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Chapter 866

This guy, not only did he slap Hong Mao himself, but now he even urged Su Wei to also smoke it.

But how dare Su Wei?

When I remembered the high school meeting, Hongmao felt relieved again.

Su Wei is just a poor worm who was bullied by himself, how dare he slap himself!

“Boy, I don’t know who you are, but you are too arrogant!” “My red hair is the young master of the Sun family in Donghai City! Who dares to offend our Sun family in Donghai City!” Dare to slap me?” Hong Mao’s eyes showed a mocking look.

He not only mocks Su Wei, but also mocks Dustin Zhou!

This unknown guy actually slapped himself!

He wants Dustin Zhou to know the fate of offending the Sun family in Donghai City!

“Don’t think you can be safe and sound if you know Su Wei. After hitting this young master, I advise you to kneel down and kowtow now. This young master can still leave you a way to survive!” “Otherwise, you can ask Su Wei if he can keep it. Your life!” After finishing speaking, Hong Mao showed a triumphant expression again.

He thought that Su Wei would definitely be subdued at this time, and he would definitely tell Dustin Zhou and ask Dustin Zhou to kneel down and apologize.

After all, he is the young master of the Sun family!

But Su Wei looked at him straightforwardly, a hesitation flashed in his eyes, and finally turned into decisiveness!

“Su Wei? What are you going to do? Don’t hurry up and tell this unknown little person, let him kneel down and apologize to me!” Hong Mao shouted sharply!

He felt something wrong in Su Wei’s eyes!

“Pop!” A crisp slap in the face sounded.

As soon as Hong Mao’s voice fell, Su Wei raised his hand and slapped Hong Mao viciously!

This slap was so powerful that it was even much stronger than Dustin Zhou’s force. The red-haired face was rapidly reddening and swelling at a speed visible to the naked eye.

And Su Wei was slapping his slap vigorously. It was obvious that the slap just now made his hand hurt.

Except for the pain in his hands, what Su Wei felt the most at this time was cool!

That’s great!

It’s so vented!

He can even beat this red hair!

The young master of the Sun family!

Yes indeed!

The boss is right!

It doesn’t matter what sh*t he is, the young master of the Sun family!

Now that I am determined to keep up with the big guys!

What a mere Sun Master!

The gangster beat Sun’s family up and down!

From Sun Qiankun to Sun Tian, ​​which one hasn’t been slapped by the boss?

I just hit a small red hair, what is this?

Thinking of this, the excitement in Su Wei’s eyes gradually cooled, and finally turned into disdain.

On the contrary, Hong Mao is going crazy at this time!

Su Wei dared to beat him!

The young master of the Su family dared

I shot him, the young master of the Sun family!

Why is he?

Their Su family is not as powerful as the Jiang family!

And after he saw Su Wei pump him with his own eyes, the color in his eyes gradually turned into disdain.

what is this?

Slapped yourself?

Still disdainful?

An anger surged into his chest, and Hong Mao almost roared and shouted, “Su Wei! Are you crazy!” “You dare to beat Laozi! Do you Su family want to hang out in Donghai City!” He almost subconsciously He said these words because he had always threatened Su Wei like this before.

Who makes the Sun family stronger than the Su family!

But this time, Su Wei’s reaction was not like before.

“Huh? Why? Are you going to declare war on the Su Family on behalf of the Sun Family?” Su Wei said lightly, the disdain in his eyes growing stronger.

According to Su Wei now, this red hair is simply mentally retarded!

How could I be afraid of this mental retardation before!

“What are you talking about? Do you think after you hit me! Will the Sun family let you go?” Hong Mao roared again. He simply couldn’t stand the reaction to Su Wei now!

“Really?” Su Wei snorted, raised his hand and slapped another slap. “You have bullied Laozi so many times before, do you think the Su family will let you go?” His face was slapped again, red. Mao covered his face in shock and looked at Su Wei, “You!” This guy smoked himself again!

“What are you?” Su Wei slapped up again!

After the mentality came up, in Su Wei’s eyes, the red hair now was nothing more than a jumping clown, and he would never be frightened by the threat of red hair again.

Hong Mao covered his face and stepped back in horror.

Now every time he says a word, Su Wei slaps him, which makes him very uncomfortable!

Because he is really not Su Wei’s opponent!

Not to mention that Su Wei has studied with Niu Chuan for a while, but Su Wei himself is also a master of Taekwondo.

In the eyes of ordinary people, it is already a strong existence, especially for rubbish like red hair, more than enough.

“You wait for me! I’ll call the Sun family now!” Hongmao had no choice but to move out of his final rescuer.

“Okay, I’ll wait.” Su Wei said indifferently.

Hong Mao’s phone was dialed. As a core disciple, the number he dialed now was directly called Sun Qiankun!

“Second uncle, I was beaten outside, you must call the shots for me!” Hong Mao said with a grieved expression.

Hearing this sentence, Sun Qiankun also exploded directly!

In the entire Donghai City, who else would dare to do anything to their Sun family!

Of course, Sun Qiankun knew what virtue this red hair was, and he often caused trouble.

But Sun Qiankun didn’t care much

Over him, because Sun Qiankun is a very big person, he understands that this world is a world where the weak can eat the strong.

As long as the Sun family is strong enough, no one will look down on the disciples in their family to cause trouble.

On the contrary, if the Sun family is not strong enough, the disciples in their family will be bullied by others no matter how much they promise.

When he thought of this, Sun Qiankun became even more angry because he felt that someone had beaten the red hair, which obviously didn’t put the Sun family in his eyes!

Sun Qiankun asked in a heavy voice, “Who is the other party?” Hong Mao was a little excited when he heard this voice, because he knew that it meant Sun Qiankun was angry.

“I’m Su Wei.” At this time, Su Wei grabbed Hong Mao’s phone call and said rather domineeringly.

“Yes, I hit this red hair, Erye Sun, are you going to declare war on our Su family because of this?” Su Wei said calmly.

He had figured it out a long time ago. In fact, he didn’t need to be afraid of Hongmao and the Sun family.

No matter how the Sun Family is stronger than the Su Family, they will never directly declare war on the Su Family because of this!

The price here is definitely something the Sun family cannot afford!

After hearing Su Wei’s words, Sun Qiankun was also shocked.

He didn’t expect that the other party would be Su Wei!

He still knows something about the eldest master of the Su family. When did Su Wei, who had never had a strong opinion, gained such confidence?

Chapter 867

Sun Qiankun was a little confused, because in his impression, Su Wei was a relatively low-key and honest one among all the rich young masters.

Now that he can say such things directly, it doesn’t match his personality at all!

“Su Wei, do you know what else you are talking about?” But Sun Qiankun is after all Sun Qiankun, the famous second master of the Sun family, the man who brought the Sun family to the top by himself.

Although Su Wei’s mentality has grown in a certain sense, he is still much worse than Sun Qiankun.

“You want to say, will the Sun family declare war with your Su family because of this?” “Do you think it is impossible, right?” Sun Qiankun said in a deep voice.

Su Wei’s complexion was slightly taken aback, “Isn’t it? This red hair is doing evil, he has bullied me so many times before, but now I only beat him once, your grandson family can’t accept it?” “I don’t believe it. Your Sun family dare to declare war on the Su family because of this!” Su Wei gritted his teeth and said, when he said this, he still had some confidence.

But Sun Qiankun sneered.

“There is nothing impossible. No matter how small the reason, it will become an excuse for the two families to declare war. This is not surprising at all.” “First of all, our Sun family is the first family, and your Su family can only send second. Although both belong to the first-class family, your Su family must be lowered in front of our grandson family anyway!” “Since we are the first family, your Su family must be courteous to the grandson family no matter what you do. Rules!” “Otherwise, what’s the point of being the number one?” Sun Qiankun asked sharply.

And these voices echoed in Su Wei’s ears for a long time.

He suddenly felt that what Sun Qiankun said was very reasonable, as if the Su family is now a first-class family, but in comparison, the strength of some second-rate families is not too bad.

It is even said that if the Su family easily declares war on a second-rate family, the price paid is still not to be underestimated, and it is not even the Su family can afford it!

Therefore, the Su family would not easily declare war on a second-rate family, but those second-rate families would still respect the Su family and would never take this as their own.

At this moment, Su Wei vaguely felt that he had done something wrong.

“That’s the truth,” Sun Qiankun continued, “Listen, although you are the eldest young master of the Su family, your status is relatively respected.” “But this time you are facing our Sun family! We must bow our heads to our Sun family! Otherwise, our first family will never let go!” “When the Sun family asks your Su family for an explanation, you have not been willing to give in, and our grandson

It is naturally impossible for the family to give in.

“The contradiction between the two sides will escalate, and it is not impossible that it will eventually evolve to a declaration of war. Don’t you understand this truth!”

Sun Qiankun’s voice sounded like a thunder in Su Wei’s ears! Su Wei was stunned. Is he really wrong? The Sun family is just a second family, facing the first family Sun family. Lowering your head seems to be a matter of course. Isn’t it possible that the second family of oneself doesn’t bow their heads, and really has to rely on the reason that the opponent dare not easily declare war to force the first family to give in? Think about it and know that it is impossible! There was hesitation in Su Wei’s eyes, and the eyes that looked at Hongmao also flickered. And seeing this scene, Hongmao instantly became excited. “How?

Su Wei, aren’t you arrogant?

You are crazy about Laozi!

“A young master from the Su family dared to do something to Master. I think you have forgotten the days when you were beaten by Master!”

“Hong Mao is extremely arrogant now. As long as Su Wei admits his counsel, all this will be his world! He will force Su Wei and Dustin Zhou to kneel for him! In the middle of this road, he wants Dustin Zhou and Su Wei to be Knocking his head in the face of everyone! At that time, he had to trample on the heads of two people with his feet! This is the price of offending the Hong Mao of his Sun family! He wants to announce to everyone that in this Donghai city, the Sun family The person of is absolutely not to be offended! But at this moment, Dustin Zhou took the call from Su Wei again. “Okay, then you declare war.

Dustin Zhou said without pain or itching. “If your Sun family values ​​this red hair so much and don’t ask why, then you can declare war.

“I am Dustin Zhou. When I hit your red hair just now, I was in my position.

“It just so happens that the Su family and I are in an alliance now, or else your Sun family would simply declare war on us.

“Dustin Zhou’s voice was always silent, and he couldn’t hear any emotions, as if he was telling something that had nothing to do with him. But Su Wei’s face was excited. This is the boss! As expected, he and the boss There is still a big gap between me! There was also a shock on Hong Mao’s face. He did not understand why Dustin Zhou was so arrogant, even more arrogant than Su Wei. He just vaguely felt that Dustin Zhou’s name, He seemed to have heard it from somewhere. On the other side, Sun Qiankun felt a sudden sinking heart! He didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou would be beside him! With Sun Qiankun’s spice, it would be more than enough to teach Su Wei. But he knew, Dustin Zhou is not someone he can easily fool around! Even saying that he has fought against Dustin Zhou several times, but he hasn’t figured out what kind of person Dustin Zhou is.

, But does not follow the routine of the existence of cards.

“Dustin Zhou, what do you mean?” Sun Qiankun asked in a deep voice.

“You and the Su family alliance, it is very difficult to deal with a Xu family, at this time you dare to provoke our Sun family, really treat our Sun family as soft persimmons?” Sun Qiankun imposed the greatest effort on Dustin Zhou. pressure.

He wants to remind Dustin Zhou that Dustin Zhou now has one of his biggest opponents, the Xu family!

Offending the Sun family at this time is definitely not a wise move!

“Hehe, I don’t need to worry about my business,” Dustin Zhou said lightly, “You should also know that Dustin Zhou has always been a reasonable person.” “You don’t need to put pressure on me, no matter if I or What is the relationship with the Xu family? It doesn’t even matter who loses or who wins.” “But today’s matter is that your grandson’s people had the fault first. If you don’t want to deal with this matter, I don’t mind talking to you first. The Sun family hand it over!” Dustin Zhou was neither anxious nor annoyed, just calmly describing something.

But compared to Su Wei’s threat just now, it brought more pressure on Sun Qiankun!

Because he felt that Dustin Zhou was really capable of doing such a thing!

And now, the Xu family is about to be born, and the Sun family can’t protect themselves, so they definitely can’t fight Dustin Zhou!

Chapter 868

In just an instant, Sun Qiankun cleared the key relationship.

Don’t say that this time Hong Mao offended Dustin Zhou.

Even if Dustin Zhou beat Hongmao violently without any reason, the Sun family absolutely cannot turn their faces with Dustin Zhou at this time!

“That’s it, Mr. Zhou, hehe, this is all a misunderstanding.” Sun Qiankun changed his face and said with a smile.

And this change of face made Dustin Zhou stunned.

This has changed too quickly!

Is there a buffer?

Didn’t you die in the last second, and the next second you have a hippie smile?

As an old fox, Dustin Zhou had a new understanding of Sun Qiankun at this time.

“Where? Since it’s a misunderstanding, then just say it clearly.” Dustin Zhou replied.

“Yes, yes, I’m still looking forward to your fight with the Xu family,” Sun Qiankun said ironically in his voice, “Before you and the Xu family can tell the outcome, Hong Mao rashly offended you, then It is indeed his fault.” “After all, our Sun family is also a reasonable family. If it is Mr. Zhou that you bullied our junior, then I must ask for an argument.” “Now that it is our Sun junior who has offended him. You, then I will give you justice. You can give the phone to Hongmao.” Sun Qiankun’s words not only satirized Dustin Zhou, but also preserved the face of the Sun family. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Dustin Zhou didn’t care, he just smiled and returned the phone to Hongmao.

Save face?

That is just a little trick played by Sun Qiankun, nothing more than seeking a self-comfort.

At least, in this matter, his Sun Qiankun has already given up!

Hong Mao answered the phone and just wanted to say something to Sun Qiankun, when he heard the slightly angry command in Sun Qiankun’s voice, “Apologize!” “Second Uncle, what are you talking about?” Hong Mao was startled.

He was slapped several times in a row by these two people, and even asked him to apologize?

But Sun Qiankun ignored his attitude at all and snorted coldly, “What? Are you questioning my order?” “I… dare not, second uncle, I know how to do it.” Hongmao said in a low voice. head.

In the Sun’s family, Sun Qiankun is the one who speaks the same thing!

He hung up the phone and stared at Dustin Zhou and Su Wei viciously.

“How do you say?” Dustin Zhou looked at Hong Mao with a playful look.

“Yes, I’m sorry.” Hong Mao lowered his head and squeezed these words out between his teeth.

“Hehe, it wouldn’t be enough to do this a long time ago, and I will save you a few slaps.” Dustin Zhou stretched out his hand and patted Hong Mao’s face, “Hey, don’t do this next time.” This is a shame. !

Undisguised humiliation!

Red hair has always been arrogant, when has he suffered such a shame!

But this time, he doesn’t

Don’t lower your head and endure everything silently, because he just received Sun Qiankun’s order!

“Okay, let’s go.” Dustin Zhou is not in the ink, after all, in his eyes, Hongmao is a real clown, and he can’t attract the slightest disturbance in his heart.

But Su Wei was different. Su Wei followed Dustin Zhou back to the car excitedly, his face still full of excitement.

“What are you doing, there are flowers on my face?” Dustin Zhou asked Su Wei while driving.

Because Su Wei’s eyes were too abnormal when he looked at him, Dustin Zhou was a little scared.

The eyes are a little frantic!

A man staring at you feverishly, how do you feel?

It is estimated that it will not be comfortable.

“Boss, I really admire you!” Su Wei said excitedly.

“What do you admire me?” Dustin Zhou shrugged. “It’s nothing more than doing something that you want to do according to your own heart.” Dustin Zhou really didn’t think it was true. What a proud place.

After all, what he has to face next is the Xu family!

To put it bluntly, although Dustin Zhou’s plan is already very Zhou Xiang, he still does not have full confidence in the Xu family of the Shangyin family.

Because he still remembers what Shui Bingyue said.

In the hidden family, the martial masters exposed on the surface are nothing at all, and no one knows what hole cards they have.

Even more, they have an existence above the martial master!

Above the martial master, what kind of existence is that?

Dustin Zhou didn’t dare to imagine, nor could he imagine, because with just a martial master, he could sling countless ordinary people.

It can be said that as long as it is not a martial master, even if hundreds of people besie a martial master, then the martial master can wound many people and retreat.

It is basically the force of two concepts!

So what about the existence above the martial master?

Is it possible to sling dozens of martial masters by oneself?

If this is the case, then no matter how many martial masters are prepared on your side, it is meaningless.

But he couldn’t give up. After all, he didn’t know what strength the Xu family had.

It is impossible to frighten myself and admit defeat just because of some of my own guesses.

That is definitely not his Dustin Zhou style.

“Boss what are you thinking?” Su Wei asked curiously.

He really wanted to know what an existence like Dustin Zhou was thinking about.

“It’s nothing, just crazy thinking.” Dustin Zhou smiled slightly and stopped the car.

They have arrived at Lvjingwan City. Dustin Zhou had arranged all the ten martial masters whom Xu Wei had sent over here.

Let Su Wei arrange it here.

The reason is simple. Su Wei is not suitable to live with him in his own home, because it is difficult to guarantee that he will not reveal any important information like Zhou Mu.

For example, the current Dustin Zhou is planning to fight against the Xu family, a hermit family.

Zhou Mu might not know what kind of existence the Xu family was.

But she must know that this is a very dangerous thing, and she will definitely stop Dustin Zhou at that time.

So Dustin Zhou didn’t plan to let Su Wei live with him.

He took Su Wei to the residence of the martial master, arranged him, and introduced him to the leading martial master.

The name of this martial master is Xu Li, and he is the leader of the ten martial masters.

After hearing Dustin Zhou’s introduction, Xu Li nodded, “It turned out to be the son of the Su family, so we will definitely take care of it.” “After all, we also know that this time against the Xu family’s main line, the Su family is also something that cannot be ignored. Fighting power, at this point, Mr. Zhou doesn’t have to worry about it.” Dustin Zhou also nodded. Now that Xu Li assured him this way, he was relieved. Let Su Wei live here, maybe he can still talk to these warriors. The master learns some kung fu.

After the explanation, he directly planned to leave.

But at this time, Xu Li stopped calling him again, “I can understand Master Su’s arrival.” “But what do the tails behind Mr. Zhou mean?”

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