Mr. Zhou, he is not sorry for his death!” “I finally got Mr. Zhou’s forgiveness, this guy even dared to speak rudely to Mr. Zhou. So, you really deserve to be beaten!” Dustin Zhou nodded, “Okay, you can beat it, it doesn’t matter if you are beaten to death, but

The key is not to fight here, right?

“Dustin Zhou shrugged, “Our Mingyang company, after all, wants to open the door to do business, right?”

A look of surprise flashed in Li Dahai’s eyes. He didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so cruel. Dustin Zhou guessed right, he was indeed acting. He had long suspected that Dustin Zhou, as a big man, had been unknown in the entire Donghai City before. Suddenly, he rose up in Donghai City by means, which means that Dustin Zhou is definitely a hero. The so-called heroes have their own principles, and there are very few cases of women’s benevolence. Under such circumstances, he just Dustin Zhou begged for mercy, it is difficult to obtain Dustin Zhou’s true understanding. The only way is to show his determination and loyalty. He must beat his son severely in front of Dustin Zhou! This is enough to show his loyalty! Dustin Zhou should be a little softer anyway! I have to say that Li Dahai is really smart, and in a sense, he has even surpassed Sun Qiankun. Sun Jia Qiankun, one word determines the universe! Sun Qiankun’s cleverness The point lies in his control of the entire family. In fact, he doesn’t need to be good at begging for help. All he needs to do is to plan for the entire family. But Li Dahai is different. Li Dahai is a representative of the individual, and he is considered a person. Ordinary person. Although he also controls a company, more often, for Li Dahai, human affection and sophistication can bring more convenience to his business. Sun Qiankun is good at strategy, and Li Dahai is proficient in human affection and sophistication. But this time, he is the best. Those who are good at humanity and sophistication won’t work here. You want to beat your son to show loyalty, in exchange for sympathy, don’t you? Yes, you can play your son at will, but don’t play here, just don’t act for me! , Li Dahai was caught in a dilemma. If he really left with Li Changhe like this, then his company would never have any chance to come back to life. But if he didn’t leave, he would also expose the fact of his acting. I’m afraid that Dustin Zhou will not give him a chance. Thinking of this, Li Dahai sighed silently. Forget it, let’s go, as long as his loyal person is not broken, I can still find opportunities to contact Dustin Zhou in the future. On the contrary, if the human setting collapses, then no one can save him. “Mr. Zhou is right, it’s because I didn’t think about it.

“Li Dahai said decisively. “The child is guilty and deserves to be punished, but he shouldn’t be punished here because it dirty Mr. Zhou’s eyes and ears.

“I will take him home, and educate him!”

“Li Dahai still respectfully said. A faint smile crossed the corner of Dustin Zhou’s mouth, and then clicked


Li Dahai had no choice but to let his bodyguard carry Li Changhe and walk towards the door.

The door is getting closer and closer, which means that his company’s chances of coming back to life are getting slimmer, and Li Dahai’s mood has also fallen to the bottom.

But just as he was approaching the gate, Dustin Zhou’s voice came from behind again, “Hey, Li Dahai, wait a minute.” Li Dahai’s footsteps paused slightly, and then he instantly became excited!

Sure enough, there is still hope!

He turned around and jogged to Dustin Zhou’s side. He immediately nodded and bowed his waist and said, “Mr. Zhou, do you have any more orders?” Dustin Zhou gave him a meaningful look, “There are no orders, but I am very curious. Could it be that Boss Li is really indifferent to the destruction of his company?”

Chapter 1078

Dustin Zhou said meaningfully, “As far as I know, the Dahai Clothing Group is already the life of Boss Li. If my life is destroyed, can it be completely indifferent?” Li Dahai was taken aback for a while, and then Somewhat surprised and looked at Dustin Zhou.

Li Dahai, who is best at humanity and sophistication, suddenly realized at this moment that he could not understand what Dustin Zhou was thinking in the heart of this young man.

What does this sentence mean?

Are you still testing your loyalty?

As Dustin Zhou said, his company is simply his own net worth and life!

If you don’t take it to heart, it is absolutely impossible!

Even a fool knows how important that company is to Li Dahai!

Otherwise, why should he come to Dustin Zhou to apologize!

It was kowtow and his son was beaten again!

But what did Dustin Zhou mean when he asked this question?

Li Dahai felt that Dustin Zhou should be testing his loyalty and let himself make a choice between the company and loyalty.

With years of mixed activities in shopping malls, Li Dahai’s mind can be said to have become exquisite.

So he just thought about it for a moment, and then said very decisively, “Mr. Zhou, let’s tell you that, for the subordinates of the Dahai Clothing Group, it is absolutely his own life!” “It can be said that if it is for the Dahai Clothing Group If I need to pay my own life as a price, I won’t have any hesitation!” First of all, Li Dahai emphasized the importance of the company to himself.

Next, it’s time to show your loyalty.

“Of course, even though I cannot be completely indifferent to the destruction of the company this time, I can still maintain the current calm. The main reason is that I know the reason for the destruction of my company!” “Because this is Mr. Dustin Zhouzhou’s move. Hand! And because

If I offend Mr. Zhou for my son, Mr. Zhou will destroy my company!

“So, although I am a little bit heartbroken, I have no complaints. This is why I have remained calm until now!”

“Li Dahai’s remarks can be said to be sonorous and loud! If this is another person, I am afraid that I would have been touched and forgave this guy directly. First, I emphasized the importance of the company, more than my own. Life is still important. Then the second part is to express my attitude, although my company is more important than my life, but as long as you destroy it, I will have no complaints! Such a speech, which boss listens to Will he be moved? He, Li Dahai, relied on this hand to travel the world and gradually walked to where he is today! He believes that Dustin Zhou will soon fall. But Dustin Zhou just nodded faintly, and then very Said calmly, “Oh, that’s it.

“Then if you say that, you won’t betray me and take revenge on me, right?

Then I can rest assured, you can go now.

“Now it’s Li Dahai’s turn to criticize. What the hell? What’s the situation? Shouldn’t it be a rush of moving, and then bring your company back to life? What does it mean to let yourself go? Hey, I’m so obvious. Are you not moved at all? Did you not realize my true heart at all? Why did you say that I was allowed to leave? Li Dahai felt that his brain was not enough, and even fell into it for a while The state of crash. Just kidding! He’s been in the mall for so many years, and this is the first time he has encountered such a situation! However, he is still unable to say the shock in his heart. The small eyes looked at Dustin Zhou, “Huh?

Uh, what, me, I just left?

Dustin Zhou glanced at him, and then asked, “Yeah, what’s the point, do you want me to stay for dinner if you don’t leave?”

“I called you over, just to see if you complained against me. Although your son has offended me, it is a bit too much for me to destroy your company.”

“I’m worried that you have grievances in your heart. Even after you leave, you will think of revenge on me.”

“But for now, you don’t seem to mean it, so I don’t have to worry about it. What are you doing here?

Dustin Zhou said indifferently, it seemed very reasonable? Li Dahai was speechless for a while, if so, what else could he say? He could only smash his teeth and swallow in his heart, “Okay, no more dinner, I can’t bear it.

“As for other things, please Mr. Dustin Zhou completely

You can rest assured that I will never retaliate against you.

“After all, I am very aware of the strength gap between our two sides. I will never do this kind of stupid thing that is impossible to succeed and will take the lives of my family.

“Li Dahai said bitterly, seeing the hope of his company’s rise, his tone towards Dustin Zhou is not as pious as before. Although on the surface he still maintains a very respectful attitude, but in his heart, he has long been Dustin Zhou scolded a bloody dog. This is also human nature… Dustin Zhou’s method really makes him uncomfortable. If it weren’t for his good concentration, the city is deep, I am afraid it is a mouthful of old blood that I can’t bear now. I vomited out. And Dustin Zhou, still keeping calm, then watched Li Dahai leave. But after Li Dahai walked forward for a while, Dustin Zhou suddenly stopped him. “Well, you are coming back. One trip.

” “what?

Any thing else?

“Li Dahai was taken aback for a moment, and he turned abruptly back. The first time Dustin Zhou called him back, he rushed over in a trot, and asked Dustin Zhou if he had any instructions. Second… Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, in fact, this is the result he wanted. “What’s the matter?

It seems a little reluctant?

Dustin Zhou asked with a smile. “No, no.

“Li Dahai bit his scalp and said, he doesn’t want to stay here for Dustin Zhou for a second now. Because he was afraid that he could not control himself, he directly said the words that cursed Dustin Zhou in his heart. But Dustin Zhou looked very interested. “Boss Li, do you think I’m a fool?”

Dustin Zhou asked. “Huh?

“Li Dahai was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to ask such a sudden question. Although he wanted to nod, he could understand with his toes that if he nodded at this time, he would face a problem. What kind of consequences. So he shook his head quickly, “How is that possible?

“But I think you have always treated me like a fool.”

Dustin Zhou said suddenly.

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