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Chapter 986

Sara Ye looked dazed, she hadn’t figured out what happened until now.

In her mind, Dustin Zhou has always been an excellent man.

Smart, pragmatic, overbearing, and emphatic. Having been Dustin Zhou’s assistant for so long, in Sara Ye’s heart, Dustin Zhou’s image is definitely a social elite level.

She is a young and golden, but tall, handsome and sunny young man. After a long time, Dustin Zhou has become the male god in her mind.

Many times, she wondered how good it would be if she could marry Dustin Zhou, but she also knew that it was impossible because she was not worthy of Dustin Zhou last year.

Dustin Zhou is so good, he can be called a perfect male god.

And she, Sara Ye, is just an ordinary woman.

However, she never thought that the gap between the two would be so big.

What’s happening here?

How come a helicopter flew to Dustin Zhou’s office window to pick him up?

How could Dustin Zhou open the window and jump directly onto the helicopter from the 72nd floor?

Is this funny?

What movie are you making?

Sara Ye even felt that she had hallucinations. After confirming that everything had happened, she silently walked over, closed the window, and stared at the direction Dustin Zhou was leaving for a while.

Besides Dustin Zhou, after arriving on the helicopter, he soon felt bored.

Although he didn’t care much about things like helicopters, for Dustin Zhou, it was indeed the first time he took this thing.

At the beginning, there was a little excitement and expectation.

When he was an ordinary person before, Dustin Zhou saw those special combat elites sitting in helicopters one by one in full armor, and he felt very handsome and powerful.

But after he really came up, he soon felt bored.

It’s nothing more than an iron shell floating in the sky!

The main reason is that Dustin Zhou’s senses are too developed.

As the emperor of warriors, there is no such thing as airsickness at all, because in his eyes, the speed of the helicopter is not fast, or even a bit slow…not as good as his full speed.

Of course, that was only the speed he broke out in a short time. The helicopter could fly at this speed for dozens of kilometers or hundreds of kilometers. Dustin Zhou did not have this ability.

It’s just that he can surpass the helicopter’s burst speed in an instant, which means that his senses are very developed, and the visual system and hearing system are not comparable to ordinary people, so he will feel that helicopters are boring.

He looked bored at the constantly changing buildings at his feet. After ten minutes, the helicopter finally arrived at the Xu family compound.

The scene at his feet suddenly changed, and when he was about to approach Xu’s family, Dustin Zhou discovered something was wrong.

Just like Xu Tianlong told him when he went to the holy mountain last time, within ten miles of the Xu family, they are actually considered to be the territory of the Xu family. There will be patrol disciples patrolling, and all things big and small are managed by the Xu family. .

They are absolute rulers within ten miles.

Therefore, when the helicopter was approaching Xu’s house, Dustin Zhou noticed that the scene at his feet was slightly different. Everything became orderly, as if there was a pair of invisible hands taking care of it.

The hidden family that has passed on for thousands of years really still has something.

Dustin Zhou thought of it silently in his heart.

The Xu family compound is in an empty land.

Suddenly, there were no buildings around, and a large manor stood abruptly, which looked more like a school or a nursing home.

Of course, the configuration in the Xu family compound is not comparable to institutions like schools and nursing homes.

The helicopter was parked on the tarmac at the entrance of the Xu family compound. At the gate of the compound, there were already four or five people waiting.

Among them are three elderly people, a young man and a woman in her thirties wearing a cheongsam.

Dustin Zhou got off the helicopter and walked towards the five people with a calm expression.

The five people over there didn’t move, all of them looked at Dustin Zhou meaningfully.

In fact, Dustin Zhou can be said to be an old acquaintance to the Xu family.

They collected a lot of information about Dustin Zhou, and they took the initiative to provoke Dustin Zhou, the purpose is because Dustin Zhou’s body can open up the small world of stone.

Before, in order to prevent Dustin Zhou from realizing his purpose, but also to be able to be born smoothly, so they did not alarm Dustin Zhou too much. They always took a casual attitude and sent some small friends to treat Zhou.

Yang, the main purpose is to be born smoothly.

Their plan is to take down Dustin Zhou after they are born smoothly and completely rule Donghai City. By that time, their actions will be much easier.

Now they have been born smoothly, and the Xu family’s industries occupy a certain weight in all walks of life in Donghai City.

And Dustin Zhou seemed to have disappeared.

After Dustin Zhou came back, they immediately discovered something was wrong.

The industries they had arranged in Donghai City were suddenly countered by a huge force.

Including Tiandi Chamber of Commerce Building, Sainty Wharf, Avaria and Yinhu Club, etc.

This made them realize that something was wrong. They felt that these things had something to do with Dustin Zhou, so they thought of another trick and sent someone to win over the Su family and cut off Dustin Zhou’s right hand.

But when Xu Fengtian went to win over the Su family, Dustin Zhou changed again and became the emperor of warriors!

This made the Xu family completely cautious.

They are not playing those painless tricks, instead they chose to invite Dustin Zhou to their Xu family home as a guest, and take this opportunity to explore Dustin Zhou’s reality.

“Mr. Zhou?” asked an old white beard headed by squinting his eyes.

Dustin Zhou nodded gently.

“I am, who are you?” Dustin Zhou said rudely.

Since the other party’s tone is not so polite, there is no need for him to put on a fake smile.

After staring at Dustin Zhou for a while, the old man with white beard nodded slowly, and then stretched out a hand and said, “Welcome to Mr. Zhou, I am the head of the Xu family, Xu Shengsheng.” “Xu Shengsheng. “Dustin Zhou said the name silently, and then also stretched out his hand to shook him, “Good name, Patriarch Xu’s name is really temperamental.” If the other party gives him a good face, then he will also give him a good face.

Xu Shengjing also had no ink marks, and turned around directly, and several people behind him immediately let out a passage.

Xu Shengming stretched out an arm to make a “please” gesture, “Mr. Zhou, we won’t talk nonsense outside. If we have anything, let’s go inside and talk.” Dustin Zhou took a look at the layout of the Xu family compound. Nodded slowly.

Chapter 987

Now that he is here, Dustin Zhou must go in.

Although, if you enter Xu’s house, you are likely to encounter danger.

After all, the Xu family could take the initiative to invite Dustin Zhou to their headquarters. If they were not prepared at all, Dustin Zhou would never believe it.

Because the Xu family has always been known for being mysterious and secluded, no one knows the location of the Xu family’s headquarters.

And they took the initiative to invite Dustin Zhou to the headquarters, which is equivalent to taking the initiative to expose their greatest weakness to Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou is a warrior emperor!

After he knew the location of the Xu family, if Dustin Zhou had any thoughts in the future, thinking about entering the Xu family and destroying it all day long, the Xu family could not resist it.

After all, only a thousand days are a thief, how can there be a thousand days to guard against a thief?

What’s more, Dustin Zhou is not a little thief, but an authentic emperor of warriors!

Therefore, since the Xu family dared to invite Dustin Zhou to their headquarters, there must be some preparations.

Even if they plan to kill Dustin Zhou right here, it is not necessarily true.

Moreover, it is very likely that they will do this.

For the Xu family, Dustin Zhou is now completely out of their control. For such a family that wants to occupy the East China Sea, this is absolutely not allowed!

Therefore, it is not surprising that they want to kill Dustin Zhou.

But even if he knew this, Dustin Zhou still boarded the Xu family compound upright.

Go ahead to dangers!

As a warrior emperor, Dustin Zhou still has this courage.

I have to say that this Xu family compound is indeed lavish.

Although the Xu family is not the richest family, because they are located in the suburbs, the place is very large.

As long as they are big enough, they already have a great advantage in the lavish.

Moreover, the lavishness here does not mean how magnificent their decoration or finishing is.

That was the practice of nouveau riche. For a family like the Xu family that has passed on for thousands of years, their background and strength have long been out of the scope of nouveau riche.

Their things didn’t look so magnificent, there was nothing shining brightly.

But all of their buildings, or plants, contain a sense of antique, simple atmosphere!

This is the embodiment of a family!

Even Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but sigh, he deserves to be a family that has passed on for thousands of years.

Judging from his contact with the Xu family, the people in the Xu family seem to be very rubbish. Whether it is the pattern, the mind, or the strength, it seems that they do not match the rumored hidden family.

But when he really stepped into the Xu family, he discovered that the rumors were not fake.

Just step into the door and you can fully feel this once

How powerful is the hidden family of the scriptures, and how deep the background is.

It’s just that it is very likely that they are now declining.

Dustin Zhou even had a feeling that these people in the Xu family simply didn’t deserve to have such a profound background as the Xu family.

Of course, he wouldn’t say this, he just silently defined the Xu family in his heart.

Soon, under the guidance of Xu Shengsheng, Dustin Zhou stepped into the reception hall of the Xu family.

This reception hall is decorated in antique style. There are wooden grandmaster chairs everywhere, and there is even a heater in the middle of which is burning hot tea.

There are also a few disciples in the hall who are responsible for serving tea and water. They look very professional. They don’t show much to the guests or the host. They just burn hot tea in a manner not humble or humble.

Seeing this scene in front of him, Dustin Zhou nodded secretly. The Xu family still retained something.

“Mr. Xu, sit down.” Xu Shengsheng pointed to the chair opposite him with great grace.

Dustin Zhou nodded and sat down without pretense.

He didn’t think too much. Although he knew that the Xu family might set a trap to harm him, he never imagined that the Xu family would use a chair.

After all, in his mind, the Xu family is a group of families that have a corresponding foundation and retain many excellent traditions.

Although their current family or core elders are smaller, as a super family, their shamelessness should have some bottom line.

Even if he were to frame him, he would use some vicious means to directly threaten his life.

Things like manipulating a chair will never look like something a super family can do.

However, when he just came into contact with the chair designated by Xu Shengsheng, the chair collapsed instantly!

Fortunately, Dustin Zhou reacted quickly enough, he turned over quickly, and stood up again, which caused him not to fall directly to the ground in an embarrassing manner.

However, after this incident, his face instantly became gloomy.

The shamelessness of the Xu family seemed a bit beyond his imagination?

He knew that the Xu family’s structure was small, but he really didn’t know that the Xu family’s structure was so small!

Is it really a super family to use such a small trick?

At this time, Dustin Zhou suddenly wanted to understand a truth, that is, how deep a family’s background and how many outstanding things the ancestors left behind had nothing to do with the structure of the family.

It’s like there is a self-made boss, peerless talent, who can see the essence of everything behind the scenes at a glance. At the same time, the pattern and vision are also amazing, but this does not mean that he will not have a prodigal who is worthless.

Son, even if his son is invincible, he cannot guarantee that his grandson will be a good thing.

People are different from people. You can’t think that the current Xu family will retain some of the genes of the ancestors just because they saw that the Xu family’s ancestors were very wise and martial arts!

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou was relieved a lot.

He looked at the residue of the chair on the ground with a calm expression on his face, and then asked faintly, “Patriarch Xu, what does this mean?” Xu Shengsheng did not expect that Dustin Zhou would not fall.

Originally, he had prepared a good show. After Dustin Zhou fell, the disciple who served tea and poured water would pour hot water on Dustin Zhou.

At that time, all of them would laugh at Dustin Zhou together.

Of course they knew that this kind of thing would not hurt Dustin Zhou, after all, Dustin Zhou was a warrior emperor.

But they wanted to do this, the purpose was to frustrate Dustin Zhou’s spirit…Of course, this was just their own thoughts. This kind of behavior is simply a small pattern, and it will only mess things up without considering the overall situation.

But their thoughts of doing things were shattered. Not only did Dustin Zhou not fall, he didn’t even have any angry expressions!

Chapter 988

It’s crazy!

How is this going?

Why isn’t Dustin Zhou angry?

If you are not angry, how can you make them mock?

Xu Shengming and the other people in the Xu family who planned all this were a little embarrassed at this time. They were all ready to laugh, but Dustin Zhou did nothing.

It was as if they took a breath to throw a heavy punch, but this punch hit the cotton, making them feel uncomfortable.

“Patriarch Xu, what is going on? Are you not going to explain?” Dustin Zhou narrowed his eyes and continued to ask.

Xu Shengming scratched his head awkwardly, and then said, “Hehe, Mr. Zhou laughed.” “It may be because our Xu family has no guests all year round, so the chair in the living room is gradually aging.” “Don’t worry, we It’s definitely not against you, it’s just being careless.” Xu Shengjing added another sentence without silver.

Originally wanted to cheat Dustin Zhou, since this was not successful, he would naturally not admit that all this was deliberately planned by him.

Dustin Zhou didn’t pay attention to Xu Shengsheng’s pale explanation. He just smiled faintly and said, “It turns out that it’s like this.” “The Xu family is really pitiful. The chairs in the living room are so rubbish and they don’t always check. I don’t know if there will be something wrong with other places?” Dustin Zhou’s tone was very weak, as if he was just stating a certain fact unintentionally.

But these words sounded so harsh in the ears of the Xu family.

This is obviously a mockery of their Xu family!

However, they cannot refute it yet!

Those Xu family members, including Xu Shengsheng, were gritted their teeth at this moment, but they could only swallow the bad breath into their stomachs.

“Sure enough, it showed me a joke.” Dustin Zhou added.

This time, he almost jumped up those Xu family members, but these people still held back.

After all, they couldn’t refute it at all, and the sentence that made Dustin Zhou read the joke was also said by Xu Shengjing himself.

“Okay, let’s not worry about this problem anymore, Mr. Zhou, let’s talk about other things.” In desperation, Xu Shengming changed the subject and asked the Duancha disciple to give Dustin Zhou a new chair.

“It turns out that the Xu family also has a new chair.” Dustin Zhou murmured again.

“You…” Xu Shengjing almost couldn’t bear it.

But he endured it anyway.

This time he was not Dustin Zhou’s opponent, because Dustin Zhou had an absolute advantage, this round, he was completely lost.

The smartest thing to do is not to care, not to give Dustin Zhou room to continue to play, but to start the next topic as soon as possible!

Xu Shengsheng is proud of his wit.

“Mr. Zhou, I heard that you have become an emperor of warriors?” Xu Shengsheng pretended not to listen.

When Dustin Zhou mumbled, he asked.

“Well, I have stepped into this state.” Dustin Zhou did not hide it, and directly admitted it.

There is nothing to hide, especially in front of the Xu family. Don’t say that you can’t hide it at all, and Dustin Zhou doesn’t even bother to hide anything.

“Oh, that Mr. Zhou is really young and promising. It is a pity for a talent like Mr. Zhou to float outside by himself.” “I can give you a chance now to make you a member of our Xu family. Consecrate, how does Mr. Xu feel?” Xu Shengsheng directly threw out the olive branch.

Of course, he didn’t really invite Dustin Zhou.

It can be said that Dustin Zhou must die!

Because Dustin Zhou’s strength was too strong, the Xu family had no assurance that Dustin Zhou could completely control it.

The Xu family’s structure is too small. They never thought that they would cooperate with each other when encountering a masterpiece. There was only one idea in their minds, that is, people who are better than them will all have to die!

This is actually a small trap here. They thought that after making this request, Dustin Zhou would definitely agree with it flatteringly.

Because they have always been Dustin Zhou’s enemies, and they believe that the Xu family must have put a lot of pressure on Dustin Zhou.

So they are such a powerful enemy, suddenly they want to invite Dustin Zhou to be their worship, Dustin Zhou will be very excited, and even grateful to them.

At this time, they would reject Dustin Zhou again, leaving Dustin Zhou’s face discredited.

That’s right, the Xu family has been isolated from the world for too long, and the structure of their generation is too small, that’s it.

They never thought that the Xu family would truly fail, so they wholeheartedly thought of a way to humiliate Dustin Zhou and make Dustin Zhou a face-off!

But unfortunately, their plan this time failed again.

Because Dustin Zhou rejected them directly, “Sorry, I still look down on the Xu family, so I don’t intend to be your worship.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

Xu Shengsheng did not react, he subconsciously felt that Dustin Zhou had agreed.

“Hehe, since you look down on the Xu family, so you don’t intend to be an offering to the Xu family…what? You said you don’t look down on the Xu family?” When the words were halfway, Xu Shengming suddenly reacted.

How is this going?

What about gratefulness?

Are you flattered?

What’s going on with this disapproval of the Xu family?

Is this sentence in the script?

Xu Shengming looked at Dustin Zhou dumbfounded, and didn’t know how to answer the conversation for a while.

“Yes, I look down on your Xu family,” Dustin Zhou looked at the entire Xu family hall with an indifferent expression, and said lightly, “The Xu family is too rubbish. A family like yours has no ability to Ability to

There is no pattern, and even the strength is average. There is not even an emperor of warriors. Why should I do your worship?

“Dustin Zhou said it very naturally, because these were his heartfelt words. Don’t say that Dustin Zhou himself did not have a good impression of the Xu family, this dirty and dirty family, in order to get the jade in his own hands, first tried to attack his own inscription. Yang’s company later bought people’s hearts and attacked the people around them, and they even thought about kidnapping their own mother. The things that this family did to Dustin Zhou have made Dustin Zhou never forgive them. What’s more, Dustin Zhou is also. I really look down on them, even if the Xu family hasn’t done these things, Dustin Zhou will never become their worship. The Dao is different and it’s not a conspiracy. It’s just that his truthfulness completely angered Xu Shengsheng. “Boy, are you a bit too mad!

Xu Shengsheng slapped the table fiercely, stood up and roared. Dustin Zhou nodded, “Yes.

“I’m very rampant! In your Xu family, I’m very rampant, that’s right! But I have this capital, I am going to be rampant with you, what can you do with me?

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